The reflective vest in Neuquén will be mandatory

The bill approved today unanimously in the Legislature.
Now, to travel through the province of Neuquén, it will be mandatory to use the reflective vest within the security elements to be able to travel by car or any means of transport.

The project voted during the day today and achieved unanimous approval. In this way, it is included as Article 11, and thus introduces a modification to Law 2178, which is the provincial adherence to the National Traffic Law 24,449 / 95.

The measure seeks to add the safety vest to the rest of the security elements, in case the motorist must get off the vehicle. In the initiative, mention is made of the experience of the neighboring country of Chile that has a similar norm. The reflective vest shall be a garment made of fluorescent material that emits optical radiation of a wavelength greater than that absorbed.

The garment must be yellow and have two bands of retro reflective material of a width of not less than 50 mm each. The bands will arrange horizontally, surrounding the torso, separated by a minimum distance of 50 mm from the lower edge of the yellow vest.


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Local Police in reflective vest joins the campaign

The road is dangerous, especially at night. Every year, there are many people died in the road accidents, the night is low light, and drivers cannot see the workers without high visibility vest clearly, when they are driving.

As indicated by the Citizen Security Delegation of Cordoba City Council, the reason for this joint campaign with the DGT is that all users of the road are aware that "prevention and prudence is not only important during circulation, but also in case of stop before a possible breakdown, by accident, or by decision of the driver ". The safety equipment of the car is necessary for keeping the road safety.

In this case, and in order to "guarantee the safety of the users" it is "essential", as detailed, to bear in mind the obligation to carry in the vehicle "two hazard warning triangles and at least one high visibility reflective vest", and to use said measures in case of stop, breakdown or accident.


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Road safety: how to remain visible at night

Winter is coming, days are getting shorter, night is falling faster and pedestrians and cyclists are more and more vulnerable to motorists who do not always see them. How to remain visible at night? There are some safety equipment will give you big help.

When night falls, pedestrians and cyclists without reflective elements become vulnerable. The winter period accounts for almost half of all pedestrians killed last year, and accidents involving cyclists continue to increase. Preventive actions are therefore carried out.

Visible up to 150 meters
Sticking retro-flexing tapes to the children's binder or to the backs of cyclists is particularly effective. Beyond 30 meters, an individual with these stickers continues to be visible up to 150 meters. It is also essential that the bikes are visible at night. For this, lights must be installed. A danger spreader can also take place on the two-wheelers so that motorists take more distance to overtake the cyclist. Finally, it is strongly recommended to wear a reflective vest.


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120 children safety vests for CE2

hanks to the operation "Vests Junes", initiated by the municipal council of children, 120 safety vests were distributed to the pupils of CE2 of the schools of Loire: the school of Portieres, the school group Johann Keung, the school of Papacies and the private school Saint-Jean. A slogan is printed on the back: "I think in the night, I think of my life".

300 high visibility vests were donated last year to other classes. Pauline Martin, the Mayor, Patrice, Deputy City Councilor for Schools and Sport, and Hélène Renoir, Director of the Children's Unit, made sure that the students understood the usefulness of wearing the garment for their safety. "I will do spot checks at the entrance of schools to control those who wear their reflective vests. A reward will be given to the most serious class, "warned the head of the municipal police, Gilles Sinton.

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Cycling: to be seen to run less risk of accident

Whether you are a cyclist or a pedestrian, the arrival of winter time increases the time during which it is harder for drivers to see you, which increases the risk of accidents. One solution: clothes and reflective bags.

We change time this weekend: at 3am Sunday, it will be 2h. Advantage: we will stay under the duvet a little longer Sunday morning. The disadvantage is of course that it is dark earlier, which favors road accidents, especially as the time change happens at the same time as the weekend of Toussaint. Road Safety also notes a peak of accident of + 47% for pedestrians at the end of the day.

In partnership with France Bleu, it distributed Friday, all over France, 60 000 fluorescent safety vests and bags kits.
The temperatures this fall are rather mild, many have kept the habit of moving by bike, as David who has noticed a change in behavior of motorists lately: "I am often dressed with dark colors and I am realize that motorists usually see me at the last moment and make a gap to avoid me.” David has therefore equipped with a vest and a fluorescent bag, and too bad for the style: "it's not super nice, it's on, but if it can save my life why not ..."

To be seen and to see well, essential advice
Every day, two pedestrians die and 25 are injured in accidents that occur most often in the winter. Anne Laved, the general delegate of the road safety association, explains: "in dark color, in an environment that is not lit, you will be visible at 25 meters, with the same clothes but in a light color you will see at 40 but if you add reflective armbands you will be visible at 140 or 150 meters.

It is not said that it is necessary to wear the yellow vest, but for example use a backpack with retro-reflective patches. This weekend, the road safety association offers drivers to check that their headlights are properly adjusted.


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The municipal police in safety vest armed with Magnum 357

It is a choice of the mayor of Saint, Pierre. And “reassuring” choices for agents, who are equipped with a Magnum 357, ensure the safety of residents.
"Arm the police, I did not necessarily think, recognizes Pierre, the mayor of St. Gregory, north of Rennes. But it is true that today, more and more private security agents in safety vest are armed, so the request of our police deserved to be listened to." The elected representative reminds that before giving a weapon to his staff, they had to follow several specific training. "The preparation, monitoring, the whole system is secure," reassures Pierre.

Technical training
Municipal police went through draconian training courses. "Two weeks of training," says Jean-Jacques Le Verge, chief of the municipal police. "These courses were accompanied by many shooting sessions."

Securing the population?
"This is our priority," says Jean-Jacques Le Verge, who sees this new device as a more reassuring effect. "It's super-reassuring to have a weapon on your safety belt, because anything can happen.”Referring to the entrance of schools, the head of the municipal police do not forget the dark and recent stories lived in France. "If something happens, we can say to the Gregorian that we are here to ensure their safety.”

Municipal police are equipped with a Magnum 357 pistol. These municipal police officers are also equipped with a bulletproof vest. "Not mandatory, the mayor has given us this means of protection as early as 2009." A telescopic baton and a tear gas device are also part of the equipment of municipal police officers.

Surveillance cameras
In the boxes for some years, the project of installation of surveillance cameras has been undermined by the lack of transmission capacity over the airwaves. Which solution? "It is necessary to wait for the implementation of the fiber to implement this mode of surveillance.” This equipment should see the light of day in the first half of 2018. "We are on fiber optics," says Michael Rey in safety clothing, general director of the services of the town hall. Even if other sites will remain on the data recovery. Sites concerned: La Iroquois, Cosec, the stadium, the canoe-kayak base and the forge.

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Equipped with reflective vest for road safety

At the time of winter time, pedestrians and cyclists without reflective vest are more vulnerable when traveling due to total or partial darkness. The figures show it: the mortality rate may be down; pedestrian victims represent a quarter of the casualties at night in built-up areas.

This is why the association Prevention Mafia, led for the third consecutive year a great action of prevention, for pedestrians and cyclists: "Think about it".
This is an opportunity for all users to equip themselves with free retro-reflective objects: armband, stickers, LED lamps, yellow vests... to safely apprehend the transition to winter time.
To liven up this tour, Companies will be part of the show: specialized in the street show, it will animate this operation of general interest thanks to luminous giants and will alert passers-by about the importance of visibility.

"Think about it", will stop in Niort on Monday, November 7th, Place Breech from 4 pm to 7 pm. To mark their commitment, the volunteers in safety vest of the association Prevention Mafia, accompanied by representatives of the Mafia will travel by motorcade to the Place Breech.

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Parents of students want more security

In Saint, the parents of the Marie-Joseph Catholic private school believe that the presence of a security guard is a "very modest step" to strengthen. The city is looking at it... The security system, set up by the City, around 174 public nursery and elementary schools and 16 private schools under contract, was set up at the beginning of the school year.

Quarter Saint, the parents of the Catholic private school Marie-Joseph, located close to the Church of St. Rocha; do not hide their concern and dismay.

"For the start of the school year, there was no police force in front of our school, just grandma traffic and a safety vest, as before," says Jean-Remy Evelix, parent of a student. The City acknowledges that it has had "a problem" with the private surveillance company, Hexagon, but that "everything is settled" since Friday morning, with the sending of one of their security guard in front of this school.

Except that parents of students of Marie-Joseph want more. "Without sinking into psychosis, putting a vigil, unarmed of course, in front of the only private Catholic school in this sensitive area where many young people have radicalized, is, in our opinion, a very modest measure," continues Jean, door "Parental worry, could not we beef up this device a little more, or extend the rounds of Operation Sentinel soldiers to the doors of our school?"

"Same device for all schools"
As many requests as the assistant education, Lauran intends to study closely. There is a grandpa, yellow vest for two municipal policemen or a private security officer per school group. "This device, says Lauran, is the same for all schools, whether public or private under contract."

Neon orange armband
To make the presence of private security agents more visible and reassure parents, the elected to add an accessory to their safety equipment: "We will provide them a neon orange armband, marked security."

There remains the case of schools in the sector of Moulin where the safety device, according to teachers unions, is not expected at the time of entry and exit of classes.
"This sector is classified as a priority security zone (ZSP) .According to an agreement established by the State and the prefecture of A.-M., the supervision of the schools belonging to these ZSPs is ensured by the national police. Closer to law enforcement to know what is the device that has been put in place. And we will advise. "


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Yellow vests are still missing at the exit of schools

The account is not there according to the mayor (LR) of the sixth, Jean-Pierre Lecco. Thirteen days after the beginning of the school year, the elected official is worried about not seeing all the "school points" of his district under surveillance. Of the 19 in the sixth, five pedestrian without wearing reflective vest crossings near schools and deemed "dangerous" would not be required. "That's almost a quarter! The mayor of Paris had promised that everything would be ready for the start of the school year, "irritates the elected right that just sent an email on this subject to Colombes Brussels, the assistant (PS) in charge of Security.

A binding position
"There are not five but two schools that are not held in the sixth," said Mathieu Chouteau, head of the Directorate of Prevention, Security and Protection (DPSP) to the City of Paris. The latter admits, however, that supervisory posts remain to be filled. Of the 444 school points listed in the capital, forty still await the arrival of these yellow vests.

It must be said that recruitment for this very demanding position in terms of schedules is not always easy. In upscale neighborhoods in particular, candidates do not jostle for this activity paid hourly. "But we are hopeful to find new candidates among the contractors who are already working elsewhere in the schools of the Celle de Paris," says the head of the DPSP in safety vest.


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Reflective material for children’s safety

A few days before the start, you must choose a schoolbag, not just its color or shape. The other criterion is security. If Germany has legislated for a long time in this matter, France is dragging its feet.

Every day in France, a dozen children are victims of a road accident, injured or killed. In a third of cases, this is done on foot, on the way to school.
In Germany, to avoid such accidents, at least 10% of the back and sides of the schoolbag must be covered with reflective tape and 20% neon material.
In France, there is none of this. The Road Safety Association has therefore launched an awareness campaign in the form of a manifesto, "zero children killed on our roads", including to ask for the wearing of reflective tape on the backpacks and binders of the youngest.

Reflective surfaces can be seen at night, 150 meters away. The fluorescent can be seen when it rains, there is fog or it is a little dark. It increases the surrounding light and sends it back to the motorists.
Christophe Raymond also adds that "initiatives" were launched "thirty years ago with manufacturers of school bags for them to be equipped" but that there is not "this culture of safety in France, as it may be in Germany, perhaps to create a European standard that will promote the marketing of school bags that are visible and safe for children ".

In an attempt to make up for this absence, the Tennessee brand is launching a new school bag model, as described by its manager Frederic Berthelot: "The trick lies in having the safety cover placed in the back (of the school bag), very discreet, the child is not obliged to put it permanently and when he is on the way to school, he unfolds it and it comes to cover the entire surface of the schoolbag, like a safety vest.
It is also possible to equip your own bag, all the necessary equipment is to the bike department.


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