Fashionable-functional winter reflective jackets

With the start of winter, the fashion trends are dominated by functional jackets with reflective material, sporty designs and maritime looks through the coming months. Also in this winter fashion season is shown that fashion and functionality can be united in a stylish way. Whether in the sportswear collections rough Seas and Offshore Winds or the distinctively fashionable maritime Breton Collections Seaport Heritage and Coastal Voyage.

The selection of winter jackets for women, men and children extends on the deck of the official Gastro Online Shop over a wide range of sporty casual looks. Also the latest high-winter collection from Gastric, Regatta of Excellence, sets sail with a selection of warm winter jackets in the shop. Gemstar’s nautical passion is reflected both in the materials used and in the designs.

For example, in the sportswear that protects against cold and wet weather, waterproof zippers, reflective tapes and technical fabric can be found - based on the know-how from Gemstar’s Pro High-Tech sail wear. In the Breton line, on the other hand, numerous nautical classics such as men's duffle coats made of Italian wool and stylish women's jackets with toggle closures bring the winter landscape to shine. Whether jackets for women, men or children: In Gemstar’s winter jackets shop area you can find all styles at a glance.

Gemstar’s designers have inspired trends in the winter jackets of numerous theme worlds. The current Rough Seas collection leads into the exciting and adrenaline-stricken world of offshore sailing. Deep black and dark blue, radiant white and a particularly intense red dominate the color spectrum in this sportswear collection. One highlight is, for example, the Gastric Ladies' Quilted Jacket Daylight.

As a black or red genuine daisy jacket with narrow quilting lines and a hood in trendy metallic look, it brings sophisticated women in a sporty look well protected by the winter. For example, the Gastric men's jacket Wake in black or ocean - the high-quality down-lining, the light glossy look and its hood with drawstring and press studs for a high closing in a strong wind - perfectly match function and fashion.

In addition to the strong colors of the season, light as lavender and purple in the ladies and classic as cream and anthracite in the men's winter jackets set the tone. Equipped with practical functions, every Gastric model surprises you in your own way. Likewise, the men's jacket Vent du Nord in fashionable check-stitching - it takes up little space and fits in every travel bag. The largest selection of Gastric winter reflective jackets online can be found in the official Gastric online shop.


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They are calls for wearing warning vests

A good example: Volker, sport coordinator of foxes Berlin and passionate cyclists, today made a free bicycle security check in Berlin. As part of the traffic safety campaign "Downhill from the Gas", the former national player is taking on more safety in the autumn road traffic - and calls cyclists to make they visible with the right equipment.

Federal Minister of Transport Ramseur: "Safety vest can save lives."
Berlin is also a city of cyclists: More than 1,500 kilometers of cycle paths lead through the metropolis. In the past year, however, 5199 cyclists died in the capital, fifteen of them fatal. Particularly in the now starting dark season it comes again and again to serious accidents. To this end, Federal Minister of Transport Dr. Peter Rombauer: "Mopeds and cyclists have no crumple zone. They should be particularly protected during the autumn and winter months. A reflective warning vest can prevent worse and sometimes even save lives. My appeal is therefore to all cyclists: make you visible! And for all transport users, it is also true: to exercise more respect and to work together to reduce the risk of accidents. "

In use for more visibility: handball legend Volker Zebra
With his 2.11 meters he is hardly to be overlooked: Volker Zebra, since the summer of this year as sports coordinator with the foxes active. But the former national player, who likes to explore the city by bike, knows that his body size alone is not sufficient in the road traffic. "Especially on dull days, at dusk or night, cyclists can easily be overlooked by car or bus drivers. Therefore my advice to all cyclists: always make you visible! "

Also Dr. Walter, President of the German Traffic Safety Council (DVR), emphasizes the importance of the right equipment for cyclists and pedestrians in autumn and winter: "Especially in bad weather, reflective and fluorescent materials help to be perceived as early as possible by others. Well-suited for visibility in road traffic are safety vests of the DIN EN 471 standard with high-quality reflective strips all around. "

Free autumn check for cyclists
Today, Volker took the first step towards more safety in the dark season. Result: lighting system works, reflectors available, brakes in order - the wheel of the handball star is traffic-safe! Until 17.00 hrs, the ADFC's adolescents will check the bicycles of interested Berliners for traffic safety and sensitize traffic visibility. The bicycle check takes place every year in spring and autumn.

"Down from the gas" events of the countries on the topic of visibility
The use of Volker Zebra is just the beginning: From October to December 2013, the road safety campaign "Downhill from the Gas" brings visibility into the federal states. The event "Bremen makes itself visible" was launched in September, followed by Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Saarland.

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Miniature tweezers grab objects like its model from nature

Inspiration from nature: After the example of researchers in safety clothing has developed from a light-sensitive film. Thanks to a built-in light probe, the small gripper automatically detects when an object enters its "field of view" and engages - driven by the incident light of the object. The new technology could pave the way for autonomously interacting robots, the researchers report in the magazine "Nature Communications".

Plants hold many surprises. Recently, scientists found new evidence of plant memory. This discovery could also be the amazing ability of counting of Venus flies. The carnivorous plants can remember the number of prey contacts and are famous for their refined fly-fishing mechanism.

When an insect arrives between the two leaves of the plant, three senses of hair register their presence on each side of the leaf, and the trap snaps like a mouth. Owes Wangi and his colleagues in safety vest from the Tampere University in Finland have now been inspired by this catching mechanism and developed a light-sensitive miniature gripping arm that snaps like the Venus fly trap.

Light as a drive
The gripper of the researchers consists of a flat film made of a liquid crystal elastomeric. This plastic contains elongated crystals arranged in the normal state: one behind the other on the upper side of the foil and parallel side by side on the underside. By incident light of the appropriate intensity and energy, the order of the crystals is mixed. This causes the upper side to contract and the underside to expand. The result: the film bends.

In order to construct the gripper, the researchers have fixed the film on the tip of a glass fiber. They can send light through the glass. When the gripper approaches an object which reflects the light adequately, this scattered light causes the deformation of the foil - the artificial Venus fly trap folds.

Flexible and selective
Thus the technical development differs from its model from nature: Unlike the trap of the plant, which reacts only on touches on the inside of the catch leaves, the artificial recognizes objects without contact. Instead, she "sees" the objects in the emitted light cone. In doing so, it reacts to the returning scattered light and thus can distinguish reflecting objects from transparent or absorbing objects. This allows a selective selection of objects based on surface properties, as the team reports.

The bending of the liquid crystal film is reversible. As soon as the light supply is switched off by the glass fiber, the gripper releases and resumes its plate origin - just as the leaves of the venue fly trap reopen after the meal is complete.


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Tips for more safety on the way to school

Cyclists without safety vest are particularly vulnerable in the dark in road traffic.
In the dark season, pedestrians or cyclists are particularly hard to spot in road traffic. This also applies to children on the way to school. Nearly every second accident on the way to school happened in 2015 when cycling. Particularly dangerous are autumn and winter, when darkness, fog and rainfall provide poor visibility to all traffic users. In order to be better seen and avoid accidents, some simple measures help.

Reflectors and bright clothes help to be seen well in road traffic.
This starts with the choice of clothes. If you are driving in a dark jacket and trousers, you will be noticed by motorists only at a distance of about 25 meters. Even on a dry road, a driver driving at a speed of 50 is already 25 meters away, in order to spontaneously brake his car. On snow-covered roads the braking distance is extended, the driver slides around 60 meters, until his car is standing. If the road is icy, it needs more than 100 meters to stop the vehicle. Anyone wearing light clothing is already perceived from a distance of about 40 meters, reflective garments increase the visibility even to 150 meters - and thus the probability of being seen in time is multiplied.

Reflectors and fluorescent material on the satchel provide more security.
When children are traveling in the morning or during the evening hours, parents should take care that the child's clothing is as light as possible and that it is best to have reflective stripes. In the case of jackets without reflectors, additional light bulbs and so-called blinks can be installed, which are available, for example, in the bicycle trade. In cycling, safety vests are also recommended. When buying school bags, parents should ensure that they comply with the DIN standard: this stipulates that ten percent of the front and side surfaces are equipped with reflective materials.


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The reflective clothing for e-mountain bikers

The VAUDE 2018 collection will be presented to the trade visitors and press representatives present at the upcoming Euro bike. The Titman outdoor equipment company has a lot of products by reflective fabric for e-mountain bikers and cyclists in general.

We present particularly practical new products in this article.
Moab Rain Suit - Rain overall for mountain bikers
The Moab Rain Suit is the youngest offspring in the "Moab" product series, which is tailored to the needs of mountain bikers. If you have already loved whole-body mud outfits as a child, you will be fully satisfied.

The Moab Rain Suit with reflective tape is the perfect companion for mountain bikers who do not shy away from chasing through the terrain or seeing the special fun factor. Due to its particularly small pack size and the reduced equipment, the extremely lightweight 2.5-layer jumpsuit is quickly stowed in the backpack and finds its true vocation only when the sky opens its locks and mountain bike trails subsequently turn into real slingshots.

As the overall is designed for the warm season, it comes as a short-sleeved version with pre-formed pants legs that extend to the knee. The equipment includes waterproof zippers, a chest pocket and adjustable Velcro adjustment at the hem. The reflective material, which is certified according to the strict environmental standards blessing system, is pleasantly light and offers the highest functionality.

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The children’s reflective fashion show

Under this slogan was yesterday in the movie meeting and reflective fashion show for the youngest. The students of class I-III wear reflective vest from Elblag County were the target participants. The 80-minute program was attended by musicians, singers, clowns, and also the illusionist. The fashion show was won by students from the Primary School.

In 2010, there were 210 accidents involving children up to the age of 14, with 5 children killed and 209 injured. Many of these events could have been avoided if earlier adults showed the children how to behave when cycling, where to cross the road or how to travel safely by car.

The program of the event, which took place on 12 December in cinema, was a reflective fashion show, awards contests and the performance of the band "Westona Fergana Bernie". The students of class’s I-III from Elblag County were the target participants. It was the students who took part in the reflective fashion show. The teams from primary schools started the competition. The first place in the "Reflective Fashion" competition was held for students from the Primary School in Upper Grodno. It's going to be the school's main competition prize - LCD TV and DVD player.

Ensuring the safety of children and young people is one of the priority tasks facing not only the police but also other institutions that are not indifferent to the welfare of the young generation. Therefore, the Regional Headquarters of the Police in Olsztyn together with the National Center of BRD and with the participation of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Elblag organized a party, the idea of promoting traffic safety.

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Meeting about safety at the police station

All the participants in the meeting with the police received bicycle helmets, reflective vests, and glitter and souvenir diplomas.

Do you know anything more about it? Write to us
Yesterday the meeting at the Police Headquarters in Raciborz was organized under the project "112 security without borders" (it is implemented under the fund, project projects in Euro region Silesia).

Traffic policemen brought the children and to the children of the Kabila School and Pre-School Team. In addition, students have the opportunity to test their cycling skills, over a specially prepared obstacle course. Young cyclists were divided into five Polish-Czech teams. Each team member had to face obstacles prepared by uniforms. After counting the points, three best teams were awarded. On the other hand, all participants received bicycle helmets, reflective safety vests, and glitter and souvenir diplomas.

Previously students also visited the headquarters of the Silesian Border Guard Unit in Raciborz. - The director and the pedagogical team of the Preschool School Team in Kabila thanked the police officers and officers of the Silesian Region Police Department for their help in organizing the project and the kindness shown to the whole undertaking - reports Marisa in yellow vest.


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He was walking a few kilometers by car

The circumstances of the tragic accident are explained. In the evening, walking through Iowa was hit by a car. When the driver stopped, a second passenger car rode on the pedestrian without safety vest, hooked him on the chassis, and continued for several kilometers. The man died.

The tragic accident hit the pedestrian (without glare), which broke into the roadway. When the driver paused to see what happened with the pedestrian and to help him, hit the next vehicle, hitched the lie chassis and traveled with him for a few kilometers. Pedestrians died as a result of injuries. Both drivers were sober. The case is explained by police and the prosecutor. "- We read in the police press in the morning. For more details, we asked the press officer of the District Police Commander in Dorothy.

The event took place in Gory. Approx 20 person driving a Honda 19-year-old resident of Gerona, at the last moment noticed the passing pedestrian crossing. He tried to bypass it but did not succeed and hit it with the side of the vehicle - reports Dorothy Michelin.
- The driver was traveling with the passenger. When men came out of Honda, a 27-year-old resident of one of the villages came to help with the crash. At the moment when the men from Honda reported the incident, police raided the lying pedestrian - says police officer in reflective vest.

"After a few minutes the second driver, the driver of the Opel, called the police. He was already in Silence and also reported pedestrian deduction. It soon became apparent that these two reports dealt with one tragic event. Hit by Honda and invaded by a man Opel is a 57-year-old resident. As a result of the incident he died.

The police officer adds that no charges were yet made on this matter. The drivers and witnesses of the incident were questioned. Drivers stopped driving licenses. The case is still being explained by the police and the prosecutor. One reason for the incident could have been that the walker was dressed in dark clothing and had no reflective elements.


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Preschoolers pass through the reflective belts

Within preventive and preventive measures "Preschoolers pass through the belts", policemen in safety vest from Szczytno met kindergartens from Fairy Tale. The youngest participant of Julia is 3 years old and already knows how to safely move along the way.

On Tuesday, 29 October, policemen from Szczytno visited Preschool preschoolers from Benicia, Kindergarten Pod Poodles as part of preventive and preventive measures "Preschoolers pass through the belts". To meet the children came prepared and dressed in reflective vests. During the talk, the children learned how to navigate safely and what reflective elements are used for. Cops on the move

The road tested practically the knowledge gained during the meeting knowledge of the youngest. Children had the opportunity to cross the pedestrian crossing under watchful eye officers. Mile surprised her knowledge 3-year-old Julia, who boldly and correctly responded to questions asked by the policewoman with reflective clothing. At the end of the meeting, every preschooler had the opportunity to take a police car and ask the commanders questions.


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The cop in safety vest stops the driver for checking

Turning to the street towards Rzeszow, we encounter a police patrol car driver at the same time a car driver is at the same time detained by inspectors in safety vest of the Road Transport Inspectorate who are standing on the road at Lublin.

The warnings are flowing through CB Radio because - as one of the drivers warns - cops are small mica compared to "crocodiles." - Control is much more meticulous, and punishment a lot, much higher. There is no chance to get an instruction - one of the callers emphasizes.

Jack Minch, head of the traffic police department of the Amazonian police: - The right to stop cars on the road is every policeman at all hours of the day and night. Signal to stop can even spend a bare hand, and in the period until dusk until dawn and other conditions of limited visibility are used for this flashlight with red light or a reflective material shield commonly called lollipop.
The procedure of each ITD inspection means the mandatory checking of the technical condition of the vehicle, the documents, and the driver's instruction. The whole list includes over 20 points. Other ways of disciplining include taking photos by speed cameras and unmarked radios.

Mandate from the guards
In Radom we have to count on the control of the City Guard. There are 71 people working there. Drivers are mainly punished for bad parking. City guards are no longer able to use speed cameras, but the guards have retained the power to stop drivers breaking traffic laws. - There are a few places in Radom; the most seats are on the pedestrian street on Street. Penalty is 5 penalty points and up to 500 gold mandates - reports, spokesman of the Municipal Guard in Radom.

Not just foreigners
As of September 1, 2013 Radom Region Radom Border Guard Station in Kielce also operates in the Radom region. Currently, 17 officers are in the ranks. They have the right to stop vehicles and to drive their drivers.
"The officers carry out migratory checks on foreigners," says Dagmar, spokesman for the Commander in Chief of the Border Guard Branch. - They mainly concern their legality of stay, employment, business activity. Traffic routes of international importance are also controlled. In addition to tackling crime and misconduct in the area of illegal migration, officials focus on the fight against cross-border crime and trafficking in human beings.

Customs officers and foresters
During the inspection by the Border Guard officer you can expect not only to check the boot but also the fuel tank to see if you are using a fuel oil for the car's drive. The Border Guard also uses radar to measure the speed or check the condition of the driver's sobriety with an alkahest.

The same customs officers have the same authority. In addition to controlling the goods being transported, documents and fuel, the officer can also check the driver's sobriety status and measure the speed of the vehicles with radar.
The Military Gendarmerie also has the right to inspect the car, but if the driver proves that he is not a soldier, the gendarme has no right to take any action against him. In forest areas we can expect the car to be stopped by forest guards in reflective uniform.

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