Voluntary firefighters can be seen with reflective tape

There are More than two hundred men in heavy fire manures and one single woman among them all wears safety clothing. It looked like the night from Monday to Tuesday and the next day at the Skeins. It was there, in the area of several hundreds of meters, that the eighteen fire brigades strengthened the natural dam.

It was threatening that, at the highest flows, the river Morava could be overcome in this critical section. "When we were just over the morning, we all had to pull our legs one by one," remembers Runny, 38-year-old volunteer firefighter from Durban.

On Monday, at about six o'clock in the evening, a report from the operational fire brigade, she and her husband were already ready to leave.
On the dike, she got a raincoat and rubber boots. Her task was clear - all night, along with fifteen other firefighters, stretching the geo textile firing on the dam, which was to be held on both sides by the stops, so that she would not miss the natural dam.

"It was tedious and infinite, only reflective tapes on my minus colleagues were visible in the dark," remembers the firefighter for the time when an electricity generating unit ceased to work overnight.
Casting up to twenty pounds of heavy sacks of sand along the Skeins dam made it more difficult for rain and cold weather. "The guys who wore sacks of sand all night on their shoulders fell with fatigue on the slippery surface of the mud dam," Rudolph described.

People are going to be in trouble
Even though it has been interfering with the floods in the past years, so much action has taken place on Monday for the first time. "It is strange how people can help in such crisis situations, even if they are sometimes ill-treated, misfortune is always able to bring them together," says a woman who has reached the bottom of the power when building the dyke.

She did not fail to add that it was a team work, and that admiration was not the only voluntary firefighter in action, but all those who wear safety vest and worked long and long hours on the dam to prevent the water element from causing even more damage.
When it began to dawn, nine hundred exhausted firemen were replaced by about a hundred fresh ones. "I was only sleeping until eleven, and then I had to get up and go to the lunch fast," she laughed at the volunteer firefighter.

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Cyclists in safety vest did not miss the alcohol check

Three-day police action culminated on Wednesday evening. It was also focused on the status of bicycles and their safety equipment. A traffic safety action took place from Monday to Wednesday as part of a precautionary measure. This time it was focused on cyclists.

It was primarily about ensuring the safety and smoothness of road traffic. Reduce the persistent disrespect and the number of cyclist traffic accidents in the Pilsner region. "On Monday, cyclists were stopped by policemen” said Hanna Kraft, who wears a reflective vest, a spokeswoman for the police and on Wednesday between 12am and 6pm at selected locations in the district town of Hadaka or Rudnick.

Traffic and police officers were present, and cyclist's spokespersons received attention in the form of a reflective ribbon or reflector on the carbine.


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The missing reflection elements are subject to a fine

Changes on the road: pedestrian reflective elements and introduction of cycling zones. On Saturday 20 February, an amendment to the Road Traffic Act will enter into force. Police say the eye narrows down

Last year, police officers in the Moravian-Silesian Region dealt with 15 cases of killed pedestrians, of who 11 lost their lives in reduced visibility. This week there were seven victims in the region, including five pedestrians. Four of them died as a result of reduced visibility, whether outside or in the community.

It is not only thanks to these and similar statistics that the amendment to the Road Traffic Act has entered into force since Saturday.
It is obviously the most debatable change in pedestrian duty to have visually placed accessories from retro reflective material.
This obligation will be given to pedestrians in three cases: if they are in reduced visibility outside the village, in a place that is not illuminated by public lighting, or if they are moving along the edge or the edge of the road.

The torch is not enough
"Among the retro reflective elements, for example, today are so many popular tapes or various pendants and stickers, which are now available virtually everywhere, and we will give them as part of the preventive actions," Jury, head of the traffic police department, told the Moravian-Silesian police. Flashlights, lighted mobile and other substitutes are not sufficient by law.

If pedestrians do not have the visibility to improve the elements, they are liable to a fine of up to two thousand crowns. Police say the eye narrows down.
"We will not be fined unconditionally, we can deal with the situation first. Our priority is to warn pedestrians in particular to observe this duty, "noted Jixi, according to which the accidental participation in an accident will be assessed individually.

News for cyclists
One of the novelties that will come into force on Saturday is also the introduction of cycling zones to complement already existing pedestrian and residential areas. They will be deployed on a continuous basis even in cities, but any locations are not yet selected.
"Cyclists in this zone, which will be marked at the beginning and end of the road mark, may move in their entire width. The additional table may allow some of the vehicles to enter the bicycle zone, where the maximum permitted speed will be 30 km / h and the parking space will be possible only in the car parks, "Jury Ely informed of the upcoming novel. And they are all need to equip a safety vest.

Watch out for snow and ice
As a result of the amendment, cyclists will no longer be able to overtake the right column of vehicles, as long as there is a car turning to the right, which will tell the direction of the change of direction in a "blinker." On the contrary, cyclists will be better protected on road crossings designed for them.
The law has added two much-discussed changes for the driver. "From Saturday, they cannot drive a vehicle with dirt, frost or snow that prevents viewing on either side, or a vehicle on which it is alone or on ice," said the head of the traffic police department.

Other important changes
The amendment to the law comes with a number of other changes, the most important of which are the following. The ban on stopping and stalling does not apply to drivers of safety and rescue services. Stopping vehicles may also be organized by organizers of sporting, cultural and similar events, which are listed in a special permit, which must be demonstrated.

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How to be seen in town

Although at first glance it may seem that all cycling helmets are more or less safe, it ultimately depends on the particular user - more precisely his head. A prerequisite for a safe helmet is the fact that it has to sit down for the user. The helmet only sits when it still holds on the head even when the lock is open.

Take your time shopping, go with the helmet for the store, and see if anything goes wrong or stifles anywhere. Pay attention to how easy it is to set the helmet, whether it is wearing a reflective print or it comes with an insect screen. Although these details are seemingly irrelevant, everyday use of the helmet makes it easy to handle one of the most important features.

The helmet, of course, is not eternal. The reflective material ages and becomes less durable in time. The rate of aging is proportional to the method and frequency of use of the helmet. A passionate cyclist, who drives a ride, should change his helmet no later than five years. Replacement is also required if the helmet has undergone a load test - that is, after a crash that has protected the cyclist's head. It is not recommended to purchase a used helmet from a bazaar where it is impossible to find out its history. For proper use of the helmet, you should read the instructions for use: helmets without clear instructions do not give confidence and the customer should avoid them.

How to be seen
Safety reflectors are also important for road safety. "If a driver sees a cyclist at a greater distance, he can react, but when the cyclist flashes in the dark before the car is illuminated, the driver cannot prevent the collision," said Karat. Stylish, colorful, or even retro reflective clothing is a suitable addition to bicycle equipment. Reflective ribbons or reflective skirts for cyclists appear more and more often in preventive programs in a number of cities and towns.

Bicycle equipment includes a front white and rear red reflector. On the pedals and wheel spokes, the reflectors must be orange. Under reduced visibility, the bicycle must be equipped with a floodlight with a bright white light in front and a red backlight. "It is also important to have functional brakes," concluded Karat. However, the technical state of the bicycle remains the basis for the prevention.

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The police in safety vest are searching for robbers

On Tuesday morning, two raids were played in Prague's Nussle. The first took place in Nasals Street, the second in Jerome Street just an hour later. In both games, a pair of men tied up the service and then stole tens of thousands of crowns. The police in safety vest are now searching for a couple and asking the public for help.

The first assassination took place at about eight o'clock in the morning. The police immediately went to the case, but they broke down in Street.
A couple of men entered the hall, which first threatened two women with a firearm bar and then tied them in the back of the barracks. They then robbed the business.

"The men in the vault stole the cash in the order of several tens of thousands of crowns," police spokesman Jan said.
The second assassination took place at about half past nine when the men headed into the Street. The situation was repeated, and the men once again threatened the gun with the gun, then tied it and stole the game.

"Even in this case, they took several tens of thousands of crowns," added Dan.
The police in reflective vest are now searching for both men. They both spoke Czech without an accent. The first seeker is about 40 years of age, 170 to 180 centimeters high and dark eyes. He was dressed in a dark blue sweatshirt and blue trousers. He had a brown bag over his shoulder.

The other offender is also about forty, measuring 185 centimeters. He was clothed in a blue jacket and gray sweatpants that had reflective strips on the back of his calf. He had a light hat on his head, under which black short hair was visible. A kidney was around his waist.

If you know where they might be, contact line 158. However, the police warn that nobody is trying to detain them because they can be armed and dangerous.
In the case of capture and conviction, offenders may face up to ten years in prison.

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How did the popular fashion chain stand?

The Swedish brand H & M has been producing sportswear for a long time. In the meantime, however, it was only for women, and rather for home, for fitness or for a walk with a dog: tracksuits, fleece sweatshirts, simple reflective vests. In recent years, however, the offer has improved a lot and is definitely worth the attention of both cross-country and runners.

Positive discrimination of women
Last year there were only a few basic things in the H & M Running Collection. This year's offer does not fit with larger sports brands. Much more sophisticated are reflective materials, cuts and various snaps in the form of pockets, zippers. Not even those who care about design can complain, the current collection offers bits that look really luxurious, elegant and neatly. One would almost want some of them to wear off the cross-country skiing route.

There is also a choice of sizes: smaller and lighter skaters will appreciate the XS size and also the length of the trousers that is not over-sized at this size, as with some more famous brands. In some countries there is also a sports collection for the crowded, which unfortunately has not arrived yet. I have a good experience with the cuts - mostly they all fit me like slices. For example, the reflective pants from the new collection have very sophisticated cuts and a "three-dimensional" shape that acts as a second skin when moved.

On the contrary, I see the downside in the men's collection - you can find a lot of things at the H & M international site at very good prices, but in our country, you can look at the men's department. While ladies' sport is in almost all stores in Prague, you have to use all of the orienteering experience in the men's search. When you ask the vendors, they will send you to Chador, where you will learn to go to Pancreas. After a bit of traveling, you will find a relatively modest part of the collection: nice things at a good price, but the choice of sizes and models and sizes are not wide. However, the quality is the same as that of the Ladies Department.

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Will forest animals also wear reflective elements

When we talk about human rights, I have been feeling for a long time that the rights to motorists belong to somewhat more than non-motorists. Both they need to keep a safety vest for road safety.

I will remind you, for example, how long green pedestrians have been lit on the traffic lights and how long the cars, even though they are moving incomparably faster, would have less time. Or the tendency to interrupt pedestrian crossings, say, for the good of the pawns, for their greater security. It is only occasionally that somebody says that those transitions are simply too much and that it disturbs the flow of traffic. Which is wrong, while walking a hundred yards from the aborted crossing is normal and desirable? After all, after all, it will be more "fresh" air.

Perhaps it would be enough to reduce the speed
The latest good for pedestrians was approved by the government in the form of one provision of the current amendment to the Road Traffic Act, which is currently heading to the Chamber of Deputies. In my opinion, I am obligated to wear reflective elements on the garment (the specific shape of the element is not prescribed) if the visibility is outside the village on a road without pavements. Of course, those abusive non-motorists are not very few, and the reflective elements are purely technical at least some of their protection, even though they are not wiping away from the pavement.

On the other hand, however, there is a duty to be imposed, even a financial one (however buying a reflective tape for a relatively comprehensible amount, if not counting the non-punitive financial penalties in case of disobedience) to someone who is less of a source of danger, who is by far the greater threat. As more logical, it would seem to me, for example, to make provision for the visibility of the roadside driver to reduce the speed of the road so that a possible clash with the pedestrian could avoid or at least minimize its consequences. Moreover, on the road, not only the pedestrian, but also, for example, wildlife can suddenly appear under the described conditions. She's even more likely. Will she be required to wear a reflective tape? By the way, it's not a joke; in one of the Nordic countries they say they want a wild-colored reindeer.

It looks like this as a punishment for a non-motorist for the fact that he even allows himself to move along the road, even for poor visibility. However, the same right to use road traffic, unless specifically prohibited by law, has both a motorist and a pedestrian or cyclist. I emphasize that the law is equal, that the automobile is not bigger, it is not preferred. The right to make free use of public roads is perhaps even the oldest.

I have my horses, the duty to clean the pine trees
I'm not a lawyer, so I can be mistaken. But I think that if someone insists that moving along the road, surrounded by material trajectories, which is multiplied by the speed of movement, becomes a potentially fatal hazard for unintentional (and armored) road users, Who should be subject to risk-mitigating obligations to slaughter.

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Police in reflective vest

The crowded roads will be crossed by crowds of children, who will be very busy and inadequate for a few days. This is one of the reasons why Broun policemen wear a reflective vest have focused their attention on pedestrian crossings.

"Not only in the district of Broun, but in the whole country is already under way already notorious preventive event called Zebra will not look for you," said Bedouin police spokesman Marcela.

The schoolchildren had the opportunity to meet on street on Thursday, at pedestrian crossings, in front of Elementary School not only the city police officers, but also the state police officers with the Besancon coordinator. They advised them about the correct passage, and as a gift the children received a school notebook and a reflective tape on their hands.

During this and the next week, children will be able to experience this surprise in the form of good advice and reflective gifts from police officers at other selected pedestrian crossings.

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The children were taught to move safely with reflective tape

Pupils were able to meet a policeman wear reflective vest from the Press and Prevention Department and a new local police officer yesterday morning in front of the school.

The aim of the event was to examine school children if they crossed the street properly and safely. The speech was also about the "absolute merits" of pedestrians at the crossings and the fact that they cannot rely on this unwritten rule. Each schoolboy then received a reflective tape with information on the importance of using it.

"Children are more vulnerable on the roads than other pedestrians. They are less focused and cannot estimate distance and predict the situation well. All the more important is that they can be seen on the road as well. Bright clothing, a school bag and reflective accessory shoes make their day-to-day travel to school and school safer, "explained Pavli, spokesperson for the Police of the Czech Republic.


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Cycling season begins: You have your rights and duties

And here it is! We are probably expecting the first really warm weekend of 2017. A lot of us are already polishing bikes for a premiere trip. Looking at the statistics, however, frost runs backwards. Do you know how many cyclists without wearing safety vest died on the roads last year? Do you know your rights and obligations? Surely there is nothing to underestimate!

Cycling is one of our most popular hobbies, with about four million bicycles in Czech households. If we ride a bike on a regular basis, it helps us maintain good physical fitness; we also use it as a means of transport or relaxation. Despite all the undeniable benefits that cycling brings, we should also be aware of the risks.

Whenever we are sitting on a bicycle, it is useful to recall that cyclists are the most vulnerable road users along with pedestrians. Also, according to the statistics of the Czech Police, the popularity of this sport is redeemed by an increased number of injuries and deaths. The number of road accidents caused by cyclists without reflective jacket is also considerable.

"Bikes caused by cyclists are in the order of hundreds of thousands, but cyclists, unlike car drivers, have no liability to protect them, so if they cause an accident and do not have a liability insurance, the damages must be paid," says Jan, Commercial Director of one of the leading Czech insurance companies. How to prepare for a cycling season and what steps to take to prevent accidents and enjoy cycling tours and without unnecessary unpleasant consequences?

At the same time, drivers of a non-motorized vehicle, especially cyclists or scooters, caused 2,625 accidents in which 24 people died. Most accidents occurred in Prague, the Central Bohemian region and the Asti Labem Region.

In the case of road traffic, the cases where the cyclist accident is the culprit are not unique. They confirm both police statistics and insurance companies. "The cyclist drove down the hill at high speed, he did not manage the steering and got to the opposite direction where the passenger car was driving, but he managed to avoid the cyclist with wear reflective vest, but the two drivers ended up off the road, causing the injured driver to injure a car with a health-rated injury. CZK 50,000, and property damage of CZK 160,000, compensation was covered by bicycle liability insurance, "Jan describes a typical accident that is the subject of an insurance company's performance.

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