A reflective vest for chickens

In the UK, a company that sells reflective vests for chickens. The reason for this decision for business is the ranks below.

How many of you have thought it would be better to buy a hen instead of a dog after the pet? Well, in the UK there are increasingly more people who prefer a hen instead of a dog or a cat to make them more beautiful lives.

And, like any pet, chickens arrive at a time, across the street, right? And here comes into play British company omelets, offering reflective jackets for much-beloved pet birds. Jackets should to alert drivers of the existence of a hen on the road.

Johannes Paul, one of the company executive’s scrambled eggs, told The Telegraph that "most people who have chickens as pets will keep them out and heard chickens crossing the street."

Besides the role of reflective safety vest, garments dedicated hens provide protection against the cold and rain. Here, then, as we turn slowly at times when the hens pecked walked off the roads and that were in their path. Only now we can see better.

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Attention drivers! Wear a safety vest for fog day

Center General Inspectorate of Romanian Police in safety vest recommends drivers traveling on DN7 Arad and DN68 to exercise greater caution and run slowly because fog reduces - in places - visibility below 100 meters.
Also on the A1 motorway on the section, traffic is carried in dense fog. Between 494 and 517 kilometers, visibility drops, sometimes under 50 meters.

Fog, besides reducing speed, wear a reflective clothing, increasing the distance walking and proper use of lights, in terms of highways and other specific rules must be observed:
- Turn off the lanes and the emergency lane!
- In case of power failure or technical failure, turn on hazard warning lights, equip yourself with reflective vest, remove occupants off the roadway and place reflective triangles, one after the other, at greater distances!

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The reflective material motorcycle accessories

It is widely known that the bust may advertise everything - even PVC tiles. It is a truism will also say that it perfectly suited to advertise motorcycles and motorcycle accessories by reflective material, which are still largely, interested mainly men.

Scorpion patented unique technology inflatable cheek pads Air fit, thanks to the helmet adapts perfectly to the shape of the head. This solution has also been used for the new Scorpion - model Exo-1000 (type E11) Air Pulse and now available on the market crust Air Spring. As the helmets are available on the European market, the French immediately performed shells advertising brand. It is also a kind of flick in the face for all those who are behind the introduction of mandatory reflective vest in France, and local motorcyclist stringent safety standards. With his sense of humor Air fit system compared to the part of the female body, which reportedly frequently mean statistical motorcyclist. According to the creators of the ad we throw it in the eyes more than most fluorescent paint a helmet or reflective clothing.

"The best protection is fluorescent and inflated" and "Press is inflated," proclaim the subtitles accompanying photographs generously endowed by nature models, dressed in helmets Scorpion and much more. Perhaps the feminists will not be thrilled, accusing the creators of objectification of the female body. We are curious whether you agree with them, do you think, perhaps, that the boundaries of good taste are not exceeded, and interesting combination emphasized properly.

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Reflective material make always visible

Volvo is known for its strong commitment to improving road safety. Swedish manufacturer is not focused only on cars, also takes care of other participants of the road.

Volvo for some time draws attention to the safety of cyclists, who are often participants in road accidents, especially after dark, when they are barely visible. The British branch of the brand came up with an interesting idea that cyclists were always visible, without having to set a reflective vest.

This innovative approach is Volvo Life Paint, or fluorescent paint spray that can be sprayed onto any surface - the bicycle frame, tires, helmet, or simply clothing. On the night of the material covered in paint reflects the light of car headlights. The strength of the reflection is the same as for standard safety vest, so the probability of deductions so well visible cyclist dramatically decreases. The innovative product was created to increase the protection of cyclists, but it might as well check it in improving the visibility of pedestrians.

Volvo Life Paint This event promotional campaign (cans were distributed for free on the London bike shops), but the Swedish brand does not preclude the introduction of reflective tape and fluorescent spray paint for sale in their showrooms. It can already be purchased via the website of the manufacturer, the company Albedo100. The inks are available in various colors, glare, are also divided according to the type of surface on which can be applied. Life Paint costs about 100(plus postage).

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Always in a good mood with reflective beanie

This season is a beautiful and colorful range of beanies. Cool, warm and sporty. This beanie of soft acrylic and reflective material is reversible, on one side in contrasting color to the text and on the other side embroidered logo.

The Beanie is comfortable and soft, made of double-knit wool / acrylic blend. This thin version heats perfectly on colder days. The material wicks moisture and heat when wet. On the side features a subtle leather logo.

Rib Beanie of reflective fabric
Comfortable in garter knitted hat with a soft wool / polyamide blend with a slightly mottled look. Perfect for cold winter days because the wool moisture will be away and warms even if the fibers are moistened. On the bottom edge is with a small folded leather logo. Smooth ribbed cap of soft acrylic double wire for a mixed effect. On the side is a small leather tag with logo.

Reflective Beanie
The Reflective Beanie features a knitted stripe reflective yarn around and a small folded leather logo on the side. It is a soft and comfortable knit cap from a blend of wool and acrylic. Wool wicks moisture and heat in humid condition excellent.

This knitted hat in wool blend has a windproof fleece lining Storm blocker. The helmet shape ears and back of the neck are kept warm. Learning center front is equipped with a small logo.

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Adidas Superstar consists of a reflective material

If you think you've now seen all the performances of the Adidas Superstar, you have to look at this version – it’s shinning at night with its reflective tape.

There is a technique that Adidas previously applied on the ZX Flux and consists of a reflective material. Reflective sneakers are not new. You see this especially running shoes have to stand out in the dark.

However, it is very different. In ordinary daylight, the material is black or gray, but you seem light in the dark then create all kinds of colors. It can reflect the light like the safety vest, but also some different, it’s more cool than safety vest.

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Reflective material asphalt is experimenting

The province of Groningen is going to do a test with reflective material in silent asphalt. This allows the province should be 30 per cent saving on the public lighting.

Today, the first test piece of asphalt is placed on the provincial road N980. Researchers want to know if the material after use still reduces noise and ensures a saving on the lighting.
If silent asphalt can be combined with reflective element material, which not only saves energy but also reduces rutting?

Light color
Due to the light color, the temperature of the asphalt in the summer is not so high, which will create fewer tracks in the asphalt. As a result, there is less maintenance on the road.
Further improve road safety, as by a good road surface reflection better contrast between road and verge. Other road users in safety vest and obstacles on the road more visible and so motorists can better anticipate traffic situations.

Residents from other villages are also interested in the test. At information about the redesign of the urban villages residents asked if it was possible for there also to use reflective asphalt combined with silent asphalt. If the trial like the material is also placed in these villages.

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Five robbers in reflective vest are tracking

The Paris news channel M6 News Channel has released the first security footage of the moment after the raid of Kim Kardashian, early this month in the French capital. In the black-and-white images captured by a street camera is also to see a man in reflective safety vest on a bicycle with a big bag.

The camera images are made on the night of 2 to 3 October in a street leading to the Rue Tronchet, where the Poo fancy hotel where Kim Kardashian is staying. The total robbery, where they went through anxious moments after a gun was pointed at her face and she was locked in the bathroom, lasted 49 minutes.

To 2:19 pm three men running with a reflective vest along the residence. Ten minutes later, two pedestrians join them.

Since the faces of the men in the video are not visible, the French police are affected still in the dark about the identity of the suspects.

Kim K. himself was not injured that night. The armed men came into the room by posing as policemen with wearing safety clothing. Her husband Kanye West broke a gig in New York right away when the news was announced. In total, the reality star claimed that therapy would be after the famous robbery, 13 stolen items in the insurance with a total value of 5.6 million dollars.

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Sara in safety vest for Sweden eventing

Have a medal chance for the future: "Now I enjoy an hour or two", said Sara wearing safety reflective clothing.
Eventing rider Sara Algotsson Ostholt, 38, rode like a queen on the dressage course in Greenwich Park, straight up in the lead.

And beat Her Royal Zara with horse lengths.
Neither the royal Ogre, High Kingdom had a chance against Wega from the forests.
Sarah with an "s" relieved Zara with a "z" in the dressage arena second day. 23,000 in the stands, most Britons cheered after Queen Granddaughter Zara Phillips riding.
While Britain's Zara went into the ninth, it was our first Sarah a second place which was corrected to shared management.

"Not used to so much crowd"
Nevertheless, she has done even better dressage test.
- But it cannot compare. I have not been on such a big stage before. We are not used to so many crowds on our dressage, says Sara Algotsson Ostholt in reflective vest.
- Horses are flight animals. I'm glad Wage not only wanted to run out. She sorted out the good and stuck to the carpet.

Tomorrow Sunday awaiting the tough terrain sample of 5.5 kilometers and 20 fixed obstacles. When replacing hat and tails from storm inflatable helmet and safety vest.
- Now I enjoy an hour or two. Sure it's great to ride out the terrain and know that you are good at, but when riding off-road thinking not so much of dressage, Sara says, laughing.

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All drivers must have safety vest

STC introduces new rules for drivers - must have safety vest. Soon, drivers have safety vest in the races. From 2012 it becomes mandatory safety vest.
- We want everyone to have it because there are risks involved in the races, says Mats Fransson at STC.

STC has decided on several changes for the harness racing next year.
Coachmen receiving körlicens after January 1 must have an approved armor at all run on the banks, stables and training area.

From 2012, all drivers have safety vest.
- We want everyone to have safety vest with reflective tape because there are risks. Within monte sport is already compulsory. This requires that they must sew their dressar. It is a great investment because the drivers have until 2012 on, says Mats Fransson, Head of Communications at STC.

Måldomarna also called for tougher rules for drivers in reflective vest who run the reins. Therefore, there has been an addition to the regulations.
"In driving otherwise than by driving whip charioteer must not kick against the horse, push the rod backwards, boxer, operate or tugging hard on the reins," writes the STC.

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