Orange on top of all construction sites

The yellow jacket of railway workers disappears. As of 1 July 2019, the entire construction will switch to orange work clothing. Never again, a sea of yellow reflective vests with a large rail project. Nobody sees the difference between a road worker and a railway worker. Why actually?

The consequences for rail builders are great. Companies such as BAM and Volker Rail have to dig into the pouch to replace all the clothing for their rail division. For example, there are 1345 railway workers who change from yellow to orange. Another 566 employees now regularly change their shirts and 32 safety people will wear yellow in the future.

Ten urgent questions to safety expert Marcel Edwards, chairman of Rail Alert Working Group Safety Dashboard.

Why does the entire railway industry switch to orange vests?
"Because orange vests are just as safe as yellow vests and it is easier and clearer to wear the same color as the entire construction. This ties in better with countries around us and is also easier for contractors who work in both construction and railways. Always switching is not convenient. "

You no longer see a difference between a road worker and a railway worker?
"That's right. Safety clothing of road workers will no longer differ from track workers from 1 July. Crispy orange is just as good as bright yellow. And safe working, even under dark or wet conditions, is of course the whole idea behind safety clothing.

Therefore, there are also strict requirements for the reflective fabrics on the clothing. They do not change anyway: they remain two horizontal stripes and at least [intermezzo vertical signaling stripes that go over the shoulders. "

Never again a yellow cardigan?
"Well, that is not entirely true. Those who are responsible for safety at the construction site will continue to wear yellow. They will be extra recognizable from 1 July onwards and will be the only ones left. That is conscious, so everyone knows that you have to listen immediately when someone with a yellow vest intervenes. "

So still yellow?
"Yes that's right. Safety in rail construction and also the entire construction is an important theme. There is still the greatest risk in the track construction sector. It is then handy if someone with a yellow vest calls that you have to put aside that you immediately respond to it, because you immediately realize 'who watches over my safety'. But they are only a few yellow vests. "

Do the safety people at other construction sites also switch to yellow vests?
"Not that I know. That would not be illogical, but Rail Alert is only on the track. "

What kind of sanctions or fines apply after that time?
"There are no immediate sanctions. We made that agreement sector wide and usually it works just fine. Maybe someone is wearing an orange vest for some time of yellow cloth or someone is being called on his clothes, but real sanctions usually only work counterproductive. "

What does this operation cost?
"We do not want to chase companies and organizations at high costs. This term has been agreed in consultation with the railway contractors. They have indicated that this term is manageable for everyone. The costs for a loose yellow vest are of course much lower than for a complete winter or rain outfit. We also deliberately did not agree to a term on yellow work trousers. An orange jacket with yellow pants is for the time being allowed. Most builders react enthusiastically at the thought that only orange safety clothing is needed. "
Was there resistance?
"Not really. I have not noticed anything in any case. The discussion, about the added value of yellow vests started after the 'Governance Code Safety in the Construction Industry' was concluded. As a result, Rail Alert conducted research into whether yellow vests are now safer or have added value. That does not seem to matter in practice. In other countries, rail workers have long been in orange and there are no differences when it comes to safety. "

How many yellow vests are there?
"No idea, many thousands. The agreement applies to the main track of Prevail, but also to all metro and light rail in HTM, RET, GVB and PUOV. So there are many parties involved and all those employees now wear yellow vests. "

What is actually happening with all those yellow vests?
"Safety clothing lasts between two to three years on average. We have deliberately agreed on a long lead time so that the exchange and purchase of new orange clothing are as much as possible in the regular replacement cycle companies. From 1 January there is already a transitional period that some rail workers already wear orange clothes with a yellow vest over them. On 1 July at midnight, the entire branch will switch to orange. "  

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Marhnos places Reflective Tapes in heavy transport

To reduce the risk of driving in the rain, for the third consecutive year the developer and international infrastructure administrator places free signage in these vehicles

As part of the prevention actions in the rainy season to ensure a safe and reliable traffic on the Palin-Escuintla highway, the company managing this route, Marine, installed a service station at kilometer 56 to place transport free of charge heavy reflective tapes, whose main objective is to make this type of cars visible under low visibility conditions to avoid accidents.

According to Juan Martinez, general manager of Merinos Guatemala, these forecast actions are part of their commitment to responsible administration and maintenance of the Palin-Escuintla highway, in which the care and protection of users are a priority. Reflective materials that are placed freely comply with international norms and standards related to high visibility and their use contribute significantly to reduce traffic accidents. That is why the use of these is even required by law in different countries, including Guatemala.

The assistant manager of operations, Lottie, explained that these tapes take advantage of a property of light called reflection, by means of which the rays of light impinge on the tape and are reflected perpendicularly. Hence, the vehicles that carry these tapes are visible in front of the lights of other vehicles or any other source of light, which is vital in situations of low visibility, as in the case of rain. "Driving with rain is always a risk and more when the change of season comes because this weather phenomenon makes it difficult to drive and drive. In fact, the statistical evidence that rain is what causes more accidents as the visibility is reduced and the driver's reaction capacity to. That is why it is important that heavy transport is properly marked. "said Lottie.

Although the rain is more dangerous at the beginning, it is always important to take the following precautions when driving in the rain:

Increase the safety distance with other vehicles, because, on a wet road, the car needs more distance to stop safely.
Reduce speed, as rain significantly reduces visibility.
Avoid sudden and sudden braking, because of the rain the roads become slippery.
Keep the windows clean and without fog because the rain dulls and fogs them.
Activate calls for roads or emergency light when the rain is too strong to be seen by other vehicles without difficulty.
Keep tires, brakes, and dampers in perfect condition to circulate more reliably and safely.  

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First graders received safety vests

In the context of the "Safety campaign for first graders", school beginners got safety vests.

Karin Spiegel from the MSC visited the first graders in her class and brought with her an exciting story of Frieda, Felix and traffic detectives. The children were also shown with the "flashlight experiment" how well one is recognized in the dark when wearing the safety vest.

Especially in the mornings, when it's still dark, the kids with their waistcoat are almost six times better visible and drivers can react much earlier. Many accidents happened only because the children were seen too late. The aim of the campaign is to reduce the high accident risk for children in the dark season.
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Because they have reflective vests and bands

There was a talk about security but also presents. The children from the kindergarten received reflective vests and bands from the police, thanks to which they would be visible on the road even after dark.

During Tuesday's meeting with kids, the police made children aware of how dangerous game can be on the road. He explained how to walk when there is no sidewalk and what to pay special attention to. The kids also learned the basic road signs.

"The officer devoted special attention to the subject related to reflections. He talked about the reflective fabric on the jacket or backpack of everyone. In an accessible and understandable way, he told about the effects of being invisible to a driver who does not see a darkly dressed infant." Reports Dorati, a spokeswoman for the Municipal Police Headquarters. He adds that every child was given a reflective band with the reflective material.

A talk in kindergarten was also an opportunity to make children aware of the dangers of working in agriculture. The policeman reminded, among other things, that one should not approach a working machine. He also asked the children to share their knowledge with their parents, siblings and other family members.  

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New concentration of platform A11 Steps

The platform A11 Steps continues with its monthly concentrations at the foot of the national 122 to demand the execution of the variant of Penfield and that the rest of the Auto via del Duero is a reality as soon as possible.

During the meeting, the attendees will be informed of the latest performances of the platform, as well as the meetings they have had with different political groups and the upcoming appointments on the calendar.

Political meetings are aimed, in addition to raising awareness of the problem of the A11. "That all groups are aware" and try to push for the forthcoming budgets go forward with the "game we need for construction."

The platform has requested a new meeting with the Government delegation, Virginia Barnes, to try to expedite the settlement of the Penfield crossing.

On this occasion, the concentration has been advanced one hour, it will take place at 7:00 p.m., due to the lack of sunlight later. They also ask users to go with the reflective vest to avoid incidents.  
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Safety vest and warning triangle at hand?

For four years now, it has also applied in Germany: The obligation to carry warning safety vests.

It ensures a high level of safety in the event of a breakdown. With a safety vest, for example, you will be seen earlier and better in the event of an accident by other road users. In particular, on busy highways and highways or in poor visibility, it may be vital. During the day, the sun ensures that the vest is bright and visible from far away. In the dark, the reflective fabric of the vest throwback incoming light. The law prescribes a safety vest for each car or truck. But there is no compulsory wearing obligation. Because you usually do not travel alone on holiday, the police recommend: Keep as many safety vests as there are people in the car. Because everyone is safe. And to make sure you do everything right, always remember to set up your warning triangle at a sufficient distance from the safety vest. Leave your car after a breakdown or accident and always stand behind the guardrails with enough distance to the road.

Important information about the safety vest:
Always have the safety vest at hand, for example in the side or glove compartment. The vest should be stored so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. The sunrays destroy the lighting effect. In many European countries, safety vests have long been mandatory in the vehicle. Missing the safety vest then costs in Germany 15 Euros fines. In other European countries, this is usually much more expensive.

So the best thing to do today is to see if the safety vest with the reflective material, warning triangle, and first aid kit is on board and ready to hand. The police wish you a safe journey and stay safe!  

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Collect waste!

The association Manville organizes a morning of waste collection on the occasion of the international day dedicated to it.

Armed with garbage bags or a reflective vest, the idea is to collect as much litter as possible on Saturday morning, on the occasion of the international waste collection day, which takes place on September 15th. The association Manville is at the maneuver of this event.

"We will renew the citizen mobilization every month in a different city of the 7 municipalities. This action aims to raise awareness of the cleanliness of our streets and our walking areas whose maintenance, supported by the municipalities, is very expensive to the community. "say the organizers who will provide clips and bags to participants. These are invited to come with a reflective vest and gloves.  
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Students put on reflective vests

In school buses, the Regional Council of Normandy is considering harmonizing practices between the five departments for better student safety.

A few days ago, the mayor of Sainte-Suzanne, near Saint-Lô, was alarmed. The competence of school transport, formerly provided by the Departments, was taken over by the Region a little over a year ago. And at the beginning, no distribution of reflective vest for new students. In the Channel, where the county council had taken this habit by making the wearing of the vest mandatory, we oscillated, especially in rural areas, between astonishment and anxiety.

At the Region, we need a little patience, "the time for us to harmonize practices and objectives in the five departments". Until now, yellow vests with reflective materials were managed very disparately in Normandy. Here by the commune, there by the international, elsewhere by the Department.

What will happen then after this year of transition? "Not sure that vests are distributed to everyone. It would have a cost, explains the transport department of the Region, which does not see this approach as a priority. The subject is to do prevention. It is not limited to the vest but also includes the behavior of children and young people. That's what we want to go to first. While waiting to learn more, parents are invited to equip their offspring or to pass the vest from the largest to the smallest.

Another harmonization is expected in the field of school transport: the price, currently very different from one department to another. That day, some will laugh yellow, like vests with the reflective tape.  

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Safe way to school

"School Patrol" - under this slogan, juvenile police officers carry out preventive actions at SP No. 8.

The school year has begun. Time to learn in schools and increased traffic and pedestrians in their area. Outwork's "eight" is on the list of educational institutions, next to which the control and monitoring of the behavior of road participants. Bicycle paths and sidewalks are carried out. The criterion, for choosing such places for "scans" is high traffic, which increases the probability of undesirable traffic incidents.

The control takes place as part of the "Safe way to school." During the action, the uniforms have an eye on both drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. They take care of traffic safety: they help, instruct and distribute reflective vests and reflective gadgets which made of reflective materials, preventing inappropriate behaviors and possible threats. They point to the proper marking of bicycles. Their special attention is attracted by drivers who do not give way to pedestrian crossings.

Together with the "preventive" ones, we hit an alarm: the children themselves sometimes use transitions. In addition to the issue of security, there is also a good example from adults. As hetman used to say: "Such will be the Republic, what their youth hide," and the ancient Roman historian Titus Levies: "Words teach, examples attract."  

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Safety operation in school transport

The students of the School district of Armanda launched the operation on Tuesday morning.

The operation, which will concern the entire department of Lot-et-Garonne, was launched this Tuesday morning at the college.

The 6th graders practiced a life-size exercise: evacuation of a bus in a minimum time, and safely, in case of problems.

All dressed in the essential yellow reflective vest, they benefited from the advice of the actors of the Prevention Road, in the presence of the officials of the establishment, members of the County Council of Lot-et-Garonne and the Regional Council of New Aquitaine.

Nearly 200 students from the school district were to participate in the operation this morning; they will be about 4,000 throughout the department by October 8th.  
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