Special reflective textile jacket

An ultra-ventilated model for high heat Mesh fabric, Super reflective fabric reinforcements, elbow and shoulder pads, H2Out membrane, thermal lining

Side presents Net stream Tex, its new reflective jacket for the summer season. The Italian manufacturer proposes an ultra-ventilated model and realized in mesh 3D fabric. This design makes it easier to circulate the air and thus limit the pilot's sweating.

Additionally, Super fabric polyester inserts are inserted into the area’s most exposed in case of fall to ensure better resistance to abrasion. Safety is also achieved through the use of CE approved Multitask shoulder shields and Force Tech at elbows. The latter are CE certified and removable.

The cut of the Net stream remains true to the habits of the equipment manufacturer with many possible adjustments, in particular to the size by a band Velcro. The model is also equipped with a waterproof and breathable H2oute membrane as well as a thermal lining to be able to adapt to the changing climatic conditions.

Features Side Net stream Tex reflective jacket
3D Mesh Fabric
Abrasion Resistant Polyester Super fabric Inserts
Mesh lining
Pre-arranged to receive a thermal or watertight inner liner
EN1621-1 certified Multitask Shoulder Protectors
Force Tech Protections EN1621-1 certified at elbows
Warrior back protector
Adjustments to the waist by Velcro fastening
Reflective Material
Clip for trousers
Pockets: two outer, one inner
Weight: 1.1 Kg

Availability / Prices
Color: Black / yellow; Black red; Dark Grey; Black / Black
Sizes: S to 3XL (4XL in Black)
Price: 199 Euros

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An artist built a house mirrors by reflective material

An artist built a hut made of a reflective material, in the California desert. A building reflecting as a landscape is constantly changing that what the viewer wants to see.

Since February 25, sixteen works have been installed throughout the Coachella Valley for the festival Desert X. This exhibition is the place of expression of local issues like world, from climate change to immigration. The entire desert is an opportunity for the canvas of artist ambitions have carte blanche to express themselves. For only witness the progression of their labor, land, sky and rocks. Among the projects presented this year, the work Mirage is perched alone in his corner.

This small cabin created by artist Doug plays its location in the desert of Palm Springs. Built in a mirror material with reflective elements, the house reflects it around as much as she background, like a chameleon. No doors, no windows installed, simply openings. In steady flow, the sculpture is never the same at different times of the day. Inside, it is a kaleidoscopic effect that invades the visitor. The strength of this work of Doug, it's more that we can see what you want and it will reflect the dreams and aspirations.

For those interested who have planned a detour to California soon follow the reflective tape sign, sculpture Doug will remain in place until 31 October. The visit is free.  

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How to measure the rate safety on Czech roads

Perhaps we all have some experience with speed measurement. Whether measured and the police in safety vest stopped us directly, and we just saw the car standing somewhere radar. Or we go to places where the operation of section speed measurement. Some people agree with measurements, but a lot of people perceive that the speed is usually measured just make it as easy chosen as much money, not make it good for safety.

That suggests the number of unmarked cars that exist for "covert surveillance", but this supervision is usually only measure the speed, nothing else. While on the roads every day we see things that are dangerous or annoying more than speeding. However, aggressive and reckless drivers who while the speed limit rarely exceeds we see on the roads every day enough.

Perhaps we all have some experience with speed measurement. Whether measured and the police in reflective jacket stopped us directly, and we just saw the car standing somewhere radar. Or we go to places where the operation of section speed measurement. Some people agree with measurements, but a lot of people perceive that the speed is usually measured just make it as easy chosen as much money, not make it good for safety.

That suggests the number of unmarked cars that exist for "covert surveillance", but this supervision is usually only measure the speed, nothing else. While on the roads every day we see things that are dangerous or annoying more than speeding. However, aggressive and reckless drivers who while the speed limit rarely exceeds we see on the roads every day enough.

Second laser speedometers
Laser meter, a device based on the issue and return receipt beam of electromagnetic waves with wavelengths in the near infrared region of the spectrum, the Czech police used to measure the increasing use since 2008. The use of laser measuring municipal and state police, but each has a slightly different device. Their range is about 1000 meters, but they can reliably take the photo roughly 200 meters.

Some laser meters are also able to recognize that he was disturbed by jet, and you cop the display message. In contrast, some jammers are able to interfere with the laser beam so that it did not recognize the device. All of these meters in the service of the state police are portable, sometimes standing on tripods, sometimes holding a policeman in the hand. There are many reportedly estimated around 100, which would soon be interchanged within the purchase of 103 new "pistol”.

Municipal police forces also used in addition to Truce meter Polaner III, which operate on the same principle of the laser beam, just a little different look. Work by a policeman in the viewfinder will choose a vehicle that wants to measure, aims mostly at the license plate because it is metal and straight, and pull the trigger. The instrument sends laser beam that bounces back and calculated according to the measured speed of the vehicle.

Previously, it was approved up to 100 m; today it is permissible to measure up to 400 m. At a distance of a man police hardly notice, even if he was wearing a reflective vest. Modern laser meter, for example. Truman said; also have a video mode that is used for documenting offenses other than the measurement of speed. Not giving turn signals. Even they can work in automatic mode, thus completely unattended.

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Drivers received reflective vests from police

Surprise for driver and passenger caused traffic control. People in the car by uniformed men handing out reflective warning vests, informed the server police spokeswoman Barbara.

From mid-November this year until the end of February next year, runs a nationwide project, which focuses on the visibility of passengers in emergency situations on the road. This week, the action also involved the police Kramer traffic inspectorate and policewomen of the press and prevention.

While it’s checking traffic patrol stopped the vehicle, cop drawing attention to the security of the vehicle crew while cars save reflective vests.

"It is important that passengers were standing in the event of an emergency and when moving around the vehicle easy to see," she reminded the public police spokesman that handing out reflective safety vest will continue early next year.

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Pedestrians must wear reflective elements or fine

Walkers will need to wear a Saturday in poor visibility reflective elements. In fact it enters into force an amendment to the Road Traffic Act. It stipulates that if, for example, people at night, twilight or fog moving outside of the village on the shoulder or the edge of a road that is not lit, you must have a reflective element.

For failure to comply will be face a fine of up to two and a half thousand crowns. "Instead of imposing sanctions, however, police patrols will be more people to negotiate and distribute them with reflective vest, tape and bags, so next time do not violate the law and moved the road safer," says the ministry.

Pedestrians do not have to wear a reflective vest, and should be enough tape or reflective elements that are part of the clothing or backpacks.
The aim of the law should be the prevention of serious and fatal accidents caused by pedestrians on the road was not visible enough.

Between 2012 and 2015 died by the Ministry of Road 523 pedestrians, 303 of them at night. "Suitable reflective material and can save considerable number of lives. See and be seen is the basic rule of safety on the roads, "said the transport sector.


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The cops Biters focused on the visibility of motorists

Reflective vest should be within reach of the driver who, it should be wearing reflective vest front of the car.

Already one year is a new obligation for pedestrians, and wear reflective elements. They have to have people who are moving in poor visibility outside the village along the edge of the road where there is no street lighting. Reflective element should be positioned so that it is clearly visible from the front and back for other road users. Pedestrians themselves, however, should have a responsible attitude when moving on roads, along with the cyclists are the most vulnerable. The cause of many tragic accidents is the insufficient visibility. By using reflective garments and accessories to increase the light contrasts against the background, and extends the distance at which they are seen.

On February 20 in the morning was the Program transport event focused on visibility, but this time the vehicle crew. Officers checked mainly technical condition of the car and mandatory equipment, which includes a warning triangle, reflective safety vest, spare electrical fuses, spare bulbs, jack, wheel spanner and spare wheel or tire repair kit and first aid kit appropriate legal standards.

The aim was also to inform drivers about the requirement to wear a reflective vest When solving a technical malfunction or traffic accident by a motorist they had before the show at each dress, so it would have at hand and not in the trunk. Controlled chauffeurs patrol passed reflective material vest, which was intended precisely passengers.

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Pedestrians will have to wear reflective vests

Pedestrians will have to wear for reduced visibility on roads outside the village reflective vests, decided on Wednesday (December 9, 2015) MPs. They also did not allow cyclists alcohol, neither increased speed on motorways to 150 km / h.

According to Transport Minister Dan is not the intention of the police to pedestrian. He pointed out that the number of dead pedestrians is quite alarming. Measures obligation to wear a reflective safety vest should be incorporated in the Act.

The amendment to the Road Traffic Act heads to the Senate, and then he gets to the signature of President Milosz. The House also supported the proposal, and to tighten the penalties for drivers who sweep at a railway crossing when the warning light illuminated. They could not get over driving ban of one to two years.

Conversely, deputies did not support the proposal that selected sections of the highway 150kilometrovou speed. Lawmakers rejected the amendment to the amendment to the Law on Road Traffic, which wanted to allow higher speed.
The House also rejected a proposal that was with cyclists riding tolerated by half per mile of alcohol in the blood and without reflective jacket.

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Officers handed out fines to drivers instead

Police focused on the screening of drivers and mandatory equipment rentals. How are drivers?

Checks were carried out
Traffic policemen in safety vest are checking on whether the driver did not drink alcohol or ingest the other addictive substances. Besides, they also checked the mandatory equipment rentals. Similar actions are preparing traffic policemen on other days. It was a nationwide event.
Officers warned drivers to make when leaving their vehicles on the road using a reflective vest. This concerns in particular the situation in crashes or when a driver goes to solve the technical problem.

Vest is also suitable for passenger
"In these situations, the driver is obliged to have when getting off the vehicle wearing a reflective vest, why should he have on hand, not in the luggage compartment. The event was but apart from the reminder of this obligation and warning the security of the occupants of the vehicle," said police spokesman Margaret.

One of the guards checked car drivers directly Melina and its immediate environs. "Warrant inspections found that drivers for herself reflective vests, but his passenger did not. That's why everybody stopped drivers received from police officers more reflective material vest as a gift. In total, there the two-man patrol gave away thirty," she said spokesman John.

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Officers receive safety vests

Police Presidium introduced a new component kits traffic police and members of the congregation - yellow reflective vest and dark blue. All the policemen begin to wear in the summer. Now gratefully acknowledge the amount of pockets, allowing them to avoid having to carry bags. On the design vest participated to policemen themselves?

"There's a lot of pockets, so police there can store gloves, headgear, notebooks, mobile phones and other things," said Martin, director of the riot police.

According to Michael of the Directorate of Traffic Police officers will serve safety vests as a place where you will be able to also impose a flashlight, or a one-off test for alcohol or addictive drugs. "It holster on the radio," he added Hotbox.
New equipment gets all eighteen thousand police officers and three and a half thousand vehicles.

And they are Transformation gradually undergoing a uniform to Currently Faso new reflective pants, sweaters and socks. Just for your purchases uniforms plans to lead police this year spend about 200 million crowns.


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Maillot Gore Bike Wear Power 2.0 reflective clothing

During the hottest days, when pedaling in the sun any help is good in order to mitigate the high temperatures. The reflective clothing is one of the key factors to achieve and why brands like Gore Bike Wear have clothes as fresh as possible for the summer, as is the case sleeveless leotard Power 2.0.

This model, sporty and slim fit, full front zipper has low neck and ergonomic details that favor ventilation and cooling of the body. No missing details in the usual jerseys cycling as the three open back pockets plus one zipper, reflective material elements for increased visibility on the road or low elastic for better fit while pedaling.

The Gore Bike Wear Power 2.0 is available in up to six colors (white / red, white / yellow, white / black, yellow, orange and red) and five sizes (from S to XXL). The price of this sleeveless jersey with reflective tape is between 79.95 and 85.95 Euros depending on the version chosen.


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