Motorcycling in the fall

Of course, you will not like this year's wanderlust and there are still several nice days to get the bike and tour a bit, maybe make a nice weekend of it. As a regular motorcyclist, you also know that you have to take a number of things into account during those autumn rides, such as wearing a reflective vest. Situations that might be forgotten during the nice warm spring and wet but warm summer. From the KNMV, the advice came to mind a number of issues. Something that you might have thought of yourself?

Pay attention to the effects of low sun, which you can dazzle as a motorcyclist. A scratched visor does not make it better, maybe just a new mount? Low sun in the back can dazzle oncoming traffic.
Pay attention to the loose leaves, dirt and crop residues on the road
Wet roads in the shade can be slippery and freeze up
Make sure there is enough warm clothing. When your body is not the right temperature, it is not only tiresome but can also reduce response time
It gets dark earlier. Maybe just because of the fluorescent or reflective clothing? Despite that it just kind of does not look like your classic engine?
Of course, you do not drive with your dark summer visor anymore. Reflective clothing which has reflective tapes sewn-on it can produce motorcyclist's safety.  

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Antwerp brings fashionable reflective vest onto the market

Traffic is becoming increasingly busier and more insecure, but not a child that likes to wear a fluffy cloth. Because of "not cool". Young mum Julie Vets from Antwerp also experienced this problem and therefore developed reflective vests that can be seen.

In Belgium, it is not mandatory to wear a neon jacket as a weak road user, even if it can increase your visibility enormously and thus prevent accidents. Especially children are therefore advised to wear a safety clothing on the bike, but that is often against their will.

That 2018 is still no better alternative on the market, surprised Julie Vets from Antwerp. That is why she decided to take action herself. After developing prototypes, color, and print samples, searching for the right fabrics and details, the finished pieces were subjected to various investigations in order to guarantee safety. Two years later golfed is a fact.

The collection consists of modern, urban-inspired designs that are not only safe but also aesthetically pleasing. All cardigans are carefully and thoughtfully designed. Golfed uses comfortable, water-repellent and quick-drying fabrics, high visibility reflective tapes, fresh fluorescent colors and hand closures without Velcro, so that your clothes and scarves are not damaged. In addition, the collection also includes matching backpack covers. Each piece comes in a reusable package including a reflective keychain that you can attach to your book bag, for example.

Golfed focuses specifically on children and teenagers who are difficult to convince to wear a fluffy cloth. "We hope to encourage road users to move in traffic in a safe and fashion-conscious way. See and be seen is the message! "Says Julie Vets.

For sale from August 2018 in the better bicycle and concept stores and online.  

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Lower temperatures: what obligations for the employer?

Cold weather extremes can have many health consequences for outdoor workers such as agricultural workers, construction workers(who always wear reflective vests in the work)and the transport industry. Indeed, the latter is particularly exposed to the risk of frostbite, hypothermic discomfort or a decrease in their manual dexterity and their vigilance thus promoting work accidents.

In order to ensure safety and protect the health of their employees, employers are obliged to assess these risks, taking into account, among other things, physical criteria, such as the age and state of health of employees, as well as tasks they must perform. An assessment that should lead the employer to put in place appropriate individual and collective protection measures.

As such, and in accordance with the recommendations issued annually by the public authorities, employers must:
- reorganize the work, in particular by limiting the exposure of employees to the cold, by granting them adapted break times and additional recoveries, but also by encouraging work in pairs;
- set up the workstations by setting up a manual handling aid, making available a heated room to consume hot drinks and storing spare clothes or drying work clothes...;
- provide employees with cold-weather reflective clothing and equipment such as gloves or mittens, non-slip shoes, a safety helmet (iron-on reflective heat transfer vinyl)with an insulating liner and waterproof clothing.

In practice: to help employers to anticipate the risks associated with cold-weather and to better plan outdoor work, a meteorological vigilance device, updated at least twice a day, is available on the Weather website.  


Useful reflective accessories

"When people brush against me, cut me or open a door in my face," says cyclist Stephaney Richer, "their argument is always the same:" I did not see you. "Several accessories - like the orange reflective jacket, worn by Stephanie Richer - allow you to be more visible on your bike.


"The construction jackets do a great job, especially in the fall," says Pierre Boucher, a cyclist who is a member of the Face book group Winter Bike Montreal. It's cheap and it's efficient. "It's possible to buy a reflective bib(sew-on reflective fabric) for less than $ 15. More sophisticated jackets with LED light, zippered pockets, and key fasteners, like Niter Isa's Run model, retail for about $ 40. The Run bib is "easy to put on regardless of the thickness of clothing," says Suzie Lou, a follower.

Pant ties

Marc Pylon, a cyclist from Lorraine, advises wearing ankle reflective tape. "Humans get a better sense of what's moving," he says. With visible trousers, you kill two birds with one stone, since you also avoid having your pants lodged in the bike trays. Offered everywhere for about $ 5.

Reflective tape

In Ontario, the law requires that a bicycle is "equipped with white reflective strips on the front fork and red reflective strips on the rear stay," according to the Ontario Safe Cycling Guide. Mario Grimier, a Longueil who will work on a bike 12 months out of 12, has affixed a reflective tape on the fork, the stays and the mudguard of his bike. Patrick Drain, another cyclist, put some on his backpack. "Simple and effective," he judges.

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Reflective clothing mandatory in France from next year

It does not matter if you have a suit worth 3000 Euro. From January 1, 2013 in France, you have to impose a reflective vest on him.

Motorcyclists from France from next year will be obligatory to ride in reflective clothing. Despite numerous protests, the government decides to introduce a new law that will apply to all motorcycle drivers with a capacity of more than 125 cc.

The reflective materials must cover an area of at least 150 cm2, which is quite a lot. The obligation to ride in reflective clothes will also apply to the passenger, and attention, probably all visitors. What does it mean? If you travel through Europe and catch a France, you have to pull a vest out of the trunk and put it on your fancy Dinesen suit or Icon Metal God jacket for 5,000. Bucks Do not you think that if a car driver cannot see a motorcyclist without a reflective vest, he should not move on public roads?

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The innovative course of Road Education

Within the annual training, one of the Local Police has conducted a novel course of the General Directorate of Traffic on "Road Education".

Fourteen elementary students with ages between 7 and 11 participated in the same. This formative activity arises from the elaboration of an innovative Project on Road Education carried out by the Local Police, Antonio Jesus Alba Castro, member of the staff of Prego de Córdoba, who thanks to their interest and involvement, once again vindicates the fundamental role of Road Education and the importance of wearing reflective vests in our lives and its importance as a transversal subject to the rest.

With his project, he takes a step further in road training and brings together topics such as healthy eating, physical activity, healthy habits, knowledge, and management of emotions, safety measures for minors at home and the street, etc. all this, with the intention of training and meeting the needs of minors in different aspects of their lives.

In this course theory has been taught but, above all, dynamic, participative and playful activities have been carried out, where theater, game and, as a final activity, a road circuit where children have participated as pedestrians are projected and bicycle drivers who wear vests sewn-in reflective fabric.

The children, as indisputable protagonists, have been given as a gift a diploma for their participation and a high visibility vest plus a lot of school material donated by D. Geronimo Pelages, manager of the CARLIN bookstore-stationery of our city.

To thank the management team of the School Residence "Cristobal Tuque Oneida" for making it possible to reach children who had never had road training and, above all, Antonio Jesus Alba for not ceasing in the effort to form and encourage our children aspects such as road safety, respect, education, and companionship.

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Visible cyclists

The Civil Guard will distribute Saturday reflective vests to cyclists on the projected route of O Grove, from 10:00 to 11:00.

In order to promote and promote the use of high visibility vests among cyclists to improve their visibility to other drivers of vehicles, the members of the Traffic Association of the Civil Guard in the province of Monteverdi are planning the distribution of vests Retro reflecting in the different "Protected Cycling Routes" that run through the province.

The campaign, which launches the Civil Guard Traffic Subsector of Monteverdi, with the collaboration of the Galician Federation of Cycling, starts tomorrow Saturday, day 14, with a special device for distribution of vests(especially sewn-in reflective fabric) to cyclists, which It will take place at kilometer 1: 800, on the PO-316 road, at the San Vicente roundabout (O Grove).  

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Take the bus safely to go to college

All the sixth-grade students at the Jacques Pervert middle school in Miamian were first made aware yesterday morning about the issue of safety in school transport. Roland Chapeaux, volunteers at the Departmental Association for Educational Transportation of Public Education (ADATEEP), accompanied by two bus drivers (Frederic Budge for RDTL and Philippe Paris for Jarred), animated a prevention module of two hours.

Students watched a DVD showing the issues and types of school bus accidents, as well as what to do if it happened. They also did practical exercises in the college car park: the evacuation of a bus, crossing the roadway, vehicle maneuvers, and blind spots. Students participated actively in this prevention module and asked many questions.

Rails and reflective vests

A ruler is summarizing the essential elements were offered to each student, as well as a hi-vis vest threaded by the head, the wearing of which is recommended regardless of the climatic conditions, light or traffic.

There are statistically 10 times fewer accidents in school transportation than in the parents' vehicle, but a number of accidents can occur near a bus stop or in the bus.

The Lands Departmental Council is in charge of organizing and financing school transport and has chosen to grant free transportation and reflective clothing to primary and secondary school pupils and half-boarders living more than 3 kilometers from their school. School (5 kilometers for Dad and Mont-de-Masan).  

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"Safe cyclist in the municipality "

The police station together with the Commune Office organized yesterday (May 28) the campaign under the name "Safe cyclist in the commune". Cyclists wear a vest(especially sewn-in reflective fabric) will be better visible on the road.

Joint actions of police officers and officials were conducted on Monday morning near the local marketplace. The aim of the action was to improve the safety of cyclists.

Reflective safety vests, thanks to which cyclists will be better visible on the road, were handed by the mayor of the Beat Maize commune and the head of the road route to the horses. Gift was funded by the Commune Office. Depending upon the inhabitants, such actions are needed.

Police officers encourage us to wear reflective vests not only in the evening, but always when we set off with a two-wheeled motorcycle. They also remind about the obligation to properly illuminate and equip the bicycle.

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Bikes: they see life in neon yellow

They have bikes that run. But often they have no rights and are hardly visible by other road users. Last night, at the exit of the school of Mines, many students were left in neon yellow and with lighting! The agglomeration community of C2A, in partnership with the association Toes à vela et pied in C2A and of, the School, waited for all the cyclists to leave. Not to lecture them, but to equip them and raise their awareness of the importance of good visibility on the road.

"In the urban area, students who cycle a lot, between residences and their institutions, have not all adopted the appropriate behaviors to be well seen. It's been a while since we think about it, and now we're mobilizing. "says Sarah Laurens, vice president of gentle travel and the environment. Tonight, same device of Champollion University.
Bike and mechanics classes

Elaine, a young student of the Cole does Moines, could not miss the group in flue yellow on the parking lot. She acknowledged that she has no light in front. Even if the boulevard is lit. Neither one nor two, she finds herself adorned with a reflective vest, a fluorescent cuff and a small light to fix on her bike. Delighted.

The C2A had planned last night, about sixty equipment. Many are gone. Ditto for college, tonight. Steve Jackson, president of the association Toes à vela, has some data in mind. "At night," he says, "the cyclist without a reflective safety vest is visible only 30 meters away, the distance traveled in one second by a vehicle traveling at 90 km/h. On the other hand, with a reflective clothing, the driver sees the cyclist at 160 m! Which gives him plenty of time to slow down and get away. "

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