Well lit up the street is really not crazy anymore

It is December 21, the shortest day of the year. It is important for traffickers and cyclists to stand out in traffic. Even the dog can put a light on the collar.

Everyone is doing their best to be clearly visible in the dark with illuminated straps and/or reflective vests. Maarten and Eke make sure they are visible when they start running.

When Rite Heymans pulled on her reflective jacket three years ago, she was laughed at by her daughter. Is not that a bit exaggerated, then asked her. "Nowadays she does not say anything about it and she goes on the street in a well-lit way", says Heymans, who is taking a walk along the Liberation Path on the border between Rosalyn and Den Bosch. They wear a yellow vest.

While the ladies from Rosalyn talk about the usefulness of their reflective clothing, a group of runners passes by. Yellow and red lights flicker in the darkness. Some have their arms covered with reflective strips. A little further a red light flashes around the neck of a dog.

It is striking in these dark days: many walkers and runners wear reflective clothing and even dogs are clearly visible. Very good, but the cyclists stay behind. That turned out last month when the police in Den Bosch wrote more than fifty fines for driving without light in a few days. She already announced that she would continue to carry out inspections in the context of the national campaign I am falling on.

But the animal department in Den Bosch has also increased the demand for lighting for animals, says employee Patrick Tile. In the case, there is a shelf for decorated: from safety lights to luminous harnesses and illuminated collars that can be charged via a USB stick. "The products are getting smaller and easier to carry," explains Tile the increasing demand. "The safety of an animal is just as important as ours."  

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Volunteers clean up around the area with safety vests

While cold temperatures may have reduced the number of volunteers at Saturday’s Tar River Cleanup, folks who showed up hauled in quite a bit of trash and a few oddities - including a chicken coop.

About 50 volunteers who wearing reflective vest with reflective tapes braved the chilly morning air, focused on Battle Park, Sunset Park, Stony Creek and four other sites in Rocky Mount. In Tarboro, volunteers, including Boy Scout Troop 816, cleaned around the downtown riverfront park.

In all, volunteers collected an estimated 1,380 pounds of trash.
Jim Blanchard, 88, is a lifelong resident of Rocky Mount. He volunteered to clean up for the first time on Saturday.

“I’m just so damn tired of seeing trash on our streets and highways,” Blanchard said, adding he read about the event in the newspaper and knew he had to pitch in.

Blanchard picked up pieces of cheap furniture, bottles, paper trash and a lot of old shoes. Volunteers cleaning along the river on Church Street found an old broken chicken coop, a chemical drum, a boat console, part of a toilet, tires and a smashed television set.

Local Cub Scout Pack 516 cleaned up around shelters at Battle Park and a group of residents cleaned around Melton Park, filling several bags of trash. A member of the Sierra Club cleaned along the banks of the river on U.S. 301.

Volunteers have issued a pickup stick, safety vest with reflective material, a pair of gloves and a roll of trash bags. They were then divided into teams to clean sections of the river, The Stony Creek Volunteer Fire Department put in a boat at Battle Park, but most volunteers remained on land, walking along the banks of the river picking up trash that would have otherwise found its way into the water.

“Our rivers and oceans are so important,” McGee said. “We often focus on land cleanups, but rivers that are littered can lead to contamination and can ultimately threaten our lives.”  

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Lightning flashes in the effigy of "yellow vests" are a hit

Sun bakeries have created chocolate eclairs in the effigy of "yellow vests" in support of the movement. Pastries will be on sale throughout the week.

"Yellow vests" are everywhere! The network of "bakeries of the sun", present in the Maritimes, decided this week to support the protesters by creating a chocolate flash in the effigy of "yellow vests". Everything is there, up to the reflective strips.

"We bring breakfast to the yellow vests every two days at the tolls and Puget," said Marie Cristiana, head of the network in the Var. Making that flash was a wink.

On sale, since Monday in all the bakeries of the sun, lightning goes, like rolls. So much so that in Freud, there was more before the end of the morning.

"The feedback is excellent," continues Marie Cristiana, "people are very sensitive to this approach."

For the occasion, lightning "yellow vests" are sold at the price of two Euros, instead of three. And if for the real yellow reflective vests have not yet tasted, Marie Cristiana promises that delivery of lightning will take place this weekend, tolls of Freud and Puget.  

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All inhabitants with reflections after mass!

An unusual and exemplary action took place after the Friday evening. In the local church, every resident received a reflection. It is a spontaneous action in which the parish priest and local entrepreneurs became involved.

After the mass, there was a lecture on security, and then everyone received reflective elements.

Special reflective vests are prepared for the little ones. All this was organized thanks to local cooperation. Cristina also got involved in the campaign. As we were able to find out, soon similar actions will take place in other churches in the region.  
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Women are going to run outdoors

During the lighter part of the year, there are many people exercising outdoors, but as soon as darkness comes, there are fewer active ones. The reason is insecurity and there are considerably more women than men who feel insecure to work in the dark.

This is a societal problem that has been reported earlier, and in the sports industry, Runners World has reported that every other woman is harassed on the runway and another survey shows that women are afraid of training in the dark because they feel insecure.

"As a counter-reaction to this, we created the concept Girls Night Out. We want to inspire and enable girls to continue running outdoors, all year round. It is sad that girls are inhibited and are looking for a treadmill because they feel unsafe on dark roads and paths. Through the concept we can help girls find new lorry partners and get tips on equipment so they actually get out and feel safer. "says Madeline Ohlin, Marketing Director at Silva.

For the third consecutive year, Silva goes on tour with her Girls Night Out concept in Sweden and Norway. Girls Night Out is a social running event free of charge aimed at inspiring women to continue running outdoors all year long. It's easier to get started and no prerequisites are required - everyone is welcome.

"Running with good equipment such as suitable shoes and a headlight is a start, but it is that we run together and defy the dark which really makes a difference," Madeline Ohlin says, continuing: "We initiated Girls Night Out in 2016. The first year we conducted two fully booked events in Bergen and Oslo and received great response from the participants. Now the third time is true and we have expanded the tour to include Sweden as well. In total, we will visit five cities in Norway and three cities in Sweden starting 18 October in Oslo and finishing in Lund 13 November. "

"50% customers are women and it feels terrible that they cannot run outdoor and feel safe. So we think this is a fantastic initiative of Silva we would like to support and support. "says Barnes Koenig, operations manager.

Silva works closely with Emilie Forsberg, mountain runner, Ida Nilsson, trailer and Mimi Koki, ultrasound, and all three support the Girls Night Out concept and will also attend one of the races during the fall. "I think Girls Night Out is a top initiative. No one has to abandon a race in the dark because of fear and instead have to spend time on a treadmill indoors. Hopefully, Girls Night Out will lead to the launch of continuous running groups around Sweden and Norway where women can meet, inspire each other and run together, "says Ida Nilsson. Emilie Forsberg completes: "I really like the event Girls Night Out. That it focuses on running together, getting out and defying the darkness. The darkness that actually feels nice is more than running with a bulb. To run together is also so much fun in many ways. "

Girls Night Out is a free and social running event. The aim is to inspire women to continue running outdoors, all year rounds. The gathering venue for the racing event is in the shop in each city. Girls Night Out is no race but the goal is to together defy the darkness by laying out on a 5-7km long round in the woods. The focus is on the social aspect - that participants will find like-minded friends to continue to defy the dark even without Girls Night Out.


1. Jump together: partly because it is more fun and partly because it can be felt safer.
2. Correct light: light up your running around with a bulb. Choose a bulb optimized for running.
3. Be visible: to use the reflective vest or other reflective clothing.
4. Think of your feet: Use shoes that are comfortable and adapted to the surface
5. Dress up right: several thin layers are recommended  

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Visible in traffic - prevention campaign

For the second time in a row, the cantonal police of Freiburg will participate in the "MADE VISIBLE" campaign of the TCS and the Fund for Traffic Safety from 15 November 2018. This coincides with the twelfth issue "Day of Light" and lasts until the end of the month.

With the darker seasons and shorter days, the visibility of each road user contributes to safety. From 15th November, the date of the 12th Day of Light, the Cantonal Police will actively support the "MADE VISIBLE" campaign of the TCS and the Fund for Traffic Safety.

By the end of the month, officials in the canton's shopping centers will ensure a preventive presence to alert as many people as possible to the issue of visibility, especially pedestrians and cyclists. In particular, the police will be present at the start of the campaign on 15 November 2018 between 15.30 and 20.30 at the Fribourg Center.

The population thus has the opportunity to discover the virtual reality game developed by the French police force, which encourages them to adopt the right behaviors through the emotions they experience through the game.

Close to pedestrians, bus stops, etc., special attention is given to the so-called "weak" road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, to remind them that their visibility can play a protective role. Reflective bags and flyers are distributed with prevention advice.

Pedestrians, joggers
Bright or reflective clothing and reflective materials make you already visible at 140m, compared to 25m for dark clothes. The drivers will thus have more time to react.
To be seen at all times, be completely visible (360 °).
Do not fall on the road! Look for the eye contact before crossing.

Before getting on the bike, check the condition of the front and rear lights.
Is your bike well equipped? A reflective vest, a white front reflector, a red rear, and orange pedals are mandatory.
Non-assertion of the entrance is the main cause of accidents for cyclists: it also allows you to see it all around (360 °) and clearly indicate every change of direction.
Visible from the side: equip the bike with reflective material for spokes or reflective tires.

Motor vehicle drivers
Check the lights and direction indicators before departure.
Always keep the lights, rearview mirrors, windscreen, side and rear windows clean for a better view.
Adjust your speed and lighting, day and night, weather conditions and visibility.
Turn on the light - even during the day!
Let your eyes control. A visit to the optician can save a life.
Snow and ice belong on a vehicle, neither on the windows nor on the roof.  

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Light action "See and be seen"

Lack of or poor lighting can be the cause of serious cycling accidents, especially at the beginning of the dark season. Under the motto "See and be seen", officials from the Transport Directorate of the Bonn Police inspected the bicycles of the students at five schools in Bonn last week. The action, which is being carried out in cooperation with the City of Bonn and the ADFC, used to test the pupils' two-wheelers for their traffic safety before the lesson starts. The teachers and parents of the students also took part. Minor defects on the wheels were fixed directly on site and roadworthy wheels were awarded a badge.

Until Friday 566 bicycles were inspected, of which 365 bicycles passed the test fortunately without objection. 91 bicycles had minor deficiencies in the form of missing reflectors or a nonexistent or defective bell. On 102 wheels, the inspectors found gross deficiencies in brakes or lighting. A total of eight two-wheelers were in such bad condition that the traffic safety was no longer given. The police forbade the students to continue their journey. The police officer Gabriele Melchers, the new director of the Traffic Department of the Bonn Police, therefore also appealed to the parents of the students: "Regularly check the lights and brakes on the bicycles of your children." Bright clothing and reflective jackets or vests with reflective tapes ensure that Your children will be better seen on the road. " The bicycle helmet is also part of road safety. "Bicycle helmets are not always popular with children and adolescents, but a helmet can significantly mitigate the consequences of an accident and protect against serious head injuries," Melchers said. Fortunately, more than 60 percent of the students wore a bicycle helmet during the check-ups.

On Monday, the controls were held for the first time at the Gymnasium. The fifth-grade students then had the opportunity to learn more about the road-safe bike, reflective clothing and safe braking at various stations. In a "black box", the children could put themselves in the situation of a car driver and thus recognize how important the lighting on the wheels, but also reflective vests in traffic.  

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Dark season: visibility brings security

Cyclists are among pedestrians among the weakest road users. Right now, in the dark season, the risk of not being seen by motorized road users increases significantly. This leads to accidents that often end in severe or even fatal injuries.

The police in the district of Minden are currently worried especially about the cyclists, as the number of casualties increases this year. Registered officials in 2017 in the district of 233 people, there were by the end of October this year already 286 accident cyclists. Due to the poor visibility at dusk, darkness, rain or fog, the law enforcement officers fear that they will see further growth in the coming months.

Confirmed in the police see themselves at their bike controls. For example, the emergency services of the transport service as well as the officers of the Strip and District Service are constantly coming across cyclists who are traveling in the dark without light or reflective clothing.

"Everyone can do something to be seen better," says Ulrich, head of the transport service at the local district police department. "With minimal effort, you can ensure maximum safety." Therefore, Ulrich advises to a good lighting system, to reflectors on the bike and on the body and wearing a safety vest. Parents, according to the official, should repeatedly check the wheels of their children for the necessary road safety during this time and not leave the children without glowing clothing or reflective materials out of the house.

What is true for cyclists, pedestrians should always heed. The precondition for road safety is visibility, police say.  

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The celebrities who sponsor the "yellow vests"

After the rapper and comedian, the actress of the Contempt showed her support for the citizen movement by posting on social networks in which she appears, with her dogs, retro-reflective clothing on the back. The 84-year-old actress joins the funny carnival of these media personalities who donned the vest.

"It's yellow, it's ugly, it does not go with anything, but it can save your life." Ten years before the citizen movement, Karl Lagerfeld had seen the coming "yellow safety vests". Clairvoyant and elegant, the designer had donned the reflective garment for the time of an advertisement for road safety.

Today, do not displease him, it is more to save lives that we wear the yellow vest with reflective material, but to claim his headache especially in the face of the tax pressure and rising fuel prices. First sported by discontent motorists, it was seen on the back of a string of celebrities with a varied profile. From rapper Kauris, Boora's favorite rival, to Arnaud Ducet, an overview of media personalities who have joined this funny carnival.  

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Today, nationwide action on the roads

Traffic policemen across the country are conducting nationwide control and prevention activities "Unprotected road users." What are they aiming at?

During the activities, officers pay special attention to the behavior of drivers towards pedestrians, especially within marked pedestrian crossings, but also closely watching if pedestrians do not break traffic regulations. This is to improve the safety of unprotected road users.

According to the police, the supervision will cover places that are particularly dangerous for pedestrians, eg passing through busy roadways or crossings on which pedestrians have been detained. At the same time, educational undertakings are being conducted, under which police officers provide information to road traffic participants on the danger of pedestrians on the road and the need to know and comply with the law.

An important aspect of pedestrian safety, especially in autumn and winter, is the use of reflective materials. Officers remind you that in the dark the pedestrian can see the headlights of the car from a very long distance, but the driver will notice it only when he notices the silhouette of a man within the range of the car's lights. In the dark, without reflective tapes, pedestrians are visible in passing lights at a distance of only 20-30 meters.

If the driver is driving at 90km / h, he will be 25 meters in 1 second and there is no chance of any reaction when he notices a pedestrian in his path. However, if the pedestrian is equipped with a reflective vest reflecting the lights of the car, the driver will notice it already from a distance of 130-150 meters, or about five times before! This can save a living life.

The lack of reflection outside the built-up area is threatened with a fine of PLN 100. Police officers recommend wearing them not only outside the built-up area.  

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