Work wear: What needs to be considered

Work wear is a must in many occupational fields. On the one hand, it ensures a uniform appearance of the employees, on the other hand, it ensures sufficient safety in the form of safety clothing against damage to health as well as the weather. There are some standards and guidelines that are subject to strict control in certain areas - and with good reason. We explain the most important factors and background, which criteria play a role for the work clothes and look at the question about the reimbursement more closely.
Why work clothes?

Work wear not only has to meet many requirements but also has various functions to fulfill. For example, through work wear, companies support their existing corporate design by designing it in the company's internal colors. This should increase the value. Furthermore, it leads to the positive side effect that customers are able to identify employees through clothing as such. At the same time, work wear protects against dangerous activities that could have long-term consequences for the health of the employee. The so-called protective clothing is intended both to prevent damage to health and to protect against the effects of weather.
Where is work wears?

As already mentioned, one has to differentiate between conventional workmanship and protective clothing: while one model provides a homogeneous appearance, the other should ensure the safety of the wearer.

The most common protective measures at a glance

What about reimbursement?

If the Occupational Health and Safety Act provide for the wearing of work clothing in the area to be carried out, the employer is legally obliged not only to provide it to his employees but also to bear the costs incurred. This occupational health and safety procedure is strictly controlled by the employers' liability insurance associations as well as the trade offices. Misbehavior is an offense against which action is taken. However, if these are personal reasons that cause an employee to wear certain work clothes, they must bear all or part of the costs. This is the case, for example, with police officers: there is no law that provides for the wearing of a bullet-proof reflective vest, so this usually has to be self-financed.

It is also important that the employer informs his employees in detail and explains to them when and under which conditions they have to wear work or protective clothing. He is also obliged to pay for upcoming cleaning and maintenance costs.

Occupational safety is not just a matter for the boss. The worker is also under the obligation: If required, he must wear work clothes(especially sewn-on reflective tapes) and use them as intended. Such requirements are usually recorded in writing in the employment contract. However, this also applies to protective clothing. Otherwise, the competent professional association will not be liable for an accident.  

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Volvo has an invisible Life Paint reflective spray

Whoever is not seen on the road at night increases the risk of a traffic accident. The car wants to ensure the safety of cyclists by spraying with reflective particles(a special reflective material), which can be used on all kinds of materials.

If you like to ride a bicycle, you must pay attention to increase visibility for other road users. Swedish automaker Volvo offers a simple and effective solution instead of reflective tapes and flashing light.

Volvo is renowned for its consistent safety in its cars, now expanding its scope and focusing on cyclists. The automaker, in conjunction with the launch of Albedo100 and the design company Gray London, created a unique reflex paint in the spray. Lifespan is a washable paint that can be applied to different materials - helmets, clothing, shoes, dog straps, etc. The color is not visible to the naked eye, it does not spoil the fabric and lasts for about a week. Reflective particles only active reflectors.

The special Life Paint reflective color could help reduce the number of road accidents and change the true motto. Volvo: "The best way to survive the crash is not to crash." Since more than 19,000 cyclists are injured each year on UK roads, testing of a new product is taking place here. The spray will first be available in six local cycling stores, and if it is successful. It will spread throughout the world.

We do not bother, bikers are often bold on the roads in their style of driving, but when they are not seen at all due to inappropriately chosen clothing and lack of reflective vests, they are even more at risk of driving fluency and risk their lives and other road users. The more secure security solutions like Life Paint will be, the more likely it will be that fewer people die on the move. Apparently, the city will be lit up all night.  

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Guardians have to wear reflective T-shirts

Pilsner - Not even the rioters from the Pilsner police officers turned the decision of the municipal police, which introduced the bright blue-yellow T-shirts from the 1st of June. According to the Commander of the Pilsner Municipal Police, Lutsk Holman cannot accommodate the taste of all.

Whoever does not enforce the prescription is awaiting disciplinary proceedings.

"We introduced the t-shirts because we wanted to take care of the guards who complained that they had to wear a breathable reflective vest in the heat. Due to the vests, we also solved other problems related, for example, to wear a weapon. We wanted to meet the police. "says Housman.

He adds that the city police have carefully considered the shape of the new t-shirts. "We had a few samples to suggest. The police officers could comment on them. But no one has come up with a specific complaint. "he says.

To warn the wife of one of the police officers, who had been told that the shining colors of the colors and reflective tapes would attract insects that would bother the police, the chief of staff responded amusedly. "Of course, if these problems arise, we will react to them," he said, laughing. It may happen that in the extreme case, the officers will also fasten the repellent.

The fact that lawmen want to be in the service of chic is illustrated by the recent experience of the City Police Chief who has accepted their desire to wear leather reflective jackets. "But first we agreed that the jackets would try one shift and then they would see. Finally, after months, the officers changed their minds and returned to normal jackets. They found that leather jackets are maintenance-intensive, "explained Housman.  

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Pedestrians, you must wear reflective vests!

Do you live in a village where public lighting is not working, or do you often walk in places where visibility is low? Then prepare your wallets. The Ministry of Transport wants to ask pedestrians to wear reflective vests or at least clothing equipped with reflective elements.

The reason for the proposal is according to the Ministry of Transport of Pedestrian Safety. "Especially in reduced visibility, the distance to which a driver is able to see a pedestrian moving without reflective elements on the road, which leads to accidents, often with fatal consequences, is significantly shortened," notes the Office of the Minister Anton in Prichard (ANO) in the explanatory report to his of the proposal.

The ministry suggests that pedestrians wear reflective elements in their clothing, for example when they go on a road or other road without public lighting and reduced visibility. "Decreased visibility refers especially to dawn, dusk and night, during the day especially mist and heavy rain," he says.

Costs for the acquisition of reflective elements will not be too high, according to the ministry. "Given that a detailed specification of the characteristics (dimensions, material) and the location of the reflective element on the garment (only a general requirement for visibility from other road users) is not foreseen, these pedestrian costs will be relatively low (purchasing costs a reflective tape on the sleeve of about thirty to forty crowns per pedestrian) and, in principle, one-off, "the ministry said. These costs may be further reduced in view of the fact that especially sportswear has often incorporated reflective materials, logos, stripes and the like.

Reflective vests or sleeves will have to be carried in your backpack or bag almost all the time. At least this follows from the Ministry's statement: "The above costs for the acquisition of a reflective element will have to be potentially given by each pedestrian, as he may be in a situation where he will be obliged to use them." On the other hand, it is possible to count on the existence of sidewalks or public lighting where there is no obligation to have a reflective element, and therefore this option does not necessarily mean a blanket obligation to wear reflexive elements, for example after dusk in the cities, the office adds.

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Reflective elements will be mandatory

Pedestrians will have to wear reflective materials in the dark outside the village. Sanctions in the law, which will now be judged by MPs, are proposed from 1,500 to 2,500 crowns. Experts advise having luminous surfaces on their feet.

Reflective elements that can reflect the incident light from vehicle lamps can be seen by the pedestrian for up to 200 meters. On the contrary, if the clothes are black or blue, it is only 18 meters. Reflective elements, however, do not work too much for fog, rain or snowfall.

In some countries, the use of pedestrian reflective vests has reduced the number of deaths. Reflective elements can reduce the pedestrian's participation in a fatal accident by up to ten times, in poor visibility. In addition to the vest, a suitable backpack or jacket with reflective features is a suitable solution.

"We found it better to move the bright area," says Robert of Skoda Auto. "Reflective tapes are better on the limbs we move than on the body or the backpack," he adds.

The Government approved the amendment

Under reduced visibility, strong reflective elements will be mandatory outside the community. The Ministry of Transport originally wanted the obligation to apply also within the municipalities, but the government's legislative council has dropped this obligation from the proposed amendment.

"We should explain to pedestrians that this is for their safety, but our lawmakers have persuaded me that there is a need for sanctions," said Transport Minister Dan Wok. After approval by the government, the amendments to the Parliament are going - read more here.
The most vulnerable are pedestrians in November

"Every pedestrian should know that in dark clothes he is almost invisible in the dark on the road. A driver who cannot see pedestrians in time cannot react quickly and pedestrians safely avoid, "explains Katarina Arid of Goodyear.

The most frequent collisions of pedestrian cars occur in autumn and winter due to reduced visibility. According to statistics, the most dangerous month in November for pedestrians.

Even if drivers drive at least one-fifth of the total mileage at night, nearly 50 percent of all heavy traffic accidents occur at night or in the dark.  

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To be seen means to survive

Light and reflex features increase our safety, do underestimate them!
Particularly in autumn and winter sport, care must be taken to provide lighting and reflective materials that increase safety. Active illumination prevents accidents and protects our health. Do underestimate it, at stake is our life.

Currently, the law in force in the Czech Republic on 20 February 2016, when the amendment to Act No. 361/2000 Coll. On road traffic, which requires every pedestrian and road user to be illuminated or made visible by reflective elements.

A variety of ways to raise awareness of road traffic are a lot. As far as cycling is concerned, it is advisable to use the flashing red light on the back and the front in the white. It does not hurt to add basic reflexive elements, such as a hand strap, a chest belt and, most preferably, a reflective vest. As far as possible, we recommend that you do not remove the light from the wheel. The weather is unpredictable at this time, so you can tell us that, especially in foggy weather, in cloudy, snowing or in low rainfall, you will be grateful for every highlight.

If you are using reflective clothing or accessories, it is likely that the driver will see you at a distance of up to 200 meters. Absence of reflective elements reduces visibility up to four times. With no reflective elements and white clothing, the driver has a chance to see you up to 55 meters (in a blue track up to 18 meters). In the event that the driver drives a vehicle with a ninety-mile speed (travels in 1.5 seconds, 38 meters), his chances of evasive maneuver are reduced rapidly.

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Motorcycling in the fall

Of course, you will not like this year's wanderlust and there are still several nice days to get the bike and tour a bit, maybe make a nice weekend of it. As a regular motorcyclist, you also know that you have to take a number of things into account during those autumn rides, such as wearing a reflective vest. Situations that might be forgotten during the nice warm spring and wet but warm summer. From the KNMV, the advice came to mind a number of issues. Something that you might have thought of yourself?

Pay attention to the effects of low sun, which you can dazzle as a motorcyclist. A scratched visor does not make it better, maybe just a new mount? Low sun in the back can dazzle oncoming traffic.
Pay attention to the loose leaves, dirt and crop residues on the road
Wet roads in the shade can be slippery and freeze up
Make sure there is enough warm clothing. When your body is not the right temperature, it is not only tiresome but can also reduce response time
It gets dark earlier. Maybe just because of the fluorescent or reflective clothing? Despite that it just kind of does not look like your classic engine?
Of course, you do not drive with your dark summer visor anymore. Reflective clothing which has reflective tapes sewn-on it can produce motorcyclist's safety.  

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Reflective clothing mandatory in France from next year

It does not matter if you have a suit worth 3000 Euro. From January 1, 2013 in France, you have to impose a reflective vest on him.

Motorcyclists from France from next year will be obligatory to ride in reflective clothing. Despite numerous protests, the government decides to introduce a new law that will apply to all motorcycle drivers with a capacity of more than 125 cc.

The reflective materials must cover an area of at least 150 cm2, which is quite a lot. The obligation to ride in reflective clothes will also apply to the passenger, and attention, probably all visitors. What does it mean? If you travel through Europe and catch a France, you have to pull a vest out of the trunk and put it on your fancy Dinesen suit or Icon Metal God jacket for 5,000. Bucks Do not you think that if a car driver cannot see a motorcyclist without a reflective vest, he should not move on public roads?

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The innovative course of Road Education

Within the annual training, one of the Local Police has conducted a novel course of the General Directorate of Traffic on "Road Education".

Fourteen elementary students with ages between 7 and 11 participated in the same. This formative activity arises from the elaboration of an innovative Project on Road Education carried out by the Local Police, Antonio Jesus Alba Castro, member of the staff of Prego de Córdoba, who thanks to their interest and involvement, once again vindicates the fundamental role of Road Education and the importance of wearing reflective vests in our lives and its importance as a transversal subject to the rest.

With his project, he takes a step further in road training and brings together topics such as healthy eating, physical activity, healthy habits, knowledge, and management of emotions, safety measures for minors at home and the street, etc. all this, with the intention of training and meeting the needs of minors in different aspects of their lives.

In this course theory has been taught but, above all, dynamic, participative and playful activities have been carried out, where theater, game and, as a final activity, a road circuit where children have participated as pedestrians are projected and bicycle drivers who wear vests sewn-in reflective fabric.

The children, as indisputable protagonists, have been given as a gift a diploma for their participation and a high visibility vest plus a lot of school material donated by D. Geronimo Pelages, manager of the CARLIN bookstore-stationery of our city.

To thank the management team of the School Residence "Cristobal Tuque Oneida" for making it possible to reach children who had never had road training and, above all, Antonio Jesus Alba for not ceasing in the effort to form and encourage our children aspects such as road safety, respect, education, and companionship.

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Take the bus safely to go to college

All the sixth-grade students at the Jacques Pervert middle school in Miamian were first made aware yesterday morning about the issue of safety in school transport. Roland Chapeaux, volunteers at the Departmental Association for Educational Transportation of Public Education (ADATEEP), accompanied by two bus drivers (Frederic Budge for RDTL and Philippe Paris for Jarred), animated a prevention module of two hours.

Students watched a DVD showing the issues and types of school bus accidents, as well as what to do if it happened. They also did practical exercises in the college car park: the evacuation of a bus, crossing the roadway, vehicle maneuvers, and blind spots. Students participated actively in this prevention module and asked many questions.

Rails and reflective vests

A ruler is summarizing the essential elements were offered to each student, as well as a hi-vis vest threaded by the head, the wearing of which is recommended regardless of the climatic conditions, light or traffic.

There are statistically 10 times fewer accidents in school transportation than in the parents' vehicle, but a number of accidents can occur near a bus stop or in the bus.

The Lands Departmental Council is in charge of organizing and financing school transport and has chosen to grant free transportation and reflective clothing to primary and secondary school pupils and half-boarders living more than 3 kilometers from their school. School (5 kilometers for Dad and Mont-de-Masan).  

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