A man is in serious condition after being hit by a car

A 50-year-old man is in a very serious condition after being hit by a car two blocks from the house this evening. Apparently, he used alcoholic beverages, and the driver who hit him said the man was circling in the middle of the road and could not avoid it.

Tonight, a 50-year-old man was hit by a car as he headed home from the town bar. He was hit in full with a car in which he was just the driver.

Following the impact, which was a strong one, the man suffered serious injuries, being found by the SMURD medical crew arrived unconsciously on the spot. It was stabilized and transported to the hospital. And at this moment, the man is unconscious, and will be transported to a computer tomography.

According to the driver, the man was walking in the middle of the road and had no reflective vest. The car driver also claims he saw him too late and did not have time to react and avoid it.

Neighbors say that the most likely victim he was drunk, being an avid consumer of alcohol. The man lived alone, divorced by his wife.  
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Visible - means safe

Children from two towns in the municipality of Sanok learned how to safely navigate the roads and pavements.

The action under the slogan "Good to see you" was organized by the National Day of Life Foundation. Participants in it were pupils from primary schools. The children and their teachers and guardians on October 18 met at the Sanok Commune Office at the invitation of the mayor Anna Halas.

A policeman assisted by "Jack", a mascot dressed in a reflective vest, talked about safe movement, especially in unlit places. After the workshops, small vests were distributed to the children. It is a joint undertaking of the justice and education departments, under which children receive reflective vests. The campaign will be continued in the coming months and will include students from all schools in Poland.  
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Round Table 47 donates safety vests

There has been a children kindergarten with children's wardrobe. Stefan Bosket (Chairman), Stefan Arête (Deputy Chairman) and Dennis (Treasurer) handed over reflective vest of the Social Affairs Officer and the lines of the four facilities. Children, parents, and kindergarten teachers were all looking forward to being better on excursions and traffic exercises. Also, Traffic Safety Advisor Erwin from the police is traveling: "Even the little ones today have dark clothes on." This is the child of chic, the power of children but almost invisible in twilight and darkness. "

Round Table is your international connection of young men with around 3500 members in Germany. Entities are "RT from the spirit of English club life". The membership ends automatically with the completion of the 40th year of life - so a permanent inflow of new ideas is secured. Round Table 47 was founded in 1969 in order to cultivate contacts, to exchange professional experiences and to start again and again non-profit projects.  
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Days still short

Pedestrians and cyclists represent 21% of the mortality recorded on the roads of France in 2018 (respectively 559 and 162 people killed). This mortality is increasing compared to 2017, respectively of 19.4 and 8.7. For the fourth consecutive year, the MAIF Prevention Association has been conducting a national awareness campaign on the visibility of pedestrians and cyclists at night.

It is in this context that Nicole and Jean of Prevention MAIF were welcomed at the school of Saint-Auvent by Chloe, director, Odette, teacher of the schools, and Audrey, representative of the municipality at the level of road safety. 46 very caring and aware children of the danger of the road, at the time of the change of time at night, each received a reflective vest and a signal lamp system.  
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What to do in case of breakdown or accident

There is nothing more unpleasant on a long journey on the holiday road than breaking down. See his vehicle, usually loaded, stopped net, in the middle of nowhere, on an overloaded highway or else on a country road, certainly more bucolic but oh so destabilizing! What are the gestures to adopt, the reflexes to have in these different cases?

In case of failure
If the breakdown occurs on a highway, Alexis of the French Federation of Insurance, the only reflex to be is for the driver, to trigger his distress signals, to wear his reflective vest and especially to put his little family safe behind the slide. Then, he must identify, according to the indicative small arrows located on the side of the highway, which is the nearest emergency terminal to alert the helpers who will dispatch on site the appropriate means, convenience, highway vans for signaling...

Only a specific application to relocate the vehicle can exempt the driver to go to an emergency call terminal. If the breakdown occurs on a secondary road, or abroad, ditto, put his family safe, indicate the location of the vehicle stopped by a triangle and then call the assistance service related to his insurance of which the number is on his green card or, very often, on the back of his sticker stuck on the windshield.

In the event of an accident
They are practically the same instructions as for the breakdown, except the fact that the emotional shock, if there is only crumpled sheet metal or the psychological confusion, if there are wounded and thus urgent, complicate some little gives it. Again it is essential to report the accident by laying a triangle well before the accident site to warn other road users and to alert the rescue through a stopped emergency, see the 112 on his Smartphone if one is far from a terminal or on a secondary road. But in any case, it is essential to stay as calm as possible to guide relief at best or to make the first gestures that can save what, you will recognize, is easier said than done...  
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New concentration of platform A11 Steps

The platform A11 Steps continues with its monthly concentrations at the foot of the national 122 to demand the execution of the variant of Penfield and that the rest of the Auto via del Duero is a reality as soon as possible.

During the meeting, the attendees will be informed of the latest performances of the platform, as well as the meetings they have had with different political groups and the upcoming appointments on the calendar.

Political meetings are aimed, in addition to raising awareness of the problem of the A11. "That all groups are aware" and try to push for the forthcoming budgets go forward with the "game we need for construction."

The platform has requested a new meeting with the Government delegation, Virginia Barnes, to try to expedite the settlement of the Penfield crossing.

On this occasion, the concentration has been advanced one hour, it will take place at 7:00 p.m., due to the lack of sunlight later. They also ask users to go with the reflective vest to avoid incidents.  
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Collect waste!

The association Manville organizes a morning of waste collection on the occasion of the international day dedicated to it.

Armed with garbage bags or a reflective vest, the idea is to collect as much litter as possible on Saturday morning, on the occasion of the international waste collection day, which takes place on September 15th. The association Manville is at the maneuver of this event.

"We will renew the citizen mobilization every month in a different city of the 7 municipalities. This action aims to raise awareness of the cleanliness of our streets and our walking areas whose maintenance, supported by the municipalities, is very expensive to the community. "say the organizers who will provide clips and bags to participants. These are invited to come with a reflective vest and gloves.  
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Safety operation in school transport

The students of the School district of Armanda launched the operation on Tuesday morning.

The operation, which will concern the entire department of Lot-et-Garonne, was launched this Tuesday morning at the college.

The 6th graders practiced a life-size exercise: evacuation of a bus in a minimum time, and safely, in case of problems.

All dressed in the essential yellow reflective vest, they benefited from the advice of the actors of the Prevention Road, in the presence of the officials of the establishment, members of the County Council of Lot-et-Garonne and the Regional Council of New Aquitaine.

Nearly 200 students from the school district were to participate in the operation this morning; they will be about 4,000 throughout the department by October 8th.  
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Arrived safely

Easter is a time that, according to the tradition, we mostly celebrate in the family circle. However, more and more popular form of spending Christmas is multi-day trips combined with leisure. Both of these forms usually involve defeating cars with long distances, even several hundred kilometers. When sitting behind the steering wheel, it is essential to remember about your own safety, but also for the safety of the passengers being transported.

We appeal for prudent driving - to make this holiday time a time of rest, joy and a smile, so that it will not be interrupted by a road tragedy.


We present you with a few simple tips, the use of which will help you reach your destination safely:

Before you go:
Check the technical condition of your car (check the tires - including the pressure in the wheels, check the lighting, check and, if necessary, top up the oil, coolant and washer fluid, check the condition of the rubber in the windshield wipers).

Take care of the glass cleanness - also side windows, to ensure maximum visibility.

Make sure that the vents in the car are set correctly so that the windows do not mist up. And it is important to equipment with a reflective vest in your car.

Secure luggage carried before moving it; do not leave unprotected items in the passenger compartment.

Rest before the journey.

During the trip:
Make sure that each transported person has fastened seatbelts, and that children are transported in accordance with the applicable regulations - in protective seats or other devices for transporting children.

Make sure that the interior is properly ventilated.

Overcome long distances, organize stops; even a few minutes' break in the journey improves concentration and allows you to move on to the "new" energy.

Absolutely adjust the speed to the prevailing road conditions.

It's better to be late to meet your family than not get there.

GO TO LIKE - ie use the turn signals in advance, signaling your intention, not a maneuver.  
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Death on the road

Broken life tonight for a 70-year-old citizen of Ulmen.

As he moved along the communal road, the old man was hit by a 36-year-old Bucharest-run car.

The crew maneuvers on the ambulance sent to the site failed.

The most likely to be blamed will be the dead while driving on the road during the night without wearing a reflective vest.

It is the second deadly accident of the evening after Venetia, a citizen of about 50 years was caught by an industrial grape crusher.  
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