Roca fell in the El Pindo sector, on the way to Pasaje

Residents of the area placed a reflective vest on the stone to alert drivers. It is believed that the fall was due to the humidity of the ground resulting from the constant rains.

The neighbors notified the Municipality of Carpus, and the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP), of the province of Azuay, which coordinated the mobilization of machinery to the site.


Daniel Burner, driver of a bus from the Azuay cooperative, reported that there is evidence of falling stone material, mainly in the stretch between Santa Isabel and the community of Sarayunga.

He made a call to other drivers to drive with caution to prevent accidents because the precipitations cause soil instability and landslides.

According to the MTOP, they have a contingency plan ready with their road team and their microenterprises, to address the problems on the roads during this winter season.

Problems have also been reported in some roads such as the Basin-Molleturo-El Empalmente, especially, in the kilometer (km) 91, for what they have defined as alternate routes to go to Guayaquil, the roads through the provinces of Cascara and El Oro.  
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Walk with reflective vests

Retirees from Neva go for a walk with reflective vests.

The City Council of Neva has launched, through the Local Police, the road safety campaign "Harte er", which has begun with the distribution of reflective vests to the members of the local pensioners' association, which all the Fridays go out to walk around the municipality and its surroundings.

In the image, the head of the Local Police, Jorge Prune, with the members of the association already dressed in vests, in the "Cullen", informs M. NOVAL MORO.
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View through the traffic

For road safety, vision is essential, as 90 percent of all sensory impressions are perceived through the eyes. Our tips for a lifetime good view.

For many motorists, the topic of eye control is done once and for all with a successful eye test before acquiring the driver's license. Under 40-year-old drivers often show only reductions in visual acuity. These can be easily corrected with glasses or contact lenses. But with increasing age, the vision decreases. A regular eye examination by an ophthalmologist is therefore useful. This recommendation applies to all road users.

eye diseases
From the age of 40, eye diseases that can endanger safe road users are becoming increasingly common. The age-related eye diseases include, among others

• glaucoma (green star)
• oracular degeneration
• Cataract (Cataract)

Treacherous in these diseases is that they do not occur abruptly, but develop creeping and are not immediately perceived by those affected. Therefore, regular checks with the ophthalmologist are advisable. The ADAC Intercollegiate recommends that, from the age of 50, these examinations be carried out every two years, and then every year from the age of 60 years onwards. Anyone who finds that his vision has noticeably declined between these follow-up appointments should also visit the ophthalmologist at short notice.

Twilight vision and glare sensitivity

Especially in older road users, the twilight vision can worsen drastically by cloudiness of the vitreous body, lens or cornea. In addition, these opacity result in increased glare sensitivity. This can already affect people over 40 years old. Drivers with reduced twilight vision should, if possible, only drive during the day.

What you can do: Make sure that the windscreen is cleaned inside and out, because streaks or dirt will cause an intensified and irritating refraction of light. Wearers of glasses should wear reflective glasses at night and always clean them before dawn or dusk. Glasses with the yellow filter are taboo here.

Risks for participation in road traffic
A diminished vision increases the risk of accident - regardless of whether misjudged distances and speeds by a reduced visual acuity or the glare-sensitive eyes are quickly overstayed when driving in the dusk or darkness. For driving in the tunnel applies: Drop sunglasses or push in the forehead.

Be seen - motorists

The nuts and bolts for car drivers are functioning and correctly adjusted lighting system. But not only defective bulbs are problematic, even heavily soiled or frozen in winter headlights affect the visibility of your car and at the same time your own view of the traffic.

Be seen - cyclists
Especially for cyclists: A properly working lighting can save lives. Furthermore, there are bicycle helmets with lights and turn signals and bicycle gloves with LED indicators. Wearing safety vests and reflective clothing with reflective fabrics is not only recommended in the dark.

Be seen - pedestrians
Here, too, applies: Anyone who is on the road with bright or striking clothing, is much better perceived by other road users. Joggers traveling at dusk and in the dark should use front or waist bulbs in addition to reflective vests.  

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Wear reflective clothing on duty

Commands or signals may also give drivers the person responsible for maintaining order on the road during the march of the procession, pilgrimage or funeral procession. The person should wear special clothing, for example, a reflective vest with the words "traffic control".

All persons directing traffic or giving instructions to traffic participants should be easily recognizable and visible from a sufficient distance both during the day and at night. This provides uniforms or reflective vests and other markings.

Commands and signals given by persons directing traffic should be unambiguous and understandable for the people for whom they are intended. The commands and signals of the authorized person give by means of posture and hand movement, shield to stop vehicles, and in conditions of inadequate - a flashlight equipped with a red light or red and green light or disc for stopping vehicles with reflective background or red light.

Persons who are to give instructions and signals should be properly trained.

Do not ignore the signals, because you may be surprised

Unfortunately, there are drivers who think that only a policeman should be afraid because he can get a ticket. And what will a railway track keeper or children's transporter do to me?

Of course, this kind of mentality and the way of reasoning testify to the simplicity and lack of culture. People who in certain situations direct the movement do not do it for pleasure, but for duty and for your safety. Let me also remind you of art. 178b of the Penal Code:

Who despite the fact that a person authorized to control traffic, a moving vehicle or on water or airship, using audible and visual signals, commands to stop a motor vehicle does not immediately stop the vehicle and continues driving, subject to imprisonment for 3 months up to 5 years old.

Please note that not stopping for control is a crime and it is not only about ignoring the police officer's signals but also, for example, a Border Guard officer.  
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Attention Drivers - Difficult road conditions!

The weather does not spoil the drivers. The changing weather, frosts, heavy snowfall make driving difficult. At the time, it is the maladjustment of the speed to the conditions on the road, and failure to keep the proper distance from the vehicle in front is the most common cause of road accidents. Increased concentration, the principle of limited confidence and proper preparation of your vehicle to the road are the basic guidelines that we must follow.

Compliance with traffic regulations and adherence to signs is a prerequisite for safe driving. However, when the weather is as demanding as in winter, drivers must be even more alert and concentrate. The speed and manner of maneuvering must be adapted to road and weather conditions. Sometimes this means a significant reduction in the speed with which we move, or giving up, for example, overtaking and driving on the so-called "bumper."

The principle of limited trust must be applied. We can never be sure how other drivers will react. Let's also remember that in such conditions the braking distance is significantly longer. The black surface is not always a good prognosis, because even a small amount of frozen rain or snow can cause you to skid.

Also, pedestrians and cyclists must remember about their safety. Therefore, they should take care to be visible. A reflective vest, key chain, headband or even a flashlight will make it easier to see the oncoming driver when moving on a poorly lit road. Cyclists must have backlights and fronts switched on from dusk to dawn, pedestrians in undeveloped areas are required to wear a reflective element with reflective material. However, it is worth using additional lighting around the clock.  

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Police officers on the roads before the last day of the year

"The police in New Year's Eve and New Year will be particularly careful about the safety of road users, but it should be remembered that each of the road users takes care of this security," said Radovan Kory from the Road Traffic Office of the Police Headquarters.

In this context, he reminded that pedestrians are one of the most common victims of road accidents, which is why the police especially call for caution among drivers, including in the vicinity of pedestrian crossings. Kory pointed out that drivers should remember that the car needs a moment before it stops. Pedestrians police ask them to be careful when crossing the road, and before they leave the house, they should put on some reflective material or wear reflective vest.

The police in the recommendations for New Year's Eve and the New Year warn you not to go to the party by car if you intend to drink alcohol. As was recalled, officers in 2017 carried out nearly 18 million inspections and detained 109,405 drivers under the influence of alcohol.

The police remind: never sit behind the wheel after alcohol

Police officers pay attention to ensure the safe return of motorized guests who play with us and never get in a car with a driver who drank alcohol. Such a person should also be prevented from driving a car. Also, do not talk to non-drinkers.

During New Year's Eve and New Year, there will be more police on the roads. "From Friday, we started service with an increased number of policemen. We estimate that there will be around five thousand traffic policemen each day. Traffic police officers will, of course, be assisted by other police officers, city guards, and Military Police," said Kory.

68 accidents, 13 fatalities

The Main Headquarters informed that on Sunday 13 people were killed on the roads. In 68 injured cases, 71 people were injured. Uniforms also detained 146 intoxicated guards.

Antonio from the press office of the Police Headquarters that in the coming days about 5,000 traffic policemen will care for the safety of Poles. This is related, inter alia, to increased sobriety checks. Uniforms will also check speed, which is one of the main causes of road accidents.   

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The biker could climb himself alone

If a bicycle car collides, in many cases the driver or at least the coach is at fault. However, the case currently reported is exceptional with an unexpected result and above all a warning.

The accident itself happened in the spring. The major factor was darkness. "The 24-year-old driver was overtaking another passenger car. Overtaking began when the road was full. When overtaking, when he was driving in the opposite direction, he collided with an off-road cyclist, "said police spokesman Petra Piton.

The 45-year-old cyclist suffered serious injuries and the rescue was taken to the hospital. Just because of the state of the cyclist, the case was taken over. They have invited you to a legal expert in the field of transport. He came to a clear conclusion: the driver could never register a cyclist and blame him for the accident. "The cyclist did not have a lighted bicycle, he had dark clothes," Piton said.

Initially, police officers began investigating the case as suspicion of committing a crime of bodily harm. This was the case for a driver who encountered a bicycle overtaking. However, the expert's conclusions forced criminals to reassess the case. So they came to the conclusion that no crime had happened. "The cyclist was told to investigate the misdemeanor he had committed by not having a properly lit lap. The offending committee will end up with a driver who could commit a misdemeanor by starting to overtake where the line was full, "Piton explained.

The most important message from the accident is the fact that it is just starting to darken in the morning, and the evening comes earlier. And non-lighting bikers or pedestrians without reflective materials often risk their health and life in a number of traffic situations. "Police will focus again in the coming days and weeks on lighting cyclists and wearing reflective vests in pedestrians. In addition to controls, we will also focus on preventive actions. At the recent motorcycle races, policemen gave away reflective braces. In various other check-ups or preventive actions in schools, we distribute reflective ribbons on the sleeves. Experience shows that even such a small thing can really save human life, "said the police spokesman.

Proper reflective clothing or prescription enlightened bicycle may not in itself mean anything if a cyclist or pedestrian is unruly. This was also shown by the case that happened five years ago under the railroad overpass. The darkness and insensitivity of the man who wanted to transfer the wheel across the tracks played a major role in a tragic case. The cyclist crossed the tracks at the underpass, the train collided, and the man died.

It is precisely that the pedestrian and cyclist discipline is a big problem. They often do not respect the alarms or crossings. The tragic moments have already happened on the crossroads both in the settlement and at the local railway station and almost exactly on the day before three years at the crossing at the brewery. Again, in the play, the dark autumn of darkness played in addition to the indiscretion.

The 36-year-old cyclist did not respect light and sound alarms or shutters and entered the railroad crossing. Unfortunately, when the passenger train arrived. The man stalked in the middle of the crossing and fell, the passing train knocking him down. Even though the animation attempts the man did not survive the collision.  

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Catalin Morosanu, stopped in traffic by the policemen

Catalin Morosanu was stopped in traffic by the policemen. The well-known K1 fighter had the surprise to receive a reflective vest from the officers and non-commissioned officers of the Road Police Service.

The police gesture is part of a campaign of the County Police Inspectorate, entitled "A vest for a life".

"Road Service launches a comprehensive action to prevent road accidents by providing reflective news in the countryside. If the pedestrian holds the vest in his hand, he has an extra chance to be seen! His vest could make you see him! It also provides a visibly reflective vest! ", Said Serge Anton, the head of the Road Police Service.

The action of the policemen comes as a result of the high number of road accidents involving the pedestrians in rural areas.  
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Deliver reflective vests

They deliver reflective vests to UASD security personnel.

Lesley Mejia, dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences, delivered 200 identification safety clothing to the security staff of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD).

Mejia said that the donation of the reflective vests with reflective material that also bear the logo of the academy is done so that the designated guards in each of the units are uninformed and can perform their surveillance and supervision effectively.

"This logistical support we do as a way for the security body to be duly recognized during their schedules, in order to guarantee the university family a safe environment." Highlight the official.

During the activity, the director of the Security Department, Luis Familiar, said he was satisfied with the valuable contribution made by the dean of education and urged the guards to keep uninformed during their working hours.

The vice-dean Dr. Juana and several members of the surveillance body, among others, were present at the meeting.  

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All inhabitants with reflections after mass!

An unusual and exemplary action took place after the Friday evening. In the local church, every resident received a reflection. It is a spontaneous action in which the parish priest and local entrepreneurs became involved.

After the mass, there was a lecture on security, and then everyone received reflective elements.

Special reflective vests are prepared for the little ones. All this was organized thanks to local cooperation. Cristina also got involved in the campaign. As we were able to find out, soon similar actions will take place in other churches in the region.  
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