You can only take your child on a motorcycle if he is over 7 and over 12 in case you are not the child's guardian.

Many drivers doubt whether they can take their children on a motorcycle as a passenger, for example, to be able to take them to school safely and avoid traffic jams. To begin, we must verify that our motorcycle or moped is approved to carry a passenger.

Regarding the age of the child, as a general rule, who is older than 12 years old and as an exception, if they are 7 years old they can be passengers on a motorcycle as long as the driver of that motorcycle or moped is their father, their mother, their guardian or persons of legal age authorized by them.

Accessories and useful equipment
It is not mandatory, but to take your child safely to school you can put a reflective vest, reflective tapes on arms or legs or in the backpack, for example. It will help the child and the motorcycle to be seen and to make other drivers aware of the position, the trajectory of the motorcycle and the presence of a child, so that they maintain a prudent distance. It is also worth bearing in mind that not all children come with their legs to the footrest, so there are accessories on the market such as extension arms or special seats that hold the child better and have higher foot rests.

The ideal posture
The position of the child on the motorcycle as a passenger should always be astride and behind the driver, with the feet resting on the side footrests. We must ensure that the driver is properly gripped, which is safer than holding on to the bike, and teaching him not to move sideways with sudden movements, in addition to not being distracted. The best thing is to practice before and always explain everything they should do until they assimilate it and be a natural behavior. Be careful with your driving style, especially when you take a child: foresight and smooth handling. Respect for traffic regulations is fundamental to teach responsibility and raise awareness.

The helmet
The helmet is not only an obligatory safety element (which has some reflective materials on it), it saves lives and reduces the effects of an accident. Never takes your child without a helmet. To make you an ideal, 85% of the total deaths due to the consequences of brain injuries from a motorcycle accident, is due to not having used the helmet. The child must wear a helmet, adapted to the size of his head and not an adult.

Carrying a backpack on a motorcycle is not always recommended, not only for balance or aerodynamics, but also because any unforeseen event or fall can be dangerous, especially when it is overloaded. Check your child's backpack before taking him to school and make sure he takes only what is necessary. Then, you should bear in mind that the safest way to carry a backpack or any other extra load on the bike is to carry a trunk in the back, saddlebags on the sides of the bike. If the available site of the motorcycle allows it and your child's backpack is small, fix it with a net.  

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"Superheroes" of the newspaper in a reflective jacket

"We are used to superheroes with long cloaks and tight suits with strange super powers, but there are some who simply have a yellow reflective jacket with reflective tape."

We are looking for new civic assistants, "superheroes" of the newspaper in a reflective jacket.

We are used to superheroes with long cloaks and tight suits with strange super powers, but there are some who instead simply have a yellow reflective jacket with reflective material, generous people who have chosen to be an active part of the well-being of our city. Whom are we talking about? Civic assistants, those figures who, in a silent and discreet way, provide assistance in many social activities

Civic assistants in a free way, trained and qualified with special course, collaborate in close contact with the Municipal Police and the Municipality, ensuring active and vigilant presence in the area. Founded in association in 2009, they have been active more than ever in 2017. Many initiatives have been attended, for example, for safe crossings in front of the Franciscan schools, Celia and the Bargain primary school. They have been present and supervised in many sporting events and the international Triathlon 'Ironman' competition in Cesena, just to name a few. Collaborate with the Municipal Administration and Neighborhoods in the leafleting and dissemination of institutional information for the Municipality or as supervision at the festival of trees in the Cava District and other initiatives promoted by the Neighborhoods. Moreover, with the collaboration of refugees and asylum seekers welcomed, they cleaned up the city from weed from sidewalks and abandoned waste.

"There are 35 associated volunteers, of whom 15 are active on a regular basis, which in 2017 involved over 3300 volunteer hours distributed in approximately 1700" services "- explains Vane, coordinator - Many people who have joined us in these years, even refugees. But today we find ourselves in need of new volunteers, of people who lend even one hour of their time. Our appeal goes to all those who love the city, everyone can become civic assistants without exception ". The Civic Assistants then look for other volunteers to support the services already active and if possible expand them for the year 2018.

On Monday 22nd January at 8.45 pm at the headquarters, a meeting will take place to present the free course to become a volunteer civic assistant. "Being a civic assistant is also a way to be an active citizen - to speak is the Mayor - the civic assistants are an important aspect for our city and in recent years has become much more than a volunteer, are people who they have chosen to play an active role and are an example of the civic sense ". "I would just add two words that encompass the sense of civic assistants: living and sharing. They are inhabitants of a territory that actively shares an example of promotion and civic sense ", concludes the Welfare Councilor Mascagni.  

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How to act if you have hit an animal in Spain

It sometimes happens that you get involved in a collision between an animal and a vehicle, in most cases with a car. But what should you do if that happens and who is liable? It turns out that not many people know exactly, so it's time for a short explanation. The most frequent collisions with animals in Spain are those with dogs or cats and also horses, cows and wild boar that are increasingly common on the Spanish roads.

There is nothing worse than driving on a road and coming into collision with or another vehicle, cyclist or stray animals. According to the Spanish traffic service DGT, there were at least 856 accidents involving animals in 2017, some with fatal consequences for both the animals and the occupants of a vehicle. The chance of an accident with a running animal is quite large in Spain as there are many roads that cross a natural landscape.

Hunting season
Most accidents take place in the spring, autumn and winter during which it is somewhat quieter in the summer when it comes to animals on the roads. One of the reasons why more accidents occur on the Spanish roads outside the summer is the hunting season. In the aforementioned seasons may be hunted in Spain which often causes animals to flee and then panic roads with all the consequences. On most roads there are road signs indicating that animals can cross the road but most people do not look at it. In addition, in Spain you also have to be extra alert when there are signs along the road with the text "coto de caza" which means that there is a hunting area.

Which animals
In Spain most of the accidents involving animals are caused by a collision with wild boar and roe deer but it also happens that collisions take place between vehicles and cows, horses, sheep and of course smaller animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits. In some places, it is also possible to collide with the protected Iberian Lynx, especially in the south of Spain.

Most accidents happen when an animal suddenly crosses a road and a car driver can no longer avoid the collision. On the contrary, and therefore drive something against it. In addition, there are also accidents when a car driver tries to bypass a dog, cat or other animal that has already been hit by driving around and then driving somewhere. According to the association of companies that take care of the maintenance of the Spanish roads, 1000 animals are killed every day on the roads.

What to do
As mentioned earlier, an accident can take place in two ways: either a direct collision with an animal or by trying to avoid it and then get an accident. Of course, it is always best to reduce the speed and keep the eyes extra open to be aware of possible surprise on those roads where it is indicated that animals can walk on the road. But that is unfortunately not always enough and it can still happen that a collision takes place. Some tips from the Spanish DGT (Traffic Service).
The most important thing is to prevent it by paying extra attention and always anticipating traffic.

Avoid using a horn when seeing an animal on the road. This can frighten an animal and react uncontrollably by acting in panic.

If a collision has occurred and it is a heavy animal or an animal of large size, then 112 (police) to call who then send help. In the case of smaller animals, it is advisable to take them to a veterinarian or call 112 (police) who will do this for you.
Is there an animal on the road and has not been hit yet, then slowly passes over so that it does not scare.

If you see an animal walking over the road, pay extra attention because often they do not walk alone and unexpectedly a second or third animal can arrive.

If a collision is unavoidable, brake hard and also push the clutch all the way to go straight ahead and not to turn left or right. If it is not safe to do this action, such as with more traffic behind you, try not to avoid the animal because it can lead to dangerous situations.

If the collision has taken place, make sure everything goes safely afterwards by wearing a reflective vest, placing warning triangles which are made of reflective materials and calling in for help without jeopardizing your car.

If a collision has occurred then there is often damage, but who is responsible for that damage. The owner of an animal is (risk) liable for the damage the animal inflicts on others. Debt plays no role in this. A possessor is someone who keeps the animal for himself. Usually this will be the owner. But it can also be the man's keeper, for example, who uses your horse for lessons. The neighbor boy who is exhausting your dog is not a possessor. He does not keep the dog for himself. There are cases where the owner is not liable. This is the case with, for example, force major or severe weather.

Pets are not only dogs and cats, but also farm animals such as horses, cows and sheep. The owner is liable, because the pet has caused the damage. For example, when the dog suddenly crosses the road. We call this risk liability. The owner must compensate the damage. The claimant must prove that the animal has caused damage. So make a note of witness evidence directly for a testimony. It is important for pets to wear clothing with reflective materials or reflective tapes.

Animals that live in the wild (deer, roe deer, wild boar, etc.) do not own. There is therefore not liable party to turn to for compensation. With a full or limited insurance it is possible to claim the damage with your car insurance. The policy conditions state whether this type of damage is covered.  

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Transporter captures a dark-clad pedestrian

A pedestrian has been hit by a car and injured on Tuesday morning. The cause of the accident claimed to have seen the lady dressed in black, without any reflective materials on clothing went outside in the dark.

The accident happened shortly after 7am on the main street when the 60-year-old woman parked her car at the house number 72 on the side of the road, got out and crossed the street, ignoring the traffic flow.

The 39-year-old driver of the approaching VW Transporter recognized the "dark figure" too late. He caught the passer-by with the front bumper of his vehicle. This caused the woman to fall - she fell to the ground and suffered minor injuries. The 60-year-old was taken as a precaution to the nearest hospital. About the nature and severity of her injuries is not known.

At the transporter there was no detectable damage. The driver got away with the shock. Because of the rescue measures and the accident recording it came in the traffic to short-term traffic obstructions.

The police appeal to pedestrians and motorists in this context: more caution - more consideration! Especially in the dark season is in local thoroughfares, busy streets and near schools and kindergartens increased care! Drivers should adjust their pace, watch the roadside and be ready to brake. Conversely, pedestrians should always take into account that they cannot be perceived as well by motorists due to the lighting conditions - especially if they wear dark clothes. So it is important to wear a reflective vest at night. Reflective tapes that can be attached to the outerwear help to improve visibility. And if in doubt, you'd better wait for a moment on the roadside until the car is over instead of risking an accident.  

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Reflective umbrellas to make pedestrians visible

Ethel ordered a series of reflective umbrellas which made of reflective materials to make pedestrians aware of the need to be seen on rainy days.

One of the umbrellas was sent to the Director General of Traffic, Gregorio Serrano, who yesterday posted a photo on Twitter and publicly congratulated "the Xunta de Galicia and Ethel for the magnificent initiative to provide high visibility umbrellas to Galician pedestrians”.

The umbrella is manufactured by Umbrella Cabrillo, a Galician company that also designs reflective tapes that can be attached to an umbrella. Rogelio Cabrillo, one of the owners of the company, explained to La Voz that for years they are concerned about road safety and that this idea was strengthened by a proposal from a Civil Traffic Guard. People who use reflective umbrella can easily to be seen at night, so if you do not want to wear reflective vests, use this reflective umbrella can play the same important role in our lives.   

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CFM Launched Education Exhibition

China Fire Museum (CFM) operates strongly missionary business and builds exquisite education brand. The social education exhibition "Fire safety lecture • Family fire training camp" will be held in the near future in the temporary exhibition hall. It is closely related to "London Tower Apartment Fire" this social concern hot spot, grasping the current fire situation and fire safety advocacy focus groups and focusing on residential fire and fire self-help. Reflective vest is also introduced in the exhibition.

The exhibition is carried out in the form of "Training Camp", introducing the pictorial humanoid animation image "BayMax" as instructor. Exhibition specifically set up a "burning home" for major residential fire warning area. And the set of the "Fire Protection Experts", "Escape Evacuation Master", "Fire Disposal Warrior", "Safe House Planner" four special courses Exhibition surrounding the home fire safety theme. By displaying the panels, scenes, video and other means, detailed knowledge like residential district and building fire facilities, self- escape facilities and home alarm fire detection and suppression equipment will be taught.

The whole exhibition is full of illustrations, showing a rich form and highlighting the sense of experience, so that the audience in the immersion experience can learn how to master family self-examination of hidden fire risks and fire escape means and other basic knowledge.

In the exhibition, important equipment has been mentioned is a reflective safety vest. Reflective vest is cheap. Everyone can afford that. And the reflective tape on the vest can ensure the visibility while in the smoke and the night.  

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Reflective elements for your safety

On Thursday, together with "Echo Dina", the supplement with a reflective band from the Polkaed Scary Bulow lane Group. You are visible, you are safe, so wear reflective vests! Police officers remind us, but also the Polish Construction Warehouse Group, which made sure that on Thursday every student along with the appendix received a reflective tape. The action "healthy and safe to school" is an educational venture, organized for 15 years. Our program is supported by various institutions and companies.

According to him, we want to be a friend, we want to be needed in different dimensions. We want to inspire people to live better, show interesting arrangements, fashion trends when it comes to interior design - says Mimosa, director for marketing, member of the management board.

Commitment goes beyond business. - Our partners who run construction warehouses or Troika supermarkets feel the bond with the local community and not only invite to their stores for shopping, but also try to help in their surroundings, engaging in charitable activities, through educational activities addressed to children, organizing festivities occasional, We are also patrons of cultural or sports events - mentions the director. The involvement in the campaign "healthy and safe for school" is not surprising, especially as the Polish Construction Warehouse Group also implements an educational project addressed to first graders of elementary school.

Safe to school - We have been organizing game with Ant for several years. We also published special books with fairy tales written in a poem, about how the house was designed by Ant. This publication was propagated among preschoolers. However, we decided that it is worth taking a step further, creating a program for the first grade students, so being in a very important for them, a breakthrough, the moment of life, when they start their adventure with the school, they become more independent. On the way to and from school it is useful to know the traffic rules - says Mimosa.

This is how the action called "Safe Road to School" was born, in which every year several thousand children participate in all of Poland. - Local supermarkets Troika organize meetings at schools with the help of the police. Sometimes road traffic regulations and road signs are presented in traffic towns, but if there are none, we use board models that we unfold in the gym - explains the Troika director. - At the end of the meeting, after training, the Ant mascots give the children retro reflective materials: key chains, special bands, or vests - necessary items when moving to and from school. Thanks to Troika supermarkets, small students also gain knowledge in the field of ecology.

Care for the environment - One of the Merowe organized a meeting with a forester, who explained to the children how important it is to feed the animals in the winter - says Mimosa. - Every year, we invite children from schools to participate in the "Spring of Ant" action. We encourage students to take care of the flower beds. Market Troika provides land, flowers and plants, and the children have the task of planting these flowers. In this way, they learn to care for the environment, the immediate surroundings, the place where they live and live.

There are many more such ventures. Among them are: charity auctions for children from orphanages, or supporting the disabled. Commitment to the local community is a sign of corporate social responsibility, but not only. - This friendship, closeness, openness to the needs of others, active participation in the life of the local community is our main idea - emphasizes the director Mimosa.  

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Reflective elements have a real impact on improving safety

19 drivers of a passenger Ford hit a man in the commune of Olsztyn, who walked along the road outside the built-up area, not wearing reflective vests required by the regulations. The pedestrian did not suffer serious injuries, but he received a reflex and a penalty notice from the policemen.

Policemen working at the scene determined that the 23-year-old Ford driver hit a 50-year-old resident of the Olsztyn commune walking along the road. The pedestrian walked the road outside the built-up area, dressed in dark clothing, wearing no reflective materials.

Fortunately, he did not suffer serious injuries as a result of a pedestrian event. From the findings of the police officers, it appears that during the attempt to circumvent the pedestrian, the driver of the Ford hooked him with a mirror, which was broken from the fasteners. The policemen gave the 50-year-old a reflection for the future and imposed a fine on him in the amount of PLN 500 in connection with causing a serious threat to road safety. The pedestrian will also have to pay for the repair of the damaged mirror.

Police officers remind: reflective elements are an important factor having a real impact on improving safety. Thanks to the reflective tapes, the driver is able to notice an obstacle even from a distance of 150 meters - it is enough to safely avoid a pedestrian.  

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Parents of students want more safety around school

Parents of students from the Barbara school (who wear same hi vis vests with two reflective tapes) request the security of the pedestrian crossing of Rue de Raze in a petition that has gathered 150 signatures. The mayor, Hervey Toughed responded, yesterday, Thursday, May 31.

Parents of students claim "more security" on the pedestrian crossing that allows to join the Barbara School. Cyrillic Gilbert, one of the representatives of the National Union of Parents' Unions, explains: "We are asking someone to help get children through safely, a warning light to signal the proximity of a child. School or at least one retarder. The safety of children is priceless. According to parents, 50 children from Barbara School and many schoolchildren cross the zebra crossing and few vehicles respect the 30km/h speed limit and pedestrian priority. Rue de Raze is every morning at 8.30 am, driven by cars, buses and trucks.

Parents spoke about the problem at several school councils. A letter was even sent to the prefect of Seine-et-Marne accompanied by the petition. On Friday, May 18th, a group, wearing a safety vest. Symbolically crossed the street and waved a banner to attract the attention of residents and public authorities.

For its part, the mayor, Hervey Toughed affirmed, yesterday, Thursday, that the school Barbara is "one of the most secure schools of the city because of its location". It states: "No accidents occurred at this location. The building is in fact located behind the public car park in the town hall square. Itself bordered by a large passage reserved for pedestrians. For schoolchildren coming by car, the majority of parents to park in the car park while school children coming on foot arrive on the other side of the school. On the other hand, the car park is accessible by two security islands located opposite the entrance of the town hall, protected by a barrier in their middle, and the speed limit on the school area is recalled by signs of signaling. However, parents' representatives point out that "many children are often stuck in safety islands because drivers do not let people cross."  

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The generous donation of the Mondi company

An important gesture is that of the Biella company, which concerns the donation of technical safety clothing worth € 2,200.

The Mondi company responds to the AISM's request for help, giving 22 technical garments amounting to 2,200 for volunteer drivers who transport patients with Multiple Sclerosis. The donation consists of special high visibility clothing items, consisting of an outer jacket (sewn-on reflective tapes)with long sleeves and a detachable inner jacket, which can be used in all seasons and in all weather conditions. By using reflective materials, the jacket will be seen at night.

Visibly excited Adriana Mondi representing the family business: "For us - said during the official ceremony on Thursday 12 July - it is a pleasure to make a small gesture towards you, I am very excited because it is often more beautiful to give than to receive. My appeal is addressed to other colleagues so that those who have the chance can make a gesture of generosity towards those who suffer ".

"The AISM (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association), was created to represent the rights and hopes of patients with multiple sclerosis", adds Irma Gardena, also one of the veterans of the initiative. "Among its founders - he continues - four doctors: the doctors Nervosa, Souza, Merlo, and Montana. The idea started right with them, but it was also important for the name of Gaga Pantone, who died long ago." the event, announced the idea of a future project to build a house that can accommodate disabled young people.  

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