Great joy about the trash on the street

True excitement storms rarely cause cigarette butts on the sidewalk and broken glass on the wayside. But at the fourth graders of the elementary school Guggenheim waste comes - at least this morning - very well. The nine- and tender-hearted are traveling in the district with Monica Midfielder, staff member of the all-day care service and member of the Epstein civic network, and headmistress Lovechild Wither to collect garbage. They are equipped with professional grippers and neon-colored safety reflective vests. And since there's not that much rubbish left in the street that morning, the boys and girls immediately jump when someone discovers an empty beer can or something similar. The action is part of the project days on waste and is carried out in cooperation with the citizens network Epstein. The building yard of the city supports the so-called "Telemarketing".

Lovechild Wither is happy about the motivated students: "When I opened the fourth-graders that they should also see how street sweepers work in a reflective clothing, the enthusiasm was initially very limited. At first, two girls did not want to go at all. But now everyone is with great zeal! "

Every four years, the primary school organizes project days for all grades on a free topic. According to Wither, the quorum decided on waste because "waste separation and avoidance is simply important. Dirty seas are always an issue for children, "she explains. Through the project days, the students should learn how to avoid, process and separate waste.

Anna is especially sorry for the animals that suffer from people's rubbish heaps: "I think it's good that we put away the garbage, then the animals do not have to live in the garbage". Oman is already a professional in the field of garbage disposal: "I wore a vest of reflective tape and cleared away the dirt with my father already after celebrations in the mosque. It's important that you do that. "

James has a special experience this morning. When checking on the football field, he comes across a cocoa bottle, which he himself has forgotten: "That was stupid of me. In the future, I have to be more careful about taking my garbage back, "he explains.  

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Reflectors protect pedestrians and cyclists

Due to the weather, the accident risk increases
Pay attention to fluorescent and reflective materials

Cologne - The autumn makes special demands on the road: The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting worse and thus the overall visibility. Adverse weather conditions, slippery roads and short periods of daylight give pedestrians and cyclists a greater risk of being overlooked by motorists. It is therefore highly recommended to wear light clothing in rain, fog, and darkness. "Additional safety is provided by reflectors, which are already perceived by drivers at distances of up to 150 meters, thus allowing enough reaction time and stopping distance," says Ralf Deskman, TÜV Rhineland expert for product safety. In comparison: A bright cap or jacket is only seen up to 90 meters. Dark jackets can hardly perceive motorists or at a distance of about 30 meters.

Pay attention to the test mark

"When buying reflective products, consumers should pay attention to the corresponding standards, license plates, and test seals," Deskman says. Reflectors should comply with DIN standard EN 13356 and bear the CE mark. "If the GS mark is appropriate for tested safety, the product and the manufacturer are also monitored regularly." For safety vests, the standard EN 20471 applies - this check number should be present on the label of the safety vest. Reflective tapes for joggers to incorporating prisms also ensure good reflective properties. By the way: warning clothing is divided into three classes depending on the proportion of fluorescent and retro reflective materials, with class 3 offering the best visibility. "Fluorescent materials or colors are particularly noticeable during foggy and rainy weather during the day, and retro reflective material ensures very good visibility at night, for example when it is illuminated by car headlights," says Deskman. If uncertainties arise with regard to the retro reflective behavior during the purchase, the TÜV Rhineland expert recommends making a cell phone photo with a flashlight from the reflective surface from a few meters away. Good retro-reflective behavior is then directly visible on the display.  

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Reflective elements from the point of view of the law

As we wrote at the turn of the year, the obligation to wear reflective vests caused a new balance between the driver and the pedestrian. "There has been a situation where not only the driver has to deal with driving, but the pedestrian has a duty to be seen," says lawyer Jan Ferny. Before the effectiveness of the amendment introducing pedestrians was made public, the driver was the primary culprit for the police and, as the case may be, for the prosecutor. "I have also experienced cases of a chauffeur's accusation when a pedestrian walked along the wrong side of the road, he was darkly dressed and even under a strong influence of alcohol," explains Ferny.

Experts agree that today, in the investigation of traffic accidents, it focuses not only on drivers but also on the possible share of pedestrians. "We have a duty here to judge whether a pedestrian had a reflective element with reflective materials. If a chauffeur with a reflective element had seen it, a situation may arise when the driver is fully developed, "continues Jan Ferny.

It can happen that a pedestrian, who will not collide the car without a reflector, will receive no compensation."In each individual case, we investigate whether the element was used, how it was placed and what its reflective fabric was," says Libor Bearn of Allianz and points out that if pedestrians are found guilty, it may even be the one to pay.

It is our duty for one and a half years to wear reflective elements. How do you perceive implementation?

When looking at year-to-year statistics for years 2015 and 2016 outside the municipality where the obligation applies, we have seen less than twenty killed in reduced visibility. In addition, after a long time, legislation and a large campaign followed, followed by a police action aimed at checking whether the pedestrians wear the reflective ribbons.  

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Varied clothing and reflective elements

It is proven that if a person wearing a dark one, such as blue clothes, drives, the driver is able to record him at a distance of 18 meters. This is better for example with the yellow color of the garment when the pedestrian is recorded at a distance of 37 meters. In white then the driver sees it at 55 meters. But even this distance is not enough to avoid pedestrians safely at night. Pedestrians should always have some element in their clothes to make them more visible. For example, we have fluorescent materials - they increase visibility in daylight and at dusk, but in the dark, they lose their function. The most commonly used colors are bright yellow, green and orange. The use of reflective materials is preferable - they reflect light in a narrow cone back to the source, up to a distance of about 200 meters. They greatly increase visibility in the dark and in low visibility. The reflective material can be seen at night three times the distance of white cloth and more than 10x longer than blue cloth.

Reflective materials are best placed close to the knees, at the ends of the sleeves and at the waist level. Importantly, if we only have one reflective tape, have it on the side of the road, and not under the clothing, but visible from all sides. We can then buy clothes that are already equipped with reflective materials as well as school bags.

It is important to keep in mind that at a speed of 75km / h, the driver needs at least 1.5 seconds to be aware of the danger and react accordingly - at that time. It will travel to 31 meters. And before he starts his own evasive maneuver, he will leave the pedestrian track more than 150 meters away. For this simple operation, which takes place on the roads unattended daily, the driver needs about 200 meters. It is only at such a distance that pedestrians can see only if they are wearing reflective vests.  

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We'll advise you how to make a selection of autumn outfits

The days are shorter, the temperature drops and there are days when we were able to wear shorts and T-shirt to run. Autumn and winter are much more challenging in terms of equipment. We advise you to keep your body warm and how to keep your safety safe.

When selecting an autumn outfit, it's so good to keep in mind a rule plus ten degrees that says you should always be dressed as if the outside temperature was ten degrees higher. In practice, it looks like you will be a bit cold at the moment you leave the door, but after a few minutes your body gets warm and you will not have to change your clothes during the training.

Be seen

In addition to protecting against weathering, we must not forget about traffic safety. Long gone are the days when the sunset at nine o'clock, so most runners go to collect the training miles in the dark or even in the dark. If you run along roads or bicycle paths, you should not go out of the house without the proper lighting.
Lighten your way

The best way to let you know is active lighting. Classics are headlamps that you can shine under your feet, and as a bonus, no off-road vehicle just misses you. In addition to the headlamps, a lot of scrubs are produced, such as reflective vests with integrated diodes or flexible luminous tapes on the hand. Each element significantly increases safety on busy roads.

Reflective materials

An alternative to active lighting is passive lighting. This is not as effective as when you shine and flash with all colors, but in most cases, it will be enough. When choosing a new piece of clothing for autumn-winter jogging, make sure that the outer layers are richly glued with reflective elements, even the presence of distinctive neon colors is not detrimental. These are very popular today, so it should not be a problem to choose from the rich offer of most running brands.

If you have a wardrobe full of black clothes and you do not want to buy another for just a few centimeters of reflective tape, you can reach for example jogging jerseys that are made of very soft and breathable material in neon yellow color. New ironing reflective tapes appear on the market to turn your current outfit.  

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Wear reflective tapes

Liberia Region - 20 downed pedestrians, two of them dead in a week. "The number of hiking pedestrians is increasing rapidly. Within one day, there are four injuries, "warns Regional Secretary Michael Gergiev.

Reason? Soon it diminishes, and pedestrians cannot be seen in the evening darkness. "The obligation to wear reflective tapes outside the village is imposed by the law, but I am very much in favor of people being carried in the towns too," says regional police spokeswoman Vast Buchan.

It responds to the tragic accident in which a woman died last week. The alarming number of injured or killed pedestrians was also responded by Bus Line. Her drivers now give out reflective vests as part of a campaign, along with a bus ticket.

According to a spokesman for Nikola,(wear reflective clothing), it has its logic. "The most vulnerable travelers are mostly traveling on a bus stop or a bus, and often walking along the edge of the road," she explained the reason for the campaign, which was also launched by the TV reportage.  

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Travel by car: what should I know


A fire extinguisher and a reflective vest are not part of the mandatory equipment, but it is recommended to have them in the vehicle.
On motorways, the driver must use the hazard warning lights of his car to warn other motorists about the formation of a column or other dangers (such as an accident, obstacle on the road, ...).
Children must be transported in the appropriate child restraint system up to 135cm.


Reflective vests are mandatory for anyone leaving the vehicle in an emergency during reduced visibility.
A fire extinguisher is part of a mandatory two-track vehicle.
It is compulsory to carry two wedges (wood or plastic blocks) to prevent possible movement when the vehicle is parked on a hill.


Reflective vests are mandatory for anyone who comes out of the vehicle during an emergency in low visibility, even for bikers.
Helmets for cyclists are mandatory for everyone.
Children must be transported in the appropriate child restraint system up to 135cm.


Bikers' helmets must have reflective features in accordance with ECE 22-04, paragraph 6.16. Helmets approved by the French authorities without reflective stickers can be used.
Motor vehicle drivers and bikers must have an Alcester in their means of transport but no fine will be imposed if they cannot show it during police roadside checks.
A child under 10 years of age must not travel in the front seat if the rear seats are free.
Reflective vest is mandatory for anyone on board a vehicle with 2 or more wheels (e.g.: Motorcycle, passenger car, van, caravan, truck, ...) - sanctions from 90 to 750 Euros.
In Paris and other cities, a low-emission zone is in place and it is therefore necessary to have a low-emission plaque - information here.
Headsets are forbidden to listen to music and hand free earphones for cyclists, bikers, quad bike drivers and motor vehicle drivers.
Motorcycle and scooter drivers must have a special motorcycle glove and helmet.
Vehicles must not have darkened side windscreens (passenger and driver).
Children must be transported in the appropriate child restraint system for up to 10 years, exclusively on the rear seats of the vehicle if they are empty.


Children traveling in vehicles registered abroad must be dealt with in accordance with the legislation in force in the country of origin.
A reflective vest is mandatory for anyone who comes out of a motor vehicle during an emergency.
A cyclist or a biker who drives in low visibility or tunnel communication must wear a reflective safety vest.
It is forbidden to transport children under the age of 4 on a moped or motorcycle.
Children must be transported in the appropriate child restraint system up to 150cm or 36kg.
Whoever transports the bicycles on the holder behind the vehicle (on a sphere) must have a matched 50 x 50cm reflective plate which has reflective tapes on it.
There is a ban on smoking in a vehicle carrying a person under the age of 18 or a pregnant woman.

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Antwerp brings fashionable reflective vest onto the market

Traffic is becoming increasingly busier and more insecure, but not a child that likes to wear a fluffy cloth. Because of "not cool". Young mum Julie Vets from Antwerp also experienced this problem and therefore developed reflective vests that can be seen.

In Belgium, it is not mandatory to wear a neon jacket as a weak road user, even if it can increase your visibility enormously and thus prevent accidents. Especially children are therefore advised to wear a safety clothing on the bike, but that is often against their will.

That 2018 is still no better alternative on the market, surprised Julie Vets from Antwerp. That is why she decided to take action herself. After developing prototypes, color, and print samples, searching for the right fabrics and details, the finished pieces were subjected to various investigations in order to guarantee safety. Two years later golfed is a fact.

The collection consists of modern, urban-inspired designs that are not only safe but also aesthetically pleasing. All cardigans are carefully and thoughtfully designed. Golfed uses comfortable, water-repellent and quick-drying fabrics, high visibility reflective tapes, fresh fluorescent colors and hand closures without Velcro, so that your clothes and scarves are not damaged. In addition, the collection also includes matching backpack covers. Each piece comes in a reusable package including a reflective keychain that you can attach to your book bag, for example.

Golfed focuses specifically on children and teenagers who are difficult to convince to wear a fluffy cloth. "We hope to encourage road users to move in traffic in a safe and fashion-conscious way. See and be seen is the message! "Says Julie Vets.

For sale from August 2018 in the better bicycle and concept stores and online.  

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Useful reflective accessories

"When people brush against me, cut me or open a door in my face," says cyclist Stephaney Richer, "their argument is always the same:" I did not see you. "Several accessories - like the orange reflective jacket, worn by Stephanie Richer - allow you to be more visible on your bike.


"The construction jackets do a great job, especially in the fall," says Pierre Boucher, a cyclist who is a member of the Face book group Winter Bike Montreal. It's cheap and it's efficient. "It's possible to buy a reflective bib(sew-on reflective fabric) for less than $ 15. More sophisticated jackets with LED light, zippered pockets, and key fasteners, like Niter Isa's Run model, retail for about $ 40. The Run bib is "easy to put on regardless of the thickness of clothing," says Suzie Lou, a follower.

Pant ties

Marc Pylon, a cyclist from Lorraine, advises wearing ankle reflective tape. "Humans get a better sense of what's moving," he says. With visible trousers, you kill two birds with one stone, since you also avoid having your pants lodged in the bike trays. Offered everywhere for about $ 5.

Reflective tape

In Ontario, the law requires that a bicycle is "equipped with white reflective strips on the front fork and red reflective strips on the rear stay," according to the Ontario Safe Cycling Guide. Mario Grimier, a Longueil who will work on a bike 12 months out of 12, has affixed a reflective tape on the fork, the stays and the mudguard of his bike. Patrick Drain, another cyclist, put some on his backpack. "Simple and effective," he judges.

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Safety clothing dressed firefighters fell fatigue in the mud

It looked like the night from Monday to Tuesday and the next day at the Hedonic. It was there, in the area of several hundreds of meters, that the eighteen fire-fighting units strengthened the natural barrier. We fell fatigue in the mud, depicting by volunteer firefighters in FR reflective clothing.

It was threatening that, at the highest flows, the river Morava could be overcome in this critical area. "When we were just over the morning, we all had to pull our legs one by one," remembers Runny, 36-year-old volunteer firefighter from Durban. When she heard a report from a fire brigade on Monday, around six o'clock in the evening, she and her husband were already ready to leave.

On the dike, she got a raincoat and rubber boots. Her task was clear - all night, along with fifteen other firefighters, pulling on the geo textile-firing dam, which was to be held on both sides with stops to avoid the natural dam. "It was tedious and infinite, and in the dark there were only reflective tapes on my minds colleagues," remembers the firefighter for the time when an electricity-generating unit ceased to work overnight.

Displacement of up to twenty pounds of heavy sacks of sand after the Skeins dam had made rain and cold weather more difficult. "The guys who wore sacks of sand all night on their shoulders fell with fatigue on the slippery surface of the dam," Rude said.

People are caught up in the misfortune
Even though the floods have interfered with colleagues in recent years, such big events took place on Monday for the first time. "It is odd how people can help in such a crisis situation, although sometimes they are full of hostility, misfortune is always able to bring them closer together," says the woman who reached the bottom of the power when building the dyke.

She did not fail to add that it was teamwork, and she admires not only herself as the only volunteer firefighter in action, but also all who worked long and long hours on the dyke to prevent the water element from making even more damage. "I was only sleeping until eleven, and then I had to get up and eat lunch quickly," laughed volunteer firefighter in safety clothing.

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