Safe way to school

"School Patrol" - under this slogan, juvenile police officers carry out preventive actions at SP No. 8.

The school year has begun. Time to learn in schools and increased traffic and pedestrians in their area. Outwork's "eight" is on the list of educational institutions, next to which the control and monitoring of the behavior of road participants. Bicycle paths and sidewalks are carried out. The criterion, for choosing such places for "scans" is high traffic, which increases the probability of undesirable traffic incidents.

The control takes place as part of the "Safe way to school." During the action, the uniforms have an eye on both drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. They take care of traffic safety: they help, instruct and distribute reflective vests and reflective gadgets which made of reflective materials, preventing inappropriate behaviors and possible threats. They point to the proper marking of bicycles. Their special attention is attracted by drivers who do not give way to pedestrian crossings.

Together with the "preventive" ones, we hit an alarm: the children themselves sometimes use transitions. In addition to the issue of security, there is also a good example from adults. As hetman used to say: "Such will be the Republic, what their youth hide," and the ancient Roman historian Titus Levies: "Words teach, examples attract."  

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Children in schools will receive reflections

All students in first, second and third grade primary schools are to receive special reflective key chains and reflective tapes. This is the main element of the national PZU campaign "A child safety on the road". Last year, in Poland, 911 children walked on the roads suffered in accidents.

President of PZU S.A. Paul emphasized that the insurer wants to reduce the number of accidents involving the youngest and that's why the reflectors go to all the youngest children in schools. In total, key rings with a flare and red warning LED will be transferred to 14,000 branches.

The campaign was held under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of National Education. The head of the department Anna reminded that the subject of security is present in the primary school curriculum. She added that the curriculum included security issues at various stages of learning. For example, in the first three years of primary school, children learn about communication safety on the way to school, while playing or cycling.

Children who took part in the inauguration of the campaign admit that they have witnessed dangerous pedestrian situations that were not visible to drivers. Parents themselves are happy that education issues of threats appear not only at home, but also in public space, for example in schools.

Kory from the Police Headquarters emphasizes that the reflective material can actually save a living life. The reflector allows the driver to see a pedestrian on an unlit roadside of as much as 150 meters, without glare or pedestrian flashlight, can be seen by the driver from a distance of 20-30 meters.

As the policeman explains, even a small reflective object gives the driver more time to react and the chance to avoid walking. The reflective vests save life.

As part of the campaign, television spots will be broadcast to encourage flares, educational materials for teachers and drawing competition for children.  

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They gave away vests as part of the Safe campaign

The next edition of the educational campaign "Safe District Roads" conducted by the police and Pewit took place on Friday in the market.

Reflective vests and reflective bands that increase the safety of road users, give out to councilors and pedestrians podia councilor Buena Nowak, employees of the county office and policemen from the traffic department of the Pavia Police Headquarters.

Police officers advised how to safely navigate the roads after dark, reminding us that thanks to the reflective material, the driver can see a pedestrian or cyclist dressed at a distance of 150 - 300 meters. The next campaign will take place on October 26 near the marketplace.  

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Wear reflective vests outside built-up areas

Poland belongs to the infamous top European countries with the highest percentage of accidents involving pedestrians. It is obvious that a man in a confrontation with a car does not have the slightest chance, so this statistical fact translates into a large number of victims. In order to reduce it, in 2013 a provision was made for mandatory reflective equipment for people walking along roads. It will come into force in August 2014.

Night driving is not always a pleasure. If we do not move on the highway, expressway or newly renovated national road, we must prepare not only for ruts and holes, but also for the lack of a roadside and white lines marking the border between the road and the roadside. In such conditions, outside the built-up area, on unlit roads, driving at the prescribed speed is even a lottery. If a dark-dressed man walks along the asphalt, we will see him only 20-30 meters away, despite the lights on. Driving 90 km / h within a second needed to react to danger by pressing the brake or turning the steering wheel, we will defeat 25 meters. The chance to bypass such a person is therefore close to zero. If the pedestrian is wearing reflections, it will be noticed from a distance of about 130-150 meters, which gives the driver six seconds to react. That is why the regulations requiring the wearing of reflective material were passed.

All pedestrians on the roads after dark outside the built-up area will be obliged to have them in a visible place. Only children under the age of 15 have such a duty today. Reflectors will not have to wear night walking on the sidewalk or road intended for pedestrians only, as well as moving in the residential area. The new recipe, which will come into force on August 31, 2014, has divided society. On the one hand, it brings satisfaction to drivers who will not be afraid of deducting the last-minute person, but on the other hand, it causes strong opposition of pedestrians.

You cite police statistics. According to the report of the Central Police Headquarters for 2013, out of 9,500 accidents involving pedestrians, who took place then, only 114 occurred on the side of the roads. For comparison, at pedestrian crossings there were as many as 3.4 thousand. Opponents of the new regulation also argue that when leaving the house during the day and planning a return at night, they will not take the reflective vest with them. For reasons of accuracy, we would like to inform you that reflective elements such as a wristband or a pendant are sufficient to meet the requirements of the regulations. What threatens those who will ignore the new requirement?

When in 2013, deputies set up regulations, their actions were mainly driven by the promotion of safe behavior. Therefore, no penalty was imposed that would threaten a pedestrian without glare. Paradoxically, such an expression of courtesy towards Poles can turn to their disadvantage. - Police will probably enforce the provisions on general principles, and in accordance with art. 79 of the Code of Petty Offenses, a traffic participant who breaks down other regulations of the Highway Code or issued on its basis can be fined up to PLN 3,000, says Gabriela.

The new rule will apply from August 31, 2014. Although it is difficult to imagine that police officers in reflective clothing would punish careless pedestrians with horrendously high fines, it is better to buy flares beforehand. Let us do it not only because of the punishment that threatens us, but above all because of our own security.

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New on the market: Lighting suit in the dark

BESIP sends a clear SIGNAL: "Be Aware!" In the fourth year of Signal festival, he wants to highlight the importance of using reflective material and show a new pedestrian visibility trend. On the Fruit Market in Prague, for four days, human beings literally light up.

"It is important not only to see but also to be seen. For visitors to our BESIP Point, we will have reflex tape ready as a basic security element of visibility. We also want to show how clothing with reflective elements can not only work but also look good. That is why we have prepared a proposal for a collection of sportswear for women, and we will introduce other ways of using reflexive materials, especially for children, "says Martin, head of BESIP, to add to the unique festival:

"Because it is a festival of light, we will also show the future of pedestrian visibility. We contacted the Technical University of Liberec, where they patented the unique use of nanotechnology to illuminate various items, including clothing. While others illuminate various objects, people and dummies in shining clothing will light our presentation. "

BESIP, in cooperation with Active ČR's "Transport No. 1", has prepared an exhibition on the Oven in Prague based on reflexive elements, from their use to clothing to more and more popular reflective tapes. An attractive part of the exposition and a look into the future will be the use of active light on clothing. The dresses of Slovak designer Susana will be seen, using the lighting elements for women's dresses and accessories as well as the use of this technology in the near future: from alert vests to rescue workers to accessories for athletes.

BESIP security patrols will also be part of the festival and will help to ensure the safety of people traveling along the festival's path in bright shining clothing. "By working with the university and the company that is in charge of commercial use of the patent, we are among the first to obtain the final prototype vests that not only meet all the parameters in terms of the use of reflective materials but also have luminous elements. This adds a new dimension to pedestrian visibility, "adds Martin.

"However, it is important to STRESS that such an outfit requires an active source, and for the visibility of pedestrians there is something extra. By law, the pedestrian outside the village must be equipped with reflective elements and any light, even self-evident and visible, is not sufficient. It must always be used in combination with reflexive material, just in cases when light comes out of energy, "he says.

Let us add that, as of 20 February this year, an amendment to the law applies, which clearly sets out pedestrians outside the municipality to be obliged to wear reflective elements that are visible to all other road users, front, back and side. In this sophisticated period, it should be remembered that the reduced visibility is not only the time from sunset to its east, but also fog, heavy rain or snowfall, so reflective clothing are obligatory under these conditions even at the time of day. The Transport Unit project is implemented with the help of funds from the Czech Insurance Bureau.

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The police fine the pedestrians for missing reflective tapes

Police officers in southern Bohemia have been fined on roads outside the pedestrian village since 1 November, who do not have mandatory reflective material in low visibility. Patrols in Pesky caught without reflective tapes of each other pedestrian.

"With the onset of autumn, when visibility is diminished both in the morning and in the evening, traffic and safety actions were announced in November, focusing mainly on the visibility of pedestrians moving under reduced visibility on roads outside the village. Police officers check whether pedestrians adhere to the law and use reflective tapes to increase their visibility, "police spokeswoman Lena said.

Traffic police officers in Pesky landed on the ground just the first day. They stopped 12 pedestrians. Half had mandatory reflective clothing; six people went along the road outside the village without them. "Three pedestrians who have broken the provisions of the law have received a blocked fine. Everyone paid 500 crowns. Three other police officers have been warned about the age and have taught them about the need to use reflective elements," Kozo said, adding that traffic police have reflective ribbons in their cars, so they gave it to all who did not.

An amendment to the law-ordering pedestrians on roads outside the village to wear reflective vests began to apply this February 20. Until now, the police have been rather preventive. Fines can give up to two thousand crowns. "Similar events will continue in the days and other districts," Kozo said.

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Police officers handed out reflective pads and laces

On Wednesday morning, people could meet police officers who stopped them and educated pedestrians. In addition, we were able to ask ourselves about the project. Get reflective laces and badges.

Police officers reminded pedestrians as the most vulnerable road users to adhere to the principle of seeing and seeing, emphasizing the need to use reflective material for reduced visibility. "Moving roads or roads is always a risky situation in which an accident may occur. The guilt does not always have to be on the driver's side, "said spokesman for the police Dagmar.

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Reflective Sporty daypack with many pluses

The new Black-fell II 25L from Regatta is a sporty daypack with many pluses and reflective material. The Stream Air system ensures that your back is ventilated during tours that are more intensive. The adjustable chest and hip belt, lumbar pads and padded shoulder straps let the backpack fit perfectly on your body. The Black-fell II is prepared for a two-liter water reservoir with a drinking tube to keep your moisture balance on the go. The reservoir itself is available separately.

The spacious daypack looks compact and is fully equipped. The main compartment can be closed with a zipper and is large enough to carry clothes and travel accessories. Small attributes are stored in the zipped compartment on top of the daypack. With the reflective tension cord at the front, you can pull the baggage compactly together. Mesh side pockets are ideal for a drinking bottle or rolled-up raincoat.

Hardwearing and waterproof
The Black-fell II 25L is made of durable 600D polyester and Hexagon rips top. This waterproof material ensures that your items stay dry. The various loops and straps are handy to attach all kinds of materials to your backpack, such as hiking and ski poles. On the bottom, you will find a rain cover that you can pull over the backpack if it rains a lot. With the reflective tape edge, you are clearly visible in the early morning or later in the evening.

The Regatta Black-fell II 25L is available at outdoor stores and via web shops. In two colors: black with blue accents and blue with yellow accents. Consumer advice price € 74.95. The new Black-fell II 25L from Regatta is a sporty daypack with many pluses. Such as: Stream Air back ventilation, adjustable belts, padded shoulder straps, water tank with drinking tube (sold separately € 14.95), zippered storage compartments, mesh side pockets, reflective tension cord, waterproof material - hardwearing 600D polyester, handy fastening straps, bottom pocket with rain cover, reflective piping edge and an optimal price-quality ratio, € 74.95.

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The reflective vest in Neuquén will be mandatory

The bill approved today unanimously in the Legislature.
Now, to travel through the province of Neuquén, it will be mandatory to use the reflective vest within the security elements to be able to travel by car or any means of transport.

The project voted during the day today and achieved unanimous approval. In this way, it is included as Article 11, and thus introduces a modification to Law 2178, which is the provincial adherence to the National Traffic Law 24,449 / 95.

The measure seeks to add the safety vest to the rest of the security elements, in case the motorist must get off the vehicle. In the initiative, mention is made of the experience of the neighboring country of Chile that has a similar norm. The reflective vest shall be a garment made of fluorescent material that emits optical radiation of a wavelength greater than that absorbed.

The garment must be yellow and have two bands of retro reflective material of a width of not less than 50 mm each. The bands will arrange horizontally, surrounding the torso, separated by a minimum distance of 50 mm from the lower edge of the yellow vest.


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The reflective clothing for e-mountain bikers

The VAUDE 2018 collection will be presented to the trade visitors and press representatives present at the upcoming Euro bike. The Titman outdoor equipment company has a lot of products by reflective fabric for e-mountain bikers and cyclists in general.

We present particularly practical new products in this article.
Moab Rain Suit - Rain overall for mountain bikers
The Moab Rain Suit is the youngest offspring in the "Moab" product series, which is tailored to the needs of mountain bikers. If you have already loved whole-body mud outfits as a child, you will be fully satisfied.

The Moab Rain Suit with reflective tape is the perfect companion for mountain bikers who do not shy away from chasing through the terrain or seeing the special fun factor. Due to its particularly small pack size and the reduced equipment, the extremely lightweight 2.5-layer jumpsuit is quickly stowed in the backpack and finds its true vocation only when the sky opens its locks and mountain bike trails subsequently turn into real slingshots.

As the overall is designed for the warm season, it comes as a short-sleeved version with pre-formed pants legs that extend to the knee. The equipment includes waterproof zippers, a chest pocket and adjustable Velcro adjustment at the hem. The reflective material, which is certified according to the strict environmental standards blessing system, is pleasantly light and offers the highest functionality.

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