Is this fashion or is it allowed to go away?

As usual, we owe it to Kim Kardashian and her sweetheart Kanye West. The two - and pretty much all the other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan - have such a weird fashion taste that it's almost impossible that their outfits are so trendy. But that's the way it is with the influences and the fashion: You buy what is promoted by well-known personalities. And it does not seem to matter whether its reflective cycling shorts or neon yellow reflective jackets.

This is nice fashion. It was made as said by Kim-K and Co, imitated by the online fashion brand Pretty Little Things. There you can buy the safety vest for almost 50 Euros. And she is actually close to being sold out - size S is therefore no longer at the present time. In doing so, one honestly wonders who will really wear this jacket in public. In the rather stuffy Vienna, probably little girls will sit in the U6 and blind their fellow human beings. Then you can imagine the jacket even more in major US cities or in crazy fashion metropolises like London.

But even there it is somehow out of place. It is certainly not meant to be evil, but the design is reminiscent of futuristic societies in which the rich adorn themselves with wearing the "exotic" work wear of the subjects as a fashion statement. But what do we know about fashion? If Kanye West on a glacier post and the more than 680,000 people like, then it must be something, right? Nobody in the newsroom will catch us in such warning jackets with reflective materials, except when someone has a particularly dangerous bike lane home. And who knows, maybe this neon monster is the perfect cycling jacket for gloomy and foggy autumn evenings? I think we're here for something...  

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On foot to the school instead of in the "Parental Taxi"

The new school year will start in the canton of Zurich in just over a week. Many inexperienced four and five-year-olds are traveling to kindergarten. Here are some tips to keep the way to school safety for the children.

The way to the schoolhouse is a challenge for the many newly trained children.

Parental taxis would prevent children from getting to know the dangers of road traffic and practicing proper behavior. In addition, parental taxis endanger other children through dangerous maneuvers in the school building sector, according to the Swiss Transport Club (VCS) in its recently published statement at the beginning of school. Correct behavior in traffic would literally teach the children step by step, at the hands of their parents, together with their friends and family. It would also be advisable for parents to travel several times to school with their child before the first day of school.

For objectively difficult school trips, the VCS recommends that parents usefully accompany their newly enrolled children on foot in a first phase.

Although nine out of ten motorists now perceive and understand the road safety campaign "Road stand, child goes," dangerous situations arise daily because the children are seen too late. Therefore, the visibility is very important, write the TCS, the Accident Prevention Service and the police in their joint communication.

The campaign "Road stands. Child goes" will be held for the fourth time at the beginning of the new school year. Since 2013, the TCS has distributed half a million safety vests with reflective materials for first graders to increase the visibility of children. Because the reflective safety vest for fashion reasons often finds little appeal to the students, there is the "made visible" label for a year with more fashionable products for all ages.  

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Other countries, other driving customs

Most German motorists were already traveling abroad with their car. But not all know the foreign rules of travel from the bottom up. Nearly every fourth person rarely or never gets, familiar with the most important local traffic regulations before they travel.

According to Frank, car insurance expert and lawyer, research before traveling abroad are important in order to avoid stress and sometimes heavy fines: "In Europe, there are some different laws in road traffic," says Frank. Anyone who informs themselves early, beautiful nerve and wallets. Because: "If the speeding ticket from abroad was previously regarded as an inconsequential souvenir, traffic offenses are being persecuted across Europe."

Tip number 1: light on - even during the day. In many European countries, motorists are obliged to use light during the day, for example in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Poland or Switzerland. Who does not turn on the headlights, risk fines. In Italy car travelers pay penalties of at least 41 Euros, in the Czech Republic about 75 Euros. To be on the safe side, motorists abroad should always use light.

Also for safety vests differ depending on the destination country. Who wants to avoid fines, the vest should always have at hand and in any case be informed in advance about the prescribed number and the duty to carry. Any car driver, for example, in France outside built-up areas in the carriageway area, must by law wear a safety reflective vest with reflective tape - or pay a fine of at least 90 Euros.

If there is an accident abroad, holiday makers with the European Accident Report and the Green Card are on the safe side. The card lists all the important insurance data to facilitate claims settlement within Europe. European Accident Report helps to create a log of the accident. The report is available for free download from ADAC.  

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The safe way to school

Dear students, dear parents and relatives, the big summer holidays are almost over and it's that time again! Many ABC protégés start a new school year, and for many the first year begins in school life. The way to school poses a great challenge to many students, increasingly dense road traffic poses danger, especially for our youngest children.

We, the police, want your children to be safe at school and back home, whether on foot, by bike, by bus, or car. Unfortunately, there are still traffic accidents involving children en route to or from school.

In Rhineland-Palatinate, a total of 144 children on school trips was injured in 2017, in which 109 children were injured and 1 child lost his life.

Police Birkenfeld participated in the "Round Table" in 2017 on the topic "Safe Way to School in Birkenfeld" in cooperation with representatives of the city, schools and school authorities, public transport and the association of municipal councils. Despite the fact that, fortunately, no school-path accident has occurred in Birkenfeld in recent years, the goal still remains to make the way to school as safe as possible in order to prevent school-leaver accidents.

Although the police Birkenfeld every year traffic prevention in kindergartens for the preschool children, but above all the parents are required to prepare their children on the way to school and sensitize. Such as wearing safety clothing with reflective materials.

This includes, in particular, going off to school with the child and presenting sources of danger, especially when crossing streets, children often misjudge the speed of approaching vehicles. - Children should wear bright and reflective clothing in order to be recognized by other road users in time. - If children are brought by car to school, and the way to school is so short, they must be transported in suitable child seats up to the age of 12, which are smaller than 150cm. - When traveling by bike, a safe bicycle and wearing a safety helmet and a safety vest should be understood. The police also appeals to the other road users, drive especially in the area of schools with reasonable speed, be ready to brake and always expect a misconduct of the inexperienced school children.

In Birkenfeld, in front of the school center, it was discovered that parents had to park their sidewalks while waiting for their children and children inevitably had to dodge the road. The large space guarantees a safe entry and exit.

In particular, at the beginning of the new school year, police Birkenfeld will mainly monitor the school routes. Speed violations, the non-use of suitable restraint systems and violations in stationary traffic are consistently punished. The police Birkenfeld wishes all students a good start to the new school year and an accident-free way to school!  

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Police intercept cyclists without light

Suspension fork, disc brakes, aluminum frame - the young man's mountain bike are evidently perfectly equipped for a tour through the woods or in the mountains. In the rush hour traffic on the south street in Sankt Augustan, however, the sport bike is quite unsuitable. "The young man is now a very good example, how it should be done under no circumstances," says Guido Hoffmann. "No lights on the bike and then also dressed dark," police chief commissioner Guido Hoffmann, head of traffic accident prevention at the district police Hein, determined. On the way, the cyclist is a danger for himself and for others: If it comes to a collision, a motorist almost always has a fault. "because the car is a danger to the operation," explains Hoffmann.

Between 20 and 25 measures, such as verbal warnings or fines, are issued by Hoffmann and his colleagues when they carry out an approximately one-hour bicycle check. Again and again, they are at schools or accident areas in the district. However, the young man on a mountain bike does not have to pay a fine, because he simply pushed his bike past the office. "It always gets around quickly when we stand and control somewhere," says Hoffmann.

The police counted 242 traffic accidents involving bicycles until October of this year, about 1.7 percent more than in 2016. Not least because of these numbers, the police had their action "safe bike" revived in November. Cyclists were able to rectify deficiencies found free of charge at local bicycle dealers. Only needed spare parts had to be paid. At the same time, the officials of the transport service find a worrying development.

Wheels always lighter, faster and more powerful
As the wheels become lighter, faster or even more powerful (in the case of e-bikes), the distractions on the road and driver abilities increase. To observe that is already the youngest, as Karin of the traffic accident prevention explained. As part of traffic education at primary schools, officials observe that children are increasingly having problems controlling their bicycles. "They just do not ride the bike that often, so the exercise is missing," says Karin.

Police chief arrest another cyclist. Lapel light, on his bike only gives a rather miserable glow. "I'm just on the way to the supermarket and buy new batteries there," said the arrested. Karin leaves it at a reminder.

Since 2013, attachable lamps are allowed in traffic. "Recently, they only have to be carried when the visibility demands, not the same way they used to be at any time," explains Hoffmann. Flashing lights are not allowed. Obligatory are also two yellow cat eyes per wheel or a reflective tape on the tire, reflectors on the pedals and a white reflector at the front and a red behind. Not all bikes are equipped that way, especially sport bikes. The fines due have partially increased since October, for example in the case of mobile phone use on the bike (see box). No wonder then that the officials regularly hear excuses, such as "had not expected that it is already dark" or "my dynamo has only just solved," said Hoffmann.

Cyclists who use their bikes day - for example, to get to work - are generally well-equipped. "They keep their bike in good shape," says Hoffmann. More and more often you can see that cyclists and pebbles increasingly rely on reflective safety vests. In the opinion of the police a laudable step. "Reflective clothing makes you visible at a distance of 140 meters". However, lighting and reflectors on the wheel do not replace the west. For Karin, there is still a gratifying reunion at the end of the check. Apparently back from shopping, the previously warned cyclist greets you as you drive by: with new batteries and bright light.  

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With protective vests and gloves

Plastic waste is becoming an ever greater problem for the environment. Since 2014, an initiative has taken care of regularly cleaning the place from dirt. Soon there will be another major action.

"I have a good feeling, and I think this year we can crack the 130-participant mark," says Hubert with regard to the large circular plaster and the swan gauze on 17 March. Hubert is founder of the initiative "stay clean".

Since 2014, this is a platform for all those who want to do something against the littering of the home. "We meet regularly to collect garbage. Once a year we do a bigger action, this action takes place every two years," said the 62-year-old. Last year, Webster and his colleagues could look forward to more than 130 participants. This year could even be more, because kindergarten and the youth fire brigade have already confirmed their participation.

In all four districts on March 17 helpers set out to free their village of carelessly discarded. The local government supports the action and provides the equipment for the collectors. A safety vest with reflective tapes , gloves and garbage bags are a must for environmentalists. They also have bike trailers and buckets.

Community donates helpers a snack

"At first we thought we'd have enough baskets to carry the garbage, but we soon realized that because of the amount of garbage, it must be at least a bicycle trailer." Tongs are also available to the helpers. However, this is only for more experienced garbage collectors, says Webster. Because you need a bit of power to operate the device: "Most of them simply collect by hand."

Webster is especially happy about children and young people who wears reflective vest with reflective materials join in. Because you could change something sustainable in the attitude. Meaning, who sees how much garbage lies around, maybe even throws so thoughtless away. In addition, children also have the adventure character. "The children were very enthusiastic last year, so of course it was also about who found what kind of things," says Webster.

The fact that in all work the sociability does not come too short. The community donates a snack on the cleaning day and every year in May they meet to take stock together. "The garbage is not less," Webster can already say with certainty.

Anyone who has time on Saturday, March 17, can take part in the cleaning. "People between the ages of three and over 80 are with us," says Hubert Webster. Many come by spontaneously. But you can also register with Webster and his colleagues in the other districts.

In addition to a Vesper from the community, there is also money for individual participants. From the district four Euros, from the community in another euro. Usually, this will be donated.  

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The danger is on the streets in autumn

With the onset of autumn special care has to be taken on the streets, according to the traffic safety adviser of the Luneburg police. "Road users must adapt their behavior in order to continue to travel safely and without accidents," says Schwann and gives hints and tips on the dangers that lurk right now.

For smoothness - even before then at lower temperatures the freezing wetness sets in - the many autumn leaves and the road surface dirt due to agricultural traffic. The earlier occurring darkness and occurring fog often limit the visibility. Here he urgently recommends slower driving and letting greater distance to the front man.

Wildlife is another danger point, especially at night and at dusk, because the game wants to avoid predators while foraging. Especially on rural roads, one must therefore expect it in the rush hour. If you see a deer or wild boar, you should dim, honking, and controlled braking. "Dodge carries the risk of collision with oncoming traffic and the agreement of the road," says Schwann. In case of doubt one should rather allow a collision with the animal, he advises. In the event of an accident, follow these steps: Put on the safety vest, turn on the hazard warning lights, and secure the accident area with a warning triangle in order to avoid subsequent accidents due to driving up.

Due to the poor visibility in autumn and winter, pedestrians and cyclists should be well dressed. Schwann emblazoned bright clothing, reflective surfaces, and stripes, for student’s reflective satchels. Parents should also check their children's bikes. Does the lighting work? Are all reflectors available? However, many adult cyclists now also wear a bicycle helmet and reflective clothing and safety vests, praises Schwann.

In the case of fog, the rule of thumb applies: visibility is the same as driving speed. Rear fog lights may only be used in Germany if the visibility through fog is less than 50 meters. As an indication, the distance of delineators in Germany on rural roads, which is exactly those 50 meters?

Agricultural vehicles are less recognizable by pollution. Tractors partly pull two trailers. The crossing of the road by these vehicles and the overtaking of these vehicles takes longer, so drivers should expect. The tires leave while driving acreage on the road also earth or clay lumps. "This leads to a slippery surface," warns the traffic safety adviser.

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The traffic police distribute safety vests to children

The small "penguins" and the little "mice" from the groups of the same daycare are already great experts in road safety: "Larger children use the street, the smaller the houses side, on the roadside remains basically stand and wait for the teacher's command... "About these and other aspects of traffic education, the children and educator Sabine now talked with the police officer Hans Escher, member of the State Traffic Watch Rhineland-Palatinate Mainz. Escher had come to the Fainter Kita to distribute reflective safety vests to the children.

These days, Escher is handing over a total of 3,000 such reflective gowns to various kindergartens in Mainz and in the district. "The acquisition of the West was made possible by sponsors," says the traffic expert. The West served to make the children on the road, "safer, because more visible". Motorists could detect a child wearing such a vest at a distance of 150 meters and not 30 meters.

Escher demonstrated this to Fainter children by first putting a little boy in a corner of a room without a safety vest: "The children were quite surprised - especially since the child was then illuminated with a flashlight, which was effective illustrated very clearly." Hans Escher continues: The throws are not given to the individual children, but consciously assigned to the facilities so that they can be distributed on excursions, hikes, and walks to a complete group. They remain the property of the facilities to provide security for future generations.

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Fully reflective backpack in the field test

In the dark season, we motorcyclists are even easier overlooked than ever. If you do not want to hang out with a safety vest and like to carry a backpack anyway, then the chic Mitch Backpack by Property of ... is a recommendation.

It is not the invention of the wheel, but an invention for cyclists. In addition, if bikers have something in common with Cyclists, then definitely the problem that they like to be overlooked. Reflective backpacks are already well-endowed for more visibility, but often come in the safety vests neon style or with only partially attached reflector strips or surfaces. The fact that the complete backpack is made of a reflective material and looks rather inconspicuous and chic in daylight is a special feature.

In addition, the backpack really reflects completely. To make it a bit more realistic than in the manufacturer's video, we retired with our test copy to the darkroom (aka tire warehouse), put the Mitch between the completely non-reflective rubbers, turned off the light and the workshop LED lamp. It does not look as chic and impressive as the Property Of video, but you can see that the backpack with reflective tapes actually lights up when it is lit.

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The company has sponsored reflective vests for students

After the action of distributing boxes for the first breakfast, we now start another one. This time, we are giving away high visibility vests, funded by our sponsors. Children from the first grades of elementary school already received them.

With cartons full of safety vests, we went to four on Tuesday 4th November. The sponsor of these just vests was the Training and Service Company with the seat, helped us to distribute them to the son of Mr. Macys, the director of the company Adam.

First respondents listened to why the vest was used, they learned that thanks to it, they would be visible on the dark road and their safety would increase significantly. Then we handed out colorful reflective vests, which made the children very happy. We will visit more schools soon...  

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