The danger is on the streets in autumn

With the onset of autumn special care has to be taken on the streets, according to the traffic safety adviser of the Luneburg police. "Road users must adapt their behavior in order to continue to travel safely and without accidents," says Schwann and gives hints and tips on the dangers that lurk right now.

For smoothness - even before then at lower temperatures the freezing wetness sets in - the many autumn leaves and the road surface dirt due to agricultural traffic. The earlier occurring darkness and occurring fog often limit the visibility. Here he urgently recommends slower driving and letting greater distance to the front man.

Wildlife is another danger point, especially at night and at dusk, because the game wants to avoid predators while foraging. Especially on rural roads, one must therefore expect it in the rush hour. If you see a deer or wild boar, you should dim, honking, and controlled braking. "Dodge carries the risk of collision with oncoming traffic and the agreement of the road," says Schwann. In case of doubt one should rather allow a collision with the animal, he advises. In the event of an accident, follow these steps: Put on the safety vest, turn on the hazard warning lights, and secure the accident area with a warning triangle in order to avoid subsequent accidents due to driving up.

Due to the poor visibility in autumn and winter, pedestrians and cyclists should be well dressed. Schwann emblazoned bright clothing, reflective surfaces, and stripes, for student’s reflective satchels. Parents should also check their children's bikes. Does the lighting work? Are all reflectors available? However, many adult cyclists now also wear a bicycle helmet and reflective clothing and safety vests, praises Schwann.

In the case of fog, the rule of thumb applies: visibility is the same as driving speed. Rear fog lights may only be used in Germany if the visibility through fog is less than 50 meters. As an indication, the distance of delineators in Germany on rural roads, which is exactly those 50 meters?

Agricultural vehicles are less recognizable by pollution. Tractors partly pull two trailers. The crossing of the road by these vehicles and the overtaking of these vehicles takes longer, so drivers should expect. The tires leave while driving acreage on the road also earth or clay lumps. "This leads to a slippery surface," warns the traffic safety adviser.

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The traffic police distribute safety vests to children

The small "penguins" and the little "mice" from the groups of the same daycare are already great experts in road safety: "Larger children use the street, the smaller the houses side, on the roadside remains basically stand and wait for the teacher's command... "About these and other aspects of traffic education, the children and educator Sabine now talked with the police officer Hans Escher, member of the State Traffic Watch Rhineland-Palatinate Mainz. Escher had come to the Fainter Kita to distribute reflective safety vests to the children.

These days, Escher is handing over a total of 3,000 such reflective gowns to various kindergartens in Mainz and in the district. "The acquisition of the West was made possible by sponsors," says the traffic expert. The West served to make the children on the road, "safer, because more visible". Motorists could detect a child wearing such a vest at a distance of 150 meters and not 30 meters.

Escher demonstrated this to Fainter children by first putting a little boy in a corner of a room without a safety vest: "The children were quite surprised - especially since the child was then illuminated with a flashlight, which was effective illustrated very clearly." Hans Escher continues: The throws are not given to the individual children, but consciously assigned to the facilities so that they can be distributed on excursions, hikes, and walks to a complete group. They remain the property of the facilities to provide security for future generations.

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Fully reflective backpack in the field test

In the dark season, we motorcyclists are even easier overlooked than ever. If you do not want to hang out with a safety vest and like to carry a backpack anyway, then the chic Mitch Backpack by Property of ... is a recommendation.

It is not the invention of the wheel, but an invention for cyclists. In addition, if bikers have something in common with Cyclists, then definitely the problem that they like to be overlooked. Reflective backpacks are already well-endowed for more visibility, but often come in the safety vests neon style or with only partially attached reflector strips or surfaces. The fact that the complete backpack is made of a reflective material and looks rather inconspicuous and chic in daylight is a special feature.

In addition, the backpack really reflects completely. To make it a bit more realistic than in the manufacturer's video, we retired with our test copy to the darkroom (aka tire warehouse), put the Mitch between the completely non-reflective rubbers, turned off the light and the workshop LED lamp. It does not look as chic and impressive as the Property Of video, but you can see that the backpack with reflective tapes actually lights up when it is lit.

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The company has sponsored reflective vests for students

After the action of distributing boxes for the first breakfast, we now start another one. This time, we are giving away high visibility vests, funded by our sponsors. Children from the first grades of elementary school already received them.

With cartons full of safety vests, we went to four on Tuesday 4th November. The sponsor of these just vests was the Training and Service Company with the seat, helped us to distribute them to the son of Mr. Macys, the director of the company Adam.

First respondents listened to why the vest was used, they learned that thanks to it, they would be visible on the dark road and their safety would increase significantly. Then we handed out colorful reflective vests, which made the children very happy. We will visit more schools soon...  

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Policemen in safety vest are patrolling shopping centers

For a few weeks in Lodz shopping centers, officers equipped with safety vest, long weapons and helmets have been observed. It means that something is threatening us. Residents are wondering. The police explain that it is for security reasons.

Reflective vest, automatic weapon and Kevlar helmet - such police officers circulate near Lodz shopping centers. It is quite an unusual sight. Once it was difficult to meet a regular patrol, and now you can see every day. Does it mean that something is threatening us?

Additional patrols appeared on the city streets before the World Youth Day. The Prime Minister issued a regulation in connection with the terrorist threat, informs asp staff. This applies to all patrols. Officers have automatic or long weapons.

After the introduction of the first alarm level, public administration authorities were obliged to conduct increased control of public places and large population centers. The alarm ceased to apply on August 1, but the police representative in safety clothing does not know when the patrols will be canceled.

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The pedestrian on the highway without a safety vest

The main working hypothesis of the agents states that José, 77 years old and neighbor of Liston, in the Cori stanza parish of Valens, would have joined through the Aguilera link, about 300 meters from the accident site. The pedestrian was hitted on the highway because he walked on the road without wearing a safety vest.

While awaiting the conclusion of the report of reports for subsequent referral to the court, the proceedings carried out so far by the agents of the traffic group. Point to the man who died hit by a quarter past nine on Wednesday night on the highway of the Costa, it passed through the middle of the two lanes, in the direction of Festers. The main working hypothesis of the agents states that José, 77 years old and neighbor of Liston, in the Corrientes parish of Valens, walked at night through the middle of the two lanes and without the reflective vest by away by which Pedestrians cannot walk. It would have been incorporated through the Aguilera link, about 300 meters from the accident site.

The tragic incident occurred when a BMW 640 D, at the controls of J.? A.R.?R., Neighbor of Bail, circulated in the Festers sense. When reaching the height of kilometer 47 rammed against the pedestrian with the left rearview mirror. The passer-by ended up lying on the ground very close to the median. He died almost immediately. Meanwhile, the car driver had to be attended by 112 of an anxiety attack. Traffic agents in safety clothing conducted the breathalyzer test, giving negative in it.

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The objective to check motorcyclists with reflective vest

Inspectors controlled all types of infractions; in most cases, they did not wear vests.
On the side of the street, at the roundabout of General Flores and Battle, a group of inspectors was stationed on the morning of yesterday. The objective: to check if motorcyclists wore helmets, if they had lights on, driving and property books and if they wore reflective vests. Some of the officials, in addition, held in their hands a sound level meter to control that the noises of the motorcycles did not exceed the allowed decibels.

Mariel Bate, Transit Director of the IMM, who was present during the procedure, said, "there were few" cases that exceeded the limit of 100 decibels. "When we find that infraction, what we do, before putting a fine on it, is to give the driver a period of 10 days to appear in the Municipality with the repaired exhaust pipe, otherwise the fine will be applied. It is 10 Resettable Units ($ 10,200) ". In the event that in another procedure it is detected that the vehicle is in the same condition or did not make the repair, the motorcycle is directly removed.

As explained by Bate, the largest number of complaints of annoying motorcycle noise is given at night or at dawn, when there are almost no sounds in the streets. "Many times it happens that we take the measurement of noise and do not exceed 100 decibels, but it annoys the escape because of the silence that there is in the streets, although we cannot sanction if that level is not exceeded," he said.

Half an hour after the start of the operation, each of the eight inspectors had arrested more than 10 motorcyclists. None refused at the signal of the agents. First, they asked for the documents, they checked them with the license plates and then they were asked: "And the reflecting vest?” The majority tried to give an excuse to get away from the moment: they said that they had stolen it recently, that they had fallen down the street, or that they had forgotten it.

When the inspector went to a box they had on the sidewalk and grabbed a vest to give it to him for free, and proceeded to give him a little talk about the importance of wearing it. The motorcyclists were sincere and admitted that they had never bought the vest or they did not know that it was mandatory to use it. "Even though we worked on this issue all last year, we have seen many people without the reflective vest," said Bate. He added: "What we are looking for is your safety and that of the rest, since a person wearing a safety vest is 17 times more visible than one who does not wear it."

Another of the complaints that IMM commonly receives is about the deliveries that often commit infractions: they pass with red light, they do not use all the required protection systems, and they circulate at high speeds. Bate explained that Unisex is working "directly with them,” conducting training courses.

"They have identified them and they know which companies have hired them, but what that job has is that it is not permanent: today a person is delivery and not tomorrow, so it is difficult to have them controlled," he said. "We criticize motorcyclists very much but we also complain when the food is late or cold, I am sure that none of us when the food arrives with a delivery we notice if it has a helmet or if it has a safety vest. We need them, "he said.

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The safety activity of reflective safety vest

Local Police joins the campaign of the DGT surveillance of damaged vehicles and use of reflective safety vest.

As indicated by the Citizen Security Delegation of Cordoba City Council, the reason for this joint campaign with the DGT is that all users of the road are aware that "prevention and prudence is not only important during circulation, but also in case of stop before a possible breakdown, by accident, or by decision of the driver ".

In this case, and in order to "guarantee the safety of the users" it is "essential", as detailed, to bear in mind the obligation to carry in the vehicle "two hazard warning triangles and at least one high visibility reflective vest", and to use said measures in case of stop, breakdown or accident.

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Brand safety clothing for Muslim youth

Warm sweaters, caps, gloves and safety vests. The Muslim youth Colmar, who have been waiting for the turn of the year, have received dozens of items from the Amsterdam fashion brand Connection.

The founder of the brand, Karri, comes from Colmar. "He heard of our project through the news and decided to support us,” says Kamala of the Muslim youth. "We think we got a few thousand Euros in clothing, and we also get reflective vests."

Super cold
He is very happy with the clothes. "With old and new the clothes had been very handy, when it was super cold." Now the youngsters are no longer walking, but with for example Ramadan in May, rounds are scheduled again. "And there are also T-shirts, so we can handle that."

To work
In addition, the young people are thinking about extra activities such as cleaning actions in the neighborhood. "We have to look at how we do it with time," says Yesinia Diode. "We also have to work, but we think it's important that we can live together, this man has a heart of gold."

Victim role
Karri Dam in high visibility clothing has to laugh a bit when he hears it. Raised even though it is not in Tarweeds, he knows the problems in the city. However, he himself is of the motto 'the glass is half full'. "There is still a tendency among Moroccan youths to dive into a victim role, but these young people do not, and I think that is very good." In 2015 Dam, now living in Amsterdam started the clothing brand with a companion.

Behind Connection is a story, he says. "Zeneca is originally from Moroccan and means street, where you have to face each other, then there are no more race riots, because you meet each other. The street is where it all starts; let us make life enjoyable, regardless race, religion or sex.

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Visibility: Reflective Bracers for motorcycle and scooter

While a few weeks ago the equipment manufacturers were informing us of the colors imposed on the retro-reflective armbands, we have just learned that another standard could be adopted. More suitable, it will be especially less restrictive, especially in broad daylight.

Update 1: The CNSR suspends the obligation to wear mandatory permanent retro-reflective motorcycle and scooter.
Update 2: An update on the legislation of retro-reflective elements on motorbikes and scooters.
Update 3: The text is published and provides many details.
Things are moving on the side of Road Safety. If bikers and scooters will have to wear items making them very visible at night, the application of a specific standard will not wear fluorescent in daylight under the sun.

Bracers: 150 cm², retro-reflective, that is it
According to our source at Road Safety, the elements of visibility intended for bikers and scooters, which will soon be worn in the form of armbands or inserts integrated into jackets, will meet a different standard of fluorescent safety vests. The standard EN 471 of the visibility elements for professional use imposes a visibility day and night, which explains their color yellow or fluorescent orange. For PTW users, the needs are different as it is about improving nighttime visibility. It will therefore, unlike the first announcements, that the elements meet the standard EN 13356. In addition, it changes everything!

Designed for accessories intended for non-professional use and designed to signal the user's presence visually when illuminated by a vehicle on the road during the night, this standard applies to accessories (and not to clothing). The jackets must therefore be equipped (natively or by adding removable armbands) 150 cm² areas, retro-reflective and meet the optical certifications of this standard (white color from lighting with headlights, etc.). However, the big change is that this standard, strict as to the behavior of the accessory when it is lit, does not impose diurnal color. Which means that its color in normal times can be free?

EN 13356: Visible at night, not necessarily during the day
We can therefore imagine jackets or jackets with logos that will be retro-reflective at night, with characteristics that meet the EN 13356 standard and pass unnoticed by day, while being clearly visible at night, from the front, from the back as well as on each side. For armbands, again, dark colors may be appropriate. Schubert and Laser, for example, come up with helmets with black retro-reflective stickers, which do not go unnoticed when they are in the beam of a lighthouse. It remains to be seen whether these armbands will then have to be worn even in broad daylight, or simply handy on the bike (under the saddle for example) in case of driving after dark, because the statement made after the last IRB n did not mention it. As always, we will keep you informed.

Update of November 27, 2012: The CNSR suspends the obligation to wear mandatory permanent retro-reflective motorcycle and scooter.  

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