Well lit up the street is really not crazy anymore

It is December 21, the shortest day of the year. It is important for traffickers and cyclists to stand out in traffic. Even the dog can put a light on the collar.

Everyone is doing their best to be clearly visible in the dark with illuminated straps and/or reflective vests. Maarten and Eke make sure they are visible when they start running.

When Rite Heymans pulled on her reflective jacket three years ago, she was laughed at by her daughter. Is not that a bit exaggerated, then asked her. "Nowadays she does not say anything about it and she goes on the street in a well-lit way", says Heymans, who is taking a walk along the Liberation Path on the border between Rosalyn and Den Bosch. They wear a yellow vest.

While the ladies from Rosalyn talk about the usefulness of their reflective clothing, a group of runners passes by. Yellow and red lights flicker in the darkness. Some have their arms covered with reflective strips. A little further a red light flashes around the neck of a dog.

It is striking in these dark days: many walkers and runners wear reflective clothing and even dogs are clearly visible. Very good, but the cyclists stay behind. That turned out last month when the police in Den Bosch wrote more than fifty fines for driving without light in a few days. She already announced that she would continue to carry out inspections in the context of the national campaign I am falling on.

But the animal department in Den Bosch has also increased the demand for lighting for animals, says employee Patrick Tile. In the case, there is a shelf for decorated: from safety lights to luminous harnesses and illuminated collars that can be charged via a USB stick. "The products are getting smaller and easier to carry," explains Tile the increasing demand. "The safety of an animal is just as important as ours."  

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The police in safety vest are searching for robbers

On Tuesday morning, two raids were played in Prague's Nussle. The first took place in Nasals Street, the second in Jerome Street just an hour later. In both games, a pair of men tied up the service and then stole tens of thousands of crowns. The police in safety vest are now searching for a couple and asking the public for help.

The first assassination took place at about eight o'clock in the morning. The police immediately went to the case, but they broke down in Street.
A couple of men entered the hall, which first threatened two women with a firearm bar and then tied them in the back of the barracks. They then robbed the business.

"The men in the vault stole the cash in the order of several tens of thousands of crowns," police spokesman Jan said.
The second assassination took place at about half past nine when the men headed into the Street. The situation was repeated, and the men once again threatened the gun with the gun, then tied it and stole the game.

"Even in this case, they took several tens of thousands of crowns," added Dan.
The police in reflective vest are now searching for both men. They both spoke Czech without an accent. The first seeker is about 40 years of age, 170 to 180 centimeters high and dark eyes. He was dressed in a dark blue sweatshirt and blue trousers. He had a brown bag over his shoulder.

The other offender is also about forty, measuring 185 centimeters. He was clothed in a blue jacket and gray sweatpants that had reflective strips on the back of his calf. He had a light hat on his head, under which black short hair was visible. A kidney was around his waist.

If you know where they might be, contact line 158. However, the police warn that nobody is trying to detain them because they can be armed and dangerous.
In the case of capture and conviction, offenders may face up to ten years in prison.

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The reflective vest is necessary

The Highway Code defines the bicycle as a velocipede considering it as a real vehicle. To this must be fitted - as well as brakes and bell - with front lights to white or yellow and rear light to red light, and wear a reflective vest to light in poor visibility conditions or times, half an hour after sunset until half an hour before dawn, in galleries or tunnels, as well as rear red reflector and yellow on the pedals and on the sides. Specifically, as also noted the public notice of the municipal police, Article 182, Paragraph 9a of the Highway Code obliges to wear vest or suspenders with high visibility reflective stripes, with according to the law characteristics, always during the night and even during the day as you drive through tunnels or galleries. These provisions apply at night, in non-urban routes and always in the gallery. Violation of any of these regulations may result in a minimum fine of 25 Euros. Always according to the article 182 cyclists in safety vest must proceed on a single line in all cases in which the traffic conditions so require, and, however, never more than two side by side in number. When circulating outside the towns must always proceed in a single row, except that one of them has less than ten years, and proceed on the other's right.  

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Reflective accessories for Halloween Safety

Here are 10 tips to help both small and larger to make their tour safely treats:
1. To be visible, wear light colored clothing with reflective strips.
2. Wear short clothing to avoid tripping.
3. Prefer makeup mask to see and hear.
4. Use a flashlight to see better and be more visible.
5. Inform parents of its path and time of his return.
6. Ring doorbells in groups or with an adult and always wait outside the houses.
7. Browse one side of the street at a time and avoid crossing unnecessarily.
8. Cross streets at intersections, observe traffic signs and other reflective material signs.
9. Refuse to approach a car or get there without the permission of her parents.
10. Check with her parents received the treats to be sure to eat them safely.

The game of "good good" advice Young people who want to train to become security pros Halloween night can try the experience of the interactive game available Halloween.

For drivers, be attentive and cautious
Drivers are advised to be particularly careful and cautious on Halloween night, thousands of young environs streets. Have patience, courtesy and make sure you are visible and good to see other road users with or without safety vest.

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Reflective elements for Halloween costumes

Halloween night is approaching and stores are filled with items for small out dressed in search of candy and treats. They were having great time, but we must be aware of certain safety recommendations before buying or making a costume for the little ones. Something with reflective material will be more suitable.

1) Avoid wearing masks as insufficient ventilation may cause suffocation and in some cases obstruct vision.

2) If you wear makeup for the face, make sure it is non-toxic and hypoallergenic paints.

3) Check the labeling of costumes. As we discussed at the time, make sure you meet the conditions required by the European Community.

4) They must be made with non-flammable material. If you do it at home, use safe materials. Something like FR reflective tape maybe can help you.

5) Babies with a costume must be supervised at all times by an adult, for accessories like pens or loops can be dangerous or cause falls.

6) Make sure shoes and lower pants or skirts do not cause tripping.

7) If children are on the street at night reflective strip placed on the costume so you can be seen in the dark.

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Flashlights and reflective strip on clothing

In the night race at the Luzhniki Stadium was attended by 4000 people.
In Moscow held a massive night race on 10 kilometers. At the start of the Luzhniki reached 4000 people. Everyone has been in the hands of flashlights and reflective strip on clothing.
"Moscow Marathon" - a classic Olympic distance through the streets of the metropolis, said "TV Center".
"It's very prestigious. There marathons in Paris, there is a New York City Marathon, and Marathon have in Moscow. It passes through the picturesque places along the waterfront, we have something to show and have to show results," - said the head of Moscow Sport Committee Alexei Vorobyov.
Preparation for the “Moscow Marathon” begins in six months. The second stage - 21 km along the embankments of the capital in May. Throughout the summer, athletes in reflective garment, amateur teams, pairs and alone, even participating in the "colorful" and "musical" races.
View from the side - the usual summer get-together of young people. In fact - after the warm-up dance club rhythms, many aspire to a serious wrestling.
This year, to participate in the marathon nearly 5000 registered members As a result, at the start of cross-country trails at a single wave of light breaks. The two circles on the avenues of Luzhniki and here - at the finish line there is a winner.
Development of sports in recent years, Moscow has been active. On the streets of the metropolis appeared bikeways. The parks and recreation areas are organized cross-country trails and hiking trails of health. Only in the capital is already engaged in mass sports more than 3 million people in reflective clothing. And every year their number increased.

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