Save on bicycle

Banco de Chile, ENAP and WOM, winners of the April 2018 version of Cool Place to Bike, are already prepared for the eighth version of the event that will take place next November, to which Corfo, the Subsecretaria de Transports, have joined. And the German Clinic, among other corporations, companies, public institutions and universities.

"We want companies to stop seeing the bicycle as a risk and see it as an investment. That is why each participating institution receives a personalized impact report, which reflects the CO2 not emitted and the calories burned by its employees. Also a detailed report on the return of the initiative in metrics on improvement in health, mood and energy, increased productivity and cohesion with colleagues, savings in parking, memberships and public transport, and even the increase in the preference of their consumers ", Says Ivan Pies, CEO of KAPPO Bike, the innovative and award-winning Chilean company that seeks to promote the use of the bicycle as a means of urban transport worldwide, creator of Cool Place to Bike.

But not only that. The mechanics include weekly raffles among all the participants, with helmets, saddlebags, reflective clothing and light, and biweekly of bicycles and products of the sponsoring brands.

As a society, there are figures that we must revert, as today only 3% of Chileans use bicycles to travel to work, according to the survey "How long it takes for Chileans to travel to work" carried out by 2,700 people through Laborum.com. That is why initiatives of this type stand out, whose purpose is to encourage companies throughout the country to register and motivate their workers to transport themselves by bicycle, and measure the positive return that this entails.

The figures of last April are conclusive:

More than 1,300 workers climbed on the bicycle
253 kilometers traveled, equivalent to 4 laps to Earth.
885 minutes of exercise.
36 tons of C02 not emitted into the environment, equivalent to 13,500 liters of unburned fuel.
"We have learned a lot in these 3 years of execution of the Cool Place to Bike; in each version we innovate to improve the experience of the participants. In fact, this time we will test 'Kappa Parking', a new bicycle parking system special for companies - which means that 90% of people who have a bicycle do not use it to go to work - with which we seek to revolutionize this service ", Adds Pies.  

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Inspectors supervised noisy exhausts of motorcycles

With more than 15 inspectors in reflective clothing, the Transit Division of the Municipality started the inspection in the area of Battle and Ordonez and General Flores boulevards, using a sound level meter.

It is an action plan that will be extended to the whole city, replicating the experience of the year 2017, and seeks to respond to the claims of neighbors and neighbors, reported from the Commune. Together with the control of the exhaust pipes, it was checked that the drivers wear a helmet and a safety vest; those who did not wear it, were given a reflective vest.

The procedure performed by more than 15 inspectors consisted of detecting the bikes that had noise coming from their exhaust pipe, their drivers were given a period of 10 days to solve the damage.

Upon expiration of this period, a fine of 10 RU is applied if the 10-day-old person does not show up at the Municipality of Montevideo with the exhaust pipe of his repaired motorcycle. If the vehicle is in the same situation, it will be taken back to its owner. All of the drivers need to wear a high visibility vest.

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Preschoolers pass through the reflective belts

Within preventive and preventive measures "Preschoolers pass through the belts", policemen in safety vest from Szczytno met kindergartens from Fairy Tale. The youngest participant of Julia is 3 years old and already knows how to safely move along the way.

On Tuesday, 29 October, policemen from Szczytno visited Preschool preschoolers from Benicia, Kindergarten Pod Poodles as part of preventive and preventive measures "Preschoolers pass through the belts". To meet the children came prepared and dressed in reflective vests. During the talk, the children learned how to navigate safely and what reflective elements are used for. Cops on the move

The road tested practically the knowledge gained during the meeting knowledge of the youngest. Children had the opportunity to cross the pedestrian crossing under watchful eye officers. Mile surprised her knowledge 3-year-old Julia, who boldly and correctly responded to questions asked by the policewoman with reflective clothing. At the end of the meeting, every preschooler had the opportunity to take a police car and ask the commanders questions.


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People go to save frogs with wear safety vest

Protected toad gray has felt spring and masses are beginning to run out into the streets, often disappearing under the wheels of cars. With the help of Szczecin pupils, who, as "Gabi Patrol", clothed in special safety vests, with gloves on their hands and buckets under their arm, will rescue these extremely useful amphibians.

This is another type of action in Szczecin. Last year, the youngsters, their caretakers and employees of the Municipal Service Department rescued the 2004 frogs from passing wheels. This result motivates you to repeat the action.

The script every year is the same. Children come to the Coplanar Street rented by the Municipal Service Bus by bus. There is already an originator of this unparalleled action on the scale of the country, and its main lead - Isabella Granma from the Educational Dept. of Natural Resources "On the Deep" subject to the Department of Municipal Services. Rescue frogs are preceded by short theoretical and practical lessons where all participants learn the most important things about amphibians: why they are needed, how to deal with them, how to save them. Then children and curers move into the area. The group armed with reflective vests with the words "Gabi Patrol", gloves and bucket goes out to the street and collects the frog after the frog. For patrol safety, traffic is often stopped. Saved amphibians hit the shores of the Emerald Lake, where they are released into the water.

The first group of children in reflective clothing will meet at the Emerald Lake next Thursday at 10 o'clock. The inaugural ceremony will be held at the youngest of Kindergarten Branch No. 58.
Already in the area of the sensitive road Coplanar have been installed grids blocking the roadside to reduce the frequency of frogs going out into the street. Similar grids are also to be found on the street of the Barceló.


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Special reflective clothing for summer

It is not important to win, but to look good at it; it might sound the Kari Tara Norwegian brand, which specializes in the production of ladies' sportswear by reflective material. After the first contact with the winter set of clothes, we could not wait for the summer to come and try the models designed for sports in the warmer months.

Just like in the winter test, this time we have bet on the most common and most popular combination - shorts, t-shirts and reflective jackets. These three superstructures are a complete foundation, but they can cover the needs of the runner from colder wounds to hot summer afternoons.

At the beginning, it is worth recalling that, unlike most other manufacturers, Kari Tara specializes only in women's clothing. You know the difference at first glance. Visually, these are good and colorful, well-tailored pieces of clothing that fit perfectly together. We must not forget the cut that is in the ladies' clothing afoul and omega and which has Kari Tara dipped to the first.

Unfortunately, this time we will not avoid one shortcoming. In the case of Kari reflective clothing, the functionality of the used materials is lower, especially if we are interested in protection against water and wind.

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Police are still giving out reflective tapes

Six out of ten dead pedestrians die on the roads at night and eight in poor visibility. The sad statistics logically led to the amendment of the Road Traffic Act by compulsory reflective elements. Police officers or pedestrian police officers check, but as the Survey reveals, reflexive tapes are instead being handed over to fatty fines.

The fine for the absence of security features, Eva, spokeswoman of the city police in Hradec, can reach up to 2000 crowns. But the penalties do not yet fall, as confirmed by her colleague from Jilin police Hanna.

"We are more likely to explain to the offenders how important it is to see them, and on that occasion we give them the reflective tapes," added Kerala.

"In particular, prevention and education are essential, and policemen in the Pilsner Region also provide pedestrians with reflective elements," police spokesman Jana Tom ova confirmed. For example, seniors on one of the busy junctions in the center of Piles received shopping bags in reflective colors Monday morning.

Even from the Moravian-Silesian policemen, no fines are yet to fall. "At events, we give out to the pedestrians reflective tapes, of which they are quite interested," said New York-based police spokesman Pert Gris.
His colleague from Fryer district Starry added that people even go to the police and ask for reflective tapes. "Unfortunately, we do not have enough to give them to anyone free of charge. We do it only on preventive actions.

In contrast to pedestrians without reflexive elements, even in Brad in Pesky Kremlin, contrast ribbons are instead of fines. "Walkers check in the evening and inform them that they should have reflective elements. We also took BESIP and distributed them, "Roman Kossel, police officer, told police. Also, the Brno police officers hand over the so-called pussies, which are reflective strips on the sleeve. "People go to our staffs, and in the past six months we have handed them up to eight hundred," said City Police spokesman.

The policemen explain to people that reflective elements are good to wear in the city, not only in low-lighted streets, but everywhere, especially under reduced visibility.
A qualified assessment of the impact of the new law is so early, but polled officers and police officers have welcomed it unanimously. And again, it is not just sanctions.

"But personally, I think it is very good that the visibility of pedestrians is talking, it has a preventive impact. I notice that people wear reflective tapes on the bag during the day, so there is a lot of awareness, "Starry said.

In Jilin, according to the police officers, the number of pedestrians with reflective clothing items has risen. "It's not enough for a pedestrian to have a flashlight in his hand. It must be seen from behind. That's why the reflective vest or tape is the most suitable, "added Kerala.

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Truck driver without safety vest killed on the highway

Foray a tire and comes down from the truck is hit and killed on the highway. Police in safety vest deal with this accidents. He lost his life a Turkish citizen of 46 years, hit by a second means heavy. Relief proved futile.

E 'fell from their articulated vehicle after having pierced a right tire, then it was put in check those on the left. It 'was at that point that was hit broadside by another means heavy, losing his life. Tragedy is happened in late Monday night on the A4 motorway in the stretch, towards Venice. He died without wear any reflective clothing.

A Turkish nationality truck driver of 46 years, died on the spot due to serious injuries reported in the impact with the other vehicle with Slovenian license plate that has not noticed the obstacle in the lane. For the Turkish driver there was nothing to do from the beginning it was understood that the situation was critical. On site health of 118, as well as the Traffic Police of San Dona, who physically carried out the surveys? Limited disruption to roads, since the time when the crash occurred. At the screening if the victim was wearing a reflective vest and dynamics of the tragedy.

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The legislation require a reflective vest in the car

In some ways the interpretation that the police in reflective clothing could not ask those who do not wear the garment came out of the car.

From 1 January 2016, all cars in Chile must have a reflective vest in an accessible location, which should be used when out of the car to any emergency. If not, police could fine the driver.

Friday, however, the newspaper El Mercuric published an interpretation that said you could effectively pursue infringement for not carrying the pledge security, but not use it to get off the car.

In conversation with DNA, police clarified the issue. “The use is both the size and use of the safety vest. You can use whether the vest is not in the car in an accessible or if the person gets off the vehicle without using place," said Major Juan Rodriguez.

Rodriguez added that there will be a trial run, but do not know how long. The part will be about 21 thousand pesos.

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Reflective fabric is used in sports clothing

There are probably hardly any winter sports reflective clothing products that are as prominently placed and spread in the sports shops as the cloths, hose shawls and caps of the company BUFF. The company from Catalonia has been able to present its products in almost every sporting specialty in Europe in recent years. The BUFF products are usually found on a separate shelf, somewhere near the cash registers - keep an eye out for your next visit to the sports shop.
High quality materials, breathable and still wind resistant protective cloths or scarves, can be used by every skier well. For the new season 16/17, BUFF has launched two new products, the Tech Fleece Hat Buff® and the Tech Fleece Bandana Buff®, which we were able to test on some ski days in the early winter. Below you can read our short review!
Tech Fleece Bandana Buff: Wind-repellent Bandana made from Crevice fabric that provides effective protection against cold and wind, very light and resistant and Pilling resistant. Laser perforation on the mouth and nose makes breathing easier
To be honest, the design of the reflective fabric bandana we got from BUFF in Jacks Blue is now really not everyone's thing. Something is too striking and scary, so our impressions of the skeletal horror look of the fleece scarf. The somewhat younger target group, perhaps, the style, for us it could have been a bit more subtle. Fortunately, the product is still available in many other designs, which we think are much more appealing, such as in the colorful MAYA MULTI-Version or Jamaica look.
You get from BUFF a kind of hose scarf, which consists of a stretchy and hectically very pleasant polyester fabric. No scratching, no unpleasant itching, the scarf feels good on the skin. The bandana is a hose that runs down in a triangular shape. Thus you can pull it over the head. If it is cold or humid, pull the scarf over the nose and protect the bulk of his face. The scarf keeps its position quite well, even better if you have a helmet over it and the bandana something under the ear parts of the helmet jammed. Top: There are breathing holes in the front, as well as the material is breathable and dries quickly. The bandana is more for sporting activities, less for classic skiers, for which a proper ski mask is better suited for protection against wind and weather. However, if you are very active on the mountain in spite of the cold / snowfall and do not want to do without the necessary breathing activity the BUFF Bandana offers enough protection against the weather influences and at the same time you do not feel under the cloth no air to get it or it Fast wet sweat.
The same applies to the reflective vest, the Tech Fleece Hat Buff®. Again, we were not totally convinced by the color, photo is simply not particularly fashionable. But you'll always see it quickly and has a comfortable accessory on your head that minimizes heat loss over your head without being fat and warm. The product is ideal for ski touring riders who do not want to climb up on the helmet, but do not want to leave the head unprotected. The special thing about the Hat Buff®: The cut of the cap is very close up, the cap does not have a classic cut, but ensures that the ears are fully under the cap and are thus perfectly protected. This does not look particularly beneficial, but feels good and prevents wind from attacking the ears.

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Motorcycle police officers test new reflective clothing

On the streets of the state capital Dusseldorf two motorcycle police officers with new uniforms are since Tuesday on the go. In a four-month trial, the reflective clothing should be checked for their suitability. The new Kaduna form attention especially because of the previously typical police, it is yellow signal color.

After today, the police uniforms with reflective tape in North Rhine-Westphalia have already been changed in many agencies of the color green to blue, and the protective clothing of motorcyclists must be adapted accordingly. For this purpose now test new motorcycle clothing in 15 state agencies. But it is not just blue instead of green.

The bright yellow color in shoulders and helmet and silver reflective strips are designed to increase the visibility and security officials. In addition, the old are only water resistant but not waterproof. Even that should change in the future.

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