They found 375 traffic violations during operations

During one day, there were 375 infractions, fines for lack of driver's license, for driving without a seatbelt and safety vest, and for the imprudence of cell phone use.

In addition, two positive spirometries were found, one THC (cannabis control) which, although it is allowed to consume, is not allowed to drive under its effects.

In the same participated 4 mobile transit, 25 inspectors in reflective uniform, with the support of five motorcyclists and worked together with the Ministry of the Interior with two patrol, four traffic police, and eight agents of the 4th section, reported from the Intendancy.

In the case of motorcycles, the documentation, driving conditions, the helmet, and the reflector vest are checked.


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A man in readiness at G20

The fact that it would become turbulent was clear to him before, but this extent of violence and desire for destruction far outstripped fears. When Niles Sapling is beating his camp bed at 3.30 in the night from Thursday to Friday, there are more than 16 hours of duty behind him and his colleagues from the 1st Hundred of the prepared police in reflective vest. It was hard to get to the point: bouncers, bottle throws, flying wood parts and verbal abuse were still the more harmless accompanying circumstances of a night that changed Hamburg.

But there can be no question of night-time. 90 minutes later, at 5 o'clock, a wake-up call echoes through the quarters on the police headquarters in Interlude. Sapling and a good 120 colleagues, including about a third of the women, hastily put their clothes on. In the course of the journey, it goes to the large-capacity vehicles at the bottom of the farm, also called "pans". Disengagement!

Limits of personal resilience
The minutes of a day of work, using the example of police officer Niles Sapling, document the extent of the deployment that goes to the limits of personal resilience - as with almost all officials who are active in these summits. "We took the private life a week ago at the clothes hook," a young police officer in safety vest with two blue stars on the shoulder flaps. Quite soberly she says that.

The workday for Niles Sapling begins at the end of the day in a relaxed and relaxed manner, depending on the circumstances. His father is also in the service of the police; the mother is a nurse. You know the tricks of the profession. Sapling joined the police at the Commissariat 41 in Hamm, Germany, after completing his high school diploma at the Hamburg Comprehensive School. Since then he belongs to the First Hundred. At the beginning of August, he will go to Lusted for a guard with wear reflective uniform.

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The safety thing with the bike in autumn

Not just for e-mobility: driving more and more with the bike. Now, in the autumn, it gets foggy, the first foliage makes the roads slippery, it’s not good for road safety.

How do you travel safely on a two-wheeler?
The accident risk increases in the autumn. Rudolf Kaiser, an expert on ergo insurance, advises in a press release: "It is particularly important to switch on the lights on the bike, which improves not only the view, but also other cyclists can see well."

Legally prescribed are light and reflectors front and rear as well as reflectors on tires, spokes and pedals. Also the right clothing is important for a safe ride: Choose the best bright, reflective colors. A reflective safety vest or shoulder strap also improves visibility. For the journey itself: attention and slow drive. The wet foliage can make cycling paths particularly slippery. "In order to reduce the risk of skidding, cyclists should avoid abrupt dangers and sharp braking maneuvers," says Kaiser. In addition, it could help to leave some air out of the tires. This increases the contact surface of the wheel.

Caution: In principle, the statutory accident protection does not apply in the case of accidents that occur during leisure time. Only a private accident insurance provides financial support in these cases. Depending on the police in reflective uniform and insurer, she can also help in rehabilitation measures.


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Visible on the road

Third grade students wear safety vest from two elementary schools took part in the next edition of the meeting "Safe & Unprotected" jointly conducted by MZK and Police Headquarters. The third meeting of the MZK Depot at Street was the third in the B & N campaign. It was held under the slogan "Visible on the road". Approximately 80 students from Elementary School No. 1 and 10 attended the meeting.

Students had the opportunity to come by bus to MZK headquarters, where in the lecture room company employees in reflective uniforms discussed the principles of safe and cultural travel by public transport. However, the officers of the Police Headquarters explained how to safely navigate the public road, how to cross the road and how to be visible after dark.

Children received leaflets about desired behavior in public transport, reflective elements: reflective vests and tags. This was another meeting promoting traffic safety knowledge. The program covers children of grades I-III of all primary schools.


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Officers get new safety vests

Police Presidium introduced a new component kits traffic police and church members - yellow reflective vest and dark blue. All the officers begin to wear in the summer. Now gratefully acknowledge the amount of pockets, allowing them to avoid having to carry bags. On the design vest participated themselves policemen.

"There's a lot of pockets, so police there can store gloves, headgear, notebooks, mobile phones and other things," said Martin Rink, director of the Public Order Police.

According to Michele of the Directorate of Traffic Police officers safety vests serve as a place where you will also be saved lantern or disposable tests for alcohol or addictive drugs. "It's on the radio and housing," he added Hobo.
The new equipment will get all eighteen thousand police officers and three and a half thousand vehicles.

It’s transformation gradually through the whole uniform. Currently Faso is new pants, sweaters and socks. Only for purchases associated with police reflective uniforms management plans this year to spend about 200 million crowns.


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Police officers in reflective uniform checking pedestrians

Ostrava - Drivers in this period should be very cautious, careful not to be too pedestrian. It May reduce the risk of collisions appropriate safety vest and accessories.
These factors, combined with inattention and carelessness of drivers behind the increase in pedestrian accidents, which annually takes place in this period. Many accidents are fatal.
That's why police in those days took to the streets, where they focus mainly on pedestrians and cyclists.
"The police can people under this action to meet primarily at designated crosswalks near schools, shopping centers and other places with high traffic of pedestrians and cyclists on major routes. In addition to the observance of traffic rules by pedestrians and cyclists policemen inspected facilities bicycle mandatory lighting, "said Catherine Kubota of Silesian police. The police pedestrians discuss how to increase their visibility.
"The most effective means to increase your visibility of non-motorized road users are undoubtedly fluorescent and reflective material. Fluorescent materials increase visibility in daylight, reflective materials then increase visibility at night and in poor visibility by reflecting light in a narrow cone back to the source, up to a distance of around 200 meters, "said Kubota.
The vigilance during this period encourages and Rescue Service.
"The dark, rainy and inclement weather along with reduced visibility play a significant role. Accidents occur most often in the early evening and evening, but in the morning when there is daylight, "said a spokesman for the regional rescue Luke Hump, under which it is useful when moving on the road, especially outside walkways, used clothing with reflectors or reflective vest. Its purpose will meet flashlight.

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A municipal police officer saves a desperate

Saturday early evening, a young man of 24 wanted to end his life by jumping from the Old Bridge in the Tarn. Municipal police with reflective uniform immediately went to the scene, alerted by the video-image protection that covers the bridge. In water with a temperature not exceeding 5 ° C, the courageous municipal agent Jerome Bousquières plunged without asking any question to save the desperate who was drowning in ice jams at the foot of a bridge pier. The victim and his rescuer were taken to hospital for check-ups.
Last night at 19 pm, the bakery "Bread crumbs" located Mantras space was steered by two men who fled in a dark colored vehicle and the second on a black scooter. They headed to Fondue taking money from the cash register. The booty was not yet quantified the time of bullions. Only a client with reflective vest
and the vendor were present at the time.
Saturday evening after a sale of calendars tour Corbarieu firefighters found one of the gates of their barracks fractured. Inside, the all-purpose vehicle (SUV) with the ladder on the roof was gone. Perpetrated between 19 h 30 and 20 hours, this flight is at least surprising. It seems quite complicated indeed to conceal this kind of red van with flashing lights on the roof and reflective tape. An investigation has been opened.
Yesterday at 17 am, electricity and gas were cut in the dock Pout sector to secure the intervention of firefighters in a fire at a townhouse Bombed Street. Very quickly on the scene, Montalba firefighters were able to contain the blaze that took the ground floor of the house. No injuries were reported.


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The "Cancer Man" in reflective vest on internet

The man, a daily object of derision from passersby, this time has reacted violently to provocations. He wear reflective clothing, in Padua is a "character". They call it "Cancer Man" and, on Face book, there are several pages and groups dedicated to him. Unfortunately, though, the game derision, sometimes, is a snap. And so the man, "famous" for his reflective vest and the inevitable bike, it is very often the victim of insults and provocations, from those who taste test to unleash his theatrical reactions.
Cancer MAN. On social networks, pictures and videos that immortalize not count as "likes" and comments. The most recent was filmed Wednesday, sparking public Cancer Man (over 3 thousand "thumbs up", 800 shares and an avalanche of comments): the man, the umpteenth offense, obviously the aim is to take it back and post a video on Face book, this time reacted more virulent than usual, sparking euphoria of "fans" of the Web, but also taking revenge on those who daily make a laughingstock.
Someone, a car stops at traffic lights, began to scream at him. Cancer Man grabbed a chain throwing it against the body of the machine in question until it was reached by the police in reflective uniform. "

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