Keep the traffic safety on our roads

Accidents on our roads are linked together and the list of victims is growing day by day. However, accidents do not only involve motorists today, as the number of pedestrians without safety vest killed on our roads has been rising in recent years. A few weeks ago, a resident of Straws was hit hard by a van on the national Camp, as he crossed the highway. He left behind children aged 4 to 16 and a pregnant girlfriend.

It is true that such loss of life in such atrocious, sudden and brutal circumstances is not easy for families and relatives of the victim (s) to overcome. But it would also be hypocritical and naive not to raise carelessness and indifference, be it motorists or even pedestrians, with respect to the measures and laws that protect them.

Take the simple example of the region. The green fence, which had been installed in 2012, along the M1 motorway about 2.1 km between Pales and Camp and which would have cost the bagatelle Rs 2.3 million to the state, so taxpayers , was repeatedly vandalized in several places, with huge holes to allow residents to pass. Damage caused by the inhabitants even of the region, despite several repairs.

An act of vandalism that pushes pedestrians not to use the flyovers of the region, but also to an attitude of "I AM FOUTISME", it is imperative to deplore, with regard to the authorities and especially their safety. Those who take the M1 to come to Port Louis or climb to Pales and Reedit see every day unconscious pedestrians, like mothers with their children in their arms, who cross the six to eight lanes of the highway at this height.

While flyovers were built following the request and the very requirement of the inhabitants, after fatal accidents and riots took place in the 90s. Let us talk about two-wheelers, who use these flyovers to cross from one city to another in this periphery, while they are not allowed to do so. Have you noticed that since the beginning of 2015, the majority of motorcyclists no longer seem to wear a reflective vest during the evening?

A measure and law that the government revised in early 2014, requiring motorcyclists - to protect them - to wear reflective vests on the road at night only; that is, from half an hour after sunset until half an hour before sunrise. What we see in recent years gives the impression, however, that some of the two-wheeler drivers prefer to do the careless by underestimating the risks when they hit the road. Thus, they do what they want on our roads, which today look like a jungle, while they are the most vulnerable users.

It is clear that irresponsibility is taking precedence and people do not seem to want to change their behavior and attitude. From the beginning of 2017 to today, more than 140 people have lost their lives on our roads in many serious accidents involving motorcyclists, due to lack of visibility and especially pedestrians, with the most recent case being that of camp Chaperon. During the same period last year, we counted more or less 110 deaths, which represent an alarming increase of fatal accidents on our roads.

How many fatal deaths, horrific accidents, losses of our loved ones, family members, young fathers and mothers will have to be on our conscience, so that the CITIZEN begins to respect the laws and rules of the road safety. To become aware of his duties and responsibilities in society and to behave civilly in everyday / public life, so that the general interest can outweigh the particular interests of those carefree, indifferent and irresponsible? Otherwise, the carnage will continue on our roads...

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The fluorescent vest is mandatory in the car

Today, retro reflective vest and pre-signaling triangles become mandatory for motorists. This measure was taken last February, but will come into effect on October 1, 2008.

You must now equip yourself with a small retro reflective fluorescent vest and wear it every time you leave the vehicle, when it is stopped on the road or during an emergency stop. You will also have to use a pre-signaling triangle, always in case of stopping the car, at a distance of 30 meters (at least) from the obstacle to report.

The device is mandatory for all except for both wheels and motorcycles.
The Minister of Ecology Jean-Louis Borolo, also in charge of road safety, reminded that in case of non-use of the equipment, the motorist is liable to a fixed fine of 135 Euros, applicable from October 1st.

In the meantime, the police and gendarmerie will pass checks to motorists, so that the vest and the triangle become an automatism. A tip: remember to put it in the glove box! This will save you a useless fine if you forget it!

And fashion in all this?
"It's yellow, it's ugly, it does not go with anything but it can save your life"
When we hear that, we say that this safety vest is not the latest fashion trend ... And yet, it is Karl Lagerfeld himself who, with his black glasses, white shirt and black bow tie, posed for the visual of Road Safety! So if the stylist Chanel wears it, we sure, we adopt it!


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Reflective vests for cyclists and motorcyclists

The national deputy Juan Manuel Perini and the attorney of the PJ Marcelo Domecq delivered this morning reflective vests to cyclists and motorcyclists. "With the idea of improving road safety and reducing the number of fines, we deliver refractory vests at strategic points in the province," said the candidate for provincial deputy.

The operation in question was carried out on Laver Avenue and National Route 11, a point in the city of Resistencia with a large flow of traffic of cyclists and motorcyclists. "The idea is to promote road safety in key places in the province," added Perini.

Next week the operations in the provincial interior will continue with the delivery of vests and helmets, more information on road safety. "There was excellent acceptance from the people who understood the importance and stressed that it is something useful that they are really going to use daily in fact. The police were present, but the people stopped without needing to be stopped. You can see the very good work of Domecq, a conscious population with a very high average wearing helmets and yellow vest,” concluded Perini.


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Alburtis launches a road safety campaign

The company of the Alburtis group, has launched the road safety campaign Protect yourself behind the barrier! To make drivers aware of the danger to which they are exposed when they get off their vehicle on the highway.

At the accident level, the trend over the past three years is that pedestrians represent about 12% of fatalities due to traffic accidents, Utopists said in a statement on Tuesday. Although the risk of having an accident on the motorway is four times lower than on conventional roads, factors such as speed, traffic intensity and lack of perception of danger can cause a dangerous situation on the part of drivers who go down your vehicle on the highway.

For this reason, standing on the shoulder, putting on the reflective vest, and placing yourself behind the safety barrier are some of the tips that Utopists offers to users to ensure maximum safety.

In addition, from this month of July, the company will provide customers who are involved in a breakdown or incidence on the highway a road safety kit with necessary reflective material to increase safety and comfort in emergency situations in those cases where those that can be delivered in safe conditions.


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These chickens cross the road with a reflective vest

We all know the road is dangerous, we will let our child wear the safety vest when they cross the road, and take care more about the car, and how about the chickens?

Louise Lennox is very attached to her chickens. Every morning, their eggs are served to guests at its bed and breakfast, Glens House, Scotland. That's why the escapades of some of her layers on the road close to the establishment worried her, but she found the solution to keep the road safety.

Last week, the owner posted two videos on the Facebook page of her cottage, which show her hens dressed in very elegant pink reflective vests. His phone number is inscribed in case one of them gets lost in the neighborhood. Fortunately, "they always come back," she reassures STV News. Is a new fashion in the making?


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Safety vest for school: Be careful on the street

"Wheel stands, child goes". Poster to the beginning of school 2017
Emil on the way to school: The cabaret artist accompanied the primary school pupils in Mogen. Car drivers need to be caring more about the road safety, now the school children are back on the road. Car drivers have to be particularly careful in the coming days. In the whole of Central Switzerland, many children are traveling alone on the street for the first time.

The new school year begins today in most of the Swiss cantons. In the streets, therefore, a lot of children are on their way again - hundreds of them for the first time alone. The police are therefore asking drivers to be particularly ruthless. True to the motto "wheel stands, child goes" these should not only brake, but stop completely before the pedestrian strips. Particular care should be taken especially near school buildings. To increase the safety of schoolchildren, kindergartens receive colored light bars; first-graders have a safety vest.

Always stop at the pedestrian crossing
Motorists should stop at pedestrians and not just slow down the pace. "The reason for this is that it is difficult for children to assess distances and speeds of vehicles," says Erwin Grain, Chief Prevention of the Luzerne Police.

Children learn, therefore, that they should not enter a pedestrian strip before the wheels of a vehicle completely stand still. Many drivers would not, however, and would therefore not quite stop. Often they would give a hand signal or press the headlights, so Grain to the usual misconduct of the car drivers. This could be misunderstood by the children and made them imprudent.

Important for the children
Parental taxis are urgently advised by the police. According to Erwin Grain, Chief Prevention of the Luzerne Police, the school path is an important step for children to be on their way to independence. Only if the children go to school on foot, they would also learn to move safely in traffic; parents can equip a reflective vest for keep children safer on road.


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The reflective clothing for prostitutes

The arrival of Expo Milan 2015 to the homonymous city of Italy exploded the increase of the tourists, but also of the prostitutes. The government will force the use of reflective vest for prostitutes.

According to the English media The Independent, more than 15 thousand sex workers arrived in the city to provide their services, which also caused traffic problems.

This is because the streets are crowded by women, who are mainly located on the motorway from Milan to Cremona, and are exposed to accidents or to accidents. It’s very dangerous and be influence for road safety.

It is to avoid such situations that the municipality of Milan is evaluating to create a law that obliges women workers to wear reflective jackets or pants and avoid accidents.

Women who do not comply with this provision must pay a fine of between 360 and 500 Euros.


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Tail lighting for horses

Four-wire led lights clamped in the tail of a horse make sure that animal and rider on the public road are good.

Horseback riders are not visible in the dark despite the use of, for example, a reflective vest or reflectors. In the Netherlands in the dark, lighting on the public road is obligatory, but the small bicycle lights do not prove to be sufficient in practice.

According to the American company Tail Lights, thousands of horses and their drivers get injured or died annually as a result of a collision with a vehicle. That was also a friend of Sami Gross, founder of Tail Light, on which she developed better lighting for the horse to keep the road safety for they all.

Remote control
The Tail Lights lighting system is simple but effective. The backlight of the horse consists of four strings of led lights, which are clamped like a kind of braid in the tail of the horse.
With a remote control, the rider can turn the lights on and off, set the intensity and change color. At the front is the led light with a clip attached to the horse's chest. This is diffuse light which, according to Tail Lights, does not have a negative effect on the horse's sight.

Tail Lights have a striking effect and increase the visibility of the horse in the dark. Just like the runners wear a reflective tape at night. Because the string of led illuminates the complete tail and back of the horse, other road users can more easily see a horse on the road.

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Required reflective bands and a snow-strapped car

Milo Zeeman signed an amendment to the Road Traffic Act. Newly worn pedestrians on the road outside the village will have reflective elements. Drivers will be obliged to clean cars from snow and ice. For example, the norm will allow municipalities to restrict seaway traffic. The changes will start to apply this February.

It’s required reflective elements for pedestrians outside the village or car cleaning from snow. This novelty introduces an amendment to the Road Traffic Act, which was signed by President Miles Zeeman on Thursday.

The amendment imposes an obligation on motorists to clean their vehicles from ice and snow if they prevent them from viewing or threaten the road safety of other traffic participants. It will also allow the police to retain a small technical card for car owners who find a dangerous defect when checking or explaining a traffic accident.

The law also allows the driver to take a driver's license for half a year to those who would cross the railway crossing at the time of signaling the arrival of the train. The fine for such a crime has not yet increased, but in the future it is considering increasing it from 5,000 crowns to five times.

With the duty of reflective elements for pedestrians, such as vests or only strips on the sleeve, Transport Minister Dan said that the violation would threaten to a fine of two thousand dollars. But the minister also said that the ministry had a deal with the police to give away the reflective vest and tapes to people.

Municipalities will have the right, under the relevant Decree, to prohibit the operation of seaway trucks at designated sites by either a road mark or a regulation. The amendment also provides that people on these vehicles will be able to ride "at a speed at least comparable to the speed of walking".

The amendment, which also regulates the traffic-psychological examination rules, will enter into force 15 days after its announcement in the Collection of Laws.

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Road Safety Training for Refugees

Bochum trained unaccompanied minors for use on the road. So far, there is, according NRW repeatedly to dangerous situations because refugees are often not familiar with the traffic rules. Here, even a refugee child without safety vest was killed.

His bicycle is the pride of Abd-el-Kader from Syria. Neighbors have given it to the young man, now (NOAH) lives in a Bochum accommodation for unaccompanied refugees. But when he sets off on his bike, which is currently still dangerous for him. And on the streets of the big city is a lot more going on than on the streets of his hometown from which he fled. Therefore Abd-el-Kader now takes part in the traffic safety training, which offers the Road Patrol Bochum. Abd-el-Kader is looking forward to the training.

Just as Abd-el-Kader are how many refugees in NRW. Therefore shall they learn in road safety training, what the signs and traffic signals? Guido Bausch of the Road Patrol Bochum and his team to the 15 refugee’s bike procure built up so the exercise is as realistic as possible: "The refugees often underestimate the dangers of the road we do with them sight and reaction tests and show them. How dangerous the blind spot is. "

To learn the traffic rules, there are various aids. They were from NRW developed, the Interior Ministry together with the State Traffic and many other partners. For example, a poster that explains the refugees at a glance the most important traffic rules. Another example is icons that explain the dangers of traffic regardless of the native language quickly and easily.
Guido Bausch of the Road Patrol: "We want to convey is that you should wear as pedestrians and cyclists as bright as possible and reflective clothing at night or that for us pedestrians and cyclists motorways and motor vehicle roads are absolutely forbidden.”

Other road patrols in NRW are usually together with cities and other associations of traffic safety training for refugees. As in Bochum, participants usually have to perform various tasks. They learn playfully what the road signs and traffic lights and lurk the dangers on the road. In the end they have to show for a bike ride through the city, whether they are fit for the road. If all goes well, there is a type of bicycle driver's license at the end.
Abd-el-Kader wants to necessarily create: "So far it's hard to pay attention to everything like cars, pedestrians and other cyclists, but the training gives all of us a lot of confidence when I make this training, I will feel safer with reflective vest on the streets..."

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