Lightning flashes in the effigy of "yellow vests" are a hit

Sun bakeries have created chocolate eclairs in the effigy of "yellow vests" in support of the movement. Pastries will be on sale throughout the week.

"Yellow vests" are everywhere! The network of "bakeries of the sun", present in the Maritimes, decided this week to support the protesters by creating a chocolate flash in the effigy of "yellow vests". Everything is there, up to the reflective strips.

"We bring breakfast to the yellow vests every two days at the tolls and Puget," said Marie Cristiana, head of the network in the Var. Making that flash was a wink.

On sale, since Monday in all the bakeries of the sun, lightning goes, like rolls. So much so that in Freud, there was more before the end of the morning.

"The feedback is excellent," continues Marie Cristiana, "people are very sensitive to this approach."

For the occasion, lightning "yellow vests" are sold at the price of two Euros, instead of three. And if for the real yellow reflective vests have not yet tasted, Marie Cristiana promises that delivery of lightning will take place this weekend, tolls of Freud and Puget.  

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Time change: pedestrians, watch out for the road

The decline in brightness at the end of the day endangers pedestrians. To prevent risks, be visible! The peak of road accident of 47% for pedestrians is at the end of the day.

According to the National Inter-ministerial Observatory of Road Safety, this surplus would be "a consequence of the reduced lighting time, pedestrians being hardly perceived by other users, while they feel to be seen." Between 2012 and 2016, the number of pedestrian accidents in November is 5.9% higher than in previous October, says the website of Road Safety. Between 17 and 19h, the increase in personal injury is 47%. The months of October to January account for 43% of pedestrian road deaths.

Light clothing and reflective tape
To limit these accidents and remind good behavior to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, Nelson Montfort, Road Safety, the National Federation of Insurance General Agents' Unions and France Bleu launch the second edition of the operation "Well seen together". "For these already vulnerable users, it is essential to be visible, so it is recommended that they favor light clothing or reflective tapes," they say.

Between mid-October and mid-November 2017, some thirty prefectures and representatives have planned to meet users through actions in different forms: stand, meetings, mechanical bike workshop, control of good lighting of vehicles, etc. Nearly 60,000 visibility kits including a yellow vest with reflective stripes, a yellow backpack with reflective stripes and a reflective bracelet will be offered on "a large part of the territory."


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They are calls for wearing warning vests

A good example: Volker, sport coordinator of foxes Berlin and passionate cyclists, today made a free bicycle security check in Berlin. As part of the traffic safety campaign "Downhill from the Gas", the former national player is taking on more safety in the autumn road traffic - and calls cyclists to make they visible with the right equipment.

Federal Minister of Transport Ramseur: "Safety vest can save lives."
Berlin is also a city of cyclists: More than 1,500 kilometers of cycle paths lead through the metropolis. In the past year, however, 5199 cyclists died in the capital, fifteen of them fatal. Particularly in the now starting dark season it comes again and again to serious accidents. To this end, Federal Minister of Transport Dr. Peter Rombauer: "Mopeds and cyclists have no crumple zone. They should be particularly protected during the autumn and winter months. A reflective warning vest can prevent worse and sometimes even save lives. My appeal is therefore to all cyclists: make you visible! And for all transport users, it is also true: to exercise more respect and to work together to reduce the risk of accidents. "

In use for more visibility: handball legend Volker Zebra
With his 2.11 meters he is hardly to be overlooked: Volker Zebra, since the summer of this year as sports coordinator with the foxes active. But the former national player, who likes to explore the city by bike, knows that his body size alone is not sufficient in the road traffic. "Especially on dull days, at dusk or night, cyclists can easily be overlooked by car or bus drivers. Therefore my advice to all cyclists: always make you visible! "

Also Dr. Walter, President of the German Traffic Safety Council (DVR), emphasizes the importance of the right equipment for cyclists and pedestrians in autumn and winter: "Especially in bad weather, reflective and fluorescent materials help to be perceived as early as possible by others. Well-suited for visibility in road traffic are safety vests of the DIN EN 471 standard with high-quality reflective strips all around. "

Free autumn check for cyclists
Today, Volker took the first step towards more safety in the dark season. Result: lighting system works, reflectors available, brakes in order - the wheel of the handball star is traffic-safe! Until 17.00 hrs, the ADFC's adolescents will check the bicycles of interested Berliners for traffic safety and sensitize traffic visibility. The bicycle check takes place every year in spring and autumn.

"Down from the gas" events of the countries on the topic of visibility
The use of Volker Zebra is just the beginning: From October to December 2013, the road safety campaign "Downhill from the Gas" brings visibility into the federal states. The event "Bremen makes itself visible" was launched in September, followed by Hamburg, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Saarland.

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Kappa reflective rainwear SK101 Dry Plus

The autumn and its procession of showers are back. The opportunity to present Kappa whole reflective jacket and rain pants SK101 Dry Plus, a product that appeals to nothing less than a waterproof and breathable membrane.

Ally bikers and scooter riders in the winter months, rain combination currently are back deep chests and backpacks. Kappa took the opportunity to launch two new sets to wear over his equipment, including the SK101 Dry Plus, consisting of a jacket and trousers. Unlike most of his colleagues, he does not opt for a coated reflective fabric, but for laminated polyester with a membrane.

If this difference does not seem to change much on paper, in practice, the approval should gain: the membrane in question is indeed announced breathable, which will prevent the combination SK101 Dry Plus to turn into steam during prolonged use. Still, she would stand in the words of Kappa in a water column of two meters, guaranteeing good protection against the elements (wind or rain). Also in this context, the seams are heat sealed, and a Velcro flap covers the zipper of the jacket.
For better comfort, the combination has an inner lining. The Italian brand has even provided two external pockets (do still there to keep your phone ...) and an internal and a reflective stripe on the front.

If the idea of a wide cut unisex is appreciable, the adjustment entrusted only to elastic in no doubt. However there are settings by Velcro ankle for a better connection with boots. For storage, a cover with elastic belts (so-coat) is provided.

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Be safety on the way to school

Indeed, split into two groups, the 6th of students in reflective vest have spent an hour in room with Council responders Departmental to review the instructions in the regulation of school bus, but also the need to always have his transport card on itself. The safety instructions for the seat belt from boarding the bus and the right to behave during the journey were also recalled.

After the intervention room, students in safety vest have come to the parking lot, the bus company Keolis and F. Bollot, conducting school buses, S. Guyot, coordinator of the line and MB Chalenton, Quality Manager at Keolis.

This little world has been sensitized to the safety equipment in case of accident or on the bus during the journey. So instead of storage and use of evacuation hammer and fire extinguisher were given to students. Passing turn behind the wheel of the driver, they also recognized the dead-angle notion faced by bus drivers while driving and therefore the right thing to do and the attention to be near the bus during descent and crossing the road.

Yellow safety vests with reflective stripes were also distributed to all so they put them to be better seen by motorists and thus ensure greater safety on the road to college.

The college thanked the various stakeholders of the County Council of Saône-et-Loire and society as well as teachers.

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Reflective material: Celebrate Halloween with prudently

In the aftermath of Halloween festivities on October 31 evening, officers in safety vest from the cities of Terrebonne and Mascouche accentuate their presence in every corner of the MRC Les de 16 h to 20 h 30.

Because safety is everyone's business, police territory also asks the population to exercise caution and vigilance when traveling.
10 Essential guidelines
The police took the opportunity to recall some basic safety rules to spend prudently evening.

First, it is better to wear light colored clothing with reflective strips for visibility. It is also better to go for short clothing to avoid tripping. In a similar vein, avoid masks and instead use makeup to see and hear what is happening around. Also, turn on a flashlight to see better and be more visible.

For older, tell your parents your route and time of return. It is best to ring the door in groups or with an adult and always wait outside the houses. Browse one side of the street at a time and avoid cross unnecessarily. Cross streets at intersections and obey traffic signs with reflective tape. Refuse to approach a car or get there without the permission of your parents. Finally, it is suggested to parents and children to check all the treats received for some might eat them safely.

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Officers handed out to people reflective tape

The officers in cooperation with BESIP warned on preventive action capita per month valid amendment to the Road Traffic Act, which requires pedestrians, who move along the road outside the village to use in poor visibility reflective strip markings.

February 20 should be obvious to pedestrians in poor visibility using reflective markings.

Coordinator BESIP:
"A man who is not marked with reflective elements and yet, as usual, is dressed in dark clothing, so it reduced visibility for the driver has 18-20 m. This is not a reaction time.

Reflective tape that residents receive highlights pedestrians on the 200 meters, so the driver has enough time to react. It is important that the tape was placed on the right arm or leg.

City Police:
"Many people came specifically for the reflective tape. I took it home for family members.
Poll: residents:
"I'm used to wearing. But I wanted it for my two grandchildren. "
"Certainly suits me because shift on the wheel."
If not reflective tape on hand do not try to use at least a plastic bag.
Coordinator BESIP:
"Just the natural movement while waving his hands when I go, and the white plastic bag can accentuate movement and alert the driver.

Stickers, badges, pendants or armband are available in haberdashery or bicycle stores. Often they already are reflective material must be sewn into the seams of jackets, school bags and backpacks.

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A new generation of crossing guards with safety vest

When training for transport workers 18 high school pupils from the eighth grade are a new user. The police with safety vest would be on the active participation. Yesterday, the theory was on the schedule, next week followed by practical exercises.

The accident-prevention police come at the 18 real students of the eighth grade with its loose style clearly well received: The police officer has come with his colleague Hans-Peter Schneider in the junior high school, the first of up to three double hours of transport helper education to graduate with the students. The parents' group has been formed.

Petsching was pleased with the large group: "We welcome the commitment very, because that road safety is increased significantly at the Cologne road." The castle-town is compared to anyway the only city where there still is a traffic assistance service. "That may be because the schools are simply cheaper in the other two cities. Often, it is unfortunately also that when you have so started a project once, quite simply, the volunteers are missing, then provided the service" says Petsching.

In the up to three double lessons the young junior transport workers is a lot of theoretical knowledge conveyed about their tasks, which is then practiced in practice: "But that will only take place in the coming week, today you get only once a lot of theory to ears hewn ", the police officer with reflective vest says with a smile, only to be equal to be serious again:" In then a test is written, to take notes, would be not wrong ".

After all, the service as a traffic assistant is not completely harmless, even if there has none currently accidents involving persons, Petsching said. Keep it that way; the students get some prerequisites for their service to the hand given: social commitment, voluntariness, responsibility, helpfulness, punctuality and exemplary behavior. "Is that too much?" Asks Petsching and gets by the students a strong "Nope!" to answer. "If you fulfill all, then you are really good students," the police officer said with satisfaction. Following concerned the tasks that have to perform in the morning before class a traffic assistant: "You have the students, especially the younger, allow the safe crossing the road, especially in dangerous places." With their schools on both sides of the street, the cobblestones and the high student volume belong definitely to these dangerous places, Petsching said.

A student asked: "Do we get for extra clothes?" The combination of jacket or cap vest and cap will made by the police and is available in the school. Again, stand above all the safety of road workers in the foreground, this will particularly increased by the reflective stripes, explained Petsching. "So you are clearly visible to motorists in the dark for up to 150 meters without this strip there would be only 30 meters.

The police gave more behavioral safeguards, such as when one is assigned for duty, but suddenly falls ill. To this end, the transport workers of Secondary School have set up a special "WhatsApp Group", to communicate via smartphone. Service hours will be given to students getting at least one week in advance, the plans by the project, the history, political and social science teacher Thomas elaborated.

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Reflective stripe on corporate fashion

Recently, provides the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade (ZVDH) its 7,000 member companies, the new work wear "Roofing Xpert" made with reflective tape. Dahinter is a scratch developed clothing concept, which was developed in close collaboration with the RG GmbH and the work wear specialists.

"The new collection should meet the special requirements of the roofing trade and at the same time be a dress with reflective material that can quite proudly wears in leisure," explains Roland, Managing Director of RG OSH from Au am Rhein, the more than 20 years partner of ZVDH is in terms of work wear. The ZVDH places great emphasis on a modern, sporty look. For the conversion to United took the work wear manufacturer into the boat.

Inspired by contemporary biker, look originated with Roofing Xpert an independent collection which reflects the lifestyle of a dynamic, open-minded people. The acts for the first time as a design element is embroidered in stylized form on the jacket and trousers and stresses in combination with reflective strips in the shoulders and knees the striking look of otherwise held in traditional black Roofers clothing.

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Sew up the reflective stripe onto clothing

Kõhedaks doing when I read the stories of young people who are traveling in the dark without a retro autumn and will perish. They often go jogging along the road, and I'm on the right side of the rope at the end of two retro-reflectors, in addition to a workout jacket sewn reflective strips, and often wear a headlamp. Newly was through such darkness and the fog to the headlamp, even if I had not seen anything.
But what if the reflectors have been lost and end rope headlamp has broken down? Then you would have saved me a jacket sewn to the strip, as it has already saved me once.
Forget the things we need to spread out and nervous at the end, even in ordinary life. What else to talk about the extreme? When the car burst a tire bag dark stretch of road, and go out to deal with it, the ability to forget a lot, but we cannot forget surely clothes with reflective tape
to wear? Here's the key: as many reflectors to be to sew clothes or paste onto! There is a fee to be humble. The more the merrier!

Many have some kind of reflective vests penskarite värgiks. Actually, we could have been in our autumn winter wardrobe by manufacturers of stylish retro decorated. Until, however, it was not so, we always worry about the store of reflective cloth or helkurkleepse, grab a thread and needle and appropriately resolved.

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