Fines for not carrying safety vest reach 462

In 48 areas such as Providence, Valdivia and Temuco there was only a fine. Sanctions prevailed in January, at the beginning of the new standard.
Three months since the safety vest
began to be legally required within all vehicles, their prices have been standardized: they left in December sold at $ 3500, became the favorite Christmas gift and came to cost up to $ 10,000 and already about 1 January, when the official start of the regulations was set, were found to $ 16 billion in trade. Today again sell for $ 3,000 on average and its use seems crowded among motorists.
The measure was implemented to improve the visibility of drivers, which seeks to reduce the abuses when they get out of their cars on the roads by damage of their vehicles and other situations.
Normalization of sale coincided with learning: in the streets fewer drivers using the vest all day while driving or will carry it into the suitcase are.
According to a first assessment of the provision are made by police-and obtained by "El Mercuric" through the Law of Transparency, between December and February have been issued in the country parts 462 drivers for not carrying a vest.
The sanctions, according to the police report, focused on the Metropolitan (170), Valparaiso (68), O'Higgins (50), Carapace (45) and Biobío (26).
However in another 48 as Providence, Central Station, Valdivia, Temuco, Puerto Mont, San Bernardo, La Serena, Curio, San Felipe, Coquimbo, Los Viols Independence or Rena only one part was extended from December to February.
Most fines were recorded in January (402) when the standard began formally audited. Then in February they fell to 58 penalties.
For General of Traffic and Highway Police, Leonia’s Vinegars, low is because the measure has already been complied almost completely. "In parallel, it has been used quite especially on the roads. We have seen that every time drivers must alighting vest are made. In this helped the spread in the media. People understood that should available in situation emergency to avoid being run over, "he explains.
It adds that the effects of the measure in reducing abuses slated perceived in the long run. "Most of these accidents are run over pedestrians. One effect of the measure will be seen later."
Road safety specialist at UC, Francisco Foreyard notes that the measure is easy to monitor, which explains the low fines. "The bearing vest has a very low impact on the accident rate, because it is accident derived by panes or post accident, which are rare. They help reduce accidents low occurrence. However, it is remarkable the behavior of our society to respect the measure "he says.
Alberto Escobar, manager of corporate affairs Automobile Club, the measure was also observed by cyclists. "We now need to pedestrians habituate to use reflective element and mandatory school uniforms had any application to become more visible especially in the morning already dark."

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Aldus Alas: Report your scooter through the eyes of a man

To take advantage of all the honest talk "style, have to start the way I came, and our spokesman said Aldus, you could write something for motorcyclists with safety vest. Here tahaksingi to share their impressions and thoughts about what I experienced motorcycle ride during the afternoon Virus County.
Signs: Given the direction of Jove, Virus western half, had two young cyclists. Apparently, it was a knowledgeable people who have to keep up with the new traffic law; pedestrians crossed the bicycle velocity along a pedestrian crossing the roadway. Super! But at the same time, they were probably the end of the Road Traffic Act be read, because they did not wear a protective helmet.
The fact that the big SUV without driving or flying päevatuledeta, not worth mentioning, after all - after all, he will see everything anyway, says the driver. But if you really look like? Nor still really cannot see.
After that, I met with some cyclists (of course, without a helmet, because the law, after its entry yet does not require), apparently speeding motorcyclist and all. Then I came up to one autokolonnile that moved comfortable pace for both 80 and 85 km / h. After all, everything would have been nice, but they are moving column of about 10 cars did not keep enough distance between you, that would allow safe overtaking other traffic to perform.
As a reminder, the new Traffic Act must be the distance between the vehicles on the road for three seconds eesliikuvast car. I had enough time, and kept the difference, though, in some other driver was fast and they still drove the car along the train, creating a traffic hazard.
Occurred to me that the separation distance for which it is important? Does the traffic policeman supervising the traffic or for itself? Here, I want to thank Renault Traffic, a black leader who began to overtake me, but seeing that it is not secure, suspended the maneuver. A different way of "thanking" I wish, however, two lorry and bus drivers, who apparently were trying to economies fuel preceding vehicles ride the wind, leaving enough space for the occupants along tagasireastumiseks.
Western-Virus decided to see what is interesting in the smaller roads. Void - a handful of cars, pedestrians and a few cyclists. But then - I saw what I was waiting for a whole afternoon. Against drove the cyclist, who was wearing an orange reflective vest?
My moment of reflection, and then the decision was clear - he needed to take a picture and show it to others. I turned down your scooter around, and walked past a cyclist stopped. Before I started cyclists stop, went through the head the idea that what if he does not stop and continue flying?
Unnecessary fear - helkurvöö to use the motor bike itself conspicuity did his job (I have repeatedly observed that it will be transferring you as a police officer, which in my case is true answers him, after all), and the cyclist took to me well before reaching the speed down.
Presents him, and said, I am extremely pleased to see the cyclists, who uses own safety reflective vest. Mrs. wonders if others do not use. Yes, unfortunately not, I told the truth and the honor of giving him that day was one of the dozen on the road encountered riders who used a safety vest. His pace made him a mobile phone photo.
West-Virus Mrs. Sirje Kaljumäe mentioned that he will travel 25 kilometers every day to work and have a very law-abiding. Police preventive framework of the event received a bicycle lights are already installed, but it makes it very soon. We wished each other a good upcoming Victory Day and Midsummer, and left. It was for me a really good emotion! I think we do ourselves a great deal in order to arrive at a healthy home.

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