A young man admitted after colliding with two boars

A 28-year-old man was wounded last night after ramming his car into two boars that crossed the road. The event took place shortly after midnight on the LR-289 taxi in the term of Alfaro. Other drivers gave the warning notice to 112 from where the aid protocol began. An ambulance took the injured man to the Reina hospital. The CEIS firefighters in safety clothing also intervened in support of the accident. The clash against wild boar crossing roads and highways is becoming widespread in recent times in the vicinity of La Rioja.

Some tips
Most accidents with animals take place during the spring and fall. Wild boars and dogs are the recurrent animals, but it is also common to see foxes, wolves or deer. The Autopista magazine offers some driving tips. The birds reduce the visual field causing collisions against the windshield. The amphibians reduce the grip of the tires if we pass over. To avoid accidents, in the event that you drive through wooded areas, forest edges or fields with poor visibility, speed must be reduced. At a speed of 60 km / h, the braking distance is 35 meters, while at 100 km / h it is 79 meters.

If you encounter a wild animal on the roadside, it is advisable to pass the lights from long to short and brake slightly and honk. The dazzling lights disorient the animal and could run off in the direction of the road. Drive at low speed since it is possible that there will be more stragglers in the pack. When they panic, they cross the road unexpectedly and uncontrollably.

If the collision is unavoidable, hold the steering wheel tight, go straight and brake. Trying to dodge an animal that crosses the road is a risky maneuver since you can hit a tree or vehicles that circulate in the opposite direction. Secure the place of the accident by marking the triangles and do not forget to put on the reflective vest before leaving the car. If there are any personal injuries, call 112 or the roadside assistance service. Advise the Sopron to remove the injured animal.

Notify the accident to your insurer and take a photograph of the damage caused by the animal. Remember that the "hunting coverage" in the insurance policy covers the damages in accidents with animals. Repair a car damaged by an animal costs an average of 1,400 Euros. The Law says that the person responsible for both personal and reflective material damages in the event of an accident with an animal is the driver of the vehicle.

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Helmets and safety vests would be put on the spot

On 26 October, "Open construction site" will be held: As the Karlsruhe Rail Infrastructure Company reports in a press release, the company intends to launch the tunneling machine together at the Durance Tor stop. A few hundred visitors in reflective vest could then climb down the stairs from nine to five o'clock in the morning and go down to the stop.

According to Kais, one of the "Andean openings" can be viewed from the ground upwards, as well as the inspection of facilities necessary for tunnel construction. These include, for example, the separation plant, the tubing warehouse or the tunnel train for transporting the tubing from the warehouse through the tunnel tube to the tunnel conveyor. "Up" on the construction site, one would also want information about the tunneling methods multimedia; all workers need to wear safety clothing.

Requirements for site inspection
However, this time also applies strict security regulations, so the access according to Kais must be limited: Ten-minute intervals would be offered for free, non-transferable tickets. Interested parties could receive such access rights in two ways: the tickets - a maximum of two per person - could be in the information pavilion "K." of the combination solution at the Hettinger Tor on workdays between 10 am and 6 pm or ordered on the Internet via the homepage of the Kombi solution.

These tickets must then be presented directly to the Tor on the construction site east of the Combination Solution, no later than 30 minutes before the date of the tour. In addition to the ticket and ID, the Kais recommends solid shoes with flat heels, a good physical constitution and dizziness. Helmets and safety vests would be put on the spot. The access down to the stop is not barrier-free. Children must be at least six years old and at least 1.10 meters tall in order to be able to participate.

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Fire brigade in safety clothing saves fallen horse

A Saturday morning excursion resulted in a fire service. At 10:42 am the volunteer fire brigades wear safety clothing, Opened and also the special unit were called to the big bus stop place - a horse was in need. The animal was freed from its predicament under the guidance of municipal fire brigade inspector Frank Miller. For this purpose, a veterinarian in Alden Bedeck was picked up and brought to the site by the fire guards.

A 21-year-old rider from Gross Bedeck had previously traveled with her Hanoverian mare "Donna" along the Gross Beseecher into the meadow terrain towards Alden Bedeck. Because of the soft ground and the children active in the immediate vicinity during a holiday play course, the animal had probably frightened and with its right hind course had sunk into the wet soil. The rider in reflective vest still jumped from her horse and also buckled the saddle, but because of the panic situation, the horse steadily moved into the ditch and thus increasingly into a predicament from which it could no longer free itself.

The volunteer fire brigade was alerted by the holiday playmakers, not even 100 meters away. The animal rescue unit fire brigade was re-alerted after inspection. This had been practiced on a dummy in May of last year, the scenario that she could now practically apply. Before the firemen started their recovery, the veterinarian had sedated the mare. Even an hour after the salvage of the animal, this was very exhausted in the meadow and was cared for by the veterinarian and his rider. This was understandably very tense and took advantage of the situation to give the riders the message, always to leave with a mobile phone, helmet and safety vest. She herself had now seen how important this was, even if she herself did not use her mobile phone with the help of the holiday children's action for the emergency call.


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Reflective vests protect workers when working

The school reopened yesterday normally after the fire that ravaged a classroom on the weekend. Workers wear the reflective safety clothing to stop the fire and clean the place.

The Jesuitical school has been functioning since yesterday again to full capacity, despite the scare of the weekend, when a fire burned a classroom downtown.
As expected, classes resumed yesterday, despite the difficulties that the setback of the fire brought. In this way, dozens of students have had to be relocated to another area of the building, but that does not prevent the classes from developing normally, explained the director, Antonio Gray. "Everything is working," he made clear.

However, workers were still working yesterday on the rubble of the damaged classroom. They did it with reflective vests and helmets, the latter to protect themselves in case there were still fragments of the claimed ladder of the ceiling and the walls. He was trying to prop up the ruins, with the prospect that the works will last as long as the course is over. Meanwhile, in a truck they were carrying the new tables for the schoolchildren. The fire razed everything.

"In God our hope"
During these days, after the scare, teachers of the center took pains to clean soot the walls, in order to clean the facilities. The school, with a Catholic creed, currently has more than 1,000 students. Investigations into the causes of the fire remain open, although the most likely option seems to be a short circuit.

The school Santa Maria de La Paz is reborn from its ashes, literally, as if it were the Phoenix Fowl. Since the fire originated from dawn (from Saturday to Sunday), there was no one in the center at that time, so there was no need to lament personal injury. The fire affected mainly one of the classrooms of the second floor, where the students of 5º of Primary were. After workers and police in safety vest deal with this case, students come back school. These students have seen how their class has been reduced to rubble, so now they have to give all subjects in another classroom. The incident at the weekend does not affect the normal course of the school year.


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Voluntary firefighters can be seen with reflective tape

There are More than two hundred men in heavy fire manures and one single woman among them all wears safety clothing. It looked like the night from Monday to Tuesday and the next day at the Skeins. It was there, in the area of several hundreds of meters, that the eighteen fire brigades strengthened the natural dam.

It was threatening that, at the highest flows, the river Morava could be overcome in this critical section. "When we were just over the morning, we all had to pull our legs one by one," remembers Runny, 38-year-old volunteer firefighter from Durban.

On Monday, at about six o'clock in the evening, a report from the operational fire brigade, she and her husband were already ready to leave.
On the dike, she got a raincoat and rubber boots. Her task was clear - all night, along with fifteen other firefighters, stretching the geo textile firing on the dam, which was to be held on both sides by the stops, so that she would not miss the natural dam.

"It was tedious and infinite, only reflective tapes on my minus colleagues were visible in the dark," remembers the firefighter for the time when an electricity generating unit ceased to work overnight.
Casting up to twenty pounds of heavy sacks of sand along the Skeins dam made it more difficult for rain and cold weather. "The guys who wore sacks of sand all night on their shoulders fell with fatigue on the slippery surface of the mud dam," Rudolph described.

People are going to be in trouble
Even though it has been interfering with the floods in the past years, so much action has taken place on Monday for the first time. "It is strange how people can help in such crisis situations, even if they are sometimes ill-treated, misfortune is always able to bring them together," says a woman who has reached the bottom of the power when building the dyke.

She did not fail to add that it was a team work, and that admiration was not the only voluntary firefighter in action, but all those who wear safety vest and worked long and long hours on the dam to prevent the water element from causing even more damage.
When it began to dawn, nine hundred exhausted firemen were replaced by about a hundred fresh ones. "I was only sleeping until eleven, and then I had to get up and go to the lunch fast," she laughed at the volunteer firefighter.

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Road Accident with three victims

The driver and passengers to a woman 38 years Craiova, firefighters in safety clothing were removed from the damaged vehicle, after which they were transported to the Emergency Hospital Craiova. Doctors from Craiova specified for GDS that Serine Stencil was found unconscious and was incubated at the scene and then was taken in a coma to the medical unit, where he was diagnosed with multiple trauma occurred in a car accident. The same diagnosis was made and the passenger of the taxi, who was conscious and stable in terms of respiratory and hemodynamic.

Instead, Mercedes car driver wear safety vest and front passenger were not injured in the accident. Moreover, the two initially refused to be transported to the hospital, but soon passenger Mercedes went to the hospital for investigation.

1:25 p.m. Three people were injured in a traffic accident that occurred around noon at the corner of Route Bucharest. The accident involved two cars were a Dacia Logan and a Mercedes. According to preliminary information, the driver of the taxi coming from the street Nicolai not prioritized Mercedes circulating regular Calera, collide with it. The two cars stopped on the tram line and the last moment of a gasket motorman stopped and avoided a tragedy. The three victims, the driver in reflective vest, a passenger cab and another in Mercedes, were transported to the Emergency Hospital Craiova.

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Police in safety vest know that drivers have no idea

From time to time, the traffic police in safety vest from habit to check drivers if the car first aid kit, fire extinguisher and warning triangles. While this may seem trivial, it can complicate things at a certain time because many drivers do not know that the fire extinguisher and medical kit date. Because, let's face who looks at these details.

Most drivers buy their kit, put in the trunk and hopes not get to use it again.
"I was stopped by the police and I have asked, in addition to documents and the verification of periodic technical inspection (PTI) to show and first aid kit. I quietly removed it and I showed it to the traffic police in reflective vest. But when they checked my feet were soaked. Perishable items, to speak, had exceeded the terms of validity. So I got 5 penalty points and a fine of 300 lei ", told an amateur driver 54 years of Arad.

Even if this case occurred some time ago, the question at issue is a constant topic at national level for traffic police. So it is better to make sure in advance that you are legal with wear safety clothing. A medical kit price is about 100 lei and a fire extinguisher around 60 lei. Open your eyes not open the wallet!

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Reflective jacket can protect people from danger

For a whimsical weather, the outworn brand has produced a comprehensive assortment of reflective jackets and coats in a wide range of colors. In the collection, the functionality goes hand in hand with fantastic design, making the outer garment comfortable and also warm. In addition to jackets and coats, you can also find a double-sided waistcoat, which can be matched to many styling thanks to an external quilt and an internal monochrome allover pattern.
According to the latest trends, in the collection we find safety clothing, finished with special seams, whose task is to isolate against moisture. Also due to their unique structure, they provide thermal comfort and are exceptionally light. An additional advantage is the reflective elements that increase visibility in all conditions. For those who prefer longer covers, the brand has prepared a black down jacket with a decorative finish. Jackets have been impregnated with Bionic Eco technology, a thin crystalline coating that protects the fabric from water and dirt. In addition, it is environmentally friendly - it has biodegradable properties.
Another interesting proposition is the innovative two-way jacket, which changes its character depending on which side will be chosen. Extreme reflective fabric technology protects against wind and cold and additionally features exceptional lightness.

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Police in safety vest on the slopes

With the first snow on the slopes of Lower Silesia there are also police patrols. The main task of the officers during the daily service is to ensure the safety of both skiing and snowboarding. During the campaign "Together for safety on the slopes," the police in safety vest also remind people actively in the mountains of basic safety principles. Officers see, among others, on the area counties: Kleczka, Lipinski and Jelenia Gora.

All officers on duty in uniform equipped with reflective vests so that they could be seen from a distance and ask for help or advice.

Police officers will be patrolling not only downhill, but also their surroundings, access roads and parking lots. The main task of the officers on the ski slopes is a preventive action, affecting the safety of organized vacation spots. Officers in daily service shall inform vacationing skiing how to safely use the ski slopes. For which there are penalties for violations m. In. - Driving under the influence of alcohol and driving without a helmet children. The police in safety clothing primarily guarding order and react to dangerous and illegal behavior on skis, but they also have the right m. In.: identify, instruct, and in extreme situations punish irresponsible.

The campaign is also an art contest for children and youth to illustrate the Decalogue Rules FIS organized by the Police Headquarters and the Association of Ski Instructors and Trainers PZN under the slogan "The slope is not for the idols." To participate in the contest is sending 20 February 2017. Art work done by any technique drawing, painting or using computer programs to address the Police Headquarters.

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Police in safety vest chase the thief

She 'came out running from a clothing store with several hand stolen jackets. And 'success Tuesday, around 18.30, in via Independence: it was a policeman in safety vest, out of service and about with the family, to notice the scene and chase the thief. The latter - a Tunisian 42-year old - was stopped: he was arrested for improper robbery, as a result of the engine employed violence against a security guard who was leaving the room. The stolen goods amounted to approximately EUR 200, was returned to its rightful owner.

Ul second arrest, again Tuesday, it was executed at 23.40, when a police patrol in safety clothing Mobile Radio Unit, engaged in a monitoring service via Emilia, he noticed two young men who were forcing, with the help of a screwdriver, lock on the door of a computer store located at number 247. At the sight of the military, the two robbers abandoned the burglary tool and fled. One of the two young men managed to get away, while the 27 year old has been reached and arrested for attempted aggravated theft in competition.

Yesterday morning, the arrests have been validated and before judgment, arrears for both following the request of a forward defense by their respective legal terms, the 42 year-old was taken to prison with wearing reflective vest, while the 27 year old has been put back in freedom, with the extent of the obligation of residence in the Municipality of Bologna.

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