Police let children wear the safety vests daily

The school beginners in the district of Hansberger are equipped with reflective accessories, among other things so-called Caner, so that they are easily recognizable in road traffic.

Three policemen are in the hall of the Massac School in Hanford, but none of the children are frightened - on the contrary, two of them are still very familiar. The traffic educators Police chief Dominique Heim and chief commissioner Manfred Stuller were already with them in kindergarten. This visit has made an obvious impression because they still know what a safe school path is important, as a small quick query showed.

Click - almost like handcuffs!
In order to make the path even safer, when the darker season is coming, the traffic watchers Hapsburgs spend the rest of the year on reflective clothing. Stefan Scherer, clerk of traffic, showed with his safety jacket impressively, what difference makes the right clothes. And so the girls and boys of 1c and 1d stood back stretched their arms, so that each wrist could be provided with a reflective band. To the other classes, headmaster Gisela Schott will hand over the tapes in the next days. The police officers will be on the road for a few more days, and then all the first years will be equipped with safety belts. "For your children are our treasures," said Stefan Scherer as he left. Reflective clothing also existed for the 47 first classes of the "Johann Baptist Grasser Elementary School" Elman on their second day of school, so that they are now being particularly noticed by the other traffic participants as "yellow angels".

Wide visible
Stefan Scherer from the police inspectorate Hanford told the children: "Through the reflection materials of the safety vestiges you are already well seen from a distance of 140 meters away. Darkly dressed children can recognize a driver in the spotlight only 25 meters before - too late to stop in time".
However, the success of the action is also due to the fact that the children are actually wearing the safety vests. Teachers and parents should take care that the children wear the safety vests daily. Stefan Scherer urged the boys and girls to do so. This is especially important in autumn and in the winter semester. With enthusiasm, the students took their safety vest and caps and also promised to wear them regularly.

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The children were taught to move safely with reflective tape

Pupils were able to meet a policeman wear reflective vest from the Press and Prevention Department and a new local police officer yesterday morning in front of the school.

The aim of the event was to examine school children if they crossed the street properly and safely. The speech was also about the "absolute merits" of pedestrians at the crossings and the fact that they cannot rely on this unwritten rule. Each schoolboy then received a reflective tape with information on the importance of using it.

"Children are more vulnerable on the roads than other pedestrians. They are less focused and cannot estimate distance and predict the situation well. All the more important is that they can be seen on the road as well. Bright clothing, a school bag and reflective accessory shoes make their day-to-day travel to school and school safer, "explained Pavli, spokesperson for the Police of the Czech Republic.


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Cyclists: reflective accessory for your light!

With the return of shorter days, the GRACQ remind cyclists that it is important to ride with suitable lighting.
The days get shorter and the peak hours are becoming darker, people will wear safety vest to keep safer when they go out ... Yet almost two in ten cyclists still circulate without proper lighting. Nearly one in ten rolls even without lighting at all!

Traffic Laws
This year, volunteers will roam GRACQ Brussels and Wallonia to recall the rules of the road for cyclists. Insufficient light will receive a bike light kit while good students will be rewarded with chocolates!

Mandatory equipment of reflective material
The Highway Code is clear: the cyclist has equipped his bike with a white reflector in front, a red reflector on the back, yellow or orange reflectors on the pedals and on the shelves.

Better also favor bright clothing and be equipped with reflective accessories such as a fluorescent reflective jacket to be more visible after dark.

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You can save a life with safety vest

Dusk was already getting used to, which has a negative impact on the number of traffic accidents. Last year, a third of tragic accidents occurred at night, even when driving fewer cars. Caution should however not give only drivers but also pedestrians who are in similar collisions without safety vest due to poor visibility frequently die. How does one properly dressed to be clearly visible from a distance? Here are some tips.

When is approaching the worst part of the year for both drivers and pedestrians? But why the dying accidents on the road in the winter are happened so often? The culprit is a change of the time, which comes earlier. The work in the dark and return late in their coats, blurring the rain and snow from windscreens and icy roads, and tire tests arts drivers.

Like the last dying
* When traffic accidents killed 131 pedestrians, 72 per night.
* Outside the village at night killed 38 pedestrians in the village 32nd
* Some 47% of accident victims died on the highway at night. In villages it was 28% and the roads I to Class III.

"The night is really dangerous. All road users without distinction should strictly abide by the principle of seeing and being seen, "he told the Aha!
Do you feel that you no yellow reflective stripe salvaged? In that case, you should know that the dark sees pedestrian’s driver with reflective accessories to tenfold greater distance than without them. Best thing, if you wear bright clothes and combine it with reflective tape.

The law then states that, as a pedestrian, you must have reflective elements not only at night but also in reduced visibility, such as at dusk and dawn, or even in the daytime, when visibility is affected by heavy rain or fog. And whenever you go outside of the village in a place where there is no street lighting.

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reflective vest is an important accessory for cyclist

Let's be careful. Let's be visible Vest
The reflective vest (also mandatory in France) is an important accessory for cyclists. But you are right, if you drive a backpack, you become less visible.
Fortunately, simple solutions exist: the reflective cover for backpack or directly back to the reflective bag.
The idea here is to be seen. A light attached to his backpack in his arms. Reflectors feet, arms or bag. It's good as an idea, but personally too often in the morning, late, I forget the garage.
So I like the idea of stickers to stick reflectors on his bike (wheels, frames). Just like those we fixed ray (reflective radius rods), it certainly does some electro, but we are (sure to be) seen.
So, the risk of forgetting disappears. Think about it.
Another system to assess is that of creating a bike path (light) about its bike and its path. A light, tracing two ground lines (on each side of the bicycle), and creates a separation between the cyclist and cars.
A product that I found during my research innovative is the Light SKIN system, the light seat post. You'll understand the back lighting is integrated directly into the tube. Battery operated.
Lamps equipped with flash function (flashing and suddenly catches the eye of motorists with reflective vest
) are another option for added visibility. The products are well Swedish Bookman (model Curve and Front USB Light) as Kong (with the Frog).

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Fashion and bike accessories, small fashion queen

Color, simple design or materials increasingly upscale, all means are good to create a bike in his image
More than a convenient means of transport, ecological and affordable, cycling is experiencing a real change in its market. In addition to the frame and wheels, cyclists can now customize their bikes closer to their tastes. Accessories are also multiplying and technicisent the pace of market momentum.
The old gray and rusty bike, it's over! For ten years the world of the pedal is experiencing a rise in cosmetic bikes and accessories. A change due to the arrival of new cyclists on the market, thus it is prompting the offer to fit a younger, more urban and sensitive to the appearance of their means of transport. The goal: "avoid at all costs look like a factor or a DDE agent with his orange safety vest
, fun Mathieu Forget, salesman at Cox, electric bike specialist. These new cyclists often take their bike to work, moving around the city between several appointments: so they are very careful about their style. “For three years, it is not enough distributors only offer practical accessories.”Today, you can have the most comfortable seat in the world, if it is not pretty, you do not sell, analysis Benjamin Hogue, head of the French and Spanish markets in Wynona Group. Products are preferred matched our bike rather than an ultra-functional object. "
With over 2.7 million bicycles sold in 2014 (according to figures from the National Bicycle Trade Union), the accessory market is closely following this improvement. Sales of equipment (locks, pumps, helmets, textiles, etc.) increased by 6% compared to 2013, with a high propensity of consumers to buy on the Internet (15.5%).
Flashy or vintage
Far from expectations of a sports bike and appearance of the riders of the Tour de France, the city attracted by modern models, close to the fashion of the moment. For example, neon is one of the latest trends in the cycle. "It all started with Nike, which has somehow initiated the arrival of color on its products, analysis Frederic Jung, product manager for accessories at Twin, the brand specialized bike Decathlon. While we were quite used to seeing the gray, they added the yellow, pink, green, fluorescent colors instead, and all producers have followed suit. Now on a helmet, there is whole chromatic scale, highly requested by buyers. “The difference, according to Frederic Jung, "is that today we work on harmony. It is far from the explosion of patterns and colors juxtaposed anyhow; is seeking a real consistency between the reflective accessory and keeping the rider. "
Another very trend followed the vintage.”For example, the customer wants a bell old, aluminum, making 'ding dong', says Mathieu Forget in Cox. We also find that love for the old in luggage, with bags and leather saddle to coordinate, make all the difference. "Products that show increasingly codes of classic leather goods" when the are observed in panniers or Basil Brooks, Benjamin notes of Wynona Hogue, if we do not know that they are adaptable, we do not realize that they are stamped bike products. It was ten years ago, these products did not exist. “This trend towards more and more aesthetics courses for all manufacturers.”In a few years we will have a cart with integrated lighting. Today, the functional side is controlled. The focus is now on aesthetics, aspect that cannot be any concessions. We want to extend the beauty of the bike. "Now, brands" classic "are getting into. The jeans maker Levi's launched its range Commuters, for cyclists with reflective clothing and motorcyclists. The 501 jeans cult brand becomes the 511, with reinforced areas on the waist, buttocks or crotch for easy pedaling.

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