The return of the vigilant grandparents in reflective vest

At the reopening of schools, next September, the vigilant grandparents will also return with wearing reflective vest. Until a couple of years ago they were regular and friendly figures, present in the early morning and at the time of the exit with their bibs and paddles to welcome and let the children of elementary and middle schools safely pass through. Also thanks to their presence, the parents trusted to leave the children the autonomy to move and get home and the awareness campaigns were possible to avoid using the car up to the threshold of the institute. For the last two years, however, municipal police officers, whenever and wherever possible, took their place, and their watchful grandparents suddenly disappeared.

At that point, the City of Trento gave the commander of the firefighters to carry out the investigations to assess if there are alternative routes and now the solution seems to have been found. Last September, the municipal council gave the green light to an experiment, carried out outside the primary school, entrusting the local Senior Center with the task of carrying out the assistance service. At the end of the year, the result is positive: urged by the president of the district Armando Stefani, some pensioners have come forward who have enrolled in the Senior Center precisely with the intention of taking service with orange vest as a vigilant grandfather. In addition, they did it with enthusiasm as evidenced by the letter published on the Adige a few days ago in which they define the "fantastic and wonderful" experience.

If the same desire to do will be found on the rest of the territory from September, the watchful grandparents will reappear in a compact way. Meanwhile, the City has prepared the ground by drafting a regulation for the regulation of the service, approved by the junta at the last session. In order not to run into the ban on pay, the fee of 4 Euros for each presence in front of a school will be paid directly to the associations in the name and on behalf of which the watchful grandparents will be available. The money collected will be used to pay insurance policies, with mandatory coverage against the risks of civil liability for damages caused to third parties, and what will remain will collect the associations, presumably elderly circles but not only. Supervisory grandparents will instead intervene purely as volunteers.

The "Discipline for the school surveillance service" provides that the Municipality does not assume responsibility for accidents in which the volunteers were to incur.
The operators identified by the participating organizations will have to participate in a special security briefing held by the local police and the associations will be assigned an endowment of 4 high visibility vests and 4 pallets with the word "school surveillance" in addition to the ordinance hats. The applications for membership must be submitted by 30 April each year and by 30 June; the Municipality will identify the organizations responsible for supervising the stations for the following school year. For the first year, however, given the tight schedule, the mayor will raise awareness of the clubs to come forward.

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120 children safety vests for CE2

hanks to the operation "Vests Junes", initiated by the municipal council of children, 120 safety vests were distributed to the pupils of CE2 of the schools of Loire: the school of Portieres, the school group Johann Keung, the school of Papacies and the private school Saint-Jean. A slogan is printed on the back: "I think in the night, I think of my life".

300 high visibility vests were donated last year to other classes. Pauline Martin, the Mayor, Patrice, Deputy City Councilor for Schools and Sport, and Hélène Renoir, Director of the Children's Unit, made sure that the students understood the usefulness of wearing the garment for their safety. "I will do spot checks at the entrance of schools to control those who wear their reflective vests. A reward will be given to the most serious class, "warned the head of the municipal police, Gilles Sinton.

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Policemen give riders a "life flashlight" and a safety vest

Officers of the Grudziadz "traffic" wear safety vest appearing at the motorway junction - as part of the "action" policy - instruct drivers how to behave on the motorway when a car crash occurs. I often drive the highway. It is faster and safer. The driver was one of the patrols controlled by the Road Division of Grudziadz at the motorway junction.

About the principles of safe moving around the A1 in the event of a failure instructed. We stop in the parking lot, and if we do not have such a possibility, preferably on the green belt. We put on a vest; we leave the vehicle and set a warning triangle at a distance of about a hundred meters.

Mr. Macias was pleased that he gained both knowledge and another reflective vest and flashlight. - Cool action. When traveling, we do not think that something bad can happen and we do not think about how to behave. Well listen to such short instruction - praises the actions of police officers Macias. Flyer, waistcoat and flashlight - Sergeant Kieta Kaminski mentions a set of "gadgets" handed to Macias, another of the controlled. - The flashlight in case of any failure can be placed on the roof of the car because it has a built-in magnet. It has pulsating and constant light. It also has elements to help break the glass and cut belts.

The car owner, known as Grudziadz, Macias admits: - This is my first vest. It will be a regular feature of my car. For the first time I see something like this. Great thing!
Another driver, Krzysztof Kopi, claims to be an experienced driver and possesses reflective elements in his car, is the basis: "It's probably my sixth vest, but of course it will be useful. I travel frequently not only in Poland, but also abroad. It is important for me that I and my family feel safe.

According to the uniform recommendations, the stopover should only take place in car parks or on the so-called. "MOPs", that is places of service travelers.
If a vehicle breaks down and we are not able to drive to these parking lots, then - the cops advise - we drive down the emergency belts or if it is possible, on the green belt. "The point is that the vehicle, the driver and the passengers are as far away from the belts as possible," explains asp. It is important to notify the emergency services of the accident. This can be done with cell phones or payphone booths located every two kilometers on the highway.

How to behave during a highway accident - "pill":
Immediately with the passengers leave the vehicle through the right door on the side of the roadside.
Stop only on the emergency lane.
Remember to warn other highway users: turn on the emergency lights, put on a high visibility vest, set the warning triangle at a distance of about 100 meters.
With a triangle, move only the emergency belt or the green area.
Get help. Expect it at a safe distance from the vehicle in the green. Never cross the highway to call for help.

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The British protest against reflective vests

This is specifically about reflective vest modeled on police vests used by roadside motorists riding motorcycles. They have a distinctive cut and a black and white checkered strip. The main difference is Polite, instead of Police.

Where does this opposition come from? According to the initiators of the action, the use of such vests means that road users perceive motorcyclists as police officers, giving the unlicensed fore to two-wheeled fans. Interestingly, the petitioners are ... motorcyclists, and some of their arguments are in our opinion borrowed from Monty Python. Ed Elliott, representing people who have problems with high visibility vests, claims that "they destroy the cool image of motorcyclists." In addition, "motorcyclists are replaced on the roads by yellow minnows", and "individuals using vests go to the police, and that is not helpful or wise at all." The petition is addressed to not just anyone, because it was Prime Minister David Cameron.

What is going on? We do not know very well, but it certainly is another version of the British sense of humor understood only for the people of the British Isles. We know for sure that the vests with the inscription "Polkas" (instead of Police) and modeled on police safety vests are quite popular among Polish motorcyclists. Do you have a problem with that?

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New bike for life with some safety equipments

With a bicycle from kilometer 19 of Bastille Avenue, the organization Bicycles for Life called to remember Pablo Ramos, three years after he lost his life without safety vest after being hit and a year after the death of Felix Leadsman who was also overwhelmed by a Vehicle in the route of Circumvallation.

The call is for Friday, March 17 at 17 hours, anticipating arriving at the Civic Center at 19 for the central act.
The starting point for the pedaling is the place where Ramos was run over on March 15, 2014. However, from the organization, they recommended that inexperienced cyclists join in kilometer 4 and children with their parents, all of them need to wear a high visibility vest, from the monolith in kilometer 1.

They also noted that it is mandatory to wear helmets, light clothing, lights and reflective vest.
"The bicycle is for life, for Paul, for Felix, for everyone. Let us be many so that our claim is heard loudly, "warned the call.

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Motorists asked for vests according to the new standard

"We check the reflective vests according to the new standard. Few motorists know about it. The customer does not see the difference at first glance. Recently, vests that are not marked in accordance with the new standard appear. Obviously, traders are buying in bulk at some cheap wholesalers," Panel Kantor, a technician from Bohme’s STK, confirmed.

Here, before the Tuesday speech, they explained that an old vest according to the EN standard can be used for a cyclist or pedestrian, but not for the driver in the mandatory equipment. "What have they made up again," Kantor sighed, with the MVC having nothing but compliance with the standard.

When they are in stock, a new reflective jacket is bought by the driver straight to the STK. If they are not, according to Kantor, the technical driver is only a month old and has to pay for it again.

The police are still confused about the interpretation of standards that are being applied and which are not. The Police Presidium referred to the Ministry of Transport.

"In general, we can say that there is a block penalty of up to two thousand crowns due to deficiencies in the mandatory equipment of the vehicle," Josef Boca of the Police Presidium told Prado.

He confirmed that it is enough for us to have a vest for the driver, but in Austria, the high visibility vest must be available for all people in the car.

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Police officers checking the driver for reflective vests

On reflective vest vehicles at Wednesday's event focused transport traffic cops. Drivers checked at the Ostrava part of the D1 motorway. They wanted to draw attention to the large increase in the number of people who were not on this thoroughfare killed by another vehicle.

Mandatory reflective vest had controlled vehicles in all drivers. "Some of them but she could not find at first," said the editor of CT Rader Wigless under which officers recommend that the security element should chauffeurs under the seat or in the door.

"Police recommend that the car had a driver and passenger high visibility vest," said Rader Wigless. He pointed at the same time increase the number of persons who were this year on Czech roads, knocked down another car.

Most offenses committed by Poles
Most offenses the D1 motorway Moravian-Silesian region has to his credit this year Polish drivers. Poles were also fined more than domestic drivers. This stems from police statistics, which previously provided the Silesian police spokeswoman Lena.

By November of this year in the section of the D1 motorway in the Region police with safety vest recorded 3302 violations. "The Czech driver had committed 1,332 of them. Almost 1,400 road traffic offenses committed drivers from Poland, 571 offenses were committed by aliens, "the spokeswoman said.

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Fog hampered traffic on the Sun Highway

Police advise that drivers all need to wear safety vest to keep visibility. Traffic on the A2 highway Bucharest - Constanta carries hampered because of fog between 15 and 45 miles visibility is reduced - sometimes - below 100 meters, announced Center.

Police recommend reducing road speed, increased range in motion and proper use of lights. Also, drivers are advised not to stop on the lanes and the emergency lane. The heavy fog will influence the light scene and reduce the visibility on road, drivers can’t see and be seen clearly, there are more risk than usual time. In this case, a high visibility vest can be good help for dam environment and keep them safety.

In case of power failure or technical malfunctions, drivers are advised to turn on hazard warning lights,reflective vest to equip, to remove occupants off the roadway and place the triangles, one after the other, at greater distances.

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Travelling safely with safety vest

Drive case offers many customizable solutions to help you choose the kit that best suits your needs and expectations.
The presence of a safety vest and a pre-signaling triangle is compulsory in a vehicle. Drive case offers you different customizable Triangle and Vest kits that meet European standards, allowing you to find the perfect
The My Kit range offers a wide range of first-aid kits suitable for everyday use. Each product is fully customizable to your company's colors and will therefore be perfect advertising gifts. Whether in cars, bicycles or even children's safety, My Kit offers solutions for all your needs, even the most specific ones.
Since January 1, 2016, all drivers of motorized two-wheelers are obliged to have a high visibility vest in their vehicle. To meet this need, Drive case offers customized kits that meet the standards. In addition to the vest, you will find various accessories that will increase your safety. Just like the kits presented earlier, these are fully customizable so you can use them in your prevention campaigns. Custom-made kit
Drive case also offers you the possibility to create your own custom kits such as reflective clothing. These kits will allow you to perfectly meet your expectations and your needs. In addition to containing the items you want, this kit is also customizable to match your company's image.

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European Standard EN 471 of safety vest

Employers shall make available to workers carrying out activities in the workplace with traffic flow, personal protection devices conform to the provisions of Title III of the TU 81/2008.

High-visibility clothing based on the provisions of:
• Legislative Decree 475/92 "Code Rules of the road"
• DM June 9, 1995 "Technical regulations on requirements related to clothing and autonomous devices to make it visible from a distance the personnel involved in road conditions poor visibility”
• DM10 / 97" directives Implementation 93/68 / EEC, 93/95 / EEC and 96/58 / EC relating to PPE”
• for 4 March 2013" road signs for work activities carried out in the presence of vehicular traffic”
• UNI EN 20471: 2013 "high-visibility clothing - Methods of testing and requirements"
• UNI EN 343 that provides protection against precipitation such as rain, snow, fog and humidity.

On 28 June 2013, the "EU Official Journal" published the new standard EN ISO 20471: 2013, which officially replaces as of the same date the current EN 471: 2003 + A1: 2007.

The EN ISO 20471: 2013 specifies requirements for reflective vest can visually signal the presence of the rescuer, seen by the operators of vehicles or other mechanized devices in all conditions of daylight or the light of vehicle headlights in ' darkness.

This includes the performance requirements related to color and retro-reflection as well as the minimum areas and dispose of materials in protective clothing.
Via saying summarize the information and major changes of the standard relating to us as rescuers, but does list them all.
For more detailed information, we recommend getting a copy of the complete standard to which to refer.

Main changes
• Eliminates the distinction between professional and non-professional use
• It examines the analysis and assessment of risks to the choice of high visibility clothing appropriate to high-risk situations
• Keeps grouping system in three classes for garments based on minimum areas of high visibility materials: Fluorescent and reflective
• Excludes the risers as they cannot be certified as complying with the requirements
• Excludes from the calculation of the required minimum the area covered by symbols, letters or logos
• Expected that the bottom material (fluorescent) must surround all the relevant parts (chest, arms and legs) with a minimum width of 50 mm
• Delete the requirements for the separate performance reflective material Class 1 specified by Standard EN 471
• Offers that beside the pictogram must be reported one number indicating the class of the garment
• features that in the information for the user must be dacha plowed the maximum number of wash cycles
• The extension of the provisions on health and safety for all workers
• The review and coordination of supervisory activities
• The financing of promotional and training activities for the work safety
• the review and the tightening of the sanctions system
• lightening of bureaucratic burdens on businesses
• New rules for drawing up the "single document the risk assessment"

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