A cyclist seriously injured after a collision with a car

A car hit a 46-year-old cyclist on Thursday night as he drove on the D 606 at Cannes, towards Villeneuve. He had to be transported to Paris in critical condition. "He was not wearing a helmet and just had a small reflective vest. His bike was not lit, regrets a police officer. This accident could have been avoided."

The driver of the car, a 54-year-old resident whose consumption of alcohol or narcotics was negative, saw him at the last moment. He violently hit her from behind. He then went around three times with his car, at the Brio Depot store, to find the victim and help him while awaiting the arrival of the helpers. Both were returning from a day's work.

Friday evening, around 19 hours, a car hit a cyclist on the D20, connecting Vise to Romaine, resulting in the death of the latter. The gendarmes identified the victim. According to the first elements, revealed by the gendarmerie, the man did not wear a yellow vest, or any other reflective object. The driver of the vehicle was tested negative for alcohol and drug tests. The gendarmes continue the investigation.

The victim suffers from major head injuries and multiple fractures. "With the night falling earlier and earlier, it is imperative to equip your bike with light. Moreover, the wearing of the helmet is mandatory for children under 12 years and highly recommended for all practitioners," said the police in safety vest.


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Mandatory reflective vests will be available from July

After May adjustments to the point system and the amount of fines, Germany is preparing another change in traffic rules. From July, drivers in Germany will have to carry reflective vests in cars, and they will be subject to a fine. At the same time, the environmental rules for entry into some German cities, which will no longer have cars with a red and yellow emission plaque, will be tightened.

Incorporating a reflective vest into mandatory car equipment should improve the safety of drivers who need to get out of the car in the event of an accident or disruption, as motorists in the surrounding vehicles will be better able to see. The new adjustment does not specify whether the reflective vest should be orange, yellow or green. Unlike Austria, German regulations do not require a vest for every car passenger, just one on the vehicle.

If a driver does not have a reflective safety vest in the car, a roadside penalty of 15 Euros is threatened by roadside inspection. The German ADAC club, points out that if the driver does not blink when he leaves the vehicle, it is not an offense. In such a case, however, it is unlikely to be entitled to indemnity from the insurance company if it wounds a passing car.

Since July, the rules for entering some German cities have also been tightened. While cars with three types of emission plaques have still been in use, they will only be allowed to drive vehicles with a green plaque that designates the engine with the least environmental burden. The measure concerns 21 cities in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. For a long time, similar arrangements have been made in Berlin, for example.

In the Czech Republic, the plaque can be obtained at most technical inspection stations upon presentation of a large technical license. According to the Central Automat Club of the Czech Republic, the price of the plaque is about 300 crowns; its validity is not limited in time. If the driver in yellow vest enters the defined low emission zone without a plaque or worse than the city authorizes, he is liable to a fine of 80 Euros.

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A special track Instead of a ticket for 20 drivers

20 drivers were selected for the test that had at least three years driving license and regularly rode. They were divided into two groups of ten - younger (21-34 years old) and older (60-75 years old), all of them wear the reflective vest. Their task was to travel 10 times almost 2 km of the road in night conditions. A section of the road was chosen, with curves and hills as well as straight sections.

The road was standard marked (vertical signs and horizontal marking), unlit. In addition, there are several lighthouses deployed by sensors that simulated the lights of vehicles approaching from the opposite direction.
Drivers rode Nissan Maxima from 1997. The car was equipped with cameras, sensors and equipment with a button that recorded the moment when the driver saw the pedestrian.
Pedestrians dressed in five types of clothes walked along the track chosen for the experiment:
- Black: black sweatshirt, pants, gloves and shoes
- Whites: white coat, white gloves and leggings
- In waistcoats: dressed as in black but with a yellow vest containing a reflective box at the chest level
- Safety: dressed as in the black version but with sewn reflectors in the wrists, elbows, arms, hips, knees and ankles

Pedestrians in each of these outfits appeared to the drivers twice - once when driving with the passing lights, once while driving with traffic lights. They also studied the perception of a pedestrian dressed in the same outfit, when he stood in the dark and in a place on the road, in which there were also distracting reflective cones.

It turned out that when driving with the lights on; the pedestrians dressed in black were practically not seen. Younger drivers dressed in white saw from about 50 m, the elders from a smaller distance. They were dressed in a vest with reflections and were noticed by young drivers from over 50 m, in older ones at a distance comparable to pedestrians dressed in white. The safety garment provided pedestrian visibility from over 200 m to young drivers and over 100 m to older drivers.

At traffic lights, younger drivers noticed pedestrians dressed in black with approx. 40 m, the older ones almost at all. Interestingly, both groups of drivers noticed faster pedestrians dressed in white (almost 150 m - young, about 75 m - older) than dressed in a safety vest with reflections (about 75 m - young, about 60 m - older). Reflective wipes were still unrivaled. Younger drivers saw such a pedestrian with more than 200 m, older - with almost 150 m.


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Equipped with reflective vest for road safety

At the time of winter time, pedestrians and cyclists without reflective vest are more vulnerable when traveling due to total or partial darkness. The figures show it: the mortality rate may be down; pedestrian victims represent a quarter of the casualties at night in built-up areas.

This is why the association Prevention Mafia, led for the third consecutive year a great action of prevention, for pedestrians and cyclists: "Think about it".
This is an opportunity for all users to equip themselves with free retro-reflective objects: armband, stickers, LED lamps, yellow vests... to safely apprehend the transition to winter time.
To liven up this tour, Companies will be part of the show: specialized in the street show, it will animate this operation of general interest thanks to luminous giants and will alert passers-by about the importance of visibility.

"Think about it", will stop in Niort on Monday, November 7th, Place Breech from 4 pm to 7 pm. To mark their commitment, the volunteers in safety vest of the association Prevention Mafia, accompanied by representatives of the Mafia will travel by motorcade to the Place Breech.

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Yellow motorcycle jacket: now mandatory

MOTORCYCLE VEST YELLOW - 2016, year zero for the bike? On 1st January, regulation has changed considerably. First symbolic measure: every driver will now have two wheels have a yellow safety vest handy. Warning: this does not mean that riders will have to wear it all the time. Put the reflective vest will be needed in case of emergency stop (accident, breakdown ...). This measure is for bikes, scooters, the 3 wheeled motorized vehicles and finally to the quads.

If you do not have a yellow vest, you risk a fine of 35 Euros. Failure to wear a yellow vest in case of emergency stop, the ticket will amount to 135 euros. However, no point of withdrawal is planned. In order to comply with European legislation, the vest must have the "CE" marking. Feel free to check for this on the label when buying.

Furthermore, the implementing decree concerning the mandatory use of gloves approved for bikers should soon come into force. The A2 license (under 47 horsepower), hitherto reserved for 18-24 years, could evolve in 2016 and concern all new drivers of two wheels. Furthermore, the government wants to impose in two years a mandatory technical inspection prior to the sale of a used bike.

Finally, the clamping, it's over! A regulation of the European Union has this French exception closet that existed since the 1980s since the beginning of the year; reflective material manufacturers can market in our motorcycles developing more than 106 horsepower.

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Traffic Safety: safety vests for children

The success story continues: More than three-quarters of a million safety vests are distributed to first graders - ADAC, German Post, A Heart for Children and VDA jointly support the action Protectors / Important contribution to road safety of children

The action Protectors goes with the beginning of the school year to the next round. For the fourth time provide the Special Partners - the ADAC Stiftung "Gelber Engel", the German Post, the charity "A Heart for Children" and the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) - that free nationwide 16,700 primary schools in total 770,000 safety vests to graders are distributed.

The bright yellow vests afford - just the beginning of the dark season - a significant contribution for improving the safety of the small road user. Since the beginning of the action in 2010 more than three million have already been issued to first-graders.

Peter Meyer, ADAC President: "Children are the most vulnerable participants in road traffic. Better protect you, is the primary intention of the Special Body protectors, we have launched three years ago. That today provides almost every German Elementary School their first years they begin school yellow jackets available, is a great success for our joint initiative. "

Corporate Board letter German Post DHL: "For the post as largest civilian fleet operators the subject road safety plays a central role. Here we want to share with strong and credible partners making a clear statement. "
Dr. Christina, 1st Chairman of the organization" Kinder "When Axel Springer in 1978 heard on the radio that every year 1500 children in road traffic die he cried, A heart for children 'to life. We are pleased that we can make a significant contribution to the safety vests that today far fewer children are involved in road accidents. "

Matthias, President of the Association of the Automotive Industry: "Children are on the road especially at risk, they need special attention in road safety work. Therefore, the automotive industry supports the safety reflective vests action for school. "
As before, the high accident figures are alarming. In 2012, injured 29 321 children under 15 years on the road, 73 of them died. At the elementary school students between six and ten years, the numbers are similar alarming. 7817 children were involved last year in accidents, 20 of which were fatal.

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Why a scarecrow wear safety vest

In Tours, the 1 700th anniversary of the birth of Saint whose body rests in the Basilica that bears his name ... And on the highway leaving Tours to the south, is another Martin that we cross at the roadside (voluntary resemblance). So it has no coat but share a recognizable yellow vest. Martin announced to drivers they are entering a work zone; in this case that of the enlargement of the A10 between Chambray and Veigné.

And if Martin Highway is not divine, it also looks to the sky. Indeed, this great articulated mannequin (no, this is not a scarecrow wear safety vest!)... Is it powered by wind passing cars? Yes, a sort of wind motorway tested for the first time in France.

In fact, Martin means Autonomous Dummy Recall Innovative Works and Nomade (he had to have to brainstorm for hours to get to this acronym!). His goal: to slow down motorists, bikers or road approaching the site so as not to endanger workers. And as the name suggests, it will move over the progress of work.

Eventually, if the test is successful, Martin will replace older models running on generators. The design of the tool is executed by a company Tours: Metal Solutions, located in St-Laurent-en. Now, so you can say hello to Martin in reflective vest when you drive towards Poitiers.

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Safety vest keep student safer

Catherine is an angry woman. Wednesday, November 16 at 8:20, she takes her children in safety vest to school, Reaumur Street in the southeast area. As usual, it is she who is responsible for making schoolchildren cross the crosswalk. Because it’s unlike other sectors, here there is no public road security officer. Mom is positioned in the middle of the road on the way, arms spread, when a Fiat 500 driven by a woman of 23 years in Oise, arose and struck Ethan, four. Catherine's son was hit in the head by the mirror and part of the car. Lower lip "exploded" bloody nose, Ethan is projected on the side. Fortunately, the child is strong. Taken to hospital by firefighters, he was able to return home a few hours later.

The anger of the family is not it, not settled. “The driver explained that she had not seen Ethan because of the steamy windows, I do not really believe. We were still visible in the middle of the crosswalk, "says Catherine, also representative of parents of school Reaumur. Mom calls to the City more security on this axis, albeit not very popular with motorists, but not immune to accidents. A petition is also being developed. “Other schools receive ASVP while they are in the same situation, this is not right. This is not because the school is located down the street there is no risk. "

Good Samaritan, Mrs. Catherine was accustomed to cross other children. “I will continue but I will take this time a yellow vest. It is still unusual to have to do the work of the officers of the City. "Full of history, the day before the accident, the flashing signs alerting to the presence of children had been installed near the facility but were not yet operational.

The City, however, seems to have taken the measure of the incident, the mother having been received in the day Wednesday by the deputy mayor in charge of southern Martin demised sector.

A call to parents
Clement Stengel, deputy mayor in charge of security, is currently gathering all the elements relating to the accident. “To study the possibilities of making this school a monitored item. It does not close the door to this solution but it has to be justified, "he says.

Twenty schools are not monitored by ASVP against sixty which themselves are. In some areas, there are even two ASVP as or instead Vogel Boulevard. “Unfortunately, we cannot monitor all given the number of ASVP (nearly 100) who also have other missions continues Stengel. You think to identify individuals, possibly parents in reflective vest who could handle the monitoring and would be equipped. Not systematically but in addition ASVP by a system of rotation, for example. Nothing is decided but it is under consideration. "

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The compulsory yellow vest for two motorized wheels

Like motorists, drivers of two or three wheelers will obligation from 1 January 2016 to have on board a yellow safety vest, according to a decree published on Sunday in the Official.

Officially called "high visibility vest," "Reflective vest" or "fluorescent jacket" by some, this accessory will be within hand drivers of "motor vehicle with two or three wheels or a quadricycle engine, without fairing.”

"They should dispose of them or in storage of their vehicles (net, trunk) and wear the reflective vest when they come down from their vehicle after an emergency stop, to improve their visibility," says Decree.

Mandatory since 1 July 2008 for motorists - like red triangle - the fluorescent yellow vest, complies with the regulations in force (CE marking), must be endorsed by the driver before leaving his vehicle in case of immobilization on the floor or its surroundings after an emergency stop.

Violators will incur a fine of 11 Euros if no jacket on board, 135 Euros if they do not carry the following emergency stop.

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