Three models of shoes that shine in the dark

The Swiss firm launches in its catalog of 2019 three new models of sneakers for cyclists who share an interesting quality: they shine in the dark thanks to the reflective fabric. The Scott BOA Reflective range consists of three models, one for road cyclists, another for mountain bikers and another for beginners and budget users, in all cases with a design that offers greater visibility in night or night conditions, thanks to the reflective material present in the shoe cover.

For road cyclists who roll in low light conditions, the firm proposes the Scott Road Comp BOA Reflective. They feature a fully reflective instep as well as a BOA L6 closure system that offers an optimal fit to the cyclist's foot. The footwear has injected nylon and fiberglass sole with a stiffness index of 6 out of 10, a removable Ergo Logic insole and a declared weight of 295 grams in size 42. They are available in a men's or women's version.

For mountain bikers, the Scott MTB Comp BOA Reflective arrives at the stores. Like the road model, they feature a fully reflective instep as well as a practical BOA L6 closure system to fit the cyclist's foot perfectly. The footwear has an injected plastic composite outsole with a stiffness index of 6, complemented by Sticky rubber studs and a removable Ergo Logic insole. The declared weight of each shoe is 380 grams in size 42, also available in male or female version.

The last option proposed by the Swiss firm is the Scott Sport BOA Reflective, aimed at beginner cyclists or those with a tighter budget. They keep the instep 100% reflective of the other two models, although in this case with a BOA L5 closure and a more polyvalent sole, made of a plastic compound with a stiffness index of 6 and tacking of Sticky rubber. The shoes have a declared weight of 400 grams per unit in size 42 and, as in the rest of the Reflective range, they are available in a male or female version. And if you want to increase your visibility at night, it is useful to wear a reflective vest.

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They gave students reflective vests and reflective tape

Police officers together with the Provincial Traffic Center reminded students about safety rules when crossing a pedestrian crossing.

On Wednesday, the action was carried out in front of the Primary School No. 2. Students received reflective vests and reflective tapes.

The autumn period begins and we must remember the reflective fabrics on clothing or schoolbags. The rules regulate the wearing of reflections outside built-up areas. It is worth remembering that they can save our lives both in the city and in the suburb.  

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How reflective clothing works

If paparazzi have a right to take photos and newspapers are allowed to print photos taken by paparazzi, it stands to reason that those in the brief spotlight of an eager photographer’s flash have a right to fight back, too. Anti-paparazzi clothing has been around for a while, such us reflective clothing.

The trick is to use retro-reflective materials. These are textiles, plastic or metal that will reflect light back to its source. If you’ve ever driven down a road and saw your headlights illuminate road signs almost impossibly far away, or if you’ve seen so-called cat’s eyes, you’ve seen it in action.

Imagine there was a way to trick the camera into thinking that the scene looks different with reflective fabric than it actually does. If you were able to trick the camera into thinking the scene was much, much darker, it would tell the flash to increase its output. As a result, the image would be far too bright, and probably ruined.

Reflective materials do the opposite; by reflecting a lot more light back at the camera than normal fabrics, the camera believes the scene is a lot brighter than it is and it reduces the flash output. In effect, the camera is exposing “correctly” for the reflective material, but incorrectly for everything else in the scene, probably ruining the photo.  

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Equipped safety vests in your private cars

With the improvement of people's economic level, the changes of the consumption concept, more and more families have private cars, and the vehicle travel safety has been more and more attention of everyone.

Driving on the road, whether the reflective signs, reflective road cones, or traffic police safety vests, are all considered a very common security equipment. Reflective clothing not only took a safety protection, but also demonstrated a sense of security, many staffs must be wearing a reflective clothing at night. With the improvement of safety awareness in the work and life, and the relevant work in the car have also begun to use the work clothes with reflective effect.

For ordinary drivers, driving outside, it is inevitable to meet the emergency situation, such as temporary stopping to buy a bottle of water, go to the gas station, or failure to temporary parking (especially highway). If you wear reflective clothing appeared on the roadside, then you give the vehicle warning effect will increase several times, and in the evening, this kind of reflective warning effect will be in a few hundred meters away from the vehicle on the tip of the deceleration.

Therefore, in the car, the car should be equipped with two or three pieces of clothing with reflective fabric.  

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The guards gave people with reflective tapes

Hulking police officers, in cooperation with BESIP, drew attention to the preventive action on a valid amendment to the Road Act, according to which pedestrians traveling on the road outside the village should use reflective vests for bad visibility.

As of February 20, it should be a matter of course for pedestrians to use reflective signs for bad visibility. That's how they are more visible to the driver.

Pave Rakes, coordinator of BESIP:

"A person who is not marked by a reflective element, and as usual, is dressed in dark clothes, so the visitor sees him as reduced visibility for 18-20 m. This is not even the reaction time.

Reflective tapes received residents highlight the pedestrian at 200 meters, so the driver has enough time to react. It is important that the tape is placed on the right foot or hand.

Lenny Prada, City Police Hulking:"Many people have come for the reflective tapes. They took them home, for family members.

Inquiry: "I'm used to wearing it. But I wanted it for my two grandchildren. "

If you do not have a reflective tape at hand, try using at least a plastic bag.

Pave Rakes, coordinator of BESIP:"With just the natural movement when I get my hand when I go, the white plastic bag can highlight the movement and warn the driver.

Stickers, patches, pendants or hand bands are available in haberdashery or bicycle shops. Often, reflective fabrics are already sewn into seams of jackets, school bags or backpacks.

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The Starlight LED reflective backpack arrives

We have been waiting for him for some time now, he is coming ... He's the Starlight, Bester’s bright backpack: it is equipped with LEDs that light up during braking, Visibility first!

Retro reflective tapes, neon yellow vest ... We have heard a lot about two-wheeled visibility in recent years. Bagster, the French specialist in equipment for motorcycles, has devised another solution.

The new Starlight backpack has an electronic system consisting of a transmitter positioned in the backpack cover, and a receiver under the saddle of the bike and connected by two wires to the stop light. The system operates with 4 x 1.5 V batteries and the communication between the two boxes is via Bluetooth.

The backpack with a volume of 30 liters has comfort straps with retro-reflective fabric, and a comfort back with foam pads. A rain cover (stored in a pocket under the bag) covers the bag to protect the personal effects of moisture, but it does not prevent the use of the light device in rainy weather.

The Starlight, its electronic system and its LEDS are homologated to the CE standards, it is precisely what took a little time ... Its exit was indeed envisaged in 2012. We will tell you more during our complete test since we must receive it at the beginning of the school year.

Bagster Starlight: technical form
- Thermo-compressed hood
- Comfort straps with retro reflective tape
- Comfort back with foam pads
- Rain cover
- 2 zipped side pockets
- Volume of 30 liters
- Dimensions: 50x30x20 cm
- Weight: 1.5 kg
- Recommended retail price: 149 €  

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The versatile motorcycle reflective jacket

The range of CE Protective Technology Ion is gradually reflective fabric. After his gloves Pro Blaze HP has introduced the HP Shiroki, a motorcycle jacket and scooter technically very successful. Not content to play back the security card, textile garment fits all sizes ... 365 days a year!

The French Ion completes its regular range of motorcycle and scooter jackets. Today we present his Shiroki HP, a textile pattern to serious pretensions. Like all products in the range Ion EC Protective Technology, the garment is supposed to guarantee a high level of protection and security. He bets for this on clean technologies to the OEM.

The first advantage of the reflective jacket Ion Shiroki HP is its versatility. With its scalable pruning, it can adapt to a wide range of templates and morphologies offering an excellent level of comfort. One can also wear it in summer and winter as it includes a waterproof and breathable insert in Dry mesh, a removable winter lining and front and rear ventilation zips…

To meet the specifications in 7 points of the range Protective Technology , Ion has completed the list of accessories with protections CE elbows and shoulders and a retro-reflective tape on the back. The clothing is marketed in the network Ion S to 4XL priced at € 199. 3 colors are available: solid black, black and white and tricolor version pictured above.

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A new reflective jacket for cyclists

Casella out a new reflective jacket for cyclists who combines breathability and impermeability: the Light Perfecta short sleeves.

The Casella brand has released a new jacket: the Light Perfecta. Its characteristic is to offer excellent breathability (thanks to Gore Wind stopper reflective fabric) and ensure perfect impermeability (thanks to Niño Light Fabric).

Gabber intermediate between the very hot and awesome vest lighter, note the back of the jacket down very low, very useful in rain to keep the diaper dry. We also find still three pockets and reflective tape on the back for more safety on the roads.

However, it is suitable for temperatures rather mild since in short sleeves. Or it will invest in more headlines.


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His company secures go with reflective fabric

Manager of a micro-enterprise in Montoire, Rudy created stickers and self-reflective fabric! He explains the concept.

Rudy, after obtaining a BTS visual communication to Brassard School in Tours, began his career of graphic designer in Paris. He stayed four years before moving to Vitre, where he worked as an industrial designer for 10 years.
I was aware of the problem of visibility, especially which of children, as soon as night falls. How can they accept to wear a safety device? The idea came to me to create a customized accessory, playful, design, self-reflective, washable and repositioned multiple times on any smooth surface (clothes, shoes, satchels, smartphones, etc.) and even on the skin because the products used are hypoallergenic .

Rudy has devised stickers self-reflective tape fabric enriched with glass beads, coated on the back of a special gel that can remove them and put them at will.
Customers can choose their model in existing collections or to create their own decor (eg a logo) and colors including four colors. This accessory is useful to pedestrians of course but also for motorbikes and eventually to animals.
Securing school

Rudy has installed a micro-enterprise where he now resides in July 2015 and he began to canvass potential customers. “I contacted first road Prevention, the county council, local authorities, etc. who have shown their interest in this particular process that can help secure the school.”

Already “My Flash " has sold several thousand stickers.
At first, I targeted companies and public actors. I also would like to contact shops for other uses are possible: for example, these reflective material stickers can be used as fashion accessories. They also intended to be collected, traded, etc.

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Safety vests on emergency evacuation bus

Security exercise organized by the County Council from 6th graders.
6th Students in safety vest had to get out as quickly as possible on the bus. In the first trial, it took nearly 30 seconds ... before finally reaching the timer 14 seconds on how to position themselves in the bus and how to get out without embarrassment.

Between these two tests: the valuable guidance of a volunteer of road safety.
For all this was only an exercise officially launching the operation organized by the County Council. Thus Nicolas Lacombe, vice president of the County Council in charge of Education and School Transport, was present, "to show our focus on safety”. Youth, he insists on wearing a yellow reflective vest, "especially when they are waiting in the countryside”.

At the end of the practical exercise, new college students watched a video raising awareness of road safety rules, so that they subsequently adopt in their daily lives, good reflexes. Note that since this year, the regulations were adapted and wearing this reflective fabric vest has become mandatory to access the bus.

In total, all the 6th graders (more than 4,000) have been trained in each college, "transport competence returning next year in the Region, it is probably the last time it is provided by the Department” stated Nicolas Lacombe.

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