The police persuaded the pedestrians to be seen!

Please be on the road to see and wear reflective vests, protecting yourself and others. This would sum up a police message to the pedestrians, which the policemen handed over to them last week as part of the preventive action on local roads and crossings. The event took place throughout the region, including the Karvina district.

"The visibility of pedestrians is important throughout the year, but in this period, conditions are usually worse, often raining, fogs are diminishing soon. When a pedestrian wears a dark garment without reflective fabrics, it is virtually invisible under the conditions of the driver, "Laure, a spokesman for the Karvina police, said during the event.

Traffic accidents involving pedestrians are not very low, and those with children are also increasing. "This year, we have solved 36 road accidents in the territory of the Karvina district with the participation of pedestrians, four of which ended with the death of the pedestrian," the police spokesman further points out.

So what can pedestrians do for their safety? In addition to increased attention around roads and crossings, they are just reflective elements, for example, the police handed out reflective tapes to people. "Although it is not mandatory in cities, pedestrians should think about their safety and use reflective elements, it is true for all ages," she added.

As mentioned earlier by the Austrian BESIP Coordinator for the Moravian-Silesian Region, we should all think that when there is an unfortunate event on the road, two people and two families, the injured pedestrian and the driver, will be responsible. By thinking about our safety, we are mindful of all others.  

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How the yellow vest became the symbol of the growl

For the past few weeks, people have been fed up with a yellow safety vest on the dashboard. How and why this safety accessory has become the symbol of their discontent? Explanations.

Everyone does not have a red cap on hand like in 2013 during the discontent against the Ecotax in Brittany. By cons, throughout France, motorists have a yellow vest with reflective tape, and for good reason, this accessory is mandatory in a car since 2015.

It is for this very simple reason that this road safety equipment has become the symbol of the challenge of fuel prices. To show its support for the blockages of roads scheduled for November 17, it is sufficient to place it on the dashboard or on the rear shelf of the vehicle so that it is clearly visible.

All started from a call on Facebook to call for a snail operation that took place on November 2 in the Jura. To find their way between protesters, the organizers asked to put their yellow vest in a showy way. This safety accessory is now a sign of recognition of all those who dispute the rise in fuel prices, but also the set of reforms aimed at motorists.

A fine for the apology of terrorism?
Now, it's the cry of rallying on social networks, including Twitter. But, becoming a social phenomenon, the vest has created many rumors as the release. The most recurrent is from Word Press, a parody site that has launched a yellow vest on its dashboard is considered by law as a call for revolt and an apology for terrorism. For this, the contestants would risk a fine of 150 euro.

Another rumor dismounted by Check News, a threat of the police against the protesters of November 17. The false information is part of a post on Facebook that broadcast the screenshot of a BFMTV show where we see Richard, Director of the National Gendarmerie, that the blockage is a barrier to traffic punished by the Traffic Laws. "Offenders are warned," said the soldier. Contacted by Check News, the Ministry of the Interior confirms that no communication on this subject has been made.

Like any symbol, the vest which made of reflective fabric also has its opponents. On social networks, the hash tag # sansmoile17 tries to impose itself by calling not to participate in the blocking by explaining that the extreme right is at the maneuver in the operation yellow vest. But, according to a survey, published on November 1, the mobilization of November 17 is justified for 3/4 of respondents.  

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Children were taught about safety on the road

Yesterday, as part of the nationwide information and educational campaign "National Police Day of Reflectors", law enforcement officers from Pińczów handed out "reflective elements" to the "zerozkowiczom", which are supposed to make children reflective vests on the road.

Until Monday, the policemen from Pińczów prepared themselves together with a representative of one of the chain stores that sponsored vest with reflective fabric and reflective elements. In the School Complex No. 1 in Pińczów, all groups of classes "0" were visited. First, the policeman explained to all the gathered traffic rules, especially applicable to pedestrians and cyclists, and then drew attention to a very important element worn on clothing, which should be made by every road user, i.e. reflections. During the uniformed visit to the class, he invited a mascot of a known insect who distributed the vest and reflective elements to everyone.

The children promised that the vest with reflective tapes they receive will be used every day, whenever they want to use the road. We hold them at their word, at the same time encouraging parents and guardians to pay special attention to the visibility of children on the road.  

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Darkness falls faster and faster

This fall is unique. For a long time, we can enjoy sunny and warm days. However, they are getting shorter. Police remind us to wear reflective vests with reflective tape for clothing - especially during the autumn and winter. They can save our lives!

The use of reflective elements especially in autumn and winter, when it is dark early and visibility is definitely worse, can save our lives. Therefore, wearing reflective vests by pedestrians should become a habit. According to the Road Traffic Law, pedestrians who move along the road after dark outside the built-up area are obliged to use reflective elements in a visible way to other road users.

Correctly worn reflective elements should be placed in such a place that they are in the field of car light and visible to drivers coming in from both directions (back and front).

"If you attach a reflective element to the backpack (at the back of the silhouette) it is obvious that it will not be noticed by drivers coming from the opposite direction and vice versa when the reflection will be only at the front, the driver behind us will not see him. It is safe to have two reflective elements one at the front and the other at the back or to use such types of reflections that can be seen from both sides, for example, reflective bands," emphasize the policemen.

Because car dipped beam illuminates the path asymmetrically (more light is directed to the right side of the road), the reflective element should be placed as low as possible, then a light beam shines on it.

If someone often uses the road outside the built-up area, it is best if you decide to wear a reflective vest with reflective fabric, suspenders or a headband. The motorcyclists and cyclists are more and more convinced of these reflective elements, who, like pedestrians, are unprotected participants in the movement.  

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If you steal, better with reflective vest

They investigate if a former employee of a municipal concessionaire looted a sports center in La Manga.

It seemed that in the world of the friends of the outsider everything was already invented when hiding the identity during the execution of a coup: from the classic balaclava to the handkerchief in the purest bandit style of the reflective vest, even masks, and motorcycle helmets. However, a thief has just 'patented' a new method in the La Manga sports center, consisting of putting a reflective vest on his head. This is attested by the video surveillance cameras of the sports facilities, located on Mistral beach, which filmed, step by step, the assault perpetrated by an individual who hid his face by resorting to such a bizarre system.

The sequence begins with the suspect walking along the courts of the sports center, dressed in a reflective vest with reflective fabric as if enjoying a healthy walk. Like so many who practice the sport marches in that area. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you reach the door of the tracks, brakes dry and force access. Once inside, and to prevent the security camera from revealing its features, the vest with reflective material is placed over the head, like the one that puts on a sheet to disguise itself as a ghost in Carnival.

It is not the only surprise that the investigators have taken on the criminal peculiar style of this thief since the cameras show how the suspect runs around the premises with a style that could only be classified as a shank. During the eccentric robbery, he is even seen bouncing a basketball. And, interestingly, instead of using a pair of gloves to banish the risk of leaving footprints, only carry one in the left hand.

The Local Police of San Javier and the Guardia Civil suspect that the thief, who could well be called 'the reflective vest', is a former employee of a company concessionaire of the City because it runs and records the facilities as if I knew them inch by inch. In fact, he located a set of keys to open the room.

The researchers also noticed that every time he left one of the rooms he had robbed, he carefully closed the door. The cameras came to record entering and leaving with material up to eight times. The booty of this robbery, which perpetrated in late September, exceeded 1,400 Euros, translated into a clock, a speaker, a stereo, a spinning bike, a compressor, five paddle racket, balls, weight of gym...  

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Work on the site has become a dangerous sport

Work at height becomes extreme sport on most of the country's construction sites. Two workers were stuck in yesterday locked on the roof of a building they were renovating after the scaffold broke away from them.

At over 20 meters in height, in balance on a scaffold, two workers work without any protection. They do not wear a safety vest, they do not have a helmet and they are not anchored, with any rope.

When they realize they are filming, the rules change sharply. Reflective vests with reflective fabrics and helmets quickly reach the tenth floor. A few yards away, on another site, a young man climbs the scaffold at an enviable speed.

In Sector 3 of the Capital, a scaffold up to the 12th floor was abandoned last year. It was one step to collapse during a strong storm, the locals say. All the huge structure rests on the hubs, on the edges of the stairs or even directly on the ground.

The law is clear. For large scaffolding on high facades, it is mandatory to provide them with buildings. This is not the case.

That a tragedy can happen whenever the yesterday's incident proved. Two workers fled to the roof of a building in Bucharest, after the scaffolding they were working to break away from the walls of the house. People have descended on a firefighter's car.

Only in the first three months of 2018, there were more than 400 work accidents throughout the country. Most of Bucharest, Brasov, and Constanta.

Even worse: firms that subcontract work do not provide their employees(no safety clothing and helmet). Or if they do, the amounts that can cover the treatment of a work accident are ridiculous.

The fines for lack of protective equipment can reach 10 thousand leis.  

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Orange on top of all construction sites

The yellow jacket of railway workers disappears. As of 1 July 2019, the entire construction will switch to orange work clothing. Never again, a sea of yellow reflective vests with a large rail project. Nobody sees the difference between a road worker and a railway worker. Why actually?

The consequences for rail builders are great. Companies such as BAM and Volker Rail have to dig into the pouch to replace all the clothing for their rail division. For example, there are 1345 railway workers who change from yellow to orange. Another 566 employees now regularly change their shirts and 32 safety people will wear yellow in the future.

Ten urgent questions to safety expert Marcel Edwards, chairman of Rail Alert Working Group Safety Dashboard.

Why does the entire railway industry switch to orange vests?
"Because orange vests are just as safe as yellow vests and it is easier and clearer to wear the same color as the entire construction. This ties in better with countries around us and is also easier for contractors who work in both construction and railways. Always switching is not convenient. "

You no longer see a difference between a road worker and a railway worker?
"That's right. Safety clothing of road workers will no longer differ from track workers from 1 July. Crispy orange is just as good as bright yellow. And safe working, even under dark or wet conditions, is of course the whole idea behind safety clothing.

Therefore, there are also strict requirements for the reflective fabrics on the clothing. They do not change anyway: they remain two horizontal stripes and at least [intermezzo vertical signaling stripes that go over the shoulders. "

Never again a yellow cardigan?
"Well, that is not entirely true. Those who are responsible for safety at the construction site will continue to wear yellow. They will be extra recognizable from 1 July onwards and will be the only ones left. That is conscious, so everyone knows that you have to listen immediately when someone with a yellow vest intervenes. "

So still yellow?
"Yes that's right. Safety in rail construction and also the entire construction is an important theme. There is still the greatest risk in the track construction sector. It is then handy if someone with a yellow vest calls that you have to put aside that you immediately respond to it, because you immediately realize 'who watches over my safety'. But they are only a few yellow vests. "

Do the safety people at other construction sites also switch to yellow vests?
"Not that I know. That would not be illogical, but Rail Alert is only on the track. "

What kind of sanctions or fines apply after that time?
"There are no immediate sanctions. We made that agreement sector wide and usually it works just fine. Maybe someone is wearing an orange vest for some time of yellow cloth or someone is being called on his clothes, but real sanctions usually only work counterproductive. "

What does this operation cost?
"We do not want to chase companies and organizations at high costs. This term has been agreed in consultation with the railway contractors. They have indicated that this term is manageable for everyone. The costs for a loose yellow vest are of course much lower than for a complete winter or rain outfit. We also deliberately did not agree to a term on yellow work trousers. An orange jacket with yellow pants is for the time being allowed. Most builders react enthusiastically at the thought that only orange safety clothing is needed. "
Was there resistance?
"Not really. I have not noticed anything in any case. The discussion, about the added value of yellow vests started after the 'Governance Code Safety in the Construction Industry' was concluded. As a result, Rail Alert conducted research into whether yellow vests are now safer or have added value. That does not seem to matter in practice. In other countries, rail workers have long been in orange and there are no differences when it comes to safety. "

How many yellow vests are there?
"No idea, many thousands. The agreement applies to the main track of Prevail, but also to all metro and light rail in HTM, RET, GVB and PUOV. So there are many parties involved and all those employees now wear yellow vests. "

What is actually happening with all those yellow vests?
"Safety clothing lasts between two to three years on average. We have deliberately agreed on a long lead time so that the exchange and purchase of new orange clothing are as much as possible in the regular replacement cycle companies. From 1 January there is already a transitional period that some rail workers already wear orange clothes with a yellow vest over them. On 1 July at midnight, the entire branch will switch to orange. "  

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Because they have reflective vests and bands

There was a talk about security but also presents. The children from the kindergarten received reflective vests and bands from the police, thanks to which they would be visible on the road even after dark.

During Tuesday's meeting with kids, the police made children aware of how dangerous game can be on the road. He explained how to walk when there is no sidewalk and what to pay special attention to. The kids also learned the basic road signs.

"The officer devoted special attention to the subject related to reflections. He talked about the reflective fabric on the jacket or backpack of everyone. In an accessible and understandable way, he told about the effects of being invisible to a driver who does not see a darkly dressed infant." Reports Dorati, a spokeswoman for the Municipal Police Headquarters. He adds that every child was given a reflective band with the reflective material.

A talk in kindergarten was also an opportunity to make children aware of the dangers of working in agriculture. The policeman reminded, among other things, that one should not approach a working machine. He also asked the children to share their knowledge with their parents, siblings and other family members.  

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Safety vest and warning triangle at hand?

For four years now, it has also applied in Germany: The obligation to carry warning safety vests.

It ensures a high level of safety in the event of a breakdown. With a safety vest, for example, you will be seen earlier and better in the event of an accident by other road users. In particular, on busy highways and highways or in poor visibility, it may be vital. During the day, the sun ensures that the vest is bright and visible from far away. In the dark, the reflective fabric of the vest throwback incoming light. The law prescribes a safety vest for each car or truck. But there is no compulsory wearing obligation. Because you usually do not travel alone on holiday, the police recommend: Keep as many safety vests as there are people in the car. Because everyone is safe. And to make sure you do everything right, always remember to set up your warning triangle at a sufficient distance from the safety vest. Leave your car after a breakdown or accident and always stand behind the guardrails with enough distance to the road.

Important information about the safety vest:
Always have the safety vest at hand, for example in the side or glove compartment. The vest should be stored so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. The sunrays destroy the lighting effect. In many European countries, safety vests have long been mandatory in the vehicle. Missing the safety vest then costs in Germany 15 Euros fines. In other European countries, this is usually much more expensive.

So the best thing to do today is to see if the safety vest with the reflective material, warning triangle, and first aid kit is on board and ready to hand. The police wish you a safe journey and stay safe!  

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BAN Black light badminton tournament fully booked

The third edition of the BAN Black light Badminton tournament, held at the Sports Hall, promises to be another great success. In a short time, more than 144 participants have registered for the event. This means that the maximum number of registrations has been reached. The organization is therefore more than satisfied in advance.

At a Black light badminton tournament, the matches are played in the dark. The gym is only lit by some special lamps and the playing fields are covered with fluoridating tape. Due to the special circumstances, it is quite an art to hit the shuttle well and score points. Many participants wear reflective clothing with reflective fabrics that makes them slightly visible. The whole creates a very special atmosphere in the gym and surprising competition results.

The official opening of the special tournament will take place around 10.00, after which the first matches will start soon. Around 17.00 hours the award ceremony will take place in the canteen of the Icon.  

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