The best reflective element is vests

For almost a year, pedestrians moving outside the village have a duty to wear a reflective element in the dark and the evening. According to the police, the best radiant vests are visible. However, the results from the testing rooms, which were also Czech Television, have lost their luminous intensity. The people in them, though, do their duty, but they can not be seen better.

The requirement is that the vests withstand 25 washings, said Ivan Tasha, a technician at the Textile Testing Institute. Although the tested vest declares that it can withstand 50 washings, signs of wear are visible after the first. The vest material according to the head of the Certification Department of TZU is not suitable because it is very thin: "After the first wash, the damage is visible on the reflective strip." The reflective vest would not be tested according to the test. After ten rumors, it would be almost useless in the field.

"These fluorescence belts are susceptible to wear during washing and maintenance," Horace explained. Materials are also destroyed by abrasion or bending. In the institute, therefore, they simulate the friction of the vest, which occurs when the pedestrian is moving. However, none of the samples tested. For bikes or children's clothing, there are no limits to the properties of the material, the radiant color is only an advantage in these cases. On the contrary, the law for working clothes prescribes the strict parameters, that is, it is just for reflective vests.

According to reflection experts, the CE mark is one of the most important data. "There are vests that do not have a brand and look very similar. But they can not really be guaranteed that the reflexive properties are in order," said Karle Kieta, an author of the Karle Kieta Certified Safety Institute. However, the TZU test did not pass the yellow vest from the stand that had this brand. The Czech Trade Inspection carried out the last control action targeting these products in 2012. The fault was found with every third manufacturer.

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Be visible on the road with the reflective vests

After dark, you go to the store, friends, school or church - remember to apply glare! They can save your life! It has been years since the introduction of regulations require anyone who is walks on undeveloped land after dark to wear reflective vest. Police officers remind them that they have a duty to check whether we "shine" in the dark.

It does not necessarily have to be a yellow vest. You can have a band, tinsel or keying that has reflective elements - explains Marlene, from the KWP traffic department in Katowice. The reflector must be visible when we are walking on the side. The police can punish the ticket for its lack. Pedestrian with reflective elements is seen on the road from a distance of more than 150 meters. Good visibility of the pedestrian gives the driver a chance to notice it early and thus avoid an accident. You do not have to worry about the trinket, just walking along the pavement in the built-up area.

Do not forget about it:
1. Always have a reflection with you. You do not necessarily have to wear a yellow vest. It is important that you have a fluorescent band. Available on the market are in the following colors: yellow, white, blue.
2. Ladies can attach small reflective pendants to their bags. This strip in the spotlight can be seen from a distance. It is a sign for the driver that the pedestrian is moving along the way. Gentlemen may have armbands on their legs or vests that we will buy for 5-10 zlotys
3. The youngest kids can buy reflections in the shape of toys, elephants, which are flashing. The idea is to attract the eyes of road traffic participants. The cost of buying such a gadget is 3 to 5 PLN. We put it in a visible place, on a backpack, jacket or bag, which keeps a toddler coming back home
4. When buying a jacket in the autumn, choose one that has already sewn in reflective stripes. Many sports shops have such covers for sale. If you do not have such a jacket, you can buy a reflective tape in haberdashery and sew your child to a jacket or school bag.
5. Watch out for the mandate. If you will not be visible at dusk moving around in the non-built-up area, you can get a ticket. How much we get depends on the police officer and the threat we caused. The traffic participant is not only a driver on the road but also a pedestrian

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Motorcyclist fined for not wearing a reflective vest

The event that took place in Temuco quickly spread to social networks where the same government agencies confirmed the error in the police procedure.

Mafias Bah monde was driving his motorcycle without wear yellow vest on the route that connects the town of Librans with Temuco, when he was stopped by a police control. Quiet, he thought that everything was fine until the uniformed man consulted him for the now famous "reflective vest.”

The question took by surprise to the motorcyclist who, in spite of his entire defense, ended up with an infraction in his hands that said "to drive motorcycle and not to wear reflective vest when being inspected.”

An infraction that Mafias knew was a mistake, since the new rule only runs for motorists and not motorcycles, contrary to what the carabineer claimed, which left him cited to the First Local Police Court of Temuco for the next 12th of January. His indignation was expressed in the place where the loss causes fall: social networks. There his case aroused the outrage of many, until a user on Twitter had the great idea to ask Cohasset directly about the detail of the rule, obtaining a response that gave the whole reason.

The event was later verified and corrected by Carabineers, then canceled the part and returned their license to their home, where they also asked for the corresponding apology. Meanwhile the commander in safety vest from the Prefecture of Caution, Patricio Sanchez, confirmed to Soy Temuco, "the procedure is being verified, but the part should be null, we are going to verify the circumstances.”


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Mandatory Reflective vest for drivers

From yesterday began to demand the wearing of a yellow vest inside motorized vehicles, becoming mandatory for use when the driver has to get off the vehicle in case of any damage.

The question that has not been asked is what happens with the companions, in case of a tire pane, for example, where they must be lowered, or when a vehicle needs to be pushed. In those cases, and in compliance with the law, the driver will have his yellow reflective vest, but the rest of the passengers will not. As these situations are fortuitous and, therefore, the number of passengers is unpredictable, what has the authority thought for these cases?

If the measure was taken to protect the driver of the vehicle that has to descend from their means of transport, why are not they required to carry the pedestrians that circulate on the roads, as usual in our country, especially at parties or long holidays?

Interesting the business of those who brought this clothing, because with four million vehicles circulating in the country, and with an average of $ 4,000 per safety vest, income from sale add up to the not insignificant figure of $ 16 billion or approximately US $ 23 million.

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They advise to wear reflective vest during Easter

The Touring and Automobile Club Paraguay issued a series of recommendations for citizens during Holy Week, so that they are not part of the list of the injured. One of the tips is that in addition to motorcyclists, also pedestrians and those who drive automobiles use yellow vests.

Paula Amoroso, head of social responsibility and communications of the Tacky, spoke in conversation with the editorial office of TODAY that they decided to issue several recommendations, following the cases of accidents of transits, many of them with fatal derivation, which are recorded in a traditional manner during the holy days.
For drivers, it is recommended to take the green card, driving record and identity card, use safety belt, reflective vest, and beacon, respect the traffic signals, and not drink alcoholic drinks, among others.

For motorcyclists, use the helmet and the reflective vest, walk on the road, with the lights and rear-view mirrors, do not go ahead on the right side, carry the green card, driving record and identity card, do not drink alcoholic beverages, etc. . . .
For pedestrians, they recommend wearing reflective clothing or reflective vest to be visible to drivers, cross in pedestrian strips, not use the cell phone while walking, and for those traveling in buses, not stay in the footrests during the journey it is done.

"Many pedestrians are wearing very dark clothing and at night they cannot be seen by drivers. That is why we advise you to wear vests in mass activities, because you cannot see them. In the interior of the country, we had many cases of people who go down the road and run over, "Amoroso explained.

The person in charge said that citizens who do not have a reflective vest could use light colored clothing, especially white clothes.
On the other hand, he stressed that not only the pedestrian and the motorcyclist should wear the reflective vest, but also the driver of the vehicle. "Many people have problems with the vehicle and get out of it and not having the vest, is the victim of a crash. We already had several of these cases. That is why we advise that when you are driving, the safety vest be used, "he stressed.

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Yellow vests are still missing at the exit of schools

The account is not there according to the mayor (LR) of the sixth, Jean-Pierre Lecco. Thirteen days after the beginning of the school year, the elected official is worried about not seeing all the "school points" of his district under surveillance. Of the 19 in the sixth, five pedestrian without wearing reflective vest crossings near schools and deemed "dangerous" would not be required. "That's almost a quarter! The mayor of Paris had promised that everything would be ready for the start of the school year, "irritates the elected right that just sent an email on this subject to Colombes Brussels, the assistant (PS) in charge of Security.

A binding position
"There are not five but two schools that are not held in the sixth," said Mathieu Chouteau, head of the Directorate of Prevention, Security and Protection (DPSP) to the City of Paris. The latter admits, however, that supervisory posts remain to be filled. Of the 444 school points listed in the capital, forty still await the arrival of these yellow vests.

It must be said that recruitment for this very demanding position in terms of schedules is not always easy. In upscale neighborhoods in particular, candidates do not jostle for this activity paid hourly. "But we are hopeful to find new candidates among the contractors who are already working elsewhere in the schools of the Celle de Paris," says the head of the DPSP in safety vest.


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The strides of the commune are approaching

Thursday, Catherine Blanchard, the chair of the festival committee has gathered the volunteers of Course Foulest, handed out the yellow vests, which will take place Sunday, October 15, to define the tasks of each. She detailed the course of the trail version introduced for the second year.

She also reminded the safety instructions for signalers posted at crossings, wearing safety vest and signs. The prefecture has made an order for this race: the vehicles traveling on the roads can be stopped momentarily by the signalers the time to let the participants pass. Trail circuits are 10 or 16 km for runners, and 6 km for walkers. Most of these routes are on hiking trails. Departure and arrival are provided at the gym in the village of the town.

Catherine Blanchard also told each volunteer how the organization unfolds; recalling that, like every year, 1 euro per participant will be donated to the Dordogne Cancer League.

New this year, on the sidelines of the race, Marie-Christine and Vital Tonic association will offer parents wishing to participate in the race to keep their children wear reflective vest in the gym for a game of Sumba Kid, against the sum of 2 Euros which will be entirely donated to the League.

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The yellow vest for children’s safety at school

Since 2015, Franck Montage was the "yellow vest" of Jacques-Pervert school. In a contract assisted, the 52-year-old man was responsible for security around the establishment and maintenance of the premises until Friday. He left around 4:40 pm, to the applause of more than a hundred students, accompanied by parents and teachers, symbolically dressed in the reflective vest. "Must be human, I went to the classrooms to inform them that Franck was leaving us and remind them of the safety rules to be held on Monday, "explains director Maria.

With the end of his contract, the reasoned traffic in the rue du Helot could be questioned. "Since his arrival, people were quieter because he gave a face to security. If there is more Franck, people will start parking everywhere, "laments Corinne in safety vest, parent of students. His departure will be followed by that of Secretary Karina Champion in late October.


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Meeting about safety at the police station

All the participants in the meeting with the police received bicycle helmets, reflective vests, and glitter and souvenir diplomas.

Do you know anything more about it? Write to us
Yesterday the meeting at the Police Headquarters in Raciborz was organized under the project "112 security without borders" (it is implemented under the fund, project projects in Euro region Silesia).

Traffic policemen brought the children and to the children of the Kabila School and Pre-School Team. In addition, students have the opportunity to test their cycling skills, over a specially prepared obstacle course. Young cyclists were divided into five Polish-Czech teams. Each team member had to face obstacles prepared by uniforms. After counting the points, three best teams were awarded. On the other hand, all participants received bicycle helmets, reflective safety vests, and glitter and souvenir diplomas.

Previously students also visited the headquarters of the Silesian Border Guard Unit in Raciborz. - The director and the pedagogical team of the Preschool School Team in Kabila thanked the police officers and officers of the Silesian Region Police Department for their help in organizing the project and the kindness shown to the whole undertaking - reports Marisa in yellow vest.


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Safety vest for school transport

The County Council of the Vendee transports every day more than 33700 students. Focus on transport conditions and arrangements made for the care of young people. They hand out safety vest for young people for safety.
Throughout the year, these are 586 school buses crisscrossing the Department to accompany students to their colleges.

More and more students supported
The priority of the Department is to ensure the care of young people and provide secure trips to 33700 students.
Among these young people:
1% is in nursery school (about 250 students)
15% are in elementary school (about 5000 young people)
56% are college (about 19 000 young people)
28% are general, technological or vocational school (about 9500 young people).
This year's communication campaign among parents and institutions to promote the online registration via a platform is a success. Plus 95% of registrations were made online.

Additional buses for better service
Given the number of users growing, the Department is increasing its fleet of buses. This September 2015, 586cars soit16 additional cars compared to last year (in 2014, the Department had increased its fleet of 22 vans).

→ School benefit from optimum safety conditions
All cars are equipped with immobilizer, debentures of Security and reflective disbanded.
The 9000 students from 6th college Vendee drills and undergoes training hour security and the right to behave in buses. More than 250 attendants are present in the cars for safety to ensure adapt good student behavior.

→ Children receive reflective vest for safe travel between the breakpoint and home
This year, the Department of the Vendee has endowed all kindergarten children, primary and 6th, school transport users, reflective yellow vests, to enable them to reach their stopping point or domicile in any security.

→ A new road safety experiment began in the Pays de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie
In the Pays de Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, all students using school transport, from kindergarten to the final year, received a yellow reflective vest or a purchase of 2,200 yellow vests by the school are required Department. Les wear it on commuting - stop and the stop areas.

Once the yellow vest given to young people, the 2nd step is to adopt the wearing of the vest by students. Therefore, chaperones present in coaches will conduct controls and will enforce the compulsory wearing of the yellow vest under penalty of warning to parents.
A follow-up operation will be carried out throughout the school year and a balance sheet at year end to assess the positive or negative returns.

→ The school transport fully accessible
Landscaped light vehicles transportent500 handicapped student’s home to their school (investment of € 3 million) 40 disabled college students use public transport on regular lines to promote independence and living together.

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