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"School has begun", is to read on the bright yellow straps near the schools, in addition to the request to drive slowly. The municipalities are installing these large-format traffic watch notices on the first day of the new school year. On the higher traffic volume, more buses, more cyclists, more pedestrians this day are also clearly visible to the other road users. The very tiny ones, in whom the satchel is almost bigger than the child, the new first graders, come to the crowd of school only in the course of the week. The safety of all students is now particularly in focus - even with the police.

In the first two weeks of school, school routes and the dangerous places in front of the schools are consistently monitored, according to the deputy district police officer, Dressler. In the morning, at the beginning of school, and at lunchtime, at the end of morning lessons, pedestrians and bicycles are observed, possibly checking the wheels. Particular attention is paid to abnormalities when parents bring the children to school by car or pick them up from there. The drivers did not necessarily choose the safe route, according to Roller. Dangerous maneuvering and excessive speed would have been more of a concern in the past. In these cases, discussions would be conducted, errors pointed out, and optimal behavior acted upon; Sanctions would be in the background. Every now and then parents would have to be convinced that the safety aspects are important, especially in these areas. "Parents are the focus, because they have a role model function," says Dressler. Also, parents should trust and trust their children with the well-known and well-known school route, and support the police and the schools in traffic education: "If the parents do not support us, we have a hard time."

The principals of the elementary schools in the area around Reutlingen are in agreement with each other. At the parents' evenings at the beginning of the school year, the school safety was discussed, the parents pointed to the neuralgic points around the school grounds and the strict stopping bans. Traffic education is compulsory in all classes. Also, the safety vest, which every child receives at enrollment, provides some protection and should be used regularly.

Martin, Rector of the Joseph Christian Community School, points out the parents' letter, which will be given to schoolchildren on the first day of school. In it, the aspect school safety is the first point, also with the pointer to the coming dark season. That parents should bring their child only in exceptional cases by car, is also listed here. Martin says: "School also means that the child goes to school at a reasonable distance on foot." The way to school should be practiced beforehand. The bus children of the entrance classes would be accompanied in the first days of the class teachers to the bus. In addition, every year the school organizes a bus safety training with the local bus company and the police in the first weeks of school, during which the correct behavior at the bus stop and on the bus is trained.

Also in Bad Buchau, such a coach training is part of the beginning of the school for the new first and fifth graders. With a special feature in terms of safety for students: It has pupils' guides. At least 20, according to Rector Elisabeth, are trained; two have daily service at the crosswalk in front of the school. With high visibility vest and trowel they ensure a safe crossing of the road before and after class. Maintained by a teacher, they also go to classes to introduce themselves and their task. A school route plan is given to the parents of the first classes at the entrance evening; Information on traffic safety can be found on the homepage of the school.

Bus coaching for the first graders is also available at the Michel Buck Community School, according to Rector Markus. Again, parents should be warned not to park at the bus stop or park their car in the second row to avoid dangerous situations for the students.

In Unlingen, says Rector Andrea, the class teachers travel together with the children at the beginning. And in October, a bicycle action day will be organized at the Danube Buses School for all elementary school students. They practiced safety at various stations and by bike; the bike brought is checked.

A school trip on foot or - after the cycling test in the fourth grade - covered by bicycle, offers the children a way to communicate with each other. For Rector Silvia, this is an unmissable aspect that belongs to childhood: "This is often lost." And she adds: "The children are growing in their jobs."  

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Police in safety vests puts road users in the light

In recent years, motor vehicles and bicycles with poor or incorrectly adjusted lighting devices have been increasingly found in the Hannover region. In order to improve the visibility in traffic, the police in safety vests are carrying out more checks by the end of October.

The A and O of the dark season are the "seeing and being seen". Due to the early onset of darkness, coupled with often-adverse weather conditions with fog and rain, the visibility of road users is often reduced. Proper lighting on cars and bicycles is just as essential as appropriate clothing of pedestrians to be easily visible to others.

In order to improve the visibility of motor vehicles, the Central Association of the German Motor Vehicle Industry has been running the 2017 Light Test in cooperation with the traffic guards since the beginning of October 2017. Motorists in high visibility vest have the opportunity to have the lights on their vehicles checked by participating in a free light check in participating car companies. The police department Hannover expressly supports this action.

Traffic department officer Franz Behrens speaks from professional experience: "In previous inspections on every third vehicle, the lighting was found to be alarming." Defective brake lights can lead to rear-end collisions and incorrectly, adjusted headlights dazzle other road users." For this reason, drivers should definitely use the free test by the end of October and fix defects immediately. However, necessary spare parts and extensive adjustments have to be paid for in the workshops. However, with the onset of darkness, the risk of being overlooked by other road users is increased, especially for cyclists due to their narrow silhouette. For this reason, the Police Directorate Hannover would like to sensitize Rader to a special degree and point out the dangers of lack of visibility.

Bicycles must be equipped with a headlamp, a tail light, and a reflector when participating in road traffic. The reflector can be integrated in the tail light. To ensure that bicycles can be seen laterally in the dark, the spokes must be provided with reflectors or the tires with retro-reflective white stripes. In addition, all bikers and pedestrians can improve their visibility by wearing bright and reflective clothing as well as a safety vest.

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Reflective vests handed out Action of the Police

Police officers with the support of local authorities on December 14, 2017, handed over 300 reflective vests to the youngest students in the city and commune.

Police officers conduct activities and preventive actions throughout the year to ensure the security and sense of citizens to the widest possible extent. One of the important elements of such actions is the safety of the youngest. We are always looking for effective methods to ensure the safety of children and young people.

Police officers from the Pavia Police Headquarters in Grope handed out nearly 300 high visibility vests to students of grades I to IV. The actions were carried out under the "A blue friend reminds you, the whole family is wearing flares,” as part of the "Keep an example," "Safe after dark" and "Day of flares.”

The vests are given an unusual color - blue, which is associated with the police. Its task is to remind police officers talking about security rules and at the same time not to restrict children in dealing with them. "Blue friend", someone who helps me and who we are not afraid to turn to for help.

In meetings with children participated, among others Deputy Commander, thanks to whom it was possible to implement the above projects. The City and Municipality Office, ensuring the safety of its residents, provided financial resources for the purchase of vests.

We hope that the children make friends with the "Blue Friend" every day using the vests on the way to school or walking. We organize meetings and actions during which we make young people aware of what kinds of threats they may face in their lives. We also teach how to protect them. "Reflective safety vests should be worn by every child," says the pidgins.


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The students come with helmets and safety vest

Like the students enrolled in the school 'Constitution of 1812' of Leganes.
The Association of Mothers and Fathers of students of the public school 'Blas Lebo' of Parlay have also agreed to take their children on Friday with helmet and reflective vest to protest the delay in the expansion works of the center, which will not be finished.

The new classroom with four new classes had to be completed on August 31, but the building is still under construction and the center's management will have to prepare other spaces, according to the AMPA. He parents have also questioned that the sports court included in the project of the Ministry of Education is not completed either.

The measure of bringing schoolchildren with helmets and safety vest is similar to the one that will also be adopted today by the AMPA of the 'Constitution de 1812' school in Leganes. The government team of the Parlay City Council had transferred in several meetings to the Directorate of Territorial Area of Madrid South the need to have the works completed for the start of the course.

The works were tendered in March 2017, consisted of the expansion with four more classrooms for primary education. The high visibility vest will be equipped for their safe. In addition, a new sports court with a base budget of about 737,000 Euros.


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The first graders receive safety vests

35 first-graders of the primary school and 67 first-graders of the Johann received safety vests from the Automobile and Motorsport Club on behalf of the ADAC. Karin Keller and Angie Beer from the AMCH distributed the safety vestiges in the foyer at the Johann.

The ADAC Foundation "Geber Engel" and the Deutsche Post distribute 760,000 security high visibility vest ages at the beginning of the autumn, of which over 69,000 in 1438 schools in Southern Bavaria alone.

With the safety vest the pedestrian is seen at a distance of 140 meters. One of the concerns of the ADAC and its partners is to encourage ABC shooters to wear the reflective vest for their own protection, even during their leisure time playing, walking and cycling. Here the ADAC hopes to support the parents.


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Reflective vest can protect drivers from incidents

Given that the National Meteorological Administration issued this morning for Constanta County a now casting dense warning valid until 10.00, the INFOTRAFIC Center of the Romanian Police recommends drivers to exercise increased caution in driving, to use the lights to increase the safety distance and wear safety vest from the previous vehicles and not to risk driving dangerous traffic maneuvers.
As for motorways, other specific rules must also be respected: Do not stop on traffic lanes and emergency lane;
In case of a feather or technical failure, turn on emergency lights, refuel with a reflective vest, remove passengers from the car outside the carriageway and place the reflective triangles one after the other at greater distances.
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Motorcyclists: yellow jacket or safety is now mandatory

Bikers are housed in the same boat as motorists on the detention of a safety vest. Whether you ride on two wheels, three wheels or quad, yellow vest is mandatory.

The regulation came into force on 1st January. It will cost 11 € if you do not have it during a check by the police. What? The safety vest or waistcoat yellow motorcycle.
Note that it is not necessary to carry around, but just to have on hand in storage or net.

By cons, emergency shutdown (accident, failure), you must wear reflective vest if you get off your craft. Otherwise, you risk a fine of € 135.
Remember that this is a measure that allows you to be visible to other road users in case of problems, as you become more vulnerable. Read our article on what changes to 1 January 2016 for motorists and bikers

Reminder to Motorists
Booster shot for motorists, the obligations of the high visibility vest and emergency warning triangle remain valid. For the fines, they are identical, namely:
11 €: no-show immediate triangle or jacket in case of traffic control. If you have neither, you'll be verbalized twice!
135 €: non-use of the triangle or safety vest. You risk that a single fine in this case.

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