Keeping safety equipments or fines in Italy

The popular destination of Czech tourists is Italy; there is a new ban on smoking in a vehicle transporting children under 12 or pregnant women. "The fine for this offense is high from 500 to 5000 Euros," Vanier in safety vest warns. Italy is popular and you get a holiday at reasonable prices, but the trip will be more expensive. It is a country with some of the highest prices of fuel and tolls: one liter gets an average of CZK 9 more than for example in our country or in Austria, and the average toll for 100 kilometers is 7 Euros. The toll for this year's extra in Italy has yet to be overtaken. Motorway Administration has also decided to deploy more unattended toll payment terminals. However, the handling did not speed up, so the columns were formed.

Vanier still warns against importing fuel to Italy. "You can only bring in 10 liters in a homologated canister, and if you breach this rule, you will be facing a penalty of over € 7,700 and a prison sentence." If you go to Italy with bicycles and have them on a towing device or a caravan holder, you must wear high visibility vest and have a hatched board 50 x 50 cm in size. You can find this record at most petrol stations on your way to Italy or Italy. If the sign is missing, there is a fine of up to 335 Euros.

In Italy, also be careful if you go out with a car riding on winter tires. It is not forbidden (it must have at least a 1.6mm sample as in the Czech Republic), but it must also meet the prescribed speed index. This is also true for year-round tires marked M + S (read more here). The fine for the summer ride on tires with a lower speed index than prescribed is in the range of 420 to 1,682 Euros (over 45,000 crowns) and may be followed by seizure of the technical license.

"In Austria, take care of keeping a safe distance, creating a passage for rescue vehicles in the column and a reflective vest," says Vanier. Not only for these offenses is a fine of up to 2,180 Euros (almost 60 thousand crowns). The same penalty could be caused by the use of directional lights. The police give this highest penalty in case you cause a road accident or someone to endanger your life.

"An even higher sanction is due to the poor technical condition of the car; the police are taking the registration mark straight away and imposing a fine of up to 5,000 Euros. The same penalty is for a poorly mounted load or a non-attached child in a child seat. I also have to point out that onboard cameras are forbidden in Austria, "the ÚAMK expert estimates. You cannot even have it in Portugal.


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You can not see cyclists without reflective vest

It appears at the last moment - often just in front of the mask of a speeding car. Cyclists riding after dark without lights and reflective vest are still a plague of Polish roads. On the record prepared by Internet users from Lodz, it is perfectly visible how an unmarked cyclist is visible.

- From my observations it appears that every third cyclist is a "batman". A visitor who goes on the road and after dark is invisible – say Lukasz, a cyclist and author of a blog about tips for cyclists. To show how a stupid idea is to ride a bicycle without lighting or glare, our interlocutor has prepared a film. It shows cyclists riding after dark in three situations: when they are riding in a safety vest and with light on, when they go without a vest, but with the lamp on and in an extreme situation: when they have neither a vest nor any lighting.

On the recording sent to the editorial team of tvn24.pl, the cyclist from the third group can be seen at the last minute. An untrained eye may not notice it at all. - Cyclists come out of the misconception that if they see someone, they are visible. This is how the tragedy comes about - underlines the Transfers. Playing with death, the film shows situations shot in the city center and beyond. - If someone thinks that street lamps provide enough visibility, then he should carefully review how it looks in our film.

The lamps give a lot, but in the lights of oncoming vehicles, they can be invisible - he explains. In addition, he stresses that available on the market, i.e. loose car jackets lying on a cyclist, you can buy a well-tailored and looking high visibility vest. Without imagination when we ask Marianna from the Ode roadster for a penalty that a cyclist with illumination can get, he answers without hesitation: Death. It is a severe punishment, but cyclists without flares often end up like this. It is a brutal truth - says the police officer. After a while, however, he adds that for the lack of proper lighting, the cyclist can get a 50-zloty mandate.


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Riders need high visibility vest to protect them

About the plans to use disc brakes in World Tour races on the highway with safety vest we wrote in August as news and plans for the future. In the meantime, UCI, the organization that sets the rules for professional law enforcement on bicycles, has managed to set the standard for neutral service, introduce new hub sizes and take two steps forward, accelerating the 2017 2016 test period just to ... in very emotional circumstances. Forbid their use in mid-April this year.
We have not had such high-powered test equipment and high visibility vest for a long time. One of the novelties of the Proclaimed is transplanted from the road bike. The test diverts our doubts as to whether this invention is worth the increased mass of the frame.
At the Easter table in the Editorial House, as the centuries-old tradition has said, bunnies, eggs, sandwiches, etc. have appeared. Everyone brought what he could, bringing to the festive atmosphere a piece of him. On the next table, Bike Board’s table of torture, the charcoal frame of Merida came to light at that time, and the spring accents of the painting complemented the festive atmosphere. And on this basically end of idyll. Together with the first marijuana, we set out to face the myth of one of the most titled hard tales in the world.
Riser’s designers promise to soon join the most recognizable Swiss symbols. Let's see how they start. Rival placed in the Race Line segment suggests sporty performance with reflective clothing.
The bike with large wheels is no longer reserved for MTB cream only. This is a piece of equipment available to a mere mortal who either already muddy his glasses or is just going to be in the industry for the first time. The average shelf of this HT series firmly highlights its presence in the Kelly’s collection for the 2016 season.

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