The road safety action for students

In turn, on the initiative of Ms Paulina, the school participated in an event on the Locus Market: "Be visible, let yourself be noticed,” Whose main organizer was Silver Sky. The action had a noble purpose - collecting nuts for a sick boy. In return for the collected and donated caps, students received vests and reflective bands, which will contribute to the safety of students, especially during trips and exits.

This important topic was also discussed during preventive theater directed to students of our school, as well as during educational lessons, when the students watched educational films about road safety. During the technology lessons, pupils discussed issues of this topic, as well as self-made reflective stickers.

At the initiative - the headmaster of the SP6 School and Ms. Paulina - the mathematics teacher was celebrated at the "Reflective Thursday" school. The first highlight of the day was "Bicycle Happening.” Because many children commute to school by bicycle, as part of "Safe path to and from school", participants had the opportunity to present to other students the correct behavior on the road and the appropriate equipment of the outfit and bicycle. Particular attention was paid to how to be visible on the road. Mandatory vests were obligatory dress for all students. During their journey, students preached the motto: "Be visible - wear reflective vests", "Reflections make a great deal, save lives", etc. The purpose of the trip, as well as the intention of the organizers was to familiarize students with knowledge, traffic law regulations and skills safe driving on public roads, as well as raising children's awareness in this area. In action, he supported with his presence a district elder aspirant, Mr. David.

Let us remember about reflections - a series of educational films is another proposal for our students. The school also organized a happening: 'Be visible - wear reflections'. As part of activities in the field of promoting safe behavior, students dressed in vests and other reflective elements along with careers Mrs. Majorca, Mrs. Paulina - the originator of this action and Ms. Monika, assisted by the senior aspirant of the district senior David, moved to promote the idea of safety in road traffic. During the march along the streets near the school, the pupils carrying banners they prepared, at the same time, were making loudly invented slogans promoting safety. During the happening, the students in the presence of the police officer handed out the "detective" leaflets with security slogans to the detained drivers.

In School, the "Reflective Senior's Day" was made. The students prepared a reflective fashion show for seniors and a safety lecture, from which the gathered inhabitants learned how important it is to wear reflective vests, outside not only the built-up area, but also everywhere, especially after dark.

As part of the action, art competitions were held: "Be safe on the road" addressed to students of grades I-III and "You are visible - you are safe" - addressed to students of grades IV-VII. In addition, a general school competition on road safety was organized, which was preceded by numerous safety-related activities and actions. The competition has been divided into two categories: knowledge test for pupils of grades I-III and pupils of grades IV-VII.
The ceremonial summary of the "Reflective school" campaign was also celebrated. The students proudly presented their "reflections" during the ceremony in the gym.

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The EN 471 approved reflective waistcoat

In the city the main cause of accidents is due to the poor perception of motorcyclists by motorists, it is advisable to wear high visibility garments.

When we talk about technical clothing with high visibility, regularly, the proponents of the total black look turn up their noses, the use of fluorescent clothes (especially when driving naked and custom) will be a little cool, but we must give priority to safety, be noted certainly contributes to the safeguard of our safety. Teaching comes from French motorcyclists who have been wearing reflective garments for a long time, and this smart fashion has infected even the North European bikers. Now it is up to us to adapt! It is not essential to buy expensive motorcycle clothing with reflective bands, but just choose a reflective vest approved according to EN 471 CE. It must be underlined that for motorcycle use the "emergency" or "work" vests are not indicated, so it is advisable to buy a specific one, for example the OJ VIS, so the fluttering effect is avoided.

The importance of the EN 471 homologation
The provision establishes precise parameters for the approval of high visibility clothing. By purchasing an approved garment, we will be sure that our presence will be visually signaled in any daylight condition and in the light of vehicle headlights in the darkness. The standard is divided into three levels, with regard to the reflecting surface, two levels, however, for the photometric characteristics of the reflecting material, however, the fundamental data to be considered are those printed on the labels:
- Manufacturer's data
- Identification of the product (code)
- Specification size according to EN 340
- Approval according to EN 471
The retro-reflective bands must be at least 50mm wide. The most indicated colors are the following: fluorescent yellow, fluorescent red, fluorescent orange-red.
An approved fluorescent garment preserves the brightness of retro-reflective materials even after rain, bending and dry cleaning.

OJ Metropolitan Atmospheres offers in its collection the Vis Yellow vest, a technical article in high visibility polyester, perfectly meeting the criteria required by the EN 471 standard, with more interesting construction features that make it comfortable and valid even in long transfers. In fact, it is equipped with chest adjustment and double chest adjustment; it adheres perfectly to the underlying jacket without fluttering, at any pace. In addition, there are two capacious and useful pockets with zip closure. Trying it on a brisk day and in the dark hours, it was easy to see how the fluorescence during the day and the reflective bands at night make their work very well, highlighting the presence of the motorcyclist.


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Such are the cowboys who lead cyclists

If something is synonymous Levi's is the word innovation. He did it in 1853, when he was born in San Francisco by Levi Strauss, who moved to the city to sell safety clothes and boots in small shops of the American West that were resistant to the long working days of its inhabitants. He then left the cotton and created the first jeans; - very different from the ones we have today. More than 150 years later, it continues to research and adapt to the needs of man. And now, that man is back cycling in the city.

Levi's Commuter Collection is the best of the North American brand designed for cyclists, renewing this season with much more innovative and functional garments. With the combination of strong, elastic and water repellent reflective fabrics, Levi's achieves a perfect balance between design and practicality. The same as those who want to go to work on two wheels. An active lifestyle that many see limited, precisely, because they do not feel comfortable on the bike or when they get to the office in leggings.

Designed by the cyclists themselves, the fabrics that have been used in all garments are, in addition to elastic, water repellent and insulate the body from moisture. That yes, without losing that characteristic so implied in the DNA of the mark: its resistance.

Its flagship product is undoubtedly its Commuter 541 Athletic Fit Short, anti-staining shorts that is reinforced with some details specifically created for cyclists: a high back waistband to increase back protection, a reflective band (Levi's Red Tab) and a U-pad pocket at the waist. There are fewer and fewer excuses for cycling around the city. Levi's wants to eliminate them all.


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