What to do in the event of a road accident

In the case of a road accident, we all have a moral obligation to provide medical first aid to the victims. Unfortunately, few are the ones who know how to do it. Last night, a young woman died and three more people came to the hospital after a serious road accident occurred in Bucharest, in the Baikal area. Four cars burned after one of the cars burst into the flames right after the impact.

Dozens of people were witnesses to the accident, and the only thing they did was call the 112 emergency numbers, after which they pulled off the phones and entered LIVE. During this time, the victims were stretched out on the road and struggled between life and death.

What to do if you witness a road accident
As a precaution, any vehicle must be equipped with a first-aid kit, triangle and reflective vest and a fire extinguisher. If you are involved in an accident, you must immediately stop on the right side of the road and put down the damage. Make sure the other passengers in the car are injured or injured; make sure the signaling triangles on the road are at least 30 meters from the accident site so that other road users are notified of an accident. If the victim bleeds abundantly, the blood pressure may drop. To stop bleeding, press your hand or finger directly on the wound for 15 minutes.

Any lesion that occurs in the spine could lead to paralysis. Therefore, when first aid is given, the victim's backbone should be moved as little as possible, and the head will not be turned or rotated. If the victim has suffered burns he will not remove the burnt clothes from her body. Cover the area with clean safety material. Pour cold water and clean the burned skin.

How to get medical first aid in the event of a road accident
When first aid is given, the airway will be examined at the initial stage. Breathing can be checked by placing your fingers in front of nostrils. When the airflow is absent, the mouth and nose should be examined to check for any objects that may obstruct breathing, such as dentures, mud, stones, etc. If the bones of the face are broken, they can block the entrance of outside air into the lungs. If the victim does not breathe, he will be artificially breathing, mouth-to-mouth. This involves stretching the victim on foot and opening his mouth. A handkerchief will be placed over the victim's open mouth. Inspire deeply and then exhale in the mouth of the victim over the handkerchief. This will be repeated 12 times in a minute.


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