Revolt of "yellow vests" at home

Security assistants with reflective vests dislodging a spectator from Campo Nou, the stadium of FC Barcelona / EFE.

Revolt of yellow vests at home of FC Barcelona, RCD Espanyol, and Girona FC. A union has denounced the three clubs to try to free security guards from the obligation to wear reflective clothing in all three stadiums.

The complaint, which is being conveyed through collective conflicts with the three teams, is based on various premises. "The most serious of all is that it violates Law 5/2014 on Private Security, which establishes that security personnel must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to carry out their work. High visibility vests are reserved for posts in which there is circulation of vehicles," explained a spokesman for ADN Syndical, the group that has filed the claim. The entity adds that this supplement "reduces reaction capacity in public order alterations in the interior of the fields" and that not always "the appropriate sizes are given" to the staff, what remains "professionalism".

Clubs: "Obligated by a regulation"
Asked by the question, the two biggest clubs denounced, FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol, have given different answers to the informative requests of this medium. The mouthpiece has not answered. For its part, the eleventh classified in the edition of La Liga this year has indicated that it is a matter that concerns the concessionary companies of security. "The clubs have a secondary role in this conflict", has abounded.

Unofficial sources of the Barca have specified that the vests are used both in the national competition and in the Champions League "in accordance with a television regulation signed with the competitions". They have also defended the use of the garment with the argument that "it helps the visibility of the guards in case of urgent evacuation of a stadium".

About 400 only at the Camp Nou
It should be remembered that the group of security guards is outsourced in the three cases: Barca, Espanyol, and Girona. The three top clubs handle a figure close to 500 professionals in their stadiums, with the Camp Nou, the largest of the venues, taking most of the staff, with about 400 troops. To this figure, we must add security assistance, the staff that is obliged to wear reflective vests with reflective tape for clothing and whose job is to help the spectators and indicate emergency exits, toilets, and other facilities.

Despite this differentiation, the two collective conflicts that began in the Conciliation Service of the Ministry of Labor yesterday, June 21, ended without agreement. The next step will be the lawsuit against the three clubs.  

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Three pedestrians were killed in accidents

Three accidents in which three pedestrians were killed are a tragic balance of road events yesterday and this morning. The first of these events occurred yesterday. This morning the Renault driver fatally hit the pedestrian. Police officers appeal to all road users for prudence and caution.

Policemen are working on the site of a tragic accident that occurred before 6 on the national road No. 9. As it was initially established, the Renault driver hit the pedestrian. Unfortunately, the life of a 65-year-old man who has been hit has not been saved. One lane in the direction of Warsaw is blocked. The traffic on this episode is the pendulum. Difficulties can last up to as much as 10.

Yesterday there were two tragic accidents involving pedestrians. According to preliminary findings, the 18-year-old Audi driver hit a 52-year-old man who died on the spot. At about the same time in Sanok, the jeep driver hit an 81-year-old pedestrian. The woman died on the spot.

Policemen explain the circumstances of these tragic events.

We appeal to drivers to be particularly careful on the road especially after dark. Remember that pedestrians are unprotected road users. Now that the darkness is getting earlier and the weather conditions are getting worse, the pedestrians and cyclists are hardly visible.

A special appeal also to pedestrians not to go directly in front of an oncoming vehicle. Even at the pedestrian crossing, make sure that the driver can slow down. Of course, the pedestrian takes precedence over the passage, but here the principle of limited trust is most applicable. Every pedestrian and cyclist should also remember about their safety and take care to be visible. A reflective vest, keychain, headband or even a flashlight will make it easier to see the oncoming driver when moving on a poorly lit road.

We would like to remind you that from August 31, 2014, all pedestrians who move around the dusk along the way outside the built-up area must have a reflection visible to the drivers. The lack of a reflective material is threatened by a fine. Although traffic regulations do not impose an obligation to use vests with reflective tape for clothing and reflective elements in the built-up area, they, to a large extent, improve visibility. They give drivers valuable time to take the right response, often saving lives and health.  

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Who are really the yellow vests?

Faced with something a little more like a media event organized by the media themselves, we conducted the survey to draw the typical profile of motorists who proudly claim they are belonging to the clan. Unsurprisingly, owners of diesel vehicles constitute the vast majority of the malcontents...

The first indisputable finding is the striking difference between drivers in rural areas far from major employment areas and drivers in urban areas. Nothing very surprising you say, for a large part of households living in rural areas, the increase in prices at the pump is a bit double trouble: not only is the automobile often the only alternative available but in addition, the distances to be traveled daily are generally higher than for the inhabitants of urban areas. When, moreover, the motorists in question have the very bad idea of still heating up with fuel oil, it is even the triple punishment...

In fact, the proportion of vehicles in which the famous yellow safety vest proudly praises on the dashboard just behind the windshield is significantly greater than in urban areas.

As expected, yellow vests which made of reflective tape for clothing are overwhelming, diesel vehicle owners who refuse the very idea of having to pay the precious fluid at the same price as the SP95-E10. No injustice to this since each liter of diesel fuel containing 12% more energy compared to SP95-E10, it would theoretically have to be sold 12% more expensive than gasoline from a strict energy point of view.

Where the situation becomes funny, it is when we carefully observe the type of vehicle in which the yellow vest is positioned in the most visible way possible on the dashboard. In this game, across the 5 departments of Western France crossed the last 2 weeks, Dacia Duster is almost unsurprisingly alas as the favorite vehicle of yellow vests! The now-famous Jaclyn (...) and its big used XC90 diesel used at the price of a new gasoline city have obviously encouraged some to protest unashamedly against the increase in prices at the pump while continuing to drive the wheel. 'A vehicle claiming aerodynamic performance closer to that of a shoebox than a car...

Querying a yellow vest with reflective material on alternatives that could help it cope with the persistently high price of fuel is a bit like asking an iPhone fanatic to try and find happiness by choosing a smart phone running Android: it is complicated!

Unhappy, victim among the victims, prisoner of a political class who wants the skin of the bad drivers at all costs, the yellow jacket generally claims a gross ignorance when it is to praise the merits of alternative fuel with the diesel.
It is all the more distressing that it has been a few years now that running on diesel is no longer the most economical solution in terms of overall cost per use, except for professionals who continue to enjoy tax exemptions. Another age.

Not to mention the hybrid and electric alternatives, many small cars with small 3-cylinder gasoline engines are now part of the most economical solutions available, both on the new market and opportunity. Add to this the fact that the vehicles in question are most often able to roll partially to the E85 by means of some precautions of use which hold more common sense than the expertise engine and you have there an ultra-simple and accessible means as many as possible to significantly reduce its car budget.

On the other hand, where the political class as a whole but also the media have a share of responsibility, it is when it comes to justifying the rise in the price of fuel. By tirelessly repeating that this increase aims to respect the carbon trajectory of France, decision makers and the media have still not understood that this type of argument is totally inaudible yellow vests. When we know the share of CO2 emissions that represent the French fleet of cars in total global GHG emissions, difficult to give them wrong. If we add tax exemptions that continue to enjoy global air or sea transport, difficult to justify a tax increase that specifically targets French motorists.

It is all the more regrettable that the arguments are not lacking to justify these tax increases on an imported product which alone represents more than 50 billion deficits in the French trade balance.

More simply, it would be enough to point out the daily waste involved in the millions of motorists who still move alone driving their car morning and evening in the traffic jam to justify the need to accelerate the behavioral changes by the constraint. GWH of oil wasted daily just to heat and pollute the ambient air of cities when the ecological emergency should lead those who can prefer the many alternatives without oil more than ever available.

On November 17, I will obviously not protest against rising fuel prices. And if by chance I had to put on a yellow vest, it will be for cycling...  

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Tips for a good coexistence hunters-riders

In Isère, an application called "Isère hunting day" was created. It maps hunting areas of the department and aims to promote exchanges between hunters and non-hunters. So hikers, cyclists or riders can refer to the application before going on a mop. Hunters' wooden shelters are now open to the public, some have even been equipped with tie bars or water points for riders and their mounts.

If you are not in the Isere, here are some practical tips for your horse ride to happen in the best conditions, without risk for you, your horses or hunters.

To be visible
We can not say it enough, a horse bay among the trees in the autumn will not be seen much. The idea is not new, but it is wise to remind the riders of your entourage that it is essential to go out with a reflective vest (or yellow vest with reflective tape for clothing). It will allow you to be visible from afar and to avoid an unfortunate accident.

Go Fishing Information
Try to find information on the hunting areas around your stable: ask the town hall, residents or try to contact hunting federations in your department or region. They will certainly be able to direct you.

Stay courteous
What to do if you meet a hunter during your ride? It would be best to approach it while remaining polite. Ask him what his hunting area is, which way to go so as not to disturb each other and for how long do they have. If your horse is afraid of it, do not hesitate to ask the hunter to approach to make him feel his outfit (sometimes an orange vest) or his weapon, which can be reflected in the sun and scare your companion. All hunters are not monsters, they are mostly quite understanding.

Avoid the off-piste
Exploration lovers, one tip: stay on the marked trails, especially in the forest. Hunters suspect that people may be there. These are often the paths of Great Randonnée (GR) regularly borrowed especially on weekends. To work his slalom between the trees, we prefer a departure between 12h and 14h, while everyone is at the table.

And above all, the ideal is to go to many and not to hesitate to discuss to be spotted. Good walk !  

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