New police reflective vest

Police officers’ uniform will soon change into a new one. How will they look like their uniforms, approached patterns, which introduced the Police Presidium? Police Chief Thomas Tough said that next year will begin policemen try thousand pieces of equipment, which added five companies. All 40,000 police officers should be in new uniforms with reflective tape in four years.
Current models used by the police since the nineties and by the Chief of Police are the time to modernize. The main reason is the quality of existing uniforms, which complained to the police.
"Classic gray trousers with police tore between his legs, even those from riot uniforms. Light blue shirt again was made of airtight reflective material, "said the most common complaints unionist Union security forces Jeri Viet (more complaints and new uniforms here).
Material new uniforms should be much better. For example, new pants will by Solid soft-shell with reflective elements. "I think that will be the most sought after manufacture the entire range," he said Tough.
Officers serving in the streets will have new and additional items of equipment, such as polo shirt into the field jacket for winter and summer, safety vest with pockets, caps or intervention overalls. Police officers will also receive special gloves that will not stab.
Changes also will undergo uniforms, which dominates the color dark blue to black color. The current silver octagonal star with officer ranks will replace the five-pointed gold star and the lower ranks to be silver tri-star.
It is also interesting that the new police uniforms are "tailored" and not to use a universal size. Do police equipment returns also called boats that police officers will wear on their heads on some occasions.
Police have the replacement kits each year budget of 130 million, due to modern materials will be increased annually by ten million.

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Reflective tape for children’s safety

The safety of children has learned in Byrne. It is therefore safer for them if they are on the go labeled with reflective tape. The tape children were also given a leaflet that they can at school or at home with his parents to study and schematic illustration to see what distance a driver registers a pedestrian, if only in dark clothes, or used clothing or backpack, handbag or shoes reflective material .
police to pedestrians and cyclists will also focus on other days, one of the sites, which have definitely visit will Tiniest and Orica, where the bicycle is a very common means of transport.
In the Czech Republic in 2013, there are died in accidents, 134 pedestrians and 58 cyclists. Compared to 2012, a moderate reduction in these tragic numbers (-12 and pedestrians - 6 cyclists).
In the Hradec Karloff region in 2014, the statistics are tragic accidents non-motorized road users, entered on January 20 when she died walker, in which, on a crosswalk in Triton driver struck a passenger vehicle.
For the first nine months of 2014 traffic policemen drove to a total of 3152 accidents. In 244 cases, the cyclist participated in a traffic accident in which six cyclists who do not wear safety vest died as a result of accidents, 31 followers of a track suffered serious injuries and 168 other cyclists were injured slightly. In the same period in the region died in traffic accidents, one pedestrian, 17 pedestrians suffered serious injuries and 93 slight.
"As is clear from the interrogation of drivers of motor vehicles who clashed with a pedestrian or cyclist is usually not seen at all, or saw them at the last minute and failed to prevent conflict," states under the Police of the Czech Republic Jan, spokesman of the police officers of the.
Fluorescent and reflective material costs a few bucks, investment safety is certainly worthwhile. They are available in a haberdashery, cycle-, stores and work safety equipment, in e-shops.

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Reflective material latety vest on PID

Members Escobar is Wed the 11th from Fri the 13th to be held in Diego EXCO '2015 Diego International Textile Fair (PID)' 3M reflective material and safety vest participate in the fold showcase.
3M's retro reflective tape is used in all garments and accessories that can be exposed to a variety of labels, bags, hats or outdoor, children's wear sportswear such risks as outstanding reflection performance. Wrinkles appear a variety of utilization in the production of the desired design has a durable low.
The excellent visibility, especially at night and visibility is widely used in road transport and security markets, the remarkable functional materials thought to the safety of people who use.
The members of the Eskom will demonstrate the development of a folding reflective safety vest with 3M's materials in the exhibition. Easy to carry and easy to store than conventional safety vest, and can avoid a secondary accident by attaching a high brightness reflective fabric in advance. Use the YELLOW fabric considering the visibility day and night, ensuring visibility and high brightness retro reflective material of the week has the advantage to identify possible long distances at night.
In addition, the retro reflective material fabric for sewing (FABRIC), thermal transfer film (FILM), high gloss (HIGH GLOSS) and the reflective ink (INK) will be available also.

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Be visible with reflective tape 130 meters away

The mornings are really getting dark, so read the tips on how your child best seen in traffic with reflective tape.
When the child uses reflective tapes, so reducing the risk of being overlooked in traffic by 70 percent, says editor in chief of the online magazine Keiki.dk Katrina Rouge to tv2.dk.
Read also: How to choose the right bike lights.
Both children and adults should have reflectors on in darkness, rain and fog.
Reflective have the most impact when hung on a string, so they are moving. It should of course not be too long string, where there is a risk of injury, she says.
Read also: How to make your child roadworthy.
Reflective tapes have a lifespan of about three years, says Katrina Rouge.
Then they must be discarded. So be aware of how old your baby's reflective tape are.
Also read: its parents that make school road dangerous.
There are reflective material on the lot kids’ outerwear. The reflectors on your clothing are not all equally good. Therefore it is always a good idea to give your child extra reflectors on. Over clothes can easily be really good, although the reflective tapes that sits on it is not the best, explains Katrina Rouge.
Missing your child extra reflectors on your clothing, so buy some reflective tape, for example, can sit around the child's arm.
Set reflective tapes leash firmly in the child's pockets. So it does not go beyond the tool's surface. So the child can also come reflective tape in your pocket, if it runs and plays.
Think about how your child moves in traffic. Walk your child on the roadside, think about where you put the reflective tapes. There must always face a reflective tape facing the road that other road users can see. Bikes your child, put additional reflectors on the bike. Walk your child with a bag, then came also reflections of this.
Road Safety Council recommends that the reflective tapes sit low, so the cone of light from car headlights hit them.
A quarter of parents with children aged zero to five years does not give their child a reflective tape when they move in traffic. In 38 percent of cases it is because the parents have not thought about it.
65 percent of Danes aged 18-64 years does not reflective tape when they move in traffic.
Pedestrians with reflective vest have 70 percent lower risk of being involved in an accident.
With approved reflective tape: You will be visible at a distance of 130 meters, cars with headlights are switched. At 50 km / h has a driver with low beam lit 10 seconds to find you?
Without reflective tape: You will be visible at a distance of 25-40 meters, if the car has headlights are switched. At 50 km / h has a driver with low beam on only 2 seconds to discover you.

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Cameras monitor traffic and reflective material

MF DNES hit the streets with radar. Watching the behavior of drivers at three different locations where the prescribed fifty. At one point the cameras monitor traffic, sometimes on the other policemen standing around a third anarchy reigns.
And she did try. First, the editor and techniques radar measured in his civilian clothes. Then they repeated the measurements, this time dressed in safety vest that resembled a police patrol.
The difference in driving discipline was huge. The average speed of passing cars is before the "policemen" reduced by twenty kilometers per hour.
Failure to heed the speed limit in the Czech Republic is the most common traffic offense. Last year the rate stood at 13 500 accidents and is the largest gravedigger - due rush came on the roads last year of the life of 284 people. Foot on the gas often forgets to motorists who otherwise scrupulously comply with regulations. Reflective material are vital to road safety.
Car manufacturers produce increasingly powerful and cheaper cars and intoxicating feeling, whom induces speeding is so much closer to a wider range of drivers. And it is especially dangerous for young chauffeurs, where speeding is not the most common offense.
However, recourse will see only a fraction of unruly motorists. In the Czech Republic annually for speeding distributed to 200,000 fines, but that is three times less than the European average.
"Monitoring compliance rate is still insufficient and the punishment is not very effective. We must seek the ability to automatically sanction speeding offenses," recognizes the National Road Safety Strategy for the years 2011-2020 of the Ministry of Transport. Officials refer to the installation of radars and cameras into the streets.
Police in uniform with reflective tape is on the systematic monitoring of roads does not have enough people.
"The police cannot be everywhere. We focus on the dangerous roads at crossings or at bus stops," says the head of traffic police Leos Trail.

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Police replacerecommend reflective tape

They Already in Poznan have been switched off traffic lights on roundabouts Retake and Orrick. They direct the movement of policemen in reflective vest there. They will replace the signal at the intersection of Borski and Polish. Currently traveling A2 in the direction of Warsaw can expect difficulties, or traffic jams at toll plaza Go ski - says Renate Risk, a spokesman for the company Austria Operation. On Sunday gateway to the A2 will run depending on traffic. On Monday will be open all. - On the road determined for many accidents involving drunk drivers without reflective accessory. That is why in during the holiday weekend, drivers can expect numerous inspections sobriety - says Joseph Rzewski, heading of WRD hp Police in Poznan. There will also be patrols with radar. Police patrols are today and will be on Monday on all national roads, at the entrances to the bigger towns. It is not excluded that the signaling can be turned off at intersections certain routes with communal roads as in the Dry Forest. - Decisions about such changes patrols will take when the need arises say Andrej Biak, a spokesman for Police Headquarters in Poznan. According to YanosikAutoStop.pl last year in the country during four days holiday weekend came to 293 accidents. 33 people who do not wear coat with reflective tape lost their lives and 381 people were injured. At the 3500 police checks, 1372 drivers were punished mandates. 958 times the cause was excessive speed. 44 drivers lost their driver's license, and 161 said goodbye to the proof of registration because of poor technical condition of the car.  

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Aziz wearing reflective vest in employment project

Aziz is all smiles since he pushed the door Jump 95 Dumont the insertion of association that helps continuously for more than one hundred people in search of employment. A 47-year-old Aziz wear the coat with reflective tape was the first to participate in a renovation project ERDF networks. "I landed a position controller time work until November," he summarizes.
A mission related to the change of the cables over eight kilometers between Eocene and Evansville. Work in the amount of € 1 million. Aziz, 47, ensures the smooth running of the project, checking the safety measures such as the installation of protective barriers for passersby or helmets and safety vest by the workers. But it also has another mission of contact. "I warn traders throughout the streets will be open trenches, by distributing a brochure that I accompany verbal information and advice.”
"We signed in mid-June with Coo race, (note: National Federation of 500 companies and integration associations as Springboard 95), an agreement for integration through economic activity" does one summarizes at ERDF.
Aziz combines part-time job with you in private, and maintenance of green spaces. A total of four missions paid the minimum wage. "Through Springboard 95, I'm better monitoring in a temporary agency", if he welcomes. Cargo Controller at Air France at Rosy for fifteen years, he was dismissed in 2012. "Since then, I have not found a permanent job, laments Aziz. Registered at the employment center, I learned about 95 Springboard by chance. I got registered in February. "
Tara of the association, said it had already entrusted several missions goalkeeper, home agent ... that allow Aziz to gradually build a professional project. "On average, job seekers are less than two years at home before going out with a project training or employment," she adds.

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On rural roads shall wear reflective clothing as well

End of period of protection for pedestrians who do not wear reflective clothing on rural roads. The right to work for a month so far only instructed the police, but now longer faces severe fines. The revised road traffic law in force since the month and requires pedestrians to wear reflective vest after dark in rural roads. In September, the police treated leniently persons committing an offense. During a lesson in schools or meetings with the adults they reported a change in legislation, and roadside checks ended teachings. Police Headquarters has no data on the seats for the lack of reflective tape, but it means that you actually officers were indulgent.
Now, there is nothing to count on it. - In September, there were people who did not wear reflective tape on clothing, and former instruction. What is important, in fact many people do not know about the new rules and learned about them from the police - says Karolina, a spokeswoman for police. In October, officials have started to draw consequences for the lack of glare. And pedestrians, who evidently will disregard the provision, they will have to pay dearly, for up to 500 zlotys. For more on this topic, see the Wednesday, paper edition of the "Journal of the Baltic" or buying e-edition newspapers

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Reflective workwear can be aesthetically attractive

For several months Carat caps bearing the label are becoming increasingly popular among fashionable people across Poland. It's plain simple cotton or acrylic headdress, with a great tag manufacturer in the middle. There would be no wonder if not the fact that mainly produces Carat reflective workwear and reflective safety vest.
The most popular model is called Carat caps. Cotton or acrylic beanie, the Polish familiarly called "bezdomkami". They have a loose fashion, especially in the upper part, which juts picturesquely on his head. Beanie is popular among both men and women how: wear those most of all high school students and secondary school students, but also the larger cities hipsters, fashionable and of course thirty something collar workers. In a word - brand Carat caps from day to day are gaining more and more fans among various social groups.
Where did the company Carat?
The company itself was founded in 1889 by a New York entrepreneur, Hamilton Carat. Carat for years led the company a supply, but at some point decided to invest in the production of work wear. They had to stand out from other excellent quality. Its first products were ... robes, made of linen and denim.
After the great economic crisis Carat Company has grown to enormous size - in the first half of the twentieth century has opened more than 17 sewing room and 3 factories in the United States, Canada and Europe. He also produced his own material - "Carat Master", who in his time was regarded as the best in the world. Today the main administration company located in Irvine, Kentucky, and the brand Carat became recognizable and popular not only in the environment of workers.
Today, Carat produces clothes - the company's offer predominate overalls and coveralls sewn from thick, waterproof reflective fabric, durable jacket, baggy jeans and work gloves. However, a few years this brand clothes are starting to buy the young people who carry out "stationary" contest.
Certainly caps sell most - says Mr. Michael, representative of the general distributor Carat brand for the entire country. - Monthly sale of the same hats is about several thousand copies, and the upward trend can be observed since last year. When it comes to Central Europe - Eastern Europe, the sale of hats we hope even in the tens of thousands of copies - he says. - Other our products are usually purchased for manual workers, a huge popular are also jackets and sweatshirts - he added.
Unquestionably, this brand caps are doing a great sensation throughout the "Western" world. Why a company that produces mainly denim overalls is was suddenly determinant of good style? In addition to regular eaters of bread in a reflective cap with the logo "working" of the company showed up Riana, is also a favorite headgear whole spectrum of fashion bloggers.
1. to work and on the street
The Company Carat is no exception - in recent years several brands, usually associated with work wear conquered the streets of large cities.
One such phenomenon is rubber willies from Hunter, over the years worn in Britain mainly by farmers and fruit growers. Less than a decade ago, they have been recognized by stylists and fashion designers - became the biggest hit several seasons, shoes favorite celebrities and countless city dwellers.
A similar story is connected with waxed jackets other English brand - Barbour mainly for hunting enthusiasts. They found them British music festival fans who have introduced dark, shapeless parks to the salons of high fashion.
2. Yellow shoes
But the most glaring example of widespread popularity of work wear are the yellow, autumn and winter boots Caterpillar, which mainly produces construction machinery.
-Sam Do not wears these shoes, but apparently they are very comfortable - says Ewe Mora, fashion designer and blogger nutmeat. - This type of clothing is very practical and it is probably the key to their success - he adds. –work wear with reflective tape is well-designed and well thought out in terms of comfort. This type of reflective clothes meet the current needs of the people: the practical aspect is without doubt the most important - adds the designer.
Is Work wear can be aesthetically attractive? - Definitely yes, otherwise it would not be so popular with so many people - says the designer. The world is changing very quickly: we do not have the service, go by bus, run around the city. No wonder that this type of clothes only gaining in popularity - he added.
They are fashionable for many years, but have recently become carriers of meanings, mainly through passwords placed on them. You can easily and quickly communicate something to the world, you can see everything very clearly - she says.  

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