Reflective elements on the toes are safety

One bike, two travelers, Andrew and Pauline dared to leave without plane or train. Instead they bought velotandem and take up safety clothing. The bike can drive the pair to the Crimea in a dozen cities, distance - two thousand kilometers.
Here they have most of the food. “We took a little food: buckwheat, oatmeal, today did something, boiled eggs, and will continue to look at the situation.”
Even more attention than proteins, fats and carbohydrates, travelers paid their safety.
We were worried about safety on the road. Max markings: flags, flashlights.
“It may seem that I love yellow. I even have reflective element on the toes.”
Such double cruiser riders saddled recently, but already had time to gain mileage on the streets of St. Petersburg, so twist pedals confidently. Be careful not only steep slopes and wet roads.
Poling Smirnova, a traveler: "When we first sat down, it was difficult to keep the balance banal. It is important to well-coordinated work of two. One is responsible for the other very much. "
Andrew and Pauline in their physical training no doubt call themselves fitkulturnikami. Not only do they shake their muscles and the press, but also train the mind and practice good nutrition.
First stop velotandema after 200 kilometers in Vilify Novgorod, then - in Moscow. At the site plans to be a month. But the return trip will be at times is shorter - only three hours by plane. By September 1, travelers need to get back to St. Petersburg - are both taught in school.
Travel by bike is a healthy sport, but it’s also important to wear reflective garment to protect you.

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The "Cancer Man" in reflective vest on internet

The man, a daily object of derision from passersby, this time has reacted violently to provocations. He wear reflective clothing, in Padua is a "character". They call it "Cancer Man" and, on Face book, there are several pages and groups dedicated to him. Unfortunately, though, the game derision, sometimes, is a snap. And so the man, "famous" for his reflective vest and the inevitable bike, it is very often the victim of insults and provocations, from those who taste test to unleash his theatrical reactions.
Cancer MAN. On social networks, pictures and videos that immortalize not count as "likes" and comments. The most recent was filmed Wednesday, sparking public Cancer Man (over 3 thousand "thumbs up", 800 shares and an avalanche of comments): the man, the umpteenth offense, obviously the aim is to take it back and post a video on Face book, this time reacted more virulent than usual, sparking euphoria of "fans" of the Web, but also taking revenge on those who daily make a laughingstock.
Someone, a car stops at traffic lights, began to scream at him. Cancer Man grabbed a chain throwing it against the body of the machine in question until it was reached by the police in reflective uniform. "

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have reflective vest inside vehicles

The measure will apply to individual and collective locomotion major and minor.
From January 1, 2016 is mandatory carrying of reflective vests inside cars and major and minor public transportation.
The legislation seeks to reduce the risk of collision with drivers who for some reason must descend from their mobile on the road or on the streets of the city.
Gabriela Rosined, executive secretary of the National Traffic Safety Commission (Cohasset), explained that the purpose of the initiative is that drivers should be lowered for some emergency vehicles on high-speed tracks, become visible from the rest of automobiles, since the down drivers become pedestrians.
The authority noted that "the main factor of the abuses in our country is the lack of visibility. When using a reflective element one becomes visible about 150 meters from a vehicle that comes to 100 kilometers per hour and can reach to make a maneuver to avoid an outrage ".
Rosined added that in 2014 in the region of O'Higgins were over 5000 accidents, of which 114 people were killed, where 43 of them died run over.
Cohasset executive secretary said that the sanctions for not carrying a safety vest inside vehicles ranging from 8000 to 22 thousand pesos.
Finally, Rosined said the value of a reflective vest is around five thousand pesos, so it is "a pretty cheap insurance to avoid an outrage".
Rural bus drivers received vests.
The Federation of Rural Collective O'Higgins Region (Fetor) lived during the day yesterday the delivery of about 40 reflective vests for its members by the jeremiad of Transport and Telecommunications and the Mutual Security.
As explained SEREMI portfolio, Francisco Lara, the initiative came from the union, which seeks to deliver these reflective element that influence compliance with the regulations.
Ramiro Aguilera, president of the Fetor, said the federation is very concerned about the safety of their members due to accidents occurring, so that "we believe we should start spreading this minute the law so that our drivers have it very present.”
The leader explained that the idea is that its drivers use the vest once it starts to get dark, because in one way should get off the vehicle one or more times.

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Fashion show of reflective clothing

The event was presented reflective clothing that is specially designed for people with visual impairment.
Models show "Step into the light," made by visually impaired people and several collections of clothes were presented to experience serious vision problems. These people know the personal example of the necessary requirements to clothes.
A prerequisite is the presence of a plurality of pockets and a special pocket for sticks, reflective element. On the legs and chest should be to strengthen the elements that can soften the blow of a collision with sharp objects and surfaces. Specific requirements - for shoes, summer and winter collections of great attention is paid to strengthening in the area of the fingers.
To participate in the program "Step into the light" was filed more than 20 applications from designers, including designers from normal vision, but who feel fashion in the literal sense of the word.
During visually impaired designers nicely captures the mood of the room and the attitude of the collections created in the dark. Many of them do not distinguish the color, do not see the reflective tape and create masterpieces to the touch. The audience was struck by a bright collection of designer Alana, is colorblind.
The highlight of the evening was the presentation of two European designers - Anaya Briton and Christine Wolf. They shared their experiences and spoke about the attitude towards this issue in Europe.

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Flashlights and reflective strip on clothing

In the night race at the Luzhniki Stadium was attended by 4000 people.
In Moscow held a massive night race on 10 kilometers. At the start of the Luzhniki reached 4000 people. Everyone has been in the hands of flashlights and reflective strip on clothing.
"Moscow Marathon" - a classic Olympic distance through the streets of the metropolis, said "TV Center".
"It's very prestigious. There marathons in Paris, there is a New York City Marathon, and Marathon have in Moscow. It passes through the picturesque places along the waterfront, we have something to show and have to show results," - said the head of Moscow Sport Committee Alexei Vorobyov.
Preparation for the “Moscow Marathon” begins in six months. The second stage - 21 km along the embankments of the capital in May. Throughout the summer, athletes in reflective garment, amateur teams, pairs and alone, even participating in the "colorful" and "musical" races.
View from the side - the usual summer get-together of young people. In fact - after the warm-up dance club rhythms, many aspire to a serious wrestling.
This year, to participate in the marathon nearly 5000 registered members As a result, at the start of cross-country trails at a single wave of light breaks. The two circles on the avenues of Luzhniki and here - at the finish line there is a winner.
Development of sports in recent years, Moscow has been active. On the streets of the metropolis appeared bikeways. The parks and recreation areas are organized cross-country trails and hiking trails of health. Only in the capital is already engaged in mass sports more than 3 million people in reflective clothing. And every year their number increased.

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Pedestrians and cyclists in reflective garment at night

Campaign - The 9th edition of the National Day of light will take place on Thursday. A prevention campaign is set up to remind road users of the importance of seeing and being seen, especially at night, to avoid accidents. They provide safety vest for the participant.
The risk of accidents is three times higher at dusk and at night for pedestrians and cyclists in reflective garment. As part of the National Day of the light that is on Thursday, preventive actions will be undertaken throughout the township by the cantonal police and municipal police under the slogan "SEE YOU".
Caps fitted with a reflective band, armbands and stickers will be distributed mainly reflectors for pedestrians and cyclists. Emphasis will also be brought to the elder, in order to make attentive on the importance of being visible, communicates Wednesday Valais police.
Drivers of motor vehicles with intact and headlights clean and well clear glass, with constantly flowing lights on and adapting their pace depending on the situation, greatly contribute to the prevention of accidents. To prevent accidents, do your eyesight checked regularly.
Cyclists in addition to the prescribed reflectors do circulate with good lighting. As for the lateral visibility, rays reflector as an effective means for being seen.
Pedestrians should always wear bright clothes, possibly equipped with reflective element. Being visible day and night is important, especially when crossing crosswalks. Before you commit, make sure that other road users have noticed your presence.


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Encourages cyclists to use reflective element

Sevastopol Inspectorate for Road Traffic Safety held bicycle race "See and be seen." The goal to remind motorists that on urban roads many cyclists are ride in particular in the dark. They, in turn, traffic police officers are encouraged to use reflective element on the bike to be more visible to car drivers.
"There is reflective tape on the wheel, on the wings, the rear wheels. In addition, I have decided to equip his helmet reflective tape”
Denis is ready to move through the city streets on two wheels even in the dark. He and about forty cyclist’s city, this evening went to the street, accompanied by members of the Sevastopol State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. Bike ride along the city ring activists attract the attention of drivers.
Volunteers not only swept through the central city streets. They brought the box with plastic reflectors. Each participant of the action, the vehicle is not sufficiently evident in the dark, could correct the situation on the spot. Reflectors and reflectors can be purchased at any specialized shop. And they are inexpensive - about twenty rubles. Any comparison does not go with the price of a human life, if the driver does not notice the car in time on the road cyclist or pedestrian.
Vitally Borodin, Chief Inspector advocacy group the State Inspectorate for Road Traffic Safety of Sevastopol: "Designating himself on the roadway, bicyclists, and pedestrians (it is the most vulnerable category of road users), labeling you, provide them, to some extent, security. Since even at a crosswalk where there are violated rules of the road, the driver does not always see themselves pedestrians in the dark. "
By the way, on the roads of Sevastopol recently there are new reflective marking on unregulated pedestrian crossings. Perhaps it will not save a single life.
For many who have gathered here, cycling - not just entertainment. They use this transport every day. Experienced cyclists especially insist on the need to protect themselves reflective elements.
GERMAN cyclist: "I'm not the first ride. I myself had been in awkward situations of traffic, due to the fact that maybe I have not seen, possibly with a negligent attitude. And repeatedly I heard about this. That is why we are holding the bike ride and tie him to the reflective elements so that people understood that this is important, it is one of the basic rules for a cyclist - he was to be seen on the road. "
Employees of the Sevastopol State Inspectorate for Road Traffic Safety remind cyclists and the need to use when riding such remedies as a reflective helmet and elbow pads.


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Best protection for school children crossing: safety vest

Innovation designed to best protect schoolchildren crossing pedestrian crossings.
Only if parents wish to schoolchildren in Tyumen may soon have "walking school bus". The essence of innovation, long-tested in European countries and Moscow, is to ensure that one of the parents in their area gathers a group of children and accompanies them to school.
Each "passenger" must be supplied with a bright safety vest, and the kids are older - reflective tape and key rings. With such an initiative to the Education Department of the Tyumen region in today's interactive tutorial, "Road Safety Day" came the leadership of the regional traffic police.
According to head of the regional traffic police Gennady Lotochkina, innovation designed to best protect schoolchildren crossing the pedestrian crossing under the supervision of a parent. The initiative itself is not accustomed; you must desire the parent asset. This innovation should be discussed at parents' meetings in all schools.
Despite the decline in the number of accidents on the roads of Tyumen, from the beginning of the year in an accident killed two and injured 269 children. Each is accompanied by a fall from a bicycle traumatic brain injury, then that will necessarily affect the child's health.
Often, children suffer through the fault of adults. This year, traffic police inspectors brought to administrative responsibility 11 thousand. Drivers transporting children in cars without special restraint and for the same period last year are 18 thousand.
It is Particular concern at the head of the regional traffic police causing young skuteristy, cyclists and even drivers. The first drive on roads at high speeds and without a license, the latter - without special protection: reflective vest, knee pads, and others with the permission of the parents to operate the machine in the countryside.

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Put reflective tape on their camels reduce accidents.

A number of citizens called for legislation system needed beauty bar owners put a light reflective material is tied tightly around the neck of the camel; what allows the driver to see the beauty of bulk on the roads at night to contribute to the reduction of the collision of cars beauty incidents.
Nasser al-Bandar and the beauty that the bulk incidents on the roads have become a familiar sight, noting that it cannot be seen in a special night that the dust is volatile almost throughout the year in Al-Ash, and often result in those accidents and deaths and permanent disabilities. He pointed out that the citizen accidents that occur on the roads always recorded deaths or injuries, and called for reflective vest to see and punish those who violate and book nearby beauty of the ways that poses a danger to the Rated.
He described many of the Muslim Bulk Palmsthertyn Beauty owners. They are stressing that they are leaving their camels lying in wait Babar. Every time an incident occurring much what beauty stands behind it, if the traffic department counted the proportion of accidents on the roads of beauty overwhelmed by the proportion of incidents which promotes claims the presence of security patrols and security of the roads on the "line" in which stray animals spread, particularly at night.
Said Khalid Al-Ahmad: collided with one of the beauty as he crossed the street earlier during Seri pitted on the road heading to Hoff alluding to the importance of road lighting.
Ahmed Hassan: The beauty oblige owners to put a light reflective tape on their camels, reduce the proportion of accidents, especially in the Eastern Province as it limits the human and animal has.

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Raincoat with reflective tape

The new anti-rain garment wins breathability, anatomical shape and has a No rain panel on the back. Like safety vest, this rain coat adds reflective tape on it.
Among the new Scornful catalog for this winter season, he highlights the latest version of its reflective jacket Hot Pack Jacket No rain. It is an improved version of more technical raincoat Scornful. This garment intended to ensure effective for the cyclist in heavy rain protection, although offering a certain level of breathability and the smallest possible volume and lightness.
The heat-sealed seams, waterproof YKK zipper, raised collar on the fitting and the elasticity of the garment ensure a high level of tightness. The garment has a new panel on the back made with the exclusive No rain Scornful tissue, plus a high-visibility reflective material.
In this new version it has been improved breathability on the sides and under the arms. The weight content (announced in 145 grams) and the small size are important aspects for a garment that often leads folded jersey pocket.
No rain Hot Pack Jacket has a bag perfectly integrated into the structure that allows compact and quickly save the garment.
This raincoat with reflective tape comes in three colors (white, fluorescent yellow and black) and sizes from XS to XXXL. There is also a specific version for women (in white or black and sizes XS to XXL). Both are now available at authorized outlets at a recommended price of € 129.90.

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