Serious accident blocked the main public transport

A serious traffic accident occurred on Wednesday shortly before the nineteenth hour on the street Březnická in Slim. Collided with a passenger vehicle there Citroën van and INVESCO. The driver in the conflict suffered severe injuries of the lower extremities; medical rescuers transported her to the Tomas Bata Regional Hospital in Slim where he was later taken too lightly injured van driver.
"The woman suffered serious injuries especially of the lower extremities, to the hospital to undergo surgery," he informed the county for medical rescuers Dorian Pfeifer.
Slim police spokeswoman Monica Kozumplíková, twenty-six wives drove from the direction of Slim on Bernice. "For as yet unknown reasons pulled into the opposite direction, which crashed into an oncoming truck. Due to impact young women driver’s vehicle was thrown back into the right lane, which crashed into the barrier. Truck driver in safety vest wanted to avoid a collision, drove right off the road, which crashed into a concrete retaining wall, "informed about the accident, a police spokesman said.
Due to the impact the delivery woman was wedged in his car. "Firefighters had to rescue her use special hydraulic equipment," said a spokesman for the regional disaster firefighters Pavel Redneck. "It was an extremely difficult extrication," commented intervention Ambulance Service spokesman slim region Dorian Pfeifer.
At the time of the accident, the entire street Březnická closed. "Both vehicles intervened over the entire width of the road," he continued Pave Redneck.
Transport Company Slim - Otrokovice (DSZO) therefore operationally deployed a backup bus to ensure that passenger traffic in the district Film Studios and the lighthouse.
"We Traffic accident was reported at 18.52 hours. Police in reflective vest estimated the total closure of several hours Březnická Street, which meant the interruption of traffic on our bus route 31 from the city of Slim in District Film Studios and the lighthouse. We have therefore deployed on this line backup bus that after a detour route was transporting passengers to the portions of those sites, "described the situation dispatcher Bara Švejnarová.
Bus line 31 and ran from a traffic accident on Jaroslavice only the turntable sports hall and back to Jaroslavice. Backup bus drove along the route Mire square - Plaza Jobs - Sports hall - Work Place - School - route lines 32 through Kudos on Film Studios and into the neighborhood near the lighthouse and back. "We tried on this alternate route, observe the frequency of services, which are at times shown in timetables," said the dispatcher.
"After 22 hours he was again resumed operation of bus routes along the usual route," said spokesman Rotech DSZO Keota that even the last two bus connections along this line rode.
Traffic policemen on the spot traffic accident delayed because of the crime scene investigation and securing stop until 21 o'clock in the evening. "We now find its cause. For now investigating the incident as a misdemeanor in the field of road safety, "explained Monika Kozumplíková. Finally, adding that both vehicles were dvousettisícová damage to guardrails and retaining wall damage in the amount of five thousand crowns.

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A bright idea: Danish runners is good to remember reflex

Three out of four Danish exercisers have reflectors on when they train in the dark.
When Danish adults walking on the street in the autumn darkness, less than half (38 percent) who remember to take reflective vest, or anything that lights up.
Motionisterne contrast learned the lesson.
Here are 77 percent luminescent when they run out in traffic.
It shows an interview with 1004 contributing Danes over 15 years carried out by Yoga in October for Coda and the Child Accident Prevention Foundation.
Reflective means that you have 85 percent less risk of being hit when you run, walk or bike with reflectors compared to if one only has its dark winter clothes on, shows statistics from the Norwegian Trig Traffic.
"A motorist driving 50 km per hour can see a dark pedestrian at about 30 meters. It gives him two seconds to react. But he sees someone with reflex at 140 meters, so the driver has 10 seconds to respond, "Says Claus Nielsen, communication manager at the Child Accident Prevention Foundation.
READ Article Many children go outside reflexes in the morning darkness.
Most popular is it going with reflector West Zealand and Jutland, which is ironic, because actually people who walk, run and bike in big cities, more vulnerable.
"People mistakenly think that a lot of light in the city helps motorists to see them. But on the contrary, it appears that all light sources confuse the driver so that the vulnerable road users have even more need for reflectors and LEDs to block the sea of light around them, "says Claus Nielsen.
For runners and cyclists, he recommends especially slap-wrap - which is a kind of rigid reflective tape with built-in LEDs bandied around the ankle or wrist, and you can quickly take off again.


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Running with safety vest is necessary

After securing the access to the final of the Cup of Portugal, the coach of Sp. Braga, along with the coaching staff, fulfilled a promise and ran on foot, 50 km from the national road.
After ensuring access of SC Braga to the final of the Cup of Portugal, 17 years later, Sergio Conceição put on his shoes, put on shorts and a safety vest and made to the road: the coach of Arsenalistas was Vila do Coned to Braga to foot, to fulfill a promise.
Along with his technical team, all the member wearing clothing with reflective tape ran about 50 kilometers, much of it to run - when the fatigue was stronger, walked.
Drawing 1-1 in Vila do Coned, after beating Rio Ave 3-0 in the first leg of the semi-finals Sporting Braga joined Sporting in Jam or, reissuing the end of 1982.

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Protective clothing for cyclist in Oslo.

Oslo's Bicycle Project drags running campaign to get more people to ride in winter. Studded, headlights and reflective vests handed out to cyclists who want to test out winter cycling. 100 cyclists get the chance.
To reach the goal of a bike share of 16 percent must be more cycle throughout the year. The first step is to get those who already bikes in the summer to extend the cycling season, says Live Jorum Andeans, senior communications Bicycle Project in Oslo.
Here you can read more about winter cycling: How you cycle safely through the snow and ice.
Bicycle project would therefore like to get in touch with summer bikers who want to test out winter cycling. 100 people will get a gift package consisting of studded tires, safety vest, lights and some other useful effects.
We also organize an inspiration evening for participants, says Andeans, which clarifies that the participants should not have to put on the tires themselves.
Participants will be followed up by Bike project through the winter, both to motivate and gain experience.
Knowing how participants experience to ride in winter, as well as what they think about winter maintenance of cycle network, gives us a good basis to implement more targeted measures, says Andeans.
But it is not everyone who can be there.
The criterion to take part is that you do not already bicycles in winter. We primarily to summer racers, because we know it's difficult to get people who do not bike to start on snow and ice, says Andeans.
Environment and transport councilor Guru Melba (V) received last year criticism because bike routes were not good enough plowed.
How will you get more new winter cyclists with reflective tape out on the roads if there is snow and slush left on the roads?
We have proposed an additional appropriation of 12 million to maintenance of cycle paths on the budget. The proposal is based on an input from the Bike project that we will raise a notch on the operating level. That's because we must increase the proportion of bicycle trips, says Guru Melba.
The 12 million will provide operation both summer and winter.
This means of course that there will be more frequent sweeping, often inspection, so that an inlet patches holes and mark up again more often. It also means more frequent borkjøring of snow, says Melba.
NPRA salts bike routes there and thus black asphalt cover in winter. Oslo municipality salts not bike routes there. - I hope we can get to the black asphalt standard on several stretches, especially those located between bike routes to NPRA, says Melba.

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ADAC distribute safety vests to first-graders

Historic Racing Club in the ADAC is committed to the ADAC Foundation "Geber Engel".
Somewhat incredulous, but also very curious watching the abecedarian that on Tuesday morning already, as they opened 25 first graders of Greaser public elementary school "Got hold Ephraim Lessing" the director of the school, Marlines Langenbach that it for an important meeting in the foyer of the school should come together. Did they do something "ausgefressen", or what? Nothing of all this! Only guests were with Thomas Roth, Chairman of the Historic Racing Club Geris in the ADAC, and Brigitte Wincher, board member of the HRC-Geris eve arrived at ADAC, who had brought something to the children. Bright yellow and orange safety vests the ADAC were the ones they gave to the children and those coated with shining eyes immediately.
See and be seen is a very important moment in the road and on the way to school in the upcoming dark season, so who gave Thomas Roth with the handover of the ADAC safety vests to the first-graders the starting signal for the safety vests action for school ADAC district Geris Has.
"Every year, 30,000 children under 15 years have accidents on the roads, often because they are seen too late or not. To prevent this, and to enhance safety, should children to school reflective clothing such as wear a safety vest? Therefore leads the ADAC Foundation "Geber Engel" for the sixth time, the safety vests action for school by. It thus makes an important contribution to road safety of children, "said eV can be read in a literature of the ADAC Hessen-Thüringen. Thomas Roth turned in safety vest over to the children particularly pointed out: "Being seen counts! Through the reflection of this reflective material safety vests children are well seen in the dark already from 140 meters away. Is the dress only bright, they are perceived from a distance of 40 meters? Dark dressed children, a motorist in the spotlight recognize only 25 meters before - too late to stop in time. Exactly what we want, change the ADAC and the club, with our commitment? The nuts and bolts for the success of this action, however, are that the kids wear safety vests also. Parents and teachers should make sure those children these western wear every day. "An appeal which ensures not died away unheard.
When it came to the distribution of safety vests, there was, of course, excitement and big eyes among the children. The West had to be the same tried and proudly graders led before this. Plucky they look already, the vests with the luminous icons and the reflective tape at the front and back and on the hood, let the children shine from afar. But not only edged the West, the children felt great in what you looked at her shining eyes. And then even the first year each received a balloon of the ADAC, because there were a whole lot of fun, because that means you can do a whole lot. A Thanks to the headmistress, Marlines Langenbach, Thomas Roth and the Historic Racing Club in the ADAC with the request connected, this thanks to the ADAC Hessen-Thüringen eve to take, this ended the first-graders of Greaser public elementary school "Got hold Ephraim Lessing" fun and exciting interruption of teaching, which is also the first year with a common thanked by the members of the Historic Racing Club Greiz Neumühle-eV in ADAC adopted.

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Reflective clothing is better than warns reflex spray

Different varieties reflex aerosol is become increasingly popular. But Road Safety warns against its use.
Most of us know enough that it's smart to use a reflector. Yet many Norwegians live dangerously in the dark. The entire 1.45 million of us dropper to use reflectors, and blames bad time.
It is According to a new survey conducted by TNS Gallup, on behalf of the Road Safety and Sparebank1 Insurance.
Seven out of ten think that others are too poor to use reflex, and physical counts of Road Safety show that only 32 percent of us actually use reflectors in the autumn darkness.
Several players launching reflex spray and even though they know that the product does not provide enough reflex effect, marketers the wide both in stores and in social media.
Road Safety encourages suppliers to be more honest in their marketing.
Lately, several different reflex varieties aerosol become popular. The point is that this can be sprayed on everything from clothes, shoes and bags to bikes and helmets.
The idea is that it will serve as trendier and fun measures to be visible in traffic also in the evenings.
Most are made so that they are invisible, until they get hit by such as car headlights in the dark.
But Road Safety warns to only use this type of reflex.
Reflex Spray is a funny thing, but produces only about seven percent reflex effect. Reflex Spray should only be used in addition to the approved reflective tape or reflective vests. Reflex Spray alone is simply not enough to be visible in traffic.
We therefore encourage all vendors to make it clear that the spray must be used in addition to an approved reflex, and not a substitute. It would be tragic if someone got hit because they think that they are visible enough with reflex spray coat. Reflex Spray washed too easy in the rain, says communications manager Ann-Kathrin Aeron in Road Safety.
One of those offering reflective aerosol is Volvo.
We fully agree with the Road Safety in the regular reflective piece or reflective tapes are the most important thing to use to be seen in traffic. Reflex spray is not a replacement but a good addition to the usual reflex - and allows larger surfaces you will be visible in the dark, such as the entire jacket or trousers, said information chief Rune Guttenberg Hansen.

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Volunteers is ready to help traffic safety problem

If the task of handling refugees is too big for the police, says the Home Guard ready to help.
People in military uniform and yellow safety vest is ready to come out and support the police in their task of handling the refugees now arriving in hundreds Roxby Jutland.
We have talked to the police, and they know that we can support them if necessary. We are ready, says Head of led in the Home Guard, Mortem Thomsen to Extra Bladed.
Home Guard can among other things be deployed to help with the traffic safety problems that occur when refugees go on the highway.
The strength of the National Guard is made up of volunteers, and is generally used only for scheduled events. Yet dry Mortem Thomsen to guarantee that the Home Guard can step in if the police in reflective uniform suddenly asking for help.
Our strength consists of volunteers who need time off from work, but we are always ready to help if the police suddenly demand it, says Head of in the Home Guard, Mortem Thomsen to Extra Bladed.
Guard earlier this week sent National Guard troops to support the police at Rødbyhavn and Sandworm, but the Home Guard press unit says to Extra Bladed that it comes under ten National Guard soldiers, and that they have the manpower to help more.

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Police handing out reflective vests and belts

Slinks - Pedestrians and passengers two groups of people, which in those days would turn the attention of the police in Slinks reason in both cases is the same: to be more visible. Reflective vests today, 15 to 17 hours, the police hand out to passengers on the passenger seat on the road at the entrance to Voinovich.
"The vehicle is in most cases have safety vests only drivers. Other participants do not, and thus are often life-threatening when they move, for example in traffic accident site, "explained Slim police preventistka Lucie Javoříková.
According to her tragic accidents is increasing, which could often be avoided precisely because if a person moving at dusk or in darkness have seen enough already from afar. Pedestrians are greatly helpful and who have reflective tape on hand.
"Are we, together with representatives of the Road Safety and Traffic patrol handing pedestrians in Zlín Štefánikova Street on Thursday," said Lucie Javoříková.

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Have reflective vest you’re expired

Did you think it kept using vest? It helps little, if it has become too old.
It's dark outside and not so easy for motorists to see you when you walk along the road. Some are good at taking on themselves and their children reflective vests when they walk the dog go to school or jog. But there is not much point in using it if it has expired.
Glare capability will reduce over time. It's about how often it is used, how it is stored and how often vest washed, says UP chief in Central Norway per Eisner Gollum.
According to the road authorities have reflex a life span of three years.
Reflective Experts believe that it is dangerous to go with a bad reflex than without reflection. This is because they behave differently when you think you are protected.
Are you unsure whether reflective clothing is too old, so you should invest in a new, says Gollum?
Accident statistics from the Public Roads Administration show that one third of pedestrian accidents happen in the dark. In the period 2005 to 2014 occurred 40 percent of the most severe accidents in which pedestrians were killed in the dark.
Half of the fatalities pedestrians did not flare.
Figures from Road Safety show that about 35 percent women and 28 percent men using reflectors.
It is a very small numbers. When we know that the risk of being hit reduced by 85 percent if we use reflex, so it is a very cheap insurance that adults should take. We are maybe a little better at using reflectors on the kids, but adults are bad for it, says Gollum.

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Some tips for sportswear with reflective clothing

Wrist counter is a concept for active people against doping, and preaches an attitude and dealer products for an active and healthy lifestyle.
Under the motto "Active people against doping" would Wrist counter to create a brand that is not only associate with workout reflective clothes and exercise equipment, but also represents an attitude. You not only take you a garment, but you also show an attitude. The goal is that users of products from Wrist counter feel an obligation to be active while showing distance against doping.
Central to the concept is the bracelet Wrist counter, which was the product it all started with three years ago. In addition to the bracelet to symbolize the good and healthy attitudes and interests, one can also use it to count with it in different situations.
In addition to the bracelet, the collection consists of Wrist counter of a number of other products, including reflective vest, shorts, tights, triathlon suit, training socks, sports bag and drink bottles.
Condos In these dark days of winter took a closer test of reflex vest to Wrist counter.
Reflecting the West, or training vest, available in two different sizes. The distinction is by N over and less than 115 cm. west sits tightly on the body thanks to elastic on each side of the chest and Velcro in life which allows for individual adjustment of the fit.
Mid chest sits a relatively large pocket. This is made of waterproof reflective fabric and equipped with a flap with Velcro. The pocket can be used on what one wants, but is intended for mobile phone. Now it is clear that cell phones come in many different sizes, and the pocket will not fit all phones on the market today. Some are too large, while others are too small for the phone to be stable. Conditions did not fit the Samsung Galaxy S3; this was with its 136 mm just a bit too high. Phone 5 and accordingly should however fit.
In addition to the largest breast pocket in the front there is also a smaller pocket on the side of the chest. This is equipped with a zipper and perfect for cash, credit card or a key.
But then the reflective vest main purpose, namely to make the user visible in the dark. A 5 cm wide reflective tape goes all the way around the waist. That reflex sits so low on the body is quite handy if you were to have a small bag with him on his back. Somewhat depending on the bag size will reflex belt around his waist still be visible below the sack.
In addition to reflective band around the waist is the vest also equipped with thin stripes reflective edges, plus a pair of reflective logos in front? Overall, does this user clearly visible in the dark, even though the West an advantage could have been provided with no reflection center back too. But the West is CE marked and approved, which is a safety and quality characters.
Reflecting the West seems durable and of good quality, but as with any other reflective vests is recommended to replace it after approximately 25 washes since washing corrodes reflexes functionality.

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