Sportswear with reflective tapes is important

If you are someone who enjoys running or playing sports all the time like me, you may find it rather unpleasant and uncomfortable when it's cold or unfavorable weather conditions. The secret is out cold train with a proper wardrobe. It is important that you consider the reflective clothes you wear for sports. For example, it is advisable in winter, especially when doing outdoor activities, is to use technical and thermal clothing. Why? Very easy, the main objective of this type of clothing is to keep your body warm but not make you sweat. Always discarded cotton garments as the tracksuit because not help you perspire. Thermal clothing also will serve to expel sweat.
To give you an idea, when you leave the road train must dress thinking that the thermometer of 7-10 degrees higher than it actually mark. That is, you have to bundle up a bit less because you have to think that the temperature is higher.
You know that there are areas of our body temperature lose more when it's cold? Are the parts that we need to protect when we go to outdoor sports: the head, neck, hands and feet?
Cover your head with a hat, as it is a garment with reflective tape
that fully adapts and does not clog. Neck always uses clothing or thermal fleece fabric.
It is also important to bring warm feet; he uses thermal socks and waterproof sport shoes, and avoids the foot wet. Be sure to wear shoes in your size so you do not terrible scrapes or even ankle injury appears.
If you use thermal material garments do not need to take many layers, so you will sweat too much and also will protect you from colds, since, although it seems very strange, these garments are "smart" and manage body heat. The thermal material, besides being very comfortable, but also entertains you let your body breathe without maintaining the cold sweat. Wonderful, come on!
Every winter I bought me a new set of pants and shirt of thermal material for jogging and am the best I can do. Never step cold and I noticed that the sweat does not stay attached to the body.
But to train not only cold should wrap up correctly, you also have to consider safety. Usually in winter it gets dark early and the light is scarce. Try out live sportswear, fluorescent or reflective color so you can be seen easily. This is a must if you're going to go jogging at night, then you avoid any accident or mishap.
Another annoying factor when we train at is the wind. There is a very lightweight and waterproof windproof call, which can be very useful both come rain or windy, while protecting you from the cold.
Do not stay on the couch without exercise because winter has arrived. With cold also trains, not miss a beat!


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Wear reflective tape for bikers

The driver of a car when overtaking overlooked the motorcyclist who died on the spot. Now, in the autumn of such reports in the media quite often yet just a few such accidents could be significantly less. Bikers can save life reflective tape.
Bikers from Prague to respond to the question of whether they go in reflective elements, as follows: "I do not ride in a reflective vest, but the day I drive the main beams. We have such a reflective helmets are seen at a distance, but otherwise raincoat with white paint, which can be seen. "
Bright yellow or orange helmets are very popular lately, Jana Novena of one of Prague's shopping for motorcyclists but warns that yellow is not reflective. "Glowing yellow when it is seen and it pulls attention, but unfortunately necessary in the dark, it's still just a color, not a reflective one."
In addition to helmets gathered together bikers reflective jackets, pants, boots and gloves, light-emitting materials are already terrible at all. As a cheaper option, there are also bright accessories. Perhaps reflective vest, you know from mandatory equipment. Fulfill its function will be mainly in city traffic, where, thanks to her good to see you. But if vest go higher speeds, it becomes a flaming rag. Therefore produce special motorcycle safety vest.
“Hips have stretch panels so nicely stick to clothing. Then, there are only reflective braces, "says Jana Novena.
Also take a reflective tape on the arms and legs, or reflective adhesive film will be released in a few bucks and have it effect. Stick over her helmet and part of their motorbikes. And especially from the side, because this is a place where bikers often overlooked. Front and rear are seen at least through the lights.
In recent years, it is a reflex popular than ever, it confirms instructor safely ride a motorcycle Miroslav Lisy. "I'm glad that it reproduced the bright green helmets are easy to see. I have to ensure that drove the reflective material. "Being seen is a vital thing, how to survive a motorcycle on the road.


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Traffic Safety requirements cyclists wear reflective jacket

The amendment specifies that cyclists even during the day, moving in roadway must wear a reflective jacketor bike front and rear turn on the lights. Amendment attracted great public interest. Some supported and welcomes the new requirement, arguing that now cyclists will be more visible, and this will help reduce the number of cyclists killed on roads. Another part of the citizens Amendment called absurd and teach road safety culture. News of Amendment and one of the best Lithuanian road and track cyclists Tomas Haikus, "No one in the world there is no such law. Let try to slip on a jacket, drive out by heating to 30 degrees of heat and show a good result. Those who have adopted a legislative amendment would probably not sat on a bike "- said Thomas. In his view, such a professional jackets with reflective tape
not only interfere with and adapted.

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A child safety vest available with Auto Plus

To increase the visibility of your child during his trips, Auto Plus offers until September 12, a safety vest in his back number.
We have seen recently by a survey conducted by the Institute for Opinion way Insurers Association Prevention: the path our children to school can be treacherous, even when our kids are accompanied by near (75% of parents admit they have had risky behavior in the street during school or extracurricular trips, in the presence of their children). Given this situation more and disturbing, Auto Plus is to ensure their safety and to set up safe from harm.
The most of the season!

In his re-entry number (1356), on newsstands until Friday, September 12, your favorite magazine, in partnership with Underwriters Prevention, offers indeed acquire a "yellow vest" that will make your child more visible in the eyes of drivers, especially when it wants to cross the road.
Conforms to safety standards EN 1150, fluorescent, with two wide reflective tape, Velcro closure this vest is perfectly cut for children aged six to ten years. Essential!
To get this valuable safety vest, go so fast in kiosks. It will be sold in exchange for € 3.95 in addition to the 1356 edition of Auto Plus.
Classic Auto Plus wants to hear your stories
Days highway Vironvay
The best of the season are in Auto Plus!
Road safety: new recommendations?
Road safety: speed on brake application?
Elect your favorite cars with Auto Plus
Petition Auto Plus: over 10,000 signatures!
Petition Auto Plus: already nearly 2,000 signatures!

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Protect yourself in dark condition walking

Road safety: how to remain visible to walk or cycle when the night comes down?
Winter comes, the days get shorter, night falls faster and pedestrians and cyclists are more vulnerable to motorists who do not always see them.
Hen night falls, pedestrians and cyclists are vulnerable. Imprudence can have serious consequences. The winter season is almost half of pedestrians killed last year, and accidents involving cyclists are increasing. Preventive actions are carried out.
Visible up to 150 meters
Paste reflective bands on the children schoolbag or back cyclists proves particularly effective. Beyond 30 meters, provided with an individual these stickers continue to be visible up to 150 meters. It is also essential that the bikes are visible at night. A safety distance spacer can also sit on the motorbike that motorists take more distance to overtake the cyclist. Finally, it is strongly advised to wear a safety vest

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An invisible reflective material for the safety of cyclists

The Swedish manufacturer Volvo recently unveiled Life Paint a reflective material spray paint to protect cyclists in safety vest by increasing their visibility to motorists.
"Every year, more than 19 000 cyclists who are injured on the roads of the UK" said Nick Connor, managing director of Volvo Car UK. "At Volvo, we believe the best way to survive an accident is precisely not to have them, and we are determined to make the roads a safer place by reducing the number of accidents"
Invisible during the day and especially at night reflecting in contact with the headlights of vehicles, water based spray LifePaint Albedo100 was developed by and is already available but in limited quantities in six London cycling stores. Applicable on all kinds of surfaces (clothing, helmets, shoes, backpack with reflective tape ... etc.) And washable, its effectiveness would still be limited to ten days after application.
If the tests prove conclusive, Volvo could sell its product internationally.

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The journey starts at home - with proper planning

Good advice is the one who plans his travel time. "In the rush often important papers such as passport, passport and driving license are allowed to stand at home. This should be handy at all times, "said Hessen. When traveling abroad, must also be thought of appropriate insurance documents. Motorists in safety jacket are advised to check in advance, which are country-specific rules and regulations in the respective travel destination.
"In no case the high visibility reflective vest is a must in the car. In Germany, although only a safety vest is mandatory, however the TÜV Thüringen recommends that you always have so many safety vests as occupants on board. An offense abroad may be sensitive expensive. Even at high speed, the holiday fund abroad strain sensitive.
To circumnavigate possible traffic jams, the itinerary should be planned with alternative routes. Navigation devices are nowadays useful travel companion that allow stress-free ride. To get an idea, cannot hurt a look at the good old map in advance. "Motorists should pay attention to traffic jam warnings on the radio or the Internet before departure. Anyone who does not put his time of departure to the rush hour, avoiding a priori unnecessary downtime, "Hessen advises TÜV Thüringen. Very important: never take the vacation overtired or after a stressful day at work.
Do not forget the technical check before riding
If you want to avoid mishaps, should before the big holiday trip check the technical condition of his car? "Some things can always check on the vehicle before departure itself, the levels of engine oil, coolant or windscreen wiper water for example. Who drives off with too little oil or coolant, must not be surprised by an engine failure, "said Hessen. The examination of wiper blades, tire pressure, profile height can be easily done yourself. Straight to the safety-related wearing parts like clothing with reflective stripe that you should never save. "With used tires the vacation trip often ends with a flat tire or in the worst case in the guardrail," said the traffic expert of TÜV Thüringen.
Who wants to play it safe, can check his car before the vacation of a professional. At the inspection stations of TÜV Thüringen or in specialist workshops motorists can leave an extensive check carried out on your vehicle. Many vehicle manufacturers offer your buyers free holiday checks. A look at the Service of your car is worth.
The correct loading of the car will help just in case to avoid worse
Many motorists in safety vest underestimate the dangers of incorrectly loaded or even overloaded vehicles. The braking distance increases and that can especially on long downhill dicey are, "explains Torstein Hessen. The total weight must never be exceeded; a look in the vehicle documents is as advisable.
According to Hessen, the following rules should be followed for loading. Pack "Heavy stuff getting down. No objects inadvertently secluded in the parcel shelf, they can be in an emergency stop dangerous projectiles. In the practical roof loading systems lightest possible stow things. Tire pressure and headlight adjustment should be adapted to the load condition prior to travel. "


Yellow safety vest was required add to drivers

Following the decree published in the Official Journal, the rules require two-wheelers and three-wheelers to have at hand a yellow vest fitted with reflective strips. It will be stored in the trunk or the net and put on your vehicle in case of emergency stop. As a reminder, this measure came into force on 1 January.
Users of two wheels which are not yet equipped with their yellow vest will address it quickly on pain of being in violation. The decree states that this measure concerns the holders of motor vehicles with two, three-wheelers or quadricycles, without fairing. Of course, the continuous port is not mandatory, but it must be installed in the trunk or vehicle net and slipped in case of urgency to stop. And safety clothing can prevent from accidents A law comes after eight that applied for the automotive world.
In case of non-compliance, drivers face penalties in the form of a ticket for € 11 if the safety vest is not on board. The fixed penalty reached € 135 for failure to harbor after an emergency asset.

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Saint-Tenant: a fluorescent safety vest for schoolchildren

For the safety of everyone at the approach of winter, the municipality of Saint-Tenant offered a reflective vest for children of primary school Lamartine.
Those who come by bike have to put it to be seen by motorists. The students will also take him to their outputs, to get to the gym or at the stadium.
Being visible in the dark
Catherine Dulot, Assistant to schools, Estienne and Anne proceeded to the distribution in the classroom by emphasizing the usefulness to the safety vest when in the street. "You are well visible in the dark. This is for your safety. "
Light, it is easy to fold and store in the bag. It was recommended for children well put their names on it: if you lose it will be easy to find him. A vest with reflective tape
will also be distributed to athletes.

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New traffic rules of children

Children up to twelve years cannot travel in front seats of vehicles. Failure results in fines of up to $ 3,500.
The regulation of Law 19.061 road safety was approved and has 70 articles in which various measures such as the incorporation of child restraint systems are collected; expanding users must use seat belts, the obligation to import vehicles elements of road safety or ban cell phone use.
Items range from circulation in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, buses and appear to hitherto unknown elements and unusual by users.
In the collective passenger transport, all with regular bus services to medium and long distance, or those transiting on domestic routes must possess regulatory safety belts. Its use is required by all passengers seated.
In addition, they may not travel standing in these services, more than 6 people per square meter.
These obligations except for those affected vehicles to urban services, departmental, inter-city and short distance.
Transportation companies that must comply with the implementation of the safety belt will have a maximum of 180 days (6 months) from the adoption of this regulation for compliance.
Another striking aspect of the law is the requirement to have a first aid kit in the vehicle. The law states that all vehicles with four or more wheels, except for the quads, must have a waterproof bag with a white cross green
It must contain two packages of sterile dressings, two packages of gauze, LED flashlight, two pairs of clean gloves, hypoallergenic adhesive tape, gauze cutting scissors with blunt two bandages, bag deposit boasted and two retro reflective vest
On the outside of the bag should include a booklet with useful telephone numbers in case of accident: 911, 108 and 104. In case of default, the penalty will be 1 UR (equivalent to $ 725).
It is also compulsory for both drivers and escort of motorcycles, mopeds, motorcycles, quads or the like, the permanent use for circulation in all public roads, a vest with reflective tape

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