pedestrians with reflective clothing on bike paths

Chantal Lévesque / Metro Vela Québec believe that the City should raise awareness among other regulations prohibiting pedestrians with reflective clothing on bike paths.
Entered into force in December, a regulation that bans electric scooters, joggers and pedestrians cycle paths seems unknown to the population deplores Vela Québec.
"I always see electric scooters driving on the tracks, says the CEO of Vela Québec, Suzanne Laree. Obviously, there are people who do not know [that the rules have changed] or who ignore the rules. "
Laree also believes that the City should raise awareness of the new regulations.
The settlement comes "confirm the need to make available the Montreal cycling network to key users for whom it is primarily intended and designed: inline skaters and cyclists," according to the City.
Wheelchairs, motorized mobility aids and some electric bikes are also permitted.
The regulation also clarifies the definition of an electric scooter, which is no longer allowed on bike paths throughout the city.
Tickets are also provided for those who do not obey the rules: $ 30 to $ 50 for a first offense, $ 50 to $ 100 for a second offense and $ 100 to $ 200 for any subsequent offense.
The Police Department of the City of Montreal (SPVM) is claimed to have asked officers with reflective element not to give tickets under this regulation until September. Agents are instead encouraged to give verbal warnings.
"When there is a change to a regulation or new regulation, we ask the police, of course, to exercise judgment in the application, and asked a kind of buffer period, said the Inspector André Durocher, of Highway safety Division. There may always be exceptions where we will issue [an offense], but generally asks to not issue. "
For Suzanne Laree, the real security issue, it is the electric scooters. "There is a security issue here, which is not the case with pedestrians. [Pedestrian], it's annoying, but not dangerous, she believes. I'm not against electric scooters, but in bike lanes, it does not work. This is a vehicle that is bigger and heavier than a bike and goes faster.
For Zvi Leve, Montreal Bike Coalition, pedestrians in reflective vest
should not necessarily be banned from cycling trails. He does not believe that the law will be applied to them. "I do not think the crackdown will work. Rather find a way to live together, he considers. I do not see how it will be applied. "

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Prevention: the light of day under the slogan "SEE YOU"

campaign - The 9th edition of the National Day of Light will take place on Thursday. A prevention campaign is set up to remind road users of the importance of seeing and being seen, especially at night, to avoid accidents.
The risk of accidents is three times higher at dusk and at night for pedestrians and cyclists with safety vest
. As part of the National Day of light that will be on Thursday, preventive actions will be conducted throughout the township by the cantonal police and municipal police under the slogan "SEE YOU".
Caps fitted with a reflective band, armbands and stickers will be distributed reflectors mainly pedestrians and cyclists. Emphasis will also be brought against the elderly in order to alerting them about the importance of being visible, communicates Wednesday Valais police.
Police Recommendations
Drivers of motor vehicles with intact and headlights clean and well-windows clear, flowing with the lights on constantly and adapting their pace depending on the situation, greatly contribute to the prevention of accidents. To prevent accidents, do regularly check your visual acuity.
Cyclists in addition to the prescribed reflectors, not go around with good lighting. As for side visibility, rays reflectors remain an effective way to be seen.
Pedestrians should always wear bright clothes, possibly fitted with reflective element. Be visible day and night is important, especially when crossing crosswalks. Before you commit, make sure that other road users have noticed your presence.

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Use reflective tape to reduce accidents

On October 12, on the A320, a car stopped on the lane reserved for trucks was hit near Furbish. Where there is no emergency lane. What safety measures should you take?
The Forbachois 19 years is still in hospital in Nancy and has not been questioned by the police in reflective uniform. On October 12, he suffered a terrible accident on the A320. As he stopped his vehicle in the lane reserved for trucks, a truck hit and crushed the back of the car. The city was thrown several meters before kicking the side and performs a head-to-tail.
The gendarmes of the motorway platoon Saint-Avoid have not yet determined the reasons for this sudden stop. Still, the driver ended up on this lane. Here, there is no emergency lane. "When lanes are reserved for slow vehicles, the emergency lanes are deleted. This is the case on all motorways, due to the lack of influence of the road, says Sylvain Beaten, head of the center of the Interdepartmental Directorate for Roads of Saint-Avoid. On the A320, there are 5 climbs of this type. In general, on motorways made, signs indicating that the emergency lane is removed are located upstream. But this is not the case on the A320. "
If necessary stop, motorists must always take action. "The first step to take is to get out of the vehicle being equipped with a yellow safety vest with reflective tape
, says Christian Woolfell, deputy commander of the motorway platoon Saint-Avoid. Then you have to get behind the slide if there is one. It is also best to turn his hazard lights and place the warning triangle. In fact, it is essential to indicate the presence of a vehicle stopped for other motorists. "
After these steps, the driver in reflective vest has to go to one of the call boxes located along the roadway. Only, on the A320, two of them have failed. "The new state policy aims at the removal of these terminals, resumes Sylvain Beaten. That's why we do not begin repairs. Authorities believe they are no longer needed because of the number of calls made by mobile phone. In this case, dial the number 112. "
The call is routed directly to the Interdepartmental Road Directorate.”We send the minute signaling vehicles that are placed at the beginning of the path of evolution of slow vehicles. At the same time, we notify the police and the rescue if necessary. "
In all cases, authorities are urging motorists not to park on these routes for trucks.

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Cyclist with reflective tape in dieppe association

The Dieppe association organized a bike prevention operation by distributing reflective tape.
As part of a national operation of the French Federation of users of the bicycle, the bicycle association Dieppe equipped, Saturday morning, near the fountain Henry IV, some reflective tape to cyclists, so they are better seen when night falls.
"A cyclist is not very noticeable to motorists as soon as night falls or when it rains. November is a dangerous period, "say the leaders of the Christian Association in April, Anne Greenery and Martine Errand.
On site, flyers were distributed. They give simple advice. "The lighting equipment installed on the bikes is often too low. They do not illuminate much. Reflectors are often missing or damaged, "insists the group. The statistics speak for themselves: 44% of cyclists killed on the road are due to a lighting fault.
"The essential equipment is the famous yellow reflective vest. It is particularly visible. Similarly, it is not advisable to drive with dark clothing. For headphones, we leave discretion to the user. It is a more in case of fall, to protect against possible shocks to the head. "Other materials such as safety distance spacer, flashing lights or reflectors are always recommended to be better seen.
This action Saturday in Dieppe, has equipped some bikes and bike Dieppe took the opportunity to recall its existence. "Our association is distributed. We will do actions in 2016 in favor of cycling, "says Anne Greenery.

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Night race with reflective tape

For this 10th edition of the trail Muck, organizers are innovating by offering a night race. Entitled, it takes place in the town of La Chapelle.
"The start is scheduled at 20 am. There will be 11.5 kilometers to go, with the obligation to wear a head lamp and reflective tape , "say the organizers.
To recap, the trail Muck is part of the hope Tirades, national weekend to beat cystic fibrosis. The operation can be harvested 50% of the budget of the association, hence the importance of all these events this weekend then.
This day offers each perform a physical effort or make personal or gathered around him giving.
Muck the trail, he therefore starts Friday evening and continues Saturday. On the menu of the second day, two events Nordic walking: one at 9 is 30 (21 km) will be timed; the other at 11 am, type ride.
Four trails are also offered to different riders in reflective element. At 13 h 30, the distance will be 32 km; 14 h, the athletes leave for 21 km; and 15 am to 11 km. "Everyone can choose the trail that suits him. There is no great difficulty on the course, "details the organizers. At 15 h 15, Groupama will be open to riders wishing to practice running a festive manner, "the best costumes will be rewarded. Do not hesitate to let you in this race. It wants joyful and festive! "Launches Biases Vincent, a member of the organization. The youngest are not forgotten as the Bambino trail will allow young riders to vent about 800 m or 1, 5 km. The departure is scheduled at 11 h 15.
For hikers, the tourist office of the country Vitter offers a walk of 12 km to 13 h 35. Finally, at 14 h 05, Vitter home offers hiking along 9 km of La Booze.
All members of the organization are active in recent weeks to clear brush the various circuits that will be used by runners and walkers with reflective vest Saturday. One slogan now: "that the country Vitter gives breath to advance research against cystic fibrosis!”
Registration for the children running, Nordic walk and hiking will be on site.

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Reflective sheos

The winter cycling shoes Specialized Defroster offer comfort, warmth, feet dry on the long winter outings in rainy or even snowy cold. A good cut, a larger rod system closures with leaves to fold well designed, clamp BOA L4 is a very good model.
Good design, but dark!
The winter road shoe at Specialized therefore called Defroster. From a design point of view, it will therefore cut back on air aesthetics (light) compared to a summer shoe, although Defroster does not come out too bad.
It is not too big and lighten reflective clothing cuts lines somewhat style. The neon deco sole and lettering on the stem is pretty, confirming that axis. Only regret that a rod that could be fluorescent or showy, just as the road versions were Specialized S-Works 6. This in order to increase the visibility of the cyclist at the expense of the fastest dirt, certainly! Certainly the reflective tape posted on the stem is effective and well play their part (see photo).
The seams (waterproof) are clean, the shoe is finished, nothing to say. We appreciate the enhanced protection in head vamp and heel well secures the walking movements, limiting the damage to these areas. Since the sole is sealed, no possibility here to change the running stubs. Note that, on balance, our pair 42 without spacers weighs 815 grams. Budget side, it will cost 209.90 Euros.
For mounting shims, again, we regret a version of outer sole breakthrough only three screws (not versions of four holes to catalog Speed play for example). Obviously if you performed a Body Geometry Fit with your summer shoes, it is advisable to have the same approach with winter versions. This drives up the price if it is not at the same time. So remember that holds setting criterion impact on your position / comfort. Although here the winter shoe is looser than a version was in turn more adjusted to the foot and therefore less tolerant. Also remember that the sole finds the classic clean virus the American brand.
Bike shoe designed Specialized Defroster sees wider than conventional shoes. So if you want to reproduced the positioning of your spacers, compared to your summer shoes, it will be sure to give a little more of Q-Factor so that the kick does not rub on the crank at each turn of the pedals.
The design is well thought out with a very wide opening collars assumed by a game and well thought flaps. Moreover we find the BOA clamping system that allows a wide window for the foot. Then just tighten the BOA L4 and come back the broad leaves of the stem on each other. They are also very well in hand. These are held with strong Velcro. You will perform this operation in two parts: the top of the foot and ankle.
Moreover, we appreciate the presence of the BOA tightening which adjusts the tightness along the way. Another positive result of a more robust shoe, this is the one to walk in water or snow without worry of damaging the boot.
It is a high boot; mean by that it covers the ankle. Its stem is designed with insulation Thins late 400g, an inner boot waterproof with taped seams and reflective heat shield to reduce loss through the sole. Neoprene collar and flap are adjusted to retain heat and prevent moisture from penetrating. The insole is a Body Geometry standard.
I evolved with these shoes in multiple conditions: For cold wind, sun, rain and snow with temperatures ranging from 10 - 5 ° C on swinging sessions between 2 and 3 hours, here are some quick tangible points.
The first sensation to wear is good, if you are used to a model of shoe was light and stiff, you feel here immediately the difference in comfort! It is warmer and wider. Wider to make room for insulation, but you can also put your winter thicker socks.
As the kilometers it is obviously the heat which is very nice feet. For my part on sessions of 3 hours a snowy and cold weather, I have not had one time print or feeling cold. I feared the rain because it is one of the only ways in which water could enter the long hot tack in the reflective shoe. It has produced nothing of this, yet I have not spent time in rainy conditions. Similarly, the cold wind did not come to the end of the thermal layer, feet moving warm inside and the ankle is well hidden!
To have rolled in small passes within 10 kilometers if the impact is less in cold weather, it feels as temperatures are warmer and the sun heats the shoe. It's hot inside (black shoe as well). Certainly there are small vents below the outsole, but not enough to ventilate as much as on summer models. That may include playing on the wearing of lighter socks.

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Safety vest in Switzerland

In terms of mobility, advanced technology is at the speed of light. Intelligent lighting reinvents the concept of road
Last week, the world leader in safety vest
in road construction announced its next use of a photovoltaic coating. The French company Colas, this French-speaking Switzerland, presented a tar that captures solar energy to generate power through a connection to a building or to a distribution network. In the Netherlands, a similar invention has already been tested on a cycle path and a national track portion rebroadcasting sunlight absorbed the day. These new lighting systems are thought to be autonomous, renewable, sustainable, and to operate without electricity.
Van Gogh bike
At dusk, the bike path of Niemen in the Netherlands becomes a poetic path, revealing some flicker on the floor: blue and white here, green there. After nightfall, eight hundred meters, a light both sweet and powerful emerges from the track, seem to emerge of concrete. Safely, pedestrians in reflective clothing float on the light arc; its light intensity enables them to identify the bikes. Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde pulled her by the famous Van Gogh painting "Starry Night." Niemen and is none other than the village adopted by the painter for three years before he left for France. Technically, the luminous elements embedded in the concrete are made of a highly resistant resin in which were injected photo luminescent crystals. They absorb light during the day and naturally restore at nightfall.
"Smart Highway" or the intelligent road is another work of Dan Roosegaarde, who likes to present itself as a "technopoète". Also in the Netherlands, but further north, a five hundred meter stretch of road was marked out on the ground a bright mark. This time, the photo luminescent particles are incorporated into a coating which is coated on the road like paint. Green lines indicate the edge of the road and the traffic lanes. These light patterns are guaranteed ten years, which corresponds approximately to the usual renewal cycle of road surfaces in the country. Smart marking already interested in China and Canada. What limits this offer 100% renewable lighting? Bernard Paula is a lecturer at the EPFL, it delivers a workshop entitled "Space and light: the lighting project" to architecture students. When he hears of these new technologies, it is skeptical. They must be able to ensure that lighting does not decrease the heart of the night. "Today commonly used reflective strips manufactured with micro beads see their effects decline with dirt and require maintenance, which would also be essential to these phosphorescent coatings.
The last electric Nissan model has the look of a firefly. The Japanese manufacturer has just unveiled a car covered with a phosphorescent paint that has the ability to shine in the night: a first in the automotive world. Storing UV rays day, painting, consisting only of organic reflective materials, restores the energy form of light at night. According to the Japanese firm, the light recovery system enables the vehicle to shine for eight to ten hours. Paula Bernard discusses the problems caused by such a permanent source of light. "Abnormal nocturnal presence or embarrassing light causes yet unknown effects on the flora, fauna, ecosystems and even human health ... Let us ask ourselves if we want to live in the middle of landscapes that know no dark night!"
Still, the bright innovations tend to increase road safety. Dutch Dan Roosegaarde the promises soon, the road warn drivers of the presence of ice on the roads. How? Flakes drawn in heat-sensitive paint appear at a certain temperature drop. On this point, Bernard Paula applauded. "Signals allowing the driver to avoid obstacles, enlightened just when he needs it, that's smart!"

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Protect speeders with reflective stripe.

Nestled in the southwest of England, Dart moor region is known for its beautiful scenery and its natural park. Many sheep and ponies live freely. But the tranquility is disturbed by animal’s speeders. Local authorities deplore the death of over 70 ponies on Dart moor roads since the beginning of the year. The local now begin to use reflective element to protect them
To protect the ponies, local animal protection association Dart moor Livestock Protection Society (DLPS) had recourse to an original idea. Fluorescent paint reflective tape is drawn on the fur of animals. In September, a first test was carried out with blue paint. But ultimately, it is a reflective fluorescent yellow paint that was used. "This reflective paint is very bright and is very visible despite the bad weather," says the BBC Karla McKechnie of DLPS.
If this measure bearing fruit and allows saving lives, the association is planning to paint once a year all pony living in the wild on the moors of Dart moor.

In Britain, the country roads are also many victims of driver’s side. To raise awareness about the potential dangers of these paths, the British government last month launched an unusual road safety campaign featuring farm animals. Messages like “Slow Down” were painted in red on sheep to attract the attention of drivers.

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A meeting with the president of the APBA

El Salvador EnCana socialist deputy head of the party list for Cadiz in the December 20 elections yesterday held a meeting with the president of the Port Authority of Algeciras Bay (APBA), Manuel Moron. Both De la EnCana as Moron believed that the Popular Party government has turned its back this term to Algeciras port. He was not expressed as such, but it can be summed up the message that moved. The future socialist government said the PSOE end the grievance its understanding, has suffered four years the port of Algeciras with respect to other nationals.
It was based on the lack of progress in this term of infrastructure needed by the Algeciras port to grow and go further, mainly improving the rail link message. "In these four years no progress at all and the proof is that there are no photos of Landaulet with reflective vest" De la EnCana alluded to the lack of railway works and the deputy of the Popular Party and mayor of Algeciras.
The Socialist-accompanied by his companion Juan Antonio Palacios, which wearing a reflective jacket and closes the candidature- added on the Popular Party who "need a lot of nerve" for addition and after a legislature so, choose the port of Algeciras as background presenting their Cadiz candidates for Congress and the Senate, as it did last Monday.
Moron, about the last goods movement data port (81.1 million tons through October, 1.5% more than in the same period of 2014), said: "We continue to merit having the train. I wish the Government decides at some point that we have made sufficient merit. "
"This visit is a real change of attitude toward this institution," Moron said of the meeting with De la EnCana. "I regret to say that in the four years of the term now ending has not been a single official visit of our parliamentary Mr. Landaulet to this institution. Not only that, but remember that organized on three occasions meetings in Madrid in the Ministry of Development with different groups of entrepreneurs of our port and in those three meetings, three, vetoed the presence of the Port Authority, "said the president of the APBA. We can see the supporters in yellow vest with reflective stripe gathering around the street.
"Not only that, you will recall the visit he held a couple of years or three of President of the State Ports city, in my absence took advantage, which was on a trip abroad, to criticize harshly the Authority Port, "said Moron on Landaulet.
"So I think that this visit represents a change in attitude, a before and after that will be, I'm sure, very beneficial not only for the Port Authority, but for the port and for the Campo de Gibraltar," he concluded.

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new winter 2016 collection at Harley-Davidson

This is traditionally the time to discover the new winter 2016 collection at Harley-Davidson. The firm puts Milwaukee indeed a point each year to refine the wardrobe of his loyal customers.
Technical innovations adapted to the season, a jacket Willie G. limited edition and numerous gift ideas among the sportswear products; here are some samples of this opulent winter 2015 collection.
Thermal reflective technologies and "infrared"
Thermal reflective: This technology is contained in the inner lining. And returns it retains body heat.
Infrared: This innovative material absorbs heat from the body and, as appropriate, solar energy. He then returns to the body and keeps you warm.
This year's men's collection is a nod to the finest epics. This evocation of the trip, Harley-Davidson has developed solid, resistant, with authentic details and finishes.
Here are some selected pieces.
Willie G. Limited Edition safety vest
It will be available in France in 130 copies.
Leather buffalo aged look, this jacket is hand dyed for a unique finish.
It includes a signed label and items such closure sliders, metal rivets or leather patches debussed selected by Willie G. in person.
It's also a functional jacket that has 3 ventilation devices and slots for removable protections on the elbows and shoulders.
Buffalo leather with seams worked by hand for a vintage look.
Unique Rivets front and back
Tin pattern inspired WLA plate 42
Slot for removable protections on the elbows and shoulders
Two air vents on the front, one in the back
2 zippered pockets on the front
Patch logo and signature "Willie G" riveted debussed leather
Sizes S to 2XL
RRP: € 675 TTC
Leather Jacket with reflective tape Scavenger
Goat leather vintage look
Inner lining cotton fabric and polyester taffeta for sleeves
Ventilation holes under the arms
Slots for removable protections on the elbows and shoulders
Adjustment tabs at the size
2 inside pockets, one with Media Port
Patch and embroidered motif
Sizes S to 2XL
RRP: € 510 TTC
The winter collection 2015 for women evokes the rich heritage of Scottish traditions. It has therefore been developed with particular attention to reflective materials, finishes and designs retail. It consists of hot materials (polar), windproof or surging by combining the finest materials y (lambskin) and beautiful finishes.

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