Fines for not carrying safety vest reach 462

In 48 areas such as Providence, Valdivia and Temuco there was only a fine. Sanctions prevailed in January, at the beginning of the new standard.
Three months since the safety vest
began to be legally required within all vehicles, their prices have been standardized: they left in December sold at $ 3500, became the favorite Christmas gift and came to cost up to $ 10,000 and already about 1 January, when the official start of the regulations was set, were found to $ 16 billion in trade. Today again sell for $ 3,000 on average and its use seems crowded among motorists.
The measure was implemented to improve the visibility of drivers, which seeks to reduce the abuses when they get out of their cars on the roads by damage of their vehicles and other situations.
Normalization of sale coincided with learning: in the streets fewer drivers using the vest all day while driving or will carry it into the suitcase are.
According to a first assessment of the provision are made by police-and obtained by "El Mercuric" through the Law of Transparency, between December and February have been issued in the country parts 462 drivers for not carrying a vest.
The sanctions, according to the police report, focused on the Metropolitan (170), Valparaiso (68), O'Higgins (50), Carapace (45) and Biobío (26).
However in another 48 as Providence, Central Station, Valdivia, Temuco, Puerto Mont, San Bernardo, La Serena, Curio, San Felipe, Coquimbo, Los Viols Independence or Rena only one part was extended from December to February.
Most fines were recorded in January (402) when the standard began formally audited. Then in February they fell to 58 penalties.
For General of Traffic and Highway Police, Leonia’s Vinegars, low is because the measure has already been complied almost completely. "In parallel, it has been used quite especially on the roads. We have seen that every time drivers must alighting vest are made. In this helped the spread in the media. People understood that should available in situation emergency to avoid being run over, "he explains.
It adds that the effects of the measure in reducing abuses slated perceived in the long run. "Most of these accidents are run over pedestrians. One effect of the measure will be seen later."
Road safety specialist at UC, Francisco Foreyard notes that the measure is easy to monitor, which explains the low fines. "The bearing vest has a very low impact on the accident rate, because it is accident derived by panes or post accident, which are rare. They help reduce accidents low occurrence. However, it is remarkable the behavior of our society to respect the measure "he says.
Alberto Escobar, manager of corporate affairs Automobile Club, the measure was also observed by cyclists. "We now need to pedestrians habituate to use reflective element and mandatory school uniforms had any application to become more visible especially in the morning already dark."

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Easter 2016 in Galicia: 061 urges caution behind the wheel

A few hours after the operation out of Holy Week 2016 in Galicia, service Health Urxencias of Galicia-061 has asked drivers with safety vest to use extreme "caution" when driving on the Galician roads during the holidays of Easter, and their "collaboration" in case of any accident witness.
Given the forecast of an increase in traffic from Thursday, the 061 has called for "caution" and pointed out that, once an accident occurs, it is "fundamental act properly to avoid increasing the number of victims."
First, he pointed out the need to call as soon as possible to the emergency services, because "the person who is in the place of the accident can be very useful, as directed by medical personnel transmitted from the Central Coordination 061 "until the arrival of healthcare resources.
"It is necessary to provide the exact location of the accident site and the condition of the wounded so they can send necessary medical resources," recall from the 061, while warning that, to assist, it is necessary to "park the car a safe place, away from the accident and emergency lights turn on "and get reflective vest.
Another measure to be performed in addition to signaling the accident, turn off lights and removing the damaged vehicle keys and added considering the existence of dangers, such as out gassing, fires or electrical cables.
In any case, from the emergency recall that "what should never do is endanger life", preventing further accidents. Unless there is new fire or collision, do not move any wounded as they could aggravate their injuries.
During Holy Week last year, the 061-Galicia attended a total of 96 people involved in 74 traffic accidents on Galician roads between April 1 and 5 of the same month. The largest number of attention was on the final day on Sunday, with 22 accidents.
By provinces, A Coruña was the one that registered more accidents, with 29, followed by Pontevedra with 22, Lugo, 14, and Ourense, where nine incidents took place.
In relation to victims, 65 percent of those assisted were men and 35 percent women. In addition, 20 percent were between 25 and 39 years.
In 83 cases the injured were taken to the appropriate hospitals, 11 people were treated at the scene and two died.


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The city of Tallinn gives our school children start vests

Already traditionally donates the City of Tallinn in Tallinn on 1 September all schools start doing vest with reflective tape for children in order to increase the safety of children.
"Children's traumatism, Estonia is a country in Europe at the forefront, and it is truly shameful first place," said Deputy Mayor Marie Martinson. "Kindergarten grown children are particularly vulnerable and travestied Gifting is one of our city's contributions to the children's safety awareness. I hope the parents are enough responsibility for their inclusion track. "
Tallinn Social Welfare and Health Care Board purchases this year, 4,300 safety vest
Nubian Baltic OÜ from.
Vests comply with standard EN 1150, decorated with two-color printed Tallinn Health Coalition logo.
The contract value of up to 12,126 Euros and will be financed from the budget of the city of Tallinn.
Delivery also includes a reflective vest packaging plastic packaging with a greeting card with the Mayor. Vests are packed in boxes by schools according to school I start doing the number of students in class.

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Traffic police estimated 50,000 vehicles in Los Rios

50 thousand vehicles transit in the region of Los Rios this long weekend where police require the reflective vest in its audits.
He called a self-care, responsibility and social control was the carabineers on an audit conducted in Valdivia Bus Terminal.
In the instance it is relieved that the main factors will be inspected documentation, safety and drivers.
Estimated 50,000 vehicles Traffic police with reflective uniform in Los Rios for long weekend
50 thousand vehicles transit in the region of Los Rios This long weekend where the police require reflective vest in ITS audits.

I called to self-care, Responsibility and social control was the carabineers on an audit Conducted in Valdivia Bus Terminal.
In the instance it is relieved that the main factors will be inspected documentation, safety and drivers with safety clothing.


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The difference between life vest and safety vest

GOOD TO KNOW: What is the difference between safety and life safety vest? In this picture, the canoeing bears the rescue, a safety vest. Photo: Hilmar boot
Many people do not know that just by wearing safety vest is not their life in the water, although "in safe hands". Why so?
Safety vest and life vest are different things, and they are designed for different purposes.
Safety clothing or personal flotation device is an aid to the water and swim well in the recipient know the person who has deliberately gone into the water, or water.
Safety vests are commonly used kinds of water sports - surfing, water-skiing, and aerulauaga ware, sailing, etc. - sports.
Safety Vest enables its wearer to swim freely protects from impact and to some extent in the cold. For long-term stay in the water, however, it does not fit. In this picture, the canoeing bears the rescue, a safety vest. Photo: Hilmar boot
many people do not know that just by wearing safety vest is not their life in the water, although "in safe hands". Why so?
Safety vest and life vest are different things, and they are designed for different purposes.
Safety vest or personal flotation device is an aid to the water and swim well in the recipient know the person who has deliberately gone into the water, or water.
Safety vests with reflective tape are commonly used kinds of water sports - surfing, water-skiing, and aerulauaga ware, sailing, etc. - sports.
Safety Vest enables its wearer to swim freely protects from impact and to some extent in the cold. For long-term stay in the water, however, it does not fit.

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An accident happen in helsinki, Finland

Olli-Pokka Missenden, Talvivaara Communications, leads me to the office first. There he shows on the map the exact location of the leak and make a quick overview of the security rules. Mining area can roam only "guided tour". Get a pair of rubber boots, helmet and wear safety vest.
Missenden says the accident openly and calmly. Not to miss memorized impressive, but it is understood that it is the same story told at least a few dozen times. Also during the visit Missenden phone rings incessantly to various Finnish media to comment. Foreign media had besides Delphi / Este Prevalent shown interest in Sweden.
The first thing he rejects rumors of radioactivity around, behind which is the STUK (Finland radiatsiooniturvalisuse organization). Radiation levels are normal. Pollution also reaches the Baltic Sea is an exaggeration Missenden says. And the right way onto the other industriaalalasid which also pollute. Missenden says that the actual extent of the pollution did not know until a few months.
First, let's get leaked to the edge of the reservoir of the dam apart. From there, so to speak, like the craters, which sparked off the water flowed. Reservoir will be invited to the so-called "kipsitiigiks" because it held the water to be added to lime, resulting in a plaster-like mush that covers them rather järvemootu ponds. The water present in the cages used in the handling of the various metals in the water (for example cooling). This includes nickel, aluminum, iron (which also results in a slightly pale orange shade), zinc, uranium and minor amounts of other metals, and chemicals.
The leak was discovered, on the other hand a large interval on which we stand. It moved into the thick reservoirs with a protective plastic cover from the bottom layers of rock, and reached the other side of the interval, from where it moved to the first mining area, and then also the surrounding watercourses. Missenden says ran out of the storage of about 600,000 cubic meters of water. When the leak was discovered allveeradarite and with the assistance of the cameras, let it go with special clay, which stopped the leak. This is not a permanent solution. The reservoir is immensely high, and next to it is another, and the other side of the dam is also a new so-called gypsum pond. Twilight snow storm, it all looks very bleak out. The reservoir on the other side delivers a bucket of lapis a second, much smaller leak. From there he went to the north about 20 000 cubic meters of toxic water.
Let's get down off interval, where Talvivaara worker discovered a leak. The water soaked the rocks out there. It is hard to imagine what can be up to 6,000 tons of water per hour through the solid earth "sneak" - was supposed to be a very intense infiltration. Large pipes and pumps and leak stuffing is now suspended and most of the rest of the water is pumped away and pointed, small orange water puddles are just behind. Slightly downhill and outbound rocky single trail humble fir tree decorated with spilled water on the other hand is clearly seen.
To stop the leak immediately began to build a fourth defense of the dam, but before its completion, was to have about 200 000 cubic meters of water along the dam, however, the wild, the water flow out of the dam would not be incurred. On top of the dam goes north earthly weather and darkness, despite the onslaught of the agar construction. The fourth dam was completed as early as a few days ago, but now it will be built taller. Consists of a large oak graniidikruusast, sand, soil and covered with a thick blanket of a special few centimeters, which is the same as the clay, the leak caused "cratered" patched. Workmen are seemingly jolly, waving, and even one photograph. The tractor, which carries a clay mat, reversing, floodlights illuminate the snow storm gathering force. Reflective vestin the presence of more than delighted.
The third dam was under water that leaked from storage. Among the trees, half of the new Dam mine site is seen as reddish pools of water, reminiscent of the best gradation. Nissinen says somewhat ruefully, that one did not need such an accident. "This is a very sad incident and we are very sorry."
But at the same time were similar incidents on a smaller scale, two and four years ago. Talvivaaral have had problems in the past accused the wild salt water. And väävlihaisuga. They are now to be under control.
Throughout the tour a couple of hours during the Missenden mention several times the various official authorizations that are Talvivaaral. And in addition, they also permit the processing of uranium there, but environmental organizations in the region and officials of the promised have not yet received. Talvivaara is currently also performs the formal commands, says Missenden. And if the uranium to full production permit is granted, you can also Talvivaarast nuclear substance.
Mine site from the surrounding waters and the samples are taken on a daily basis. Nissinen confirms that in the beginning was close to the level of acidity in water bodies out of place, but now it has stabilized and even goes down. Talvivaara Management Board and the message to the people, Nissinen says, is that they are very sorry. They make every effort to repair the damage.
Finally, a helicopter pilot in the office shows the two video clips on how the surrounding water and lime sprinkled with the mining areas. Nissinen comments on the Finnish national television have been the discussion and mentions that kaevandusäri is difficult. Nokia has lost its hiigluse but Talvivaara employs 900 people with reflective overall. Mining industry moving money is great and the impact on nature is obvious.
Meanwhile, KONE Nissinen became a colleague, who asked if there is a fire Talvivaaras. Indeed, the mining area of a few web camera, which can be monitored on the Internet. Missenden explains that fire pole. One had a searchlight on the camera seemed exactly the angle that it seemed as if nothing would.


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Pay more attention to cyclists with reflective vest

This week we will pay more attention to the southern prefecture of cyclists with reflective vest
use the safety equipment and the availability of licenses, in order to improve their road safety. Police recalls further that it is important for the two-wheeled friend, stay safe - do not pay to leave an unlocked cheap ratastki because thieves are often carried away everything that whenever disrepair.
Bicycle Accident Statistics in the south of the prefecture said in this region for many years provided much cause for concern. Only in the past three years the South in traffic accidents killed 11 cyclists.
Consequently, the southern prefecture 2011 onwards, two-wheelers theme weeks, which pays particular attention to the driving of the existence of the bicycle's technical working order, safety equipment and compliance with traffic regulations. Topic of the Week indirect impact could be felt as early as 2012, when the territory south of the prefecture did not die of any rider. It also showed that the accident riders wore considerably more proper safety equipment.
South Prefectural Police Lieutenant Helmet Halleck said that the bicycle accident statistics in South Estonia shows an improvement, although slowly, but steadily as a condition of the wheel is not controlled and the safety equipment is not used, may soon arrive at the sad consequences.
"To the pleasure of cycling would not be short-lived and healthy living alongside the cyclists would indeed be protected lives, the police are currently the most appropriate time to commit to cycling and cyclists. It is no longer that young cyclists in the autumn and winter have seen a lot of trouble, made the exams and received permits. Their struggle for recognition, and also to encourage them to further law-abiding theme week is organized, "explained the gray.

During the campaign last spring was checked 520 riders, of whom less than half (40%) used a helmet. Perfectly fine bike, helmet, and with the authorization of cyclists in traffic had a total of 110, and all of them were rewarded with a corresponding sticker.
Police with reflective uniform recalls that bike must have a bell, fine brakes, front white, red at the rear, and at least one wheel on each side of the white or yellow reflector. During the dark in front of white and red running behind the light, the dark is advisable to wear the reflective vest. In addition, under the age of 16 to wear a helmet and driving license in his pocket for cyclists.
Bicycle thief disappears without a trace
Just as after a spring bike season starts increasing number of bicycle accidents, will inevitably become more frequent bicycle thefts. Enjoying a two-wheeled friend, but do not have to be so ephemeral as to protect their property, everyone can contribute, says the police.
Statistics show that compared with previous years the number of bicycle thefts in the South as a whole, though diminished, but it does not give reason to guard.
Bike thieves are mainly divided into two categories: those who fall into disrepair accidentally deleted the two-wheel and take it to the end, and those who make the thief to work constantly, having the necessary tools and distribution channels.
The police have not reported their bicycle thefts is easy to detect because the thief sitting in the saddle, flying away, and no sign of him for the most part do not fall off. Bicycle Thieves caught mostly in the investigation of other cases, or when the patrol policemen perceive those already familiar figures on bicycles, and their investigation of the origin of one would appear that at the time pedaalijatele they do not belong. Therefore, it is important that each of the wheel holders to make life difficult for thieves and contribute to a thief stealing away his means of transport cannot.
Do not leave your bike unlocked and unguarded. Vargas takes only a second or unlocked bicycle saddle sitting and driving away foreign assets.
Check your bike or celebrate specialties. Wheel accurate description of the distinguishing features of the frame number and remember, or, better still, capture them.
Wheel Lock purchasing should pay attention to the fact that treasured locks are more secure, and some of them, or the saw teeth with pliers, so just do not start. The surest strong U-lock, which disrupts the thief, takes much more time and the chance that someone will notice the theft, is several times higher.
Your part in preventing bicycle theft is also on the right is locked, because in many cases, thieves have long fingers led away a number lock attached kaherattalisi. Parks should be attached to the frame and lock the rear wheel. Otherwise, the thief puts a bicycle frame or rear-wheel-priced, however, and the owner is hitting just ... commemorate lock the front wheel.
Do not forget that the wheel must be locked in the stairwell because of strong banister or hand wheel control of the thief trickier once again available.
The shop is not going to return a bike shop door carelessly left unattended. Let your bike if any of the cheap - the thief does not know the value of your bike, but in any case will take away what disrepair.
If it happens, however, that the pilferer of your bike stolen, report it to the police with reflective tape on uniform certainly knows.
The police have been deposited in the amount recovered and the thieves on bicycles, which the owners cannot be identified. This is mainly because the owner does not have its own two-wheel theft to the police. Local police stations on hold bicycles and other items can be viewed items police found in the home page.
Last year was stolen 21 bikes Võru and Valga, Põlva've lost one of the two-wheeler. About half of the stolen bike from the police said was unlocked.

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Aldus Alas: Report your scooter through the eyes of a man

To take advantage of all the honest talk "style, have to start the way I came, and our spokesman said Aldus, you could write something for motorcyclists with safety vest. Here tahaksingi to share their impressions and thoughts about what I experienced motorcycle ride during the afternoon Virus County.
Signs: Given the direction of Jove, Virus western half, had two young cyclists. Apparently, it was a knowledgeable people who have to keep up with the new traffic law; pedestrians crossed the bicycle velocity along a pedestrian crossing the roadway. Super! But at the same time, they were probably the end of the Road Traffic Act be read, because they did not wear a protective helmet.
The fact that the big SUV without driving or flying päevatuledeta, not worth mentioning, after all - after all, he will see everything anyway, says the driver. But if you really look like? Nor still really cannot see.
After that, I met with some cyclists (of course, without a helmet, because the law, after its entry yet does not require), apparently speeding motorcyclist and all. Then I came up to one autokolonnile that moved comfortable pace for both 80 and 85 km / h. After all, everything would have been nice, but they are moving column of about 10 cars did not keep enough distance between you, that would allow safe overtaking other traffic to perform.
As a reminder, the new Traffic Act must be the distance between the vehicles on the road for three seconds eesliikuvast car. I had enough time, and kept the difference, though, in some other driver was fast and they still drove the car along the train, creating a traffic hazard.
Occurred to me that the separation distance for which it is important? Does the traffic policeman supervising the traffic or for itself? Here, I want to thank Renault Traffic, a black leader who began to overtake me, but seeing that it is not secure, suspended the maneuver. A different way of "thanking" I wish, however, two lorry and bus drivers, who apparently were trying to economies fuel preceding vehicles ride the wind, leaving enough space for the occupants along tagasireastumiseks.
Western-Virus decided to see what is interesting in the smaller roads. Void - a handful of cars, pedestrians and a few cyclists. But then - I saw what I was waiting for a whole afternoon. Against drove the cyclist, who was wearing an orange reflective vest?
My moment of reflection, and then the decision was clear - he needed to take a picture and show it to others. I turned down your scooter around, and walked past a cyclist stopped. Before I started cyclists stop, went through the head the idea that what if he does not stop and continue flying?
Unnecessary fear - helkurvöö to use the motor bike itself conspicuity did his job (I have repeatedly observed that it will be transferring you as a police officer, which in my case is true answers him, after all), and the cyclist took to me well before reaching the speed down.
Presents him, and said, I am extremely pleased to see the cyclists, who uses own safety reflective vest. Mrs. wonders if others do not use. Yes, unfortunately not, I told the truth and the honor of giving him that day was one of the dozen on the road encountered riders who used a safety vest. His pace made him a mobile phone photo.
West-Virus Mrs. Sirje Kaljumäe mentioned that he will travel 25 kilometers every day to work and have a very law-abiding. Police preventive framework of the event received a bicycle lights are already installed, but it makes it very soon. We wished each other a good upcoming Victory Day and Midsummer, and left. It was for me a really good emotion! I think we do ourselves a great deal in order to arrive at a healthy home.

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30 000 fluorescent reflective vests at AXA and Club14

You do not have put your yellow reflective vest
under the seat to prevent the plum of Control? Axe Club 14 and give you a chance to fall in line with 30,000 vests soon be available in branches and on their website. An offer which is, we believe, half good news.
Axe Prevention and Club 14, emanations of the insurance company Axe France, distribute, from 1 to 31 March 2016, 30 000 high visibility vests for motorcyclists and scooter riders. This operation, designed according to the organizers to remember the importance of being seen motorcycle delight those who are reluctant to acquire Vest said despite the contravention threat of Control. It will at the same time cringe those who feel that the wearing or carrying of fluorescent jacket and retro reflective is the responsibility of everyone, without requiring legislation.
30,000 offered yellow vests. Yes, but…
After years of maneuvering on the part of government, a decree made the possession of a retro-reflective vest mandatory motorcycle since 1 January 2016. In case of non-submission of this vest with reflective tape, fine (1st class) is 38 € (minus 11 €). We have published several articles about this obligation; we let you read our review about it.
Highlighting the safety of motorcyclists, Prevention and Axe Club 14 will therefore proceed with the free distribution of 30 000 of these jackets in the Axe Group agencies but also online since 7500 vests will be available via the website axaprevention.fr from 1 March.
We will spare you all the copied statements in the press release. A sentence has, however, we pounce. Serge Morella, President of Club 14, says "Club 14 since 2013 emphasizes the need to be more visible and give drivers the means to more easily identify the two wheels; it appears natural to us to support this measure of detention of a safety vest while leaving the rider or user of a two-wheeler decide under what conditions they must wear.”
AVIMOTO Study: A motorcycle embedded in the visual noise of fires journey sentence which is also yellow smile vest given that Club 14 was not really opposed to the systematization of daytime running lights on cars while experts on the subject agree on the dangers of this measure makes the motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians less visible and therefore vulnerable (see our article on AVIMOTO).
Improving the visibility of motorcyclists with reflective clothing is an initiative that we cannot really condemn. However, so much energy it would be deployed to train drivers to be aware of their surroundings and the most fragile.
One point on which insurance largely has the means to intervene to its members, without telling them that bikers are the ones who drive too fast...

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Aldus Alas invites road users wear reflective vest

Aldus Alas: this year, 20 people without reflective vest
have been killed in traffic over the previous year (35)
Prefect of the Prefecture of Eastern Aldus Alas invites road users to be more traffic on the weekend especially careful and attentive, unlike the Christmas holidays do not leave it for someone else last.
Underlying noted that last Christmas times lost their lives in traffic for three people, all of whom were either someone's son, daughter, father, mother, brother or sister, so that the New Year is not necessarily the good tidings.
"This year, our traffic has already killed 20 people with reflective clothing over the previous year," said base and said to be safe departure fellow road user’s care about.
Underlying noted that last Christmas holidays drove like many others in the circle, and he himself was generally pleasant and safe motoring. "I do not know if this contributed to his head was in a child restraint or päkapikumüts peacefully sleeping baby, but I felt really happy," he recalled.
The base also noted, however, that witnessed the interesting incidents, which is why it is vital to road users with reflective safety vest, some suggestions for safe travel. And they are:
1. Stock up on a reasonable period of time.
2. Please note that road conditions - snow, ice, rain, darkness.
3. Keep a reasonable distance between you. The law provides for a 3-second distance between you ignoring approximates the target (destination) to a maximum of 2.5 seconds. What could it 2.5 seconds before reaching down to take place? Let's face it, nothing great.

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