Dangerous for the summer, take care of the children!

If we talk about the dangers of the summer, you should talk to children lurking separately but can be prevented with proper attention troubles.
- Separate accidents and illnesses linked to eating Within this - suggests Dr. Glorious Francis, Josa Andras Teaching Hospital children's department Head of Department. - The holidays have seen during past is that many of the bike accident, so does the pediatric surgery department total number of employees wearing safety vest
, small 15-20 person to perform daily.
- The most dangerous due to the skull or abdominal injury accident, minor abrasions fortunately do not pose serious risks - says the head physician. It is important that children wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads, which provides protection against serious injuries. It is not uncommon to call into question the kid while riding, so the wearing of reflective vest definitely recommend - lists Glorious doctor.
- There is no year to drowning cases do not meet you, and typical that in spite of all the prohibitions of the children jump into the water heated body, which can trigger arrhythmias. It cannot be stressed enough parental supervision and gradual approach, not only in these cases, but not in the sun. Many solar radiation caused by the burns ward, sunstroke, heat stroke and dehydration, unfortunately, too. Children are protected against sunlight is very important because the babies skin is much thinner, so much more sensitive than adults, the defensive mechanisms are not yet fully developed, so the ultraviolet rays of the deeper layers of skin can easily be accessed. Children two years of age do not go without clothes and hat in the sun in summer, their skin is absolutely lubricate the parents are sunbathing agent! The babies younger than one year and not at all be exposed to direct sunlight should be avoided with the smallest pool and the beaches need to pay attention - especially nagymelegben - adequate fluid replenishment - Glorious Francis summarizes the information.
summer food poisoning
The summer season is typical of food poisoning, salmonella bacteria, which are responsible for most. These favorable conditions for the growth of warm food hygiene rules are not followed. The heat wave lasting benefit other viruses, so that during this period the temperature rises extremely high, stomach and abdominal pain and diarrhea, enteritis ratio diseases.
- The hot weather after rain creates an excellent environment for forest mushrooms, summer, many families choose to mushroom picking and despite the deterrent tragedies do not take seriously that only tested and checked to consume mushrooms - mentions the senior doctor.
summer stings
For beetle and insect bites skin allergic phenomena should first highlight. Particularly important are caused by stings by bees, which can trigger severe anaphylactic reaction, in this case up to look for the nearest medical clinic as soon as possible. The removal of ticks about wearing reflective tape should not be delayed, it should be left to professionals

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Biking in Cégénydányád Szamosfesztre

Busy weekend for Satu Mare Hikers company of bicycles since Saturday and Sunday are organized walking tours.Take your safety vest
and join us!
July 4, 2015, Saturday bike ride organized by Alice Szathmary Cégénydányád the Szamosfesztre. This diverse traditional and cultural event has been organized this year for the fourth time from 3 to 5 July 2015, whether Cégénydányád and the Great Plains is one of the most beautiful park of the castle park of Kende-Kolcsey mansion.
The participants are full-day programs are: folk music, folk dance, Satu Mare fair for organic products, handicrafts, folk crafts fair, puppet and street theater, as well as several invited performer and concert.
Meeting 9: 20 pm will be a small park in the Aurel Vlaicu and Darai junction is located. Departure 9.30 pm. The round-trip distance of 70 km, which is approximately 30 kilometers we rolled up on the main road, the other 40 km on the embankment of the river Somes Szamosbecstől Cégénydányád and back.
Let everyone ID card, reflective vest and a bike of pótbelső
The next day. July 5, Sunday Satu Mare Hikers walking tours are organized in the Fernezelyi Bodi Lake. The meeting 7: 15 pm will be the Satu Mare railway station where a return (round-trip) is required to change of train tickets. The train 7: 42 pm start in Baia Mare and Baia Mare railway station, bus and coach travel more participants Fernezelyi (Ferneziu) to the center of the village.
The hike starts from stone-built road, take your reflective tape, with greater or lesser rising, mostly small Bodi forest lake. The round-trip distance of approximately 12 km.
The train Nagybanya 15: 45 pm start back, Satu Mare 17: 25 pm arrives. An adult round-trip train ticket price of 13.50 lei, a round-trip ticket costs 4.00 lei city bus.
They are waiting for all nature lovers to hike longing! The tours can ask for more information about the phone number 0752-908800 Szathmáry from Alice. Interested in Satu Mare teaser Hikers facebook group szemezgethetnek between the earlier photographs, the same place you can get additional information.

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One day visibility of ticket

Békéscsaba in the center of the city and nearby ranches tried to draw the attention of cyclists and pedestrians on the importance of visibility of the police. Suggest them wear safety vest
to enhance visibility beside formulated in accident prevention advice was also present.
Cyclists and pedestrians tried to draw attention to the importance of visibility of the police on December 15, 2015, in. Békéscsaba Town Accident Prevention Committee, which operates the Békéscsabai Police Station in the morning organized a campaign in which the police outlying hamlets visited. Many of the ranches are living day cycling to school, they go to their jobs by bicycle. The autumn and winter, when it gets dark in the late afternoon due to fog and the visibility is often significantly reduced, in order to prevent accidents, more attention should be paid to visibility than other times of the year. The prisms and a well-functioning lights, like a reflective vest traffic safety requirements. In addition to the police calls to the attention of the Committee various accident prevention programs and events provided free of charge, these tools on a regular basis in twilight or darkness for traveling. The ranches around Békéscsaba welcomed the police and notices, tools, and best wishes for the festive uniforms of security. In the afternoon Békéscsaba main square, the Christmas Market in Bekes County Accident Prevention Commission staff waited for cyclists and pedestrians. The uniforms with reflective tape issued by the National Accident Prevention Committee, "Visibility = Safety" flyers and the accompanying, reflective vest shaped keyring tried to remind road users of the basic rules. Dark, dusk, fog pedestrians almost blend into their surroundings. compulsory to wear a reflective vest in the road outside the built-up area Therefore, and its leállósávján, útpadkáján pedestrian staying the night and limited visibility - is in the leaflet. The bike is in connection with the publication of editorial formulate that one of their greatest enemy of invisibility when it comes to other road users cannot see, cannot detect them. The information points out that in addition to the residential use of reflective vests or clothing area after dark or in poor visibility conditions required. This rule should also traveling by car should always keep in mind. It is possible that an accident or road conditions, traffic or for some reason are forced to stop, you have to get off the vehicle. It is very important that other road users can be detected in time, visible. Police officers attached to the prospectus Christmas and New Year good wishes sent the foot, or by bicycle for transportation.

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40% of motorbikes do not conform to the Highway Code

Gendarmes and municipal police officers have again put their resources together to perform a check of the two wheels at the time of the return of the colleges.
Bicycles and mopeds were monitored in three locations: in front of the college entrance Sourdy, Martyrs Square Beaussire primarily for college and Wilson Avenue in front of the St. Ursula college.
If both wheels were fewer than usual, in this chilly morning, 45 checks were carried out, and 18 cyclists and moped riders were in default, 40% of the controls!
Among the cyclists fault controlled, five have been in December. Yet one does not turn its light on the front, while it works, another does not carry the yellow safety vest
while he was in his pocket.A fine of € 17
Following these preventive controls, parents must have the bike repaired at the municipal police. Violators of bicycle safety obligations incur a fine of 17 € per offense; before lighting and default back are two offenses!
This prevention operation aims to raise awareness of obligations outstanding on two wheels, like having a braking system in good condition and at night have lighting at the front and rear. And wear reflective vest when traveling outside urban areas, even ahead of Beugné l'Abbé by the bike path. Recall that the helmet if it is not mandatory bicycle, is a recommended safety equipment.
The goal is to first raise awareness of the need to be seen. Whether a pedestrian or cyclist, few people are aware of not being sufficiently visible to motorists. And do not do like this girl, without any safety equipments like reflective tape, holding her cell phone in hand lamp function, instead of the light before!
Young councilors and elected officials who accompany them, also mobilized.
A good way to understand the security and prevention of law enforcement missions, and to be ambassadors to their peers for more road safety.

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A child safety vest available with Auto Plus

To increase the visibility of your child during the trips, Auto Plus offers until September 12, a safety vest
in his return number.
We have seen recently with an investigation conducted by the Opinionway institute for Insurers Association Prevention: the path that leads our children to school can be full of pitfalls, even when our kids are accompanied by a relative (75% of parents admit they have had risky behavior in the street, in school or extracurricular trips, in the presence of their children). Given this situation more and disturbing, Auto Plus is to ensure their road safety and to maximally safe from danger.
The essential of the season!
In his re-entry number (1356), on newsstands until Friday, September 12, your favorite magazine, in partnership with Underwriters Prevention, offers indeed acquire a "yellow jacket" with reflective tape that will make your child more visible in the eyes of drivers including when it wants to cross the road.
Conforms to safety standards EN 1150, fluorescent, with two wide reflective stripes, this vest Velcro closure is perfectly tailored for children aged six to ten years. Essential !
To get this valuable safety vest, go so fast in kiosks. It will be sold in exchange for € 3.95 in addition to the 1356 issue of Auto Plus.

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Prevention: 30 000 fluorescent vests at AXA and Club14

You do not have put your yellow reflective vest
under the seat to prevent the plum of Control? Axa Club 14 and give you a chance to fall in line with 30,000 vests soon be available in branches and on their website. An offer which is, we believe, half good news.
Axa Prevention and Club 14, emanations of the insurance company Axa France, distribute, from 1 to 31 March 2016, 30 000 high visibility vests for motorcyclists and scooter riders. This operation, designed according to the organizers to remember the importance of being seen motorcycle delight those who are reluctant to acquire Vest said despite the contravention threat of Control. It will at the same time cringe those who feel that the wearing or carrying of fluorescent jacket and retro reflective is the responsibility of everyone, without requiring legislation.
30,000 offered yellow vests. Yes, but…After years of maneuvering on the part of government, a decree made the possession of a retro-reflective vest mandatory motorcycle since 1 January 2016. In case of non-submission of this vest, fine (1st class) is 38 € (minus 11 €). An amount rising to € 135 (minus 90 €) if the safety vest is not worn following an emergency stop. We have published several articles about this obligation, we let you read our review about it.
Highlighting the safety of motorcyclists, Prevention and Axa Club 14 will therefore proceed with the free distribution of 30 000 of these jackets in the Axa Group agencies but also online since 7500 vests will be available via the website axaprevention.fr from 1 March.
We will spare you all the copied statements in the press release. A sentence has, however, we pounce. Serge Morelli, President of Club 14, says "Club 14 since 2013 emphasizes the need to be more visible and give drivers the means to more easily identify the two wheels; it appears natural to us to support this measure of detention of a safety vest while leaving the rider or user of a two-wheeler decide under what conditions they must wear. "
A phrase that is also yellow smile vest given that Club 14 was not really opposed to the systematization of daytime running lights on cars while experts agree on the dangers of this measure makes bikers, cyclists and pedestrians without reflective tape less visible and therefore vulnerable (see our article on AVIMOTO). Unless it is envisaged to force all non-motorist to drive a fluorescent jacket in the coming years.
Improving the visibility of motorcyclists is an initiative that we cannot really condemn. However, so much energy it would be deployed to train drivers to be aware of their surroundings and the most fragile.
One point on which insurance largely has the means to intervene to its members, without telling them that bikers are the ones who drive too fast ...

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The Audax steps 25 and 50 km open to all

Marchers Cornwall organize Audax patents, with departures and arrivals at the sociocultural room. This test includes two loops of 25 km, which will allow fans of the 25 km wishing to register for the walk in the morning or of the afternoon. All participants are required to wear safety vest during whole process. The more experienced will conduct two courses for patent of 50 km. The Audax patents, open to all lovers of sport walking, take place under the guidance of road captains at the constant rate of 6 km / h. The priority is the safety and respect of the Highway Code, wearing the yellow reflective vest is mandatory (jacket loan against a deposit of € 5).
At 7 h 45, starting the 50 km and 25 km to the golf course and the Chapel of St. Sebastian, to reach the coastal path. Arrival around 12 h 15.
At 13 h 15, volunteers to patent the 50 km and the participants of the 25 km of the afternoon, will set off towards the castle and camping Cheffontaines two oaks. Arrival around 17 h 45.
Sunday, April 24, sociocultural room, participation € 6 (25 km) and 12 € (50 km). and with free reflective tape. Inscriptions, half an hour before the departure of 45 pm and 7 to 13 pm 15. Meals (8 €) on reservation before April 21.

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How is biking around Montevideo?

The bicycle is a means of transport increasingly widespread in Montevideo, but are all the conditions to move safely on two wheels? Cyclist wearing safety vest
seems safe on the path? Telemundo journalist Iliana da Silva presented a report thereon.
Montevideo City Hall wants to encourage bicycle use, and for that purpose are being built bike lanes, bike lanes and shared lanes with speed. The bike path without reflective tape is built on the sidewalk and is a two-way movement that does not affect the mobility on the road; the bike path is a special lane for bicycles on the street, they cannot park; and ciclocalle is where both vehicles can circulate, and asked drivers car traveling at 30 km per hour.
There are currently in the capital 34 km and a half different ways to ride a bicycle. These track cycling kilometers are concentrated mostly in the Old City, in the Parque Rodo, in Palermo; also on the cord, where there is a circuit for students, another in the Commercial and Carrasco.
All this has already generated much controversy. The question is how many people choose to go to work by bicycle. 47,472 bike trips are calculated per day, a study conducted in 2012 by the IDB. The different organizations linked to the bike you are asking the IM to update.
Current legislation requires those who walk in bike wear a helmet, reflective vest, mirror, horn and headlights and taillights.
Blog things happen in the Ciclovía filmed a video with GoPro in showing what happens daily in his travels around the city:
There is no respect for the bike path in the capital. Iliana da Silva spoke with Daniel Martinez, the mayor of Montevideo and renowned cyclist, who said he has received insults in the street, even though no one recognized by all the equipment you used, simply by cycling. He said the mandatory use of the mirror on the bike does not make sense because it serves. "There are many people who feel that right if it bothers you is wrong," he said. The idea is to double the track cycling Martinez kilometers in the city and analyze a new regulation with the National Road Safety Unit.

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Reserve a car is not mandatory reflective vest yes

PRAGUE Since mid-September, the changes mandatory car equipment. Drivers of newer cars no longer need to carry a spare wheel, on the contrary, will include mandatory safety vest. To January 1, 2011 can also be replaced autolékárničky where the new instructions for first aid, PVC or large scissors.
In less than a month, drivers will have newer cars hit the road without a spare wheel. This allows them to decree on obligatory car equipment from the workshop of the Ministry of Transport, which will take effect on September 15.
Since then, the only drivers if you reserve a car, or let her take out and replace it must be set for emergency repairing tires.
Drop obligation to carry in the car fifth spare wheel but not for all chauffeurs. Reserves will have to continue to carry motorists who have a car, where the spare wheel is part of the so-called deformation zone. In such vehicles may in the accident fifth wheel drivers save lives. If he was not in the car, safety car with reflective tape is dropping rapidly.
"Automakers and their distributors put up on its website a list of types of cars for which it is possible to delete the provision. For example, Škoda Auto will publish its list as well as on the website of the Ministry of Transport," explains James Ptačinská from the press department of the Ministry of Transport.
Reserves will fall mainly in newly produced cars. Some automakers such as domestic Skoda will provide some type of reserve without it. Without the reserves will be able to travel especially drivers of newer cars. For example, those that are still manufactured and whose new exepláře no manufacturer will equip reserve. Each car will have to be vest
The new decree on mandatory equipment has far more changes than removing the spare wheel. It is essential in particular the obligation to carry a reflective vest in the car. This change is valid from 15 September. "This obligation is closely related to the new amendment of the Highway Code, which drivers dictates that the road moved only with a reflective vest. For example, when the defect nighttime them can save lives. New starts paying probably next year. The decree so now drivers orders to carry vest in the car, then so could no excuses for me, "says Joseph Pokorny from the Ministry of transport.
Another significant change relates to first aid kits. Their content is rapidly expanded. Eg an increase instruction on first aid, which recently introduced in the Slovak Republic. Newly equipped pharmacy will also isothermal film. On the drivers have to lay injured in a traffic accident that neprochladli. The novelty is resuscitation mask, replacing the current mask. There will be even greater scissors. New aid kits will be about 70 to 150 crowns more expensive than current ones. The exchange chests but drivers still do not hurry. Unlike reflective vest have begun to pay up in January, 2011.

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The motorcycle escorts should wear and reflective vest

Through Mobile Radio Brisas, the operating director of the Directorate of Urban Mobility of the Municipality, Maximum Mazzuchi, he confirmed that Monday was published in the official gazette a new provision to improve control on public roads that is that the accompanying on bikes with helmet and reflective vest with the patent recorded, while he said that the driver's helmet is not required to have the patent.
Mazzuchi said that all municipalities are working to determine how the patent must be recorded in the safety vest and helmet. "The idea is to target public safety and the possibility that different authorities can see a considerable distance the patent on the helmet and vest," he said.
"This new resolution which requires them to motorcyclists is mandatory in the use of reflective tape
with the patent and patent helmet with the bike where you are moving," he said.
Tuesday held a news operation to with the help of the media to report that in 30 days the new provision begins, and delivered a prospectus.
As for who will controls the bikes he said that "the resolution is framed in the provincial law and provincial decree Transit that can be applied through the Traffic Inspectorate and the police themselves."
Moreover, he explained that when the traffic lights do not work are the agents who must organize transit traffic but said that "when produced in 25 traffic lights at night storms and power outages cannot answer everything."

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