The Thai authorities have asked to deploy the plane

The airplane of "Aeroflot" on a flight from Bangkok to Moscow returned to the runway for an additional inspection of luggage and passengers with reflective vest. It is reported by the correspondent of "Kommersant FM» from the scene. The board was supposed to fly six hours earlier - at 6.15 Moscow time. Before take-off the crew commander announced the requirement of local authorities to come back to check. Passengers - there are about 400 - landed at the airfield. All luggage was unloaded, carried out his inspection. A week ago, the Russian FSB gave Thai intelligence agencies information that militants infiltrated into the kingdom of the "Islamic state" banned in Russia. According to Russian intelligence, the terrorists are preparing an attack on the territory of Thailand. The correspondent of "Kommersant FM» Jan Lubnina, located in the Bangkok airport, told the details of the leading radio news Svetlana Tokareva.
- So, we wait for the latest details of where you are, what is going on with you?
- We are a few minutes ago, several buses were brought back to the terminal. We spent most of the time these more than five hours, which we expect to departure on a certain fire station, which brought us right to the plane. The plane stopped already on the runway, it was expected that we will fly away, local time at 10:15, Moscow time is 6.15 am, but it did not happen. After the usual examination, after the usual boarding just before the flight crew commander said all hands-free, that the Thai authorities are asked to turn the plane and watch again all passengers and the entire crew. Then we landed on buses, transported to this same fire station on the edge of the airfield, and there inspected once every passenger, and in parallel, apparently dumped on the asphalt runway luggage, which was already loaded on the plane, he also studied the experts.
Until now, the plane surrounded, works there are so many people in overalls, I cannot say exactly which services are involved, but, nevertheless, they are all in jackets, in black uniforms patrol the local airport and such safety vest. There are several fire engines, several police officers, an ambulance is on duty as well. Was the information from one of the employees of the so-called patrol the airport that the two Russians have become ill, they enlisted the help of doctors, but there are no details.
- Ian, do you figure out all these details, or you still engaged in dialogue?
- Dialogue with the local lead is very difficult, with the staff of the airport directly, because they speak poor English, and even understand what they mean, it's hard. But it is clear that they are confused, they did not expect such a situation, we were not ready for them, and this is also a kind of surprise. At the same time as soon as we were brought into the terminal just five to seven minutes ago, the announcement made by the representative of "Aeroflot", and he said that the flight will take place in Moscow on the same day, it will happen at six o'clock in the evening local time, it turns out, delay will be more than eight hours.
He said that now need more time to study the baggage, they again will compare the data of each bag tag on each bag with the data for each passenger, we are already on the way here was asked to leave the bus and show documents to a specific case, which was put directly on the pavement . We have shown the documents, suitcases we have again taken away, and we went separately to the terminal.
- Yana, only Russian on board?
- No, there are Russian citizens who are citizens of other states; many of them just went through Moscow transit to other countries. And many questions sounded from them what they should do with a change, with connecting flights. Employee of "Aeroflot", the representative of the - I, unfortunately, because of the crowd large failed to clarify who it was around him, but nevertheless, it was clear that he was in the form of "Aeroflot", he spoke in English and Russian - said that all the passengers with reflective tape who had seats on other flights in other countries or cities of Russia will be able to do this in any case, one simply will fly the next flight to your destination. Naturally, all the questions are addressed to employees of "Aeroflot" already in Moscow at each airport.
- Some information is already beginning to come to the tapes of news about the incident, and reportedly, in particular, that the passengers, provided drinks and food, can you confirm this information?
- Yes, I do. As soon as we arrived first at the fire station we were offered water, now we have arrived at the terminal, and are truly outstanding sandwiches and drinks, Coca-Cola I do see in the hands of people, water is probably too. People in general, of course, concerned about the situation, many are very upset considerable delay from Bangkok flight to Moscow, but now, when it was made an official announcement, and said that in any case the flight to Moscow will take place on Saturday, people are reconciled already to the fact that it is necessary wait, just sit and wait.
- Extra vigilance in any case will not hurt, as long as you are safe and sound flew to the destination.
- Yes, that's for sure.

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Excitement in Kazan among parents

Parents Kazan scholars worked up. Allegedly, the administrations of educational institutions need to buy for the children flickers - reflective vest that help drivers see pedestrians in the dark. Parents are concerned about two issues: where to buy a device, and then suddenly decided to introduce such a measure?
However, in the schools themselves claim that the mandatory requirements of the parents did not put forward the council to buy a flicker daze wore only advisory in nature.
- We need to think about the safety of children, - he explained correspondent of "Evening Kazan" director Kazan school №33 Nelly Shayakhmetova. - We have in late September near the school was hit a grader, thank God, nothing happened - the child is alive and well. And now it gets dark early, the danger increased, children are children, often run out into the roadway. So at the last parent-teacher conferences with the participation of inspectors PDN we recommended parents buy kids reflective elements for their own safety. Apparently, someone took the advice as a mandatory indication.
Meanwhile, if the school really need a "complement" of children flicker mandatory, hardly such a requirement could be called legitimate. The law, which came into force on July 1 this year, requires pedestrians to wear reflective tape in the dark just outside the settlements. In the city or village is optional.
The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tatarstan also denied the information that the schools require parents to purchase flickers.
- The Ministry of exactly no orders to that effect did not give and could not give, because the legal basis for such an indication is not, - said the press secretary of the Ministry of Education of RT Alsu Mukhametova.
GAI also disown this initiative. According to the press service of the department of traffic police in Kazan, the recommendations provide children with reflectors, they give parents the school is not the first year, but every parent can decide whether to follow them.
Curiously, the recommendations provide children flicker in Kazan schools were made almost simultaneously with the start of registration for the competition "caring mother", which annually Kazan OGIBDD. The contest is timed to Mother's Day, the essence of it is that parents equip their child light reflecting member and fix it in the photo. However, the material for the competition to buy optional: car inspectors after filling the application form for participation give the desired 2-meter light reflecting tape (by sponsors). But if the parents wish, they can buy consumables themselves.
- Many sewing shops selling this tape, - reported the press service of the Kazan OGIBDD.
However, as it turned out, not all parents are aware of where you can buy a flicker. Scared by rumors that now will not be allowed without svetootrazhalki to school, mom and dad frantically searching for information in social networks, where to buy it.
- We've already had a few customers who were looking for safety vest for their children, juniors, - told the correspondent of "Evening Kazan" Head wholesale and retail department of the company "Vostok-Service", which owns shops "clothes" Venus Davletova. - However, they left with nothing, because they are interested in a small amount - 42 minutes, and we have the size of adults - on the 46th.
The flickers are limited in supermarkets, but not all. Buy them without any problem except that you can on the Internet: badges, bracelets and charms - from 50 rubles, children's jackets - from 200 rubles. From time to time Kazan car inspectors handed out free reflective bracelets schoolchildren.

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Hippo-country skiing champion was inspired by firing

When Wendy Mennala considers recordings of old races, he has a habit of practicing a screen by aiming your DVD player to play checkers through the viewfinder weapon. Photo: Markku Tanni
Hello super-Kaisa! In this picture we are together in Hämeenlinna.
I think all competed in an interview and then was imitating you.
Shooting Sleeping position is my favorite, I have made such ampumataulutkin.
In general, I also see the biathlon dreams.
The letter is written in the age of five large, Decisive capital letters.
Light Red headed paper embossed photo Kaisa Mäkäräinen is wrapped his arms in excitement pakahtumispisteessä little girl's shoulders.
Venla Mennala considers himself his idol under his arm. The photo was taken a year ago Ahvenistolla when Mäkäräinen got a double win championship races. Wearing a reflective vest
In Capture the moment of Mennala not remember much. Something talked, but what, he has forgotten.
- Voltage lot.
It all started last winter, when Mennala self-organized in Hämeenlinna won the Hippo-skiing event. The same evening he was sitting in the living room couch medal around his neck and watched as the Mäkäräinen won the World Cup.

After that Mennala has plowed the kindergarten yard face in the snow bedrooms practicing shooting. When he comes home, he will continue the exercises tähtäillen toy gun through the viewfinder of the fence between the yard-plus foisted balls, from right to left, in the same direction as the Mäkäräinen.
when he looks inside the DVD races recorded to, over and over again. When sitting on the sofa cheek leaning on his remote control, in the same manner as in Mäkäräinen weapon.
Ahveniston ampumahiihtäjiin may be associated with about 12 years of age. It Mennala intends to do, as soon as you can.
In the meantime, he has played with the Director of the World Cup ski-yellow safety vest wearing, and hoping for a Christmas present map with the ball, so he could keep track of where Mäkäräinen at the moment the race.
Why Kaisa then it is better than the other?
- It's just so good. And happy. When I grow up I will be the same.
A magical.
Such is the English teacher Emilia Heimonen view, Madonna's stage show, Vela after the 13th time.
- During the same concert tour may begin to satiate. It is to know in advance what and where in the individual person the dancer rises and how the choreography goes.
During the last tour, Madonna toured Heimonen involved in five cities around the world. He usually chooses according to at least one country, which has not previously been visited and at the same time meet other fans, which keep in touch through Facebook.
Heimonen was 9 years old when he took to tell Madonna tour documentary with his mother. Heimonen looked at the document in full, even if there was no previously could not stand the whole artist with reflective tape.
- The next day I asked the best friends to guess what had happened just incredible. And he guessed the arvasikin, the options to be impossible, that I started to like Madonna!
A small head was turned, above all, the feeling, which resulted in Madonna's music. English language skills improved soar when Heimonen followed conscientiously every single one of the singers of the interview, documentary or magazine story.
- My English teacher has been Madonna, there really is no official teacher, he says and laughs.
Heimonen is used to hearing criticism of his idol. Was younger, he was more or less the only class that plate jury Madonna scored as high.
Even today, close to update manage to expensive concert tickets and flights. That's what he does not himself too tired to worry about.
Heimonens the most important thing is their adoration it has brought new friendships.
- Madonna has spoken to a lot of appreciation of diversity, racism, and homophobia suppression. So I like his faneillaan other similar values that unite us.
Heimonen believes that, from time to time behind the provocative public image is "just a normal type". Type, which shows the songs that are listening Heimonen experiencing a variety of emotions: euphoria, empowerment, peace, support life.

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Readers disappearing into the darkness the people

It is silly not to use a reflector, Yle readers täräyttävät. Multi tells viisveisaavansa the opinions of others and themselves kuorruttavansa as many reflectors. The main thing is that on top of being driven because of your thoughtlessness, readers point out.
We asked readers Promoted to the use of the safety vest embarrassing. The vast majority of readers is responsible unanimous in judging: do not exist or if it is, it does not matter.
- Piut paut piittaan, luullaanko me a cop or why, when the whole dark blue suit and wearing a reflective vest I walk in the nearby roads with no lights no. The main thing is that on top of being driven because of his own stupidity, nickname Good Masae write.
- I think, however, that it would be 'beautiful' or reflectors wearing safety vests as without them, but missed by a car? notes only caring.
- Myself embarrassed Manna evening, when I went out and I noticed that the reflector had been left at home! Survive We survived, but felt a bit like driving a car without a seat belt, says Hunningollinen.
Also nickname Embarrassing ... is to point out that embarrassing is specifically not to use a reflector in the dark. He pointed out that heijastimettomuus is also dangerous.
- How stupid must be that claims reflector embarrassed? Instead of separating from riippuheijastinten reflective vest is incredibly much easier and more pleasant to use, and not miss any catch. We reflector vests have been in daily use for ten years and they have also been distributed to each button, which is trying to leave us in the dark without a reflector. Streetlights is not, so here is a vest really in the area.
- A terrible scene "black ghost" completely dark cyclist, which has no reflector, the lamp wheel is not equipped nor any reflective. Not any heroes, but full of idiots, says Vipsa.
- The use of the reflector is really not embarrassing even in the city center. a person dressed in dark disappears lights and shadows very well. Driving a car will kiroiltua heijastimettomia pedestrians. Dark stretches of road you should put one reflective tape swinging the reflective waistcoat in addition, will surely be noticed, write in November.
Nickname Reflector tells everyone understood the usefulness of reflectors dark driving course. Since then, the reflector has been a part of his standard equipment.
- Of course I use a reflector myself and my dogs, dogs, safety vests and reflectors Shaking myself. Why would it be embarrassing to take care of the only killed when it can save simply reflectors?
But what kind of reflector need to be? Readers discuss that as well as clothing fastened, in hanging reflectors and reflective vest has its benefits.
- Yes, every self-loving to wear something reflective. Which one is better then? The vest can also be seen in the daytime, but the poorly lit road, along which the houses and courtyards lights shine, is difficult to detect the vest. It shines when all the time the same way, and not man passing by bouncing. The reflector rotates and swings, so it detects em. On the road to better, reflector rotates and swings says.
- Reflective vest is the most effective. Yes, it is pathetic that these are not used. Omapa is the reason, if an invisible poukkoillaan dark roads and the accident happens, the nickname Safety Vest / Taikaviitta ok to write.
- Carried out the driving license, I understand how badly lightless adult, child or dog appears dark, but one little baggy killutin is not enough urban conditions! Many reflectors reflect badly, they should be across the liikkujaa, No need to rush out says.

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Safety vest is not mandatory tenure

Up to $ 12,000 can buy a safety vest cost to comply with the rule that went into effect on January 1. However, it is also possible that each driver can make his own vest to comply with the law. An expert in wardrobe provides some care and tips you should consider when making the garment of the moment.
Seeing how expensive these days buy out a reflective vest, he did not miss the funny that insinuated transform a bag Falabella in the garment required by law since 1 January. The truth is that the rule allows everyone their own vest makes, according to the specificities of the Decree, ie with yellow fluorescent material and bands of reflective material of a width not less than 50 mm.
Do you dare to make your own vest? "It is not so difficult. The materials can be purchased in neighborhoods like Rosas and Independence and the manufacturing process is not that complicated, "says Alejandra Alvarez, academic coordinator of the School of Costume Design and Textiles at the University of the Pacific.
To buy the fabric, the dimensions are fairly standard. "For an average Chilean man almost 70 centimeters of fabric are used, since it is a sleeveless garment, but most likely is that sold by 1 meter. For women should be 50 or 55 cm. fabric, and in this case is possible if you can sell ½ meter of fabric, "says the designer.
Once we have the materials, it is passed to clothing. "For sewing thread would be good to use some of the same yellow fluorine or any of transparent polyester, because there is no special yarn refract as the tapes. Not to forget some type of clasp to close the reflective vest, which can be Velcro and a plastic closure of a colored fabric akin to, "says Alvarez.
Before cutting the fabric, measures of the person who will use or that usually drives the vehicle must be taken into account. It is best to compare it with a garment that we use daily. "Keep in mind that is a pledge to use what we have as well in the winter season, therefore it can not be too tight. In addition, if it will be used by more than one person it may be appropriate to consider measures largest user "emphasizes the professor at the University of the Pacific.
Thus, the reflective vest should be loose so that it is easy to put to the driver and for others as well. "You should measure the outline of bust, which is the broadest measure of the torso, and that give you a few extra centimeters for added clearance. can also be used as reference a garment that we have in the house to use these measures, "says costume designer.
When and fabrics and molds are cut, it passes to the final phase: the seam. Here we must not forget that the law clearly specifies how they should be arranged reflective huinchas, for which there are three alternatives: The first is with two horizontal bands encircling the torso, separated by a minimum distance of 50 mm, where the lower band must be at a minimum distance of 50 mm from the lower edge of the vest; the second alternative adds to previous vertical bands that attach the upper torso band from front to back, going through each shoulder and forming a cross on the back; and the third is like the previous one, but only with a reflective tape in the torso.
"When sewing is easy. With a home machine can be done without problems, because the materials are not very thick, but it would be advisable to work with the largest stitch and tension a little loose to avoid problems "says Alejandra Alvarez, academic coordinator Costume Design and Textiles University of the Pacific.

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This element must be in all motor vehicles Chileans.

As of January 1, 2016 comes into effect a new decree for motorists determines the mandatory carriage of safety vest inside the emergency kit for each car.
The measure seeks to reduce the risks of accidents and abuses in areas of low visibility or night, when drivers should get out of their vehicles to repair any damage.
Do not take this element in an easily accessible location such as the glove compartment or under the seat could mean some fines between $ 9,000 and $ 22,500 (0.2 to 0.5 UTM). However, the first days operate a "white march" where auditors evaluate whether or not to issue the fines.
What are the characteristics that must have the reflective vest?
The vest should be yellow (otherwise will even risk a fine) and made of fluorescent material, "he understood it as one that emits optical radiation of longer wavelength than the absorbed" according to the decree explicitly.
At the same time, you have to have retro reflective tape of at least 5 centimeters wide.
These bands must be at least 5 cm above the lower edge of the vest and also separated from each other by a minimum distance of 5 centimeters.
What models of reflective vests are accepted?
Only 3 options:
Model 1: The vest can have a horizontal band encircling the torso, and two bands join from front to back over each shoulder, forming an X on the back. The lower part of the torso band should be at a minimum distance of 5 cm from the bottom edge of the vest.
Model 2: Two horizontal bands encircling the torso, separated by a minimum distance of 5 centimeters. The bottom of the lower band should be at a minimum distance of 5 cm from the bottom edge of the vest.
Model 3: Two horizontal bands encircling the torso, separated by a minimum distance of 5 centimeters, and bands that join the upper torso band from front to back, going through each shoulder. In the back they form an X. The bottom of the bottom torso band should be at a minimum distance of 5 cm from the bottom edge of the vest.
What is its value?
They can be found between $ 2,500 and $ 5,000, both distributors of Internet and traditional trade stores.
Meanwhile, from the Mutual Security CChC they clarified that they do not sell reflective jackets, although some models circulated with its logo.
What should the emergency kit?
According to the Traffic Act, all motor vehicles must have a fire extinguisher and an emergency kit, which should have at least two elements: the reflective vest and two reflective triangles.

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Media write a misleadingly motorcycle clubs emblems

Hells Angels, Bandidos and what they may be. Ilta-Sanomat, like many other media, write a sweepingly motorcycle clubs brutality. As the IS today motorcycle clubs reflective vest signs and kerhotunnuksista, as well as the fact that they should not go to copy, because the threat of physical violence. The story is true when it comes to their own strict rules of the so-called. the percentage of clubs, but in Finland there are hundreds of ordinary motorcyclists associations and clubs, who are at risk of getting the public at large in the eyes of the same status as niitten difference between the percentage of clubs does not make it clear to readers.
Aftonbladet story lent Ilta-Sanomat comments focused on the prosecution of itself is effectively only a Hells Angels MC and Bandidos MC Denmark Denmark, as well as to stir up feelings against these motorcycle clubs.
However, in Finland there are hundreds of motorcycle clubs whose members are mattimeikäläisiä, and whose objective is to have fun motorcycling working together. At the same time aims to spread the good news of motorcycling and meet others mp-club members. The clubs activities generally based on club nights and together organized gatherings.
Club reflective tape jacket and symbols in this context are quite innocent characters and symbols that are subject to pride, and yes, even they are compared with each other. But when discussing yes it certainly is, either Club ID is more handsome.
The biggest clubs such as the MP 69 and Touring Finlandia and many others organize training for its members in addition to a light-hearted togetherness also be proactive and track-driving, which directly improve road safety.
These clubs story completely bypassed, resulting in reserve in that all the motorcycle clubs are similar and operate under the same principles as the Hells Angels and Bandidos this and other types of clubs. Everything considered, of course, to tell, but the other side of the sensation is not in the spirit gets forgotten.
Here is a story opening image is the Christian Gospel Riders Club ID. with that ID vest was donated both declined over the mm. Minister of the Interior Päivi Räsänen.
The actual safety vest Kuopio MP at the fair, which is the organizer of the fair, Kuopio MC ie the motorcycle club logo Kuopio。

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Appear in traffic - put reflectors on swing

For the first time now 1.10. organized reflector day to remind that each is the time to dig out the reflectors and looks great - up to now. Reflector period, the campaign is done, inter alia, foreign, print and online advertising.
Every other Finnish to use a reflective vest. The reflector will increase the visibility and safety at night while moving pedestrian. Therefore, the Traffic Safety calls on all pay reflector - up to now.
Traffic Safety in Finland followed by driving behavior and the utilization rate of the reflector annually. observation in the dark and at dusk studies in the fall of 2012 found that 51 percent of pedestrians used the reflectors in urban areas.
Of respondents in the same survey 38 per cent of motorists said that they often have difficulties observed in the dark without a reflector moving pedestrians. Every second reported the discovery to have been difficult, at least sometimes.
Visibility gives protection
Nearly half of all pedestrian fatalities occurred at night or in low light.
In 2011, traffic accident investigation board investigating 20 in the dark or low light conditions occurred pedestrian deaths. Of these, three out of four (14) did not use a reflector. using a reflector would be six different probability of counting could be saved from death.
The darkest time of the year, between October and January occurred in 43 per cent of pedestrians all injuries. Injuries occurred at pedestrian crossings In particular, focused on these months.
Use a safety vest correctly
Internationally, as seen from the Finnish reflector figures are phenomenal, since the reflector is an unknown phenomenon in many European countries.
Today, the reflector has a wide selection, and a suitable reflector is easy to find and elegant position. Reflectors has become a way of communicating their own interests, style and valuations.
This autumn's definitely the most innovative reflectors are Ilkka Suppanen handiwork. Conveniently around your wrist clickable jousiheijastimista has come to light reflective jewelry, which can be used like a piece of jewelry as accessory also has an indoor and daylight hours.
Attach the Hanging knee height of the road's side. The reflector must get to swing freely up and running, as well as forward, backward and sideways.
Also, stretch spring or a reflector attached to one side of the road onto the wrist or forearm.
The more reflective tape are used, the better the driver can see in the dark or in low light passing pedestrian. attached to both sides of the reflectors will help motorists to perceive the way the hiker also in the width direction.
Text Pekka Virtanen, images and source material for Traffic Safety.

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STOP! Flip-flops banned in Germany

Did you know that it is illegal to drive in sandals in Germany and that you honk if you want to turn on Bali holidays - guides you through the traffic rules, you can meet on motoring holidays abroad.You control the car outside the country, there is often other traffic rules - both written and unwritten.
In France you must bring breathalyzer, warning triangle and reflective vest. Security West must be used if you move on motorways or country roads, and must be stored so that the driver has direct access to the emergency.
For example, when crossing the border into Germany, it is especially important that you have the footwear in order. Even on a hot summer day, do not be tempted to run around in sandals. There is cash settlement if you are running in the loose-fitting footwear. And should you be stopped by the German traffic police wearing flip-flops, then it is not something that will be seen condoning.
The German traffic police conducts every year a series of raids in which particular holiday motorists are required to pay a fine of between 10 and 50 euros depending on the situation. Do not have money for the fine in the purse, police escorts you like to go to the nearest ATM. On the whole, the German traffic laws are often more strict than the Danish. If the roof box, for example, is not installed properly, then give the German traffic police fined 70 euros. The box must be mounted at the car and not out to either side of the roof.
But while there is peace and order in traffic rules in Germany, so it can certainly look different if you control the car further south in Europe or traveling to more exotic destinations such as Bali. In addition to driving in Bali going on the left side, which in itself can be quite confusing for Danish drivers, so there is generally a lack of written rules of the road.
Mandatory accessories in the car in Italy is warning triangle, first aid cushion and safety vest, as in France to be used when traveling on motorways or country roads.
This signaled a turn simply by honking, so as a tourist, it is about being good to decode honk instead of checking if the car in front of you is flashing to the right. Similar 'toot-traffic-policy' can experience in countries like China and Thailand, where drivers rarely hold back for any and telling others that they are moving forward by toot.
Also in Greece and other southern European countries, traffic can easily recall chaos. Greek drivers enjoy, for example, is not a good reputation among foreign tourists, who often believe that the Greeks are characterized by their reckless driving and frequent speeding
When you pack the car and goes on a self drive holiday, there are a number of accessories that are compulsory to bring south of the Danish border.
In Spain dictates the rules of the road, beyond warning triangle and reflective tape that the driver of the car also carrying a spare set of bulbs.
In many German and Italian cities have introduced environmental zones. This means that access to the zone depends on the car pollution. Each car can be assigned either a red, yellow or green sticker depending on age of vehicle.
In many cities, it is only allowed to drive into the environmental zone if the car has a green eco-label, while others still allow driveway with a yellow. Have your car a red eco-label, the driveway no longer allowed.

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Road safety: Many cyclists disappear in the city

You may think that you are safe if you have remembered bicycle headlight. But bike lights is not enough if you are on a two-wheeled be seen in the metropolitan traffic. So says Road Safety Council, after a study showed that four out of five citizens in the Capital Region may have difficulty seeing, cyclists not wearing reflective vest, in traffic in the dark winter months. By bike you can see everything. There are no blind spots or door pillars, but it has been in a car, so it's much harder to see and manageable traffic than it is for a bike, says Pernille Ehlers, who is a senior consultant in the Road Safety Council.
If you want to be sure to be seen by the many motorists who may have difficulty spotting the two-wheeled road users, must make efforts:To use a regular safety vest, bright colors of clothing or reflective strips on the legs makes the car lights hit you far ahead and light reflex up, and then you will be seen at a great distance, which is a huge advantage here in the dark, says Pernille Ehlers.
While the eyes of those surveyed drivers in the study generally lags with visibility among cyclists in the dark urban traffic, there are also bright spots; children since it is much better equipped to road safety.
The parents are good to buy jackets with reflectors, so really it's an integral part of children's attire, and many school bags also have reflectors on, says Henriette Madsen, secretary general of the Child Accident Prevention Foundation,
The additional reflective tape on the children makes them more visible in traffic, but when children become teenagers, they throw the luminescent brands like father and mother, but parents can do something about, says Henriette Madsen:
It is important that in addition to remember to give children reflectors to also remember himself. They are also ambassadors and role models for their children, she says.

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