The hope of the silent majority of "Remainers"

Today Britain's future inside or outside the European Union decides. This also affected three million EU citizens on the island.
In the last hours before the big vote on EU membership Britain still rages in the center of the historic southern English town of Canterbury of Competition of the campaigns. A man with a white beard gets on his bike, emblazoned on the chest of his neon yellow reflective vest as Button, the letters "IN" in blue and red - the logo of "Britain Stronger in Europe". He makes his way home, because that evening, Germany will play against Northern Ireland, and he promised his two sons to be there.
Max Zöttl is a German psychiatrist and lives with his family for 10 years here. As one of approximately three million EU citizens in the UK, he is facing a potentially life-changing decision that it cannot itself actively influence. On British EU referendum only British and resident in Britain Commonwealth citizens and Ireland may participate, as it has passed the House last year.
No one knows exactly what will happen in case of a Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union with families like the Zöttls. During a two-year process Abnabelung should once everything remain the same, but from there the Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union campaign did no guarantees about the future living conditions of European immigrants. From indefinite right of residence to the right to health care, pension and aids everything is open.
The immigrant Europeans like to have placed argument, one could indeed be naturalized, does not sound particularly inviting for the good in itself integrated psychiatrist: "Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union would certainly not contribute to my identification with this country after all that, I should say. I want Brite will?'"
What Zöttl with "all the" means, not least his experiences as a pro-EU activists in various cities of East Kent as Margate, Ramsgate, Canterbury, Herne Bay and Dover, close to or directly on the English Channel, and thus on the front of a European debate, which is not always done in a very differentiated.
" There are people with safety vest who run just past you and call, Out Out Out 'This is a pure barking" says Zöttl, "these people can stop hard and ask: What are your concerns?' It is a very diffuse, emotional thing. And they have not the slightest idea of how the EU works. "
A member of Zöttls campaign was spat of a Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union advocates on the open road, a French colleague in turn goes to his cause everywhere except in his own town Folkestone street, because his boss is a Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union advocate, and he feared consequences. to be wished away by their own superiors, gnawing on life.
The 24-year-old Finn Otto Ilveskero occupied at the nearby University of Kent his postgraduate degree in Political and International Relations. He is now already in March for "Remain" on the go and has no doubt about the real main theme of the referendum. "People tell me, we should not Poles and Romanians let more because the take our social assistance away 'Which of course is untrue . And when I tell them that even I am a foreigner from Finland, I hear things like, 'Oh, you're from a respectable country' another type again said I should kill myself We are here Freiwild,.. because we have no voice. "
Above all, Ilveskero is worried about his future. He has a British girlfriend and wanted to stay in the country.
After all, says Dr. Zöttl, who wearing a with reflective tape, the murder of the Labour MEPs Jo Cox by a Proposed referendum on United Kingdom membership of the European Union-inspired extreme right have people upset: "The saying, 'Well, that's going too far' The other day a family of four up to us and informed us. insistently congratulates on our work. "
He secretly hopes as the other three million EU citizens in the UK that a silent majority abrasive "Remainers" today has the last word at the polls. Now that all the leaflets are distributed, is the life that he has built here, in her hands.

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So the holiday is cheaper

Hidden fees and unrequested services make flights or rental cars unnecessarily expensive. The money you can save.
In the first states the summer holidays have begun. Who has not booked any flights and planned the budget, which brings to the coming days and weeks. Here consumers in safety vest can save a lot of money: tips on what should be aware travelers before the holiday, on the way there and on the spot.
Flights with online portals such fluege.de are not always as cheap as it seems at first glance. An example: You want to go from Munich to Palma de Mallorca, from 7 to 14 August. just under 180 euros: in large, bright orange letters the supposed price appears. But it is important the little indication that this price is only for payments made with the company's own fluege.de credit card. Customers who want to use the direct debit or another credit card, find out shortly before the payment that they have to pay 40 to 50 euros more. Consumer advocates criticize this approach, a spokesman for fluege.de defended the service charge. You would be necessary to make a company money. Which offer to consumers decide: you should check again exactly the final price before they click the "Pay" button.
High costs threaten travelers with reflective tape even if online portals offer them supposedly cheap travel insurance. The catch: The cheap price is the converted to the month portion of the insurance premium. The fine print reveals that in fact a twelve times as expensive annual policy is due. Recognize customer this and choose not to expensive offer, try some portals, they too convincing with dire warnings and red fields yet.
And yet a cost trap, there are booking flights: Spontaneously good suit and a few pairs of shoes more with the holiday taken? Not a good idea: Who should book luggage only at the airport, often paying more than twice the online price.
On the plane
At the airport, hotel or even at the beach free wifi is today a holiday to. but the way in the holiday must master offline most travelers still. A survey of the comparison portal Check24 revealed offer 39 of the 57 largest European airlines on board at no Internet. If only it Wlan are in the plane, then at relatively high prices. With Air Berlin 8,90 € will be charged for 60 minutes, including 50 MB data volume, the Lufthansa collected for one hour nine euros. The only European airline can surf for free all the way at the passengers, according to the survey is Norwegian Air.
In the car
First aid kit, reflective vest, warning triangle - that motorists these items must have it at hand, is known for years. What many tourists do not know: Who with the car is traveling, for example, the Baltic States, Bulgaria, Greece and Montenegro, a fire extinguisher with you. Otherwise be fined.

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Fire extinguisher in the car somewhere mandatory

In each state must equip the vehicle otherwise. Some differences in the necessary equipment and transport regulations found ÚAMK.
Motorcyclists must wear protective clothing, eg .: gloves, jacket with long sleeves, long trousers and boots with ankle protection. Reflective vest is mandatory only for the driver of a motor vehicle. The fire extinguisher is mandatory for vehicles registered in Belgium for foreign vehicles is only recommended.
All vehicles, except motorcycles, must be equipped with a fire extinguisher. Reflective vest is mandatory for anyone who leaves the vehicle during an emergency, even for motorcyclists.
Children under 12 may not travel in the front seat. Except for children under 2 years of age placed in the "egg" and with deactivated. Motorcycle or moped is not permitted to carry children up to 12 years. Vehicles with trailers must have two triangles. Reflective vest is mandatory only for the driver of a motor vehicle.
Fire extinguisher and reflective vest is not part of the mandatory equipment, but it is recommended to have a vehicle. On highways, the driver must use the hazard lights of his car to warn other motorists before the formation of a column or other hazards (such as an accident or an obstacle on the road).
Reflective vest is mandatory for anyone who leaves the vehicle during the incident in poor visibility. The fire extinguisher is part of the mandatory equipment, two-track vehicle. It is mandatory to carry two wheel chocks (blocks of wood or plastic) to prevent possible movement when the vehicle is parked on a hill.
Walker or crew vehicle running on a road in poor visibility must have to wear reflective elements or a reflective vest.
Helmets of motorcyclists must have reflective element according to the ECE 22-04 paragraph 6.16. Helmets approved by the French authorities without reflective stickers can be used. Vehicle drivers and motorcyclists must have alcotester in their vehicle, but no fine will be imposed if it can not show during a police road check. Children under 10 years must not travel in the front seat when the rear seats are vacant. Reflective vest is mandatory for everyone on board the vehicle with two or more wheels (eg .: motorcycle, passenger car, pickup, trailer, truck) - Sanctions 90-750 euros. In Paris from July 1 implemented a low emission zone and it is therefore necessary to have a low emission plaque. They are prohibited headphones on listening to music and handsfree in your ear with cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers of motor vehicles.

Children traveling in vehicles registered abroad must be ensured in accordance with the legislation in force in the country of origin. Reflective vest is mandatory for anyone who emerges from a vehicle during an emergency. This regulation does not apply to motorcycles. The cyclist, who rides a road in poor visibility or in a tunnel, must wear a reflective vest.
Children under five years of age shall under no circumstances be transported in the front passenger seat. There is prohibited for drivers eating and drinking while driving. Each vehicle must have the necessary equipment on two warning triangles.
Children under 12 years of age and less than 1.35 m may be transported in the front seats of cars. Obligation to carry a fire extinguisher is the only wheeled vehicle. Reflective vest is mandatory only for the driver.
The fire extinguisher is mandatory in passenger cars and two buses weighing more than 5 tons. First aid kit is mandatory and for buses with more than 25 seats are required two. Pedestrian, cyclist, biker or a crew member of a vehicle running on a road in poor visibility, must wear a reflective vest.
Pedestrian, cyclist, biker or a crew member of a vehicle running on a road in poor visibility, must wear a reflective vest. Motorcycle or moped is not permitted to carry children up to 12 years. Child aged 3 to 17 years, measuring less than 1.50 m must be transported in an appropriate restraint system in the rear seats only.
For dodělávaných daytime running lights must be illuminated tail lights. Lighting is required outside the city and all the bulbs must be operative. Pedestrian, cyclist or a crew member of a vehicle running on a road in poor visibility, must wear a reflective vest.
Reflective vest is mandatory only for drivers of vehicles registered in Germany. In German cities they are introduced low-emission zones and therefore it is necessary to have a low emission plaque.
Pedestrian, cyclist or a crew member of a vehicle running on a road in poor visibility, must wear a reflective vest. Obligation to carry a fire extinguisher in a wheeled vehicle.
It is prohibited to carry on board cameras in the vehicle. Reflective vest is not required for vehicles registered outside the Portuguese territory.
First aid kit is mandatory for motorcyclists and must be in a container that prevents the penetration of dirt into the contents of first aid kits. It is forbidden to carry cameras on board the vehicle. Reflective vest is mandatory only for motor vehicle drivers and other crew members of the car is recommended. The colors are allowed: orange, yellow, red. Penalties - from 14 to 2,180 euros. In the vicinity of Vienna and other parts of Austria are introduced low emission zone for vehicles of category N without weight restrictions.
Not tolerated by the kit's ear. Obligation to carry a fire extinguisher in a wheeled vehicle.
Children under 12 may not travel in the front seats of cars. Obligation to carry a fire extinguisher in a wheeled vehicle. Reflective vest is mandatory for anyone who acts in the incident of a motor vehicle, both in daylight and at night.
When the vehicle must wait for some time, eg. In front of the railway crossing, they must be used sidelights.
The fire extinguisher is mandatory for motor vehicles. For passenger vehicles are obliged to have the necessary equipment on two warning triangles with reflective tape.
The fire extinguisher is mandatory in passenger cars and two buses. It is prohibited to transport children younger than 12 years, and less than 145 cm in the back seat of a motorcycle.
Great Britain
Motorists LHD should ensure that their headlights were adjusted for driving on the left side, otherwise they risk being stopped by the police and fined up to £ 1000. Medical certificate that is issued abroad and exempts the holder from using the seat belt is not valid on the islands. Reflective vest is not a mandatory part of mandatory equipment passenger vehicle.

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French policemen oblige drivers have cars equipped

French policemen in safety vest will force drivers have cars equipped with a Alcooltest, Daily Mail suggesting that this will lead to more fines tourists, especially the British.
The new provision, which will come into force in July, requires motorists to test themselves before getting behind the wheel to see if they are fit to drive.
Some critics say that the results are not always relevant Alcooltest, while others believe that the law is a new way to make money from foreign tourists, since it applies to all machines in France.
In France, the limit at which drivers are fined for driving while intoxicated is 0.5 per thousand. Drivers who have a blood alcohol level between 0.5 and 0.8 thousand will be fined 135 euros and penalized 6-12 points, while those with a blood alcohol level over 80 mg risk fines of up to 4,500 euros loss right of driving and even imprisonment of up to two years.
11 euro fine for drivers in reflective tape who have not Alcooltest
Drivers caught without Alcooltest risk a fine of 11 Euros, but the French government said there will be a grace period until November before police start to divide the fines. Alcooltestele costs between 1.2 and 2.4 euros and will be available in all French customs.
Andrew Howard, working in road safety, says the idea own alcohol testing it seems nonsense meant to raise money tourists. "The requirements that must be met drivers in France are already very complicated and things to be equipped car is a pretty large extra cost, plus travel," he explained.
Currently, anyone who goes away to France is obliged to equip their car with triangles and reflective vest for emergencies. In addition, drivers can be fined and if they keep vests in the trunk and not in the passenger compartment of the car, as recommended.
Also, drivers can be fined if they do not operate a lighthouse or fail extinguisher and first aid kit in case of an accident, writes Daily Mail. Recently, the French introduced a law that prohibited radars that monitor GPS's, the fine is 1,500 euros.

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Andy Fazekas passes policemen

Biker's Sibiu Andy Fazekas joined the campaign initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs "Motorcyclists are no traffic" in order to prevent road accidents involving motorcyclists with reflective vest.
The action initiated by MAI in four counties, including Sibiu, runs from 12 March to 31 October, during which drivers and motorcyclists will be warned of the dangers they are exposed on public roads.
Andy Fazekas, the motorcycle club "Crazy Bike" Sibiu recommends motorcyclists, regardless of experience, "defensive driving" to prevent accidents.
"It means that when you get on the bike and get your luggage seven years at home. (...) You always have to have an eye to the other. (...) It means that you should not push the priority that you think you have both intersections, so the color of the traffic light, generally in all traffic situations. You have to think for others, "says Andy Fazekas.
He notes that the greatest danger of accidents install spring: "All riders expected spring have suppressed excitement in the winter months, which explodes with excitement the first day they are at least 10-15 degrees. Exactly here is the danger. A drive a motorcycle, not just climb it, to start, to know how to accelerate and brake, but a growing reflexes that lead to safe pilotage. This time adapting to these reflexes and you get virtually in hand, and takes me, it very much experience takes at least a month. A month - a month and a half. After this time I can say that I was used, I reobişnuit know what to do with the bike and know how to react in traffic ".
The campaign is initiated by the Romanian Police, in partnership with Free Riders.
Recommendations for drivers with reflective tape:
Keep eye contact - do not assume that other people see you. Try always to have eye contact with drivers that might be on track to intersect the path.
Partners anticipate the intentions of the road - even when drivers, cyclists and pedestrians see that you approach it considers wrong, often, distance or speed. Do not rely only on their good side.
Beware of vehicles cornering and junctions - the most common type of motorcycle accident is caused by drivers who do not ensure the execution left turns or lane change.
Make sure when you turn the oglizi - drivers coming from behind might not slow down for you.
Be prepared for hazardous road conditions - wet, liquid spills, sand, gravel driveway tram, potholes and other road hazards that can affect surface grip causing serious accidents.
Approach curves moderate speed, without them "cut" - many accidents happen because of oncoming penetration.
Use a helmet approved - that meets current safety standards. Avoid buying a used helmet, you may have suffered an accident and repair can hide structural defects.
Wear protective clothing for motorcyclists - only this can provide good protection during a crash and protects you from the weather. Prefer modular equipment ,, layers "so that it can adapt to changing weather conditions.
Protect your eyes - the stream of air, flying insects and dust reduces visibility and you can injure your eyes or face. The best protection is a full-face helmet with protective mask included.
Be visible - wear bright clothing, reflective. Add the extra reflective material or carry a safety vest. Always keep the lamp lit and run drivers in a position where you can easily see in the mirror retrovzoare (2/3 of the bandwidth). Avoid blind spots of other vehicles.

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A new touring cyclists' pedaling to depart in Forest Bistra

Green Bikes organizes the fifth lap industries Banat this year. The event takes place Sunday, August 23, and the route will go toward Forest Bistra and thence to channel Bega and district poplars. It only supports participation bike mountain bike type.
Place the last details related industries shift with number five. Those from Green Bikes invites Timisoara pleasure to join the movement in large number. The meeting point for the tour is going Station Square E2 George Domăşneanu (meaning AEM), 15:30. At 16 o'clock will leave the race route: AEM - Urseni - Moşniţa New - Old MOSNA - Forest Bistra - Mal Bega - Poplars. Route length is about 35 km, Duration is approximately 3 hours. During the tour, will make stops regrouping and refueling with water and food, as appropriate.
Is only accessible trail bikes mountainbike properly equipped. It is recommended that riders wear protective and reflective vest. Participants must be mandatory rooms bearer bicycle parts, hats / caps and sunscreen.
For details, organizers can be contacted at telephone number: 0741505463, contact Daniel Mărgăuan, turn coordinator.
This shift Banat is the fifth in a series of six that will take place this year, already traditional Banat cycling tours within the "Green Bicycle", first of its kind taking place in 2009. The aim of the organizers is to encourage movement in the outdoors, make known green surroundings of Timisoara and to spend quality time enjoying nature and our bike ride.
In Timis accident: A cyclist, shattered two cars with reflective tape
A serious accident has happened Saturday night on the highway linking Timisoara Moraviţa before the town of Sag.
A BMW with registration number CS 49 MAD, coming from Timisoara, hit a bicyclist who filled in declarations driver would have cut the opposite way. Following the violent impact, the rider was thrown on the pavement, and BMW's windshield was shattered, several shards have injured the driver in the chest. The bicycle was thrown the opposite, being struck by another car circulation regular, writes pressalert.ro.
The driver with safety vest aged 24 years had no documents on him, saying it is in Moldova Noua. The cyclist is in a coma grade II being transported by ambulance to the Emergency County Hospital Timisoara. The cyclist had no documents on him and has about 40-45 years. Cops have not found any vest that was worn as a cyclist.

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End for a truck driver without reflective vest

doctors tried to resuscitate him, all their efforts were in vain
A man from Găiseanca has died after being fatally injured on Route 2B, Buzau County. Dobre V, aged 41, was a truck driver.
Everything happened Friday night. Braila, Buzau circulating on, the train stopped about 150 meters from the barrier at Bâlhacu because the strong wind bothered tarpaulin covering the truck, according to local media in Buzau. While working around the mastodon, the man was hit by a car driven by a Galati, coming from the opposite direction. The latter told the police that it was noted at the last minute on Brăila, especially since not wearing reflective vest, and could not avoid the tragedy.
The ambulance physicians have resuscitated for 40 minutes, after which, in accordance with procedures stated death. TIR's driver suffered serious leziunj, incompatible with life.
Traffic in the area was restricted for an hour on Route 2B, movement being diverted through Cotu Ciorii, writes the press in Buzau.
He left behind three children, two girls and a boy. His wife went to work in Italy, it returned to the emergency in the country, according to neighbors.
A drunk Sibiu swore like hell on others and the local police. How it was all over! (Warning Explicit language)
A young man sent us video below on email and explained that initially the man you see in the image escaped without fine although swears non-stop, and he because of biking the street was sanctioned by the local police.
Either Romanian state laws are too lenient in some cases, or mention an excess of zeal. Otherwise not find any explanation why can a young man riding a bike on the street, even if he did not use safety vest and was not on the bike trail, was fined 650 lei by local police, and another man swear like hell, violent language and expression and disturb public tranquility receives 500 lei fine.
If we were even told the young cyclists, filming it and some of the "dialogue" between the drunk citizen and police.
How justified both local police fines
Sibiu municipality explained in a reply submitted by Time Sibiu, that in an action Local Police patrol agents Sibiu, they fined both parties that you specify in the notification as follows.
"The person who wrote your editorial was found on 13.03.2016, at around 03.25 circulating bike Vasile Milea Boulevard on the carriageway and bicycle path not without wear clothes with reflective tape, act constituting an offense under HG 1391/2006, 161. The citizen in question was sanctioned under GEO 195/2002 (R), article 101, six fine points (105 points = 650 x 6 lei lei). Citizen surprised the images transmitted by you was fined for disturbing public order and insults to local police. The contravention was found on Avenue V. Milea on 13/03/2016 at around 4. The fine amounting to 500 lei was applied under Law 61/1991, art. 2 pt 1 "reads the reply given by the local police by the Press Office of the Mayor's Office.
Watch below images citizen drunk.

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How to handle a disaster with car insurance?

After a car accident, you need to be compensated effectively by your insurance. Here are tips for your refund as quickly as possible.
Want to know what level your insurance will reimburse you after a car accident and under what conditions? How Long Will ilmettre to compensate you? The level of openness and compensation rates depend on your level of responsibility.
How to react in a car accident?
The first instinct you have to have is to preserve your car and any passengers. Park your car on the side in case of road accident, and using a safety vest and a red triangle of pre-signaling. This will avoid disturbing other drivers or cause of an accident. If hail has damaged your windshield, bâchez the concerned window. If you see a small fire on the vehicle, move away quickly. Risk of combustion and explosion is not negligible.
Your car can not ride? Call a convenience store
If you have an assistance cover in your insurance contract, the trader carries your car with reflective tape in a garage. Attention under the general conditions of your contract, franchise remains your responsibility for towing. For example, if you purchased a 30 km assistance, you're repaid if the breakdown occurs more than 30 km from home. For optimum support, must have a 0 km assistance. Feel free to choose. This option without kilometer franchise that did little to increase the price of your car insurance, on the order of 5 to 10% and allows you to better care. If you have not subscribed for assistance, the cost of troubleshooting remains entirely your responsibility. It takes between 100 and 200 euros on average.
Tell your insurer immediately
Contact your insurer. It often has a telephone platform dedicated to incidents that can aider.Privilégiez you garage offered by insurance. Your insurer typically has a licensed network of garages. You save time on repair time and compensation. This speed is not negligible. Indeed, most insurers do not guarantee you the loan of a vehicle for a few days or weeks. In addition, if your car is not called up, you should assume the financial consequences to rent une. Vous generally does not advance the repair costs. Only the possible deductible is paid directly to the hotel.
What steps follow after re sinist car?
If you have had an accident with a third party, carefully fill your accident report. It establishes the official version of the accident will determine responsibilities. All drivers in reflective vest involved in the accident must sign.
You had the only accident or without identified third party? Send a declaration of loss of mail service of your insurance claims management.

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France: obligation vests also for motorcycles

The penalties for those sgarra will amount to 11 euro for those who do not have it and to 135 for those not wearing the emergency
From now on, in France, even motorcyclists, scooter riders and quadista will have to keep on hand a safety vest, worn by promptly in case of emergency stop. Just as for drivers of all other classes of vehicles.
The French state is obliged to take with you on the retro-reflective vests also for drivers of motor vehicles (mopeds and motorcycles), of motor tricycles (sidecar) and quadricycles (eg quads), is in fact definitely entered into force last 1 January 14th extent provided by the Interior Ministry after the publication of partial data on the mortality of last May 10. Data in the transalpine country, as in Italy, have revealed that all the more ominous sign "more."
"It must be said - Biserni explains Giordano, president dell'Asaps (Association of Supporters and Friends of the Traffic Police) - that in recent years its riders, even those Italians, have been purchasing technical garments with high visibility reflective tape, capable of making them perfectly visible even when dropped. Frequently they were in fact fatal accidents characterize ed by an initial loss of control of the bike and the subsequent fall of those who were there on board, then finished over and killed by vehicles in transit. "
Once on the ground. explains Biserni, you cannot have the strength, or the time, to stand up and take cover, "if you are dressed in black, like the motorcycle legacy of the past would (who does not remember the heroes of the Island of Man !), there is virtually no escape. "
In France, the use of this technical jacket has been the subject of many campaigns, including by the FFMC, the "Federation of angry bikers", always engaged in battles for recognition as a weak category status for motard and often in open contrast with the institutions.
Unfortunately, the fine that the French Code provides, from the first year of course, is not the
saltier who does not take it with them and not performed to the police in case of a request is subject to a 11 euro administrative fine, while those who do not wear reflective vest in case of emergency will have to pay 135 EUR French Treasury.

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Carrying a reflective safety vest in Germany

In Germany, carrying a reflective safety vest is so far only compulsory in commercial vehicles and only recommended for individuals. So far, for the latest from 1 July next year must in any vehicle a protective vest exist, so a decision of the Federal Council.
The new regulation concerns all cars registered in Germany, trucks and buses; Motorcycles are still excluded.
in many European countries already, however, applies a high visibility reflective vest duty on the Agency for Technical Surveillance (GTÜ) draws attention in Stuttgart. If not obeyed, threaten partially tangible fines.
Uniformly, the provisions for the protection. Here there is a Europe-wide standard. The approved west have the European control mark EN 471. According to the ADAC the obligation to have a reflective vest in the car and to contribute to an accident or breakdown is already in Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain and Hungary.
Penalties for infringement can be quite high in the individual countries. In Portugal motorists should expect a fine 120-600 Euro. Note: From one country to another part different rules on the number to accompany the West and their use apply. One should check before driving through the respective provisions therefore.
The safety vest with reflective tape is not harassment, but safety-related accessories, the experts reassure GTÜ. Who wears such a vest, is five times perceived earlier because of the luminous material, the security experts.
is particularly in accident assistance, when setting up the warning triangle, when changing tires or on the way to Notrufsäule without vest a significantly higher risk of being overlooked about in the dark.

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