Official deceased was without reflector vest

Jaime Quintana after death of policeman who ran over: "I'm devastated"
Senator Quintana starring accident that leaves one dead policeman in Vilcún
The early hours of Sunday, Sen. Jaime Quintana (PPD) policeman ran over Jonathan Garrido (25) on the route between the towns of Vilcún with Temuco, in the Araucanía Region. Then, the case was entrusted to the prosecutor Jaime Pino who, after reaching the crash site, said that "the police officer was not wearing a reflective vest because it was not fulfilling regular traffic control functions."
The prosecutor also ventured a thesis about the role played by the customs officer at the time of the accident: said he got there "product of a warning by a driver of a truck that drove zigzagging". There, Garrido had crossed the axis of the road and after that; he was run over by the senator and PDP president, Jaime Quintana.
Finally, Jaime Pino preliminarily estimated that the politician was traveling "in the range of 60 to 55 kilometers per hour." Note that in the first control alcotest practiced Jaime Quintana, this yielded a 0.00% alcohol in their blood.
Don Pascacio Cubilla, the blind old man who was run over in Misiones weekend, said he had only minor impacts, but is feeling better. The man who caused the accident fled after realizing that he crashed.
"I attended the lady of the San Antonio pharmacy," said Cubilla in communication with Ultimahora.com. The same was helped by several witnesses with reflective tape of the fact as soon as the man of the truck that hit him was fled.
He said that although he lives alone in a house in San Ignacio, Misiones, always is accompanied by friends in the area.
Don Pascacio refused to take him to a hospital, but said he is well and only received a slight blow on the side of the torso.
Known artist and resident of San Ignacio was the victim of an accident last Sunday when he crossed the sidewalk between the streets San Roque González de Santa Cruz and Mariscal Lopez, near the municipality. He said that at that time was headed to a show that was on the side of the church in the city.
Currently underway in the city missionary novena to San Ignacio, where Don Cubilla involved playing guitar with another musician who runs the organ, a prominent local artist, suffers from blindness since childhood because of an illness. Gratia pension charges a Congress, which solves your expenses. Almost no longer he has family and neighbors are the ones who are more aware of it.
He is a native of Yaguarón and resides in San Ignacio for 55 years. On February 22 turned 80. The dwelling house was ceded to him by the owner 36 years ago.
He noted that because of his condition, used to go out with a safety vest, to just avoid being hit by motorists when crossing streets, always accompanied by his staff.


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Francisco Lopez: "The car is as rich all going calentito"

Outside the bikes, the tenino compete in his second National Rally Championship, while using free time to prevention talks. At 9:30 am, Francisco Chaleco Lopez, 40, is relaxed upon arrival at the cafe Paul Boulangarie in Las Condes.
He is accompanied by his inseparable helmet with reflective tape and his smile reflects the tranquility of having changed his life from one year to another. 2015 not only meant its output skills on a motorcycle, also married for the first time dared to compete in car at the National Rally Championship (repeat this year, next to arrnaca week in Chiloe), and even set a Guinness record when coming up with an electric bike more than 6,000 meters high in the Ojos del Salado volcano, last December. How has your life changed in a year? Uh, too! I was always a guy who was outside the house, he was always doing everything to be good at what he wanted, which was the Dakar. And after that happened, 2015 was the minute I said, 'Well, all I want to do now is'.
But just it had new challenges as it did in the Ojos del Salado, how was that? Well, because I always wanted as I got off the bikes. Now 21 (April) we will launch the Ojos del Salado documentary reflecting all what I am now. My family, the accident I had in the Dakar and why I went to this challenge where one suffers a little above the bike up and cold. In the car it is as rich all, you're warm. But the bike is very strong in physical and psychological part.
So this challenge was part of that and we did. It was like an equal transition between leaving a little bikes and get in the car. Yes, because it was strong leave the bikes without
safety vest. But thanks to the car, thanks to all these kinds of feats that have been organizing, we have a rather quiet year. And he had his debut in the National Rally. Yes, I spent the whole Rally Mobil. It was very good, because unlike I always ran on a motorcycle alone, navigating with GPS in the desert, here you have a navigator next ails you information that are your eyes, your confidence, everything. Then I had a great time and apart is a group of friends. I found all the friends of this sport, motocross, enduro, all the motor world meets. The other entertaining is that you move much in provinces. I was always competing abroad or in the Dakar, which ran in Chile, but a couple of steps no more.
So I do activities with my sponsors, signing autographs, approach with people. It is the most motivating part, rather than running, share with people, have a coffee. Yes, we changed the R2 category, which is more competitive, and the expectation is always to try podium. Last year we came second (N3 light) and this year we intend the same, be there. And hopefully always win, but the podium is as the target. Did it influence in his new perspective on life the death of Carlo de Gavardo? Carlo fought for many years the Dakar. I spoke to Carlo's father when when Don Giorgio, he went and said, 'look, leaving me quiet is that Carlo suffered nothing'. He, like Carlo dad, like my family, often saw us in the clinic or in the same powers with fear that we had a very serious accident and to lose his life at that moment.
But when it happens it happens to Carlo and biking is going pretty quiet, no pain, no nothing, I think it just gives you a little peace. My thought is that eventually in life, one has to do things that one likes. Sometimes you much program, but the minute you say 'look, here comes your moment', you stay with many things you cannot do. The same happened to me. I came to say 'I'll run all life on bike' and then obviously I had an injury that compounded me. But I also said, 'Look, I know where I'm going to now. " Do you see close return to Dakar now?
I see much closer, making it by car. Motorcycle I think not. I'm not qualified; I do not have the same motivation before getting on a motorcycle and give everything. So I prefer to do it by car; car itself would love to do one day.
That just means more resources. Many more resources than you normally do with the bike. But I'm with companies who have always supported me. Obviously they are much higher budgets, but I think it would help much that the Dakar was in Chile again. It would be an extra motivation.
And how is the subject of motivational speaking?
De Gavardo was a company where he was a partner, Precorp, who is engaged to our corporate prevention. When he died, his partner approached me and told me a little history. He attracted much attention because finally they make risk prevention; Carlo was a risky pilo like me. And I am a member of the prevention part. That we do training in companies and mining, the people who have to drive, ride vans or cable people, much accienta finally because they lose focus. He also participated in promoting the use of reflective vest.
Exactly. I worked hard with the government on that. Now comes a campaign for safe driving a motorcycle in the street, put on the jacket, not walk with chalas. It is as typical with short walk. So it's like 'take care of yourself a bit' and I, as I am the image of this campaign, the government asked me to do.
Then the bikes will remain the same in your life. Yes. Is that the bike is my DNA, I cannot leave.


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This class is Wise with newspaper

Class 7b by Nyplass School secured the victory in the county final of the Show with Avis.
MANDAL: - Jaaaaaaa! Resounded through the banquet hall in Lindesnes farm while seventh graders threw himself around the neck of each other and students wearing reflective vest together with team owner.
18 students had black gold at 14 questions during 12 thrilling minutes. And it in competition with seventh graders spread on media from Flekkefjord in the west to Risør in the east.
- I am very proud of the gang. They have shown great curiosity, willingness to learn and enthusiasm for knowledge approach Show with Avis. We cannot remember the last time a class Nyplass have won this competition, says tutor Silje Aarrestad.
Pupils achieved 11.67 on average, and thus secured the victory by a wide margin to Tunballen School in second place with 9923.
Tutor Aarrestad says that students in safety vest have consistently scored high in the preliminary rounds. Therefore was not gang especially optimistic when it became known that what Nyplass average was. But as the results show, there was no reason for concern. In total, around 120 seventh classes participated in this year's competition at the college.
With county victory ensured students first prize par NOK 2,500 to club checkout, as well as Lindesnes allow further thousand bugs into the club checkout. In addition, the company took the calculators and reflective tape to the savvy students. At lunch box was replaced with buns, soda and hot chocolate, did apparently rather nothing, we will believe seventh graders.
The questions in the final round are taken from the regional- and national and international news in week 15. The topics that were affected were in sports, politics, dramatic or happy events, geography and culture.

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To rescue the moose with human-poop

- Open toilet appeals on trains on the most elgutsatte routes, and let human urine and -avføring scare the moose away, recommends college lecturer Torstein
It is not the first time Storaas comes with untraditional initiative on measures to mitigate the conflict between traffic on roads and railways without reflective element and ungulates, primarily elk.
He has for many years researched the issue, and took part in "Project Moose traffic" in Stor-Elvdal in 2000-2004.
Storaas also believes that NPRA and National Rail must be financially liable for collisions of ungulates - for this to motivate
- This repeats itself year after year; when the winter covers in its full focus on solutions. Then comes summer, and the matter is forgotten, he said.
Also read: The train ran on three moose in 63 minutes by Stag leading
Do not like people
Use of fragrances to keep moose away from roads and railway lines are nothing new, but when Torstein Storaas suggests using wastes from humans, it is very logical:
- The moose does not like people, nor the smell of us. The main problem is not the crossing of the narrow track; it goes relatively few trains through Eastern Valleys, and theoretically should be chances small for them to run on elk the seconds it takes the animal to cross. The challenge is that elk use track walkway, when there is much snow.
We need to "sprinkle" scenario with urine and feces straight from the toilets on the train, when the train arrives, running elk literally for life along the groove on the train at the last.
- We know how it runs on most moose; to "sprinkle" defensive body with urine and feces when trains pass by, is not particularly difficult to implement, he said.
Feeding is effectively, one measure that has been tested for several years in Stor-Elvdal, the feeding of elk in the side valleys well away from roads and railways.
- The moose will not hit on highway 3 or off the train when it eats in Imsdalen says Storaas. The prerequisite for the feeding to be effective is that it happens throughout the season. If your dinner plate is empty, start the moose to wander - and can be hit.
Other measures Storaas believe can be effective, the use of thermal imaging sensors, which can warn of elk. Use reflective tape in the woods along the road give motorists advance warning; it is easy to see that moose shadows of light reflected.
The research has revealed much about when happens. Cold and heavy snow are clear notifications, including full moon increases the risk.
Torstein Storaas proposed in 2010 to introduce fee of NOK 100,000, rising to 200,000, for every hit moose per ton kilometers road and track. He referred to the great social cost, only breeding value by a hit cows located on more than 100,000 crowns.
- I stand by the proposal, it should be taken further political, says han.til more effective solutions.
1,200 deer were killed by trains in the hunting year 2010/2011 Action plan ready for spring
Jernbaneverket expects to have its revised plan of action against collisions with animals ready for spring.
Information Officer Trude Isaksen National Rail East confirms that many good suggestions from the consultation process now in progress.
- We also expect the not with measures; Roros Man being granted the financial assistance to keep the animals away from roads and railways, and it happens also some vegetation clearing, she says.
It was the Ministry of Transport as the fall of 2010 asked Rail Administration to prepare the action plan. Minister Magnhild Meltveit goal is to reduce the number of collisions with animals to 1,400 by 2013 and it is envisaged increasing allocations for different measures like animal reflective vest.
During the hunting year 2010/11 was killed 5,900 deer car and 1,200 trains.
Nine of the 14 most vulnerable railway lines located in Hedmark, and seven of them on Rørosbanen between Rena and Tolga, while the last two are stretches between Elverum and Løten.
Within a 20 kilometer stretch between Koppang and Atna was in the period from 2000 to 2009 hit 288 moose, while on a 10-mile stretch between Rena and Opphus were registered 123.


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Neither mother nor child had reflex

Borges Congested was even close to running down two children in traffic. Today he distributed reflective
safety vest to all passersby on two legs and bicycle.- They came so fast into the road that if the mother had not dragged it out of the way I had driven them, says Borges Congested instructor in Norwegian Air Ambulance.
It was an afternoon he drove in Bekkefaret in Stavanger that he was about to run on two small children which he estimates to be 5-6 years.
- There were bushes along the road and suddenly they were standing at the roadside. Neither mother nor cubs had reflex. It happened very quickly, he says.
Reflex Action "All going to get everyone to be seen" started on Friday when private sector, NGOs and individuals lined up and handed out thousands of reflections in Rogaland. The action started as a reaction to that seven people were injured in traffic in the morning rush hour in Southern Rosalind Monday 6 January.
Yesterday we received a tip that many employees at Stavanger University Hospital are hard to spot when they come to work in the morning. Therefore we went to Bekkefaret to distribute glare this morning. With the action were SOPIHOP, Norwegian People's Aid and the Norwegian Air Ambulance,
- To avoid people being hit and injured are so fundamentally important in everyday life that we said yes immediately, says Hognestad. Seriously injured if the car runs for 30 km / h
He even stood and handed out reflector to all passers morning.
- You do not have sufficient speed to be seriously injured. Becomes a hit in over 30 km / h must we assume that the injury is serious, says Congested. Most have got a reflex, and been told how important it is several times, he thinks, but believes that few have taken it over him.
- I've worked in the ambulance service for many years and taken serious and less serious injuries. It is a tragedy for everyone involved. Even those who are not seriously injured can struggle all their lives with a broken ankle or elbow, he said.- We can all be a lot better
He believes in particular it is challenging to get older children and young adults to'd go with reflex.
- I like very much work or exercise reflective clothing. When children get older it's hard to get them to use traditional reflex hanging from his pocket. Then it may be well with reflective tape, says Hognestad.
- The public hears about things, but it does not take into account the fact in the daily. We can all be a lot better, he adds.

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Make sure the pedestrian crossing

Up against 350 partygoers took Saturday night Sjernarøy Maritime. After a successful fishing festival earlier in the day, it was Rune Ruberg and his band played dance after a few hours of heating from Synch to Le. - What a wonderful place you have here, it came from Rudberg, as he and the band entered the stage.
And the audience responded with song, dance and good humor throughout the evening. The atmosphere peaked already by song two. Then it was namely "Out to sea" that rang out over Sjernarøy. - We've never been here before, but this must be one of the most beautiful places we've visited, said Ruberg to Aftonbladet. One minute of silence- It was after the competition on Saturday, held a minute's silence in connection with the tragic traffic accident that two deaths on the way home from fishing festival last year. On the way into the party area at night were also all with a reminder to be careful in traffic. This reminder came in the form of a reflective vest with the inscription: "Naag e fond of you!" Content organizer- As always behaved guests is exemplary. It was not a fight or fill, and they seemed to enjoy themselves. "Synth to Le" show and also played in addition to Rudberg, the strong commitment among the public. We are already looking forward to next year, says Johnny Furre by Sjernarøy Maritim.
- A pedestrian crossing is called a "foreseeable obstacle" and the duties of man to stop - no matter the conditions.
These words belong to UP chief Follow and Outsold, Stein Olaf Røberg. He has in recent days been several pedestrian collisions at his desk, including four from our district.
Drivers over 60
In the three collisions that have been of pedestrians in the pedestrian crossing in Moss and Rygge, it drivers over age 60 who have sat behind the wheel.
- I do not stigmatize this age group, but vision, hearing and reaction time changes with the years for this age group. If one is not willing to compensate for this, so you should think before you get behind the wheel, explaining Ruberg. - Take responsibility many complaints about poor lighting, lack of reflex use and that pedestrians in many cases "storms" to the pedestrian crossings without taking into account the traffic around him.- One can blame exactly what you want, just as much as you want, but it does not help. The only thing that helps is to take responsibility, use reflector and adapt speed relative to conditions, says Røberg.
- And then there's the case that many still hold on to other things than to concentrate on the traffic when they run, like this using your mobile phone. It is simply irresponsible, he adds.
- When it comes to this with reflex, so it is important to use this and sometimes it is not enough with a small reflective band around your arm, use more. Just to wear a light hat or bright mittens can save lives, he said.
- It costs 5,200 kroner in fines if they do not stop for pedestrians, you will intensify this type of controls in the future?
- It is the mildest reaction in each fracture at this point we will consider driving license seizure and prosecution. We focus on this, says Stein Olaf Ruberg.

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Cyclists light up the darkness

Life Paint named Volvo's controversial reflection spray for cyclists and pedestrians. By spraying the contents on clothes, helmet and bike will be almost luminous.
Life Paint has not only aroused enthusiasm among the riders. In Sweden it was born through a resistance movement against the security gadget in social media.
But first, let's take a look at the product.
LVolvo has developed a reflective material that is invisible in daylight but extremely reflective in the dark.
The spray is designed to respond to car headlights and reflects light directly back from the light source.
Life Paint can be washed off easily and does not damage the underlying surface.
The effect lasts a week, depending on the amount and type of surface it is sprayed on.
The spray consists of a transparent adhesive, reflective microparticles and the propellant gas (butane and propane).
HBL's cyclist patrol searched a guaranteed pitch-dark road in Espoo forests to see how the spray works in practice. And yes, it works.
We started to spray the right half of my synthetic cycle jacket, my cycling shorts and helmet with reflective spray. The left half we left untreated.
We spared no spray and the first jar à 19,90 emptied we fabrics. With the other can we sprayed the bike right half of the frame, tires, kedskydd and fenders.
Then it's off into the woods. The flash from the mobile camera mercilessly reveals that we cheated in the painting. After some minor corrections, we go out in the field.
The idea is that I should cross the highway on the darkest place imaginable.
When I turn the untreated side towards the headlights of about a hundred feet away, it appears that the bicycle tires have a narrow stripe on reflective vest, as well as the jacket. The overall impression is still that I have seen very bad.
When I turn the page sprayed on the headlights look, however, I like a luminous ghost. A ghost that pops up out of nowhere and that certainly might scare some nerve weak motorist in the ditch.
But it is obvious that the reflex spray gives visibility.
On the bicycle frame seems spray caught badly. It should perhaps have been dry for a while. On the decks the other hand, stuck good and they reflect the light strongly.
According to the manufacturer, the color will disappear gradually in the wash.
We have chosen black clothing because the instinctive feeling says that ninety per cent of cyclists do too. On the way out to the Nouxhållet we whose been a dozen bikers in the dusk along the roads and all have been wearing something dark.
When I pull on a pair of white jeans and a granngul bike jacket caught me at a distance by the car's headlights. The effect is almost as good as with reflective spray.
Life Paint has not surprisingly attracted heated debate in our western neighbor, where the riders ask themselves if it is only their obligation to take safety measures.
In the widely read "Cyclist blog" in Stockholm, writes blogs Christian Gillinger and Jeroen Wolfers that of course it is good that cyclists are visible, but they are split in their approach to products Life Paint.
"How miserable is designed with an operating environment which requires other road looks like lit sparklers to reduce the risk of being hit," they ask themselves.
It is not about visibility. It is about respect, about the ability to put themselves in the situation of other road users, to make efforts to adjust their driving to surrounding traffic. Or, shit man in second and only on gas, help no color in the world ... People are no longer satisfied with ordinary lamps, but the flashes as Christmas trees on the streets. But not Stockholm traffic has become much more considerate of it, "the duo.

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Adizero SprintWeb Tight - damn good elastic pants

If you hear someone talk about the runners with reflective safety vest, you probably imagine emaciated figures on multiple different ways strung - how else than the elastic pants. Stretch pants, sometimes running tights are an integral part of the wardrobe of athletes of this kind. Not ashamed of it, for the offered models are still fashionable attire cut and still functional.
These elastic pants interest at first sight. You'll love the look, even if you do not belong among supporters completely chucked garments. All black, the sides have a nice graphic Dotted of reflective element on his left knee obligate the manufacturer's logo.
It wants peace and feet in the shade
On elastase will immediately deliver the diversity of fabrics from the knee down. Compared to the rest it is much more permeable, afraid I would even use the adjective mesh. The reasoning is to take care of sufficient ventilation of the places and at the same time provide a maximum degree of cooling. After all, the calf and other muscles knee mainly on the plains lines contribute the most to your successes or failures. Good ventilation can help them in their difficult plight.
The greater part of the pants is run up from ClimaCool fabric, which takes care of the pleasant cool and dry. (People are sometimes surprised that it is not produced and the napkin.) The optimal running comfort hindering the best possible performance should be guaranteed.
Cut in three dimensions
Even in editing Manufacturers are constantly improving. So it is with this spandex. Individual parts and panels are stitched three-dimensional, so pants fits perfectly well fit, while providing high wearing comfort. Selection of material and cut it seeks to achieve that the pants to the maximum extent copied the shapes of the human body. Běžcových stop the natural range of motion and in key parts of the act a bit like compression sleeves.
He himself used reflective material worth mentioning. It is lightweight, dries quickly, has a shape memory, so nevytahává in exposed places such as knees need. Additionally, well-absorbing effect fray and anti-pilling. It will be appreciated especially in cases where the field like I fall down a few times. I was expecting at least one knee ruptured by shrubbery or small stones, in anticipation, I wiped away the dust - and a new knee. On the substance, absolutely no trace of the currently practiced by violence.
Waist is a rubber cord. At the top of the loin is sewn meshový panel for improved ventilation of sweat, which can run down the back. On the back right is a small pocket for small items with the so-called invisible zipper. Zippers at the part above the ankles are not needed for this model - due to the high elasticity of the material in the knee. List Price jogging leggings is 2,299 crowns.


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The eight countries in Europe should use the reflective vest

This article increases by 85 meters of a pedestrian visibility on roads.
The measure Porte safety vest takes five days of operation and has brought more than a controversy. But the purpose of the decree is to provide security to drivers falling by an emergency vehicle and so those who go on the highway have visibilididad pedestrian.
The European Automobile Club of Chile (CEA) explains that without the reflective vest, the braking distance is greater than the distance of visibility of pedestrians. Thus, at 120 km / h and 200 meters from the stopped vehicle, the braking distance is 113 meters, but even without seeing anything concrete.
According to CEA, would be expected to approach 100 meters to see the warning triangle and 15 meters from the vehicle to distinguish its driver, which is an imminent risk when driving, for example, 50 km / h and 27 meters are needed to brake.
Conversely, if the pedestrian wearing reflective vest, when the car is moving 100 meters is stopped, it is possible to distinguish the reflectance of the vest, with the consequent reduction of speed who is coming. At 50 meters, and the pedestrian is perfectly displayed and there is time to slow down to 50 km / h, so that braking distance also decreases to 27 meters, enough space to avoid a hit.
Currently, the reflective vest is mandatory in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden. In Spain, for example, the use of these vests with reflective stripe is mandatory since 2004, as has served to reduce the number of casualties on roads.
"Since in Spain the measure is enacted, the number of deaths has decreased by 50%, which demonstrates the high value of this measure," said Javier Leon, General Manager of European Automobile Club of Chile.

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Lifesaving gift

Did you know that if you walk along the street in the dark without reflective vest, a motorist driving in 50 km / h only two small seconds to see you? With reflex has motorist ten seconds thus five times as long, at our disposal. It can mean the difference between life and death, according to NPRA in a statement.
Today, it hosts the national reflex day for the tenth time.
- The day is marked by handing out small shiny lifesavers where people congregate on the way to work and school, says Marianne Bjørsland NPRA.
Road Safety and Public Roads Administration, in cooperation with the county's Traffic Safety Committee and Østfold transit, parts in day out reflections on multiple hubs in the county. Among others were handed out reflectors on Sarpsborg Station this morning.
- Around 40 percent of all pedestrian with reflective tape accidents occur in darkness. Reflex reduces the risk of being hit by 85 percent, says Bjørsland.
There are music and art collective Apparatjik, founded in 2008 by Magne Furuholmen of A-ha, Guy Berryman in Coldplay, Jonas Bjerre of Mew and Martin Terefe, who designed reflexes dealt today.
Østfold transit handing out
reflections on the bus today and some taxi passengers will leave with the reflexes home. One can also get the special reflectors on traffic station at Hafslund.
LIFE SUPPORT GIFT: Roar Midtbø Jens shared out free reflectors on Sarpsborg Station Thursday morning. Liv Børsand was one of the recipients.
Tips reflectors use
• reflex should hang above the knees.
• Use two reflexes to be seen from both sides.
• Young children should always wear a safety vest when they are out in traffic.
• Scratches and scrapes weaken reflectivity.
• Reflective tape on clothing loses its reflectivity by repeated washing.
• reflex should be approved by the European standard EN 1150 or EN 13356.

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