Three drunken cyclists stopped the police.

On Saturday evening the three cyclists returned from work. They rode the correct side of the road, wore reflective vest and proper lighting. Everything would be fine if not for the fact that only one of them had less than per mile of alcohol in the body.
Barky police do not be swayed by the seemingly quiet ride cyclists on route Rodeo -Wowed in last Saturday night. The three men had wearing reflective element and moved in working order, properly equipped bikes. However, during the inspection hunch proved correct police when one of the men felt the smell of alcohol. As it turned out, all cyclists were drunk.
38-year-old Christopher M. had nearly a thousand of alcohol in the body of his 31-year-old brother more than 2 per mile, a 21-year-old nephew almost 2 per mile.
Due to the condition in which men were police officers trying to thwart them to continue driving, they committed them to ensure that their presence donated bikes to another person.
After a few minutes the place came by bicycle fourth member of the family - a brother of one of the earlier detainees. The police with reflective tape also decided to give up his study, as it turned out, rightly, because he, too, was intoxicated. He had 1.5 per mile of alcohol in the body.
Finally, for help in securing bicycles cyclists they asked one of the neighbors who came after not drive with a trailer.
Cyclists after them activities related to the offense committed, were released.

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The Queen and Princess of Norway, Trashcans for a day

It is very common to see royals becoming landfills and helping volunteers with safety vest in tasks of social awareness. In Norway, one of the images of the day was that of Queen Sonja and Princess, helping to collect garbage from the streets of the city of Sand fjord.
As established by the regulations, both have had to wear the traditional reflective vest to help other volunteers to lead by example and keep the city clean. "The worst are the butts of cigars," said the wife of King Herald, as recorded by the local press.
We have to think more, you need a change of attitude because we cannot pollute nature with garbage, "said the Norwegian sovereign who stressed the need for the containers. As royal ladies were dressed in jeans and sweatshirt gray tracksuit, comfortable and practical clothing for the task they were doing.
Finalized security plan for Spain Cup Women
The elders consistory and C. C. Interface-Alto elaborate security plan to host, the next day 15, the fourth stage of the Cup of Spain cycling female
The City of Elda and CC Interface-Alt finalize preparations for the organization of the fourth stage of the Cup of Spain cycling female taking place in Elda on Sunday 15. The Security Commission has already provided the necessary and effective cutting streets so that the test can be held safely without prejudice to the residents of these areas. In this sense are requested to residents of the streets that runs the test to take out vehicles garage before half past eight on Sunday 15, as the streets will remain closed from that time until three the afternoon. The streets are affected Avenue Chapin, Virgin de los Desperados Virgin del Remedial, Hiking Centre Avenue, Avenue de Ronda, Dr. Fleming and Avenue of Alfonso XIII.
Cycling Club Inter Race Alto Virago to ensure the safety of the participants and the audience will have the following human and material: Cars opening and closing to indicate the start and end of the tests, two ambulances, a doctor and six motorcycles link. In addition there will be fifteen securities to cover major junctions dismounting, equipped with reflective vest, flags and whistles. The start and finish area is demarcated with fences, diversion of vehicles being provided just before the finish line. At this stage of the Cup of Spain Fends, which locally has been called "Seventh big city of Elda Award" will participate some 230 cyclists they will be accompanied by what until Elda 600 people will move from Saturday afternoon. It will also be broadcast on Spanish TV, in the Teleported channel and will have a significant impact on print and radio.
During testing other vehicles circulate as neutral assistance vehicles, five cars and a motorcycle referees, medical car and vehicles with reflective tape participating in the test team.
The Councilor for Sports, Fernando Gomez reiterated congratulations to Club In terrace as the Club Cyclist Elda for organizing this event in such a short time and hopes that the weekend is so important test attracts amateurs and professionals from all over Spain.

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Bikers should have reflective vests, police want

Czech bikers will not be happy. Police had wanted them to put reflective safety vest to keep them died on the roads less. Talk about the daily hoarse ninny.
Czech roads already this year, 29 motorcyclists died, half of them in the last three weeks. Therefore, the police are looking for a way to visualize bikers on the road. From the reports on casualties it is released, there are plenty of drivers of passenger cars overlooked.
"Reflective Vest is an element that could increase their visibility. Even where he and the activities of various motorcycle associations whose members tried to ride with a reflective vest," he told the director of traffic police Leos Trail.
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This year, fewer motorcyclists die. But approaching the critical period
Trill also draws attention to the fact that many foreign bikers, who can be with us on the road to see a longer lead a normal ride. Police wants the idea to negotiate with the Ministry of Transport. Decision is, on it. If he was approved in a decree it would pay proposal.
Using reflective clothing is not new to Europe. In many countries, the must be standard equipment driver, in many places is a must have on each other, and under penalty. In the Czech Republic, according to the Government Decree of 2002 vest only part of the mandatory equipment for company cars, like in Germany. For example in Belgium, however, drivers should be wearing a vest when leaving the vehicle on the highway. If you do not have it, they face a fine of up to 1,375 Euros, similarly, in Portugal (fine of up to € 600), Hungary (up to 30,000 forints) and in other countries.

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Competition for the coach housing estate in Glasgow

President Rafael Gwen Razz announced a competition for the coach housing estate. The coach has to lead sport and recreation for children with safety vest from the area of Gloat. This is to be a test project, and of interest in activities will be subject to similar projects in future years. Activities for children will be free.
Mayor of the City Gloat Rafael Relics announced a competition for the position of coach housing estate. The task of the coach will be conducting classes for recreational and sports for children from the area of Gloat. The project under the name "Coach housing estate - free sport and recreation for children and young people from the town of Gogol" allocated funds of EUR 200 thousand.
We want to organize and provide substantial care for children and youth, enjoying the free time with sport facilities. We want the classes take place 3 times a week for each of the objects on the same days and at the same times. The idea is also one to three times a year to show the effect of this work with a trainer by organizing sports events organic integration. Would be held one event in a series - said President Rafael.
Applicant classes are p. Kashmir Brecks. Classes with a local trainer were selected 8 sports facilities: the Primary Schools No. 2, 3, 7, 10, 12 and 13 and the No. 3 Middle School and Middle School No. 5. The coach has been running at Primary School No. 14 and its objects Orsk 2012. It will be a test year. We want to see if the idea is good and whether it will interest in these activities among children and young people with reflective tape - adds President.
Sports activities will be carried out in three cycles, from April 1 to November 30. The first cycle will last from April to June, the second from July to August, and the third from September to November. In the first and third cycle classes will be held from Monday to Friday from 16.00 to 18.00, and in the second cycle on the same days from 10.00 to 12.00.
The project provides funding for: salaries of trainers; purchase of equipment for activities (football, basketball, volleyball, football and handball, boucles, Babington, floor ball, reflective vest for children); purchase of sportswear for trainers; organization of events citywide; promotion of the project and administrative costs.
Those interested in the contest may submit tenders together with the necessary documents to the Department of Education and Social Affairs - Department of Culture and Sport, in room 303, at the Municipal Office in Glasgow Street. Deadline for submitting offers expires on March 21. At.15.00. Information can be found on the website of the Town Hall: www.glogow.pl in the "Non-governmental organizations".

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The mayor put the scarecrow on the road pirates

I could not convince road builders to put the speed limit, because people are dying here, so I decided to work alone - explains the mayor of the village Wino (province.) Peter Olson. - I put the effigy, which from a distance looks like a cop in a safety vest. At the sight of her release even the most hardened pirates, in the last two years before the village, killing 3 people, the last in October. The mayor - helpless against pirates - repeatedly asked for help road builders. To put the "black spot" or reduced their speed. But his requests nobody reacted!
And the problem is serious: approx. 4 km long simple as a table section of the route Lublin-dada around the Guideline car rushing like crazy. Especially dangerous is in the middle, at the intersection of two dirt roads, next to the bus stops, the misfortune here easily. In late October, he was killed there a resident of the village. - Then I came up with the puppet. We had it ready, the rest of the harvest festival. I dressed her in a reflective vest and set next to the road - says the mayor.
It was a great idea. Puppet works exactly as the mayor had imagined! Drivers - until recently, racing at breakneck speed - suddenly slow down, thinking that they have in front of traffic cop.
Dummy Viewed real cops and congratulated the idea. They appeared and road builders - just to examine whether the puppet. Does not occupy a lane, because then they could give a penalty. When it turned out that everything is fine, they left as zinc. The mayor is so proud and happy that the road is safer. Promises that would take care of fright that as long as he was in good condition. - Each returning after dark you could just take a vest with reflective tape to be visible and therefore safe. I bring back, and I bet the next on my dummy - he adds with a smile mayor Guideline.

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Beware of mandatory equipment in Germany

On the border with Germany intensified police controls. Drivers wearing safety vest must show the equipment and vehicle.
For work or shopping in our region are heading to neighboring Germany more and more Czechs. Moreover, the approaching holiday and many drivers will choose this country as a transit country on the way to the sea. Many of them are then surprised when he pays a fine for lack of equipment of the vehicle or ignorance of the different regulations.
For example, in winter, they demanded German police refill the washer. "I was surprised when I paid the penalty for that I do not refill the washer," confirmed one of Czechs working in Germany.
In recent days and weeks on the border began to appear more frequently German police patrols. Intensified checks at the borders because of the summit meeting of the G7 countries. It is likely that the forthcoming vacations they will continue.
"Good day, sir drivers, road check. Show me the technical certificate of the vehicle and driver's license "begins almost every roadside check, not only in Germany. After that, every driver expects that it will cop enough. We also hope that does not create a sentence: Let me, please, mandatory equipment of the vehicle. It is because the laws of almost constantly changing. It may happen that something will be missing. Many drivers are surprised when asking a reflective vest for each car.
"I go to neighboring quite often and I bought five reflective vests. As many jobs I had given in the certificate, and under the new regulations require that the Germans say, "Says one of the drivers of Stanislaw Fort Uralic.
"For the German driver applies the new standard by which every person leaving the vehicle parked at fault, must compulsorily wearing a reflective vest. Foreign drivers should not be penalized for this deficiency, but only warned. In terms of safety, however, it would be better if this regulation will follow you too, "said the editor of the controlling policeman.
Experts also suggest choose when shooting vest their right color. Is looming holiday and many people heading south through Austria. Great emphasis in this country puts on reflective clothing and a local police check whether they are by prescription orange.

Lighting in Germany for passenger cars is mandatory only in reduced visibility in fog, snow, rain and driving in a tunnel. During the day they must light a motorbike.
Regarding traffic accidents, and in the event of an accident, which has resulted in injury or serious damage to the vehicle, they must always be called in the police.

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Officers handed out in Decin reflective vests

If the drivers were stopped by the police to control traffic in the Strait of Usti region, it was not a routine inspection.
"Traffic policemen in safety vest spoke with the driver on the topic of safe visibility and gave the driver more reflective vest, which will serve passengers in the vehicle. With these actions meet drivers around the north of Bohemia. It is a nationwide event, "said Veronica in Usti and Labem Regional Police Headquarters.
The police cooperates Czech Insurers' Bureau, which funded the production of 35,000 pieces of reflective vests. These are transmitted through a traffic patrol drivers.
Vista is the basis
"The event has a duty to remind drivers when solving technical malfunction or traffic accident outside the village, he must always wearing a reflective vest.
The event should also draw attention to the security of the vehicle occupants and the appropriateness of cars equipped with reflective vests also for the passenger, that they were in an emergency standstill and when moving around a parked car visible to other drivers on the road, "said Hyperbola.
Remember that people inattentiveness in traffic is large.
E.g. in the Liberec region directly on pedestrian crossings occurred this year till the end of October to the nearly 90 accidents and similar počtu accidents occurred within a distance of 20 m from the transitions.
200 meters certainty
While man dressed in dark clothing that is visible to the driver at only 18 meters road user reflective clothing, including vest, which police handed out, it is visible up to 200 meters.

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Hunting interrupted by animal welfare

Defenders of animals stopped Christmas Eve hunting in the Forest, near the flamingo. Between them, the hunters came to brawl. Police with safety vest intervened and municipal guards. Hunters have planned a meeting on Saturday morning. Previously they arranged for him all required consents and porozwieszali around messages, indicating that the area of forest untouched mountain will be hunting. They have been warned to limit the walks in the woods and caution. Knowing about the event, activists of the initiative called "Do not I give hand hunter", dealing with the defense of animals, they banded on one of the popular social networking willing to thwart hunter. The interest was high.
"It's a scandal. Children need to see dead animals" On Sunday ... more »On Saturday morning, representatives of the" Do not I give hand hunter "with a group of anarchists, dressed in colorful, reflective vest, arrived at the site in the Forest, where he had come to hunt. - Instead of hunting under the lodge Macho waited forest guards and police, but she ignored our presence. Hung cards indicating yet another false collection point - inform activists. - We received earlier information where you will be hunting. That's why we put our patrols in the wilderness. Our activities boiled down to the fact that we informed people, to carefully move through the forest - admits Raga, the commander of the municipal guard in Czerwinski.
Hunting was not defenders of animals were well organized. Date had communicated where currently there are hunters. I had achieved their goal. - People who have helped us set off into the wilderness, where they could meet and stop a few shooters. Then other activists received information that takes a collection of hunter’s forester Anew. We went to the place. There approx. 25 people prevented the hunter en masse in the area - praise on the social networking site. Hunter was not strong in flavor. There has been a brawl. The police were called, and the municipal police to resolve the dispute. - Indeed intervention was in Forest. The police confirmed as a noble and instruct both sides. That was it - told us the press office of police in reflective uniform. A more detailed report shows the commandant, who was on the spot. - As we came all this took place normally, people were calm, and there was no aggression. Apparently before we arrived there were some fierce exchanges. The police listened to both sides, but there was no reason to draw any consequences. All they dispersed in your hand - ending the guard.

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Bus drivers on Thursday will wear colored vests

Drivers of buses throughout the Czech Republic on Thursday will fight to increase their salaries. About your joints but passengers will not. A clear hallmark of the malcontents will be just that, despite their usual uniforms are worn reflective safety vest.
The event will involve hundreds of bus drivers from all over the Czech.
"SAM manages nearly forty years and have the tariff pay just 77 bucks an hour," pointed foreman unionists bus Vesting Ruska.
Of the roughly four hundred drivers of the company they are unionized about half.
"I guarantee for all those who will not work. I believe that joins the others, about two hundred of our drivers would vest could ride, "estimates Pear.
Not overlooking dozens of drivers company KRODOS Bus and protest will probably also attend part chauffeurs bus dissertation received.
Rewards for drivers wearing reflective vest in most companies are between 70 and 85 crowns per hour. Sami require 90 to 100 crowns.
But as the director of CSAD Vesting Ulrich, each of chauffeurs is also entitled to bonuses for work at night, on weekends and holidays or overtime.
"Most drivers because in our country earns around 20 to 21 thousand crowns gross per month," calculate.
If you fail, do not exclude the strike - this year
For low wages while according to trade union may not only employers, but also individual regions, which ordered public transport and pushing at the lowest cost connections.
"In the long term, then saves just to chauffeur who go away, with buses and no one to go," said the head of the union CSAD Unhorse Hardiest Robert Rydal.
The unions are demanding that the right to enter regional or municipal contracts was anchored minimum wage drivers with reflective tape.
Board member Slim Region Yaroslavl Keera, who is in charge of transportation, however, argues that carriers in the region have long been in the red.
"Every year is a loss of around 320 million," said Keera, at its coverage region contributing addition to cities and municipalities. This year, their contribution has been doing CZK 100 per capita.
If drivers fail with their protest, they are determined to soon pull even stronger caliber in the form of strikes.
"We are ready buses stop completely," said Pear. Cause this could have this fall.

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The passenger should also be seen

Online Actual prepared an overview of upcoming innovations in traffic, which deputies discussed this week in the House. The graphics can go through all the important points of amendments to the two laws, and to become familiar with what everything should change in the future.
The first meeting after the summer break MPs is charged key laws. In addition to the electronic records of sales or anti-smoking law will be addressed lawmakers and major amendments to traffic rules which are to apply from the beginning of next year.
Online Actual prepares their report. The graphics can pass all the upcoming news and learn what everything should change in the future.
The plan is, for example, increase the speed in selected first class roads to 110 km / h, pedestrians should wear a safety vest outside the village; drivers get fined if they go and do not remove the car from the snow and ice, and preparing even more stringent test conditions in driving schools.
Thursday morning, police handed out reflective vests for drivers
Police Presidium of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Czech Insurers' Bureau launched from 15 November 2015 nationwide preventive action aimed at increasing visibility for motorists.
A police spokesman Jerome Novak ova confirmed that the action is also involved police traffic police Territorial Department. "On Thursday morning, we are the traffic controls to inform the driver of the obligation using reflective vest, which are mandatory equipment in the vehicle. Furthermore, we talked about the importance of the use of reflective elements and visibility in traffic. At the same time we boarded each driver passed a reflective vest for passengers in the vehicle, "she said.
Renate driver thinks that such events certainly make sense. "Reflective vests are a very good thing. Now, in the winter I wear a vest even to walk the dog, because as the driver knows very well that man is in the dark on the road very difficult to see. In the car, I take it, of course, too, but I have to admit that only one, "she said.
The Czech Republic is committed to carry in your car, at least one reflective jacket in force since January 2011. But in terms of safety clothing should be put on every passenger who during emergency exits outside of the village on the road from the vehicle.
Besides, it also advocates for legislative changes where even pedestrians have a legal obligation to wear a reflective elements.

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