Poetry on the construction site with reflective tape

Six young enthusiastic poet talents make their large audience in Kassel first Poetry Walk on the Friedrich. "The other day my girlfriend me leave," Alexander the Great begins recite his lines. It echoes back from the audience. With his blue helmet and a garish reflective vest young Poetry Slammer stands on the lawn of green banana.
The Friedrich Ebert road construction site has been transformed in the evening of August 12, in a stage. Your lawns, sidewalks and around standing construction site inventory served the public as seating.
It was the first Poetry Walk in Kassel, an initiative of the City Offices Friedrich and the Association Colorful ways the district - making it accessible for residents and visitors to a new, creative way - despite or because of the construction site. At 18.30 started on the flank opposite the tram stop Anna Street with guitars and singing the Poetry Walk. "Simply enjoy" demanded Moderator up to 150 viewers and listeners of all generations and brought, one by one, five young artists with reflective tape and then also him the microphone. They told stories and poems contributed to various facets of life: love and abandonment, politics and humanity, dealing with new media and finally very own private experiences issues were presented texts.
It was a mix between humor and earnest. The "talks" took place at six different locations. The removals from station to station accompanied a silent live music. "Poetry Walks are very untypical for poetry Sam scene," says Erica. "Normally, the events developed in bars with a couple of beers."
Listener: "This is a cool idea"
The idea for Kassel's first Poetry Walk comes from Falk Jacob and Colorful paths and the current traffic-free Friedrich was the perfect stage for the implementation. "It i such an unusual poetry slam night good, but it's all still went better than we imagined it to be. I am especially pleased that so many come, "says Claus. And come really are many. Even passersby wearing reflective clothing joined the audience and listened to a station even people from a building roof and a window to the voices and music sound of young artists. "I think the action great," says a man from the audience, "Culture should not only take place at there. This part has always been cut off from the action. But such actions and the reorientation Boulevard make a big difference for the Friedrich "also confirms a young woman:” This is a cool idea Poetry Society "At the end of the evening the returns" "a in the Golden Stag. Also Jens francs from the city office Friedrich directed some final words to the audience. "Enjoy the site! Enjoy the Friedrich "Because the site offers opportunities - this night was definitely a treat!"

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Reflective vest make you more safety

Especially in the dark winter months wear many cyclists additionally a reflective vest in the hope of being more visible. But the most glaring clothing does not protect when motorists are distracted, phone or simply look in the wrong direction. And that's often the accident reason than you think.
"Increase safety vests probably the visibility of cyclists, but that one would thus lower risk of accidents, or that by the accidents would be less, I would not expect," says traffic psychologist Mark of the Technical University explained: "Quite a lot of accidents happen because the driver is looking in the wrong direction. And if you look in the wrong direction, then does not help even a visible cyclist. "
Regardless of he wears a vest or not. The bicycle industry has plenty of luminous jackets and reflective tape in stock. Accidents happen just when one does not expect when the driver is about to distract. If he looks like he needs to be slipped into circulation or when it focuses on a phone call. And suddenly there is a biker in front of the bonnet.
"Because motorists who see people they expect on the road. And if they do not expect cyclists, they overlook simple. Whether if they wear a vest or not. If you look in the newspaper, you see, too, that everything is overlooked Possible.
How the perception, that is no bad intention. Driving is a complex process. Much can then pull the attention from the road. We perceive only that with which one also expects. Even if the cyclist is well visible, keeping most motorists when overtaking for example, not the prescribed safety distance of 1.50 meters a. Not even when a safety vest is worn. This resulted in an investigation by Ian Garrard from Brunel University in London.

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Reflective materials help to reduce the risk of accidents

From 8 years on average, your children are really able to realize the dangers of the road. There will be dangerous when they can’t be seen without any reflective material. They are then age to go to school alone. A round trip by bus, on foot or by bike ... a big step towards independence! However, do not hesitate to repeat their safety instructions until recent fall of the automation.

Most children accidents on public roads occur in the absence of parents. Advices supported are therefore needed. Especially in urban areas, there occur or 2/3 of fatal road accidents.
If your child goes to school alone, here are tips to reduce the risk of accidents, "wait until the bus left for crossing, and stay alert to noises especially when crossing, stay visible when it is dark using reflective tapes on clothing and schoolbag, "informs the Ministry of the Interior. Of course, crosswalks of the loan are mandatory checking right and left before crossing. In case the road is not equipped sidewalk, the child must stay left to see the vehicles get across.

For a bike ride, consider mandatory equipment before climbing into the saddle: the well fitted helmet, lights front and rear, the presence of a horn, a braking device on each wheel and reflective (and back pedal) and wearing a retro reflective vest. "
Finally, accidents do not just occur on the road. Thus it is advisable to "always walk on the sidewalk with attention to exits or garage parking."  

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Reflective jackets on the road become mandatory!

1. Reflective tape applies to all
Vest with reflective tape newly applies to all who come in reduced visibility along the roadside or at the roadside outside of the village, where public lighting is off. The exact size of the reflectors law stipulates, but must be placed so that other road users have seen.
2. What is the best and what is not enough
According to the test magazine World Engine is the best quality variant yellow hi visibility jacket (compulsory equipment of the car) by the driver to see in the dark up to half a kilometer!
The obligation to wear reflective vests applies to reduced visibility.
Dial larger reflectors and reflective tape add a blinking light or a flashlight. The actual flashlight but not wear, the law does not allow it as an alternative.
3. How do you see the car?
Black, blue and darker colors are more enduring classics in the fashion industry, but certainly not add to safety like safety vest. Strider in a black jacket and pants in the darkness for the driver and almost invisible when suddenly enters the road, it is almost inevitable collision. See how the driver perceives the color of your clothes and do not forget that you also are sometimes the driver and walker ever!

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Axa Prevention offers 30,000 safety vests for motorcyclists

Since January 1, lugging a high visibility vest in the trunk of his bike or scooter is obligatory under penalty of a fine of € 11 or € 135 in case of an emergency stop without this equipment on the back! The insurer Axa helps to equip free by distributing some 30,000 fluorescent safety vests in its branches and on its website Axa Prevention.

Although a reflective vest does not cost very expensive (about 3 € in automotive stores) is always better than nothing!

This initiative implemented by Axa Prevention and Club 14 will continue until 31 March and comes to echo the position of the insurer in favor of wearing the reflective vest by the user 2 and 3-wheelers.

“The requirement to hold a vest is a factor in improving safety on motorcycles we support with 14 Club and we support with the free provision of 30,000 high visibility vests. We are going even further since we recommend wearing the high visibility vest in case of rain, and the night to be better protected, "said Eric Lemaitre, President of AXA Prevention.  

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Parents of students want more security with reflective vest

In Saint-Rocha, the parents of Catholic private school Marie-Joseph believe that the presence of a security officer in reflective vest is a "modest extent" to strengthen the road safety.

The security device, masterminded by the city, near public kindergartens and elementary and 174 16 private schools under contract was in place, from the first day of class, with few exceptions....

Saint-Rocha district, the parents of Catholic private school Marie-Joseph, located close to the Saint-Rocha Church; do not hide their concern and dismay.

"For the new school year, there was no police force at our school. Just granny traffic and a yellow safety vest, as before," says Jean-Remy, student's parent.

The City recognizes that he has had "a problem” with the private security company, Hexagon, but that "everything is settled” since Friday morning, sending one of their security officer to the school.

Except that Marie-Joseph parents of students want more. "Without falling into psychosis, put a guard, without of course weapon, before the only private Catholic school in this sensitive area where many youth are radicalized, is, we believe a modest extent, continues Jean-Remy, spokesman of parental concern. Could we not beef up a little more this device? Or extend the military round operation of the Sentinel before the gates our school? "

"Even device for all schools"
As many applications as the assistant to education, Lauran intends to examine closely. And remember surveillance measures deployed by the City.

Namely a grandpa traffic and a yellow vest with reflective tape with school and two municipal police or a private security guard per school group.

"This device, hammered Lauran, is the same for all schools, whether public or private contract."

To make the presence of private security officers more visible and reassure parents, the chosen account adds an accessory to their equipment: "We will provide them with a fluorescent orange reflective armband marked security."

There remains the case of schools where the safety device, according to the teachers' unions, is expected to hours of input and output classes.

"This sector consists of priority security zone (ZSP), according to an agreement reached by the state, monitoring of schools of this SPA is provided by the National Police. We will approach the police to find out what the device was set up. And we'll see. "  

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Fluorescent safety vest for schoolchildren

For the safety of all in the approach of winter, the municipality of Saint-Venant has offered a reflective vest for children of primary school Lamartine.
Those who come by bike will have to put it to be seen by motorists. Schoolchildren will also take him to their outlets, to get to the gym or at the stadium.
Be visible in the dark
Catherine, assistant schools, proceeded to the distribution in the classroom highlighting the usefulness to the safety vest when in the street. “You are well visible with the reflective tape in the dark. It's for your safety. "
Lightweight, easy to fold and store in the bag, it was recommended for children well put their name on it: in case of loss it will be easy to find him. A safety vest will also be distributed to athletes.  

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Children get their cycling license and reflective vest

Sabrina, Manel, Lucas, Mateo and Sacha had a smile. They just get their cycling license. A reflective vest is also provided to them. The document that is issued to them is symbolic. But the national police prevention unit was able to raise these CM2 pupils of the school of Michel Hospital on safety while on the road.
For several weeks, police educators that unit masquerade permit pedestrians to Montpellier CE2 and a cyclist allowed CM2.
Courses and session track
"It is more fragile to travel by bike. You must lead by example" police Vanessa told students the risks of the road and pedestrian safety and cycling. Each cyclist shall equip reflective tape on their bike and wear safety vest.
Discovery of danger, theoretical course with the teacher for six weeks, written test and enable session on track to learn the rules of priority, and the importance of helmet and safety vest to be safe on the road. "Earlier we inform students better. One can ride a bike on the road from the age of 10 and many of my students come to school bike or scooter "said a teacher at the school of Michel Hospital.

4. The prefecture insists on lighting and reflective vest
Wishing to raise awareness especially to the problems of lighting and yellow reflective vest, the prefecture insists on Tuesday, with the assistance of the police and gendarmerie, operations control and prevention. One took place in the early morning, the second occurs from the end of the afternoon.

The operation of the dipped beam, position and fog light vehicles is particularly true, as the front and rear lights and reflective tape enhances bicycles and cyclists' visibility.

"This is a theme that has its importance in the winter when weather conditions may generate additional risks, says Laurent, Chief of Staff of the prefect. Safety rules seem familiar to all but the repetition of the message is a must for road safety. One has only to observe the number of cyclists that circulate without light or safety vest in Nantes. "

Pedestrians are also aware of the dangers when traveling outside urban areas. They are encouraged to wear light colors or better safety vest and move in the opposite direction of traffic.  

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Motorcyclists wear safety vests to enhance safety

On Sunday, September 28, 2013, Pomeranian motorcyclists are holding another cycling race. The competition took off more than 500 riders. They defeated three routes: 70km, 140km, and 160km. The task of the Tri-City was to secure the critical points of the route, supply of reflective tape and safety vest, medical security in support of the paramedics and ambulances and supervision of participants on all routes. During the race motorcyclists gave first aid to the injured, fortunately, not threatening the riders.
"It is worth noting that due to the growing knowledge and experience in securing these types of events, our activities achieve higher and higher evaluation, both in the eyes of the organizers and a number of very experienced players," said one representative of motorcyclists. On Saturday, motorcyclist team visited the Nursery and Primary School in Grabiny.
"It's a form of communication both theoretical and practical on first aid. The participants, among who were both children and adults are very interested in this topic. In addition, children already have a large knowledge on the subject. They knew emergency calls and the importance of wearing reflective vest, had no qualms about active participation in the exercises resuscitation”, said Piotr Kochnowicz.  

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Pedestrians still forget about reflective vest

To wear reflective vest by pedestrians on the roads after dark, outside built-up area, it entered into force in 2014. However, not all of them remember.
Earlier provisions of the Act - Road Traffic Act imposed an obligation to wear reflective elements only for people under 15 years of age. In 2014, the legislature extended it to all, regardless of age, who move at dusk outside the built-up area.
Unfortunately, despite amendments to the provisions on the movement of pedestrians on roads which require the use of reflective elements after dark, outside of built-up area, many pedestrians still ignores them without caring for own road safety. Only since January 2016 police in Lower Silesia revealed nearly 1100 pedestrians after dark without glare.
Pedestrian may move after dusk outside the built-up area without reflective elements, if it is on the road intended for pedestrians or on the sidewalk. The new provision does not apply in a residential zone. As we enjoy walking there with the whole width of the road and takes precedence over the vehicle.
Recall that for the lack of glare may threaten the mandate penalty of up to 500 zł. Reflector can be Trailed items to clothes, headbands, jackets and lanyards. It is important to place them: reflections should appear on the knees, hands, near the center of the chest and back - then we will have confidence that they are clearly visible to other road users. Walking becomes visible even from a distance of 150 meters.

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