A horde of ghosts and witches with reflective clothing

The strong motivation of parents and children, with exceptional weather, did gather several dozen people in reflective clothing to march through the village in search of candy. There was even in disguised troupe, sixth and fifth of college students ... nostalgia celebrations of the local school. The people have played the game well with nice treats reserves to avoid a fate! Below the village, Maurice and Yves had comprise well, to spend the winter alone! Municipal police officers volunteers wearing yellow reflective vest, provided security at the approach of any vehicle. Thank you to the EPA schools for the organization and little taste at the end.

The next meeting for the schools will be the Exchange toys and yard sales on Sunday 20 November. What already go through closets, garages and other toy boxes with reflective tape to make room?

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Safety vest keep student safer

Catherine is an angry woman. Wednesday, November 16 at 8:20, she takes her children in safety vest to school, Reaumur Street in the southeast area. As usual, it is she who is responsible for making schoolchildren cross the crosswalk. Because it’s unlike other sectors, here there is no public road security officer. Mom is positioned in the middle of the road on the way, arms spread, when a Fiat 500 driven by a woman of 23 years in Oise, arose and struck Ethan, four. Catherine's son was hit in the head by the mirror and part of the car. Lower lip "exploded" bloody nose, Ethan is projected on the side. Fortunately, the child is strong. Taken to hospital by firefighters, he was able to return home a few hours later.

The anger of the family is not it, not settled. “The driver explained that she had not seen Ethan because of the steamy windows, I do not really believe. We were still visible in the middle of the crosswalk, "says Catherine, also representative of parents of school Reaumur. Mom calls to the City more security on this axis, albeit not very popular with motorists, but not immune to accidents. A petition is also being developed. “Other schools receive ASVP while they are in the same situation, this is not right. This is not because the school is located down the street there is no risk. "

Good Samaritan, Mrs. Catherine was accustomed to cross other children. “I will continue but I will take this time a yellow vest. It is still unusual to have to do the work of the officers of the City. "Full of history, the day before the accident, the flashing signs alerting to the presence of children had been installed near the facility but were not yet operational.

The City, however, seems to have taken the measure of the incident, the mother having been received in the day Wednesday by the deputy mayor in charge of southern Martin demised sector.

A call to parents
Clement Stengel, deputy mayor in charge of security, is currently gathering all the elements relating to the accident. “To study the possibilities of making this school a monitored item. It does not close the door to this solution but it has to be justified, "he says.

Twenty schools are not monitored by ASVP against sixty which themselves are. In some areas, there are even two ASVP as or instead Vogel Boulevard. “Unfortunately, we cannot monitor all given the number of ASVP (nearly 100) who also have other missions continues Stengel. You think to identify individuals, possibly parents in reflective vest who could handle the monitoring and would be equipped. Not systematically but in addition ASVP by a system of rotation, for example. Nothing is decided but it is under consideration. "

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organization pointed to the quad rider with reflective vest

The Telethon will take place Saturday, Dec. 3, in Bruc-sur-Aff. This year, the number of quad riders is limited but the hike promises to be followed and the participants in safety vest will be photographed from the sky.

Saturday, December 3, as part of the Telethon, will run a quad riding in Bruc-sur-Aff, near Redon.
Last year, the success of this animation has exceeded all expectations with forty quads out. This year, the organizers decided to improve the reception of the participants in reflective vest and the course of the hike.

Registration is limited. They can be made by telephone or SMS to 06 11 50 25 50, and from 11 h 30, December 3, in the multipurpose room of Bruc-sur-Aff (if space is available).

Around 12 pm, the quad riders can eat, fill their participation certificates and create different groups. Each group of fifteen people will leave, in turn, every ten minutes, from 13 h 15 of the multipurpose room. It will be supervised by an opener and a volunteer. A yellow reflective jacket is required.

The quad riding fee is 10 € also for the passenger (including a sausage-patty for each participant). The arrival is scheduled for the space, 15 to 30 pm, where an aerial photo is programmed (photo with all quads representing the emblem of the Telethon).

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Sponsor side provide reflective material for safety activity

NEXCO West Japan December 18, it is to perform a tour of Wakayama junction construction site of Hanwa motorway with reflective tape sign. In opening before the construction site, perform a public construction equipment height of the pier is being used description and actually of the construction method of the 100 meters a bridge. Participation is more than 4 grades of elementary school.

It is to be held on December 18, Wakayama Junction Hanwa motorway and Kyoto motorway (Osamu northwest road) is connected.
 In the tour of Wakayama junction is located in the harsh mountains of the very inclination, with receive an explanation, such as the construction method of the bridge; it is possible to experience the large panorama from the top of the height of the bridge of about 100 meters. In addition, such as seen the actual construction equipment up close, it can be opened before unique experience.

 Taking into account the safety, participation is more than 4 grades. Under the age of 18 apply together with one or more persons or guardians, to participate. Helmet, safety vest, preparation of work gloves is to provide in the sponsor side, there is a need to participate in well-comfortable shoes and clothes also dirty. Application is accepted from site tours application form NEXCO West Web site.

◆ see! Highway discovery "Hanwa motorway Wakayama junction construction work"
time and date: 2016 December 18 (Sunday) 13: 00 ~ (scheduled to end 16:00 time) ※ canceled in case of rain
Set location and time: Previous Nankai Wakayama Station 13: 00 to set, or set in until 13:30 to JR Wakayama Station East
target: participation and fourth grade or higher ※ under the age of 18 parents wear reflective vest(one or more persons)
capacity: 25 people ※ applicants large number of case lottery
Admission: Free
How to apply: NEXCO West "I see highway discovery announcement of site published" in the application form from the reception desk.

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Safety vest for a walk to school safely

For thousands of students from French-speaking Switzerland, the school year will be held in late August. The ATE Association Transport and Environment recommends to parents that children go off to school. The path to school is a field of experience for life: children are taught safety with safety vest.

It is practice makes perfect - as in traffic. The ETA recommends introducing in the way of his child school well in advance of the exercise. - Hand in hand with parents and also with friends. Walk to school becomes a safe adventure. Children learn to identify hazards and to observe the traffic rules. Thus they develop skills they can use on other occasions. Similarly, they learn valuable social skills.

For cons, the play "taxi-parents" prevents children to identify road hazards and adopt appropriate behavior. In addition, the "taxi-parents" endanger other children in the school's vicinity by maneuvers at risk.

However, there are school paths that objectively have difficulties, such as street crossings with high traffic on pedestrian crossings without islet. It's the same turns hidden by parked cars. Therefore, it is sometimes advisable that parents accompany their children in reflective vest to walk to the very beginning of their schooling.

To an accompaniment by an adult, the ETA encourages and supports parents, municipalities and school groups to create lines. To ensure regional dynamics and strengthen campaign, ETA has set up 6 cantonal coordination centers in the following cantons: Valais, Fribourg, Geneva, Jura, Vaud and Ticino. A new information leaflet will be distributed to the school year to schoolchildren and families of these cantons. Sticker’s reflectors will also be offered to children walking bus lines to enhance their visibility on the way to school.
ETA's advice for optimal safety on the way to school

Choose well the itinerary: the safest way is not always the shortest.
Before the first day of school, looks repeatedly the road with your child. And repeat it together from time to time during the year by reviewing the potential dangers.
Discuss with your child the potential dangers, for it is not caught off guard.
If the path is too dangerous, bring your child to walk to enable it to gradually learn to be autonomous.
Dress your child so it is clearly visible: bright clothes and reflective equipment.
Take the time and go early to avoid the stress that is often due to an accident.
Promote travel in groups, with friends.
Remind your child that he should not travel the road with strangers.
In preparation for emergencies, it is useful to define the child "rescue islands" such as the neighborhood store cashier to whom he can turn.
Scooters, roller skates and other wheeled devices are not indicated to go to school.
If possible, leave your car in the garage. The presence of "taxi-parents" only increases the risk of accidents to the direct vicinity of schools.

Parent associations, schools and municipalities are there complete information on the steps of the school mobility plans (PMS) and the methodology of the ETA, details and balance sheets of mobility of all PMS already made or being construction and general information about the child mobility.

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Reflective material: Celebrate Halloween with prudently

In the aftermath of Halloween festivities on October 31 evening, officers in safety vest from the cities of Terrebonne and Mascouche accentuate their presence in every corner of the MRC Les de 16 h to 20 h 30.

Because safety is everyone's business, police territory also asks the population to exercise caution and vigilance when traveling.
10 Essential guidelines
The police took the opportunity to recall some basic safety rules to spend prudently evening.

First, it is better to wear light colored clothing with reflective strips for visibility. It is also better to go for short clothing to avoid tripping. In a similar vein, avoid masks and instead use makeup to see and hear what is happening around. Also, turn on a flashlight to see better and be more visible.

For older, tell your parents your route and time of return. It is best to ring the door in groups or with an adult and always wait outside the houses. Browse one side of the street at a time and avoid cross unnecessarily. Cross streets at intersections and obey traffic signs with reflective tape. Refuse to approach a car or get there without the permission of your parents. Finally, it is suggested to parents and children to check all the treats received for some might eat them safely.

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Fluorescent reflective vests were distributed

What is your feeling since Saturday?
This is a whole that is mourning. Tougne's funeral drew more than a thousand people. He was the bearer of all the values of the culture and life of our valleys: rugby, hunting. It's a great emotion. What shock me are some comments on social networks in particular.

That is to say?
It's the hunt that is in question. But this tragedy was not caused by the beating itself. The beat was over. The end of the hunt was announced by the Director beaten. Things had been well made: the battered book had been completed, the instructions were given, and fluorescent reflective vests were distributed to participants. At the time of the tragedy, four hunters are away from the rest of the group, which was preparing the meal. They kept their guns loaded and left retrieve dogs. This is not a beaten problem is a behavioral problem.

What you can do, as president, to avoid this kind of tragedy?
There are about a month, we gathered to talk to Castillon, safety with reflective tape when beaten. There were about 80 fighters. We broadcast a film. We recalled the rules. Security is also a key element of the training we provide. And in the drafting of the future of hunting regulatory scheme, we will give a turn of the screw. But there are accidents that are very difficult to avoid, despite all our efforts. I pay tribute also to the dignity of the family of Cedric, who did not want to make a complaint.

Is the hunting federation intends to impose sanctions for failure to respect hunting rules?
We do not have this possibility. Only justice can impose sanctions such as withdrawal of the hunting license, for example.

There is no complaint
Cedric's parents Tougne, 38, the victim of the terrible hunting accident that occurred last week did not wish to file a complaint against the author wear safety vest of the fatal shooting, part relatives of the victim is affected by the tragedy. Any criminal proceedings are not extinct so far, since the prosecutor can take the initiative. The author of the shot was indicted on Monday for manslaughter and non compliance with regulations related to hunting.

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Cyclists: reflective accessory for your light!

With the return of shorter days, the GRACQ remind cyclists that it is important to ride with suitable lighting.
The days get shorter and the peak hours are becoming darker, people will wear safety vest to keep safer when they go out ... Yet almost two in ten cyclists still circulate without proper lighting. Nearly one in ten rolls even without lighting at all!

Traffic Laws
This year, volunteers will roam GRACQ Brussels and Wallonia to recall the rules of the road for cyclists. Insufficient light will receive a bike light kit while good students will be rewarded with chocolates!

Mandatory equipment of reflective material
The Highway Code is clear: the cyclist has equipped his bike with a white reflector in front, a red reflector on the back, yellow or orange reflectors on the pedals and on the shelves.

Better also favor bright clothing and be equipped with reflective accessories such as a fluorescent reflective jacket to be more visible after dark.

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Road Safety: wearing the retro-reflective vest is buried

Since the last meeting, which was also the first for ages; the National Council for Road Safety, the outcome was known. But it is always better to say it and, especially, by reading it in the Official Journal. So acquired since Tuesday, " the order of 3 January on the retro-reflective equipment worn by all drivers or passengers of a motorcycle with an engine capacity of 125 cm3 or a vehicle of category L5e (three-wheel) of greater than 15 kW is repealed."

It is the epilogue of a soap opera started there exactly a year who wanted to impose wearing a retro-reflective material device 150 cm2. Headwind against this policy decision of the government since disappeared, the French Federation of Angry Motorcyclists argued the strength of his point of view, to reverse the situation.

This determination, sprinkled with an electoral turnaround, is to the credit of the FFMC who joined the work of the aforementioned Council and out of limbo. Now the debate is moving towards an encouragement for wearing safety vest and another cardigan, airbag that. To be continued..

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The compulsory yellow vest for two motorized wheels

Like motorists, drivers of two or three wheelers will obligation from 1 January 2016 to have on board a yellow safety vest, according to a decree published on Sunday in the Official.

Officially called "high visibility vest," "Reflective vest" or "fluorescent jacket" by some, this accessory will be within hand drivers of "motor vehicle with two or three wheels or a quadricycle engine, without fairing.”

"They should dispose of them or in storage of their vehicles (net, trunk) and wear the reflective vest when they come down from their vehicle after an emergency stop, to improve their visibility," says Decree.

Mandatory since 1 July 2008 for motorists - like red triangle - the fluorescent yellow vest, complies with the regulations in force (CE marking), must be endorsed by the driver before leaving his vehicle in case of immobilization on the floor or its surroundings after an emergency stop.

Violators will incur a fine of 11 Euros if no jacket on board, 135 Euros if they do not carry the following emergency stop.

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