Everyone must have a reflective tape for safe

Police reminds every pedestrian who is moving after dark on the road outside the built-up area must be placed in a reflective material sign visible to managers.
- Many pedestrians used to the new rules, but there are people who continue to put their lives. Remember pedestrian dressed in dark clothing is seen by the driver of a vehicle with a distance of about 40 meters. In contrast, a person walking, sporting reflective elements, it becomes visible even from a distance of 150 meters - informs the police.

The largest number of accidents involving pedestrians occurs usually in the autumn months.
- Unlit roads, the lack of designated sites for the safe movement of pedestrians along the way (especially outside built-up areas), and improper use of roads by pedestrians themselves makes that there is a lot of traffic events - say the police. - Sometimes, forcing pedestrian priority on passing cars, forgetting that the car cannot be stopped in place. Pedestrians often do not realize that they are hardly visible on the road. It is worth recalling that after dark pedestrian dressed in dark clothing is seen by the driver of a vehicle with a distance of about 40 meters. In contrast, a person walking, sporting reflective elements, it becomes visible even from a distance of 150 meters. These additional meters allow the driver to brake safely and get around on foot.

Every pedestrian who is moving after dark on the road outside the built-up area must be placed in a reflection visible to managers.
The legislation provides for an exception: pedestrian may move after dusk outside the built-up area without reflective elements, if it is on the road intended for pedestrians or on the sidewalk. The new provision does not apply in a residential zone - there walking uses the whole width of the road and takes precedence over the vehicle.

Reflectors can be Trailed items to clothes, headbands, jackets and lanyards. It is important to place them: reflective tape should appear on the knees, hands, near the center of the chest and back - then we will have confidence that they are clearly visible to other road users.
This year so far on the roads the county Lima killed a total of 5 people, 3 of whom are people walking.

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Safety vest for the sergeant in court

Even before the visitors have passed through the security gate of the courthouse in the August Street, they radiate silver on black or black on silver reflective of the imprint "justice" of the new safety vests of officials at the gate counter. Since the beginning of the sergeant in meeting service wear spherical and puncture resistant west, said Albert Bruckner of the Financial Department at the District Court Regensburg on demand of MZ.

This is a reaction to the murder in a Dachau courtroom, which marks the first time. The Ministry of Justice recommends the meantime all sergeants, who are involved in the court with the public, so to wear a safety vest, says Bruckner. This recommendation sent the Justice Department not only to the court in Regensburg, but all in all of Bavaria.

A must the new vest is not so. The Regensburger Wachtmeister, who are dealing with the court with audience had, the offer for their own protection but well accepted and agreed to wear the black fabric vests with the sewn-in safety plates and the black and silver Velcro inscription, as Bruckner continued.

About 25 vests, the sergeant has the Regensburg court since early January. The safety reflective vests, which officials have ordered the Regensburg court, Bruckner reportedly weigh depending dress size one and a half kilograms and protect the carrier on the upper body before fired ammunition and attacks with bladed weapons. Each vest costs about 500 Euros. To pay the Justice Department cares.

The reflective material vests are not the only new acquisition, which has led the Bavarian Ministry of Justice in the aftermath of the murder in the ways: Minister shopping was about the private security personnel and the occupation with sergeant increase.

In addition, the individual checks were tightened at the entrances to the murder. In the Bavarian dishes can be found, according to Bruckner now taken consistently. A security measure, which was renewed last year at the Regensburg court, according to Bruckner is the lock, which visitors must pass. There is in fact already before the murder at Dachau. However, it was replaced by a more modern version, which still allows more detailed investigations.

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Traffic Safety: safety vests for children

The success story continues: More than three-quarters of a million safety vests are distributed to first graders - ADAC, German Post, A Heart for Children and VDA jointly support the action Protectors / Important contribution to road safety of children

The action Protectors goes with the beginning of the school year to the next round. For the fourth time provide the Special Partners - the ADAC Stiftung "Gelber Engel", the German Post, the charity "A Heart for Children" and the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) - that free nationwide 16,700 primary schools in total 770,000 safety vests to graders are distributed.

The bright yellow vests afford - just the beginning of the dark season - a significant contribution for improving the safety of the small road user. Since the beginning of the action in 2010 more than three million have already been issued to first-graders.

Peter Meyer, ADAC President: "Children are the most vulnerable participants in road traffic. Better protect you, is the primary intention of the Special Body protectors, we have launched three years ago. That today provides almost every German Elementary School their first years they begin school yellow jackets available, is a great success for our joint initiative. "

Corporate Board letter German Post DHL: "For the post as largest civilian fleet operators the subject road safety plays a central role. Here we want to share with strong and credible partners making a clear statement. "
Dr. Christina, 1st Chairman of the organization" Kinder "When Axel Springer in 1978 heard on the radio that every year 1500 children in road traffic die he cried, A heart for children 'to life. We are pleased that we can make a significant contribution to the safety vests that today far fewer children are involved in road accidents. "

Matthias, President of the Association of the Automotive Industry: "Children are on the road especially at risk, they need special attention in road safety work. Therefore, the automotive industry supports the safety reflective vests action for school. "
As before, the high accident figures are alarming. In 2012, injured 29 321 children under 15 years on the road, 73 of them died. At the elementary school students between six and ten years, the numbers are similar alarming. 7817 children were involved last year in accidents, 20 of which were fatal.

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Watching construction site with wearing safety clothing

Who ever wanted to watch a construction site for a wind farm now has the opportunity to do so with wearing a safety vest? On Tuesday, 20 December interested can visit below Castle Berlepsch from 14 o'clock the construction of wind farms Ellerode.

As Fabian von Berlepsch, whose family farmed the land for the wind farm to the operator Enercon, announced that there will be on that day an approximately 90-minute guided tour of the construction site. There is currently working on the fundamentals. At the free guide and experts are to participate for wind farms, engineers Enercon will explain the planning and construction work. "Because it is an active construction site, equipment with protective safety clothing is required. To obtain these in appropriate numbers, registration is necessary, "says von Berlepsch.

Anyone who wants to join the tour, must be to Thursday, December 15 signing and should, specifying name, phone number, an email address, reflective vest and the shoe size of people participating. The number of participants is limited for safety reasons on 70th.

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Yellow vest: it will be compulsory

Wherever interior minister, Bernard, will come into force in 2016: Approved yellow reflective vests will be mandatory as of 1 January.

As their little buddies motorists (since 2008), the bikers and other scooter riders should have a yellow jacket in their vehicle as indicated by the decree n ° 2015-514 of May 7, 2015: " The decree extends from 1 January 2016 the requirement to hold a high visibility vest, already applicable to motorists, drivers of a motor vehicle with two or three wheels or a motor quadricycle without fairing.

The latter should dispose of them or in storage of their vehicles (net, safe ...). They will wear when leaving the vehicle following an emergency stop in order to improve their visibility.
Not holding could be sanctioned by a contravention of 1st class and not wearing the safety vest after an emergency stop by a 4th class ticket. For these purposes, the Decree amends Articles R. 233-1 and R. 416-19 of the Highway Code. "

Need to get a few million so hidden tax? No matter ... but one thing is certain: the new is far from being a good especially as it will force the rider to return to his machine in a crash, dismantle the saddle at risk of being avoid hitting story of plum 135 Euros ... it is clear that they have tweaked their business ... the Ministry ...

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Seniors spoke of the reflective material

About how important it is setting up reflective elements of the seniors talked policemen from the Municipal Police Headquarters. The organizers of the meeting for seniors were the newspaper, "Every Week" and the Provincial Traffic Centre.

The meeting was organized on the estate was attended by the Permanent seniors from the University of the Third Age Foundation My Time for seniors them. The guests emphasized that even with the compact reflective material the driver is able to see a pedestrian from a distance of 150 meters. It's time to react, which can save lives.

In the autumn and winter, when night falls quickly and the additional pedestrian dressed in dark clothing, the driver becomes practically invisible. And that can lead to tragedy.

Seniors, present at the meeting, they could see in a practical way, how it looks.
The police arranged for their passage cop, realizing that after dark, as well as in case of bad weather, which reduces visibility on the road, the driver sees the pedestrian without glare at the last minute.
No glare caused among pedestrians is also some reluctance; he tried to break the meeting organizers.

Thanks to the practical classes, during which seniors could see how important to our health and life is to assume glare, the participants unanimously declared that they will not forget about them. At the meeting, senior citizens were given reflective tapes.

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Senior safe with safety vest on the road

Dark roads, dark coats and jackets, to the - often cross the road in prohibited places. It is the most common cause of the tragedy pedestrians. The day before yesterday in the Lodz region, in one day on the road killed four pedestrians who without wearing safety vest.

Today in the morning the police of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Lodz patrolled around the busiest intersections and churches. All this in order to sensitize the elderly those themselves must take care of your safety. - Sorry, this care every day cannot be seen. Seniors happens to pass through the streets in prohibited areas. Probably many drivers familiar are the view of an older person who slowly crosses the road, even though it is not in these place pedestrian crossings - says spokeswoman traffic police Lodz madder Boratyńska. - For this, it is widespread, unfortunately, forgetting flares. This applies not only to seniors. We have a winter season, very soon it gets dark and gray, brown or black jackets are the vast superiority. The driver has no chance of her note. And then the tragedy of it is not difficult - he adds.

Alarming police statistics
Police statistics speak for themselves. The day before yesterday, on the roads in the Lodz region in just 24 hours, four pedestrians were killed, deducted by cars. Up to three incidents occurred after dark, deductions pedestrians do not have any reflective elements. To prevent such tragedies, Lodz police today not only instruct, but also handed seniors reflective vests with reflective tape. - For special attention and praise worthy 65 - year old from Tomaszow Mazowiecki, who came to the local command asking for glare? - A woman reported that often rides a bicycle on the side, unlit roads county - says Joanna of the Regional Police Headquarters. - As she spoke, the media heard the message of the reflections that save lives and she decided after not to report - adds Lodz police spokeswoman.
Cyclist received from police vest and reflection on the bike. The reflective vests were also equipped with all the seniors with whom today from the morning talk Lodz police.

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Safety vest keeps you light on the way to school

The ADAC and the German postal distribute safety vests at 3129 Bonner graders. Properly colorful it was while visiting the Duisdorfer Rochus School.

In keeping with the beginning of the dark season presented the action "Yellow Angel" by the ADAC Germany's 750,000 safety vests to first graders. Representatives of the Organization, Deutsche Post and Mayor Ashok Sridharan had on Friday visited the Rochus School and personally distributed the West to the students there.

Already in the seventh year organized the ADAC the action "A Bright Future", to increase the safety of children in traffic. "Graders are often beginners on the road and therefore need special protection," said Gerd.

"If the morning is still dark in winter, can you with the vest better see," he said to the students. OB Sridharan, who grew up in the district Hardtberg, said he had himself already risky situations experienced and carry in his spare time ever since luminous reflectors.

He appealed to teachers and parents to pay attention to the wearing of the reflective vest. Headmistress Birgit Klippel assured, however, that the children the West usually like to wear. "They are beautiful yellow, appealing to the children." "Our small vest can make a big difference here," Blumel said. With safety vest people were seen in the spotlight already from 140 meters.

3129 first-graders at 55 elementary schools Bonner received a copy of these days. For logistics, the Post is responsible. "That's a big challenge," said spokesman Dieter.
The vest with reflective tape would be sent from Hamburg in more than 30,000 packages. "We have the largest fleet in Germany, and our postmen are usually at dawn on the road. Therefore, we feel a special responsibility, "he added.

This year was for the children a new difficulty came added: "Not only the post, but also private drive increasingly with electric cars that do not cause noise and are thus perceived more difficult", Pietruck said.

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Reflective vest keep your safety in the darkness

Since the beginning of eight pedestrians without wearing safety vest were killed on the streets of Luxembourg, because they were hit by a car. Four of the accidents occurred in November alone.

A man was torn tragically out of life again: A pedestrian died in a nasty car accident. The driver stated that he did not see in time that the woman was about to cross the street. The woman not wearing a reflective clothing and make she can’t be seen clearly at night. It leads in mind that the night the danger still increased on the streets.

65 percent of all casualties involving in pedestrians occur at night, when you look at the period between 2011 and 2015, the Authority for Road Safety announced. Especially the winter was a very critical time. Since the beginning of the eight pedestrian died on the roads of the Grand Duchy, four of them alone in November - each time in the early evening, when darkness had already dawned.

The "Sécurité routière" so warn pedestrians of the dangers and reminded to wear high visibility clothing. Better yet, if you would use reflective surfaces would. These allow a motorist to spot pedestrians already in 140 meters distance instead potentially fatal 25 meters in dark clothing. A pedestrian is on roads outside built-up, wearing safety reflective vest is mandatory.

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Reflective clothing protect you safety on the road

Today, after midnight on the national road No. 60 near Sielec there was a traffic accident, which killed two people without wearing safety vest. 27-year-old resident of the district Ostrow, directing Seat Cordoba, outside built-up of previously undetermined causes on the curve of the road slid into the opposite lane and hit fatally moving from the opposite 56-year-old biker from the county Makowski. Then the 27-year-old returned to the ditch and rolled over. Unfortunately he died on the spot.

Police calls: - Due to difficult weather conditions in the form of dense fog appeal to managers, cyclists and pedestrians be careful on the road, wear a reflective clothing to enhance visibility and keep safety - says spokeswoman Ostrów command Marzena Laczkowska. - Appeal to the managers of the picture feet of gas especially near pedestrian crossings. Pedestrians are reminded of caution while crossing the road, is not acceptable is run across the road, going before the car arrived. In addition, we remind pedestrians to for the sake of their own safety wear reflectors outside the built-up area after dark, especially when there is thick fog. Cyclists are reminded of the mandatory lighting wheeler, reflective vest will further improve visibility and hence safety.

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