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Starting in the holidays, but beware: in many countries of Europe, warning reflective vest is required in the car as well as daytime dipped light dimmed. From 1 July 2014, drivers in Germany must also have a warning vest in their vehicle.

Anyone who can not present a vest in Germany after 1 July 2014 will be penalized for a Euro 15 fine. Also in many other European countries, a reflective vest must be carried in the car or worn when leaving the vehicle, for example after a breakdown. This applies in Belgium, France, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain and Hungary.

The penalties for infringement can be quite high in the individual countries. In addition to the obligation to have a safety vest or carry it, there are a total of 22 European countries with a light during the day. Since this year, this also applies to Switzerland, which had hitherto given a recommendation, but not a commitment. In Germany and France there is no light duty, but the recommendation to drive with the light also in the day. It can be particularly expensive in Norway without light: there are fines of 245 Euros. So, with wearing reflective clothing will be a good choice. Here you can see the European countries with light duty on the day and the fines in case of violations at a glance.

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Visible on the streets – police distribute reflective strips

Especially during the winter months every year increases, pedestrians without wearing safety vest is dangerous on the road, the number of traffic accidents involving pedestrians in the 638 such accidents recorded statistics of the country in the previous year.

To address this problem, has presented the Province of Upper Austria for years in wintertime reflectors to make pedestrians and cyclists on the road visible. The new infrastructure Provincial (FP) continues this tradition of his predecessors. Total 40,000 reflective tapes have ordered his office. They can be ordered free of charge and picked up at all 18 bases ÖAMTC and ARBÖ in all test centers in Upper Austria, or right in the National Council Office. The cost of this action amounted Steinke at a press conference in Linz on Monday with 26,000 Euros.

For all first-graders in the country there is a special surprise this year, which will increase their safety in traffic. A reflective material products will, it is hoped Steinke, soon dangle from most school bags in Upper Austria. That this reflector bunny wearing a blue jacket, but was not a political statement, emphasized Steinke. Rather, studies have shown that "this bright blue is accepted by both girls and boys of" the politician says.


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In the winter never without warning vest

For many cyclists, it has not yet become widely known that the right clothing can save lives. According to a Forsa survey commissioned by Cosmos Direct, So wear just five percent of the cyclists in Germany always reflective clothing or a reflective vest.

And only eleven percent says most to wear flashy clothes in the bicycle tour. By contrast, 70 percent are in his words never with reflective safety vest clothes or on the go. Even when head protection is many cyclists more than careless: For 54 percent of respondents admit to never wear a helmet. "When the days get shorter and it rains frequently, prevail on the streets often poor visibility. Accidents are likely, "says Cosmos Direct insurance expert Bernd Kaiser.

Why cyclists should consult with a head protection and appropriate protect reflective clothes. Moreover, it is advisable for cyclists to take out private accident insurance, he says Expert: "It also pays for accidents outside of work paths. In addition, personal liability insurance for cyclists is important for the event that is damaged in a bicycle accident a third party. "

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Spread safety vest for accident prevention

An icy cold prevails. Rain, hail, storm, and it are dark. Cyclists without safety vest cross the roundabout at Street as well as motorists and pedestrians, for which there are crosswalks. The cloudy weather and the rain will seriously impair visibility. This is dangerous.

Therefore, the employees of the order partnership accident prevention are in use: They come with large boxes of safety vest; their bright yellow is visible from afar. "It is not enough if cyclists turn the lights on," explains Ralf Tornio of order partnership. Reflective clothing is important. The vests have reflective tape. Two horizontal stripes can be seen even in the dark and from afar.

Coincidentally passes SPD district Representative Rita Witte. This action is very important, especially at this point, she says. Cyclists have become accustomed here to go from the pedestrian ramp directly to the roundabout.

2000 vests outputted. Consistently they find a positive response from pedestrians, cyclists and spontaneous sustained motorists. Many take even reflective vest for family members, friends and acquaintances. Also Rita Witte takes five with, for the employees and guests of Wades they ancient now.

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The safety vest of pedestrians in road traffic

Reflective clothing – it is in the Czech Republic for pedestrians in certain situations the duty. A pedestrian - choose then has a high visibility vest – reflective vest, a reflective stripe – reflective tape or other reflective elements – reflective fabric wear clothing. And this is true in the dark - rain or fog - MLHA on roads that neither pavement - clothing still lighting. Reflective clothing is made of a material reflects back the light, and that the light that comes from a headlight, so from a reflector – safety vest. The reflection significantly increases visibility of the pedestrian, and it is therefore not so easily overlooked by motorists.

Reflecting so called re-radiate - light, a reflection is useful. Therefore, a reflex reflector is helpful. In philosophy, the reflection means - reflexes implementing its own mental activity, sometimes it is a synonym for reflection. A consideration is in Czech or even reflexes.

Reflect on something – reflective material on something is interested in something - or apply for something. Next time we talk about the reflexes. Goodbye in a week!

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Dementia residents found by police in safety vest

Happy End in Bad Hall: A 72-year-old with dementia nursing home resident, who was ganging since Tuesday afternoon, was found sitting in a tree by police in safety vest. When the search was unsuccessful until Wednesday evening, a search operation was started at 22 o'clock.

A total of 50 people of the Red Cross, firefighting Bad Hall and parish churches, the rescue dog brigade, police, employees of Sanatoriums and volunteers took part.
Shortly after midnight, a search team of two police officers and a firefighter in reflective jacket went Kermes mustered Road 18 into a wooded hillside behind the house.

As the fireman with the Hand stein wafer the area, flashed briefly on something. In the look-up they found the missing sitting leaning against a tree. He was wearing a reflective vest, which had reflected the spotlight. The man was slightly hypothermic, but otherwise unharmed. Because of his illness could not say where he had been.

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Reflective vest for Action fireflies 2016

On 09.12.2016 is again the “fireflies” swarm in Viersen. This now established action in December to road users wear reflective vest in the Viersen signal: Visibility is safety!

Many kindergartens throughout the District of Viersen will participate 7:45 to 8:15 watches are alike with the traffic safety consultants and the district service officials of the district police in the campaign "fireflies". The safety of children in road traffic is the main focus. Everyone will be handed out a reflective clothing and reflective tape.

On heavily traveled roads, the equipped with reflective strips, reflective safety vests, flashlights, lanterns or Binkies children gather with their teachers and parents to "twinkle in the dark." The adult road users should therefore be made aware of the presence of the weaker on the road.

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Free cult reflective vests

Today early morning there were long queues of the Promenade, for the coveted Munster cult west there were 6,000 given away. But that's not enough. The joint action of order partnership will give in the coming days in many places in Munster popular, reflective vests.

But a safety vest alone does not automatically protect the life of the carrier. Defensive driving, open eyes and ears to motorists and the view of the road, can lifesaving measures together with good light, visibility, and especially without alcohol, drugs and cell phone in hand.

This applies to all road users. Earlier which worked some say motorists? And so far wrong they have not it, because of the traffic and the density in cities has increased enormously. Since it is not surprising that accident rates go up, especially in a world that has always piece.

In Munster the number of accidents increases. The time now is also the right time for accidents caused by slippery leaves, poor vision and dark clothing. And even if there are statistics that show that cyclists with safety vest for accident victims are or there are even a small number of motorists who allegedly do not see this striking west. One thing is indisputable, to protect themselves, is seldom a mistake.

The order partnership traffic accident prevention distributed even on 11 / 14 / 15/ 16 November, during the period 7:00 to 8:00, the iconic "Certainly by Munster" reflective jacket for adults (while supplies last).

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250 vests for cyclists

250 reflective vests distributed to police cyclists from Toss County during roadside checks. Reflectors were purchased from the funds at the disposal of the Commission on Security and Order, the Council acting Toss County.

"Safe cyclist" is the title of the shares in which will distribute 250 police reflective vests wheeler enthusiasts. The project inaugurated Stanislaw, and the governor. Marias Janie, Deputy Chief of the District Police. He has help to avoid accidents with cyclists in the lead role, the more quickly it gets dark current and dark clothing does not help motorists perceive wheelers on the road. – reflective safety vest, in addition to the bike properly equipped with the necessary lighting, is intended to improve the safety of cyclists and other road users - Wicca tells Andrew, head of the Department of Civil Affairs and Crisis Management.

Organizers of the Safe biker hope that handed vests do not hang on the proverbial pin. They call even; glare to become an integral part of the equipment of the cyclist and pedestrian. At the same time remember that the rules applied to the pedestrian required to have reflective material elements at night outside built-up.

According to Andrew, the idea of taking action within the framework of the "Safe Cyclist" was born in the Commission on Security and Order in 2012. It forms part of implemented since 2003 a program of crime prevention and the protection of public safety and public order "Safe Toss County."

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After dusk you will need to wear a reflective vest

Each pedestrian traveling on the road after dusk outside built-up areas will be required to use reflective material elements - assumes Road Traffic Law that President Bruins signed

The law will come into force after 12 months from the date of publication. Until now to wear reflectors were required only children under 15 years of age. Now a pedestrian will be able to move without reflectors after dark only when the road intended exclusively for him, or on the sidewalk or in a residential zone. In other cases outside the built-up vest will be mandatory.

Why safety vest are so important? The police point out that the pedestrian that moves along a dark road without glare is virtually invisible. The driver is able to see such a person only from a distance of 20 meters. However, if a pedestrian is reflective elements, the driver can see it already more than 150 meters.

The problem usually worsens in autumn and winter, when dusk falls earlier. The police in reflective vest argued that even in the area built by the light of lamps and a man moving along the road, and even passing through the road, if there is no glare - is barely visible to the driver. Deduction pedestrians accounted for as much as 27 percent of all accidents.

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