Safely to school: ADAC safety vests for school

22 first graders of the Vosges school Karlsruhe received on Wednesday not only fluorescent yellow safety vests, but also tips on how to behave in traffic by ADAC traffic expert Christophe.

Included in the package had a luminous safety vest for each student. While a dark clothed pedestrian was seen by a motorist in poor visibility conditions only around 25 meters, the visibility improves in bright clothes already on 40 meters, the traffic expert explained to the students. But if you wear reflective clothing, was quite noticeable even at a distance of around 150 meters.

To improve the traffic safety of children starting school in addition, parents should practice the school extensively with their offspring, ADAC recommends. Required but also the municipalities to create the conditions for a safe way to school and not least the drivers are. You should always keep a close eye on children at the roadside and drive particularly carefully near schools, the ADAC North Baden says.

Make students as early as possible familiar with road
In the dark school hallway was tried, how well you can see the reflective vest when it is detected by a light beam. "The security of the West to support us is in the traffic education work. We try to encourage students to do so soon as possible familiar with the road," said the deputy principal of the school Vosges Heike Bohr.

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Reflective vest warn motorists on road

On Wednesday morning there were brilliant gifts for the newcomers at the Pestalozzi School. Together with the Deputy Rector, Alexandra is distributed Philipp, transport manager of ADAC North Baden, and press spokesman Hugo by the German Post 80 safety vests to the first graders.

Over the next week, a total of 19,800 first graders are gifted in North Baden. The aim of the joint action of the ADAC Foundation "Geber Engel", the picture-relief organization "A Heart for Children" and Deutsche Post was to make the school safer for the youngest, so Philipp Kirsch. Every student received reflective vest for enhancing visibility on road and keep safe.

"While dark-clad pedestrians can be seen by a motorist in poor visibility conditions only around 25 meters, the visibility improved in light-colored clothes already to 40 yards. However, anyone who wears reflective clothing, even at a distance of about 150 meters is good perceptible "said Kirsch on.

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Police motivated cyclists to wear safety vests

The police in reflective clothing carried out this Friday in Minden city strengthened cyclists checks. From 7 am took place checks of cyclists with around 20 policemen at nearly two dozen places. The main effort was to raise awareness of cyclists to the same campaign by the district police - "Visibility brings security" - to strengthen. Since reflective clothing makes the road users more visible, officials distributed free safety vests to interested parties.

As in daily traffic still appear cyclists without lights and dark clothing, the police sets which began in 2014 prevention campaign "Visibility brings security" in this year specifically with cyclists continued. Good visibility in twilight or darkness, but also in poor visibility conditions such as fog, rain and snow is for the so-called "vulnerable road users" often essential for survival.

With today controls the focus next to the road safety of the wheels therefore also in the cyclist was in a conversation about the importance lighter outerwear, as well as to inform additional reflective safety vests and bracelets. Sun officials also distributed free safety vests next information flyer. Here they met with young and old to a lot of interest. Thus, the controls over 40 vests to the man and the woman were placed alone in the first hour.

But there is light there were also shadows. In the 200 controls some cyclists were traveling without lights or on the wrong side of the road. Three motorists in reflective vest phoned while driving. Overall, the officials used drawing a positive balance on the behavior of cyclists.

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See and be seen

A black winter coat may be elegant - but it is not safe. If you are a pedestrian or cyclist in the dark time on the road, you should wear something by reflective material.

In the dark season, pedestrians and cyclists are particularly vulnerable to road traffic. Dull autumn or winter weather and the early dawning darkness ensure that drivers can recognize the weaker traffic later. Therefore, one should wear bright clothing and reflective materials.

Darkly dressed people are usually only noticed when they are lit directly by vehicle lamps or a street lamp - but it can be too late. Even better visible than with light clothes is with reflective tape, they illuminate brightly in the low beam of a car. Such reflector strips are best applied to the arms and legs, as the movement further enhances the effect.

Satchels are usually provided with reflector surfaces. On the safe side, a bookcase conforming to DIN standard 58124 is covered with reflectors. Dog owners can secure their four-legged animals with a harness or necklace with the back-lit material or such a dog's line. Reflectors in the spokes of a bicycle are also particularly useful, of course only in addition to functioning bicycle lights. Rollers or baby carriages can simply be attached with a reflective belt.

Also the drivers can do something for them to see and see more. So you should drive with low beam and clean headlights. Fogged or icy slices should be completely free from moisture or ice before driving.

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Road Safety Training for Refugees

Bochum trained unaccompanied minors for use on the road. So far, there is, according NRW repeatedly to dangerous situations because refugees are often not familiar with the traffic rules. Here, even a refugee child without safety vest was killed.

His bicycle is the pride of Abd-el-Kader from Syria. Neighbors have given it to the young man, now (NOAH) lives in a Bochum accommodation for unaccompanied refugees. But when he sets off on his bike, which is currently still dangerous for him. And on the streets of the big city is a lot more going on than on the streets of his hometown from which he fled. Therefore Abd-el-Kader now takes part in the traffic safety training, which offers the Road Patrol Bochum. Abd-el-Kader is looking forward to the training.

Just as Abd-el-Kader are how many refugees in NRW. Therefore shall they learn in road safety training, what the signs and traffic signals? Guido Bausch of the Road Patrol Bochum and his team to the 15 refugee’s bike procure built up so the exercise is as realistic as possible: "The refugees often underestimate the dangers of the road we do with them sight and reaction tests and show them. How dangerous the blind spot is. "

To learn the traffic rules, there are various aids. They were from NRW developed, the Interior Ministry together with the State Traffic and many other partners. For example, a poster that explains the refugees at a glance the most important traffic rules. Another example is icons that explain the dangers of traffic regardless of the native language quickly and easily.
Guido Bausch of the Road Patrol: "We want to convey is that you should wear as pedestrians and cyclists as bright as possible and reflective clothing at night or that for us pedestrians and cyclists motorways and motor vehicle roads are absolutely forbidden.”

Other road patrols in NRW are usually together with cities and other associations of traffic safety training for refugees. As in Bochum, participants usually have to perform various tasks. They learn playfully what the road signs and traffic lights and lurk the dangers on the road. In the end they have to show for a bike ride through the city, whether they are fit for the road. If all goes well, there is a type of bicycle driver's license at the end.
Abd-el-Kader wants to necessarily create: "So far it's hard to pay attention to everything like cars, pedestrians and other cyclists, but the training gives all of us a lot of confidence when I make this training, I will feel safer with reflective vest on the streets..."

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ISPO: A new lightness in winter sports

Many manufacturers rely on weight reduction - in reflective clothing such equipment. But revolutionary new products are in short supply.

Those in search of sports in the snow in winter, often comes difficult therefore packed. Ski and boots on his feet, equipment in the backpack, to the waterproof clothing in several layers - everything will be towed. Prevent sweat will no longer runs in streams, the industry relies on ease. Like a thread, the topic of weight reduction moves by the International Sporting Goods Fair (ISPO), which still presented to trade visitors in Munich today the novelties of the winter 2017/18.

In search of ever lighter materials, the ski manufacturers will find it in aerospace and racing industries. Mainly carbon is often used, sometimes as tubes, sometimes as mats. These lightweight woods are processed, PET plastics, as well as natural products such as flax, bamboo or rubber.

Especially the companies represented in the Ski World Cup offer this winter in addition to the usual runway models also FIS going racing lines. Atoll offers its Race tiger- and code models as Pro version with extra rigid separator plate under the bond and a special cut of the edges.

Hikers are drawn to the slopes
Unbroken trend is the touring and free ride segment. With its Speed fit collection Dynamite takes this audience to target. Optimized for Powder as paste skiing weighs just one kilogram (without binding), the shoe little more. Matched by a helmet with head lamps, reflective vest and a backpack with light bar are offered.

Tours on the slopes are also so popular with many because the avalanche danger is excluded. The situation is different in open terrain. Probe, shovel and especially the avalanche device (LVS) are standard equipment. While in the now widespread avalanche backpacks with airbag hardly novelties can be discerned, is the subject of mammoth LVS an exclamation point. The new Barry should be especially intuitive to use, have a higher reception range and especially the fine search to the last meter can be significantly smoother.

Light and comfortable boots are required. This is ensured by new technologies that make it possible to analyze the foot better and is optimally align the shoe. Especially the ladies attach importance to a pleasant feeling around the toes. With his series "Women to Women" (designed by women for women) Technical will meet this requirement. The combination of lamb’s wool and Reliant fiber, which consists of 13 embedded in polyester minerals to convert the body heat in infrared energy, and these reflect the foot.

Colorful but not motley therefore the fashion of the coming winter is coming. The era of flashy neon colors and wild prints is over. Finally want - jackets are worn not only on the slopes, but also for hiking, mountain biking or strolling through the city - often settled in the upper price segment.

But first and foremost function is required. Most powerful and most flexible materials provide protection from wind and weather. Clear trend this year: Instead of fashionable frills timeless design is called for, which connects many application variants with longevity and best ecologically and ethically correct production.
Therefore, the weight does not have to stay on track - on the contrary. Especially the so-called hard shells (unlined but extremely rugged jackets and trousers as an outer layer of clothing) are also lighter despite improved functionality.

Who holds at ISPO after curiosities out will find it. The ski manufacturer from France introduces a safety vest that is worn under the jacket and has an air bag. At a price of around 1,000 Euros to the mass market, however, the airbag vest is unlikely to develop. The same applies to a similarly expensive product from the Far East. The Japanese manufacturer Rexam presents a symbiosis of snowboard and scooters. Whether the board with handlebars really provides new fun in the snow, but must show still.

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See and be seen - remain mobile with safety vest

In a very vivid presentation, the officials showed what I need to do if I'm out in the dark. They are small tools that have yet to be seen to provide good protection. Bright or reflective clothing can be very well seen from far in the light. Small reflectors on the wrist or as buttons on the jacket are recommended.

But that's not all, I am seen with wearing reflective vest, but I also see well? Our cars, we provide regular maintenance. When was the last time we to "Maintenance". Eye test reaction test, motility and hearing tests are necessary in order to remain flexible and mobile as they age.

Regularly to check is for all seniors of great importance.
This presentation, which was also presented very funny, was a little hint for all present participants and was received with great enthusiasm. They will handed out safety vest and reflective tape to seniors to keep their safer.

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Two scooters are injured without safety vest

It is about 10:30 p.m. Sunday night in Saint-Denis. Two scooters without wearing reflective vest travel at high speed, each with a passenger on the latter center lane of the avenue in Saint-Denis, near the pool of the Bittern, in an ordinarily reserved bus lane. Several witnesses describe them as being “push".

A vehicle coming down the road to the Dam going towards the sea through the avenue Latter when arrive two scooters. The driver in reflective jacket thinks that the head gear is avoided but the driver does not deviate from its course and strikes the car at the back, before rebounding and driving the second two wheels in his fall.

The driver of the first scooter was seriously wounded. He suffers among other injuries to the face and leg fractures. His passenger is slightly wounded.
The driver and passenger of the second scooter least injured were identified and preferred to flee at the sight of the beacon of the first fire engine arrived at the scene.

Several witnesses also reported that two scoter not wearing a safety vest or a helmet on his head. They had a good, but wore the arm...

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A pedestrian fatally mowed without wearing safety vest

A St. Paulo 27 was fatally mowed down last night in Saint-Gilles. The drama unfolded in front of his two friends, on the poorly lit road at the Garden Theater. They are not wear safety vest and the driver said can’t see them clearly.

It is around 22 hours on a car traveling in the uplink up against the young man with full force, while walking in the middle of the road. The night is dangerous because it's dark, and reflective clothing can keep you to be seen by drivers and avoid the risk.

Reliefs have done anything Adrian died on the shot. The investigation will determine whether the victim and the driver were under the influence of alcohol.

The death of the young man brings to 21 the number of casualties on our roads this year. When you need to go out at night, wear a reflective vest or reflective tape can enhance visibility and keep your safety on road.

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Required triangles and safety vest on the highway

Motorway companies advise against the use of the triangle during a stop on the emergency lane because too dangerous to ask Contacted, the Delegate for Road Safety estimates must be assessed case by case, with "common sense."

Required, but not recommended in some cases. Already the center of a scandal last fall, the warning triangles and their use may become a real headache for motorists and police. The controversy was triggered after a Wednesday press Society, which discourages the use of the triangle during a stop on the emergency lane. Too dangerous, she argues, because the driver may be mowed by a vehicle.

According to professionals, the risk of death is real on the emergency lane. The Association of French motorway companies (ASFA) finds this "position based" and draws the attention of the authorities on the subject. "We explain to motorists that it is dangerous to travel by car or on foot, on the emergency lane, it is not coherent to use the triangle on this reflective tape," said one holder word of Auto routes Paris-Rhino-Rhone.

The big blur for motorists
The company can rely on the order of 30 September 2008 on the advance warning of vehicles, Article 2: "The warning triangle must be placed on the floor at a distance of about 30 meters, or beyond if necessary of the vehicle or the obstacle signal such as to be visible to the driver of a vehicle coming in the same traffic lane, "it is first notified. Then is added precision that potentially opens the door to many interpretations of the law that there are individual situations with the risk of many disputes: "The obligation to put in place the triangle does not apply when this action constitutes a clear endangering the lives of the driver."

At the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, the game face is calm to what might be seen as a big blur by motorists. Use the warning triangle, associated Reflective yellow vest is mandatory since 1 July 2008. And still is, even on the motorway, on pain of a fine of up to 135 Euros. Delegate for road safety, Michele, calls "the good sense of the drivers... and reframes the debate.”The motorway companies have claimed a too generalized way." Admittedly, it recognizes that it is "quite dangerous" to put near expressways. But the binding is more like an incentive to use these triangles as soon as the situation allows.

"If the vehicle is completely on the emergency lane, it is not on the road, so there is no real obligation." But if it encroaches on the floor, it must assess the situation. "Frankly, if the configuration of the premises where the accident or breakdown allows it, it's worth it for the driver to get behind the guardrail, walk 30 meters and put his triangle without risk." Rest that each situation must be assessed ... including - and even especially - by the security forces, invited by Michele applying texts while showing themselves, as "common sense."

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