The legislation require a reflective vest in the car

In some ways the interpretation that the police in reflective clothing could not ask those who do not wear the garment came out of the car.

From 1 January 2016, all cars in Chile must have a reflective vest in an accessible location, which should be used when out of the car to any emergency. If not, police could fine the driver.

Friday, however, the newspaper El Mercuric published an interpretation that said you could effectively pursue infringement for not carrying the pledge security, but not use it to get off the car.

In conversation with DNA, police clarified the issue. “The use is both the size and use of the safety vest. You can use whether the vest is not in the car in an accessible or if the person gets off the vehicle without using place," said Major Juan Rodriguez.

Rodriguez added that there will be a trial run, but do not know how long. The part will be about 21 thousand pesos.

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Reflective jacket wears comfortable

The editor of leaped-info entrusted me with the Under Armor Chrome Run jacket to test for a few weeks. By chance and thanks to our beautiful weather, I was able to test this jacket in different conditions.
At first I will say that this jacket bears his name perfectly. Indeed thanks to its hyper reflective fabric it could largely find its place in the glove box of your vehicle in place of this famous yellow waistcoat, or simply on the back of an agent of the bridges and highways. As soon as the night rises or the day falls, or as soon as the day rises or the night goes down ... briefly all this to tell you that this jacket is very safe night and offers maximum visibility while keeping a maximum of 'aesthetic.
At the first stride the jacket adapts perfectly to the body and allows a total mobility of the body and the upper limbs thanks to the elasticity of the reflective material ideally positioned. Of a rather small size (1m73), the jacket descends a little lower on the body compared to a classic jacket of running.
I could try this jacket in different conditions. The magic of new fabrics is a real obstacle to wind and rain. Even if perspiration is evacuated, this jacket is worn in cool weather (10 degrees max) to avoid any risk of overheating. The jacket is absolutely comfortable to wear. I have not noticed any friction or irritation and it is therefore quite possible to wear it directly on the skin.
Suspended at a hanger at the end of your training, it dries relatively quickly and will be operational for your next day session.
The two pockets on the side of the jacket make it possible to house your Smartphone. Too bad the manufacturer is not provided a small inner pocket so that it does not stroll too much as a wire pass to connect your headphones.
To summarize, this top-of-the-range reflective jacket is very comfortable to wear and will suit you perfectly during your cool and wet workouts, or simply to replace your jackets to go to your workouts or your competitions.

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Reflective jacket is popular in a club

The Girl Power collection was inspired by Wonder Woman, created by William Marston. The inspiration for the creator was his wife, Elizabeth Holloway Marston, whom Marston regarded as the unconventional, liberated woman. Energetic red, expressive cornflower and sunny bile are the themes of the latest brand collection, referring to this type of personality. Continuously widening the range, Cardio Bunny has decided to launch projects that are not only suitable for training, but also complement the daily styling of every Cardio Bunny woman. Reflective jacket which are ideal for both clothes that we can wear after training, but also we can make up for it every day look.
Other suggestions for both training and everyday are Lily's suit and Isabel's body. Made of elastic knitwear perfectly match the silhouette. For the customers looking for comfort, the Girl Power high visibility vest was made entirely from dark blue valor. Perfectly suits you during your day of rest, on the go, but also covered us after training. Jenny's sweatshirt and leggings are also new, adorned with white, reflective stars on the sides. They will make their wear comfortable, but also will certainly attract not one look. Cardio Bunny has also prepared a new look for Bunny socks for its customers. They come in new color variants: yellow, red and blue. Made from the highest quality cotton fibers, it was enriched with antibacterial properties with finish which lasts up to several dozen wash.
As usual, the brand put a great emphasis on the quality of materials, introducing new reflective fabrics and knitwear from foreign and Polish manufacturers. Used to make body Isabel's knitwear is ecological cotton, created for women who love nature, respect for its power and beauty. All products are made from the highest quality fabrics, knitwear and accessories to meet all the challenges facing our products on a daily basis.

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Safety vest will be better to keep people safe

Only in the last day during the demonstration against President Nicolas Madura were two people killed in the states of Barinas and Miranda. Hundreds of people have been injured in the clashes with their security forces without wearing safety vest. More than two thousand were arrested. The opposition is demanding a resignation of Madura, whose term ends in December 2018, and the president does not agree to early elections.
Opposition accuses him of a worsening situation in a country where inflation is on the rise (by 700% in 2016) and crime. The crisis is heavily influenced by the fall in oil prices, which is the basis of the Venezuelan economy. "In Venezuela we are on the verge of a humanitarian crisis," warned Nikki Haley, United States Ambassador to the United Nations. The dramatic situation in this country was debated at yesterday's UN Security Council without any reflective element. Without waiting for the reaction of the international community, the compatriots are helping out Venezuelan homeland.
Also from Cracow, "The wounded cannot even count on help in hospitals where basic medical supplies are lacking," emphasizes Venezuelan Paul Chapman. He is one of the organizers of the Krakow collection of gifts for organizations "green helmets". "Its members are helping everyone in the riots, no matter what side they stand for," explains Kamala Pilate, who has lived in Venezuela for more than 17 years. Among the most needed articles are dressings, life reflective jackets and large kidney bags in which medical supplies are transferred. For "green helmets" are also useful gas masks. "Because government forces to suppress protests use tear gas," adds Kamala Pilate. In the action of the help are also local entrepreneurs, among others. Five Sport companies are from Krakow. Similar fundraising for Venezuelans is also taking place in other Polish cities. Cracow's collection of gifts for Venezuelan lifeguards will be held today.

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Reflective vest can protect drivers from incidents

Given that the National Meteorological Administration issued this morning for Constanta County a now casting dense warning valid until 10.00, the INFOTRAFIC Center of the Romanian Police recommends drivers to exercise increased caution in driving, to use the lights to increase the safety distance and wear safety vest from the previous vehicles and not to risk driving dangerous traffic maneuvers.
As for motorways, other specific rules must also be respected: Do not stop on traffic lanes and emergency lane;
In case of a feather or technical failure, turn on emergency lights, refuel with a reflective vest, remove passengers from the car outside the carriageway and place the reflective triangles one after the other at greater distances.
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The AGERPRES National Agency cannot be held liable for inaccurate / false information provided by the press release issuers.
AGERPRES reserves the right not to publish press releases containing injuries without wearing high visibility vest, personal assaults or allegations, violations of the rights of others guaranteed by the Romanian Constitution.
The content of AGERPRES is intended solely for public information. All information published on this site by AGERPRES is protected by the applicable law. Copying, reproducing, recompiling, modifying, and any other way to exploit the content of this website is forbidden.

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Safety vest is suitable for any season

When you climb on a two wheel the most important factor to look for is without a doubt the safety vest, including visibility by other road users. So far, on the market, we've seen articles on which only a few reflective inserts are placed ... but if there was a completely refreshing headlight when lit by the headlights of another vehicle? It is what the German Held house proposes with Flash: it is a sports reflective jacket, with internal membrane in Gore-Tex, and which presents on its entire surface that characteristic reflective material when irradiated by a light source external. What is also surprising is that the technology used is absolutely indistinguishable from the one used for any "traditional" item, which makes it absolutely normal to both sight and touch.
Technical board entering a bit more in detail, Flash, made externally in 500D, features a waterproof, breathable and breathable Gore-Tex Z-Liner inner membrane to keep the body dry and warm. Along with it is available a removable thermal liner in Cool-Max breathable mesh with 3D Air-mesh insert on the back with great thermoregulation capability. All this makes it suitable for any season, thanks in particular to the presence of a series of hinges that ensure the internal passage of the air in the warmer season. It features soft 4T SAS-TEC certified protectors on shoulders and elbows and is predisposed to the use of pares chine. Available in only black-reflective tape color 08 and in sizes from XS to 3XL, it will be presented to the public at the price of 659, 95 Euros.

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Gendarme must wear safety vest when working

Another Thursday, under the "Legality and Security" route for the boys which need to wear safety jacket, Lieutenant, who, after visiting the Ragusa Police Department last week, went to the Medical gendarme Company this week. They were welcomed by the Lieutenant Maria Solano and the marshals of the turn, who in simple and clear words explained the work they do every day for our safety.
The kids also felt the excitement of being able to climb into their "gazelle" and to wear their bulletproof safety vest in turn. An inevitable moment was to deliver the thoughts created by the boys during one of the workshops, and for the association the Lieutenant returned with the Official Calendar of the Arms of gendarme 2017.
After watching the various offices, the afternoon ended with a rich snack offered by the gendarme who wear reflective vest.

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Riders need high visibility vest to protect them

About the plans to use disc brakes in World Tour races on the highway with safety vest we wrote in August as news and plans for the future. In the meantime, UCI, the organization that sets the rules for professional law enforcement on bicycles, has managed to set the standard for neutral service, introduce new hub sizes and take two steps forward, accelerating the 2017 2016 test period just to ... in very emotional circumstances. Forbid their use in mid-April this year.
We have not had such high-powered test equipment and high visibility vest for a long time. One of the novelties of the Proclaimed is transplanted from the road bike. The test diverts our doubts as to whether this invention is worth the increased mass of the frame.
At the Easter table in the Editorial House, as the centuries-old tradition has said, bunnies, eggs, sandwiches, etc. have appeared. Everyone brought what he could, bringing to the festive atmosphere a piece of him. On the next table, Bike Board’s table of torture, the charcoal frame of Merida came to light at that time, and the spring accents of the painting complemented the festive atmosphere. And on this basically end of idyll. Together with the first marijuana, we set out to face the myth of one of the most titled hard tales in the world.
Riser’s designers promise to soon join the most recognizable Swiss symbols. Let's see how they start. Rival placed in the Race Line segment suggests sporty performance with reflective clothing.
The bike with large wheels is no longer reserved for MTB cream only. This is a piece of equipment available to a mere mortal who either already muddy his glasses or is just going to be in the industry for the first time. The average shelf of this HT series firmly highlights its presence in the Kelly’s collection for the 2016 season.

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Reflective jacket can protect people from danger

For a whimsical weather, the outworn brand has produced a comprehensive assortment of reflective jackets and coats in a wide range of colors. In the collection, the functionality goes hand in hand with fantastic design, making the outer garment comfortable and also warm. In addition to jackets and coats, you can also find a double-sided waistcoat, which can be matched to many styling thanks to an external quilt and an internal monochrome allover pattern.
According to the latest trends, in the collection we find safety clothing, finished with special seams, whose task is to isolate against moisture. Also due to their unique structure, they provide thermal comfort and are exceptionally light. An additional advantage is the reflective elements that increase visibility in all conditions. For those who prefer longer covers, the brand has prepared a black down jacket with a decorative finish. Jackets have been impregnated with Bionic Eco technology, a thin crystalline coating that protects the fabric from water and dirt. In addition, it is environmentally friendly - it has biodegradable properties.
Another interesting proposition is the innovative two-way jacket, which changes its character depending on which side will be chosen. Extreme reflective fabric technology protects against wind and cold and additionally features exceptional lightness.

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Reflective fabric is used in sports clothing

There are probably hardly any winter sports reflective clothing products that are as prominently placed and spread in the sports shops as the cloths, hose shawls and caps of the company BUFF. The company from Catalonia has been able to present its products in almost every sporting specialty in Europe in recent years. The BUFF products are usually found on a separate shelf, somewhere near the cash registers - keep an eye out for your next visit to the sports shop.
High quality materials, breathable and still wind resistant protective cloths or scarves, can be used by every skier well. For the new season 16/17, BUFF has launched two new products, the Tech Fleece Hat Buff® and the Tech Fleece Bandana Buff®, which we were able to test on some ski days in the early winter. Below you can read our short review!
Tech Fleece Bandana Buff: Wind-repellent Bandana made from Crevice fabric that provides effective protection against cold and wind, very light and resistant and Pilling resistant. Laser perforation on the mouth and nose makes breathing easier
To be honest, the design of the reflective fabric bandana we got from BUFF in Jacks Blue is now really not everyone's thing. Something is too striking and scary, so our impressions of the skeletal horror look of the fleece scarf. The somewhat younger target group, perhaps, the style, for us it could have been a bit more subtle. Fortunately, the product is still available in many other designs, which we think are much more appealing, such as in the colorful MAYA MULTI-Version or Jamaica look.
You get from BUFF a kind of hose scarf, which consists of a stretchy and hectically very pleasant polyester fabric. No scratching, no unpleasant itching, the scarf feels good on the skin. The bandana is a hose that runs down in a triangular shape. Thus you can pull it over the head. If it is cold or humid, pull the scarf over the nose and protect the bulk of his face. The scarf keeps its position quite well, even better if you have a helmet over it and the bandana something under the ear parts of the helmet jammed. Top: There are breathing holes in the front, as well as the material is breathable and dries quickly. The bandana is more for sporting activities, less for classic skiers, for which a proper ski mask is better suited for protection against wind and weather. However, if you are very active on the mountain in spite of the cold / snowfall and do not want to do without the necessary breathing activity the BUFF Bandana offers enough protection against the weather influences and at the same time you do not feel under the cloth no air to get it or it Fast wet sweat.
The same applies to the reflective vest, the Tech Fleece Hat Buff®. Again, we were not totally convinced by the color, photo is simply not particularly fashionable. But you'll always see it quickly and has a comfortable accessory on your head that minimizes heat loss over your head without being fat and warm. The product is ideal for ski touring riders who do not want to climb up on the helmet, but do not want to leave the head unprotected. The special thing about the Hat Buff®: The cut of the cap is very close up, the cap does not have a classic cut, but ensures that the ears are fully under the cap and are thus perfectly protected. This does not look particularly beneficial, but feels good and prevents wind from attacking the ears.

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