Motorists asked for vests according to the new standard

"We check the reflective vests according to the new standard. Few motorists know about it. The customer does not see the difference at first glance. Recently, vests that are not marked in accordance with the new standard appear. Obviously, traders are buying in bulk at some cheap wholesalers," Panel Kantor, a technician from Bohme’s STK, confirmed.

Here, before the Tuesday speech, they explained that an old vest according to the EN standard can be used for a cyclist or pedestrian, but not for the driver in the mandatory equipment. "What have they made up again," Kantor sighed, with the MVC having nothing but compliance with the standard.

When they are in stock, a new reflective jacket is bought by the driver straight to the STK. If they are not, according to Kantor, the technical driver is only a month old and has to pay for it again.

The police are still confused about the interpretation of standards that are being applied and which are not. The Police Presidium referred to the Ministry of Transport.

"In general, we can say that there is a block penalty of up to two thousand crowns due to deficiencies in the mandatory equipment of the vehicle," Josef Boca of the Police Presidium told Prado.

He confirmed that it is enough for us to have a vest for the driver, but in Austria, the high visibility vest must be available for all people in the car.

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Seven hundred bikes and safety vest for schoolchildren

Two containers loaded yesterday employees for Africa ops in Ostrava 700 rounds.

Loading proceeded by collecting bikes and safety vest from donors across the country in almost fifty collection points, transport to the central warehouse and sorting and repair prisoners in prison.

Containers are issued on a month long journey by land and sea and their content is determined by the Gambian school children who will ride bicycles to school, and the high visibility vest is to keep them safety on road.

The actual machine is supplemented with reflective vests, elements for safety in wild African operation without rules and huge amount of spare parts.


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Officers get new safety vests

Police Presidium introduced a new component kits traffic police and church members - yellow reflective vest and dark blue. All the officers begin to wear in the summer. Now gratefully acknowledge the amount of pockets, allowing them to avoid having to carry bags. On the design vest participated themselves policemen.

"There's a lot of pockets, so police there can store gloves, headgear, notebooks, mobile phones and other things," said Martin Rink, director of the Public Order Police.

According to Michele of the Directorate of Traffic Police officers safety vests serve as a place where you will also be saved lantern or disposable tests for alcohol or addictive drugs. "It's on the radio and housing," he added Hobo.
The new equipment will get all eighteen thousand police officers and three and a half thousand vehicles.

It’s transformation gradually through the whole uniform. Currently Faso is new pants, sweaters and socks. Only for purchases associated with police reflective uniforms management plans this year to spend about 200 million crowns.


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The important work piece of reflective vest

The artist in reflective clothing and former sprayer Epos 257, who has left not only his hidden identity since his youth, but also the instincts of street hooligan, exhibits in the National Gallery. The first exhibit institution was dedicated to the corridor of the Prague Trade Fair Palace, a place that communicates directly across the street through the glass wall.

Even though Epos 257 is a graduate of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, he exhibits in established galleries, and even became entangled with "establishment" when he represented the Republic in 2010 in Expel in Shanghai. His work, however, still keeps street grip and criticism.

The Exhibition in the Trade Fair called Retro reflection, which will last until June 4, is slightly subversive. This Thursday, April 20 at 17:30 hours, a commented tour will take place.

The theme of the exhibition is the traffic signs, specifically the Z3 brand marking the sharp turn that the artist has mapped throughout Prague. He then made a copy, and the original tagged them for them.

"I worked for Retro reflex for more than three years. I often travel through the city landscape, drive through it, walk it on foot, map its terrain, and collect partial artifacts. Retro reflection is a map of traffic signs that have become symbols of my city, "says Epos 257.

The main exhibit of the exhibition, however, is not physically present in the Palace. Giant reflective mosaic made from stolen - and replaced - brands hangs on the facade of one of the apartment buildings in Smirches.

However, visitors to the exhibition see it thanks to the live transmission and accompanying documentation. There is also an orange reflective vest that the author of many street interventions considers to be his most important work piece.

"The orange vest works in the public space as an operating permit. Although it is strikingly colorful, one becomes paradoxically invisible, "says Epos 257, which derives its pseudonym from the paragraph of the Criminal Code, which until recently defined the damage to a foreign matter. It therefore refers to the artist's spraying history.

However, neither Epos's current artistic "practice" is entirely legal. The artist is famous, for example, with "paintings" on blank billboards, which their owners, when not rented, have white papers.

But for the artists they became a "canvas in the urban landscape" on which they shot paintball gun rifles.

Sometimes, in Prague, he deployed hay packs, which the tabloid media interpreted as an attempt at arson and perhaps a terrorist attack.

The most epic Epos interventions include the illegal occupation of the Plucky Square area. With a few fellow friends, the fence has covered an area of 50 square meters. Nobody's been weird for a long time. The local town hall was removed after more than fifty days.

"(Epos 257) examines the public space, its general use, and responds to the controversial boundary of what is and is not public," curators Jixi Paten and Frantisek Reply said in the text to the current exhibition.

The show in the Trade Fair Palace is changing during its duration. For example, there is a free entry, which visitors will paradoxically need money for. For their banknote, however, any nominal value will receive a banknote of the same value, just a brand new one, selected directly from the Czech National Bank.

Visitors will therefore become direct participants in imaginary money laundering. They will also have a share in the artist's confusion of old for the new - just as when he exchanged old traffic reflective signs for new copies.

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Reflective vest - you can save a life

It is getting dark already getting used to, which has a negative impact on the number of traffic accidents; it’s not better for the road safety. Last year, a third of tragic accidents occurred at night, while driving fewer cars. Attention would however not give only drivers but also pedestrians who are in similar collisions due to poor visibility frequently die. How does one properly dressed to be clearly visible from a distance? Here are some tips.

It’s the worst part of the year for both drivers and pedestrians. But why in the winter months on the road were dying so often? Blame the time change, which comes with earlier.
While last night when accidents killed an average of 31% of all fatalities in November, were 47% in December and 56% in January to 50%. Much less the contrary, it was in May (8%) and July (10%).

Like the last dying
* Traffic accidents killed 131 pedestrians 72 in the dark.
* Outside the resort at night killed 38 pedestrians without safety vest in the village 32nd
* Some 47% of accident victims died on the highway at night. In villages, it was 28% and the roads I to III class around 30%.

"The night of the accident is really dangerous. All road users without distinction should strictly abide by the principle of see and be seen," he advised the Aha!

Do you feel that you will not save any yellow reflective stripe? In that case, you should know that in the dark the driver sees pedestrians with reflective accessories to ten times greater distance than without them. Best thing, if you wear bright clothes and combine it with reflective tape.

The law then states that as a pedestrian, you must have reflective elements, not only at night but even in poor visibility conditions such as at dusk and dawn, or even in the daytime, when visibility is affected by heavy rain or fog. And whenever you go outside of the village in a place where there is no street lighting.

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Police officers checking the driver for reflective vests

On reflective vest vehicles at Wednesday's event focused transport traffic cops. Drivers checked at the Ostrava part of the D1 motorway. They wanted to draw attention to the large increase in the number of people who were not on this thoroughfare killed by another vehicle.

Mandatory reflective vest had controlled vehicles in all drivers. "Some of them but she could not find at first," said the editor of CT Rader Wigless under which officers recommend that the security element should chauffeurs under the seat or in the door.

"Police recommend that the car had a driver and passenger high visibility vest," said Rader Wigless. He pointed at the same time increase the number of persons who were this year on Czech roads, knocked down another car.

Most offenses committed by Poles
Most offenses the D1 motorway Moravian-Silesian region has to his credit this year Polish drivers. Poles were also fined more than domestic drivers. This stems from police statistics, which previously provided the Silesian police spokeswoman Lena.

By November of this year in the section of the D1 motorway in the Region police with safety vest recorded 3302 violations. "The Czech driver had committed 1,332 of them. Almost 1,400 road traffic offenses committed drivers from Poland, 571 offenses were committed by aliens, "the spokeswoman said.

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The versatile motorcycle reflective jacket

The range of CE Protective Technology Ion is gradually reflective fabric. After his gloves Pro Blaze HP has introduced the HP Shiroki, a motorcycle jacket and scooter technically very successful. Not content to play back the security card, textile garment fits all sizes ... 365 days a year!

The French Ion completes its regular range of motorcycle and scooter jackets. Today we present his Shiroki HP, a textile pattern to serious pretensions. Like all products in the range Ion EC Protective Technology, the garment is supposed to guarantee a high level of protection and security. He bets for this on clean technologies to the OEM.

The first advantage of the reflective jacket Ion Shiroki HP is its versatility. With its scalable pruning, it can adapt to a wide range of templates and morphologies offering an excellent level of comfort. One can also wear it in summer and winter as it includes a waterproof and breathable insert in Dry mesh, a removable winter lining and front and rear ventilation zips…

To meet the specifications in 7 points of the range Protective Technology , Ion has completed the list of accessories with protections CE elbows and shoulders and a retro-reflective tape on the back. The clothing is marketed in the network Ion S to 4XL priced at € 199. 3 colors are available: solid black, black and white and tricolor version pictured above.

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Kappa reflective rainwear SK101 Dry Plus

The autumn and its procession of showers are back. The opportunity to present Kappa whole reflective jacket and rain pants SK101 Dry Plus, a product that appeals to nothing less than a waterproof and breathable membrane.

Ally bikers and scooter riders in the winter months, rain combination currently are back deep chests and backpacks. Kappa took the opportunity to launch two new sets to wear over his equipment, including the SK101 Dry Plus, consisting of a jacket and trousers. Unlike most of his colleagues, he does not opt for a coated reflective fabric, but for laminated polyester with a membrane.

If this difference does not seem to change much on paper, in practice, the approval should gain: the membrane in question is indeed announced breathable, which will prevent the combination SK101 Dry Plus to turn into steam during prolonged use. Still, she would stand in the words of Kappa in a water column of two meters, guaranteeing good protection against the elements (wind or rain). Also in this context, the seams are heat sealed, and a Velcro flap covers the zipper of the jacket.
For better comfort, the combination has an inner lining. The Italian brand has even provided two external pockets (do still there to keep your phone ...) and an internal and a reflective stripe on the front.

If the idea of a wide cut unisex is appreciable, the adjustment entrusted only to elastic in no doubt. However there are settings by Velcro ankle for a better connection with boots. For storage, a cover with elastic belts (so-coat) is provided.

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The Flash Season 3 with reflective element

In season 3, The Flash completes his Rogues Gallery with Mirror Master - aka The Master of Mirrors - will make its debut in Central City under the Gray Damon traits. The actor who wear reflective vest takes a role in Aquarius will be present in episode 4 of Season 3, scheduled for late October or early November.

As usual, there was no one Mirror Master. It will nevertheless be the original that will be appearing in the CW series, namely Sam Scudder. This is a creation of John Broom and Carmine Infantine which was introduced in The Flash # 105 in 1959.

Criminal with a big ego discovering that it can travel through any reflective surface, Sam Scudder is determined to prove he is the greatest thief of Central City by performing a large number of crimes. The Flash should stand in his way.

In the comic book, Scudder is a "Rogues" criminal group in which we find Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell), Captain Boomerang (Nick Tara bay), The Trickster (Mark Hamlin and Devon Grayer), Golden Glider (Peyton List) and Pied Piper (Andy Menus). They then worked as a team against the Flash, although there is unlikely at this stage that happens in the series. In the skin of Mirror Master, Gray Damon currently been announced for a single episode.

Gray Damon does not also debut on the CW; the actor in reflective clothing was in the distribution of star-crossed. However, it is best known for having played Hastings Truckle in the last season of Friday Night Lights.

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A new reflective jacket for cyclists

Casella out a new reflective jacket for cyclists who combines breathability and impermeability: the Light Perfecta short sleeves.

The Casella brand has released a new jacket: the Light Perfecta. Its characteristic is to offer excellent breathability (thanks to Gore Wind stopper reflective fabric) and ensure perfect impermeability (thanks to Niño Light Fabric).

Gabber intermediate between the very hot and awesome vest lighter, note the back of the jacket down very low, very useful in rain to keep the diaper dry. We also find still three pockets and reflective tape on the back for more safety on the roads.

However, it is suitable for temperatures rather mild since in short sleeves. Or it will invest in more headlines.


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