Policemen give riders a "life flashlight" and a safety vest

Officers of the Grudziadz "traffic" wear safety vest appearing at the motorway junction - as part of the "action" policy - instruct drivers how to behave on the motorway when a car crash occurs. I often drive the highway. It is faster and safer. The driver was one of the patrols controlled by the Road Division of Grudziadz at the motorway junction.

About the principles of safe moving around the A1 in the event of a failure instructed. We stop in the parking lot, and if we do not have such a possibility, preferably on the green belt. We put on a vest; we leave the vehicle and set a warning triangle at a distance of about a hundred meters.

Mr. Macias was pleased that he gained both knowledge and another reflective vest and flashlight. - Cool action. When traveling, we do not think that something bad can happen and we do not think about how to behave. Well listen to such short instruction - praises the actions of police officers Macias. Flyer, waistcoat and flashlight - Sergeant Kieta Kaminski mentions a set of "gadgets" handed to Macias, another of the controlled. - The flashlight in case of any failure can be placed on the roof of the car because it has a built-in magnet. It has pulsating and constant light. It also has elements to help break the glass and cut belts.

The car owner, known as Grudziadz, Macias admits: - This is my first vest. It will be a regular feature of my car. For the first time I see something like this. Great thing!
Another driver, Krzysztof Kopi, claims to be an experienced driver and possesses reflective elements in his car, is the basis: "It's probably my sixth vest, but of course it will be useful. I travel frequently not only in Poland, but also abroad. It is important for me that I and my family feel safe.

According to the uniform recommendations, the stopover should only take place in car parks or on the so-called. "MOPs", that is places of service travelers.
If a vehicle breaks down and we are not able to drive to these parking lots, then - the cops advise - we drive down the emergency belts or if it is possible, on the green belt. "The point is that the vehicle, the driver and the passengers are as far away from the belts as possible," explains asp. It is important to notify the emergency services of the accident. This can be done with cell phones or payphone booths located every two kilometers on the highway.

How to behave during a highway accident - "pill":
Immediately with the passengers leave the vehicle through the right door on the side of the roadside.
Stop only on the emergency lane.
Remember to warn other highway users: turn on the emergency lights, put on a high visibility vest, set the warning triangle at a distance of about 100 meters.
With a triangle, move only the emergency belt or the green area.
Get help. Expect it at a safe distance from the vehicle in the green. Never cross the highway to call for help.

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People go to save frogs with wear safety vest

Protected toad gray has felt spring and masses are beginning to run out into the streets, often disappearing under the wheels of cars. With the help of Szczecin pupils, who, as "Gabi Patrol", clothed in special safety vests, with gloves on their hands and buckets under their arm, will rescue these extremely useful amphibians.

This is another type of action in Szczecin. Last year, the youngsters, their caretakers and employees of the Municipal Service Department rescued the 2004 frogs from passing wheels. This result motivates you to repeat the action.

The script every year is the same. Children come to the Coplanar Street rented by the Municipal Service Bus by bus. There is already an originator of this unparalleled action on the scale of the country, and its main lead - Isabella Granma from the Educational Dept. of Natural Resources "On the Deep" subject to the Department of Municipal Services. Rescue frogs are preceded by short theoretical and practical lessons where all participants learn the most important things about amphibians: why they are needed, how to deal with them, how to save them. Then children and curers move into the area. The group armed with reflective vests with the words "Gabi Patrol", gloves and bucket goes out to the street and collects the frog after the frog. For patrol safety, traffic is often stopped. Saved amphibians hit the shores of the Emerald Lake, where they are released into the water.

The first group of children in reflective clothing will meet at the Emerald Lake next Thursday at 10 o'clock. The inaugural ceremony will be held at the youngest of Kindergarten Branch No. 58.
Already in the area of the sensitive road Coplanar have been installed grids blocking the roadside to reduce the frequency of frogs going out into the street. Similar grids are also to be found on the street of the Barceló.


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Hanna gave the children reflective vests

Reflective vests, purchased for the amount of 84 thousand. Zł, is supposed to hit all local government kindergartens in the capital. M.st. Warsaw aims to raise children's awareness about the dangers of traffic. Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz gave the children reflective vests. In total, they bought 11 thousand.

The action is also meant to teach children safe movement around the city.
"I have to say that in Warsaw - compared to other capitals - the drivers are driving quite dangerous," she said during the Wednesday ceremony at the 237th preschool. Warsaw Mermaid Wola President of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. As she pointed out, "children are a treasure" and must therefore be "as conscious as possible of how to behave on the road".

In addition to the distribution of safety vests in kindergartens will be minimized with bicycles to learn the safe behavior of communication. Classes in kindergartens are run by the Social Prevention Section of the Road Traffic Department of the Police Headquarters. In these traffic towns, which we distribute in all kindergartens, children can, together with the police - the professional force - as well as the kindergarten teacher, who also knows the rules of traffic, in an attractive way, interactive learning behavior On the roadway - emphasized the president of Warsaw.

Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, addressing the youngest, explained that these treatments are intended to prepare them for "adult life". "Maybe you will have to go to school alone ... and then you'll be equipped with the knowledge how to behave in order to avoid an unfortunate accident," she added.
An interactive demonstration lesson for preschoolers was led by asp. staff. Robert Niedbałko from the Traffic Department of the Police Headquarters. Among the guests appeared, apart from the mayor of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, among others. Director of the Ewa Gawor Emergency and Emergency Management Bureau and Mayor of Wola Krzysztof Strzałkowski.

According to information m.st. In Warsaw in the years 2008-2013, 341 sets of "Baby in traffic - traffic minimization" were purchased in the years 2008-2013 with the value of about 435 thousand. Zł and 1728 bicycles for nearly 577 thousand. zł. In total, more than PLN 1 million was spent on activities to improve the safety of the youngest. Activities are part of the elaborated "Concept of improving traffic safety in the capital city of Warsaw".

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OC, helmet and reflective vest will save us

So according to experts from Traffic Safety should dress up a safe cyclist.
Around the subject of cyclists and bicycles has grown many myths. Some are regularly presented as proof that cyclists are evil. A long time ago, we overcame some of them. Now we are taking another.

In practically every discussion on bicycle or bicycle safety, voices pointing to concrete solutions, the introduction of which would ostensibly provide cyclists with road safety or general well-being of humanity. Some of these voices make sense; others thrown by online trolls are completely detached from reality. Today we will deal with the other.

No obligatory cycling card makes cyclists unable to ride
It's a pretty common myth that comes along with almost every discussion about the safety of cyclists or their place on the road.
About how inaccurate data is, for example, is provided by the Police Accident and Collision Reporting System. It follows that cyclists in safety vest have been found guilty of less than half of road events with their participation. In fact, this share has been falling steadily for years - in 2008 it was 47% and in 2011 it was only 43%.

For comparison - the percentage of accidents involving cyclists caused by car drivers is much higher. Drivers cause as much as 54% of road events involving cyclists. And despite the course, passing the exam and holding a license (driving license).

In fact, cyclists themselves often have a bicycle card or a driving license. It is estimated that up to 90% of those who in reflective vest ride bicycles own one of these documents. Besides, with our impaired training system, a cycling card does not give much.


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Cycle season started what should a cyclist know

The cycling season started. We remind you: cyclists are also road users and, in addition to their powers, also have duties they must respect. Let's take care of our safety with reflective vest together.

Cyclists are together with pedestrians called. Unprotected traffic participants. This means that they are not covered by bodywork, their vehicles are not protected by crush zones, and they do not have seat belts or airbags.

How to ensure safety on a paddock?
It is extremely important to have a bike equipped. According to the regulations in force, the bike should be equipped with:
- At the front - at least one color position light

White or yellow selective
- at least one red non-triangle red reflector and at least one red positioning light (these except red rear reflectors are not required when driving during the day), so if you do not plan to drive after dark, By law we can resign from the remaining lights)
- Turn signals, if the construction of the bike makes it impossible for us to indicate the direction of the turn with the hands
- At least one effective brake
- In a bell or other warning signal of non-sounding sound.

For our safety it is worth to wear a protective helmet. Police officers also encourage the wearing of reflective elements and vests. This increases the visibility of cyclists on the roads and speeds up the response time of drivers. Thus, seemingly important details can save someone's life.


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Colorful, cheerful, reflective for student’s safety

The "reflective school" aims to raise the awareness and safety of road users and promote the wearing of reflective elements.

Students and teachers made many interesting actions. The first and most important stage of the competition was to equip children with safety vest and reflective elements. This makes pupils feel safer during school trips and trips, but also on their way to and from school.

There were also many lessons and practical lessons that promoted safe behavior on the road. It is cheerful and colorful because it produces reflective magazines, drawings, posters, mockups, rhymes, etc. As part of the tasks, the school cooperated with various people and institutions: Public Library, Police Headquarters, Radio "RDN - Fire brigade in Tabors, medical rescuer Gregory and the parents and local community booklice.

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Speed limits abroad and mandatory equipment of the car

Due to the Vienna Convention, when traveling by car, we should not be punished abroad for improper car safety equipment. However, it is worth knowing what you should have in your vehicle when you are traveling, so that the police cannot be attached to us. Also note the differences in speed limits. It turns out that outside of Germany, we only legally ride 140 km / h on the motorway, while in Austria on a regular road outside the built-up area we can accelerate to 100 km / h.

According to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic of November 8, 1968, the police have no right to penalize a foreign driver for missing elements required in the country of origin of the police arresting him if his equipment conforms to the requirements of his home country. We are not always able to explain this to the police, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the regulations in other European countries. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your car for vacation abroad.

Previously, however, let's remember what we should have in a car in Poland. Mandatory equipment includes an approved warning triangle and a fire extinguisher with a valid expiry date. Reflective safety vest or first aid kit belongs to the recommended, not compulsory, car accessories. However, it must be borne in mind that since August 31, 2014, wearing a reflective vest when traveling on the road after dusk outside a built-up area where there is no sidewalk is compulsory. The maximum mandate for non-compliance with this order is 500 zlotys. Recommended items include such obvious things as a spare or an access wheel, a wrench and a lever.
Mandatory car equipment abroad

One of the most popular vacation destinations of Poles, where we choose our own car is Croatia. We must travel at least 1000 km and travel to at least 5 countries (with the target country). In Croatia it is mandatory to have a medical kit, a set of light bulbs and a reflective vest in the car. One of the most rigorous in this respect is Slovakia. There is not only a first aid kit, a waistcoat or a warning triangle. We also need to have bulbs, fuses, tow ropes, lifts, spare wheels, hoists and a wheel spanner. There is no obligation to own a fire extinguisher.

Coming to Germany we must have a reflective vest, a rubber gloves and a triangle. The same elements should be possessed by going to France. It is worth mentioning that there is no longer a mandatory obligation to have a mouth-watering device in France. This provision was in force only in 2012. In Italy, mandatory equipment includes a reflective vest and a warning triangle.

What about the obligation to drive at traffic lights? It is good to know that many countries have withdrawn from this duty and that driving around the clock with dipped or daylight (daytime) lights are only recommended. Yes in France, Holland, Germany, Austria.

In the case of foreign trips, it is impossible not to mention speed limits in other countries. When going on vacation we mainly use the motorways. The most important thing to know is that the permitted speed of 140 km / h on the motorway is only in Poland. In Germany there are no speed limits on the motorways, unless the signs indicate otherwise, and most other countries have a limit of 130 km / h. This applies to Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Italy and the Netherlands. In Belgium the maximum speed on the highway is 120 km / h.

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Promote reflective vests and safety

Fashion designers argue that it saves lives, and our reporter checks it in practice. The reflective vest is the heroine of a clip made by ... roadmen. Highway Action A2 that safe. It is to convince the youth that even though the vests are not very stylish, it is worth to wear them because they improve their safety.

The TVN24 reporter checked how much of the dressing he would wear at night. Pedestrians with a glare are visible from almost 100 meters, while a man in a black jacket appears without any reflective material in front of a mask unexpectedly, a dozen meters in front of the vehicle. In this situation, there is no time to react.

Security guarantor
How important is visibility on the road, also convinces Josef Clime, head of the Department of Road Traffic KMP in Poznan.

- Proper visibility is above all a guarantee of road safety. Then when we are visible, the driver can react and avoid the accident. The safe distance is the standard range of the main beam, 150 m. Such distance is sufficient to control the vehicle, provided that we are actually visible.

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The British protest against reflective vests

This is specifically about reflective vest modeled on police vests used by roadside motorists riding motorcycles. They have a distinctive cut and a black and white checkered strip. The main difference is Polite, instead of Police.

Where does this opposition come from? According to the initiators of the action, the use of such vests means that road users perceive motorcyclists as police officers, giving the unlicensed fore to two-wheeled fans. Interestingly, the petitioners are ... motorcyclists, and some of their arguments are in our opinion borrowed from Monty Python. Ed Elliott, representing people who have problems with high visibility vests, claims that "they destroy the cool image of motorcyclists." In addition, "motorcyclists are replaced on the roads by yellow minnows", and "individuals using vests go to the police, and that is not helpful or wise at all." The petition is addressed to not just anyone, because it was Prime Minister David Cameron.

What is going on? We do not know very well, but it certainly is another version of the British sense of humor understood only for the people of the British Isles. We know for sure that the vests with the inscription "Polkas" (instead of Police) and modeled on police safety vests are quite popular among Polish motorcyclists. Do you have a problem with that?

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Running and cycling at night with reflective material

When cycling or running at night, take care of your own safety. Visibility on the road will provide clothing with reflective tape or special stickers, tape or wrist bands to reflect light. The duty of lighting the bicycle is based on the rules of the Road Code.
Belts, tapes, reflective stickers or vests can be purchased in hypermarkets, bicycles, motorized and sports stores, on the Internet or even at gas stations. Single glare is about 2-6 gold. A reflective vest costs about 10 zlotys.

Running in the dark - clothes, tapes, reflective bands
Smaller pistons in the streets or lack of time for daytime training are some of the reasons for running at night. Decide on your activity after dark, you should take care of your own safety. Visibility on the road will provide glare. Useful accessories for runners are, for example, reflective wristbands or self-adhesive tapes that can be glued to clothing. When shopping for sportswear (trousers, jackets, blouses, sweatshirts), choose models that already have reflective elements on. Stickers reflecting light on legs or arms will make the runner visible to the driver of the car from a distance of 200 meters.

Running at night in the woods - a running torch
A headlamp will be useful during night training on uneven and completely undisturbed terrain, such as in the woods. The lamp is mounted on the head, you do not have to hold it in your hands while running, and its light falls precisely in front of the runner. It is good to stock up on spare batteries. It's wise to go for group work, and if that's not possible, just run the paths that you learned during the day. It is also worth mentioning the family or roommates where they go and have the GPS enabled on the phone. It is best to run in the woods when it is dry. Overcrowding on slippery mud or leaves can end up in an injury.

Bicycle lighting - recipes
The most important element of bike equipment at night is lighting. A cyclist who uses roads is required to follow road rules. According to the Road Code, the bike should be equipped with at least one front position light (white or yellow selective). At the rear, the vehicle must have a positioning lamp and reflective reflector other than a triangle. Both rear bumper lights should be in red. To be more visible on the road at night, the cyclist may additionally wear headlamps on the head. Just remember that it cannot be mounted less than 25 centimeters and higher than 1.5 meters from the surface of the road.

Should a cyclist have a vest?
In the light of traffic laws, reflective vests are not compulsory during bicycle journeys. The cyclist should, however, have reflective elements on the garment or the helmet, such as stickers, tapes, bands. In addition, stickers or bicycle wheels can be added to reflect light.


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