Protection vest for Ventura nozzle

Ventura Protective Ventilator Motorcycle safety jackets ship for most elbow and shoulder shells required for CE certification, but OEMs often offer optional back protectors. In this way, Buzzard has his Ventura protection vest, to wear under a jacket or vest to be fully protected.

On the design side, the reflective vest has a fabric construction Mesh polyamide for optimal comfort with an anatomical design to stay closer to the body. The Ventura descends to the last lumbar vertebrae for maximum absorption in case of impact. Sleeveless, it is easily worn under the biker's clothes. Side adjustments, the Ventura are adjusted with an elastic neoprene belt.

The dorsal is certified EN 1621-2 level 2. Sold sizes S to 2XL, the Buses Ventura safety vest is sold 119.95 €. The German brand is distributed in France by the Moto Expert network.

Characteristics Ventura Vest
Mesh fabric construction for optimal comfort
Neoprene support belt
Back protector approved EN 1621-2 level 2
Anatomical design to stay closer to the body
Materials: 85% Polyamide - 15% Eastham

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The strides of the commune are approaching

Thursday, Catherine Blanchard, the chair of the festival committee has gathered the volunteers of Course Foulest, handed out the yellow vests, which will take place Sunday, October 15, to define the tasks of each. She detailed the course of the trail version introduced for the second year.

She also reminded the safety instructions for signalers posted at crossings, wearing safety vest and signs. The prefecture has made an order for this race: the vehicles traveling on the roads can be stopped momentarily by the signalers the time to let the participants pass. Trail circuits are 10 or 16 km for runners, and 6 km for walkers. Most of these routes are on hiking trails. Departure and arrival are provided at the gym in the village of the town.

Catherine Blanchard also told each volunteer how the organization unfolds; recalling that, like every year, 1 euro per participant will be donated to the Dordogne Cancer League.

New this year, on the sidelines of the race, Marie-Christine and Vital Tonic association will offer parents wishing to participate in the race to keep their children wear reflective vest in the gym for a game of Sumba Kid, against the sum of 2 Euros which will be entirely donated to the League.

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The safety equipment that must be inside a car

Reminder of the mandatory equipment to be possessed in the cabin of a car and, failing the applicable sanctions: breathalyzer, safety vest, warning triangle, spare wheel, bonfires, and untainted front windows

For safety reasons, the regulations require all motorists to carry a certain amount of equipment on board their vehicle. Consult in this process the material you must hold in all circumstances, those that are only optional, but also the risks you incur in case of failure to hold any of these accessories.

Compulsory equipment to be held in a vehicle
The safety vest and the warning triangle are necessary. Every motorist must have in the cockpit of his vehicle, a reflective vest and a warning triangle. This equipment allows them to be seen by other users in case of breakdown or accident, and thus guarantee the safety of everyone. As regards the safety vest, it must comply with the regulations and therefore be "CE" approved. It must be placed in the cockpit, in an easily accessible place and must be put on before leaving the immobilized vehicle.

The warning triangle must bear the words "E 27 R". This indication guarantees that it is a certified material. The triangle can be placed in the trunk or in the passenger compartment. It must be installed at a distance of about 30 meters from the vehicle or the obstacle unless this installation poses a risk for your own safety. Also remember to signal the immobilization of your vehicle by lighting your hazard warning vest and lights. If you are not in possession of any of these devices, you risk a fine of up to € 375.


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The yellow vest for children’s safety at school

Since 2015, Franck Montage was the "yellow vest" of Jacques-Pervert school. In a contract assisted, the 52-year-old man was responsible for security around the establishment and maintenance of the premises until Friday. He left around 4:40 pm, to the applause of more than a hundred students, accompanied by parents and teachers, symbolically dressed in the reflective vest. "Must be human, I went to the classrooms to inform them that Franck was leaving us and remind them of the safety rules to be held on Monday, "explains director Maria.

With the end of his contract, the reasoned traffic in the rue du Helot could be questioned. "Since his arrival, people were quieter because he gave a face to security. If there is more Franck, people will start parking everywhere, "laments Corinne in safety vest, parent of students. His departure will be followed by that of Secretary Karina Champion in late October.


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Questions about the safety of fishing boats

The search continued Tuesday for a second day in a row in Gaspésie to find a 53-year-old man without wearing safety vest fell into the waters of the St. Lawrence River on Sunday night. The man was handling the parvenu (stabilizer) of the Simian ship when it made a fall. This drama revives the issue of safety aboard fishing boats.

Since July 13, Transport Canada has tightened the rules for fishing vessels. Safety equipment is mandatory and must be adapted to the length of the vessel. Although templates are available on the ministry website, the written procedures do not have to be approved by inspectors. Is it any wonder that the man was not wearing his flotation jacket? No, since the fishermen admit from the start not to wear it, because of their movements which are limited.

"When (the fishermen) go out on deck, it's to work," said Sylvain Dionne, who has now retired from fishing. It is very cumbersome. How would you wear a raincoat and a coat with a similar affair? The raincoat, we have to wear it, otherwise you're wet! “The belt, however, can only prolong the survival of a man already at sea. It does not prevent accidents. At the Committee on Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST), upstream work with the master is preferred to ensure that crew members are familiar with the equipment and procedures emergency.

"The primary goal of CNESST is to eliminate risks at the source," explained Communications Manager Maxima Boucher. We want to get workers and employers to eliminate those risks. In the context of falling overboard, it is understood that the wearing of a life jacket will always be strongly recommended. But it will always be a means of secondary security. It may be possible to recover the worker more quickly if he falls, but the primary goal is to eliminate the fall overboard. "

A fisherman, who does not wish to be identified, lamented the lack of realism of some training exercises. He gives as an example a recovery training of unconscious men fell to the sea offered ... in the pool! According to him, this training does not prepare to face conditions like last Sunday in Sainte-Anne-des-Mints: waves of three meters, a wind of 50 kilometers / hour, heavy showers, and water cold of the river.

In addition, at the end of the fishing season, as was the case for the Simian crew, the numbers are often reduced. At the time of the tragedy, the captain was alone with his fisherman. "Two is the bare minimum, explained the former fisherman Sylvain Dionne. Normally, it's at least three. Of course it depends on the type of fishing ... but it's at least three!" The CNESST and Transport Canada reports on this accident are expected in the coming months.


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You don’t need to wear safety vest in office

The construction of the VR 52 is technical. Very technical (read our edition of September 28th). But it is not only the manufacture of diaphragm walls and the digging of the hopper that require sharp studies. Security, inside and around the site, is an essential point.

If the teams rotate, the workers in safety vest spend a lot of time on the site. And the duration of the work (five years) implies optimal working conditions, in temporary structures ... designed to stay in place for a certain moment. Thus, gravel roads make it possible to visit the site and the modular structures installed next to the sludge plant.

Push the door and take off your regular outfit: boots or safety shoes, helmet and fluorescent vest. Here are offices. There is also a meeting room, a refectory, toilets, changing rooms; showers ... On the first floor, here are the offices of Demote Bard, which oversees all the companies involved in the project.

"The site facilities are provided for in specific clauses, which appear in the contracts signed with companies," says Stephan in reflective vest, deputy head of the Dread Division (Regional Directorate for the Environment, Planning and Development).


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Police let children wear the safety vests daily

The school beginners in the district of Hansberger are equipped with reflective accessories, among other things so-called Caner, so that they are easily recognizable in road traffic.

Three policemen are in the hall of the Massac School in Hanford, but none of the children are frightened - on the contrary, two of them are still very familiar. The traffic educators Police chief Dominique Heim and chief commissioner Manfred Stuller were already with them in kindergarten. This visit has made an obvious impression because they still know what a safe school path is important, as a small quick query showed.

Click - almost like handcuffs!
In order to make the path even safer, when the darker season is coming, the traffic watchers Hapsburgs spend the rest of the year on reflective clothing. Stefan Scherer, clerk of traffic, showed with his safety jacket impressively, what difference makes the right clothes. And so the girls and boys of 1c and 1d stood back stretched their arms, so that each wrist could be provided with a reflective band. To the other classes, headmaster Gisela Schott will hand over the tapes in the next days. The police officers will be on the road for a few more days, and then all the first years will be equipped with safety belts. "For your children are our treasures," said Stefan Scherer as he left. Reflective clothing also existed for the 47 first classes of the "Johann Baptist Grasser Elementary School" Elman on their second day of school, so that they are now being particularly noticed by the other traffic participants as "yellow angels".

Wide visible
Stefan Scherer from the police inspectorate Hanford told the children: "Through the reflection materials of the safety vestiges you are already well seen from a distance of 140 meters away. Darkly dressed children can recognize a driver in the spotlight only 25 meters before - too late to stop in time".
However, the success of the action is also due to the fact that the children are actually wearing the safety vests. Teachers and parents should take care that the children wear the safety vests daily. Stefan Scherer urged the boys and girls to do so. This is especially important in autumn and in the winter semester. With enthusiasm, the students took their safety vest and caps and also promised to wear them regularly.

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1600 children shine in the dark

Representatives of all Zorach kindergartens have recently been taken by Gabriele Blum, head of the children's day-care center in the Unocal district, and Michaela Sutherlin, director of the municipal nursery school Barambah and the Villa Lila, security reflective vest by the branch manager Tim Leis of the Blank. A total of 1,600 children receive a safety vest in their children's day care facilities.

"We are delighted that we can equip the children with safety equipment for trips or on the way to and from the kindergarten, as safety is a priority, so the early sensitization of the children is particularly important for the dangers in road traffic," show Blum and Sterling the benefits of the warning vests.

The BB Bank supports projects in the fields of social, education, science, culture and sport all over Germany.

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The police employ asylum seekers in safety vest as pupils

A retired policeman formed twelve men and women with safety clothing who will work at the Escher from the beginning of school.

Asylum seekers are being employed in the student service from Bad Asch. Twelve refugees, including three women, completed an intensive training course, which was conducted in cooperation with the city police in reflective vest and the retired policeman Reinhardt Held. The Larder has already initiated such a project in several municipalities in the district.

"All efforts in the last years to find honorary officials for this task have failed," says SP mayor Hanes Heidi. The asylum seekers are looking forward to the opportunity to work. Their area of use includes dangerous roads in the vicinity. They have an official identity card and are equipped with a safety vest and safety bar. The pilots have the right to inform and inform passengers of their duties.

"The asylum seekers can prove this way that they want to integrate into our country," says SP-social town councilor Ines Schiller. "There are only positive feedbacks in those communities where they are already active in student rescue."


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Practiced traffic rules with the preschoolers for safety

The Bourassa mascot has practiced traffic rules with the preschoolers of Villa, this is to keep the road safety and protect children’s safer. Excited is the four-year-old Max in his Bourassa jersey in the entrance area of the children's playground Villa. "I'm a football fan," he grins, and can hardly wait to see the Bourassa mascot's boy.

The occasion for the visit of the foal is a project for the transport education of the police for preschool children. Although Erwin Henchman, the traffic safety officer at the police station, has already explained to the 45 schoolchildren of the Villa how to move safely in road traffic, the visit of Junker is intended to increase the learning effect. "The children are to show the children today what they have learned from us," says Henchman. "He's something of an amplifier."

When the mascot finally appears after a long wait, the children’s eyes light up. Excited, some children are running towards disciples. "Halloo," they shout, hug him and shake his hand. Others tend to be shy at a distance and wave to him. "Boa, it's big," they whisper. After the first excitement, they all sing the "boys song", which they have rehearsed for the visit.

For the schoolchildren there is still a gift: neon colored safety vest. These will be borne by the children in the future when they are on the road. Before, however, they show the police what they have learned about safety in traffic. They thus describe how they cross a road without a drive and how they behave between cars parked on the roadside. Henchman is proud of his protégés. "You've kept everything, that's great," the policeman rejoiced. Niece Hofer is also satisfied: "It is important that we make the children fit for the traffic," she says. "We integrate the topic into everyday life as often as possible."

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