The students come with helmets and safety vest

Like the students enrolled in the school 'Constitution of 1812' of Leganes.
The Association of Mothers and Fathers of students of the public school 'Blas Lebo' of Parlay have also agreed to take their children on Friday with helmet and reflective vest to protest the delay in the expansion works of the center, which will not be finished.

The new classroom with four new classes had to be completed on August 31, but the building is still under construction and the center's management will have to prepare other spaces, according to the AMPA. He parents have also questioned that the sports court included in the project of the Ministry of Education is not completed either.

The measure of bringing schoolchildren with helmets and safety vest is similar to the one that will also be adopted today by the AMPA of the 'Constitution de 1812' school in Leganes. The government team of the Parlay City Council had transferred in several meetings to the Directorate of Territorial Area of Madrid South the need to have the works completed for the start of the course.

The works were tendered in March 2017, consisted of the expansion with four more classrooms for primary education. The high visibility vest will be equipped for their safe. In addition, a new sports court with a base budget of about 737,000 Euros.


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Cycle with lights and reflective vest to avoid abuses

Agents of the Provincial Police, assigned to the Traffic Area, have been observing the presence of cyclists who circulate in conditions of low luminosity without basic elements of light that guarantee their visibility, such as reflective garments. It is safety material to be seen by the other users of the road, which reduces the risk of being run over.

According to regulations, vehicles are that circulate "between sunset and sunrise or at any time of day in the tunnels, underpasses and track sections affected by the 'tunnel' signal must have the corresponding lighting on.”
The General Circulation Regulation establishes that "bicycles, in addition, will be equipped with reflective elements" and that "when the use of lighting is mandatory, bicycle drivers will also carry some reflective vest that allows drivers and others users distinguish them at a distance of 150 meters, if they circulate by interurban route ", the Feral Police has recalled in a note.

The standard also details the devices that must incorporate bicycles to travel at night or in "meteorological or environmental conditions that significantly reduce visibility": front and rear position lights, rear and optionally on the spokes of the wheels and pedals. In Navarra, between 2010 and 2015, there were 171 accidents with cyclists, with the result of 12 deaths (three on urban roads and nine on interurban roads), 37 seriously injured, and 133 slightly injured. For this reason, the Provincial Police has recalled the need to use all these security measures, whose failure "poses a serious risk to the cyclist and other road users.”

Recently the Government of Navarra, through the Navarra Road Safety Strategy, has published a brochure entitled 'Live in a safe bike', which includes tips and guidelines to improve the safety of cyclists. 32000 copies will be distributed in schools, health centers, bicycle clubs, shops selling and repairing bicycles and groups related to this activity. The free distribution of a red rear light for the bicycle is also envisaged.

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Reflective vests for cyclists and motorcyclists

The national deputy Juan Manuel Perini and the attorney of the PJ Marcelo Domecq delivered this morning reflective vests to cyclists and motorcyclists. "With the idea of improving road safety and reducing the number of fines, we deliver refractory vests at strategic points in the province," said the candidate for provincial deputy.

The operation in question was carried out on Laver Avenue and National Route 11, a point in the city of Resistencia with a large flow of traffic of cyclists and motorcyclists. "The idea is to promote road safety in key places in the province," added Perini.

Next week the operations in the provincial interior will continue with the delivery of vests and helmets, more information on road safety. "There was excellent acceptance from the people who understood the importance and stressed that it is something useful that they are really going to use daily in fact. The police were present, but the people stopped without needing to be stopped. You can see the very good work of Domecq, a conscious population with a very high average wearing helmets and yellow vest,” concluded Perini.


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Alburtis launches a road safety campaign

The company of the Alburtis group, has launched the road safety campaign Protect yourself behind the barrier! To make drivers aware of the danger to which they are exposed when they get off their vehicle on the highway.

At the accident level, the trend over the past three years is that pedestrians represent about 12% of fatalities due to traffic accidents, Utopists said in a statement on Tuesday. Although the risk of having an accident on the motorway is four times lower than on conventional roads, factors such as speed, traffic intensity and lack of perception of danger can cause a dangerous situation on the part of drivers who go down your vehicle on the highway.

For this reason, standing on the shoulder, putting on the reflective vest, and placing yourself behind the safety barrier are some of the tips that Utopists offers to users to ensure maximum safety.

In addition, from this month of July, the company will provide customers who are involved in a breakdown or incidence on the highway a road safety kit with necessary reflective material to increase safety and comfort in emergency situations in those cases where those that can be delivered in safe conditions.


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The discussion of safety in the enclosure

The FPV deputy Paula Penance recalled that "we have discussed this issue a lot and in depth" and affirmed, "With this regulation, motorcycle vehicle users without protection vest are stigmatized; It has to do with campaigning this project in favor of the 'fight against motorcycles'."

"They are willing to advance with the stigmatization only to campaign, but do not take into account. This project has many points that do not contribute to citizen security," he said, and remarked "motorcycle drivers finally end up exposed to a situation much higher risk, because nobody goes out to steal with his own motorcycle. Then the time of the robbery will last even longer since the victim will have to take off his vest to give it to the thief.”

In turn, the legislator of Common Good Gustavo Vera explained, "this is a smokescreen, there is no statistic that would contribute to this type of regulations" and added "they come to talk about citizen security when they do not even have regulations. The Security Law that we voted for, and they want to put refractory safety vest on people who drive motorcycles."

In addition, he indicated that "this is a circus and a bullfight, have 2 heads of the City Police involved in court cases and want to violate the rights of our citizens." The deputy of Suma Marcelo stressed, "We are very concerned about the general security situation of our City, so we have discussed with vehemence about this project within our own block.” In addition, indicated, "we will accompany this project and we are based on the fact that we have always been a constructive opposition that is why we are willing to vote laws that protect our own security.”

On this same line, Gorman said, "7 years ago this Legislature approved a law almost identical to the one we are currently dealing with" and asked, "how many laws do we have to sanction so that they are enforced?”
In turn, the FIT legislator Laura Maroni considered that "this law does not resolve the issue of insecurity, but on the contrary, subjects motorcycle users to a situation of vulnerability" and stated, "they are trying to make a stigmatizing speech towards the motor, their rights are being violated.” In addition, he said that with this regulation "they are not taking into account that a refractory vest is easier to forge and will lead to the creation of twin reflective vests".

For its part, the president of the Parodist Bloc, Maria Rosa Moines, said that the legislation does not provide any information on whether or not there have increased cases of assaults on motorcycles, among other issues. In turn, he insisted, "we do not agree with people having to be identified with the number of the patent given that they are not an object, so it would not be pertinent for this to happen.”

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Mandatory porting of reflective vest in vehicles

Although from January 1 all cars must have one, no fines will be issue. Within days of the deadline, demand for the product has doubled. To 17 days that begins to rule the decree that forces motorists to carry in their vehicles a reflective vest, the demand for the product has doubled in stores that sell it.

Given this situation, and considering the proximity of dates in which a large number of people go on vacation, Carabineers explained that during the first weeks in which the rule is in force parties would not sent to those who do not take it.
"A white march will be enforced by this decree. This is how they done with these cases, especially in relation to traffic and what have to do with infractions, "explained Colonel Prefect of Roads and Transit, Enrique Mona. Since Carabineers added that, the control over this issue will have an educational focus.

"There is a greater demand at the moment, but this is a norm that came out in 2014 and for which campaigns are being held to remind people that from January 1 they should wear the vest," the official stressed.
The decree -published in the Official Gazette on September 6, 2014- requires that all vehicles include in their safety kit the reflective vest, but the use of the equipment is only a recommendation, not mandatory, since for this to be the case, that modify the Traffic Law. According to the National Traffic Safety Commission, in the last decade more than six thousand people have died because of road and highway abuses. "This is why this is a priority measure in terms of traffic safety," said Christian Bowen, Undersecretary of Transportation.

From the Ministry of Transport detailed that the change made by decree because it would come into effect more expeditiously than by doing so through a legal change. However, they advanced that during the debate that takes place in the Congress in relation to a project that modifies the Traffic Law - filed last August -, it could include indications on the obligatory nature of the use of the vest.

The price of the vest in the trade varies between $ 1,990 and $. 10,990. From the Easy store, one of the points of sale, indicate, "In recent months there has been more interest in these reflective vests. In fact, in several products of the same category we have an over-demand of 50%.”

Regarding the color of the vest, the decree indicates that it should be yellow and made with fluorescent material. In addition, you must have horizontal bands of a width of not less than 50 centimeters that surround the torso. About the price of the item, Alberto Escobar, public affairs manager of Automobile Club Chile, said it should not exceed $ 5,000. "The cheaper the fluorescent vest will be of lower quality, one with good quality and durability should not exceed that price," he said.


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Reflective vest will be mandatory for motorists

The measure seeks to prevent accidents occur in places with poor visibility, and if not respected risks a fine that fluctuates between 0.2 and 0.5 UTM.

The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications reported a new modification to the Traffic Law that currently prevails in the country. As of January 1, 2016, motorists must travel obligation with a reflective vest, as a precaution against a mechanical failure in places with poor visibility.

The garment added to the extinguisher and the safety triangle as indispensable objects in all machinery of this type, along with two safety wedges and a first aid kit for school transport vehicles.

It must be of high visibility and contain fluorescent yellow material in addition to retro reflective material. The authorities recommended that the object be in the glove compartment or a place close to the driver, so that if required, you can get off the car with it on.

It is worth mentioning that those who do not respect the measure must cancel a fine that fluctuates between 0.2 and 0.5 UTM.

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They advise to wear reflective vest during Easter

The Touring and Automobile Club Paraguay issued a series of recommendations for citizens during Holy Week, so that they are not part of the list of the injured. One of the tips is that in addition to motorcyclists, also pedestrians and those who drive automobiles use yellow vests.

Paula Amoroso, head of social responsibility and communications of the Tacky, spoke in conversation with the editorial office of TODAY that they decided to issue several recommendations, following the cases of accidents of transits, many of them with fatal derivation, which are recorded in a traditional manner during the holy days.
For drivers, it is recommended to take the green card, driving record and identity card, use safety belt, reflective vest, and beacon, respect the traffic signals, and not drink alcoholic drinks, among others.

For motorcyclists, use the helmet and the reflective vest, walk on the road, with the lights and rear-view mirrors, do not go ahead on the right side, carry the green card, driving record and identity card, do not drink alcoholic beverages, etc. . . .
For pedestrians, they recommend wearing reflective clothing or reflective vest to be visible to drivers, cross in pedestrian strips, not use the cell phone while walking, and for those traveling in buses, not stay in the footrests during the journey it is done.

"Many pedestrians are wearing very dark clothing and at night they cannot be seen by drivers. That is why we advise you to wear vests in mass activities, because you cannot see them. In the interior of the country, we had many cases of people who go down the road and run over, "Amoroso explained.

The person in charge said that citizens who do not have a reflective vest could use light colored clothing, especially white clothes.
On the other hand, he stressed that not only the pedestrian and the motorcyclist should wear the reflective vest, but also the driver of the vehicle. "Many people have problems with the vehicle and get out of it and not having the vest, is the victim of a crash. We already had several of these cases. That is why we advise that when you are driving, the safety vest be used, "he stressed.

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The reflective vest in Neuquén will be mandatory

The bill approved today unanimously in the Legislature.
Now, to travel through the province of Neuquén, it will be mandatory to use the reflective vest within the security elements to be able to travel by car or any means of transport.

The project voted during the day today and achieved unanimous approval. In this way, it is included as Article 11, and thus introduces a modification to Law 2178, which is the provincial adherence to the National Traffic Law 24,449 / 95.

The measure seeks to add the safety vest to the rest of the security elements, in case the motorist must get off the vehicle. In the initiative, mention is made of the experience of the neighboring country of Chile that has a similar norm. The reflective vest shall be a garment made of fluorescent material that emits optical radiation of a wavelength greater than that absorbed.

The garment must be yellow and have two bands of retro reflective material of a width of not less than 50 mm each. The bands will arrange horizontally, surrounding the torso, separated by a minimum distance of 50 mm from the lower edge of the yellow vest.


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Local Police in reflective vest joins the campaign

The road is dangerous, especially at night. Every year, there are many people died in the road accidents, the night is low light, and drivers cannot see the workers without high visibility vest clearly, when they are driving.

As indicated by the Citizen Security Delegation of Cordoba City Council, the reason for this joint campaign with the DGT is that all users of the road are aware that "prevention and prudence is not only important during circulation, but also in case of stop before a possible breakdown, by accident, or by decision of the driver ". The safety equipment of the car is necessary for keeping the road safety.

In this case, and in order to "guarantee the safety of the users" it is "essential", as detailed, to bear in mind the obligation to carry in the vehicle "two hazard warning triangles and at least one high visibility reflective vest", and to use said measures in case of stop, breakdown or accident.


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