Citizens in reflective vest clean the city together

After the success of last year, Saturday, April 5, the ecological day promoted by the environmental office of the municipality, dedicated to the cleanliness of the country and its green spaces. The initiative is open to everyone: citizens, associations and schools. For an entire morning, adults and children in reflective vest will be busy removing the waste from the gardens and other public spaces in the city.

The meeting of the participants is scheduled at 9.00 am at the municipal office in Piazza. Some groups will be organized, each of which will take care of the cleaning of a specific area. The end of the activities is scheduled for 12.30. You can contribute to the success of the initiative even just by reporting a place of abandonment of waste, which will be the object of intervention. It is recommended to wear suitable clothing, with long pants and closed shoes. Those who carry out the cleaning along the road must also use the high visibility vest.

Participants will be given a safety kit with the equipment necessary for cleaning and some small gadgets. The tools for collection (pincers, gloves and bags) and gadgets will be provided by Public.


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The EN 471 approved reflective waistcoat

In the city the main cause of accidents is due to the poor perception of motorcyclists by motorists, it is advisable to wear high visibility garments.

When we talk about technical clothing with high visibility, regularly, the proponents of the total black look turn up their noses, the use of fluorescent clothes (especially when driving naked and custom) will be a little cool, but we must give priority to safety, be noted certainly contributes to the safeguard of our safety. Teaching comes from French motorcyclists who have been wearing reflective garments for a long time, and this smart fashion has infected even the North European bikers. Now it is up to us to adapt! It is not essential to buy expensive motorcycle clothing with reflective bands, but just choose a reflective vest approved according to EN 471 CE. It must be underlined that for motorcycle use the "emergency" or "work" vests are not indicated, so it is advisable to buy a specific one, for example the OJ VIS, so the fluttering effect is avoided.

The importance of the EN 471 homologation
The provision establishes precise parameters for the approval of high visibility clothing. By purchasing an approved garment, we will be sure that our presence will be visually signaled in any daylight condition and in the light of vehicle headlights in the darkness. The standard is divided into three levels, with regard to the reflecting surface, two levels, however, for the photometric characteristics of the reflecting material, however, the fundamental data to be considered are those printed on the labels:
- Manufacturer's data
- Identification of the product (code)
- Specification size according to EN 340
- Approval according to EN 471
The retro-reflective bands must be at least 50mm wide. The most indicated colors are the following: fluorescent yellow, fluorescent red, fluorescent orange-red.
An approved fluorescent garment preserves the brightness of retro-reflective materials even after rain, bending and dry cleaning.

OJ Metropolitan Atmospheres offers in its collection the Vis Yellow vest, a technical article in high visibility polyester, perfectly meeting the criteria required by the EN 471 standard, with more interesting construction features that make it comfortable and valid even in long transfers. In fact, it is equipped with chest adjustment and double chest adjustment; it adheres perfectly to the underlying jacket without fluttering, at any pace. In addition, there are two capacious and useful pockets with zip closure. Trying it on a brisk day and in the dark hours, it was easy to see how the fluorescence during the day and the reflective bands at night make their work very well, highlighting the presence of the motorcyclist.


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The return of the vigilant grandparents in reflective vest

At the reopening of schools, next September, the vigilant grandparents will also return with wearing reflective vest. Until a couple of years ago they were regular and friendly figures, present in the early morning and at the time of the exit with their bibs and paddles to welcome and let the children of elementary and middle schools safely pass through. Also thanks to their presence, the parents trusted to leave the children the autonomy to move and get home and the awareness campaigns were possible to avoid using the car up to the threshold of the institute. For the last two years, however, municipal police officers, whenever and wherever possible, took their place, and their watchful grandparents suddenly disappeared.

At that point, the City of Trento gave the commander of the firefighters to carry out the investigations to assess if there are alternative routes and now the solution seems to have been found. Last September, the municipal council gave the green light to an experiment, carried out outside the primary school, entrusting the local Senior Center with the task of carrying out the assistance service. At the end of the year, the result is positive: urged by the president of the district Armando Stefani, some pensioners have come forward who have enrolled in the Senior Center precisely with the intention of taking service with orange vest as a vigilant grandfather. In addition, they did it with enthusiasm as evidenced by the letter published on the Adige a few days ago in which they define the "fantastic and wonderful" experience.

If the same desire to do will be found on the rest of the territory from September, the watchful grandparents will reappear in a compact way. Meanwhile, the City has prepared the ground by drafting a regulation for the regulation of the service, approved by the junta at the last session. In order not to run into the ban on pay, the fee of 4 Euros for each presence in front of a school will be paid directly to the associations in the name and on behalf of which the watchful grandparents will be available. The money collected will be used to pay insurance policies, with mandatory coverage against the risks of civil liability for damages caused to third parties, and what will remain will collect the associations, presumably elderly circles but not only. Supervisory grandparents will instead intervene purely as volunteers.

The "Discipline for the school surveillance service" provides that the Municipality does not assume responsibility for accidents in which the volunteers were to incur.
The operators identified by the participating organizations will have to participate in a special security briefing held by the local police and the associations will be assigned an endowment of 4 high visibility vests and 4 pallets with the word "school surveillance" in addition to the ordinance hats. The applications for membership must be submitted by 30 April each year and by 30 June; the Municipality will identify the organizations responsible for supervising the stations for the following school year. For the first year, however, given the tight schedule, the mayor will raise awareness of the clubs to come forward.

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Clover: high visibility vest S-W

October 22, 2014 - S-W is a hyperventilated vest in 3D mesh, with neon yellow inserts. The three-dimensional network creates an air gap between the outer reflective fabric and the body, allowing better air circulation

S-W is a hyperventilated vest in 3D mesh, with neon yellow inserts to guarantee high visibility. The three-dimensional network creates an air gap between the outer fabric and the body, allowing better air circulation. It is convertible from summer to winter use. Thanks to the elasticized insert on the sides that can be opened with a zip, it can be worn on light garments (closed expansion) or on top of a heavier safety jacket in winter.

Technical features
Outer fabrics: Nylon HT 300 DHT
Provision for CE back protection (art.1283 / 1284)
4 front pockets
Thorax-waist-hip volume adjustment by side zip
Front and rear laminated reflective material for night visibility


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Reflective socks for motorcycle Pippin

Toucan Urbane has created some reflective socks to go on a motorcycle. This is the Toucan Urbane Pippin, which adds a reflective band at the ankles. The Toucan Urbane Pippin is reflective socks for motorbikes and scooters. They wear a reflective band at the ankles, just at the exact point between the union of the pants and the boot.

With these reflective socks will increase our security, under the maxim of "see and be seen".
The idea is very accurate and the name of Pippin comes from the famous tale for children Pippin Long stocking. The socks are long and comfortable for the seasons in which we ride on motorbike at lower temperatures. The reflective fabric of these motorcycle socks includes Thermopile thermal thread that provides more comfort without added weight and move moisture away from our skin.

Toucan Urbane Pippin motorcycle socks are available in three colors: with colored stripes and black with stripes) and sizes ranging from 35 to 46. The price of Toucan Urbane Pippin socks is 14.90 Euros.


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A reflective tubular improves the safety at night

Original Buff presents its new tubular Reflective Buff, an accessory that improves the safety of all those who practice their favorite sports outdoors and at night.

Made of 100% microfiber and without seams, the multifunctional Reflective Buff tubular offers maximum comfort and prevents chafing on the skin as well as controlling humidity and odors thanks to the Polygene treatment.

The reflective elements are distributed throughout the entire model and can be seen in low visibility conditions at a distance of up to 150m.

For this autumn-winter season 2016-2017, the new Reflective Buff presents eight different models that include solid colors such as black, fuchsia and yellow or fun prints that will make running or cycling, for example, safer.

In addition, some of its models with reflective material have been designed under the parameters of the concept 'Mix & Match' developed by the brand, by which you can combine this tubular with different caps to set.


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New fluorescent collection for road visibility

Introducing our new collection of cycling "FLUOR ADDICTION", composed of four sets of four amazing fluorescent colors. The PLUTON top and shorts are what shape the collection, resulting in garments never seen before. In addition to being stylish, they provide an extra safety on the road as they increase the visibility of the cyclist who wears it. This adds to other technical details for road safety such as the reflective cuffs that make up the culottes, especially useful when the light is lower.

The collection "FLUOR ADDICTION" looks for those overwhelming personalities, daring, wanting to make a difference and leave more than one mouth open on the road. The fluorine trend, which has survived so many seasons, is now at its best in this collection, ideal to highlight your tan even more this summer. For those who do not want to wear the monochrome set, either of the two garments is perfectly combinable with other black or plain, without losing a bit of personality in the attempt.

The successful PLUTON set, composed of the summer jersey and culottes, is what shapes the collection. Both safety garments have technical characteristics that meet the needs of the most demanding cyclist. The jersey is a sophisticated garment, with a full zipper. It incorporates the drying fabric on the front. It acts like a second skin, is very soft touch, and offers excellent in-out perspiration. It adapts perfectly to the morphology of each body without leaving wrinkles or imperfections, providing excellent comfort to the cyclist during exercise.

It incorporates a V-neck and long sleeves up to the elbows, following the current trends of professional cycling. These micro perforated and breathable sleeves are made with fabric, a special Taylor fabric that prevents wind friction and optimizes aerodynamics on the bike. It also protects the arm even more from the impact of the sun. The garment, on its sides and back, is composed of Ultra Violet-Mesh, a fabric that ensures that UV rays do not transpire and touch directly to the skin, eroding it in long-lasting outings. In addition, its cut minimizes chafing and provides total comfort to the cyclist.

Taylor Fluor On the other hand, the culottes, made almost entirely with the Pluto fabric, ensures the necessary compression of the muscles involved in pedaling, oxygenating it, and avoiding the boat and the concentration of fatigue. The reflective fabric is soft to the touch with the skin, provides good muscle support, and weighs 30% less than a comparable knit fabric. The cuffs of the legs are reflective and wider than usual, which gives an extra security, especially when the light is scarcer. Being with silicone grip, do not squeeze or leave chafing.

This model has a lower shot of micro perforated grid that accommodates perspiration. The shot is lowered a little to facilitate the urination of the cyclist, without the need to lower the straps. These, also differ with an extra quality, being the only flat braces in TAYMORY. They are elastic rubber with wide perforated cells that prevent rigidity and ensure flexibility and total adaptability during exercise, without causing friction on the skin or nipples.


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Delivery CANACO Guayas safety vests for Municipal Police

The president of the National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO) of Guayas, Jose Ramón Acosta, handed over to Mayor Lorenzo 50 reflective vests, which will be used by the municipal police during the operation "Lupe Reyes”.

The Board of Directors of the business body acknowledged that crime in that sector has been reduced considerably, according to statistics from the Municipal Police, up to 70 percent, said Mr. J. Norman Castillo Medrano, general curator of Municipal Public Safety.

In his speech, Mayor Lorenzo Coma thanked the gesture of the business sector to support the safety equipment of the public security corps. It provides more safety help for police.


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The Local Police in high-resistance safety garments

The City Council acquires 70 bulletproof vests, 3 defibrillators and special reflective jackets for a contract of 205,000 Euros.

The Local Police of Recife releases bulletproof vests, new defibrillators, and high-strength jackets. The councilor responsible for the Area David Duarte says that seventy bulletproof vests that the City has acquired with the aim of strengthening the security of local police officers in the performance of their work.

The City Council of Recife in the face of continuous warnings against terrorism has hired this service where it includes vests, defibrillators, and protective jackets. In this way, the demand of the municipal agents is met. The contract lasts two years. Each bulletproof safety vest has an insurance of use that covers the damages that can suffer the agent that uses it.

The 70 vests are made of a high strength reflective material and are resistant to bullets, knives, and punches. They have been subjected to the maximum controls in their manufacture and assembly. As for the defibrillators, there are three units that will be installed in cars of the unit and in the police station; in addition the agents will be trained for its good use.

According to Duarte, "it is important that agents can and do know how to use these types of devices that save lives. They will be located in the police cars and in the police station and the training will be done shortly. "


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Keep your reflective vest for your safe

The Subsector of Traffic of the Civil Guard of Orense continues its campaign directed to pedestrians and cyclists pilgrims of the Way of Santiago so that its transit is carried out with the "maximum security,” for what it distributes to request of road safety vests of "high visibility" and informative triptychs.

According to the Armed Institute, the civil guards of this unit deliver to the pilgrims who need it, be they walkers or cyclists, reflective vests and information on how they should carry out the traffic with the greatest possible security.

Since the beginning of this campaign in April, according to the same sources, they are reminded that pedestrians must walk on the left, in a row one by one and wear high visibility garments.

In addition, they indicate that cyclists "can not use headphones,” they must wear the lighting, wear reflective clothing, wear a protective helmet and although they are authorized to circulate in pairs, they are advised to do so in a row one.

Benicia remembers, in addition, that it had set the goal of preventing further abuses, so it reiterates the call to drivers of any type of vehicle, to circulate in places frequented by cyclists, walkers or runners, the reflective material is a most important thing for the road safety. "To that they do it with caution and become aware that these are the most fragile element in case of an accident," he concludes.

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