The runner on the left is "invisible”, how are you?

I do not need the headlamp, my eyes are soaked in the dark and can run without it, and it is heard from some runners. However, they do not realize they are not already seen without reflective vest. Seeing an "invisible" runner when we pass it, may in the best case cause a jolt, but a collision in the worse, especially if only one of the participants moves at a higher speed (run-in, collision with a cyclist). "Being seen" is not so much a matter of just moving across the roadside and pedestrian crossings. If we go to the extreme - the illuminated lost runner is looking better than the drowned in the dark. We should think of the extreme situation. They do not often, but it can be life.

We should also think that although we are lighting, we are seen depending on how illuminated our surroundings are. In the light of the street lamps and between the raindrops, the weak "buddy" on our head is not enough. Reflective elements are now standard. We see them on almost every piece of running clothes, they are also on shoes or accessories (backpack, kidney), and that is good. Its part of the clothes, so we do not have to think about forgetting them at home, not stopping them, being permanent, and seeing them fairly well. However, we must not forget that the reflective color is dependent on the source of external light. No illumination (the second runner's head, the car's reflector) are useless.

You will excel best in shimmering yellow clothes. However, it is ideal to radiate the light directly and to do it by using headlamps that not only make your presence aware but also illuminate the way you are running. However, the torch is only facing you. In a deep forest, the person will see you, but you can disappear in the light of the city night or in a strong reflector. For these cases, there are various blinkers and luminous tapes. Let us try out what today's wide market offers.
Reflective elements and collections
In addition to the fact that almost all brands apply reflective elements directly to the running shoes, some manufacturers have gone and produce straight-up collections designed to run in the dark, which are literally dotted with them. For example, Create with their Brilliant collection (we wrote about it here), ASICS Liter-Show, Nike Flash, Puma Night Cat and others.

Also in the field of running shoes, we find models in the dark, we have previously written this review on ASICS Gel Cumulus, but a high reflective response can also be found on the Slamming Speed 6, Puma Ignite Dual Night Cat and others. In addition to the notorious reflective strips or vests, you can use reflective colors in warm, autumn months to apply directly to your skin. Alternatively, buy iron-on patches and fill them with pieces of clothing that lack reflective color. However, even kidneys, backpacks, caps or tunnels should be chosen with respect to reflective elements. There is a wide variety on the market.


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The police giving bikers reflective braces

In Prague on Friday afternoon, traffic police officers focused on motorcyclists. Together with the representatives, they gave them reflective braces. The aim of the event was to raise the debate on how reflective elements can increase the safety of motorcyclists and thus other road users.

"From the police point of view, motorcyclists are ranked in a more vulnerable group of road users, and collision situations often occur because of their overlook," said preventive coordinator from the regional police headquarters in Prague. The aim of the cops is not to equip each biker with a reflexive element, but to get the bikers themselves to solve. Ideally for wearing reflective jackets, vests or at least khans, added Pence.

"If we can save only one life, the preventive action is meaningful," says Prague's coordinator, Irena. "Bikers are more vulnerable on the road. They are harder to see, they are faster, livelier. The car driver often has no idea how fast the biker is approaching, "he added. One of the bikers admitted that he had arrived on the spot intentionally. "I read about the Facebook event, so I came here," said Dines. "On the streets I meet a lot of inexperienced boys on a motorbike. I have respect for that, "he added. Another driver said that in the city, motorcycle car drivers are less thoughtful, do not look into rearview mirrors, and often do not use blinkers.

The police officers in safety vest, after each stopped driver, demanded papers and breathed them to find out the presence of alcohol. The bikers explained the purpose of this security action and handed over their security braces. "You will be better able to see road users who can better respond to you," the police officer told a seventeen-year-old girl. Another biker helped the Kandy straight mandate. In 2016, 545 people died on Czech roads. Of this, there were 59 bikers, which are 22 less than in the previous year.


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Keeping safety equipments or fines in Italy

The popular destination of Czech tourists is Italy; there is a new ban on smoking in a vehicle transporting children under 12 or pregnant women. "The fine for this offense is high from 500 to 5000 Euros," Vanier in safety vest warns. Italy is popular and you get a holiday at reasonable prices, but the trip will be more expensive. It is a country with some of the highest prices of fuel and tolls: one liter gets an average of CZK 9 more than for example in our country or in Austria, and the average toll for 100 kilometers is 7 Euros. The toll for this year's extra in Italy has yet to be overtaken. Motorway Administration has also decided to deploy more unattended toll payment terminals. However, the handling did not speed up, so the columns were formed.

Vanier still warns against importing fuel to Italy. "You can only bring in 10 liters in a homologated canister, and if you breach this rule, you will be facing a penalty of over € 7,700 and a prison sentence." If you go to Italy with bicycles and have them on a towing device or a caravan holder, you must wear high visibility vest and have a hatched board 50 x 50 cm in size. You can find this record at most petrol stations on your way to Italy or Italy. If the sign is missing, there is a fine of up to 335 Euros.

In Italy, also be careful if you go out with a car riding on winter tires. It is not forbidden (it must have at least a 1.6mm sample as in the Czech Republic), but it must also meet the prescribed speed index. This is also true for year-round tires marked M + S (read more here). The fine for the summer ride on tires with a lower speed index than prescribed is in the range of 420 to 1,682 Euros (over 45,000 crowns) and may be followed by seizure of the technical license.

"In Austria, take care of keeping a safe distance, creating a passage for rescue vehicles in the column and a reflective vest," says Vanier. Not only for these offenses is a fine of up to 2,180 Euros (almost 60 thousand crowns). The same penalty could be caused by the use of directional lights. The police give this highest penalty in case you cause a road accident or someone to endanger your life.

"An even higher sanction is due to the poor technical condition of the car; the police are taking the registration mark straight away and imposing a fine of up to 5,000 Euros. The same penalty is for a poorly mounted load or a non-attached child in a child seat. I also have to point out that onboard cameras are forbidden in Austria, "the ÚAMK expert estimates. You cannot even have it in Portugal.


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The best reflective element is vests

For almost a year, pedestrians moving outside the village have a duty to wear a reflective element in the dark and the evening. According to the police, the best radiant vests are visible. However, the results from the testing rooms, which were also Czech Television, have lost their luminous intensity. The people in them, though, do their duty, but they can not be seen better.

The requirement is that the vests withstand 25 washings, said Ivan Tasha, a technician at the Textile Testing Institute. Although the tested vest declares that it can withstand 50 washings, signs of wear are visible after the first. The vest material according to the head of the Certification Department of TZU is not suitable because it is very thin: "After the first wash, the damage is visible on the reflective strip." The reflective vest would not be tested according to the test. After ten rumors, it would be almost useless in the field.

"These fluorescence belts are susceptible to wear during washing and maintenance," Horace explained. Materials are also destroyed by abrasion or bending. In the institute, therefore, they simulate the friction of the vest, which occurs when the pedestrian is moving. However, none of the samples tested. For bikes or children's clothing, there are no limits to the properties of the material, the radiant color is only an advantage in these cases. On the contrary, the law for working clothes prescribes the strict parameters, that is, it is just for reflective vests.

According to reflection experts, the CE mark is one of the most important data. "There are vests that do not have a brand and look very similar. But they can not really be guaranteed that the reflexive properties are in order," said Karle Kieta, an author of the Karle Kieta Certified Safety Institute. However, the TZU test did not pass the yellow vest from the stand that had this brand. The Czech Trade Inspection carried out the last control action targeting these products in 2012. The fault was found with every third manufacturer.

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Buying a cheap reflective vest is a gamble with life

"A few crowns can mean the difference between life and death. The colleague is wearing a reflective vest from the market and the record was not visible on the record, "Michal, expert of the Department of Forensic Engineering at the Institute of Forensic Engineering, told CTK. A quality vest comes to about two hundred crowns, and drivers can buy it for example at a gas station or in a car-shop. Researchers believe this. Reflective elements are clearly visible on the vests at night lighting at a distance of 300 meters. For those of the finest, even miles away.

Even the label with the certificate does not guarantee the quality of the vest
There is a safety vest around fifty crowns at the market. In Most of the time, he has the necessary certificates on the label. The fact that it will be visible in the dark, but it is still not guaranteed.

It is just that he has a vest certificate; it is enough to check the Czech Trade Inspection. If it is actually shining in the traffic, it is not already. The obligations to wear reflective elements in the dark have pedestrians outside the village for more than a year. The fact that she was not seen was also a life walker for her last year accident in Becalm. Dark went only in dark clothes. Overall statistics whether people really wear reflective elements but do not register the police.


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Mandatory reflective vests will be available from July

After May adjustments to the point system and the amount of fines, Germany is preparing another change in traffic rules. From July, drivers in Germany will have to carry reflective vests in cars, and they will be subject to a fine. At the same time, the environmental rules for entry into some German cities, which will no longer have cars with a red and yellow emission plaque, will be tightened.

Incorporating a reflective vest into mandatory car equipment should improve the safety of drivers who need to get out of the car in the event of an accident or disruption, as motorists in the surrounding vehicles will be better able to see. The new adjustment does not specify whether the reflective vest should be orange, yellow or green. Unlike Austria, German regulations do not require a vest for every car passenger, just one on the vehicle.

If a driver does not have a reflective safety vest in the car, a roadside penalty of 15 Euros is threatened by roadside inspection. The German ADAC club, points out that if the driver does not blink when he leaves the vehicle, it is not an offense. In such a case, however, it is unlikely to be entitled to indemnity from the insurance company if it wounds a passing car.

Since July, the rules for entering some German cities have also been tightened. While cars with three types of emission plaques have still been in use, they will only be allowed to drive vehicles with a green plaque that designates the engine with the least environmental burden. The measure concerns 21 cities in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. For a long time, similar arrangements have been made in Berlin, for example.

In the Czech Republic, the plaque can be obtained at most technical inspection stations upon presentation of a large technical license. According to the Central Automat Club of the Czech Republic, the price of the plaque is about 300 crowns; its validity is not limited in time. If the driver in yellow vest enters the defined low emission zone without a plaque or worse than the city authorizes, he is liable to a fine of 80 Euros.

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Safe with visible for pedestrians

Meters and seconds - that is how much the driver divides from the pedestrian on the crossing or the cyclist on the crossing. In addition, if we can have any influence on being more visible after dark, we should not think about it for a minute. That is why we are behind the action "Safe, visible,” which promotes the wearing of reflective vest on the streets, and its main partner is the Polish brand of children's footwear Bartech.

It seems to me nothing that today is no longer strange or ugly. Nome omen Celine was just starting out as a company producing children's footwear. And since we are with him, I like very much, as a mother, social action, the aim of which is to increase safety on the road "Safe, because visible". Her partner is the Bartech brand, which has been producing super-comfortable footwear for children for years.

That is how much the driver divides from the pedestrian on the crossing or the cyclist on the crossing. In addition, if we can have any influence on being more visible after dark, we should not think about it for a minute. That is why we are behind the action "Safe, visible,” which promotes the wearing of reflective elements on the streets, and its main partner is the Polish brand of children's footwear Bartech.

Nome omen Celine was just starting out as a company producing children's footwear. And since we are with him, I like very much, as a mother, social action, the aim of which is to increase traffic safety on the road "Safe, because visible". Her partner is the Bartech brand, which has been producing super-comfortable footwear for children for years.

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Compulsory reflective vests in Ireland

At the beginning of 2014 in Ireland, there will be a regulation that obliges all motorcyclists to ride in a reflective vest both during the day and at night.

In France, it ended with nationwide protests, in which other road users joined. The government withdrew from the idea, offering instead compulsory wearing by the motorcyclists reflective wristbands. Now the Irish authorities have made it clear - all motorcyclists will have to wear reflective vests, regardless of their attitude to this piece of clothing. According to the authors of the bill obliging users of two-wheelers to take care of their own visibility, it aims to reduce the number of fatal accidents involving motorcyclists. Unfortunately, as usual in the case of regulations created by bureaucrats, two facts were not taken into account: the first is the material of which the vests are made - artificial fibers block the airflow and can cause overheating. The second is motorcycle clothing, which is increasingly equipped by the manufacturer with large reflective elements, sometimes covering most of the surface on the body of the rider. So what is the point of putting a vest on a reflective jacket?

Sentences among the interested are divided - some believe that the vest will actually help to see and identify ... the goal they are for some drivers. Others argue that not having a safety vest will be another pretext to punish their mandates. Once again, a situation arises in which the citizen is for the law and not the right for the citizen. In addition, it is hard to resist the impression that the issue of compulsory visibility of a motorcyclist is slowly, but inevitably heading in our direction...

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Police in safety vest for the safety of sports events

Polish football team match. Thousands of supporters are cheering on the white and red in the stands of the stadium. Waving flags, raised scarves, cheers and loud chants. Among the supporters, police officers from the Spotters Team group, dressed in characteristic blue vests. Who are they and what are the spotters doing at the stadium?

Spotters Team is a group of police officers from various garrisons in the country, taking part in operations to secure football matches of the Polish national team. The group was established on May 20, 2011, as part of preparations to secure the final of the European Football Championships EURO 2012. During the tournament, they served in stadiums during all matches played in Poland as well as during the open training of our team. They were also present in the official fan zones. Their service was of preventive nature, they carried out the actions in an open manner, without the typical police uniforms, which were replaced by blue reflective vests with the inscription Police, the symbol of the European Union and the flag of Poland. Now, however, spotters can be found not only at football events. Police officers from the Spotters Team Poland group were at championship level tournaments, including volleyball, handball and even ski jumping. They operate both in Poland and abroad.

Spotters are supposed to monitor the supporters' milieu and work for cultural support. Recognize and solve stadium problems and cooperate with other police officers and external entities responsible for the safety of sports events. Spotters, a police officer, and at the same time a fan, because only a fan can understand the emotions that prevail in the stands of the stadium or sports hall. Spotters represent the interests of the fans and help them primarily in organizational and information matters. It is to be a mediator and a liaison between supporters, club, law enforcement and organizer of a mass sports event and the Police in safety vest.


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You can not see cyclists without reflective vest

It appears at the last moment - often just in front of the mask of a speeding car. Cyclists riding after dark without lights and reflective vest are still a plague of Polish roads. On the record prepared by Internet users from Lodz, it is perfectly visible how an unmarked cyclist is visible.

- From my observations it appears that every third cyclist is a "batman". A visitor who goes on the road and after dark is invisible – say Lukasz, a cyclist and author of a blog about tips for cyclists. To show how a stupid idea is to ride a bicycle without lighting or glare, our interlocutor has prepared a film. It shows cyclists riding after dark in three situations: when they are riding in a safety vest and with light on, when they go without a vest, but with the lamp on and in an extreme situation: when they have neither a vest nor any lighting.

On the recording sent to the editorial team of tvn24.pl, the cyclist from the third group can be seen at the last minute. An untrained eye may not notice it at all. - Cyclists come out of the misconception that if they see someone, they are visible. This is how the tragedy comes about - underlines the Transfers. Playing with death, the film shows situations shot in the city center and beyond. - If someone thinks that street lamps provide enough visibility, then he should carefully review how it looks in our film.

The lamps give a lot, but in the lights of oncoming vehicles, they can be invisible - he explains. In addition, he stresses that available on the market, i.e. loose car jackets lying on a cyclist, you can buy a well-tailored and looking high visibility vest. Without imagination when we ask Marianna from the Ode roadster for a penalty that a cyclist with illumination can get, he answers without hesitation: Death. It is a severe punishment, but cyclists without flares often end up like this. It is a brutal truth - says the police officer. After a while, however, he adds that for the lack of proper lighting, the cyclist can get a 50-zloty mandate.


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