The traffic police distribute safety vests to children

The small "penguins" and the little "mice" from the groups of the same daycare are already great experts in road safety: "Larger children use the street, the smaller the houses side, on the roadside remains basically stand and wait for the teacher's command... "About these and other aspects of traffic education, the children and educator Sabine now talked with the police officer Hans Escher, member of the State Traffic Watch Rhineland-Palatinate Mainz. Escher had come to the Fainter Kita to distribute reflective safety vests to the children.

These days, Escher is handing over a total of 3,000 such reflective gowns to various kindergartens in Mainz and in the district. "The acquisition of the West was made possible by sponsors," says the traffic expert. The West served to make the children on the road, "safer, because more visible". Motorists could detect a child wearing such a vest at a distance of 150 meters and not 30 meters.

Escher demonstrated this to Fainter children by first putting a little boy in a corner of a room without a safety vest: "The children were quite surprised - especially since the child was then illuminated with a flashlight, which was effective illustrated very clearly." Hans Escher continues: The throws are not given to the individual children, but consciously assigned to the facilities so that they can be distributed on excursions, hikes, and walks to a complete group. They remain the property of the facilities to provide security for future generations.

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Overview of the safety vest requirement

Since the 01.06.14 also in Germany, a safety vest must be carried. According to this new regulation, only one safety vest per vehicle must be available to the driver. Experts recommend carrying one for each inmate.

The new warning waistcoat now affects especially private car owners. For commercial vehicles, she was already longer. The basis for commercially used vehicles is the accident prevention regulation BGV D29 "Vehicles" of the employers' liability insurance associations. The warning waistcoat obligation, which has been in place since 1 July 2014, applies to all cars, trucks and buses registered in Germany. Motorcycles, however, are not affected by the new regulation. Motor homes are not explicitly mentioned in § 53a paragraph 2 number 3 SUVs, but it is advised, inter alia, by the ADAC to carry at least a safety vest in motor homes.

The safety vests must comply with DIN EN 471 or EN ISO 20471: 2013. Whether this is the case can be recognized by the note on the laundry sign. The approved safety vests are available in yellow, orange, and red and are equipped with two circumferential, five-centimeter-wide reflective stripes.

It should also be noted at this point that the legislature renounced requirements for wearing the safety vest. As an equipment regulation, the statutory regulation only stipulates that a safety vest must be present on board in motor vehicles. It is therefore not regulated at all, when the safety reflective vest must be created. In this respect, the self-responsibility of road users is trusted. It is recommended, however, especially in case of breakdowns or accident situations in the dark or in poor visibility conditions to put on the safety vest.

To be able to wear the safety vest when needed, it should be stowed within reach of the vehicle. Thus, the glove box or side pockets offer, since the Warmest in a possible emergency in the trunk brings nothing, since they should be created for your own safety before getting out. Furthermore, it should be stored in a dark place because it bleaches under sunlight.

If you are controlled in Germany and there is no safety vest in the vehicle or this is not shown, a fine of 15 € is due.
With the reintroduction of the safety vest obligation, Germany is now following many other EU member states, where the obligation to wear a warning vest has existed for some years. There are wide varieties of regulations in other EU countries. For example, a carry or carry obligation is regulated. It is also handled differently whether the obligation to wear a warning vest exists only for the driver or for all occupants. If the respective regulations are disregarded often threatens a sensitive high fine. However, if you carry a high visibility vest for each vehicle occupant and pull them in an emergency even before getting off, you are definitely on the safe side and has nothing to fear in other EU countries.

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Fully reflective backpack in the field test

In the dark season, we motorcyclists are even easier overlooked than ever. If you do not want to hang out with a safety vest and like to carry a backpack anyway, then the chic Mitch Backpack by Property of ... is a recommendation.

It is not the invention of the wheel, but an invention for cyclists. In addition, if bikers have something in common with Cyclists, then definitely the problem that they like to be overlooked. Reflective backpacks are already well-endowed for more visibility, but often come in the safety vests neon style or with only partially attached reflector strips or surfaces. The fact that the complete backpack is made of a reflective material and looks rather inconspicuous and chic in daylight is a special feature.

In addition, the backpack really reflects completely. To make it a bit more realistic than in the manufacturer's video, we retired with our test copy to the darkroom (aka tire warehouse), put the Mitch between the completely non-reflective rubbers, turned off the light and the workshop LED lamp. It does not look as chic and impressive as the Property Of video, but you can see that the backpack with reflective tapes actually lights up when it is lit.

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Healthy and fit with your dog

Have you ever thought of your dog as a sports friend when you running at night with wearing a reflective vest? There is no more loyal ally. In addition, not only your health, but also your dog benefits when you move together. 5 nice suggestions for sports that you can do together with your dog.

If you want to move with your dog on a regular basis, first visit the vet. He can check him for any heart, lung, or other health problems. It is also important to have your dog checked for arthritis or musculoskeletal disorders. Do not just run out of nowhere with your dog for half an hour. Build up the duration and intensity of your joint workout gradually and make sure you keep a regular routine. Regularity is important for your dog and forms an extra stick behind the door for yourself.

Walking with your dog
A brisk walk with your dog is the ideal form of exercise for both humans and dogs. Keep you and your dog all with safety vest. The health benefits for you: a stronger heart, lower blood pressure, more energy, strong bones, and a reduced risk of depression. In dogs, walking regularly can reduce the chance of behavioral problems. It is fun to gradually work towards your goal together with your dog, gradually increasing the pace and duration of the walk. In addition to walking with your dog, other sports are possible that you can do together.

Dog Dance
If walking does not appeal to you, dancing with your dog might be something for you. Yes, you read that right, dancing. Dog dancing is a sport for anyone who likes to train with his or her dog and who likes dancing and music. The sport is suitable for every age. Dog dancing arose from obedience exercises that were performed on music. If you want more information about this, look at the Dutch Dog Dance Bond website.

Run with your dog
Running is a good way to both lose energy and work on a good condition. Ask if your breed dog is suitable for running long distances. For example, a Labrador needs more than a bulldog. Wait until your puppy is fully-grown and gradually build up the roster schedule into a 30-minute round. This needs five minutes of warm-up, twenty minutes of running and five minutes of cooling down.

Try to walk as much as possible on unpaved paths and let your dog walk along at the same pace. Dogs are less high than people are and therefore less visible in traffic. So let your dog walk on the side of the roadside. When you go running in the evening, it is wise to put your dog on a reflective harness or high visibility vest so that he is well aware of other traffic.

Skill training
With this sport, it is the intention that your dog travels as fast and without errors as possible with a number of aircraft. The aircraft are divided into (height) jumps, interface devices, passages (such as a tunnel), and poles. You run along and guide your dog through the course through verbal and non-verbal communication. With this training, you both work on your fitness, while your dog also improves his coordination.

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The company has sponsored reflective vests for students

After the action of distributing boxes for the first breakfast, we now start another one. This time, we are giving away high visibility vests, funded by our sponsors. Children from the first grades of elementary school already received them.

With cartons full of safety vests, we went to four on Tuesday 4th November. The sponsor of these just vests was the Training and Service Company with the seat, helped us to distribute them to the son of Mr. Macys, the director of the company Adam.

First respondents listened to why the vest was used, they learned that thanks to it, they would be visible on the dark road and their safety would increase significantly. Then we handed out colorful reflective vests, which made the children very happy. We will visit more schools soon...  

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What you need and what is worth having in the car

First aid kit, fire extinguisher or reflective vest in some countries are required, in others not. What is the situation in Poland? What does every driver have to have in the car and what penalties do you face for failure to comply with the regulations?

According to the regulations, each vehicle must have a fire extinguisher and a warning triangle with an approval mark. Lack of a fire extinguisher may result in a mandate for PLN 20 to 500. The police officer can also punish the driver if the fire extinguisher is not in a place where there is no easy access, so it should not stick to it in the trunk. Interestingly, we are not threatened with a mandate if its usefulness has expired. Fire extinguishers should be inspected at least once a year, and the extinguishing agent content must not be less than 1 kg. The lack of a fire extinguisher can also contribute to the negative result of the vehicle's technical inspection.

Mandatory in every car must be a warning triangle with a valid approval mark. According to the tariff, non-signaling or improper signaling of a stopover due to its damage or accident threatens PLN 150 or PLN 300 (motorway or expressway). The triangle must also be a marked vehicle that is being towed - in the absence of this marking; a fine of PLN 150 may be imposed.

In Poland, having a first aid kit in a car is not necessary, but it is useful. You never know when it turns out to be helpful, the more so because first aid is obligatory in our country. What should be in it? It is worth investing in such a first aid kit, which includes bandages, gas compresses, patches with and without dressing, a tourniquet, disinfectant, mouthpiece for artificial respiration, protective gloves, a triangular shawl, thermal insulation blanket, scissors, safety pins and instructions for first aid. Possession of a first aid kit is obligatory for those who transport people - taxi drivers, bus drivers, and even driving instructors.

A reflective safety vest may also be useful. It does not take up much space, and is particularly valuable in the event of an accident or minor roadside repair, such as wheel replacement. It is also good to have tools that allow you to do it yourself. Among additional equipment, it is worth mentioning a towrope, a set of spare bulbs or a CB radio or its mobile alternative for Smartphone.

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They gave away vests as part of the Safe campaign

The next edition of the educational campaign "Safe District Roads" conducted by the police and Pewit took place on Friday in the market.

Reflective vests and reflective bands that increase the safety of road users, give out to councilors and pedestrians podia councilor Buena Nowak, employees of the county office and policemen from the traffic department of the Pavia Police Headquarters.

Police officers advised how to safely navigate the roads after dark, reminding us that thanks to the reflective material, the driver can see a pedestrian or cyclist dressed at a distance of 150 - 300 meters. The next campaign will take place on October 26 near the marketplace.  

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The pupils stood on the reflective podium for the fifth time

Primary School took the second place in this year's edition of the "Reflective school" competition in Lesser Poland. They can already say that reflections are their specialty. In the competition, they took part for the sixth time and five times on the podium. They won three times and took the second place twice. Only once were they classified in fourth place. These successes do not come out of nowhere. Every year from September to November, almost the entire school lives the contest, and the pupils wear the reflective vests for a whole year. Events, meetings, visit to the media.

All this is to promote the wearing of reflectors. This year we even performed in the program "Four Seasons" on Polish Radio - recalls director Renate, who was responsible for the competition four times before she took up her post.

This year, this role was given to Irene Koran. I was the coordinator, but all my friends helped me a lot - he says. Particular emphasis has been placed on the reflective clothing education of seniors. The students met with the elderly not only at school, but also at the Pavia Day of the senior and at the Senior House.

The prize for the second place in the competition is 10,000 this year. It is a big shot for the school budget. Especially that the costs of participation in the competition are not large and sponsors cover them. We have some ideas on how to spend the money from the prize. We are thinking about an interactive whiteboard, sound equipment or a free trip. Maybe we will let the children choose what they would like - says the director Gnaws.

In addition, Irena reveals that she already has an idea for next year's competition of reflective material. I can say so much that we will want, with the help of KRUS, to reach the farmers.  

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Policemen in safety vest are patrolling shopping centers

For a few weeks in Lodz shopping centers, officers equipped with safety vest, long weapons and helmets have been observed. It means that something is threatening us. Residents are wondering. The police explain that it is for security reasons.

Reflective vest, automatic weapon and Kevlar helmet - such police officers circulate near Lodz shopping centers. It is quite an unusual sight. Once it was difficult to meet a regular patrol, and now you can see every day. Does it mean that something is threatening us?

Additional patrols appeared on the city streets before the World Youth Day. The Prime Minister issued a regulation in connection with the terrorist threat, informs asp staff. This applies to all patrols. Officers have automatic or long weapons.

After the introduction of the first alarm level, public administration authorities were obliged to conduct increased control of public places and large population centers. The alarm ceased to apply on August 1, but the police representative in safety clothing does not know when the patrols will be canceled.

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Wear reflective vests outside built-up areas

Poland belongs to the infamous top European countries with the highest percentage of accidents involving pedestrians. It is obvious that a man in a confrontation with a car does not have the slightest chance, so this statistical fact translates into a large number of victims. In order to reduce it, in 2013 a provision was made for mandatory reflective equipment for people walking along roads. It will come into force in August 2014.

Night driving is not always a pleasure. If we do not move on the highway, expressway or newly renovated national road, we must prepare not only for ruts and holes, but also for the lack of a roadside and white lines marking the border between the road and the roadside. In such conditions, outside the built-up area, on unlit roads, driving at the prescribed speed is even a lottery. If a dark-dressed man walks along the asphalt, we will see him only 20-30 meters away, despite the lights on. Driving 90 km / h within a second needed to react to danger by pressing the brake or turning the steering wheel, we will defeat 25 meters. The chance to bypass such a person is therefore close to zero. If the pedestrian is wearing reflections, it will be noticed from a distance of about 130-150 meters, which gives the driver six seconds to react. That is why the regulations requiring the wearing of reflective material were passed.

All pedestrians on the roads after dark outside the built-up area will be obliged to have them in a visible place. Only children under the age of 15 have such a duty today. Reflectors will not have to wear night walking on the sidewalk or road intended for pedestrians only, as well as moving in the residential area. The new recipe, which will come into force on August 31, 2014, has divided society. On the one hand, it brings satisfaction to drivers who will not be afraid of deducting the last-minute person, but on the other hand, it causes strong opposition of pedestrians.

You cite police statistics. According to the report of the Central Police Headquarters for 2013, out of 9,500 accidents involving pedestrians, who took place then, only 114 occurred on the side of the roads. For comparison, at pedestrian crossings there were as many as 3.4 thousand. Opponents of the new regulation also argue that when leaving the house during the day and planning a return at night, they will not take the reflective vest with them. For reasons of accuracy, we would like to inform you that reflective elements such as a wristband or a pendant are sufficient to meet the requirements of the regulations. What threatens those who will ignore the new requirement?

When in 2013, deputies set up regulations, their actions were mainly driven by the promotion of safe behavior. Therefore, no penalty was imposed that would threaten a pedestrian without glare. Paradoxically, such an expression of courtesy towards Poles can turn to their disadvantage. - Police will probably enforce the provisions on general principles, and in accordance with art. 79 of the Code of Petty Offenses, a traffic participant who breaks down other regulations of the Highway Code or issued on its basis can be fined up to PLN 3,000, says Gabriela.

The new rule will apply from August 31, 2014. Although it is difficult to imagine that police officers in reflective clothing would punish careless pedestrians with horrendously high fines, it is better to buy flares beforehand. Let us do it not only because of the punishment that threatens us, but above all because of our own security.

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