The simplest reflection will protect you

Wearing reflective elements outside dusk outside built-up areas became mandatory in mid-2014. This is one of the better ideas of the authorities. In the first year after the introduction of the regulations, the number of incidents outside the city with pedestrians dropped by 15%. In other words, reflective vests saved 72 people, and 28 thanks to them avoided visiting the hospital.

It is hardly surprising since the drivers are able to notice a pedestrian without a vest on the roadside only from a distance of about 40 m. Driving at 90 km / h in a second car overcomes 25 m. If we are wearing any reflective element, we will be noticed from a distance of 150 m. This gives the driver up to five times as much time to react. The reflector is often to be or not to be - every third incident with a pedestrian outside the city ends in death.

Mandates for lack of flares reach up to 500 zlotys, and the cost of a vest at a gas station is only 15 zlotys. What to look for when buying it? The regulations do not specify the exact technical requirements for reflective materials for pedestrians. It is necessary to rely on the provisions regarding personal protective equipment. The key to successful shopping is the CE mark on the label or package. This means that the manufacturer has prepared a reflection according to the requirements of the regulation of the Minister of Economy.

Light-reflecting items should be worn at knee, hand, and chest, preferably from the roadway. It should also be noted that they are not covered by clothing. The lower we place them, the more light from the headlights will reflect. If the reflections have wiped off or water got into them, you have to put them down.

Although wearing reflective clothing is required outside built-up areas on unlit roads, it is a good idea to wear them also in the city. The police noticed an increase in incidents involving pedestrians due to deteriorating visibility. From October 16 to October 22, 17 pedestrians were killed on the roads, and a week earlier the situation was even worse. The police counted 25 victims. The most difficult months are just coming. At the end of last year, over 1000 accidents were reported per month with pedestrians.  

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Beginning drivers cannot ride at night

Scientists from the Brno University of Technology have created a unique methodology for teaching lessons at night. It was based on research that dealt with drivers' reactions to pedestrians in the dark in real life. Riding at night is the most difficult one for beginners. Yet the driving school textbooks do not work.

What affects the visibility of pedestrians at night and how fast is the driver's reaction? Researchers from the Institute of Forensic Engineering surveyed answers to questions directly in the field between Led nice and Becalm.

Four figures and more than two dozen drivers joined. They used special glass with recording cameras for research. "The first camera is shot in the head of the driver, that is, he senses where the driver is looking, and the second camera captures the driver's eye. It actually measures the direction of the point of view. "said the research director of the Institute of Forensic Engineering, BUT.

Comparing the two records, scientists came to the conclusion that while a man dressed in white was spotted by a driver with the dipped beam switched on almost eighty meters, the pedestrian in black was only thirty. In the first case, the driver has four seconds to respond, but in the second he only has a second and a half left.

Some reflective materials may not be visible to the driver
Although the law requires pedestrians to wear reflective vests outside the village, it does not say exactly what and how. Some reflective tapes, for example on the shoulder, according to the Institute of Forensic Engineering's experiments may not be sufficient. "It is important for the pedestrian to use more reflective elements and some on the lower part of the body," said Robert Klaus. The research also found that the muddy car was noticeably worse at night than during the day, and drew attention to the danger of wildlife nightfall.

Based on these results, researchers developed two methodologies. One serves forensic experts in dealing with traffic accidents. The second publication - Driving for Darkness-Visibility - can be used by instructors in driving schools. Educational textbooks on the market deal with this issue only marginally or not at all.

Driving school has acquired a trainer and offers a special course
Pert Tiara from Brno used his own training material in his driving school and also bought a simulator who can simulate the ride at night. "I think it's a question of driving school. How it does and what space it does, and also the interest of the client, "said driving school driver Pert Tiara. For those who are interested, there is also an extra-course course for people who want to try their ride at night.

Experts recommend instructors to give night driving lessons for at least one hour of theory to future drivers and two hours of theory for professional drivers. It would also be appropriate for them if questions related to this problem were also found in driving tests.  

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Equipped safety vests in your private cars

With the improvement of people's economic level, the changes of the consumption concept, more and more families have private cars, and the vehicle travel safety has been more and more attention of everyone.

Driving on the road, whether the reflective signs, reflective road cones, or traffic police safety vests, are all considered a very common security equipment. Reflective clothing not only took a safety protection, but also demonstrated a sense of security, many staffs must be wearing a reflective clothing at night. With the improvement of safety awareness in the work and life, and the relevant work in the car have also begun to use the work clothes with reflective effect.

For ordinary drivers, driving outside, it is inevitable to meet the emergency situation, such as temporary stopping to buy a bottle of water, go to the gas station, or failure to temporary parking (especially highway). If you wear reflective clothing appeared on the roadside, then you give the vehicle warning effect will increase several times, and in the evening, this kind of reflective warning effect will be in a few hundred meters away from the vehicle on the tip of the deceleration.

Therefore, in the car, the car should be equipped with two or three pieces of clothing with reflective fabric.  

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Companies give people better quality work equipment

Low unemployment records companies producing safety clothing, shoes, and protective gear. A roughly six billion dollar commodity markets are growing up thanks to employee hunger and increased fluctuation. Employers are also trying to get the costs associated with staffing under control. Devices recycle and purchase dispensers.

More people at work need more assemblies, helmets and shoes. However, according to companies in the industry. The main reason why their sales are growing. "Some employers treated as a benefit for employees and buying them a better and safer working tools, footwear, clothing," says Leonard, number two in the market with a protective aid.

For example, they buy more beautiful, colorful work boots. The trick is clothing with reflective materials. "Sometimes, however, workers still have only regular reflective vests," says Myna.

Employers give their people greater comfort, perhaps, by not leaving or taking care of their work clothes but hiring an outside firm. Booming with himself and leasing of work clothing, which owns work wear external contractor who regularly picks up the clothes, washed and they were exchanged for new ones.

"We use leasing some part of equipment and protective gear," said Katarina, spokesman for Czech Airlines Handling, providing airlines check-in at Prague Airport.

Radon Safety, a troika in the field of work equipment, is also considering introducing this service. "It's expensive, but the clothing in this case is made to measure, its users no way limited, moreover laundered regularly, and the employer to be sure that the people working in clean clothes and a company well represented," says Managing Director Tomas .

But pampering employees is far from working everywhere. "When you visit a factory worker at my desk mounting complained that her low-quality shoes that Faso, the evening after the shift stinks feet more than her husband," says Rous, CEO Carve Group, the domestic leader in personal protective equipment required. "I have also met with workers manipulating hot plastic moldings while burning their hands," adds Rous.

There is a difference between what kind of work equipment is provided by the tribal staff and the hired agency people. They often change jobs, so agencies that have the duty to equip them with tools do not make sense to invest in them. They buy only the basic equipment to meet the safety standard, so much for comfort.

"Fluctuations rose by about 10 percent on average, raising the cost of work equipment. The agency and end-of-life employers solve this by looking for new suppliers with better prices, we are trying to make quantity discounts, "explains Alena, Randstad's branch manager.

"In terms of footwear and gloves, the employer is trying to buy the cheapest product, so it rather records the importers from China than the domestic manufacturers," adds Yaroslavl Palate, chairman of the board of shoe companies Probes plus.

When people often change, the cost of the assorted aid comes a bit out-of-the-way. "We are trying to put pressure on our employees to return to work after the termination of the employment relationship, but the non-transferable tools have to be depreciated and it costs a lot of money," says Jeri, Manpower group recruiting and marketing manager. It registers a five-fold increase in turnover and a similar increase in the cost of staffing.

"If employees leave sooner than a year, the clothes return us. We leave them professionally cleaned, cleaned and provided free of charge to our employees as spare, complementary. Used shoes and clothing that we are not interested in, we provide charity organizations. "explains Zahra. Some items like clothing or safety glass can be used again. However, for example, shoes cannot be recycled for hygienic reasons.

Here he felt the opportunity of probes and he recently started to offer a washable textile work boots. Nobody else thought it so far, because washing their shoes meant to virtually destroy them. "We have been on the market for four months now. They are selling nicely. As far as it is to do, I cannot say. "says palate.

To get costs under control. Employers are also trying to implement dispensers. With a personal smart card. Every month they can only pick up a limited number of devices.

"Previously, there was a freestanding glove box for work gloves, and everyone took what he needed. Sometimes, however, employees took their gloves even at home to work in the garden. "says Rous. According to minaret of canes safety, which sells and rents vending machines and then adds goods to companies, one out of 10,000 Euros comes out. "In the year, it will return to the company. Saves for the warehouse and the tools are available 24 hours a day," he calculates.

Automata are often used in the automotive sector and where it is used in indoor halls. "We use vending machines, employees in all our buildings.

To get costs under control. Employers are also trying to implement dispensers. With a personal smart card. Every month they can only pick up a limited number of devices.

"Previously, there was a freestanding glove box for work gloves, and everyone took what he needed. Sometimes, however, employees took their gloves even at home to work in the garden. "says Rous. According to minaret of canes safety, which sells and rents vending machines and then adds goods to companies, one out of 10,000 Euros comes out. "In the year, it will return to the company. Saves for the warehouse and the tools are available 24 hours a day," he calculates.

Automata are often used in the automotive sector and where it is used in indoor halls. "We use vending machines in all of our buildings, employees can pick up the security equipment of the size that suits them - working gloves, reflective vests, safety knives or water bottles," says Tabor, a spokesman for the Amazon Division of the Czech Republic warehouse in Dubrovnik near Prague.

For example, a glove has a claim for every shift. "But if he overpowers, he can go for a master to raise his account," adds Zahra from Randstad.  

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Black balance at the end of the weekend

Tragic report on the roads, in the last four days. More than 20 people were injured and four more died as a result of serious road accidents on the roads in the county. On the other side, two people escaped wonderfully after the cars they were in were hit by the train. All of them were not wearing reflective clothing.

Black series of accidents began on Friday morning, on the road that links Dot de Ban loc. A 26-year-old bomber, a firefighter, arrived at the hospital after a tractor cut off his path trying to enter an agricultural road. The young man escaped, however, with light wounds, and after receiving medical care at the hospital, he returned to the scene of the accident on his feet.

On Saturday, however, the phones began to ring in the emergency dispatch centers. At around noon, a 68-year-old driver strode in a bridgehead at the exit. The driver was seriously injured and was taken out of the car destroyed by the firefighters from the decommissioning.

A few hours later, this time near Timisoara, two more people were injured, they did not wear a reflective vest with reflective tapes. The accident took place on the road leading to "Train Via" International Airport, and the guilty one of the injured, who did not give priority.

On Saturday afternoon, this time at the exit, a truck was hit by the train running on Timisoara - Bucharest. The gasket hit the heavy truck trailer, but fortunately the driver escaped without any scratches.

About the same hour, four people going to a wedding would get to the hospital because of a careless driver. The one who caused the accident did not give priority to cross the main road and hit the car in which the four were.

Sunday would start with a serious accident on the highway. A 21-year-old was on the high-speed road, driving a BMW with four other friends. The driver lost control of the steering wheel because of the speed, and the car has blown a traffic indicator and the roadside parapet, and then stopped in a water collection ditch with the wheels up. One of the passengers was designed by the windscreen and lost his life on the spot, and the 21-year-old driver was seriously injured. The other three people in the car, a 16-year-old girl and two 17- and 24-year-olds, only escaped with light injuries, police say.

Monday, shortly before midnight, on a road connecting Timisoara, a 25-year-old was hit by the car. She walked to the side of the road in the same direction as the car, she did not wear a reflective vest, and it seemed to be under the influence of alcohol, police say. The driver had seen the pedestrian at the last moment and had no way of avoiding it, accidentally hurting him.  

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Reflective elements have a real impact on improving safety

19 drivers of a passenger Ford hit a man in the commune of Olsztyn, who walked along the road outside the built-up area, not wearing reflective vests required by the regulations. The pedestrian did not suffer serious injuries, but he received a reflex and a penalty notice from the policemen.

Policemen working at the scene determined that the 23-year-old Ford driver hit a 50-year-old resident of the Olsztyn commune walking along the road. The pedestrian walked the road outside the built-up area, dressed in dark clothing, wearing no reflective materials.

Fortunately, he did not suffer serious injuries as a result of a pedestrian event. From the findings of the police officers, it appears that during the attempt to circumvent the pedestrian, the driver of the Ford hooked him with a mirror, which was broken from the fasteners. The policemen gave the 50-year-old a reflection for the future and imposed a fine on him in the amount of PLN 500 in connection with causing a serious threat to road safety. The pedestrian will also have to pay for the repair of the damaged mirror.

Police officers remind: reflective elements are an important factor having a real impact on improving safety. Thanks to the reflective tapes, the driver is able to notice an obstacle even from a distance of 150 meters - it is enough to safely avoid a pedestrian.  

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Parents of students want more safety around school

Parents of students from the Barbara school (who wear same hi vis vests with two reflective tapes) request the security of the pedestrian crossing of Rue de Raze in a petition that has gathered 150 signatures. The mayor, Hervey Toughed responded, yesterday, Thursday, May 31.

Parents of students claim "more security" on the pedestrian crossing that allows to join the Barbara School. Cyrillic Gilbert, one of the representatives of the National Union of Parents' Unions, explains: "We are asking someone to help get children through safely, a warning light to signal the proximity of a child. School or at least one retarder. The safety of children is priceless. According to parents, 50 children from Barbara School and many schoolchildren cross the zebra crossing and few vehicles respect the 30km/h speed limit and pedestrian priority. Rue de Raze is every morning at 8.30 am, driven by cars, buses and trucks.

Parents spoke about the problem at several school councils. A letter was even sent to the prefect of Seine-et-Marne accompanied by the petition. On Friday, May 18th, a group, wearing a safety vest. Symbolically crossed the street and waved a banner to attract the attention of residents and public authorities.

For its part, the mayor, Hervey Toughed affirmed, yesterday, Thursday, that the school Barbara is "one of the most secure schools of the city because of its location". It states: "No accidents occurred at this location. The building is in fact located behind the public car park in the town hall square. Itself bordered by a large passage reserved for pedestrians. For schoolchildren coming by car, the majority of parents to park in the car park while school children coming on foot arrive on the other side of the school. On the other hand, the car park is accessible by two security islands located opposite the entrance of the town hall, protected by a barrier in their middle, and the speed limit on the school area is recalled by signs of signaling. However, parents' representatives point out that "many children are often stuck in safety islands because drivers do not let people cross."  

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Everyone is not enjoying the heat

Out on the Bergman Bridge, there is a full roller coaster. The bridge will be renovated, which employs a number of people. For the day, the outdoor temperature is quite pleasant, albeit warm. Yesterday, it was much warmer, according to construction workers who wearing reflective vests in place.

"In addition, nothing was happening today. It was almost the worst in the evening," says Arteries.

Together with two colleagues, he is in the middle of the bridge. Colleagues work a bit under the bridge and occasionally send steel parts to Arteries.

"We work with the most outdoors. It's only sometimes we're indoors. I like to work outside, though it may be not sometimes in the summer, it's worse in the winter when it's cold, he says.

Their work has been going on for two days, most likely they will return in a week to work for a few more days. When it's hot out, just bite, the job is going to be done.
"We drink a lot of water and take breaks. It's fine, he says.

Colleagues who work a bit under the bridge send up an empty bottle of mineral water, without hesitation Arteries picks up a half-pressure from their own pocket and gives them.

Despite the heat, they carry all the helmets on their head and work clothes/safety clothing."It's sure it's not with the helmet(which is iron-on reflective heat transfer vinyl), but safety goes first and then it's just wearing it," he says.

Before they arrived in Lulea, they worked in Keri, Finland. There was also good weather."But Lulea is a really nice city. We live in a hotel right here," says Arteries, pointing towards the town.  


The generous donation of the Mondi company

An important gesture is that of the Biella company, which concerns the donation of technical safety clothing worth € 2,200.

The Mondi company responds to the AISM's request for help, giving 22 technical garments amounting to 2,200 for volunteer drivers who transport patients with Multiple Sclerosis. The donation consists of special high visibility clothing items, consisting of an outer jacket (sewn-on reflective tapes)with long sleeves and a detachable inner jacket, which can be used in all seasons and in all weather conditions. By using reflective materials, the jacket will be seen at night.

Visibly excited Adriana Mondi representing the family business: "For us - said during the official ceremony on Thursday 12 July - it is a pleasure to make a small gesture towards you, I am very excited because it is often more beautiful to give than to receive. My appeal is addressed to other colleagues so that those who have the chance can make a gesture of generosity towards those who suffer ".

"The AISM (Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association), was created to represent the rights and hopes of patients with multiple sclerosis", adds Irma Gardena, also one of the veterans of the initiative. "Among its founders - he continues - four doctors: the doctors Nervosa, Souza, Merlo, and Montana. The idea started right with them, but it was also important for the name of Gaga Pantone, who died long ago." the event, announced the idea of a future project to build a house that can accommodate disabled young people.  

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A citizen fight against waste

For this tutored project, the eight students of the license (who wear reflective clothing) in environmental management and protection were inspired by the World Clean Up Day. Organized in September, this event, present in 130 countries, brings together 5% of the population of warning about the growth of abandoned waste. In Lens, the objectives were similar: clean up wild deposits. Collect waste before sorting and recycling. Various stands such as an exhibition on litter or composting presented by Nicolle were also present to raise awareness.

Thanks to the support of the cities of Lens, Loops-en-Gazelle and CALL, each of the 70 participants was given a reflective vest (which made of fluorescent fabric and reflective tapes), a pair of gloves, pliers and garbage bags. Volunteers who responded to the call say in unison to "act on the planet". Determined, they spread over three areas of the city 12, around Vasco-de-Gama Street.

The locals, meanwhile, say they want to walk and let their children "have fun with pine cones rather than beer cans." One example among others since during the collection, more unusual waste than the others have been collected: a toilet, a television, a shoe, a scooter, a mattress... In total, a bucket of 15 cubic meters, 130 bags of glass bottles and 5 containers of cans were filled. A report that demonstrates the urgency and the need for collective awareness.  

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