Great joy about the trash on the street

True excitement storms rarely cause cigarette butts on the sidewalk and broken glass on the wayside. But at the fourth graders of the elementary school Guggenheim waste comes - at least this morning - very well. The nine- and tender-hearted are traveling in the district with Monica Midfielder, staff member of the all-day care service and member of the Epstein civic network, and headmistress Lovechild Wither to collect garbage. They are equipped with professional grippers and neon-colored safety reflective vests. And since there's not that much rubbish left in the street that morning, the boys and girls immediately jump when someone discovers an empty beer can or something similar. The action is part of the project days on waste and is carried out in cooperation with the citizens network Epstein. The building yard of the city supports the so-called "Telemarketing".

Lovechild Wither is happy about the motivated students: "When I opened the fourth-graders that they should also see how street sweepers work in a reflective clothing, the enthusiasm was initially very limited. At first, two girls did not want to go at all. But now everyone is with great zeal! "

Every four years, the primary school organizes project days for all grades on a free topic. According to Wither, the quorum decided on waste because "waste separation and avoidance is simply important. Dirty seas are always an issue for children, "she explains. Through the project days, the students should learn how to avoid, process and separate waste.

Anna is especially sorry for the animals that suffer from people's rubbish heaps: "I think it's good that we put away the garbage, then the animals do not have to live in the garbage". Oman is already a professional in the field of garbage disposal: "I wore a vest of reflective tape and cleared away the dirt with my father already after celebrations in the mosque. It's important that you do that. "

James has a special experience this morning. When checking on the football field, he comes across a cocoa bottle, which he himself has forgotten: "That was stupid of me. In the future, I have to be more careful about taking my garbage back, "he explains.  

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Reflectors protect pedestrians and cyclists

Due to the weather, the accident risk increases
Pay attention to fluorescent and reflective materials

Cologne - The autumn makes special demands on the road: The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting worse and thus the overall visibility. Adverse weather conditions, slippery roads and short periods of daylight give pedestrians and cyclists a greater risk of being overlooked by motorists. It is therefore highly recommended to wear light clothing in rain, fog, and darkness. "Additional safety is provided by reflectors, which are already perceived by drivers at distances of up to 150 meters, thus allowing enough reaction time and stopping distance," says Ralf Deskman, TÜV Rhineland expert for product safety. In comparison: A bright cap or jacket is only seen up to 90 meters. Dark jackets can hardly perceive motorists or at a distance of about 30 meters.

Pay attention to the test mark

"When buying reflective products, consumers should pay attention to the corresponding standards, license plates, and test seals," Deskman says. Reflectors should comply with DIN standard EN 13356 and bear the CE mark. "If the GS mark is appropriate for tested safety, the product and the manufacturer are also monitored regularly." For safety vests, the standard EN 20471 applies - this check number should be present on the label of the safety vest. Reflective tapes for joggers to incorporating prisms also ensure good reflective properties. By the way: warning clothing is divided into three classes depending on the proportion of fluorescent and retro reflective materials, with class 3 offering the best visibility. "Fluorescent materials or colors are particularly noticeable during foggy and rainy weather during the day, and retro reflective material ensures very good visibility at night, for example when it is illuminated by car headlights," says Deskman. If uncertainties arise with regard to the retro reflective behavior during the purchase, the TÜV Rhineland expert recommends making a cell phone photo with a flashlight from the reflective surface from a few meters away. Good retro-reflective behavior is then directly visible on the display.  

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Reflective elements from the point of view of the law

As we wrote at the turn of the year, the obligation to wear reflective vests caused a new balance between the driver and the pedestrian. "There has been a situation where not only the driver has to deal with driving, but the pedestrian has a duty to be seen," says lawyer Jan Ferny. Before the effectiveness of the amendment introducing pedestrians was made public, the driver was the primary culprit for the police and, as the case may be, for the prosecutor. "I have also experienced cases of a chauffeur's accusation when a pedestrian walked along the wrong side of the road, he was darkly dressed and even under a strong influence of alcohol," explains Ferny.

Experts agree that today, in the investigation of traffic accidents, it focuses not only on drivers but also on the possible share of pedestrians. "We have a duty here to judge whether a pedestrian had a reflective element with reflective materials. If a chauffeur with a reflective element had seen it, a situation may arise when the driver is fully developed, "continues Jan Ferny.

It can happen that a pedestrian, who will not collide the car without a reflector, will receive no compensation."In each individual case, we investigate whether the element was used, how it was placed and what its reflective fabric was," says Libor Bearn of Allianz and points out that if pedestrians are found guilty, it may even be the one to pay.

It is our duty for one and a half years to wear reflective elements. How do you perceive implementation?

When looking at year-to-year statistics for years 2015 and 2016 outside the municipality where the obligation applies, we have seen less than twenty killed in reduced visibility. In addition, after a long time, legislation and a large campaign followed, followed by a police action aimed at checking whether the pedestrians wear the reflective ribbons.  

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Work wear: What needs to be considered

Work wear is a must in many occupational fields. On the one hand, it ensures a uniform appearance of the employees, on the other hand, it ensures sufficient safety in the form of safety clothing against damage to health as well as the weather. There are some standards and guidelines that are subject to strict control in certain areas - and with good reason. We explain the most important factors and background, which criteria play a role for the work clothes and look at the question about the reimbursement more closely.
Why work clothes?

Work wear not only has to meet many requirements but also has various functions to fulfill. For example, through work wear, companies support their existing corporate design by designing it in the company's internal colors. This should increase the value. Furthermore, it leads to the positive side effect that customers are able to identify employees through clothing as such. At the same time, work wear protects against dangerous activities that could have long-term consequences for the health of the employee. The so-called protective clothing is intended both to prevent damage to health and to protect against the effects of weather.
Where is work wears?

As already mentioned, one has to differentiate between conventional workmanship and protective clothing: while one model provides a homogeneous appearance, the other should ensure the safety of the wearer.

The most common protective measures at a glance

What about reimbursement?

If the Occupational Health and Safety Act provide for the wearing of work clothing in the area to be carried out, the employer is legally obliged not only to provide it to his employees but also to bear the costs incurred. This occupational health and safety procedure is strictly controlled by the employers' liability insurance associations as well as the trade offices. Misbehavior is an offense against which action is taken. However, if these are personal reasons that cause an employee to wear certain work clothes, they must bear all or part of the costs. This is the case, for example, with police officers: there is no law that provides for the wearing of a bullet-proof reflective vest, so this usually has to be self-financed.

It is also important that the employer informs his employees in detail and explains to them when and under which conditions they have to wear work or protective clothing. He is also obliged to pay for upcoming cleaning and maintenance costs.

Occupational safety is not just a matter for the boss. The worker is also under the obligation: If required, he must wear work clothes(especially sewn-on reflective tapes) and use them as intended. Such requirements are usually recorded in writing in the employment contract. However, this also applies to protective clothing. Otherwise, the competent professional association will not be liable for an accident.  

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Volvo has an invisible Life Paint reflective spray

Whoever is not seen on the road at night increases the risk of a traffic accident. The car wants to ensure the safety of cyclists by spraying with reflective particles(a special reflective material), which can be used on all kinds of materials.

If you like to ride a bicycle, you must pay attention to increase visibility for other road users. Swedish automaker Volvo offers a simple and effective solution instead of reflective tapes and flashing light.

Volvo is renowned for its consistent safety in its cars, now expanding its scope and focusing on cyclists. The automaker, in conjunction with the launch of Albedo100 and the design company Gray London, created a unique reflex paint in the spray. Lifespan is a washable paint that can be applied to different materials - helmets, clothing, shoes, dog straps, etc. The color is not visible to the naked eye, it does not spoil the fabric and lasts for about a week. Reflective particles only active reflectors.

The special Life Paint reflective color could help reduce the number of road accidents and change the true motto. Volvo: "The best way to survive the crash is not to crash." Since more than 19,000 cyclists are injured each year on UK roads, testing of a new product is taking place here. The spray will first be available in six local cycling stores, and if it is successful. It will spread throughout the world.

We do not bother, bikers are often bold on the roads in their style of driving, but when they are not seen at all due to inappropriately chosen clothing and lack of reflective vests, they are even more at risk of driving fluency and risk their lives and other road users. The more secure security solutions like Life Paint will be, the more likely it will be that fewer people die on the move. Apparently, the city will be lit up all night.  

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Guardians have to wear reflective T-shirts

Pilsner - Not even the rioters from the Pilsner police officers turned the decision of the municipal police, which introduced the bright blue-yellow T-shirts from the 1st of June. According to the Commander of the Pilsner Municipal Police, Lutsk Holman cannot accommodate the taste of all.

Whoever does not enforce the prescription is awaiting disciplinary proceedings.

"We introduced the t-shirts because we wanted to take care of the guards who complained that they had to wear a breathable reflective vest in the heat. Due to the vests, we also solved other problems related, for example, to wear a weapon. We wanted to meet the police. "says Housman.

He adds that the city police have carefully considered the shape of the new t-shirts. "We had a few samples to suggest. The police officers could comment on them. But no one has come up with a specific complaint. "he says.

To warn the wife of one of the police officers, who had been told that the shining colors of the colors and reflective tapes would attract insects that would bother the police, the chief of staff responded amusedly. "Of course, if these problems arise, we will react to them," he said, laughing. It may happen that in the extreme case, the officers will also fasten the repellent.

The fact that lawmen want to be in the service of chic is illustrated by the recent experience of the City Police Chief who has accepted their desire to wear leather reflective jackets. "But first we agreed that the jackets would try one shift and then they would see. Finally, after months, the officers changed their minds and returned to normal jackets. They found that leather jackets are maintenance-intensive, "explained Housman.  

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The guards gave people with reflective tapes

Hulking police officers, in cooperation with BESIP, drew attention to the preventive action on a valid amendment to the Road Act, according to which pedestrians traveling on the road outside the village should use reflective vests for bad visibility.

As of February 20, it should be a matter of course for pedestrians to use reflective signs for bad visibility. That's how they are more visible to the driver.

Pave Rakes, coordinator of BESIP:

"A person who is not marked by a reflective element, and as usual, is dressed in dark clothes, so the visitor sees him as reduced visibility for 18-20 m. This is not even the reaction time.

Reflective tapes received residents highlight the pedestrian at 200 meters, so the driver has enough time to react. It is important that the tape is placed on the right foot or hand.

Lenny Prada, City Police Hulking:"Many people have come for the reflective tapes. They took them home, for family members.

Inquiry: "I'm used to wearing it. But I wanted it for my two grandchildren. "

If you do not have a reflective tape at hand, try using at least a plastic bag.

Pave Rakes, coordinator of BESIP:"With just the natural movement when I get my hand when I go, the white plastic bag can highlight the movement and warn the driver.

Stickers, patches, pendants or hand bands are available in haberdashery or bicycle shops. Often, reflective fabrics are already sewn into seams of jackets, school bags or backpacks.

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Pedestrians, you must wear reflective vests!

Do you live in a village where public lighting is not working, or do you often walk in places where visibility is low? Then prepare your wallets. The Ministry of Transport wants to ask pedestrians to wear reflective vests or at least clothing equipped with reflective elements.

The reason for the proposal is according to the Ministry of Transport of Pedestrian Safety. "Especially in reduced visibility, the distance to which a driver is able to see a pedestrian moving without reflective elements on the road, which leads to accidents, often with fatal consequences, is significantly shortened," notes the Office of the Minister Anton in Prichard (ANO) in the explanatory report to his of the proposal.

The ministry suggests that pedestrians wear reflective elements in their clothing, for example when they go on a road or other road without public lighting and reduced visibility. "Decreased visibility refers especially to dawn, dusk and night, during the day especially mist and heavy rain," he says.

Costs for the acquisition of reflective elements will not be too high, according to the ministry. "Given that a detailed specification of the characteristics (dimensions, material) and the location of the reflective element on the garment (only a general requirement for visibility from other road users) is not foreseen, these pedestrian costs will be relatively low (purchasing costs a reflective tape on the sleeve of about thirty to forty crowns per pedestrian) and, in principle, one-off, "the ministry said. These costs may be further reduced in view of the fact that especially sportswear has often incorporated reflective materials, logos, stripes and the like.

Reflective vests or sleeves will have to be carried in your backpack or bag almost all the time. At least this follows from the Ministry's statement: "The above costs for the acquisition of a reflective element will have to be potentially given by each pedestrian, as he may be in a situation where he will be obliged to use them." On the other hand, it is possible to count on the existence of sidewalks or public lighting where there is no obligation to have a reflective element, and therefore this option does not necessarily mean a blanket obligation to wear reflexive elements, for example after dusk in the cities, the office adds.

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