The scooter hit the cyclist

A 64-year-old cyclist was taken with a head injury to the hospital as a result of a traffic accident. The driver of the two-wheeler was hit by a mower driven by a moped.

On Tuesday, August 28, before 22.00, the policemen on duty received information about a traffic accident. On the spot, the nearest to the uniform appeared from the Police Station, emergency services and officers from the road route.

According to preliminary findings, the driver of a 34-year-old driving in the direction of Lipinski hit the back of a cyclist riding in the same direction. The bicycle operator, 64-year-old resident of our point, moved without the required lighting, the reflective vest, and did not have a mandatory reflective material - says asp. Tomasz, spokesperson of the Municipal Police Headquarters.

As a result of the incident, a cyclist with a head injury was taken to the hospital.

The driver of the scooter was sober. The biker was clearly able to feel alcohol, which is why blood was taken from him to test for alcohol content. In addition, the man was aggressive both in relation to the police officers and the ambulance crew who were assisting him - adds the press officer.

On the spot, the police officers carried out many procedural steps necessary to thoroughly explain the circumstances of the entire incident.

Being thoughtless or disregarding traffic rules may be the cause of a tragedy. Unfortunately, for some trivial things, which is a reflective vest with reflective tape or the lighting of a two-wheeler, it can have tragic consequences. Let's talk to our children, parents or grandparents about traffic danger. Let's consider whether you can visit them without giving them a reflective vest and talk about the necessity of using it. In this way, we can give our loved ones the greatest gift that they can receive, or life - asp appeals.  

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Is this fashion or is it allowed to go away?

As usual, we owe it to Kim Kardashian and her sweetheart Kanye West. The two - and pretty much all the other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan - have such a weird fashion taste that it's almost impossible that their outfits are so trendy. But that's the way it is with the influences and the fashion: You buy what is promoted by well-known personalities. And it does not seem to matter whether its reflective cycling shorts or neon yellow reflective jackets.

This is nice fashion. It was made as said by Kim-K and Co, imitated by the online fashion brand Pretty Little Things. There you can buy the safety vest for almost 50 Euros. And she is actually close to being sold out - size S is therefore no longer at the present time. In doing so, one honestly wonders who will really wear this jacket in public. In the rather stuffy Vienna, probably little girls will sit in the U6 and blind their fellow human beings. Then you can imagine the jacket even more in major US cities or in crazy fashion metropolises like London.

But even there it is somehow out of place. It is certainly not meant to be evil, but the design is reminiscent of futuristic societies in which the rich adorn themselves with wearing the "exotic" work wear of the subjects as a fashion statement. But what do we know about fashion? If Kanye West on a glacier post and the more than 680,000 people like, then it must be something, right? Nobody in the newsroom will catch us in such warning jackets with reflective materials, except when someone has a particularly dangerous bike lane home. And who knows, maybe this neon monster is the perfect cycling jacket for gloomy and foggy autumn evenings? I think we're here for something...  

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Pedestrians also have to do alcohol tests

The consumption of drugs and alcohol at the wheel with the aim of reducing accidents is one of the main objectives of the General Directorate of Traffic, through road controls. But not only those who put themselves at the controls of a vehicle are punishable in case of exceeding the legal limits, because if you are walking and you are involved in a traffic accident or commit a violation, you are required to submit to the Breathalyzer test, just like if the police require it. Although they will not take points from the card (which would happen if you were driving), the fine would receive the same, and for an amount of up to € 500.

The legal limit is 0.25, when it begins to be punishable. In case of exceeding 0.50g / l or being a repeat offender, the sanction would amount to one thousand Euros, according to explain to ABC the experts of Pyramid Consulting.

Pedestrians can also be subject to numerous penalties, since like vehicles, they are obliged to know and respect certain traffic regulations.

For example, pedestrians have to be visible and. At the same time, have to have controlled the road. Therefore, on interurban roads, you should always walk on the left side of the shoulder, as this is the way you have to face the approaching vehicles.

In addition, both at dusk and at dawn or adverse weather conditions pedestrians are required to wear reflective vests. Pedestrians who do not comply with these rules may be sanctioned with fines of up to 80 Euros.

Highways, highways and traffic lights
Pedestrians cannot walk on highways or motorways, and doing so is a fine of 80 Euros. So much so, that if, in a vehicle, you have to stop for an important reason, you should always wear the hi vis vest with reflective materials. In addition, the rest of passengers will have to stay inside the vehicle.

Pedestrians are often unaware of the danger of crossing a red light. And, at that time, they put themselves and the other users of the road in danger. Therefore, fines are stipulated for this type of behavior: up to 200 Euros penalty.

If you are going to cross the street, you must always cross the pedestrian zone. Otherwise, and despite having a pedestrian crossing or traffic light nearby, you could have a penalty of € 80.

One last, or example: walking too slowly is punishable. Although only those who do so will receive a fine without a justified reason, traveling too slowly can be a risk, because it could create dangerous agglomeration.  

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Béarn: beware of scams with yellow vests

People wearing yellow reflective vests are placed at the roundabouts of major roads. It's a scam.

On Thursday, a patrol of the national police intervened at a roundabout of the avenue Gaston following several call from motorists. Rescuers in yellow jackets with reflective tapes are posted on major roads to challenge motorists by pretending to be volunteers of charities or humanitarian organizations.

A few exchanges are enough to have serious doubts about their intentions. A Pau motorist was even presented with a letterhead of the Prefecture of authorizing this canvassing. It is likely a fake.

As for the door to false quality, at home, the police reiterate precautionary advice with regard to this kind of seller.  

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The drunken driver took the wheel of his car on a quick ride

A wild ride from a large roundabout on Gorlovka Street in Havirov could not have driven a driver who had breathed almost 2 promises on Sunday afternoon.

He was too fast for the exit of the roundabout, and at the pedestrian crossing he headed out to the left curb that he had fiddled with the left front wheel. Because it was not just a tiny cut of the tire, the wheel was badly damaged.

Accidents were noticed by the city police, which was nearby and was almost instantly on the spot. The driver's officers held up so that he could not escape. The guided breath test proved to be drunk. On the spot, the Republican police took over. Under surveillance, he traveled to a seizure, and after sobering he was interrogated and charged.

"This is a 34-year-old man with a breath test of 1.9 per mile of alcohol," police spokeswoman Vaile confirmed.

As the driver had problems with alcohol earlier, his car was confiscated by the police and would, according to the law, be forfeited to the state.

Just half an hour later, preventive action began on Gorlovka Street, where police rewarded drivers who had everything right, including the alcohol test. They were given non-alcoholic beer, reflective vests and disposable alcohol tests.  
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"Superheroes" of the newspaper in a reflective jacket

"We are used to superheroes with long cloaks and tight suits with strange super powers, but there are some who simply have a yellow reflective jacket with reflective tape."

We are looking for new civic assistants, "superheroes" of the newspaper in a reflective jacket.

We are used to superheroes with long cloaks and tight suits with strange super powers, but there are some who instead simply have a yellow reflective jacket with reflective material, generous people who have chosen to be an active part of the well-being of our city. Whom are we talking about? Civic assistants, those figures who, in a silent and discreet way, provide assistance in many social activities

Civic assistants in a free way, trained and qualified with special course, collaborate in close contact with the Municipal Police and the Municipality, ensuring active and vigilant presence in the area. Founded in association in 2009, they have been active more than ever in 2017. Many initiatives have been attended, for example, for safe crossings in front of the Franciscan schools, Celia and the Bargain primary school. They have been present and supervised in many sporting events and the international Triathlon 'Ironman' competition in Cesena, just to name a few. Collaborate with the Municipal Administration and Neighborhoods in the leafleting and dissemination of institutional information for the Municipality or as supervision at the festival of trees in the Cava District and other initiatives promoted by the Neighborhoods. Moreover, with the collaboration of refugees and asylum seekers welcomed, they cleaned up the city from weed from sidewalks and abandoned waste.

"There are 35 associated volunteers, of whom 15 are active on a regular basis, which in 2017 involved over 3300 volunteer hours distributed in approximately 1700" services "- explains Vane, coordinator - Many people who have joined us in these years, even refugees. But today we find ourselves in need of new volunteers, of people who lend even one hour of their time. Our appeal goes to all those who love the city, everyone can become civic assistants without exception ". The Civic Assistants then look for other volunteers to support the services already active and if possible expand them for the year 2018.

On Monday 22nd January at 8.45 pm at the headquarters, a meeting will take place to present the free course to become a volunteer civic assistant. "Being a civic assistant is also a way to be an active citizen - to speak is the Mayor - the civic assistants are an important aspect for our city and in recent years has become much more than a volunteer, are people who they have chosen to play an active role and are an example of the civic sense ". "I would just add two words that encompass the sense of civic assistants: living and sharing. They are inhabitants of a territory that actively shares an example of promotion and civic sense ", concludes the Welfare Councilor Mascagni.  

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How reflective clothing works

If paparazzi have a right to take photos and newspapers are allowed to print photos taken by paparazzi, it stands to reason that those in the brief spotlight of an eager photographer’s flash have a right to fight back, too. Anti-paparazzi clothing has been around for a while, such us reflective clothing.

The trick is to use retro-reflective materials. These are textiles, plastic or metal that will reflect light back to its source. If you’ve ever driven down a road and saw your headlights illuminate road signs almost impossibly far away, or if you’ve seen so-called cat’s eyes, you’ve seen it in action.

Imagine there was a way to trick the camera into thinking that the scene looks different with reflective fabric than it actually does. If you were able to trick the camera into thinking the scene was much, much darker, it would tell the flash to increase its output. As a result, the image would be far too bright, and probably ruined.

Reflective materials do the opposite; by reflecting a lot more light back at the camera than normal fabrics, the camera believes the scene is a lot brighter than it is and it reduces the flash output. In effect, the camera is exposing “correctly” for the reflective material, but incorrectly for everything else in the scene, probably ruining the photo.  

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On foot to the school instead of in the "Parental Taxi"

The new school year will start in the canton of Zurich in just over a week. Many inexperienced four and five-year-olds are traveling to kindergarten. Here are some tips to keep the way to school safety for the children.

The way to the schoolhouse is a challenge for the many newly trained children.

Parental taxis would prevent children from getting to know the dangers of road traffic and practicing proper behavior. In addition, parental taxis endanger other children through dangerous maneuvers in the school building sector, according to the Swiss Transport Club (VCS) in its recently published statement at the beginning of school. Correct behavior in traffic would literally teach the children step by step, at the hands of their parents, together with their friends and family. It would also be advisable for parents to travel several times to school with their child before the first day of school.

For objectively difficult school trips, the VCS recommends that parents usefully accompany their newly enrolled children on foot in a first phase.

Although nine out of ten motorists now perceive and understand the road safety campaign "Road stand, child goes," dangerous situations arise daily because the children are seen too late. Therefore, the visibility is very important, write the TCS, the Accident Prevention Service and the police in their joint communication.

The campaign "Road stands. Child goes" will be held for the fourth time at the beginning of the new school year. Since 2013, the TCS has distributed half a million safety vests with reflective materials for first graders to increase the visibility of children. Because the reflective safety vest for fashion reasons often finds little appeal to the students, there is the "made visible" label for a year with more fashionable products for all ages.  

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How to act if you have hit an animal in Spain

It sometimes happens that you get involved in a collision between an animal and a vehicle, in most cases with a car. But what should you do if that happens and who is liable? It turns out that not many people know exactly, so it's time for a short explanation. The most frequent collisions with animals in Spain are those with dogs or cats and also horses, cows and wild boar that are increasingly common on the Spanish roads.

There is nothing worse than driving on a road and coming into collision with or another vehicle, cyclist or stray animals. According to the Spanish traffic service DGT, there were at least 856 accidents involving animals in 2017, some with fatal consequences for both the animals and the occupants of a vehicle. The chance of an accident with a running animal is quite large in Spain as there are many roads that cross a natural landscape.

Hunting season
Most accidents take place in the spring, autumn and winter during which it is somewhat quieter in the summer when it comes to animals on the roads. One of the reasons why more accidents occur on the Spanish roads outside the summer is the hunting season. In the aforementioned seasons may be hunted in Spain which often causes animals to flee and then panic roads with all the consequences. On most roads there are road signs indicating that animals can cross the road but most people do not look at it. In addition, in Spain you also have to be extra alert when there are signs along the road with the text "coto de caza" which means that there is a hunting area.

Which animals
In Spain most of the accidents involving animals are caused by a collision with wild boar and roe deer but it also happens that collisions take place between vehicles and cows, horses, sheep and of course smaller animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits. In some places, it is also possible to collide with the protected Iberian Lynx, especially in the south of Spain.

Most accidents happen when an animal suddenly crosses a road and a car driver can no longer avoid the collision. On the contrary, and therefore drive something against it. In addition, there are also accidents when a car driver tries to bypass a dog, cat or other animal that has already been hit by driving around and then driving somewhere. According to the association of companies that take care of the maintenance of the Spanish roads, 1000 animals are killed every day on the roads.

What to do
As mentioned earlier, an accident can take place in two ways: either a direct collision with an animal or by trying to avoid it and then get an accident. Of course, it is always best to reduce the speed and keep the eyes extra open to be aware of possible surprise on those roads where it is indicated that animals can walk on the road. But that is unfortunately not always enough and it can still happen that a collision takes place. Some tips from the Spanish DGT (Traffic Service).
The most important thing is to prevent it by paying extra attention and always anticipating traffic.

Avoid using a horn when seeing an animal on the road. This can frighten an animal and react uncontrollably by acting in panic.

If a collision has occurred and it is a heavy animal or an animal of large size, then 112 (police) to call who then send help. In the case of smaller animals, it is advisable to take them to a veterinarian or call 112 (police) who will do this for you.
Is there an animal on the road and has not been hit yet, then slowly passes over so that it does not scare.

If you see an animal walking over the road, pay extra attention because often they do not walk alone and unexpectedly a second or third animal can arrive.

If a collision is unavoidable, brake hard and also push the clutch all the way to go straight ahead and not to turn left or right. If it is not safe to do this action, such as with more traffic behind you, try not to avoid the animal because it can lead to dangerous situations.

If the collision has taken place, make sure everything goes safely afterwards by wearing a reflective vest, placing warning triangles which are made of reflective materials and calling in for help without jeopardizing your car.

If a collision has occurred then there is often damage, but who is responsible for that damage. The owner of an animal is (risk) liable for the damage the animal inflicts on others. Debt plays no role in this. A possessor is someone who keeps the animal for himself. Usually this will be the owner. But it can also be the man's keeper, for example, who uses your horse for lessons. The neighbor boy who is exhausting your dog is not a possessor. He does not keep the dog for himself. There are cases where the owner is not liable. This is the case with, for example, force major or severe weather.

Pets are not only dogs and cats, but also farm animals such as horses, cows and sheep. The owner is liable, because the pet has caused the damage. For example, when the dog suddenly crosses the road. We call this risk liability. The owner must compensate the damage. The claimant must prove that the animal has caused damage. So make a note of witness evidence directly for a testimony. It is important for pets to wear clothing with reflective materials or reflective tapes.

Animals that live in the wild (deer, roe deer, wild boar, etc.) do not own. There is therefore not liable party to turn to for compensation. With a full or limited insurance it is possible to claim the damage with your car insurance. The policy conditions state whether this type of damage is covered.  

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Attention to motorcyclists!

On Saturday, April 14, Oradea will officially open the motor season 2018. On this occasion, starting at 14:00, the march will be held on the many routes.

Recommendations for motorcyclists
"In order to enjoy the spring, we, the policemen, recommend:

Use an approved helmet that meets current safety standards.

Always wear safety clothing as this can only provide you with good protection during an accident and protects you from the weather. We advise you to opt for modular "layered" equipment so you can adapt it to the changing weather conditions.

Be visible! Wear bright, reflective clothes! Add additional reflective material or wear a reflective vest. Always keep the headlamp lit and run to the position where drivers can easily see you in the rear view mirror (2/3 of the belt width). Avoid dead angles of other vehicles.

Approach curves with moderate speed without cutting them! Many accidents happen because of the opposite direction.

Keep eye contact - do not assume that others see you. Always try to have visual contact with the drivers that might be about to intersect your trajectory. Anticipate your partner's intentions! Even when drivers, cyclists and pedestrians see you are approaching, they often mistakenly judge the distance and speed. Do not rely solely on their good reaction.

Beware of vehicles at turns and intersections! The most common type of motorcycle crash is generated by drivers who are not assumed to turn left or to change the lane

Be prepared for hazardous road conditions - wet road, liquid leakage, sand, gravel, tramway, pits and other road surface danger that can severely affect your adhesion by generating accidents and... MOTORS!  

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