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Easter is a time that, according to the tradition, we mostly celebrate in the family circle. However, more and more popular form of spending Christmas is multi-day trips combined with leisure. Both of these forms usually involve defeating cars with long distances, even several hundred kilometers. When sitting behind the steering wheel, it is essential to remember about your own safety, but also for the safety of the passengers being transported.

We appeal for prudent driving - to make this holiday time a time of rest, joy and a smile, so that it will not be interrupted by a road tragedy.


We present you with a few simple tips, the use of which will help you reach your destination safely:

Before you go:
Check the technical condition of your car (check the tires - including the pressure in the wheels, check the lighting, check and, if necessary, top up the oil, coolant and washer fluid, check the condition of the rubber in the windshield wipers).

Take care of the glass cleanness - also side windows, to ensure maximum visibility.

Make sure that the vents in the car are set correctly so that the windows do not mist up. And it is important to equipment with a reflective vest in your car.

Secure luggage carried before moving it; do not leave unprotected items in the passenger compartment.

Rest before the journey.

During the trip:
Make sure that each transported person has fastened seatbelts, and that children are transported in accordance with the applicable regulations - in protective seats or other devices for transporting children.

Make sure that the interior is properly ventilated.

Overcome long distances, organize stops; even a few minutes' break in the journey improves concentration and allows you to move on to the "new" energy.

Absolutely adjust the speed to the prevailing road conditions.

It's better to be late to meet your family than not get there.

GO TO LIKE - ie use the turn signals in advance, signaling your intention, not a maneuver.  
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BAN Black light badminton tournament fully booked

The third edition of the BAN Black light Badminton tournament, held at the Sports Hall, promises to be another great success. In a short time, more than 144 participants have registered for the event. This means that the maximum number of registrations has been reached. The organization is therefore more than satisfied in advance.

At a Black light badminton tournament, the matches are played in the dark. The gym is only lit by some special lamps and the playing fields are covered with fluoridating tape. Due to the special circumstances, it is quite an art to hit the shuttle well and score points. Many participants wear reflective clothing with reflective fabrics that makes them slightly visible. The whole creates a very special atmosphere in the gym and surprising competition results.

The official opening of the special tournament will take place around 10.00, after which the first matches will start soon. Around 17.00 hours the award ceremony will take place in the canteen of the Icon.  

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Be visible at night or this may happen to you

Cyclists who do not wear a safety vest or drivers who do not use the directionals are the protagonists of clashes that end in tragedy.

A video recorded on the Bogotá - Villavicencio road shows a driver who, in the midst of darkness, awaits the opportunity to make a forbidden turn. A truck, which apparently does not see it, hits it from behind. The impact sends him against an inter-municipal bus and several people are injured.

Another imprudence captured in the camera was that of two cyclists, on the Bogotá - Mosque road, who wore neither a vest nor any reflective materials that allowed them to see them in the shadows.

This lack of culture and road safety has caused a high number of fatalities on the roads. There are more than 2,000 dead in low-light sites, says General William Salamanca, director of the Traffic Police.

With the Make Visible campaign, the authorities are looking for road actors to become aware of the importance of using reflective clothing at night.  

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The Rap of China Brings a New Trend

If you are fond of music and fashion, you must hear about a variety show, “The Rap of China”. This show brings new blood --- Hip Hop to Chinese music market.

What we usually listened is the pop music. Hip Hop is more fresh type of music for us. At the beginning, most people are sick of this sound. Abuse comes and goes everywhere. But through the producers, tutors, players and all the relative stuff’ unremitting efforts, it seems Hip Hop is more acceptable than before by the public now.

“I want to perform on a global stage and let the world know China’s got hip hop. Chinese hip hop is great.” VaVa (only female contestant in the final battle) said “I promise I won’t live a mediocre life like they do. Many people are biased against female rappers. They care more about your appearance than your abilities. Our fans now are very young. We want to set a good example for them. So I think it’s necessary to get rid of curse words in our lyrics. ”

These players notice that once Hip Hop becomes a new trend, it will affect more and more young people. So they know how to set themselves as an example but not only a self-centered star. Personally, this is a good beginning. As Hip Hop becomes more popular, some relative elements will become hotter definitely, such as the reflective materials. Many rappers wear fashionable clothes with some reflective logo to distinguish them from crowds.

Chinastars is a professional supplier of reflective fabric. We can customize the logo with reflective heat transfer film to make you unique. Contact us if you want to be different.  

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The police, in the interest of the safety of children who started the new school year, proposed a surprise. In order to start learning, the policemen prepared a "phone contest" for the youngest, which was connected with traffic rules.

Children aged 6-8 were calling the indicated number to the press officer. First, you had to enter the competition slogan "Safeway to school", and then show your knowledge, because the policewoman asked a few questions about the basic rules for getting around the roads. The finalists were a total of seven children: Barros, Sebastian, Nadia, Oskar, Lena, Martina and Veronica.

The winners were invited together with the guardians to the Police Headquarters. There, during a tour of the unit, there was an opportunity to learn not only about the tasks of individual departments in the police, visit the object, but also meet the policemen of prevention or traffic, informs Isabella, a press officer of the district police commander.

The children were also greeted by the commander of the inspectorate. Marci, who in the presence of the head of the Road Traffic Department, comrade: Sebastian and one of the coordinators of the National Map of Safety Hazards asp. Radius, he gave children gift packages containing: board game "Safe town", reflective vests and reflective tapes, educational lesson plans, pens with emergency numbers. All this was funded by the sacristy, which each year allocate funds for preventive measures, ie preventing threats.  

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Death on the road

Broken life tonight for a 70-year-old citizen of Ulmen.

As he moved along the communal road, the old man was hit by a 36-year-old Bucharest-run car.

The crew maneuvers on the ambulance sent to the site failed.

The most likely to be blamed will be the dead while driving on the road during the night without wearing a reflective vest.

It is the second deadly accident of the evening after Venetia, a citizen of about 50 years was caught by an industrial grape crusher.  
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Reflective bands make cyclists visible

In the dark season cyclists have to make sure they are well seen. There are many possibilities.

Cyclists can do a lot to make themselves more visible in the dark season. In light clothing with reflective fabric or as an alternative to safety vests advises the German Traffic Watch (DVW). So-called clack bands with reflective material, which can be tied around arms or legs, as well as pendants increase the visibility in addition.

Special helmets, rucksacks and bags for cyclists already have reflective materials. Otherwise, there are cheap coatings that protect against water. Important: The lighting and the required reflectors on the bike must not only be present according to the Highway Code, but the lighting system must also work.

Those who cycle in the twilight and inclement weather opt for well-lit roads if possible. To the drivers, the DVW appeals to drive particularly attentively and also to pay attention to function, clean lighting of their cars.  

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On Tuesday, 18 September, at the Primary School No. 1, the "Safe Road to School" campaign was conducted. Its organizer was representatives of PSB and the police.

The aim of the undertaking is to instill the youngest students basic safety rules in the area of moving around the road. About 80 first-grade students participated in the action, who first participated in the lecture conducted by the police officers, and then practiced crossing the road.

As every year, the students received gifts from the company's representatives: reflective vests and armbands which are made of reflective materials, coloring books and sweets.  

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Three models of shoes that shine in the dark

The Swiss firm launches in its catalog of 2019 three new models of sneakers for cyclists who share an interesting quality: they shine in the dark thanks to the reflective fabric. The Scott BOA Reflective range consists of three models, one for road cyclists, another for mountain bikers and another for beginners and budget users, in all cases with a design that offers greater visibility in night or night conditions, thanks to the reflective material present in the shoe cover.

For road cyclists who roll in low light conditions, the firm proposes the Scott Road Comp BOA Reflective. They feature a fully reflective instep as well as a BOA L6 closure system that offers an optimal fit to the cyclist's foot. The footwear has injected nylon and fiberglass sole with a stiffness index of 6 out of 10, a removable Ergo Logic insole and a declared weight of 295 grams in size 42. They are available in a men's or women's version.

For mountain bikers, the Scott MTB Comp BOA Reflective arrives at the stores. Like the road model, they feature a fully reflective instep as well as a practical BOA L6 closure system to fit the cyclist's foot perfectly. The footwear has an injected plastic composite outsole with a stiffness index of 6, complemented by Sticky rubber studs and a removable Ergo Logic insole. The declared weight of each shoe is 380 grams in size 42, also available in male or female version.

The last option proposed by the Swiss firm is the Scott Sport BOA Reflective, aimed at beginner cyclists or those with a tighter budget. They keep the instep 100% reflective of the other two models, although in this case with a BOA L5 closure and a more polyvalent sole, made of a plastic compound with a stiffness index of 6 and tacking of Sticky rubber. The shoes have a declared weight of 400 grams per unit in size 42 and, as in the rest of the Reflective range, they are available in a male or female version. And if you want to increase your visibility at night, it is useful to wear a reflective vest.

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More than a thousand people will clean garbage today

World Cleaning Day is coming. Seldom has a call been received with such enthusiasm. If the weather is right, more than a thousand people will help eliminate waste on the two islands. The challenge, that this initiative is not annual and becomes something ordinary.

From ten o'clock in the morning, more than a thousand people are called to mobilize today in Ibiza to participate in the World Day of Cleanliness, which is celebrated in 155 countries around the world with the participation of millions of people. Rarely has an initiative achieved, so far, such an overwhelming response. Good news for the environmental health of the islands.

The associations Ibiza and Plastic Free Ibiza have been responsible for the logistics and promotion of this call, very active especially in the networks. Their participation from groups of friends to people gathered by a company or an organization. From Promotion of Tourism to hotels, families with children, Amice de la Terra and the organizing associations, neighborhood associations... All have chosen a piece of these islands for, from ten in the morning until six in the evening, contribute their bit to improve the environment.

For an optimal organization of the event, in each municipality two meeting points have been chosen half an hour before their start, at 10 hours.

The organizers make a series of recommendations to the participants. Among them, "do nothing that is not safe"; wear comfortable clothes, closed shoes and hat or hat against the sun, and if cleaning is on rural roads, wear a reflective vest or a white shirt, to make the impact of this action more visible; bring water and food, preferably in reusable or glass containers, and gloves; collect garbage bags in the aforementioned points, at 10 o'clock; know the management of the waste for a correct recycling and not try to remove dangerous or very heavy materials.

If you find one, you have to take a photo and locate it on a map of the World Clean Up application. "From the platform Let's Do it Ibiza we will manage it later with the competent authorities". They explain from the organization.

They also warn about hazardous waste, such as clinical waste, oils or sewage, electronic and electrical and dead animals, among others.

One hour after the end of the day, at seven o'clock in the afternoon, the organizers have prepared an event, between Coco Beach and the Palladium hotel, where they will take stock of the day. They also want to make a group photo with all the volunteers who want to get close. The final results of this initiative will be announced this Monday, September 17.  
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