Revolt of "yellow vests" at home

Security assistants with reflective vests dislodging a spectator from Campo Nou, the stadium of FC Barcelona / EFE.

Revolt of yellow vests at home of FC Barcelona, RCD Espanyol, and Girona FC. A union has denounced the three clubs to try to free security guards from the obligation to wear reflective clothing in all three stadiums.

The complaint, which is being conveyed through collective conflicts with the three teams, is based on various premises. "The most serious of all is that it violates Law 5/2014 on Private Security, which establishes that security personnel must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to carry out their work. High visibility vests are reserved for posts in which there is circulation of vehicles," explained a spokesman for ADN Syndical, the group that has filed the claim. The entity adds that this supplement "reduces reaction capacity in public order alterations in the interior of the fields" and that not always "the appropriate sizes are given" to the staff, what remains "professionalism".

Clubs: "Obligated by a regulation"
Asked by the question, the two biggest clubs denounced, FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol, have given different answers to the informative requests of this medium. The mouthpiece has not answered. For its part, the eleventh classified in the edition of La Liga this year has indicated that it is a matter that concerns the concessionary companies of security. "The clubs have a secondary role in this conflict", has abounded.

Unofficial sources of the Barca have specified that the vests are used both in the national competition and in the Champions League "in accordance with a television regulation signed with the competitions". They have also defended the use of the garment with the argument that "it helps the visibility of the guards in case of urgent evacuation of a stadium".

About 400 only at the Camp Nou
It should be remembered that the group of security guards is outsourced in the three cases: Barca, Espanyol, and Girona. The three top clubs handle a figure close to 500 professionals in their stadiums, with the Camp Nou, the largest of the venues, taking most of the staff, with about 400 troops. To this figure, we must add security assistance, the staff that is obliged to wear reflective vests with reflective tape for clothing and whose job is to help the spectators and indicate emergency exits, toilets, and other facilities.

Despite this differentiation, the two collective conflicts that began in the Conciliation Service of the Ministry of Labor yesterday, June 21, ended without agreement. The next step will be the lawsuit against the three clubs.  

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Being seen is crucial

Police Superintendent Tobias Kern missed a student safety vest and cap. The occasion was an action by the traffic police, whose attention was briefly ...

Police Superintendent Tobias Kern missed a student safety vest and cap. The occasion was an action by the traffic police, whose attention applies shortly after starting school to the weakest in traffic. Three classes of elementary school received on Monday visit of the traffic educator. "We have deliberately put the class into the dark season so you can best see how important it is to be seen on the way to school," Kern said.

The children were surprised whether the reflection in the dark: "That shines like the protective vest of you," said a little boy the police officer. The protective equipment was donated by the ADAC, the roundabout, and a regional building materials trade.  

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Yellow vests to protect schoolchildren

The city has purchased these highly popular color safety gear to ensure student safety during outings.

They will not block the canteen or hold a dam at recess. It is the students of the schools of the city who dress the now sacrosanct yellow reflective vest when they are not in their establishment. "In order to strengthen the safety of children, last year we wanted to prevent possible problems during school and extracurricular trips, with leisure activities for example, by facilitating the identification, counting, and evacuation of students. in case of difficulty, "recalls Marie-Do, Deputy Mayor (LR) at Education.

The city has ordered 8,800 safety vests with reflective tapes stamped "School - City of Asnières-Sur-Seine" to equip students of all school groups in the town. The first ones were delivered at the beginning of November. And Marie-Do to specify: "Any resemblance to a real situation is perfectly fortuitous ..."  

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"A reflector can save a life!"

The group was established to inform about the situation on Stargard roads, traffic jams, accidents, police patrols. For a long time now, he has been conducting preventive activities promoting safe behavior on the road, both for drivers and pedestrians. Our editorial team took patronage over the action "Reflection action - be visible!" promoting the wearing of reflective vests by pedestrians. First, there were lectures for children and giving out reflections. Now a short but eloquent movie was made. We invite you to watch!

"Group Stand! Stargard goes into the next stage of implementation and promoting the wearing of reflective bandages!" informs Michal. As a preventive and informational group, we have distributed over 10,000 reflections! During the giving of reflections, many topics were raised with residents associated with the visibility of pedestrians on the road.

However, we think that graphics and films are the most important in our memory. That's why we decided to create a short movie showing how far away the reflective material can be seen! We can only see the pedestrian from a distance of 200-300 meters!  

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A reflective vest for every toddler

Preschoolers can set a good example for adults. They have reflective vests and know when, where and why they should be used. Children learned this during a meeting with policemen and representatives of Euro cash / Euro Group S.A.

A visit to the kindergarten was organized as part of the 'Academy' projects, the aim of which is to teach the youngest citizens the principles of safe behavior on the road.

The kids were delighted with the guests' visit. The policewoman explained to the children how to behave on the road and go through the pedestrian crossing, as well as how to safely get to the kindergarten. She also explained why you should fasten your seatbelts while driving.

"During the lecture, there was a lot of laughter and very complex questions, some of them were difficult to answer. The children promised that they would pay attention to their relatives to keep you safe on the road," says Agnieszka, a spokeswoman for the Police Headquarters.

At the end of the meeting with kindergartens, a representative of the Euro cash / Euro Group gave children reflective vests with reflective tapes and coloring books on road safety topics.  

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The pedestrians arrived

The number of pedestrian accidents has risen. They do not wear reflective vests.

In recent weeks, police have reported several traffic accidents involving pedestrians. In Klatovy, such an accident even made men a life. Many pedestrians still do not realize that they are obliged to use different reflective materials in low visibility when they are in places where there is no illumination. Especially outside the village.

"If a pedestrian goes out of the village in low visibility on the roadside or on the edge of the road in a place which is not illuminated by public lighting, he shall be obliged to wear retro-reflective elements positioned so as to be visible to other road users" is in the law.

In the autumn and winter, the morning gets darker and the afternoon diminishes earlier. Frequency is also fog. Any reflective element that reflects the light back to the source increases the chances of the pedestrian-driver noticing reduced visibility even in the dark.

Appropriate use of reflective elements can prevent the pedestrian from colliding with the vehicle. "In addition to the reflective strips, there are also pendants and patches, which are recommended to be placed on the limbs in the direction of communication. The walker can also use the vest with reflective fabrics while walking outside the illuminated places, "said Dana Layman, a spokeswoman for the Czech police.

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Second day of protest of the yellow vests

The French continued on Sunday for the second day in a row with protests against rising fuel taxes and against Macron's policy in different parts of the country. Prime Minister Eduard Philippe will speak tonight about the demonstrations of the "yellow reflective vests".

Nearly 300,000 protesters across the country, a 63-year-old protester killed by a driver who panicked, 400 injured, 14 of them seriously, 282 detainees: the balance of the first day of protest on Saturday yellow vests proves this is a large-scale movement.

Because although they did not manage to paralyze the country, the whole territory was affected by their actions, which were organized outside the parties and unions.

The protesters, who are protesting against the rise in fuel taxes and the drop in purchasing power, blocked roads, roundabouts, and hypermarkets on Saturday and allowed free access to tolls.

The night was "revolt in certain places," with around 3,500 people mobilized "in 87 different places," French Interior Minister Christophe Castanet reported.

The so-called "yellow vests" were also concentrated near the Elyse Palace, the seat of the presidency, where the security forces used tear gas.

According to a survey published by the Journal du Demarche, 62% of the French believe that it is necessary to "prioritize the purchasing power, even if that means slowing down the energy transition" in the coming years.

This Sunday morning you could still see fences in different areas, especially on the A7.

On Saturday the prime minister had left the interior minister to evoke the demonstrations but this Sunday decided that he himself would intervene. Tonight, Prime Minister Eduard Philippe will evoke these protests on the public television station France 2.  
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50 safety vests for kindergarten

In their new safety vests, the little ones of the kindergarten followed the video of the traffic education they saw yesterday morning. For the planned bike.

A bicycle day is not unusual for the kids of the Kindergarten. Once a month it is on the program. However, head Silke Lange admits to our newspaper that it was somewhat problematic in the last six months. The public road behind the kindergarten cannot be easily blocked ... Now, the parking lot or the fire department area.

Yesterday, however, the day was very special, even if you could not use the wheels because of the weather. In the morning namely, the children got a visit from the company ATU. Representatives of the workshop and retail chain brought the children 50 reflective safety vests. Proud as the Spaniards, the little ones ran around in the facility. And so that they were used symbolically right, the educators played a video for traffic safety to the little ones. The so-called melon test showed how wearing a helmet and a reflective vest with reflective tape affects one's own safety and learned other important things about behavior on the road.

Not only the children but also Silke Lange was happy about the present. Therefore, the institution had applied last year in the ATU campaign fireflies. It did not work out, it was successful this year. Of the 105 registered children, 30 are new school children for whom the vest with reflective material plays a major role. But you can also use them differently, for example, during trips to the kindergarten, in order to recognize the glowing immediately.  

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With safety vest on the way better

With their neon yellow safety vests, donated by the ADAC, the first graders become visible from afar.

This year, the Geraldine school participates next to other schools in the district of Schwandorf on the safety vest action of the ADAC. "For your children, it is very important to be seen better in the dark," said Lord Mayor Andreas Feller on Thursday, the 42 first-year students of the classes 1 a and 1 b and pointed out that the employees of the safety vests deceive.

Christian Guider, 1st Chairman of Motorsport club Schwandorf in the ADAC, had brought the safety vests for all. Director Sandra, the teachers Monika, Kanji Schmidt, Lisa, and school supervisor Alexander Eckert helped the enthusiastic first graders to put on the safety vests, on which "Felix" and "Frieda", the traffic detectives, shine as reflectors.

Just worn over the clothes, they do not just look great. They also make the small pupils clearly visible in the dark at a great distance. The vest is neon yellow with reflective material, all around brilliantly equipped, without advertising imprint, with conspicuous hood and so long that it looks out when carrying under the school bag.

The vest is a big plus for avoiding road accidents. It should not be forgotten, not just on foot, but also while cycling. Children are more vulnerable to other road users because of their smaller body size, smaller field of vision, weaker orientation and longer road response time. So the message of the ADAC representative: Of course, every day to wear reflective clothing!  

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Three pedestrians were killed in accidents

Three accidents in which three pedestrians were killed are a tragic balance of road events yesterday and this morning. The first of these events occurred yesterday. This morning the Renault driver fatally hit the pedestrian. Police officers appeal to all road users for prudence and caution.

Policemen are working on the site of a tragic accident that occurred before 6 on the national road No. 9. As it was initially established, the Renault driver hit the pedestrian. Unfortunately, the life of a 65-year-old man who has been hit has not been saved. One lane in the direction of Warsaw is blocked. The traffic on this episode is the pendulum. Difficulties can last up to as much as 10.

Yesterday there were two tragic accidents involving pedestrians. According to preliminary findings, the 18-year-old Audi driver hit a 52-year-old man who died on the spot. At about the same time in Sanok, the jeep driver hit an 81-year-old pedestrian. The woman died on the spot.

Policemen explain the circumstances of these tragic events.

We appeal to drivers to be particularly careful on the road especially after dark. Remember that pedestrians are unprotected road users. Now that the darkness is getting earlier and the weather conditions are getting worse, the pedestrians and cyclists are hardly visible.

A special appeal also to pedestrians not to go directly in front of an oncoming vehicle. Even at the pedestrian crossing, make sure that the driver can slow down. Of course, the pedestrian takes precedence over the passage, but here the principle of limited trust is most applicable. Every pedestrian and cyclist should also remember about their safety and take care to be visible. A reflective vest, keychain, headband or even a flashlight will make it easier to see the oncoming driver when moving on a poorly lit road.

We would like to remind you that from August 31, 2014, all pedestrians who move around the dusk along the way outside the built-up area must have a reflection visible to the drivers. The lack of a reflective material is threatened by a fine. Although traffic regulations do not impose an obligation to use vests with reflective tape for clothing and reflective elements in the built-up area, they, to a large extent, improve visibility. They give drivers valuable time to take the right response, often saving lives and health.  

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